Mutations Matter

Zika virus is found in Brazil and other tropical countries. One mutation in the Zika virus is responsible for dramatic consequences in its hosts.

“With the understanding that SARS-CoV might be with humans for years to come, knowledge of the evolutionary mechanism of the SARS-CoV, including its mutation rate and emergence time, is fundamental to battle this deadly pathogen. To date, the speed at which the deadly virus evolved in nature and the elapsed time before it was transmitted to humans remains poorly understood.” (June 2004).

It seems obvious, to me at least, that various flu virus outbreaks cycle through human populations routinely. Disclosure of the evolutionary knowledge of these viruses seems key to understanding and predicting future outbreaks. So, have we learned anything about mutation rate and time emergence of the SARS-CoV virus? I don’t have answers to that question, but it’s probably out there somewhere. Media, politicians and most scientists are not interested in the data, or its analysis. There’s money to be made in a full-blown “crisis.”

Data based analysis.

We have data. We have not been well informed about what the data indicates. The good doctor helps me understand the clinical and social progression.

Hopefully this sheds a little more light on the subject for those still troubled by the “problem, reaction, solution” mess being imposed and exploited for the benefit of the same, small (.01%) elite group of sociopaths that periodically seem compelled to herd their property this way, and then that way, for amusement and profit. Let the real hunger games begin.

No worries, mate. This too shall pass.

21 thoughts on “Mutations Matter

  1. The question at hand is if any of these viruses are real. ZIKA, I know, was probably symptomatic of an area of Brazil that was rich in pesticides. With the others, the symptoms are usually flu-like, meaning they might just be the flu or common cold. Use of the phrase “deadly pathogen” is not appropriate, as I see it.

    But then if fear is a virus, it can be indeed deadly. So far, the primary symptom of Covid-19 is that it causes the disappearance of toilet paper.


    1. To me, the most damning detail that shows clearly that there is NOT any outbreak of a “novel” new virus is that there are no consistent symptoms. No single feature specifies it as “COVID-19”, ergo there is no COVID-19. The media has given a scary name to a wide array of bugs that cause cold and flu season. For all we know, “they” may have intentionally released wide assortments of generic cold and flu bugs so that the public was sure to be actually getting sick with vague cold-like symptoms at the same time the media went crazy with this panic/hysteria.

      In this way, they have so broadly and vaguely defined the symptoms that quite literally every cold and flu type sickness could be wrongly called COVID-19. Then the test is known to be garbage and not actually relate to whether or not you have had exposure or have active illness with a particular virus. It is a PCR test that looks for something completely arbitrary that seems to have no actual relation to exposure to the Chinese Wuhan bug. No relation.

      We could have given the entire human population this coronavirus PCR test five years ago, and the exact same proportion would have tested positive. This does not in any way, shape, or form verify the existence of a specific, new illness (COVID-19). That test is not testing for anything new…the only thing that has actually happened here is the media has scared the crap out of people, and the government has inserted quarantines to match the hysteria. There is no way for common sense to prevail if the government and media are in lockstep like this. We are not in the grip of a pandemic, we are in the grip of cold and flu season.

      This is another reason why conspiracies can easily succeed. Even with some doctors coming out and speaking against these obvious inconsistencies, these leaks are not doing any real damage to the media and government created hysteria and social disorientation. The conspiracy stays in effect, even with leaks. A completely top-down controlled media working in coordination with the government is an insurmountable barrier that would allow any coordinated conspiracy between them to succeed.


    2. Up until today, I did not believe this was a real thing. But I talked to my daughter earlier. She said that her husband knows someone who died of the Covid-19. He was the first casualty in her county. She lives in PA. I believe it happened in Allentown, PA.

      I understand no one here will believe me. Mark, if you want, I will email you my phone number. Or we could Skype so you can see I am a regular normal person. I am 55 years old with 6 month old granddaughter. My daughter said that she trusts where the information came from.

      Like me, she did not think the virus was what the media was claiming. We are considering that maybe TPTB are just saying he died of it, but that is a stretch so far with what I know. I am going to get more details over the weekend. My first priority was to take care of my family and put some precautions into place.

      It is fine if people do not want to believe me. I might not believe such a post. I am not going to live in fear. I will not hoard any items, which only leaves other people short.

      I am still not exactly sure what to think about this. What is really going on? I am mostly concerned for my family. My motive here is simply due diligence. I had been going out to stores, not worrying about it. But now I am going to be mindful and take good care of my health, which is always a good thing. I am happy to share more, if people want me to. Otherwise, take care and use precautions just in case. Better safe than sorry.


      1. It’s not that I/we don’t believe you. Rather, I question how it is already known exactly which virus killed this man? And it doesn’t help that it’s you “know someone who knows someone who knows someone”…yet you’re all somehow absolutely certain that it was the dreaded COVID-19.

        I also never questioned that people die during cold/flu season. Very sparingly just random, healthy young people…but rarely, it happens. I would definitely love to know how the doctor in this situation (daughter’s husband’s friend) is SO certain which virus caused his death.

        Also why you don’t refer to him as your son-in-law. Inherently unusual detail there, and we’re dealing with fourth-hand information with way too much certainty about the cause of death.

        Sorry, but these types of anecdotes are both unreliable and not really meaningful to any point I have made about this situation.


        1. The fact that I did not refer to him as my son-in-law actually means nothing other than I was upset and was not writing very well. Perhaps I am not a good writer.

          That said, I did more research on what happened and now I am thinking the virus does not exist. I am embarrassed and apologize for commenting before I did more homework. Obviously, I trust my lovely daughter and wonderful son-in-law. He was told by a co-worker that he knew someone who died. I was worried about people and panicked. But when I looked up the family, it seemed fishy. I really have no idea what to think. If I could delete my comment I would.

          This has been a stressful time, and I used bad judgment. I had good intentions and I am sincerely sorry! The good news is, I do not think there is a virus!

          I send everyone all the best during this difficult time.


  2. This is “the flu” with a new mutation and new label. Deadly for some, usually those already with severely compromised immune systems.

    Some others die of pneumonia triggered by flu virus. Unusual? Out of the ordinary? Nothing I can detect.


    1. I don’t think we can safely assert that this virus is new or mutated. It has not been isolated, purified, and the PCR, the test they use to say people have it, is not a diagnostic tool, is in fact highly unreliable. Says Dr. Kary Mullis, who originated the test back during the AIDS hoax, “The tests can detect genetic sequences of viruses, but not viruses themselves.” If that is the case, then this virus is still a murky mystery, my own suspicion that they are merely piggybacking on on regular cold and flu season, that there is no Covid-19, but that no one, including labs, is in a position to speak out in public.


      1. FYI

        Isolation and Characterization of 2019-nCoV-like Coronavirus from Malayan Pangolins


        The outbreak of 2019-nCoV in the central Chinese city of Wuhan at the end of 2019 poses unprecedent public health challenges to both China and the rest world1. The new coronavirus shares high sequence identity to SARS-CoV and a newly identified bat coronavirus2. While bats may be the reservoir host for various coronaviruses, whether 2019-nCoV has other hosts is still ambiguous. In this study, one coronavirus isolated from Malayan pangolins showed 100%, 98.2%, 96.7% and 90.4% amino acid identity with 2019-nCoV in the E, M, N and S genes, respectively. In particular, the receptor-binding domain of the S protein of the Pangolin-CoV is virtually identical to that of 2019-nCoV, with one amino acid difference. Comparison of available genomes suggests 2019-nCoV might have originated from the recombination of a Pangolin-CoV-like virus with a Bat-CoV-RaTG13-like virus. Infected pangolins showed clinical signs and histopathological changes, and the circulating antibodies reacted with the S protein of 2019-nCoV. The isolation of a coronavirus that is highly related to 2019-nCoV in the pangolins suggests that these animals have the potential to act as the intermediate host of 2019-nCoV. The newly identified coronavirus in the most-trafficked mammal could represent a continuous threat to public health if wildlife trade is not effectively controlled.


        1. What methods were used to identify this virus? Has one ever been imaged? By what mechanism does this virus make us ill? Have they isolated the same virus in a sick human?

          I am sure they found some RNA sequences, but virology is not the kind of science that can be trusted yet. By what mechanism is this a virus supposed to make humans ill?


          1. Page 9:
            “We collected viromic, metagenomic, and transcriptomic data of different mammals and birds in public databases, including NCBI Sequence Read Archive (SRA) and European Nucleotide Archive (ENA), for searching potential coronavirus sequences. The raw reads from the public databases and some inhouse metagenomic datasets were firstly trimmed using fastp (v0.19.7)16 to remove adaptor and low-quality sequences. The clean reads were mapped to the 2019-nCoV reference sequence (MN908947) using BWA-MEM (v0.7.17)17 with > 30% matches. The mapped reads were harvested for downstream analysis. Contigs were de novoassembled using Megahit (v1.0.3)18 and identified as 2019-nCoV-related using BLASTn with Evalues < 1e5 and sequence identity > 90%”

            You have two choices: you either keep researching (which is hard work) or just go ahead and adopt a pangolin…
            Leaving jokes aside. Be safe out there… or inside home. Whatever.



    NATURE | NEWSSharing

    Engineered bat virus stirs debate over risky research Lab-made coronavirus related to SARS can infect human cells.

    Editors’ note, March 2020: We are aware that this story is being used as the basis for unverified theories that the novel coronavirus causing COVID-19 was engineered. There is no evidence that this is true; scientists believe that an animal is the most likely source of the coronavirus.



  4. At cttf I found this interesting comment:

    Yes, what is causing this illness is “real” for most. It is contagious and spreading rapidly. It’s called FEAR. More exactly, “territorial fear”. The fear that something (in this case a “virus”) will affect the territory (in this case the fundamental territory – the body).

    A territorial fear conflict refers to a threat to the “territory”, a fear within the “territory” (at home, at work, at school, at the playground, in kindergarten or daycare, in a seniors home, in the hospital, or in the village, city, and country where one lives), and to a fear regarding one’s own safety as well as the safety of the “pack”. Physical abuse, family violence, mobbing, bullying, an accident, fire or flooding, an acute medical condition, a frightening diagnosis or prognosis, scary medical procedures, or hospitalization are a few examples of what can trigger the conflict. Children suffer the conflict when they are punished, abused, or yelled at, when they are terrified of a person or a situation, when they watch spooky films or videos showing monsters or vampires, or when they have nightmares. An adult’s panic can also create a territorial fear in a child! Unborn children experience the conflict in the womb when the mother is in danger or at birth during a difficult delivery. The conflict could also concern a member of the “territory” (a fear of losing a partner who secures a home or when a loved one is seriously ill, hospitalized, or diagnosed with cancer – associated with a “fatal disease”). A territorial fear can be shared by people of large regions, for example, during a natural disaster, during wartimes, or through scares of terrorist attacks or pandemic fear-mongering (AIDS, SARS, Swine Flu, and the like) by the media.

    As an example, the statistics of the Spanish Flu pandemic show that the outbreak started at the beginning of October 1918 reaching its height 3-4 weeks later. According to historical records, Germany asked the Allies for a ceasefire on October 4th, 1918 (the official date of the end of the First World War is November 11, 1918).
    With the prospect of peace, millions of people worldwide went into healing of territorial fear conflicts they had suffered during four years of war (also see the graph in the link below).

    In the active phase starts the ulceration in the bronchial mucosa proportional to the intensity degree and duration of the fear. The biological purpose of the cell loss is to widen the respiratory passageways so that more air can reach the lungs. The enhanced function of the lungs serves to help get rid of the threat. There are no symptoms in the conflict-active phase.

    In the healing phase the bronchial mucosa starts to repair with edema (and flu, bronchitis or pneumonia simptoms will develop, proportional to the intensity degree and duration of the fear). Even pulmonar cancer could be diagnosed in some cases (see the link).

    Those who are now afraid of the “deadly virus” are already in the active phase (no simptoms). When news reports will say things are starting to get better (that the pandemic is fading or over), the healing phase will begin for most. Yes, the worst is yet to come. Then they could say the COVID19 has mutated and it’s returning stronger than before because the measures were too little too late and/or they will blame us because we didn’t follow the instructions. Or they could diagnose just the regular flu, bronchitis, pneumonia. I don’t know what’s in their script. But what I’m sure of is that they know the biological laws very well. This is the explanation for the increase of all kinds of fear-mongering in the last decades.

    You can read the details here:

    See also the lung tuberculosis epidemic of 1918/19:

    The same happened during and after the WWII.

    There are no “viruses”(lab manufactured or “natural”). With the PCR test they count just dead cellular DNA/RNA debris.


    1. German New Medicine trauma modeling explains a lot of what we see going on. Territorial conflicts also contribute to bladder problems in women (how many issues with divorce that create conflicts over exes and children) and prostate issues with men.

      An easy one to test is eczema. It has to do with violent separation from a loved one (being “ripped apart” leaving raw skin – we are intimate by touching skin to skin). If you know someone with eczema ask them when it started and then ask if the were separated from someone just prior. I’ve always gotten an affirmative response- usually an “oh sh*t” look.

      Our minds are associative and we think in images and metaphors. Traumas leave imprints measurable on a brain CT scan.

      The constant gaslighting we are subject to from media is no doubt leaving a ton of this type of damage and leading to the person to person traumas that affect us all to a greater or lesser degree.


    2. Great comment Alex, I agree.

      I happen to live on an island that shares a record with Japan: The highest number on Earth of 100 year old people.
      We have thousands of them here.
      A few weeks ago a person I know buried his grandma, she was 104.

      These people have gone through two world wars, haven’t paid attention to the food they ate (the typical dish here is pork, from pigs bred here, either in back gardens or wider spaces, and wild boar; also, they eat sausages made with pig’s blood), and have always had a pretty hard life working, raising families etc.
      So, after years of researching and experimenting on myself the benefits of naturopathic practices, I came to the conclusion that what mostly kills people is high levels of stress. I’ve seen myself years ago what stress could do to my immune system, I ended up in hospital with a growth in my womb the first time and cancer the second, and I’ve learnt a lot since on how the psyche and consequently the body responds to threats and danger.

      So, I too believe that if we analysed the patients’ blood these days we would find very high level of cortisol, the stress hormone, and that’s the main cause of death.

      One last thing: Northern Italy is experiencing, they say, higher death rates than the years before. I don’t believe that, and I think I know why people in central and southern regions are not dying of this bug and very few people are “positive”.
      It’s all about mentality: Who like Mark is a regular in my country knows the difference between people in the North and us in the south and on islands: Northern guys are always serious, they only think about working, never really relax, are always worried about money and the future. They also have the biggest number of factories and companies up there. The soil and the air are very polluted.
      Southern people on the contrary are always relaxed, tend to see problems as opportunities are fatalists (I’m half sicilian btw, even more so). In a word, we have a totally different philosophy of life compared to the northern guy’s.

      It’s all about the mind, always.


  5. We know these things are always the cover story and the actual thing(s) going on are numerous and not discussed. Therefore I dont see much need to even discuss the “corona virus” other than we are being blatantly lied to, these are the same people who steal “taxes” from us. Our reactions are never the right ones and discussion is always way off. We react like sheep and take it in the ass. Theyve made this a huge media frenzy which tells me the things they are wanting to hide are things we would probably normally notice if not for the overblown media hype. As usual through it all the ones with foreknowledge will profit, will remove stock shares before the “outbreak” and get back in once stocks plummet, but thats just one thing. The thoughtless obedience of the masses, the “social distancing” which equates to policing ourselves. Self policing has been going on a lot over the years online in social media. They say the slave master’s biggest aim is to impart to the slave his intentions without it being told him.


  6. I think the number of “infected” is now rising exponentially in the US (so they say) because they are starting to widely test for it.

    This leads me to believe there probably is a real virus or sickness and most people have already been exposed to it.

    I also lean towards the view that vaccines can be, and often are used to insert viruses, or illnesses into the public, and I think that could be what’s happened here. All those flu and pneumonia vaccines they foist on the elderly.

    I get the sense this particular flu started simultaneously in several different countries, but is being systematically hyped one-by-one.

    For me, it’s already reached the point where I’m starting to think about and research where to flee, if there even is such a place on Earth where it’s possible to escape this madness.

    Anyone else looking into this at all? If you fled your own country, where would you go? My kids are young, and I don’t like this new socially distanced, germ-free America.


    1. Haley, two thoughts for you.

      1) While you may be right about real infections, there’s still no sufficient proof of this anywhere….just a bunch of hype from known liars in government and the news media, amplified by the unwitting. Look at the size of the panic in the U.S. vs. the number of deaths. It’s clear that they CAN create mass panic WITHOUT any significant illnesses. So I ask myself, why would they bother? It’s easy enough to just use mindviruses. Why futz around with actual germs?

      2) A few places I’d consider: Chile and Argentina. Poland and Hungary.


  7. Thought-provoking quote:

    “Cold viruses are never eradicated, and can’t be contained. Sooo… do you see why they chose a cold virus as their panic vector?

    Convince them that a cold virus is the equivalent of sarin nerve gas and that no elderly person has ever died of viral flu or cold before, and that they are themselves, FOREVER caught in an impossible-to-escape paradigm of presumed asymptomatic contagiousness and that if they so much as go outside, go to work, much less have the “spiritual pride” to pray in a church, then they are premeditated mass murderers.

    Cold viruses are never eradicated, and can’t be contained. In fact, they are SEASONAL. Sooo… do you see why they chose a cold virus as their panic vector?”

    It’s just like the War on Terror. Endless and recurring by design, and “necessitating” permanent increases in government power and spending.


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