14 thoughts on “The Extinction Rebellion fesses up

  1. I’m starting to believe the Corona bullshit has been made up by the guys behind Greta Thunberg and her movement to show the world that stopping all human activities for a long period is good for the planet and helps against climate change.
    Wouldn’t be surprised if once the world lockdown’s over they came up with even harsher restrictions to people’s lives and habits.


    1. I have had those same thoughts, or at least they would blame Corona on it. But you never know. These could be different factions – the medical establishment is not, it appears, invovled in Corona, but the pharmaceuticals certainly would be, as when Congress funds a vaccine, it’s a huge payday. I don’t see any PhRMA involvement in climate change. That is all Club of Rome and the anti-human movement.


      1. Depopulation and climate change may have connections at Club of Rome and levels higher up the NWO power scale. https://www.jeremiahproject.com/new-world-order/nwo-goal-of-world-depopulation/ The Crown knows.

        Of course, I do not know, but there are people like Bill Gates with a foot in both arenas.

        “Through his foundation, Gates has been working with researchers to develop treatments, vaccines, and diagnostics for the coronavirus pandemic. The COVID-19 Therapeutics Accelerator aims to “identify possible treatments for COVID-19, accelerate its development and prepare to manufacture millions of doses for use worldwide,” according to the organization.” https://upnewsinfo.com/2020/03/14/bill-gates-resigns-from-microsofts-board-of-directors/

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        1. Big payday ahead, and a vaccine for a virus that doesn’t exist? It is sure to work!

          Which reminds me, when we come out of this period of intense propaganda, and we look around and see that it was just a flu bug and most people got over it, they will say that it was their courageous public policies that saved the day.

          I have found this link from AB to be extremely useful, still working through all the 35 reasons. https://revealingfraud.com/2020/03/health/35-sources-the-covid19-corona-virus-is-over-hyped-and-likely-fraud/?fbclid=IwAR3WrtFaZENEybBF5GquAZ3atiniPlGVdAeYnHjxciUun8zRns3PU5ecxek


        1. Charles galton darwin was named for Charles and Francis of course…

          On his retirement, his attention turned to issues of population, genetics and eugenics. His conclusions were pessimistic and entailed a resigned belief in an inevitable Malthusian catastrophe, as described in his 1952 book The Next Million Years. He first argued in this book that voluntary birth control (family planning) establishes a selective system that ensures its own failure. The cause is that people with the strongest instinct for wanting children will have the largest families and they will hand on the instinct to their children, while those with weaker instincts will have smaller families and will hand on that instinct to their children. In the long run society will consist mainly of people with the strongest instinct to reproduce. This would ultimately have dysgenic effects.[7]



          1. SMJ, by and large people seem to conform to current social custom around the number of childrem they have, combined with their own circumstances (economic etc.)
            Not sure I’m buying that a few outliers will create a new “breed” of humans.


            1. The breed has already been perfected. We are gullible apes that enjoy being farmed apparently. Why would our betters want to change that? My point was just that the wellcome trust is about population control and that Charles galton darwin was a Malthusian feck.


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