9 thoughts on “Greta Thunberg says she probably had COVID-19

  1. The people in charge couldn’t resist! I suppose they’ve got Greta and family on contract, so why let them sit around and collect their paycheck for doing nothing? She’ll be “Little Miss Pandemic 2020”, the face of the fake virus! The Climate Change hoax and the Fake Pandemic rolled into one. What a show!!

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  2. This is pretty hilarious. What a great way to play into young people’s hyperbolic tendencies. How wonderful for a twelve-year-old to get a case of the sniffles and be able to say, with complete conviction, “Oh my God I almost DIED!!!!”


  3. Those crafty NWO globalists have pulled a contemptuous, pig-tailed weapon from far up their —umm, sleeve. Note to Greta’s handlers: Team the tyrannical child-puppet with big pharma & roll out an E-Z assisted suicide VACCINE (mandatory) for the greedy Boomers who destroyed Greta’s future AND infected her with COVID! Prepare the tot’s teleprompter, stat!

    The glut of celebs, politicians & “world leaders” coming down w/WUHAN virus is very odd. I live/work near DC and personally know of no one who’s tested positive for COVID-19, nor have I heard of sickened people, via “my hairdresser’s cousin’s ex-neighbor’s mechanic.”

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  4. Imagine she dies. What this would do to her followers. Maybe the project needs to end too, because she is getting to old, maybe puberty kicks in, and it would get to obvious she is a boy.
    PS: Headlines relating the shutdown to environmental benefits have already been sighted…


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