“COVID-19 is over” says Stanford Epidemiologist

This post is basically one giant way for me to beg you to head over to the Twitter page of Ethical Skeptic. This guy has a Master’s Degree in Epidemiology from Stanford specializing in Infectious Diseases, and his charts and graphs on Twitter tear the mainstream narrative absolutely to shreds. He is the best resource to send people as a mainstream way to explain to people why the current hysteria is nothing but hype.

Visit this guy. He is worth it, and he will be hugely useful to anyone trying to explain to skeptics why this coronavirus situation is a fraud. His latest charts and graphs are below, but there is much more great content.

His comment regarding the second wave? “This is perception spinning and cannot last forever.” This guy is a dynamite source, and all our readers should be aware of him. More below.

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Virus that doesn’t act like a Virus: Is Coronavirus the new HIV?

This is purely a 4AM thought. Correct me if I am wrong, but viral pandemics are supposed to follow a trajectory. Peak in winter, gone in summer (where they are peaking in the southern hemisphere). Mutations are said to occur. Summer becomes winter again. Repeat, repeat.


This coronavirus, however, seems to be a boogeyman that bucks all historical precedent. Common coronavirus is known to be highly seasonal. Who could have guessed that COVID-19 would be the exception of all exceptions?! Oh wait, we guessed it…on almost a daily basis from the very beginning!

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The Second Wave Or: How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Coronavirus

The Second Wave.

Just typing it makes me want to vomit up my spleen. It feels so prepared. Carefully crafted. Focus-grouped. “The Second Wave”. This phrase has very suddenly been crapped into public awareness. My own mother (who as it turns out is an excellent barometer for the success of public brainwashing) is extremely concerned. Someone please lobotomize me. I’ll pay for the ice pick.

Let’s start with the logical contradictions, and go from there…

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Martin Gugino, Known Agitator, Takes a Staged Tumble in Buffalo


Our readers were probably all over this one from the start, if they saw it. I know I was. It was clear and obvious from one single viewing of the footage that this man, Martin Gugino, was waiting for his cue to approach the riot police. His fall? Comically bad acting.

What was the dead giveaway for me? I am serious…he waited for his cue! When the riot police are counting down towards advancing, our pal Martin literally waits for the word “MARCH!” before making an obvious beeline towards the pair of riot police. Worse than that, he grabs at the gun of one of the officers! It could not be more obvious that this man wanted to be pushed away, and his fall was a slapstick farce. He made sure to do it right in front of the cameras.

As it turns out, this is only the tip of the iceberg…

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George Floyd, The Stiff Who Came In From The Cold


In previous posts, I have postulated that the death of George Floyd was a fake media story. This is still my belief, and in this post I hope to demonstrate exactly how simple it would be for such a hoax to play out. Most people dramatically inflate the number of participants who would need to be involved for such a hoax to play out, and the complexity required to make it happen. Take the following scenario as evidence to the contrary, and my own personal theory of what we might be seeing. This theory explains the maximum number of real details with the minimum amount of complexity. Also, it explains how they are displaying the real body of the real George Floyd, among many other things.

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George Floyd & The Counterfeit Story of a Counterfeit $20 Bill


A “guest writer” on the Taos blog recently took up case for the George Floyd story being fake. While I agree with that conclusion, I find the paper as a whole to be an incoherent mess. That kind of thing does us more harm than good. With that said, the paper does make one solid argument and it is the same argument that stood out to me immediately upon first hearing the script behind the George Floyd event. This pertains to the counterfeit $20 bill, and its existence at the center of this narrative.

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George Floyd Murder is Fairytale Hoax

Turn off your television. Turn off the news media. Do not visit their websites. Do not listen to their broadcasts. The reality they present is not real. Turn it off. It is poison for your mind. Turn it off, now.

For more on this subject, check out my latest piece George Floyd, The Stiff Who Came in From the Cold