Hospitals, clinics, testing centers infested with a wave of crickets


The screen grab above is from a video left in the comments yesterday, thirteen minutes showing that hospitals, clinics, testing sites are all empty. I grabbed the above shot because it demonstrates how corrupt our news media is. The lower image is Sky News on March 22nd reporting on Italy and showing an emergency room there. The upper image is CBS reporting on New York City and an emergency room there. The exact same footage used in both.

They might say they are just using stock footage but that the underlying reporting is real. How is it then that both Sky and CBS use the very same footage? Who (WHO?) supplied it? They should then, if they had any integrity, label it as stock, but they mean for it to appear real. (I doubt it is even recent footage, as I doubt that emergency rooms are busy. It could be taken from a TV drama show.) Watch the entire thirteen-minute video and judge for yourself.

More later today, either me or Fauxlex have much more to add. For right now, my wife and I have some unnecessary trips to make.

18 thoughts on “Hospitals, clinics, testing centers infested with a wave of crickets

  1. The “film your hospital” trend is interesting. Obviously some of these hospitals they are showing are closed since there are literally only 2 or 3 cars in the whole parking lot. And somewhere I saw that Alex Jones is getting involved in it so who knows what that means.


    1. Pretty simple imo… He films himself obnoxiously confronting a “hero” medical worker or something, and then all questioning of hospitals is contaminated by association.


  2. It wasn’t an “editing mistake” – they were pushing the fake single-sourced narrative from the phoney UK footage from Italy, and they were found out.

    Grovelling apology not accepted.

    Why fake anything if it’s a real crisis? We can’t trust anyone, medics especially – like the lying, faking doctors from the Pulse Nightclub fake shooting – since they’re first call in any hoax. Everyone is in awe of our wonderful health professionals – based on f- all in this “crisis” test results included. The only imagery we have is from the above phoney film-set purported to be in Italy.

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    1. ‘Murrica has too many empty-headed, complacent fools willing to surrender their constitutional rights in exchange for “free” money from the govt. Critical thinking is dead. Think boiling frogs.


  3. “Why fake anything if it’s a real crisis?”.

    Because it’s not, that’s why.

    And by the way, other fake photos were going around on italian social media 2 weeks ago. Dunno if you guys saw a photo with many coffins aligned said to be of Covid victims in northern Italy ready to be buried. Turned out that pic referred to the rescued bodies of African immigrants who drowned in the Mediterranean Sea
    over 10 years ago during a desperate sea crossing to Sicily.

    These people know no shame.


  4. The NYT/NYC headline: “The 1,000-Bed Comfort Was Supposed to Aid New York. It Has 20 Patients.”
    Subheadline: ““It’s a joke,” said a top hospital executive, whose facilities are packed with coronavirus patients.””

    Further down the article is says: “…if the Comfort refuses to take Covid patients, there are few patients to send.”

    Where are the normal “flu patients?” Where’s the “overflow?” Could be a sign of over-diagnosis?


    1. The New York Times has been a train wreck with its reporting recently. They were the ones behind the “rogue doctor” (Colleen Smith) report which said that most of the people dying in the NY hospitals were people in their 30s and 40s.


      1. LOFCAUDIO,
        I am certainly not in any way suggesting that the NYT (“the messenger” in this instance) is a trusted source. I present this as information, and nothing more. Could be solid, could be pure crap. I’m here in Montana, with absolutely no first-hand evidence. There are other sources, but none seem any more trustworthy. If you have problems with the story (“the message”), I’d like to hear what you have to say.


  5. For everyone and in response to no one: Fauxlex and I are working together on a piece that will answer many of these questions. It should appear tomorrow. We have come a long, long way from the Wuhan Fish market.


  6. I don’t do Twitter, but even if you don’t have an account, you can go to and in the Twitter search box type in #FilmYourHospital . This was started by Candace Owens, and it is blowing the whole thing out of the water. New York City. Seattle. Los Angeles. Hospital ER entrance after entrance: EMPTY. Drive-through testing stations: EMPTY.

    And remember folks, we must destroy the economy, enter into totalitarianism and criminalize the worship of God in order to save the elderly… who we openly admit we are triaging AGAINST, even though all the hospitals are empty. Youbetcha. Makes perfect sense.

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  7. “we must destroy the economy, enter into totalitarianism and criminalize the worship of God ” That’s what they want. What we can do? How can we resist?


    1. Nothing can be done, as TV owns the public mind. Just live your life normally, and by all means get out and wander around and have gatherings of family and friends. There is no [Covid-19] virus.


    2. How do “gypsies” and other non-aligned groups do it? Remaining in small social units is key to maintaining flexibility to change jobs, moving when necessary and avoiding being swept away when the “too-big-to-fail” collapse, as is always the case. Family, friends, neighbors and a few trusted artisans can, and will, survive if those essential bonds aren’t broken by irrational fear, greed, or jealousy, just list a few common challenges inherent in “human nature.” The real trick is how to slowly move human nature (one man — the species — at a time) closer to its essential nature and purpose, achieved by simply being and loving that man is a very small part of the whole — nature itself.

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      1. Great comment Steve, love it.

        Whatever this pandemic is and means, I feel like nothing’s gonna be the same anymore, for many reasons.
        And I partially like the idea to be honest.
        The life I chose years ago on this island was a very simple one in the countryside, with my partner’s family, and I’m sure 100% that only the life you described and which we’ve been living, will spare us at least a good few problems people in big cities are going to have after this thing is over.


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