The dangers of antibody testing …

This is a brief excerpt from The Infectious Myth, a Book Project by David Crowe. A chapter of the book is titled Antibody Testing for COVID-19. That chapter is 23 pages including footnotes.

Crowe is a Canadian researcher, and I have found him, like Dr. Andy Kaufman, to be diligent in all his work, and modest in temperament. They each realize that being wrong is always a possibility. That makes their research a faithful pursuit of truth, that is, they do their work aware of their own shortcomings. It is refreshing.

This excerpt begins on page 3. It discusses the current testing that is going on for antibodies to SARS-Cov-2, a hard thing to do given that this virus, said to cause COVID-19, has never been isolated and purified. They are short a gold standard of certainty of what they are doing. They could as easily and unknowingly be testing for measles.

A large number of population surveys have been compiled by Dean Beeler and they reveal a wide range of percentages of populations antibody positive, from less than 1% in many cases to 32% in a poor part of Boston. This is generally seen as an indication of how far through the population that the virus has rampaged. One flaw of most of these surveys is that the population is chosen non-randomly, and does not represent the general population. The group may be a household survey, volunteers, high school students and staff, health care workers, blood donors, or people going for blood tests at a lab.

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Sloppy virology

Beneath the fold is a transcription of a video by Dr. Andy Kaufman that I thought important enough to pass on to readers. It is called “The Rooster in the River of Rats,” a string of words that will get you to the video even if YouTube censors it. I have faithfully recorded the words, eliminating interjections and speech habits that we all have that distract from the message. What follows is, in my opinion, faithful to his thoughts.

The most important part of this transcription is the last part in which he analyzes the manner in which the original SARS-CoV (2003) was(n’t) purified before gene sequencing, so that whatever was sequenced could be anything. It was helpful in analyzing a paper forwarded to me by a bacteriologist.

The paper, by Kim, Chung et al called Identification of Coronavirus Isolated from a Patient in Korea with Covid-19 was presented to me has having “isolated, purified, and sequenced” the virus. It’s a short paper, mercifully, and mostly accessible to non-scientists. In it I found no evidence that they did anything more than isolate and sequence a virus, no purification, no proof of filterability.* They then found that the sequence matched the SARS-CoV-2 virus to the degree of 99.5%. They noted that the same RNA was obtained at the end of the process that they had put in at the beginning, but in greater quantity.” (See footnote 1.) (By the way, the virus said to be flying around today is labeled SARS-CoV-2. “Covid-19” is the disease it is said to cause.)

However, I invite more scientifically grounded opinions. (Seek and ye shall find. See footnote 1.) I am, after all, but a retired CPA. (I also note that they used the RT-PCR to amplify their results X40, perhaps 3-5 levels above the normal use of the machine. There is a level of magnification where 100% of the population might have the sequence they are looking for.

*Thomas Rivers in 1937 attempted to modify Koch’s Postulates to accommodate viruses, making them six instead of four, which are:  isolate, cultivate, prove filterability, replicate in host, re-isolate, detect specific immune response. These postulates were further modified in the 1960s, adding what are in effect weasel words.

Henceforth, Dr. Andy Kaufman.

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Vaccine hesitancy: A top-ten global health threat

By: Stephers

Steven Taylor

The Psychology of Pandemics: Preparing for the Next Global Outbreak of Infectious Disease by Steven Taylor, published in 2019.

I am taking a detour from my research on AI and pandemics to introduce the above book. I have not seen it covered elsewhere.

We often talk about predictive programming in fiction — movies, TV shows, novels … rarely do we discuss predictive programming in non-fiction — in reality. In this sense, this book reads like a playbook for this current pandemic, the psychological operation, or psyop.

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What I have learned thus far

There is no “Covid-19” virus. If there were, given all the resources available for testing and stimulus, funds would have been made available for some nerdy researcher to isolate and purify It. That has not been done. There cannot possibly be valid antibody tests, as there is, again, no virus.

The RT-PCR test, most widely used to identify people who have the virus, does no such thing, as there is no virus. It does, however, light up an RNA sequence, one that exists in many if not all of us. Because the machine is so inaccurate, its results are mostly false positives. There are no “false negatives,” as there is no “Covid-19. There is an exact correlation between positive test results and number of tests done. This only tells us that tests are being done, but nothing about disease.
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Playing with the numbers

“A man with an internet connection” (MWIC) wrote a piece called Covid-19: What they Don’t Tell You at the Miles Mathis blog. I am not writing this to criticize it, as it is a worthy effort and I am glad he did the legwork he did.

However, in the piece he inserted two tables, a comparison of death rates in countries with and without lockdowns. He got the information at a site called Worldometers, and the information on lockdowns from a BBC report that is now over a month old. The tables are shown below the fold.

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Unexpected Heroes of Coronavirus Dissent: Tanzania President John Magufuli

When you are up against a psychological operation at the scale of the current coronavirus hoax, you end up finding friends in strange places. Case in point, the video below. This is a breathtaking speech from Tanzania President John Magufuli where he explains that he put the coronavirus narrative to the test by sending in samples of fruits, animals, car oil, and other random objects under assumed names to test the test itself. The result? “Elizabeth Ane” the Pawpaw fruit was positive for coronavirus, as were goats and other fruits.

Bravo, John Magufuli. Take a bow. You tested the test, and exposed it for the joke that it is.

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An unintended benefit of the hoax

I don’t know how to do this, though I once did. Maybe others can help? How to fix a starting time for a video?

Please fast-forward and pick up this this video at around 1:15, and then listen to Dr. Andy Kaufman talk about the positive features of our current malaise. He does a good job, and ends at around 1:23. The whole of the video is enlightening, but at over two hours, I know you’ve not the time or patience. It is a nice primer on terrain theory of disease, and requires extended focused attention.

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