100 deaths! Or, maybe, 35,048, but who’s counting anyway?

There is this:

“Government data from major countries details 100 deaths from COVID-19 vaccines. (Epoch Times, April 5-11, 2023)

Or this:

2,453,916 reports of vaccine adverse events in VAERS, 35,048 vaccine reported deaths, 44,952 total reported deaths, 196,067 total COVID vaccine reported hospitalizations, 1,541,274 COVID vaccine adverse events reports (Open VAERS through March 31, 2023

One method I rely on in searching for truth is to examine contradictions. Ayn Rand said repeatedly in her book Atlas Shrugged that there are no contradictions in this world.

“Contradictions do not exist. Whenever you think that you are facing a contradiction, check your premises. You will find that one of them is wrong.”

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Ruthless people

Covid, like Climate Change, is run by people who are required, at high levels, to lie and then lie, and then lie some more. At lower levels, it is only necessary to avoid thinking, and to believe.

But the lies have to stick, that is, people cannot be allowed to disbelieve the propaganda. Punishments have to be in place to discipline anyone who observes, thinks, and speaks out. Such people are, in the eyes of the people behind the hoax, dangerous.


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I do not know what ivermectin is or what it does. I could go read up on it, but think I can glean enough without knowing details. It was effective against many things from worms to other parasites to Lyme’s disease to influenza and the common cold. It is the latter two that suggests to me that Anthony Fauci, WHO, FDA, CDC, the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation worked behind the scenes to prevent its use and limit its supplies.

There was a reason. I suggest that there is no such thing as “Covid 19,” and the existence of viruses, for anyone who knows how to read and to think properly, can easily be dismissed. The reason why ivermectin was practically outlawed was that it is effective against influenza and colds. I do not know why, but suspect zinc is involved. It is useful, but not important to know these things.

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Gaslit nation

I have long been familiar with the term “gaslighting,” but mostly in the sense of distorting reality, as in the 1944 film (Gaslight) starring Charles Boyer and Ingrid Bergman. I think it remarkable that the power of art has introduced a concept (gaslighting) that effectively removes the definition from reality and places it in the realm of psychology and human manipulation.

I’ve been subscribed to The Epoch Times, a newspaper sent to me for free (an actual paper newspaper). I liked it, that is, why I don’t imagine the writers are right about everything they tackle, I find within it stories not printed elsewhere. One such article, an opinion piece (‘Gaslighting’ is the Word of the Year for Good Reason’), caught my eye, and gave me a better working definition of gaslighting than I had before.

The term means to be subjected to extended psychological trickery to cause the victim to question his or her own reality. In the film, Boyer plays a handsome stranger who meets the beautiful heiress Bergman on a foreign journey and they fall in love. He convinces her to marry and move back together to London to her family home, whereby he embarks upon a subtle campaign to convince her she is bonkers while he secretly searches the home for legacy jewels he intends to steal.

When he leaves, he makes sure that the gas lights (it is set in 1875) are dim, and when she complains, he tells her that her perceptions are wrong, and that the lighting has not been affected. She slowly begins to question her own reality.

I have seen this concept at work … though I cannot write about it. Just let it be known that getting us to question our own mental health is often the objective of sociopaths, allowing a normal and healthy person to act as a front for a deranged and manipulative person. How to break that spell? How to get a grip? I have little use for the pill-dispensing profession of psychiatry, but there are thousands of therapists out there who by means of talk therapy help people to have better lives. A series of solid sessions can lead to either reconciliation or divorce, and happiness in an un-gaslit environment.

The author of this piece, Jeffrey A. Tucker, claims (rightly) that we were all gaslit by the leaders of the pandemic, the major news media, the government and the health care industry. Knowing as I did on March 11, 2020 (there’s that number, 33) that the pandemic was fake, that there was no virus and that the PCR test was bogus, I would like to presume that I was unaffected by everything. But how could I be? At certain times I was forced to wear a mask (Costco was a major culprit in this regard, clerks even telling me to cover my nose after entry), and at other times I merely did so because my wife and I do not like being the object of scorn in public. We capitulated now and then.

However, through it all, I never doubted my own sanity, never for a second imagined that I was threatened in any way by an imaginary virus, and never had so much as a sniffle in that two-plus year ordeal***. The vaccine was a major gaslighting weapon, and I watched as friends flocked to it, so tired were they of being under constant tension and in a state of fear. I take some (schadenfreude) comfort in knowing that even after these folks were vaxxed, they continued to test “positive” for Covid, the PCR and rapid antibody tests being false indicators of presence of the illusory virus.

However, over time, I learned to STFU, never make waves, and sit silently as utterly vapid comments issued forth from otherwise intelligent people. If they came down with the sniffles, they voluntarily underwent PCR testing (!). I regarding this as insanity and a tribute to the power of effective gaslighting.

The notion that it was the “worst pandemic in a hundred years” is certainly disputable. We still don’t have real clarity on precisely how many people died from COVID, and this confusion is due to vast false positives of PCR testing backed by subsidized and rampant death misclassification. To this day, we don’t know precisely how many people died from COVID or merely with COVID, or even if they truly had symptomatic COVID at all. None of this do we know for sure.

I’ve done my own research (The Illusory Pandemic) regarding how many people died in the “pandemic,” and found by consulting different (non-CDC) sources, that excess deaths in the United States were nonexistent. CDC, howver listed 779,540 excess deaths while Macrotrends, an independent research group working under auspices of the UN, recorded none.  Of course, the powers in charge of these matters took the trouble prior to 3/11/20 to change the definition of pandemic, eliminating “excess deaths” as a factor. That was prescient.

Then we can talk about the vaccine, which was never sterilizing the virus simply because it isn’t possible to create such a thing around a fast-mutating coronavirus, a fact that we knew long before the pandemic began. So they called it a vaccine and lied that it would prevent infection and stop transmission even though that was never possible. Once this became obvious, and the whole point of mandatesdisappeared, they demanded we get it anyway at the pain of losing our jobs.

Tucker is a good writer, but the notion of the reality of the virus blew right by him. Nonetheless, I find The Epoch Times good reading for folks who can keep their bearings intact, and a decent source of news not reported elsewhere. Wikipedia rips the newspaper for various sins:

The Epoch Times opposes the Chinese Communist Party,[32][33][22] promotes far-right politicians in Europe,[8][10][22] and has championed former President Donald Trump in the U.S.;[34][35] a 2019 report by NBC News showed it to be the second-largest funder of pro-Trump Facebook advertising after the Trump campaign.[30][36][22] The Epoch Times frequently promotes other Falun Gong-affiliated groups, such as the performing arts company Shen Yun.[34][24][37] The Epoch Media Group’s news sites and YouTube channels have spread misinformation and conspiracy theories, such as QAnon and anti-vaccine misinformation,[34][40] and false claims of fraud in the 2020 United States presidential election.[43]

I can live with all of that. I have no illusions about Donald Trump, regard “conspiracy theories” as mere disallowed skepticism, and know there was massive fraud in both the 2020 and 2022 elections. I’ve never trucked with QAnon, my own good sense steering me clear. I see the Chinese Communist Party as a source of corruption in that country, but do not excuse the United States from accusations of similar corruption, finding it to be equally repugnant and censorious. Pointing the finger at China still leaves three fingers on that hand pointing right back at us.

So Wiki, you’re not scaring me away from what appears to be, on the whole, a legitimate news source. Nice try, however.


*** We have visited Florida twice during the pandemic, and each time came down with sniffles. As I sit here I have a box of tissues handy. My wife suffers as well. On another trip to Fort Myers some years back, pre-pandemic, I developed a runny nose and cough that scared my aunt, who refused to come near me.  Symptoms went away immediately on return to Colorado. I do not know what causes this, and can only speculate that it has to do with toxins, particularly in wandering about in the massive Miami International Airport complex, where sulfur and nitrogen dioxide and hydrocarbons abound. A quick Duck-Duck search tells me that sunlight has significant effects in turning these compounds into particles, which can lead to illness. This would be a post on its own, but would tend to implicate Denver and Miami International Airports, our usual haunts when we travel lately. 

On our recent trip over Thanksgiving, we were a gathering of ten people, and only my wife and I developed symptoms, although another person in the gathering developed gastrointestinal issues on departure. This tends to discredit any notions of viral or bacterial infection. If it was that, it would be contagious, but only three of ten were affected. I find the coincidence of presence in Miami and five incidents of sniffles or other issues telling. There is something in the air.

Judge reinstates fired unvaccinated NYC workers

With back pay!

Truthfully, a whole lot more city workers caved and did the vaccine. But those that stood their ground are seeing justice. Moral courage usually does not work like that. Usually it has to be its own reward, as once screwed, we generally stay screwed.

Read about it here.

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The illusory pandemic

I am going to include some tables and graphs in this presentation, easily understood ones. I asked myself yesterday morning about the number of deaths (only in the US, not worldwide) during the Sars-COV-2 (Covid-19) pandemic. There was a time when pandemics were defined by “excess deaths,” but oddly that definition was replaced before Covid with the following:

[An] outbreak of infectious disease that occurs over a wide geographical area and that is of high prevalence, generally affecting a significant proportion of the world’s population, usually over the course of several months.

Deaths are no longer a factor in pandemics. I think that is odd. We generally define past pandemics by excess deaths.

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Poornima versus Biggus Dickus

Al Gore was used to front for a book and movie, both released in May of 2006, called “An Inconvenient Truth” (which, trust me, he did not write). A man whose weakest subjects at Harvard were science and math does not turn around and become a science nerd. Here’s Wikipedia on his Harvard stint:

Gore was an avid reader who fell in love with scientific and mathematical theories,[21] but he did not do well in science classes and avoided taking math.[20]

In other words, for the Inconvenient Truth book and movie, he was a hire. The “theories” he fell in love with had more to do with public relations than science. He obviously loves the camera. He even showed some comedic chops on 30 Rock:

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Carl Sagan on scientific tyranny

This link is to Fakeologist and a video that is very brief, a minute or so of Carl Sagan interviewed by Charlie Rose not too long before his death in 1996. In the clip, Sagan is warning us of scientific tyranny, what happens when the public has no basis in science.

Of course, that is fait accompli now. Covid was the worst expression of such tyranny, a complete hoax with a fake virus and a testing process guaranteed to imitate a spreading disease.

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Enough of Michael Connelly

The passage below is from Michael Connelly’s latest thriller, The Dark Hours, which features two of his characters, retired Detective Harry Bosch, and Detective Renée Ballard. It is set in Los Angeles. Facing a long overseas flight, I purchased the book on Kindle to read on the aircraft.

“What do you hear about the vax?”[Officer] Moore asked [talking to Detective Ballard].
Ballard shook her head.
“Assholes”, she said.” “We’re first-fucking responders and should get it with the fire department. Instead were with the grocery workers.”
“The fire guys are considered health-care providers,” Ballard said. “We’re not.”

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Snopes for dummies

Yes, I was tempted to work in the word “dopes,” but resisted the temptation.

As a young man in 1973 I watched a big-hit movie called The Sting. It starred Robert Redford and Paul Newman, and the plot involved an elaborate charade to convince a very wealthy man that he had a good chance of winning a pile of money if he bet on a certain horse. They had large chalkboards and men on ladders listing and changing horse racing outcomes and betting odds, all fake. The man bet, lost a bundle, but importantly, once the ‘sting’ had occurred it was understood that it be permanent. He could never know he’d been had.

I learned quite a bit from this movie, one thing that the expression “con-game” is based on the word “confidence.” In order to be stung, we have to trust the people sticking it to us. Without trust, people are much harder to fool. Thus in our world do news media outlets and journalists go to great lengths to project an aura of reliability, holding a code of ethical behavior that shields them as they lie with impunity.

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