No “gold standard” = no virus

I am not sure we are clear among ourselves about the existence of a virus, whether it is a laboratory invention, or just an old virus being recycled under a new name. My own opinion is none of the above. There is no virus. None was needed.

The pandemic consists of two elements: A wild and inflammatory news media that is lying about everything related to the virus, and the PCR* test. That’s all that is needed to run a fake pandemic. As I’ve said before, the test is the virus.  No other virus need apply.

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Fallout from the fake virus: Empowering dweebs and twirps

Someone somewhere wrote that most state governors are limited in their ability to declare emergencies and issue directives. Said directives are limited to 30 days and subject to ratification by the legislature. So stated this source.

PolisI went to the Colorado Code Annotated, the section on emergencies and the duties and powers of the governor. They are sweeping and unfettered. Nowhere is the legislature mentioned. The source I cite above was wrong, at least about Colorado. Jared Polis, who strikes me as the kind of dweeb who has to beg his wife to have sex with him, has virtually unlimited power, and of course, no one is standing up to him. Someone should demand that he prove the existence of the virus, which has not been done, or back down.

I also went to the Montana Code Annotated and found similar language. However, the language for that state was not as clear to me as that of Colorado, and I don’t live there anyway. We just visited there, and the atmosphere is oppressive with clerks refusing to sell merchandise to anyone without masks. The governor has empowered these little twirps behind cash registers, and man do they like bossing people around. It’s not unusual to see the arm-on-hip, body language saying “I am the boss of you.”**

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A Bill Gates Wet Dream

I spoke to a friend this afternoon, or at least a long-time acquaintance. It was a long conversation, and late in Sharon told me that her brother was in a coma. I asked how old, and she said 69, that he had tested positive for Covid-19, and had been put on a respirator. I did not ask if he had been intubated. I assume so. He’ll die soon.

It has been bugging me since. Sharon is not exactly up to speed on the disease, but what I suspect is happening is that her brother is being murdered. She did not talk about any other symptoms or problems that he has, only that he “tested positive.” Because medical personnel are as clueless as the rest of the population, they are scared out of their minds about the virus, and so do intubation, respirator and coma matter-of-fact, routinely disposing of seniors.

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Meme Wars

I stumbled across this meme a few days ago on Twitter, and got a very good laugh out of it. What do y’all think? This led me to wondering if any of our readers have found any memes that they find especially compelling. What are some of the best memes, images, etc. that you have found out there? Anything that accurately conveys the absurdity of the coronavirus hysteria is much appreciated. Please share in the comments.

Not all memes are created equal, and it is actually very important to use the most compelling ones to best undermine the insanity that we are up against.

Trojan horse here, Trojan horse there, Trojan horses everywhere

Nearly everyone knows the epic tale of the Trojan horse. As I grew up without a classical education, I did not learn about this tale of deception until I was an adult. In fact, I experienced and observed this phenomenon in my own life . . . LONG before I ever knew the literary reference. 

Switching to more recent and relevant context, from, Trojans are defined as “programs that claim to perform one function but actually do another, typically malicious. Trojans can take the form of attachments, downloads and fake videos/programs.” 

The Coronavirus paradigm reflects the iconic Trojan horse tale, but has been inverted. It’s a virus of paradox — a Trojan virus, if you will. So, whereas Trojan computer viruses are seemingly benign programs that hide more malicious intent, this novel virus has been portrayed as malicious, but may be more of an exaggeration, and potentially even a misrepresentation of a threat. Whether or not you believe that there is a manufactured pandemic, or subscribe to the notion, “Never let a crisis go to waste,” both perspectives are consistent with a Trojan virus, as it has hacked the minds of nearly the entire global population. It’s the epitome of malware, whether conceived in a computer lab, or as a thought-form, or otherwise. It has been brought to life, and has brought the world to its knees — at the behest of the “scientific” elite. It has even affected those of us who seem immune to its mind-altering impact. 

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It’s turtles all the way down

I offer the above video because it contains some of the most powerful language in favor of representative government and against “fascism” (which Costner later invokes in the courtroom setting), in cinematic history. It is a level 101 course in the depths of deception that our leaders are capable of.

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I Reveal My Inmost Self …

I am traveling currently and lodging for a couple of nights at a hotel where I have stayed many times before. They usually have a decent breakfast buffet, and I was looking forward to the offerings this morning.

Alas, the regular fare was replaced by pre-packaged muffins, plastic-wrapped fruit, and packets of instant oatmeal. I had to wait in line to dispense myself a cup of coffee from an urn. All around were my co-lodgers, masked and ultra-cautious, their every motion slowed somehow by their facewear. I felt like I was attending a bandito convention. All I wanted was my morning jolt, and it seemed to take forever.

It occurred to me that the handle for the spigot of the coffee urn was getting touched over and over by unsanitized hands, which same hands would soon peel bananas, uncup muffins, remove masks, and stuff cakeholes. An exercise in hygienic futility. We sat down in turn, properly distanced at our tables in the dining area. Off came the masks, and with them whatever minuscule health benefit they could have conferred towards one another.

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Is it just me?

I am a regular person in most ways, not prone to depression. This does not mean that I do not suffer it, but rather that I do so as part of normal mood cycles. It is not natural to be on a constant high. Things can get us down. The key is this: Depression is the brain’s way of telling us “Please. Make changes.” But I am powerless in that regard. The outside world has crept into my brain.

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Coronadulting: Thoughts on Adulting in the Age of Covinfantilization

The undiapered aren’t a threat to public health. They are a threat to the power of the Gesundheitsfuhrers, who need to create the image of general sickness in order to maintain the fiction of its reality. ~ Eric Peters

My first stab at writing this rant came across as highly smug and sarcastic, with a reactive approach bordering on victim and martyr. Ugh. So I needed to check myself, because my goal is to model and define what it means to be a mature adult in the wake of deceptive agendas.

I have enjoyed Eric Peters’ commentary since the beginning of the Coronavirus psychological operation. His most recent discourse resonated deeply. Peters states that “. . . healthy people wearing Face Diapers is as silly as continent people wearing actual diapers.”

Individuals who have cowed to this event (and who may be sanctimoniously enabling its oppressive architects to milk hysteria from the terror-stricken herd), are posting “how-to” videos on making face masks from actual diapers. You can watch them here, and here

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