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Courtesy of AB. It’s crickets out there. This is a hoax. This video is 24 minutes of empty hospitals and emergency rooms all over the country, thanks to real journalists called citizens. [Oh yeah, reminder: This is why they want us staying at home. It is not medical, it is to prevent us from seeing what is really going on … nothing. A hoax.]

Nothing to add.

23 thoughts on “Film your Hospital …

  1. Yet here is what the MSM keeps pumping out:

    Today the New York Times headline reads that “scientists warn that there will be no let up over the summer.”

    Here’s what seems so strange about New York City: nowhere in the world is there a higher percentage of tests coming back as positive. Why in the world would this be the case? Across the board, most places are showing that of the people being tested, a positive comes back 8-10% of the time, yet in New York City…60% of the tests are coming back positive (but this data is very hard to find as they are not providing the total number of tests processed). How could this be true?


    1. Infinite possibilities here, both on the “viruses are real” and “viruses are not real” side. Diseases are real. On the virus side, we have a pathogen that somehow comes alive and infects the population, and we have no defenses. The thing with masks and sanitizers is crazy … if viruses can jump a few feet in the air or be transmitted by touch, then we have to stop buying groceries. Ever notice? We touch stuff. I must have looked at six bananas today before I chose one, and breathed the entire time I shopped. Twice. I often do unnecessary trips.

      On the non-virus side, we have internal and external “toxins”, and they work their way in and out. They happen at once in groups of people exposed to the same environment, and the body removes them by cleansing, often involving weeks of sneezing and coughing. Part of the mix here are emotions … kids who have experienced (what for them is) trauma, and adults in a state of fear. These elements brought in introduce a reasonable explanation for widespread disease during an induced panic as we are in, but do not explain to me the annual cold and flu season. Unless it is induced as a herd culling mechanism by some hidden hand, I am at dead end.

      Maarten has introduced the idea that we may be dealing with an introduced or bioengineered pathogen. This works under the “viruses are real” scenario, and less so under the “viruses are not real” side, as in that scenario some other toxin has to be at work. Fauxlex has suggested a low-harm virus introduced at large gatherings, but it could instead be a toxin of some kind, a chemical that induces the sniffles, which when combined with stress and fear, produces a flu-like reaction?

      But stop! Film Your Hospital is suggesting that nothing is going on except fear. There are crickets all about.

      I leave it there. I got no clue.

      By the way, Google Chrome is great for downloading videos, and YouTube blocks all videos. Questions answered. God it’s been a long day.


      1. Final note: If the tests are honestly being given and findIng “Covid-19,” then what are they finding? I suggest the answer might be in the test, and not the person tested.If this is a fake pandemic, as I suspect, then the people devising the tests are part of it. The tests may be no more than preprogrammed dummy kits, set to go off in a predetermined manner. But more likely given empty hospitals and testing centers, they are merely ginning up the numbers.


        1. “But more likely given empty hospitals and testing centers, they are merely ginning up the numbers.”

          I agree. I think that is especially happening in New York City (a/k/a media capital of the world). There seems to be a political advantage to needing more “assistance” ($$$) and nobody is doing it bigger than New York City.


    1. More of how the hoax is being perpetrated. Reminds me of AIDS, where so many people died of other diseases. But because they were “HIV Positive” they were said to have died of AIDS. That is part of how false pandemics are advanced.

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          1. I wholeheartedly agree. At WORST, we’re looking at a situation where a harmless cold rapidly infected nearly all of humanity and it was so mild and un-fatal that nobody really took any particular notice.


  2. The justification I have heard for why the hospitals are so empty is because all elective surgeries and procedures have been cancelled, and they are “preparing” for the coming surge. Sounds like a BS excuse to me, but I wonder how long the public will buy it?

    Does anyone have friends or family who are “testing positive” for the bug? I now have two actual people I know who have officially, according to them, tested positive. Their symptoms are interesting. Neither has been in the hospital. Both talk of a dry cough going on 3 weeks, headache, low-grade fever and extreme fatigue. One mentions that she sleeps about 13 hours a night and has to take a nap during the day. It almost sounds similar to when I had mono in college.

    Something that stuck out to me was one of my friends mentioning that she has heard from every health agency in her state since testing positive. She says they call and/ or text her repeatedly, every day and are very thorough in their instructions.

    She actually describes them (the health agency people) as “helpful and kind,” but the whole thing sounds creepy to me, and just confirms my thoughts that I will never willingly take a “Coronavirus” test.


    1. Two people have told me that someone they know “has” it, and it both cases they were people who were in very early cancer remission, so AGAIN yes…this virus is only truly dangerous for those who are already very ill. The true fatality rate is likely 0.01% or less.


    1. Whoever you are, you are a God if you are the one who first noticed this. How on earth did you catch this?!?!


  3. “The justification I have heard…”

    That’s actually pretty good spin AND it might actually be saving lives when we consider how many people die EVERY SINGLE DAY from medical errors.

    However, where that argument falls flat is when we hear about how many people are testing positive for this thing…where are all of these people that are getting tested?!? (Nevermind that only 10% of the people getting tested are getting a positive…which is more than likely a false positive for all of the reasons that have been mentioned numerous times on this very site.)

    The only problem I have with the empty hospital videos is that we are only seeing those videos that are being posted that show what we are hoping to see. There very well may be busy hospitals, but no one is bothering to video those because they actually conform to what is being reported by MSM and don’t trigger the confirmation bias that these other’s do. Dana Ashlie’s video hit on this point in that she was only wanting to see video from hospitals specifically mentioned by MSM as being “war zones.”


    1. I went to testing center at Quaker bridge mall nj, twice. Both times it was DEAD. PUT IT ON MY YOUtube channel zoom truth. Place is by appointment only lol. I plan on going back maybe t9morrow or Friday. I live streamed my one v8sit because people didn’t believe I was there while it was open.


  4. Just a note … this has been a rough day as so many ideas and minds are floating around and punching at the bag, trying, like me, to make sense of it. My mother in law, God rest her soul, was a wise and intelligent and kind woman also gifted with a sense of humor. I thought of her as a “grand old dame” in the highest sense of that phrase, someone to be revered. She told her daughter, my wife, late in her life, that pneumonia was the “old person’s friend.” It was the gateway out, and as deaths go, less harsh than so many others. She died of pneumonia, though her death was mislabeled on the death certificate as Alzheimer’s.

    The post by Faulex that follows this one shows that on average 4,000 people a week this time of year in our country die of pneumonia. This year we’ve had an unexplained drop of 1,500 deaths per week from pneumonia. It is explained now. Read on to the next post.

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  5. Two assisted living facilities in my City reported a death from Covid. A man in his 90’s and a woman in her 80’s. So I called both facilities and asked for the residents name, how long they were sick before being diagnosed with Covid and their testing procedure. One administrator said she can not release the man’s name out of respect and privacy and could not give me any further details. A spokesperson at the other place said they can not discuss any additional details than the new reported, because of federal privacy laws. I did a google search for Covid deaths in my County and it showed 15 confirmed cases and 2 deaths. So those statistics do match the new reports of claims and deaths.
    Still no way to know for sure though. They don’t have to give details, just vague reports.

    Judging from the market rebound and the change of words in the Lame streeam news media it looks like we are moving into the nest phase or solution phase of this event. I remember MM posting about solar minimum sickness and how some of us predicted an event to screw that up. I thought it would be war in the middle east or another school shooting.


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