The 1976 Swine Flu hoax run by a different klutz, Gerald R. Ford

Bad attitudes

The image above appeared in my inbox this morning. I have no idea how these clowns got my name, but I thought it so appropriate that they choose me out of a crowd, as I was known, when employed by others, have have bad attitudes and to engage in negative behaviors. So I must be on a list somewhere. I have never contacted these people.

This post has nothing to do with that. I just like that image. Look at the happy skipping people next to the curmudgeon who wants to shoot them. I’m with curmud.

This post is about a man named Dr. J Anthony Morris (1919-2014) who ought to be somebody’s hero. I remember the US Marine toast from the movie Gardens of Stone … at any event one of them might stand and toast “Here’s to men who are men like us!” and all other marines in the room would stand and raise their glasses and yell out “Damn few left!”

Dr. J Anthony Morris, we could use a few more like you. I raise my glass.

You have to live through this stuff to appreciate how ridiculous we are  as a country. First was the fact that Lesley King, supposedly an orphan who changed his name to Gerald R. Ford, was president. He was a klutz who could not inspire a dishwasher to dry a plate, but was put in that office in this sequence:

  • Richard Nixon was elected president in 1968.
  • He chose as Vice President Spiro T. Agnew. Agnew was an uninspiring pseudo-intellect given the job of  directing fire away from Nixon by attacking the mainstream press. He once called them (and I cannot make up this stuff) “nattering nabobs of negativism.”
  • Nixon was being cornered, Watergate was circling him. It was understood that he would have to resign.
  • Agnew was “caught” in a scandal having to to with bribery, kind of like ordinary fare. Any politician can be taken down at any time, a matter of convenient choice that keeps them in line while in office. This was done because he was not going to be allowed to be president.
  • Since the office of Vice President was unoccupied, under the 25th Amendment, Nixon was allowed to appoint the successor, and chose Nelson Rockefeller.
  • Hearings were held, and Rocky just didn’t cut it somehow. I don’t know why.
  • As a fallback, Nixon chose Ford.
  • Nixon resigned, Ford became president, saying “Our long national nightmare is finally over.”

As was once famously said about George H.W. Bush, that he could not organize a two-car funeral, Ford was famously clunky, hitting people with errant golf balls, getting fake-shot at by a fake Manson follower, managing a manufactured crisis involving a vessel supposedly seized by the Khmer Rouge, the “Mayaguez Incident.” I doubt it happened but if it did, the Khmer Rouge were probably acting on orders from Langley.

Nothing worked for this poor schmuck. His heroic stripes just could not be conjured up. He had no fake PT boat, no books ghostwritten … his backstory was not done up as they do now, maybe because he wasn’t part of the plan after Rocky crashed. He was an audible.

Then someone came up with the idea of a national epidemic of swine flu. This was 1976.

The idea behind the epidemic was to sell vaccines, and Congress did indeed appropriate $135 million to inject everyone in the country. The problem was in part that the vaccine, originally meant for pigs, killed them. Pig farmers were scared off. Since they could not use it on pigs, they thought it a better idea to try it on sheep … the American people. Everyone was supposed to line up for a poke, as the “Center for Disease Control,” a little-known government agency in Atlanta, enlisted Ford, and the two of them, the agency and the president, urged us all to get “vaxxed,”, as Bill Gates, another classic klutz, now calls it.

There was a problem … there had never been a case of Swine Flu reported in the US. Nonetheless, they went ahead with the program, and people lined up, and quite of few of them became paralyzed and sued … who? PhRMA these days is immune from lawsuits due to vaccines, but in those days, I am not sure, although taxpayers surely footed the bill. Somehow, without looking it up, I just know that.

Enter Dr. J Anthony Morris, Chief Vaccine Control Officer at the FDA, who publicly stated

“There is no evidence that any influenza vaccine thus far developed is effective in preventing or mitigating any attack of influenza. The producers of these vaccines know that they are worthless, but they go on selling them, anyway.”

That really happened. Morris went on the Phil Donahue show to publicly condemn the vaccination hoax. Control of the news media, in those days, was not as complete as it is now … there was an opening here and there.

Morris was promptly fired for telling the truth. But it was too late, the hoax had failed and the vaccines were put on the shelf. I wonder now if they are going to be used by President Gates for the Covid-9 hoax.  These days they are much better at selling it, and have frightened sheep wearing masks all over the place.

We have tickets to go to Italy in September. We really like that place, and once there, who knows, maybe we won’t come back. I know full well that they are going force us to be injected to get on a plane, and that we are in far more danger from any hastily contrived and worthless vaccine than any imagined virus circulating. But that little known agency, the CDC, has put a lot more thought and effort into our 2020 hoax than the one in 1976. So powerful have they become that there is no media outlet that can stand up to them, and no country that cannot be forced to comply.

As mentioned before, if you take this current fear campaign and remove “virus” and “pandemic,” what you are left with is “police state,” and the clown and klutz, the imagined genius who cannot tie his shoes without help, Bill Gates, to run it.

Dr. J Anthony Morris, Phil Donahue (still alive), here’s to men who are men like you.

Damn few left!

87 thoughts on “The 1976 Swine Flu hoax run by a different klutz, Gerald R. Ford

  1. Good day from a fellow curmudgeon, sir!

    And now to the curmudgeonliness … the mantra of every math teacher—Show your work.

    The MMC has a bad habit that we should not adopt. It is the penchant for simply declaring an event “fake” or “hoaxed,” or just asserting people are “actors” and “Phoenies,” or deciding them to be asexual or gay. No real effort is made to marshal the evidence for these claims. They are get dumped in a pile together to whip up a confection of perfect paranoia. Plant a few unexplained “red flags” and place anyone and anything under suspicion that you chose. No effort to “show the work” of coming to these conclusions.

    “I doubt it happened, but if it did …” One’s doubts or hunches are not the stuff of a compelling argument. Better to show one’s work …

    I am no fan of Gerald Ford—quite the opposite! But for our younger readers, your account omits a lot of information in the course of painting a certain picture of the man. He was, after all, an accomplished legislator with a long record of bipartisanship. You may not like his politics (I don’t now and didn’t then), but he was in fact a masterful politician. Nixon and the GOP tapped Ford for the Vice-Presidency when it became apparent in their inner circles that Nixon was through. As a moderate with broad appeal and an affable personality, Ford was seen as a person who could keep the country more or less together through the coming crisis of political faith.

    You depict him as a bumbler on the order of Dubya. Dirty pool, mon ami. The media sensationalized a few of his mishaps, and Chevy Chase got a lot of yuks with his SNL impersonation. But clumsy or not, Ford was no idiot. Unsavory, maybe. Conniving, perhaps. Dissembling, certainly. But not the unlikely leader that you depict him to be. Again, I am not defending him. This is really more of an appeal for greater rigor in the arguments we present here.

    Was the Swine Flu a hoax? Maybe. But it takes more than just labeling it as such. Show your work, please.

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    1. There was never a reported case of Swine Flu in the US. The Chief Vaccine Control Officer at the FDA said the vaccine would not work, and those selling it knew that, so I think I can stop there.

      The “Mayaguez Incident” is something I had completely forgotten about … until I remembered the 1976 Swine Flu hoax. It doesn’t read well. The “Khmer Rouge” were being glorified as mass killers all over the media, and a movie was made in 1984, ergo the Zal Rule. This was during an era when we were suffering a thing called the “Vietnam Syndrome,” that is, it was difficult to gin up a war and gain public support. During Ford’s era, Americans had been cast in a bad light for a reported massacre of over three million (3.3 million?) in SE Asia. A standard practice in dealing with such a bad image would be to create someone with an even worse image, so that at least we could say we fought the war against enemies more evil than us. Ergo, “Khmer Rouge” and killing fields.

      The Khmer Rouge did something that no sane leaders of any country would do – attempted suicide. It is as if they were so crazy, like supposed Muslim hijackers, as to want to fire a merely symbolic and pointless shot at the most powerful country on the planet, giving it cause to go to war, to annihilate them. But there was no war in response to the vessel hijacking, even as it had a Gulf of Tonkin flavor about it. Either Ford could not sell it, or it was merely an event conjured up to enhance his otherwise bland image.

      I am aware that the Ford Administration gets high marks for legislation passed in the era, a time when Vietnam had poisoned so many minds. A lot of stuff slipped through. I am aware that Ford suffered a bad image, and that the image of the president is tightly controlled by the people around him, so it was no accident or he was a klutz surrounded by klutzes. But I do not credit the man in high office with anything other than acting, and this guy was not a good actor, not a good salesman, and was removed from teh spotlight in 1976.

      I know you are buying in to the Covid-7 affair, and I bring 1976 to mind to remind you that there was indeed a massive vaccination hoax back then. Television was not as good at selling it then as now, and I am in awe that people are walking around in masks and accepting that the economy has been shut down and that we can be quarantined and ordered to stay at home based on nothing more than fear spread about by the nattering nabobs of new nightmares, the dazzling handsome and pretty teleprompter readers of our age.

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      1. First, let us acknowledge with gratitude that POM is not the reach-around party that CTTF is. We can disagree with one another over here, and do so without being (too) disagreeable.

        You say that I am “buying into” the COVID-19 affair. That is an inequitable take on my more nuanced position. I readily concur that there is a massive propaganda campaign going on, with deceit and exaggeration and sensationalism. I don’t necessarily believe the numbers being reported, but I cannot say whether they are too high or too low. I fully expect this event to result in forced vaccinations and more openly authoritarian policies here.

        But this is all separate from the question: Is there a new viral disease out there? As of today, I know personally seven people who have been diagnosed with this sickness, two of them hospitalized and in critical condition. I know personally healthcare workers who attest to crowding issues in our nearby hospitals. This is evidence to me. You are asking me to ignore direct evidence in favor of your broad-brush claims about fakery and hoaxers. You are asking me to impugn the honesty of people I know well and have never had any reason to doubt before.

        I know that you have a retort to each of these claims:

        They just have the regular flu.
        The test is a fake with lots of false positives.
        The doctors are over-treating them.
        The doctors/nurses/EMTs are subject to group-think.

        Even so, you can’t decide for more than two days in a row whether viruses or viral diseases exist or not, so it is hard to weigh your position against the evidence that is directly in front of me. If I have to choose between the untrained opinion of armchair pundits or the informed judgment of medical professionals that I have reason to trust, I gotta go with the people in the know.

        Yes, you can dig up dissidents on every scientific subject. A few will even try to sell you on the notion that pi=4. Some of the dissidents are right and some of them are loons. I am not trained enough to sort out the truth on every one of these subjects. I only know that it is very, very easy to conjure up tales of conspiracies with partial presentations of the facts. That is the calling card of the MMC, and I hope we can strive for a higher standard here.


        1. Maarten, I find your personal experience compelling….it is also vastly different from my personal experience.

          1) I do not know anybody who has tested positive.
          2) The healthcare workers where I live (Columbia, Missouri) are NOT experiencing crowded conditions as the local hospitals are at low census with no serious COVID-19 cases.

          Where are you located where your local hospitals are overcrowded?


          1. I also know of no one personally sick, and the only second-hand accounts of sick people I have heard are related to people who were already in cancer recovery. I think you will always be able to point to a few sick people and a few busy moments at a hospital, but it is highly questionable to suggest that hospitals are being widely overrun. That is really not supported by the evidence here. It seems Maarten has had a different personal experience, but we should remember that no single person’s account should be taken as representative of the whole. Neither ours nor his.


        2. Maarten … I have a relative who would end this debate by simply saying “I disagree.” That drives me buggy. I cannot speak to the people you know who are sick. I don’t know anyone who is. Our local clinic, when I visited last (just before the shut-down – I got a haircut on the way) – was deserted. They have since closed their doors.

          I’ll add that the the PCR, and the inventor Mullis’ words from above,

          Although there is a common misimpression that the viral-load tests actually count the number of viruses in the blood, these tests cannot detect free, infectious viruses at all; [the PCR] can only detect proteins that are believed, in some cases wrongly, to be unique to [a virus].

          The technique used by the PCR has not been improved upon since its invention. It still cannot detect a virus, only a protein sequence thought to be associated with a virus. As Fauxlex pointed out, the sequence being detected and said to be Covid-19 exists in all of us. That lends support to my suspicion that the numbers we see are being orchestrated.

          From the beginning I’ve been reading that the test is so overloaded with false positives as to be useless, over 80% in symptomatic people, and a mere coin flip in those with symptoms. It cannot be said with certainty based on the Mullis PCR that they are suffering from Covid-19, the electron microscope photograph of which is really nothing more than an exosome, more fraud.

          So I cannot deny your statement sick friends and relatives, but I see nothing anywhere else that supports it. Keep in mind that I do not watch news. It gives me hives.


          1. Imagine I have a relative who is taken to hospital, I can’t visit or even see him or her to confirm any condition the hospital might tell me. It’s a perfect hoax, impossible to verify. Trust the experts at the end of the telephone, assuming you can ring in about your posited relative.


            1. So now you implicate all doctors, nurses, EMTs, respiratory therapists, and coroners in your conspiracy? This level of distrust gets very near to clinical paranoia.

              Some of you are approaching the point of no return on being open to evidence that contradicts your theories. The last step is to attack those who present such evidence. It is a kind of intellectual suicide.


              1. It is well understood that doctors, nurses, EMTs, respiratory therapists and coroners are mostly just ordinary people doing their jobs under supervision, and so are compartmentalized. They may think, for all I know, that they are involved in a drill, as there was such a sign present in a thirteen minute video that is somewhere here in the comments prior to this day.

                Your method of argumentation, to assert that you know seven people, two critical, suffering, and then to place it in front of us as a line that shall not be crossed without insulting your integrity; and then to replace our words with yours, that we think all doctors, nurses … are invovled, is not straightforward, but rather manipulative. It is an old political trick (OPT) to merely restate a question or statement an a different form in order to refute it.

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                1. On the contrary, Mark. You may freely impugn my integrity. You can call me a liar. You can call them the seven sick people I know liars. No skin off my nose, and they have bigger problems to worry about.

                  Just know this: if you call me a liar, you do so on the basis of no evidence whatsoever. You would come to that conclusion as a matter of faith, not of fact.

                  Some say there is no COVID-19 disease. So I cite my personal experience as counter-evidence. If entering facts into evidence is deemed an Old Political Trick, then we have immunized ourselves against ever changing our minds.

                  Just so we are clear: the kind of conspiracy you theorize must involve tens of thousands of professional people falsifying medical assessments in order to fit a profile, pretending to see an illness that isn’t there, pretending to see the specific symptoms of acute respiratory distress where there are none. Seeing active, intentional deceit in most (yes, not “all”) the healthcare professionals in the country … that’s paranoia.

                  I have yet to mention perhaps the most inconvenient fact for your conspiracy theory. I know someone else who is sick and went for assessment. He was told it was NOT COVID-19, but just a regular kind of respiratory illness. So the idea that every sick person gets the Coronavirus label is not correct, either.


                  1. I do not impugn your integrity as I have known you long enough to know it is intact. So I let it stand, you know seven sick people infected by Coronavirus. Others in this very thread, including me, have offered their own trace evidence that they know none infected. That is all anecdotal.

                    And again you bring in the tens of thousands … I’ve brought you the PCR and its inventor, who say it cannot detect a virus. I brought you evidence of Dr. Tim O’Shea, FB, who undertook to personally run down the first 60 cases reported by Santa Clara County, finding that the county had done no testing, and then surveying randomly 50 pulmonologists and clinics in the Bay Area, finding none were equipped and had submitted nothing to the County, and referring him back to the county. I’ve cited men of letters who say it is a hoax, I’ve given an example of a similar event in 1976 that was stopped its tracks by one brave physician and public official. We have flooded this site with our evidence, as has AB, who just today gave us Dr. Stefan Lanka, the virologist who won his measles case before the German high court. Lanka says there are viruses, he discovered one in sea water, but not pathogenic ones.

                    And more, to no avail, as you say you got your seven (though you cannot establish scientifically what they are suffering from, as there is no reliable test), and something we’ve heard repeatedly here over time, that conspiracies fall apart because too many people would have to be involved.. Fauxless addressed that matter a while back.


                    1. Honestly, the three of us are a pretty good spectrum of belief on this thing. Maarten believing that the virus is more or less what we have been told (though possibly gov’t engineered), and conceding a massive propaganda campaign does exist. Myself believing that the recent sickness blitz is just a cover for something, and that it is hundreds or thousands of times less fatal than even the lowest media projections. Mark believing that there really is not even a virus circulating right now. Let’s enjoy the range of perspectives here. I know I do.

                      Maarten, did your 7 actually show a positive test result? Again, not claiming PCR can estimate viral load and assuming it was one of the non-faulty test kits. Sigma-Aldrich’s seemed good! But yeah, did your 7 folks all show a positive result or do they just have a respiratory illness assumed to be coronavirus?


                    2. I am leery of saying too much about medical information … HIPAA laws and all … but what I know is that the two in the hospital tested positive. I do not know if the others (a family) all had tests, or if only one member did and the others with symptoms (mild in all cases) were simply presumed to have the same bug. I have no knowledge of which test kits were used.

                      I do think there is a possibility that this bug is a bioweapon, either natural or engineered. I would construe the massive propaganda campaign as an attempt to mask this in order to forestall a general panic of apocalyptic proportions. There are some interesting things to discuss in this light. But they are moot if viral diseases do not exist.


                    3. I can’t see how the propaganda campaign could possibly be designed to PREVENT the public from panicking. We’re at opposite ends of the spectrum here in that I believe the fatality rates have been enormously exaggerated. My belief is that >50% of the western world already got infected (due to this virus truly being very infectious), but this puts the fatality figures in a whole new light. A few thousands of deaths with hundreds of millions of infections, and we’re just talking about a common cold virus here. Certainly no justification to shut down society. There is no way this media campaign could be designed to REDUCE or forestall a panic.


                    4. Tell me more about Sigma-Aldrich’s, because as I understand it, the Mullin technology rests upon logarithmic doubling of a DNA string out more than forty times. It is looking for not a virus, but a protein. I’ve not heard where the PCR has been improved upon, since ad a technology it was designed to do one thing, and it does it well. But it was not designed to find viruses, and cannot assuredly tell us what has been found other than a protein string thought to be associated with a virus. Not the virus.

                      They wanted to hoax people about HIV and used the PCR, and Mullis was trampled to death, screaming that the test doesn’t work that way. It is just as with Richard Albin, who discovered the protein specific antigen (PSA) was overrun even as he screamed at the top of his lungs that the PSA cannot detect cancers and should not be used that way. He collided with big medicine, and was crushed. The state of medical science is unhealthy, to say the least, overrun by profiteers and charlatans, with a corrupt FDA behind it all, long taken down by regulatory capture.


                    5. The reference to Sigma-Aldrich was in that their PCR primer sequences (the things that get doubled) were significantly longer than the WHO sequences. Longer PCR primer means more unique. Think lottery…the more numbers you need to match, the longer the odds. The shorter WHO test protocol sequence was only 18 characters and as you know I found a perfect 18 character match in human DNA. I am still in shock I actually found that and I wish we could get that to a wider audience. Anyway, private company test kits were using longer primer sequences and this would lead to a much better reliability that the PCR process detecting a positive could only be explained by SARS-CoV-2, since the 24 character sequences are what got doubled. My guess is that the WHO went with the bare minimum and a sequence found in human DNA to boost their numbers…wherever they tested, they would be bound to find huge numbers of positives. The more quality kits by private companies should actually be more accurate…longer primers, more careful process. Sure it can’t detect the viral load, but it should only detect something if it’s there.

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                    6. The post I just put up is 24 minutes of empty hospitals and ERs, including Houston and one on First Avenue in NYC. The Film Your Hospital campaign is paying off.


                    7. And, by the way, the empty hospitals and ERs kind of makes the concern about the PCR and the nature (if any) of the bug irrelevant, doesn’t it? I am back to square one if they have a real test finding a real virus, as I don’t know where they are housing all of these people. Are they taking them down to Guantanamo?


              2. For the record Maarten, as much as I have not been in line with you on this one, I do stop at refusing to admit that something really did circulate and make people sick! Hope you are well, my friend.


        3. Maarten, I respect and share your mistrust of scientific and medical no-nothings who make broad pronouncements on the subject of disease. I believe you about the people you know who are sick and the health care workers you know who are swamped. But I also know, from personal experience backed by my own reading, that doctors do and think pretty much whatever the pharmaceutical industry tells them to do and think. I also know that a doctor’s “suspicion” of COVID-19 is all that’s required for an official diagnosis. To accept your argument, I would have to trust the authority and integrity of doctors. I don’t.

          It occurs to me, though, that curmudgeons like us aren’t really the target audience for this, or any, agitprop. As long as traumatized young people are led to think of government agencies and international corporations as parental figures who care deeply about their health and well-being and will protect them… well, who cares what old farts like us think?

          With that in mind, there’s one huge difference between 1976 and 2020. Young people (along with the rest of us) have a much more active, ritualized subservience to big corporations and big pharma. When I went back to school a few years ago, I was amazed at how many of my 20something classmates took meds for “mood disorders.” If the wise parental figures they see on their laptops and phones tell them a vaccination will solve the problem they’re so anxious about, they’re more inclined to believe today than they were back then. Hell, even if we had a Phil Donahue, and even if he did an interview with someone like Dr. Morris, I don’t think it would dissuade a fraction as many people now from accepting forced vaccinations as it did in the 1970s.

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        4. “I know well and have never had any reason to doubt before.”

          Me as well. I never doubted some of my friends critical thinking abilities. The level of social engineering in a fear state is off the scale. That old SHOCK Doctrine especially with an unknown market bottom somewhere in Hades.

          Many of my friends are deluded by the propaganda blitzkrieg. Hysteria will fill many hospitals while the virus of debt has a coronagoat.

          I prefer Dante to Howard on matters of Inferno.

          The 6 foot mark of the beast is absurdly followed as you eat junk food, take all manner of big pharma drugs including modified Mary Jane and all her friends.

          Lack of sunshine, confinement, fear and just not having FUN will greatly increase sickness. Fear all by itself can make you physically sick. Don’t even need any additives.

          So I can’t go surfing in my state but try to pull that off in Hawaii.

          Guess Sophocles knew.

          But the first version of this phrase appears in Antigone by Sophocles as “evil appears as good in the minds of those whom gods lead to destruction”. Even this appears to be a borrowing from an earlier, lost play.


        5. Yes, Pi=4 in kinematic situations. Even Miles knows how to calculate the circumference of a static circle.

          I dare ya to come and post a comment like this at CTTF. Ya can engage Miles directly there. I’m more than confident he’d manage to resolve some of yr doubts.


          1. Yeah, somehow magically the ratio of a circle’s circumference to its diameter changes due to motion. Yr so brilliant!


            1. There’s no place for magic in physics unless y’re proponent of mainstream physics. It’s all about the mechanics, Foxy, and coherent observation of nature around ya. Along with an open mind and due diligence.

              Combine that with unusually large amount of logic and y’re suddenly looking at the image of a genius. Is that combination of one’s abilities magical? Not for me. Why? Cause I still believe geniouses can and do exist. I’ve seen work of many such individuals in many different fields with my own eyes. I know ya noticed them, too. I only wonder why y’re so annoyed by one particular genious? Are ya possibly one of those who wanted to become Miles’ guest writer, got rejected and can’t accept it? That’s the only thing I can think of that would explain yr passionate witch hunt.


              1. I actually really like Foxy as a nickname. Nope, never tried sending you a guest paper. It’s a fair guess on your part, but not correct. The specific order of events is that you pointed to Weisbecker in the first place. His open letter fed my own doubts, and from there I am the type to do my own research. This also lead me to POM, especially losing interest in Weisbecker (blah). I love it here! POM is a great community for the free exchange of ideas. And I am still a really big fan of yours, whoever you may be. Do not think I’m on a witch hunt. For goodness sake, I never even used your name just to keep a lid on it. That’s a solid from me to you. I really do enjoy the site, I only wish you were significantly less ego, more lighthearted about my little finds. Ah, well. I truly wish you well, mon chéri.


          2. A sincere question for you, Minime. I hope you will answer it.

            You credit Miles Mathis for the kinematic pi idea. But before Mathis ever wrote about it, Steven Oostdijk was working over math forums pushing that very idea. Yet he is presented as being Mathis’ student, even though he said it first.

            Who has intellectual priority on kinematic pi? If not Mathis, why the pretense? And if not Oostdijk, why did he not credit Mathis in his early forays into the forums on this topic?


            1. Ask Steven that question if you care for the answer that much. I don’t, I only care about the truth and not the messenger. So in my eyes, there’s no difference in terms of Pi=4 in kinematic situations whether it was brought to daylight by Steven or Miles. The implications of it surpass the essence yr apparently after, by far.

              I’m suspicious of ya for asking it in this way. Even though it’s perfectly clear that ya talk about Miles alone in yr first comment, now ya dragged Steven into this. Unless ya expect everybody around here knows about Steven and his intellectual accomplishments, which isn’t even close to reality, I’d say yr only intention with a comment like this is to provoke me. Ya can’t. Ya see, I’d be fecking jumping through the ceiling if this world actually had one another ingenious physicist beside Miles.

              One question for ya: is yr second digital pseudonym aka moniker really Bob Zherunkel? In another words, are ya actually the author of that notoriously sloppy piece about Miles?


              1. Miles, you already solved that mystery! You figured out that Bob’s-Your-Uncle is British Military Intelligence. MI6, you said, right? Whereas I am just an ordinary American civilian.

                Or maybe Steven Oostdijk figured out that one first? Well, doesn’t matter. Like you said, it about the truth and not the messenger.

                For newer POM readers, Miles is referring to this post.

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    2. Posting this here, just because.

      “If you don’t go there, you can’t know what they are saying.”

      Yes, indeed. I do think Mark was probably a little unfair to Ford (admittedly way before my time), but it’s definitely interesting to know about that previous swine flu, vaccination connection.


      1. It is more fun to write about Ford in that vein than to”with all due respect” the man, as it makes for more enjoyable writing, and hopefully, reading. Presidents are selected for there acting ability. I think poor Gerry was a fallback after Rocky fell flat on his face.

        Miles flatters us.

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      2. Stick that screen capture right under that brilliant post of yrs. It doesn’t belong here. That comment by Miles was made on top of yr writing. Mark has nothing to do with dragging this blog down. Except that complies with it.

        So a question to both of ya : what’s so thrilling about making continuous bad moves/posts in regards to Miles?


        1. Actually Maarten had said something about MMC so it’s fine where it is. “Miles” claims to be nothing short of the messiah himself and you’re questioning why we would be so interested??? Is “he” THAT revolutionary or isn’t he? Because if he is what you all claim he is, then such scrutiny should be totally anticipated. Instead, you seem incredibly touchy about it. And knock off this “yr” crap. If you want your guy to be the greatest and most groundbreaking blah blah whatever of our times, stop crying when actual scrutiny appears.

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          1. Ya interpret that post as scutiny? Gee, man. Wake up, please. Ya need to do yr homework with due diligence next time. First start with the entire scientific opus and find anything worth scrutinizing, then move on to his history opus and repeat. If y’re actually able to find anything worth scrutinizing, Miles’d be more than happy to learn about it. Even more, we’d all be happy to progress further and deeper.

            But there’s no scrutiny to be seen or read in yr posts about Miles. All I see here is actually yr own whining as yre being scrutinized, for it landed on yr back instead of Miles’. Do ya finally see it? If not, read what Miles and few others wrote about it again at CTTF. I somehow know y’re regularly lurking there.


            1. You do realize that in the past you have admitted to being Miles, right? And saying nobody can scrutinize you unless they first do your entire set of scientific work is an absurd and ridiculous deflection that basically renders you bulletproof in your own eyes. No scrutiny is fair unless it somehow negates every scientific paper you’ve ever written. Get over yourself, man. I’m on a hiatus from you, mainly because I’m bored of it. But sheesh, I have never fathomed a guy who was so sensitive to their errors being called out, scientific errors or not. Yes, what I post is scrutiny, whether you are able to admit it to yourself or not. You cannot declare what is and is not fair scrutiny against yourself, and it’s insane that you think that you can. My scrutiny is scrutiny all the same, even if it is not a critique of scientific or historical conclusions. It is scrutiny…get over yourself. Nothing has been turned around on me.

              And honestly, deep down I think I wish we were pals. You should be flattered that someone is paying such close attention. I even intentionally refused to use your name so that my posts are inherently only found by those already looking for them. I’m not REALLY trying to wage war here…we are just truth seekers and these are the kinds of things that we are interested in. You declare yourself to be the top of the pyramid, and guys like me are going to dig. Be flattered. I’ll leave the subject alone from here.

              (And no, I don’t lurk at cttf. Checked it for the first time in months today. It’s a horribly formatted site where everyone fawns over you. That’s great…good for you. Do your thing, I’m not paying attention to cttf.)


              1. No, Foxy. I admitted I’m NOT Miles. I also told ya I don’t believe he’d ever come here to make a comment. Especially after several punches landed under the belt. So don’t further confuse yr readers here. In another words, your statement is not true, which equals to a lie.


                1. Your name might not be Miles, but you have referred to yourself as being the paper-writing genius before. Let’s just be pals. I’m done writing about the Taos site. Scout’s honor.


            2. Gosh, MM, I’m almost dizzy with deja vu here. Your writing style–hyperbolic, self-aggrandizing, bullying and grandiose–where, oh where, have I seen it before? I almost want to say I’ve seen it in Miles Mathis’s papers, but none of them drop the ‘ou’ from the word “you,” so obviously that can’t be it. I’ll keep wracking my brain.


              1. Good for ya, Scott. When ya finally crack that riddle about who MiniMe is, be sure to let Foxy and Maarten know about it.

                Ps: Even though I already told them and the audience here I’m not Miles, they seem to firmly believe it.


                1. MM, I feel ya, buddy. It always mystifies me when people don’t take anonymous people on the internet at their word.


                  1. Thanks again, pal. It’s so comforting to know I’m being heard. Hint: don’t let my writing style confuse ya. I’m already baffled and flattered at the same time with so many people believing I’m actually Miles.


        2. Mini…
          Don’t know who, what or where you are, but your constant pissing on fire hydrants reminded me of the following:
          “Like an archer who wounds at random is he who hires a fool or passerby. As a dog returns to its vomit, so a fool repeats his folly. Do you see a man who is wise in his own eyes? There is more hope for a fool than for him.…” Proverbs 26:10,11,12


          1. You’ re right, Steve. No need to piss on fire hydrants. I shouldn’t have come here in the first place, but couldn’t resist. Out of respect for you, I’m gone with this comment.


    3. Maarten- there’s a place for both styles of discourse. If someone wants to write a piece that crosses every T and dots every I, that’s wonderful if they can pull it off. There’s also value in “this is my take” pieces based on the gestalt of someone’s worldview and experience.

      Taken to the extreme, the former method is not even capable of reaching any conclusion whatsoever, because we never have all the data, or perfect maps of the terrain. Any given model is always (if genuine truth seeking and not pushing an agenda, or protecting one’s ego) open to revision based on further input.


      1. Agreed, TimR. Caricature is fun and can make for compelling prose. However, it should be a condiment and not the main dish. In the piece above, Mark’s case for a conspiracy relies on his characterization of Ford as an inept politician, and indeed, human being. When the truth proves otherwise, it weakens his case considerably.


        1. I’ve already stated my argument for conspiracy above … I’ll repeat it here.

          There was never a reported case of Swine Flu in the US. The Chief Vaccine Control Officer at the FDA said the vaccine would not work, and those selling it knew that, so I think I can stop there.

          What I did with Ford was fun. Interviews he did were painful. He was hired as a salesman, and could not sell it. He was replaced by a better actor.


            1. I would take that of the Chief Vaccine Officer of the FDA, who was promptly fired for making his remarks. After he was fired, a team was sent to his laboratory and office, and all of his work was destroyed.

              I’ll take that over Wiki. I usually use Wiki for a source of contradictions, a means of gleaning truth out of lies, unless it is about song lyrics or recipes.


              1. Mike Wallace mentioned in the 60 minutes story that the one case of reported “swine flu” was actually a bed-ridden recruit at Ft. Dix who had a respiratory illness. The private left his sick-bed to go on a forced march. He collapsed and the sergeant who revived showed no signs of illness. But the private died a few days later. There were other recruits that had a similar illness that lived. The state and federal govt’s concluded they all had a regular flu.


  2. We all know the vaccine is coming. Hoards will line up to be poked. The only question is whether it will be mandatory. They will probably do some workaround where it’s not TECHNICALLY mandatory, but if you want to travel abroad it is required.

    Anyone remember in Apocalypse Now the story Kurtz tells about how the village hacked off every inoculated child’s arm?


      1. I remember when I was with Special Forces. Seems a thousand centuries ago. We went into a camp to inoculate the children. We left the camp after we had inoculated the children for polio, and this old man came running after us and he was crying. He couldn’t see. We went back there and they had come and hacked off every inoculated arm. There they were in a pile: a pile of little arms. And I remember I…I…I cried. I wept like some grandmother. I wanted to tear my teeth out. I didn’t know what I wanted to do. And I want to remember it. I never want to forget it. I never want to forget. And then I realized, like I was shot — like I was shot with a diamond…a diamond bullet right through my forehead. And I thought: My God, the genius of that. The genius! The will to do that: perfect, genuine, complete, crystalline, pure. And then I realized they were stronger than we, because they could stand it. These were not monsters. These were men, trained cadres — these men who fought with their hearts, who had families, who have children, who are filled with love — but they had the strength — the strength! — to do that. If I had ten divisions of those men our troubles here would be over very quickly. You have to have men who are moral and at the same time who are able to utilize their primordial instincts to kill without feeling, without passion, without judgement. Without judgement! Because it’s judgement that defeats us.

        Liked by 1 person

  3. Covid-19 overreaction looks and feels a lot like the 2009 H1N1 “Swine Flu” scandal. Tamiflu (Roche, Inc.) stockpiles are probably still in some government warehouse collecting dust. WHO declared H1N1 a “pandemic.” The MSM is in cahoots this time too, failing to expose similarities to the 2009 (and 1976) scandals and connections to the same corrupt interests leading the Covid-19 hype and lock-down. Big-pharma profiteering is just one of the Covid-19 pack dogs that doesn’t bark on television. Their immunity plan is paid in advance.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. True… but why bring global economic devastation? They could keep the status quo and still keep profiteering from it.


      1. Lawrence,
        What if global economic devastation is not being brought, but can no longer stand its inevitable collapse under the weight of debt, inflated prices, high unemployment and underemployment, shortages of cheap energy, etc? What if so-called neo-liberal capitalism is at its inevitable end and the elite don’t know how to create growth as the game slips away. No growth, it’s toast.


        1. Steve: yes, that is also another possibility indeed. Which it will be more of a consequence than a desired result of the pandemic by the ruling elites.


      2. Strange bedfellows here, LR … but I think this is a cogent point. Aside from profiteering, all the other outcomes of the pandemic (forced vaccinations, more authoritarian control, less privacy) could be accomplished by measures that do not trash the economy. We keep moving in that direction anyway by fits and starts.


        1. That is the very nature of this journey, Maarten. Most of the time we riding solo… and a few other times we riding shotgun. Be safe and stay well.


  4. I just retrieved this quote from Dr. Kary Mullis, inventor of the PCR test. I am posting it here so I do not lose it again. He was decrying its use at the time of the quote in ID’ing people as HIV Positive. To his death last August he complained that there is no scientific paper ever written that isolated or purified HIV, or even proved that it caused AIDS.

    “Quantitative PCR is an oxymoron. PCR is intended to identify substances qualitatively, but by its very nature is unsuited for estimating numbers. Although there is a common misimpression that the viral-load tests actually count the number of viruses in the blood, these tests cannot detect free, infectious viruses at all; they can only detect proteins that are believed, in some cases wrongly, to be unique to HIV.
    “The tests can detect genetic sequences of viruses, but not viruses themselves.” [1]


    1. Kary Mullis is (was) quite a character and the article with that quote you like so much to bring up was removed and retracted. Since you guys do not welcome links, you can digg it in google or your search engine of choice.


      1. I have sat through all interviews available on Dr. Mullis, and am reading his book. I find him delightful. His point was quite succinct: He was working for a company and writing a paper, the first line of which was “AIDS is caused by the HIV virus.” Since it was a scientific paper, he needed a scientific source, a paper that had been written establishing that AIDS and HIV were connected. He could find no such work in the scientific literature. He even approached Montagnier personally at a social gathering witnessed by other scientists. Montagnier had no answer for him.

        Your comment was a low blow to the late Mullis, and a form of argumentation intended to move your side forward by smearing a man.

        As I’ve said many times before, go away. You’re not honest.


        1. I am not smearing anyone. I was referring to the quote attributed to him in an article. The article was written by someone else, you can look it up. That article is the one that was retracted. I have not read the Nobel Prize’s book so I do not have an opinion nor good or bad about him, not even care.
          I guess you are an honesty model sitting on high then. I guess you have been an honest blogger/commenter your whole long life. I have never bragged about being honest or its antipodes either. Anyway, I am so glad that is just your opinion and that it is also irrelevant. You keep attacking me and it is showing your weakness big time.


          1. I have to say … yes, I have been an honest blogger for as long as I have run this blog (2006). I have owned up to mistakes, given others their due. That’s more than I ever say about myself that way, and certainly less than you talking about your wonderful self.

            I’ve given you enough information about Mullis that you ought to change your opinion, but like your asshole, it will stay firmly in place.


  5. Solutions Points List… Edited

    1.Expose EMF dangers

    2.Change laws for suing vaccination damage

    3.Expand a new PBS by we the people. Going beyond filthy lucre, the finial frontier. Where no man has gone before. Star date: 68, The return of the Logos

    4.The counter Gematria attack building unbreakable geometric patterns.

    5.The return of the Trivium and Quadrivium.

    6.Get off you A@@

    7.Telecommunications Regulations

    8.ETC. etc and so forth……..!

    “The sense of wonder is the mark of the philosopher. Philosophy indeed has no other origin”


    Interesting reference how stories convert to geometric patterns.
    Ancient Cosmology and Early Christian Symbolism.


  6. WTF… I think POM needs a new Editor-in-Chief or at least re-engage Straight to come back from his coffin. This comment section and the other article featuring N. Korea’s top dog, are bringing the house down… Our burning down the house as David Byrne would sing.


      1. Thanks, MR. I try to avoid cult-like websites… and even more avoid cult like websites about passé gurus… You will never find a comment from me on that blog. I do like it in here believe it or not. That sentiment may not be reciprocal, though. It does not matter, I can live with that. I guess we are not here to make friends, just exchange ideas. The comment I posted was not about the entertaining back-n-forth between you and MT. I like to raise attention from time to time…- and sometimes it works 🙂 – Third request, I’m pretty sure you would do a great job. Your write-up about an upcoming pandemic in 2020.


        1. BTW, what do you think about the approach The Netherlands are taking on this pandemic. Mark Rutte is quite an interesting contemporary leader -or actor- depending on who you ask. Sorry, I know it may be off topic, so I do not excpect the courtesy of an answer.


        2. I did see your previous comment on this. My personal bandwidth is at its limits these days, and I don’t see myself having time for that kind of a writing project in the near future.


  7. Something to consider, not worth a separate post: I just talked to my neighbor – we live in the foothills above Denver, and so cannot see each other’s houses and rarely visit. He owned a resultant nearby, a successful one, and sold it thirteen months ago, got full price and is carrying no paper. I had not thought about this, but of course, this hoax would have devastated him.

    He said that Cheesecake factory, which has 280 outlets, is telling its landlords that it will not be paying rent. “Kick us out if you must,” they are saying.

    This things is going to devastate us beyond a few stimulus bills. What Cheesecake Factory is forced to do ripples far and wide, and it surely must be the same for every restaurant chain that does not own its own premises.


  8. “Never argue with stupid people. They will drag you down to their level and then beat you with experience.”

    -Mark Twain


    1. If I remember correctly, I posted a comment here in response to your inquiry about whether or not vaccine manufacturers were liable for damages during the Swine Flu epidemic. If you have knowledge about what became of it, please let me know and make it visible. I’d be more than grateful if you do so, Mark.

      Sayonara for now! – HPM


      1. VAERS, the Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System, was created in 1990. It was established due to a bill passed in Congress before that time removing accountability from drug manufacturers for liability for deaths, injuries, illnesses (like autism) caused by vaccines. I do not know the date and time of that bill, just that it happened before VAERS.

        VAERS is not accountable. It is a completely voluntary system. Money was authorized to fix the VAERS system, so that 100% of adverse events would be reported, but CDC shut down that project, not wanting any accountability. If real motives were ever apparent, worn on their sleeves, it was then, a chance at transparency, shut down. I think the study was done at Harvard Pilgrim Medical … they set up a whole system where everything would be reported, and said that CDC went dark on them, refusing to return phone calls, just like a girl breaking up with a guy she was tired of but afraid to come out and say it.

        It is deep, deep corruption and tyranny, part of our medical fascist system. No other way to say it.


        1. Thanks for mentioning VAERS, although I already knew of the program and the circumstances surrounding it. Nonetheless, it is true that vaccine manufacturers could be sued for damages prior to the creation of the NCVIA law and the VAERS program in 1986 and in 1990. Here are some examples:

          There were many more lawsuits which the vaccine manufacturers had to pay out of pocket prior to 1986. In the process, many of them either left the business or went bankrupt. The scandal surrounding DTP vaccines in the early-’80s is one good example of this. That’s why they lobbied Congress to offer them protection from future lawsuits relating to vaccine-induced injuries, illnesses, or death. Otherwise, they wouldn’t have to if they already were indemnified from prosecution prior to the mid-1980s.


            1. Fascinating stuff. Unsurprisingly, like so many pseudo-scientists in mainstream liturgy, Jenner was also a pathological liar, or at least that’s how the above article portrays him to be. He didn’t even earn his doctorate degree; he simply bought it for a mere fifteen British pounds.

              And, of course, he later lobbied the English parliament for funding of his vaccine projects, leaving the U.K. Treasury to foot the bill (just like all the worldwide treasury cons today). And in some instances, the vaccines that were used actually exacerbated the problems they were supposed to tackle, not reduced them. Take the smallpox vaccines, which in England caused a few epidemics of the same disease. Smallpox was already going away due to better sanitation being practiced across England, so vaccination against the disease wasn’t really necessary. Doesn’t this remind you of the Polio vaccine scam?

              Of course, the persistent promotion of mass vaccination at great expense to society at large clearly demonstrates that what’s happening all around us is not by accident. I have spoken with my virtual pen-pals how vaccines play into population control measures, something even Bill Gates famously admitted himself at one TEDx talk over a decade ago (btw, around that time, there was another pandemic: the H1N1 scare.) Gates, of course, is heavily involved in the profitable vaccine business through his foundation, which also receives plenty of public and private funding through GAVI.


        2. “… they set up a whole system where everything would be reported, and said that CDC went dark on them, refusing to return phone calls, just like a girl breaking up with a guy she was tired of but afraid to come out and say it.”

          When you consider the fact that the Pharmaceutical Industrial Complex is one of the largest donors to the CDC, this is to be expected. Pharma does not like accountability for their actions if that accountability hurts their bottom line and makes them vulnerable to lawsuits, so, of course, they would have their bitches at the agency shut down when their colleagues go too far.


  9. Eisenhower also warned us about the power Big Pharma has over public policy, as well as its notorious sister industry – Big Defense. But, of course, we didn’t pay attention closely then. Look where we are now. He mentions the pharma racket after closing remarks on the war racket.

    Pandemics are as much a racket as war is. They are also a great way for the corporate state to expand its power & funding capacities that maintain its control over the population at all costs, which in return benefits the ruling class tremendously, as the past two years have shown.

    The Coronavirus scamdemic was basically another version of the “War on Terror” – it was engineered to bring forth massive changes that would tremendously benefit the power elite at the great expense of the very people they claim to represent (at least in countries that pretend to be democratic). And just like what happened under Bush in 2008 and continued under Obama (TARP), we had yet another tax-funded bailout in 2020 (CARES) under Trump – half of which directly went to corporate America, while the rest was later gobbled up by the same thieves.

    As spook Thomas Jefferson is reported to have once said, “A nation of sheep will beget a government of wolves.” What has happened throughout much of America’s history – as well as the world – clearly demonstrates this principle. Here’s a fun song that encapsulates this philosophy:

    And this lovely graphic, which expands to the people behind the wolves running this country on their behalf – the pigs (i.e., the donor class):

    The whole scheme of politics is essentially a game of picking winners and losers. As always, we are the losers, they are the winners. When we put aside our preconceived notions of how the world works and our feelings about it, it’s pretty easy to understand.


      1. As the lyrics say, “they don’t care because they’re always taxing the clones.” So long as we pay them and make billions, even trillions, for their farcical rackets – be it for-profit wars or pandemics – they don’t care. And, so far, they’re right, because we continue to fall in line.


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