Coronavirus (SARS-CoV-2) Fatality Rate Still Dramatically Exaggerated

Average, unconnected deaths by pneumonia are suddenly being reclassified.

The media and the World Health Organization are no longer able to be so criminally dishonest as to give you a 3.4% fatality rate from SARS-CoV-2 (or “COVID-19”). Granted, they will still tell you the fatality rate is 1.0%…ten times more than the flu! Even this 1.0% figure is a grossly inaccurate exaggeration, according to basic common sense. Please watch the video below, then interpret the chart above accordingly.

The vast majority of coronavirus deaths are cases where the person died with coronavirus, not from coronavirus. Yet the death certificate will still show “coronavirus” as the cause. What evidence do we have for deaths dropping out of other categories? The graph above speaks for itself. This is hard data, not a wild conspiracy.

Remember, an Oxford model estimated that at least half of the UK population has been infected already with SARS-CoV-2. The vast majority of people either had mild symptoms, or no symptoms whatsoever (!). Do the math, people. If the UK has 7,000 coronavirus deaths and half their population is 30 million, then the fatality rate would be…? 0.0002%! And that is without accounting for the fact that the 7,000 death total is itself likely to be a huge exaggeration caused by reclassification of existing deaths. 0.0002%. Please, PLEASE…I beg you. Watch the video above.

How many previously healthy people died of SARS-CoV-2 and that alone? God only knows. That is why they created Li Wenliang right at the beginning…a figment of the imagination of Chinese intelligence. A healthy doctor and “whistleblower” who heroically succumbed to the virus that he so heroically blew the whistle on (all lies…click the link). Using basic common sense, you will realize that this virus is nothing more than a common cold.

I do not claim there is no virus. I claim the virus is nothing but a (relatively) harmless cold. They have always known this. They have used this as justification to enforce a great number of projects waiting in the wings. Projects aimed at crushing the human spirit, which is their enemy.


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  1. The Montana doctor is reading, and is not a polished speaker. But as Faux says, please use your focused attention for the duration. You can skip the windy introduction. She starts her talk at 1:45, and thanks Faux, for picking up on this and connecting dots.


  2. This sudden drop of 1,500 typical pneumonia deaths per week is timed exactly for the peak of the coronavirus media hysteria. Remarkable. Per the video, the doctors are being encouraged to claim a cause of death of coronavirus if they can find any justification to call it that…testing not required.

    When we say the numbers are fudged, we are really not lying. There is hard data to back this up. Even in cases where a positive result could be obtained, this is only proof that the person has one little copy of the virus somewhere in their system. The test process, called PCR, amplifies certain target DNA sequences billions and trillions of times to detect them. A positive result does not mean the person is even sick, let alone died of the virus. And the WHO’s version of this test is actually amplifying a DNA sequence that is already found in all human DNA!

    This is why my theory is that the virus was released into the public in December 2019 to January 2020 so that it would be incredibly easy for them to find positive test results wherever they wanted to. It creates a situation where you can basically call any death a coronavirus death.


  3. I actually watched the whole video and have downloaded it for possible future use. Thanks, Faux.

    Tonight, I broke my rule of not engaging in serious discussions on FB after a friend posted a link to an article called “The Brain Science Behind Conspiracy Theories.” Predictably, it was brainless and science-free, but it was fun to respond to, even though it felt like wasted effort on FB. Sorry if this is too off-topic, but I thought it might amuse one or two people here.

    Yes! The world makes so much more sense when you realize the hideously destructive, deviously deceptive projects that government agencies and international corporations once ran against us are now safely in the past. We’ve relegated that stuff to the history books and need not worry about it anymore. Today, the educated among us stay up-to-date on all the bad things our government does thanks to the tireless efforts of dogged reporters in the mainstream news media who dedicate their lives to speaking truth to power and making sure the masses have the most accurate information about exactly what’s going on at all times. The problem isn’t that our government is fooling us. We’re way too alert and well-informed for that. The REAL problem is that so many of our elected leaders are idiots! Morons! Buffoons! They’re all just standing there, like, “Duh…” and obviously couldn’t conspire their way out of a wet paper sack. Those of us who keep up with trustworthy news (and avoid the fake news only idiots who aren’t members of our political party watch) engage in thoughtful discussions about their blatant misdeeds on social media sites, and their awareness of our power keeps their most evil impulses in check. They wouldn’t dare try to hoax us. We the people—aided by the watchful eyes of dependable corporate media conglomerates—would see right through it.

    God, conspiracy theorists are so naïve.


      1. How weird that you posted this. Last night, I watched this movie again after not seeing or thinking about it in twenty years because it seemed like the perfect movie to turn my brain off completely for a while.

        (Also, not sure if I made it clear, but the quoted text in italics is my sarcastic response to the article, not my friend’s serious comment on it. I most surely was not serious.)


      1. Sorry, I should have said I downloaded it as an mp3. The entire message of the video is contained in the audio, not the visuals, so it didn’t seem important to download it in video format. If you’re interested, a search “YouTube converter” will yield lots of free sites for this. I did search to see if I could find the video on another website that allows for downloading the whole thing and didn’t find it anywhere.


  4. There’s no need for a real virus. As long as everyone thinks it’s real, you get the same results. And of course there is very little evidence that a thing called COVID19 actually exists.


    1. Wouldn’t the ultimate gaslighting operation be to use our own DNA against us? That appears to be what all their genetic, genomic and CRISPR (gene editing) studies have been all about. For them to claim this is a virus (when in fact it is literally our DNA code being detected) is code that they truly believe WE are a virus on this earth. The elites perceive us “lesser people” (the uninitiated) as contaminated, and they want us to be branded (literally and digitally) as such.


      1. Bingo! And they intend to “target” us, and hunt us down with drones that can detect and monitor our health condition (vital body functions) remotely. This is a military health monitoring system application. Evil! We are the target. Woke up, if you aren’t already.

        Thanks Camille.


        1. Well, Agent Smith said that to Neo years ago, we should have seen it comin’…
          Movies speak the truth after all (and also TV series, books, cartoons…).


      1. Just be really cautious and MINDFUL with Spiro. He worked with Sibel Edmonds. They have been limited hangouts for a very long time. Try to determine what he is NOT revealing.


      2. Spiro “Skouras”, indeed. I see we have the whole double matching M-M type, initials motif goin’ an again; marilyn monroe, mike meyers, miles mathis, steven seagal, doris day, dorothy dandridge, and many more..


    1. I don’t even need to go that far. I’ll throw up your Orlando freak show, with your “doctors”, and leave it at that, if you want, or need, precedence. Your Dr. Cheetham, is a liar. Christine Leinonen, is a liar. Stephanopolous, talking to Christine Leinonen, means you have two liars talking to each other. Your Dr. Lube, is a liar. Since your medical institution/s doesn’t confront the Orlando regional freak show for the staged act that it is, that means that your hospital staff and your entire medical society is comprised of a bunch of liars as well. So when you trump up these fake numbers to try and dazzle the public with them, using such frauds and charlatans as your “Dr.” fauci character, I’m not impressed in the least. I don’t care if it’s 25, or 2,500, or 3,000, like in 9/11. I don’t need to give “reasons” for my conclusions, when I call this freak show the fake circus act that it is. That includes the extra concocted side shows, besides the main ring of this circus, making this about trump, or drumpf, or whatever the scottish rite charlatans’s name actually is, in regards to whatever the fraud says, or does.


  5. I think this was a set-up. Classic controlled opposition tactic of promoting a seemingly compelling but upon closer inspection easily demolished argument. Here’s the rebuttal:

    The “dip” people are talking about in pneumonia cases
    is caused by the lag in reporting of deaths through the CDC.

    Here is a chart of every CDC pneumonia report over time.

    There is always a dip.

    Now posted on Reddit too:


    1. Fair enough if it’s going to bump up over time, but realistically if there were genuinely such a wave of never-before-seen pneumonia deaths, this year should be showing as being off the charts. Not the same old significantly dipped figures that we are seeing. The numbers being this low is still extremely unusual in comparison with the media hysteria and supposed wave of excess death. There is no such excess death. If the pneumonia deaths are, at best, on track to recover right up with the average annual number then…there is nothing unusual happening right now and the lockdown is totally unnecessary.


    2. Also, I agree. Ask TimR. I sensed a trap with this graph, but it was too compelling to ignore. I still feel that it is compelling, even if the dip is eventually going to recover and level out to being average. If pneumonia deaths are on pace for an average year, then why are we sheltered in place?

      My argument for the fatality rate being insanely exaggerated is unchanged.


    3. Ah, wow… That’s the thing with trying to get in the weeds and use their own numbers and whatnot… Debate on their terms, etc. It does look like it was a setup.

      I can’t tell you HOW the magician saws the woman in half… But I know it’s an illusion…


  6. What TimR said – agreed. I still think it’s best to debate from a qualitative perspective as opposed to any quantitative analysis in order to unravel this sticky mess. Yes, stay out of the weeds!


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