An unintended benefit of the hoax

I don’t know how to do this, though I once did. Maybe others can help? How to fix a starting time for a video?

Please fast-forward and pick up this this video at around 1:15, and then listen to Dr. Andy Kaufman talk about the positive features of our current malaise. He does a good job, and ends at around 1:23. The whole of the video is enlightening, but at over two hours, I know you’ve not the time or patience. It is a nice primer on terrain theory of disease, and requires extended focused attention.

Something I have thought from the beginning … how good it is for children to be home with their parents. Maybe this is an unintended benefit of the hoax, but warehoused schooling with enforced stationary boredom is so damaging for kids … no wonder they have invented diseases like ADHD  (and associated drugs to cure them). Take a normal kid and stick her in a desk, she should be fidgety. This is a kid, full of energy and curiosity. That is torture.

Of course, with electronic devices, boredom is easily remedied, and that is too bad. I was able to play with a magnifying glass (torturing ants like a little psychopath), disassemble a treasured clock my mother liked (unable to put it back together), read books by Joseph Altsheler that captured my imagination, to play pickup baseball, and to go down to the Yellowstone River nearby and catch suckers and carp. Us kids would ride bikes to odd places and engage in the weird unmentionable things that young boys do. That is childhood, and I had a good one.

Parents of that time would tell us that when girls are playing and are quiet, all is well. When boys are playing and quiet, there’s trouble. Check it out immediately. Boys and girls, after all, are different. Don’t tell anyone. The experts these days don’t even know there is gender, and that it resides within the child from birth. They are morons.

h/t: Stephers

31 thoughts on “An unintended benefit of the hoax

  1. Mark, I know how to set a YouTube video to begin at a certain time, and it seems WordPress overrides this. Could not get such a feature to work, myself.


  2. I doubt it’s unanticipated though.. Maybe a “necessary evil” on the way to virtual classrooms or something.

    The whole op seems to be a rolling wishlist of social planning goodies. Airlines being set up for long term scale back, so much less middle class travel. Warren Buffet signals this by dumping his stock, and he famously buys/ holds in downturns.

    Meat packing plants being restructured to produce less, so prices will rise. Conveniently in tandem with recent heavy push for veganism. Suppose I’m just stating the obvious.

    They claim deaths at these plants, but don’t give up details on locations very easily. They brazenly admit in headlines that in a Missouri plant they have about 400 tested positive of about 1500 tested, yet “all are asymptomatic”! Geez, what a strange disease that can both kill healthy workers, AND leave 99% or more perfectly fine… Absent the testing, there would be no thought of an “outbreak” at that particular plant at least.


    1. Something very curious about the export trade in chicken and pork as U.S. is experiencing shortages.

      BTW, I do not trust Reuters one little bit, but not much else out there to read on the subject.

      Don’t know what to make of it unless it’s a squeeze for higher domestic prices. Supply and demand seem such a distant fantasy.


      1. Make no mistake, this is “the big one”. It has become abundantly clear that this event will make 9/11 or JFK look like child’s play. The only comparable thing is NASA and space fakery. Now, they’re bringing that level down to our daily lives.

        This is the big event. Reality itself is now overlaid with an artificial reality and it is demanded that we call the overlaid reality true. I have never so desperately wanted to completely disconnect from modern society.


        1. I agree it is big, but so too was World War II and the Cold War. In each of those people were regimented just like now, and kept in a state of fear. Again, imagine me and all the kids I grew up with being told to hide under their desks as a precaution in case the Soviets fired nuclear missiles at us. I interviewed my parents while alive, and neglected to ask them about the war. It’s odd that that generation did not talk much about it. I only know my dad was driving a general in a jeep one day and they came upon what looked to be some live action, so the general told him to turn around and go back. I wonder if the reason they don’t talk is that they all think that the real action happened somewhere else, and they got off easy.


    2. I was surprised that both my daughter-in-law and grandson, one working from home and one going to school by home, were not monitored by some means to be sure tehy were sitting in front of their screens. In fact, grandson says he is done my 11 AM and free for the day. A good thing.

      Regarding people testing positive and dying and all of that, there is no accountability, so they can say anything they please. Who’s going to check up on them? The news media? (Cue laughter.)


    3. Since I live in Missouri, I do have a theory. The state is reluctantly opening things up while some communities are continuing restrictive orders. The meat plants are being targeted with someone (government/authorities/shadow people) forcing that testing be done (similar to what happened in Sioux Falls, South Dakota to try to get that state to lock down when they refused to do so). I had wondered if there was a link to the meat plants being targeted and one of Gates’ pet projects/investments (lab meat), since Gates is driving so much of what is going on these days. Anyway, what we are finding here in Missouri is the same thing everywhere else…a positive is MEANINGLESS because most (all?) of these people are asymptomatic or having the normal seasonal allergies that otherwise have no affect on their lives.

      Slightly off-topic, did you see that Neil Ferguson stepped down from his government advisory position? It wasn’t because of his models were absolute rubbish (which they were), but because he was caught violating the very lock-down order that he recommended. The irony!


      1. Well they claim some deaths, somewhere, so those people had a symptom– death.

        But yes it appears they openly admit that almost all positives are symptom free. Astonishing.


        1. Amen to all of this. I just said the same thing about people being asymptomatic. This means that it is undeniable that the fatality rate is miniscule. However, if we took a poll of the entire public, the largest portion would say they think it has a 6% fatality because it’s what the CNN screen implies.


    4. It really irks me that people don’t realize what all these asymptomatic people imply about the fatality rate. John Q. Public looks at the screen on CNN and does the math between “documented cases” and “reported deaths” and still thinks that it’s got a 6% fatality rate.

      We live amongst people who are so deeply asleep. It’s a hypnosis so prevalent that it’s terrifying.


      1. Here’s a podcast, David Crowe and Andy Kaufman, that is wide-ranging and interesting. Crowe was the guy who right off the bat spotted Covid-19 as a fake, back in February. Kaufman is growing on me, as he does his due diligence. He went to the CDC website to check out the numbers, and found that Covid aside, deaths from all causes thus far in 2020 are down 6% from the average of the last three years. So by definition, there is no pandemic, since a pandemic is excess deaths above the average.

        One of them said that Covid-19 is a remarkable virus, in that while it is supposedly killing people in large numbers, it is also wiping out deaths from other sources.

        Kaufman listed some of the ingredients in vaccines, and noted that some come from cattle and sheep. He suggested that is why the American public behaves like a herd.


  3. Check this out. This 3-minute video has “gone viral.” It’s sort of a cloying and saccharine tribute TO the coronavirus, complete with lines like “The Earth started breathing again.”

    Millions of people are forwarding this around.

    It’s also dripping with propaganda (hindsight is “2020,” this is “The Great Realisation,” there will be many more realisations to come but this is “how it started.” “It ‘took a virus,” etc.

    Talk about Viral Marketing!

    I don’t know whether this guy is a useful idiot virtue-signaller, or is actually backed by TPTB. And it hardly matters. It’s being forwarded around by useful idiots as if it’s holy writ!

    And the love the forwarders feel for this youtube video reveals to me the incredible solipsism and narcissism of the upper middle class strivers, “not religious but spiritual” types. They are feeling spiritual indeed…about Covid-19!

    Not only do they not spare a thought for the 20% of the workforce now laid off, not only do they not mind the government encroachments on their liberties, they are actually viewing the lockdowns as….something spiritual and special that is lifting them up, helping them to “be deep” and “save the planet.”

    (I do wonder if anyone could trace the background of this guy. IS he connected? The shameless and professional propagandizing here is a clue. As is his brand new career “in the film industry.” And he’s awfully good looking and sweet-tempered for a “poet.” The production values are VERY VERY high for a youtube video. It has more in common with the 3 minute Chanel commercial starring Nicole Kidman that cost $42 million to make! A number of Hollywood celebrities were early forwarders of the video. How new is his channel? What else has he promoted? Is his background purely “film”? Any military or Intel or medical or NGO or one-world-government connections? Again, it hardly matters. What’s depressing is less that propaganda like this gets made and more that millions of people love it so so so much.)

    [Sure enough, his youtube channel is only a month old. He’s got an even more embarrassing paean to the NHS…”the night my street started clapping” complete with a fawning history lesson on the NHS and exhortations to “Please…stay home.” You know, just typical topics for a 20-something poet!]

    Meanwhile, this thing is tailor made to make naysayers like me sound like curmudgeons! Why can’t I just see the “good” in the Virus Crisis?

    Anyway….worth a watch!


  4. One more detail….this guy’s youtube channel and other accounts are branded “Tom Foolery.” Catchy name, kinda like Hijinks or Monkeyshines. But perhaps it’s also a little wink to his role in fooling people?


  5. Mark, I took the implied challenge that we lacked patience and attention span and watched the video… Well worth the time, lots of good insights (although a bit jargon-y at times, hard to absorb in video format on a first encounter.)

    My main takeaway though is that the beautiful vivacious lass is on the right track with her “psycho-spiritual” approach, or social psychology. The germ theory vs terrain may be interesting to us, and to a small minority “out there”, but it will never fly with the great unwashed. That’s hopeless.

    Ab was saying things along those lines too, like “root out the virus concept at its root” and such, and I sort of balked at how high that hurdle would be. But no, the “psychological” view of things might stand a chance in the arena of down and dirty ideas. It’s still pretty daunting, as she says she’s never been able to change anyone’s mind, only point out things they’re already ready to recognize. Still I think her analysis on those lines, in terms of an infantilized public looking to authorities as parental figures and protectors, would be worth sharing and spreading. For those who still try to get through to friends and family. I don’t know how best to communicate it, but it’s something to develop. It could be discussed in very colloquial terms, for one thing, whereas microbiology is hopelessly wonkish, and would leave 90% cold, absent some slick documentary or movie or gifted speaker.


    1. I tend to doze off when people go spiritual on me, just me. I’m glad you picked up on that in a better way that I did.

      I had an older brother who was very stubborn about everything, and about whom I said “There are many ways to communicate with him. None work.”

      If I made a list of things about which I had changed my mind over time, it would be very long. Knowing how wrong I can be, I don’t get that most people, without knowledge or research, just assume they are right about things and refuse to listen to alternative opinions. The very worst are the ones who say “I disagree. Everyone is entitled to his opinion.” If you’ve not thought about it, you’ve no right to it.

      Anyway, good luck.


  6. Speaking of an infantilized public looking to authorities as parental figures, and also speaking of the germ vs the terrain, here are a few quick thoughts:

    A problem our society has these days is that we all “live in the now.” We have no sense of history. That makes us much more infantile. So the main question on people’s minds is “what have our great medical scientists discovered about this novel coronavirus?”

    But if you take a multi-century view, the medical rackets become much more obvious:

    a) Fear of invisible germs is very similar to fear of evil spirits and spells cast by witches. Fears of the invisible are always very useful to controllers. But we foolishly assume that OUR fears of invisible particles are “science-based” while the fears of our ancestors were “foolish.”

    b) The truly rich have always known how real money is made, and it’s not “capitalism” or “the free market.” What they crave is MONOPOLY. Government-sanctioned and enforced monopoly. Think of Rockefeller in oil, Carnegie in steel, Vanderbilt in railroads. That’s how it’s done.

    Infantile Americans with no sense of history believe that “modern medicine” is a miracle of science. When in fact modern medicine is just the winning monopoly in a once-competitive market for health and wellness.

    In previous centuries, “health care” was a much more competitive “industry.”
    Snake oil salesmen competed with faith healers, midwives, country doctors, hot spring spas, and grandmotherly wisdom. No more. Now all these plus nutrition, stress reduction, herbs, traditional healing, exercise, etc have been replaced by the germ theory and patented drug treatments.

    There are fewer than 10 or so symptoms of illness: fever, aches, cough, pain, congestion, inflammation, etc etc. But modern medicine claims to have “found” thousands of diseases, each with a patented drug treatment. Medical school credentials, the FDA, the CDC, public health officials, Big Pharma, the Media, universities, medical journals, all are fed by monopoly profits and all work to reinforce the monopoly.

    But, like infants, we know only the present, not the past. We can’t see that the profitable monopolists PUSHED OUT the competition, even though they still do it right in front of us. “Vitamin C, Zinc, Hydroxycloroquine? NO! None of those are patented, so they must be suppressed. Chiropractic? NO! Those guys didn’t even go to pharma-funded medical school.”

    Instead of seeing modern medicine for what it is, a for-profit industry that, for no good reason, gets government PROTECTION against much smaller, less profitable, and less deadly competitors, we see only what we’re told to see.

    We foolishly think of modern medicine as a not-for-profit, super-scientific, healing university, a fount of healthy new innovations and life-saving technologies. We think that the last century has been one of breakthrough after breakthrough, of rigorous deployment of the scientific method. We think that our doctors are priests, scientists, geniuses. This is “the healing profession,” populated by well-meaning professionals who care nothing for money. Why do we think this? Because we’re suckers for marketing.

    Does the health care industry get overpaid for every visit, procedure, test, and prescription? Yes. Does it consume more than 20% of GDP? Yes. Is it home to the highest paying jobs in America? Yes. But do we see this and consider the implications? No.

    Does the health care industry kill hundreds of thousands of Americans each year? Yes. Is it the leading cause of bankruptcy in America? Yes. Does it suppress the truth regarding good health in the interest of maximizing profits? Yes. Does your doctor, no matter how nice, lie to you, because of his own greed and fear? Yes. But do we see this and consider the implications? No.

    It’s sad. Belief in science and in progress are important to people, even more important now that most people have lost that old-time religion. And certain virtue-signallers are at pains to associate themselves with “Science,” the NEW religion.

    But it’s time for us to “grow up and put away childish things.” We should be disillusioned with the health care industry. Not just its prices but its results.
    Clinging to our hopes that someone out there cares about our health more than we do is…childish. And foolish.

    Predatory monopolist profiteers and sophisticated propagandists really ARE influenced by money. Our own doctors really ARE influenced by money too–they’ve got medical school student loans to pay!

    Do they spend their time doing medical research? No. Do they even spend their time READING medical research? No. They spend their time on rushed visits, pharma-approved diagnoses, billing, paperwork, and accepting free lunches from sexy pharmaceutical company sales reps.

    Modern medicine is the monopoly version of the snake oil salesmen of yesteryear.
    With enough historical perspective, that’s obvious. But since most of us DON’T have any historical perspective, we are sitting ducks for the propaganda. “These are noble scientists, don’t you see! Just look at their lab coats! Now step right up for your miracle cures….and have your insurance cards ready!”

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  7. Thanks, Mark! I’m glad you liked my comment! Sorry it was a little long and wordy!

    Big Swede, we can’t see the video. What was it?


      1. It all reads suspicious. She was censored, threatened, suddenly let free? It does not work that way. Once censored, permanent. She is controlled opposition. Swede, if you do not understand that concept, you do not understand.


  8. Nick Nolte playing a doctor lady. Nice opening soundtrack too, adds to the already sinister atmosphere! Was waiting for skeletons to fall from the closet behind her. Nah, overproduced vids like these are dime a dozen: all hope lost, bad sad ending, tears in all eyes, like in “Insider” or the one with Julia Ruperts wearing falsies. Yet another intended score for Operation Despair. Sorry, not buying it.

    On the other hand, Charlie’s comment’s bang on. “We should be disillusioned with the health care industry. Not just its prices but its results.” That says it all. Health care is really illness management: illness caused by unending stress in endless forms.


  9. You’re missing the point, Swede. It is available. You made it so. When something is censored, it disappears in all forms. Often times something will be officially censored but made available by back channels, the intent being to give the appearance of censorship as a means of injecting false information. Thus when the book Tragedy and Hope was introduced, we were told that the author was given access to privileged information, but violated the agreement on what could be published. That was nonsense, but served to give the book far more credit than it was due. It was a pack of misleading lies mixed with enough truth to seem trustworthy. That is how true misdirection and disinformation is done. It is a nuanced thing.

    Take nothing at face. Nothing.


    1. I completely agree with this, Mark. Very well said. Drs. Mikovits and Buttar (and even Drs. Erickson and Massihi – the urgent care entrepreneurs) are being held up as “heroes”. They are part of the script, sad to say. The important thing to ask is “What are they NOT telling us?”. For one thing, Dr. Mikovits will not tell you that HIV never caused AIDS. She was (and still is) in on that whole scam, which was the model for this new scam. Both Mikovits and Buttar want people to believe this was an engineered, “recombinant” virus (that includes HIV segments in it) that was released out into the world (accidentally or intentionally, they really don’t care – it ignites fear either way). Not one of these “hero” doctors will tell the primary truth – there is NO new virus and the test is completely invalid. But they will go on pushing how they have been censored, and yet every day I have friends and family sending me their videos. How can that be? I have never had them send me videos before that were “conspiratorial” in nature. Well, now they all feel like somehow I should be proud of them for being “initiated” into the conspiracy theory/tin foil hat crowd. It’s not a badge of honor, trust me. I have spent the last few years studying this very phenomenon – the creation of conspiracy theorists by the system. They want to create conspiracy theorists – who go down rabbit holes and never come out. They intentionally leave the “bread crumbs”. As Matt of QofC says (I’m paraphrasing here), “They give you the burger, AND the side of fries”. As he says, choose neither. The burger (mainstream story) and the fries (the “conspiracy theory”, or multiple “conspiracy theories”) are the lure either way. The system takes great pleasure in this – creating their own adversarial networks and channels and pipelines – all better with which to mine data for their AI R&D projects (Qanon being one of their main R&D operations). Sorry, I’m always the buzzkill in “conspiracy” circles. But I have been played way too many times. Now, it’s like having a built-in lie detector, and it’s not foolproof by any means. I still get played too.


      1. It is indeed a maze. I carried Tragedy and Hope with me on a trip to Nepal, keeping it in my pack for nighttime reading. There were clues aplenty that it was a false history, but I was not attune to that. One thing that should have given it away, that Napoleon escaped! Just like Ted Bundy. It never occurred to me that high profile people don’t escape from jail except by design.


      2. Higher up the food chain the face of our predicament reveals a little more about his background and beliefs.

        I imply no judgment, but others may already have thought of a special place for this highly organized, “unseen” power that runs throughout western history and culture.

        I do, however, see the collective power of the City States of ‘The Vatican’, ‘The District of Columbia’ and ‘The City of London’, and how they control the world economically, through the City of London Corporation, Militarily, through Washington DC – the District of Columbia and Spiritually, through Vatican City. Others may see things quite differently. I have no problem with that, and am most interested in differing opinions.


      3. Same thing here, Stephers, for some reason the “normies” are all over this Plandemic video and asking/ telling me about it… They never grasp any nuance in my “conspiracist” position, or at least it takes a long, long time and lots of discussion. ANY conspiracy is something I’d believe, they think, and only very slowly get disabused of that notion.

        And while this type of video excites them, they never got into Miles Mathis, for example (whatever you think of Mathis.) That didn’t interest them. But this sort of thing does.


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