A Bit of Wisdom

We all must reconnect with Mother Earth, or whatever words you choose to describe the oneness, of which we are all a tiny part. It is not “out there,” like we were led to believe in “The X Files.” It is in you, in me, and in every living being. The earth has a soul. Each of us has a soul. We are in a battle for souls. We, each of us, individually, hold the power to change the world.

Demons want to destroy life/nature. There are demons in us all. Refuse temptation. Decline to participate. Give no consent. It always comes down to a simple, but most difficult, fight for truth.

4 thoughts on “A Bit of Wisdom

  1. Very profound, Steve. Thank you for this. I will leave this link below as my “comment”, as I can not express it any better than Paul Levy. I am part Cherokee (my great grandmother was 1/2 Cherokee – so, it’s way back in my DNA – but present, nevertheless.). I have personally experienced what I have sensed to be a real epidemic, a real contagion. I have felt it arise from within myself (AKA the shadow self) and from without; and yes, I have battled with it. I have also practiced transcending and transmuting it. While I do not believe in a bogeyman physical virus spreading around the world (As I have written, I hypothesize it to be a simulation manufactured in an AI lab), I do see a world contaminated with this “mind virus” (Wetiko, as I prefer to call it, but every culture and religion has its own name for the same sickness), and it needs dispelling and transmuting. This has been much of my life’s work for the past 12 years, since coming face to face with it on a dangerous, and yet transformative level.


    1. John Lamb Lash comes to a similar conclusion regarding “mind parasites” in his excellent book “Not in His image”.

      The introduction begins with the following quote:

      “When the people lack a proper sense of awe, some terrible fate decided by the universe at large will befall them.”

      -Lao Tzu, Tao Te Ching


  2. You’re a beautiful soul, Steve.

    One of my dearest friends is a Shaman, a real one. He’s been teaching me some very important practices for my own wellbeing, and more importantly to keep a constant connection with my inner self and the energy of the universe; he told me he talks to Mother Earth frequently.

    Won’t say here what Gaia told him, I don’t mean to preach or convince anyone about anything, I just think we should all have more respect for all living creatures and stop thinking we are the masters of this planet. We’re only guests.

    I agree with Stephers’ comment as I’ve been experiencing the same thing myself.
    There’s a mind infection going on in the world that has to be healed asap. But I’m not sure we’ll have enough time to do that.


  3. Anna, Les, Stephers,

    Thank you for your contributions to this little discussion. We all have instinct that has been developing gradually since man first existed — millions of years, perhaps. Instinct is cumulative. It is a great something we know for sure, yet somehow, all too often dismiss out of hand. “Modern” minds are so active, overactive, so demanding. Something simple I remind myself frequently is to use my mind; but don’t let it use me.


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