Quats’ going on here?

This is a brief essay about an often overlooked aspect of this whole “cooties” scenario.

At 42 min into this video, Sofia Smallstorm mentions her concern about the use of toxic disinfectants being used in public spaces. Dr. Kaufman describes how he has seen the use of these at his local supermarket. There is much more scintillating material covered in this video as well, so it is well worth your time to listen in full, in my opinion. 

One day this month, I decided to embark on a food shopping trip to our “local” (it’s actually 25 minutes away) large chain of natural supermarkets. It was my first visit there since this whole event began, because I have been consciously choosing to support smaller mom & pop natural heath food stores. I noticed the cashier at the checkout was spraying down the conveyor belt with a substance. I asked if I could take a photo of the bottle she was using. 

She kindly obliged. I asked her if that specific product was being used throughout the store to disinfect surfaces, and she confirmed that is indeed the sole product that all employees have been given to use for this purpose.

I just want to link a few sources of information (the J-512 Safety Data Sheet and two articles with numerous citations) on the particular product they are using, as these sources indicate that this product may be toxic. In fact, according to the company’s Safety Data Sheet, this product is registered with the EPA as a pesticide (EPA Reg. No. : 70627-63). One of the main ingredients identified is Alkyl dimethyl ethyl benzyl ammonium chloride – which is in the class of chemicals called Quaternary ammonium compounds, or Quats, for short. Please read this article, and this article, for more detailed information.

I find it curious that Quats (as discussed in the above articles) not only cause eye irritation and rashes, but also chronic respiratory conditions, asthma and decreased lung function (precisely what COVID is supposed to cause) — not to mention the potential to cause superbug resistance (that is a controversial conversation for another day though).

My position remains that we are not being bombarded by an invisible virus that is out to attack us, but rather, we are being violated with propaganda coming from every which way. However, I do perceive that if we frequent public spaces in which these chemicals are being overused, we ARE being potentially harmed by something that is nearly invisible.

Just a side note: When I arrived to the market and proceeded to grab a shopping cart (Oh no, without gloves and without a mask!), the store employee standing outside exclaimed that I was grabbing the wrong cart, and it was not cleaned yet and I needed to obtain a “clean” one from inside. I told her it was not a problem for me to just take the one I had already touched, and she replied, “Ma’am, that’s not how we roll here. Please grab a clean one from inside.”

What’s going on here? I would say Quats’ going on here!


17 thoughts on “Quats’ going on here?

  1. I did this deliberately … I used a compressor and a paint spray gun to put a coat of oil-based sealant on a planter box last week, a short project done outdoors. Painters wear not just masks, but N95’s or better when doing this. I did not. The project took maybe an hour.

    The following morning I had sneezing fits, four or five in a row, and some gastrointestinal difficulty. It all resolved within a day. While painting I had inhaled fumes, and my body did not like it. I am more and more attune to “terrain” and my body’s response to insult, and more and more convinced that a visit to a doctor is dangerous. All of these antibacterial products around us are fear-based and unhealthy. The gal at the checkout where you shopped (Whole Foods?) is exposed all day long, far more harmful than any SARS-Cov-2 that everyone is so frightened about.


  2. A fb acquaintance posted a photo of a child who had chemical burns(?) all over their legs, from riding in a sprayed down shopping cart.


  3. Havent listened but how can anyone trust smallstorm or see that she is fake. why would kaufman be talking to someone like her if he was legit, he could just be controlling the other side.


  4. PIECEBOB – I understand your reservation here. Personally speaking, it’s my default as well, to consider them CO agents on some level. With respect to Dr. Kaufman, he is new to me since the launch of this event, so I can only go by what I have heard him say over the past couple months. I have listened fully to nearly every video and interview of his. I have yet to not only disagree with him; I have also not found him to be dishonest in any way. In fact, I am holding him in the highest esteem, until other evidence comes forward to indicate he may be a disinformation tool. I always leave it on the table.

    In terms of Sofia Smallstorm, I have followed her diligently since 2016 (according to my records – it could be longer than that). I have listened to nearly every one of her videos and interviews online. Again, I have yet to find her dishonest, even though I may have slight disagreement at times. I acknowledge that Miles Mathis has posited that she is CO, but I can’t recall him ever backing up his claim with specific evidence, except to say that her background is nonexistent, as if she is a “ghost” (he also makes reference to her aligning with a certain movement – but that’s for another forum)…I could list a number of other researchers (one in particular) who use an alias, and while suspicious, that does not automatically make them controlled opposition or an intel plant.

    I have no emotional attachment to those I listen to online, and I recommend to others to always listen to all the information first, and then judge for yourself. That is why I highly recommend you watch the linked video in its entirety. I would be interested if you note some deception, or purposeful obfuscation.

    Because I am naturally skeptical, I do my own version of vetting these individuals. It’s quite rigorous. Accordingly, like MM, I have been concerned that I have found very little background info on Smallstorm (including the origin of her name, which seems to be an alias) over the last 5 years, but the information she has expressed has been quite impeccable, in my opinion. In fact, I would describe her work and her perspective pioneering at times. She tends to proudly stand alone, and come to her own conclusions — based on diligent research. I greatly admire that.

    Since you posted this, I have seen that Allan C. Weisbecker has also chimed in about Sofia Smallstorm being a limited hangout, and claims to know her real last name. I will look more into his work (I am only vaguely familiar with him), as I see he has called out a number of individuals involved in this corona psyop as limited hangouts , and I actually concur with him. However, from my understanding it seems Allan thinks this event is real in that a bioweapon was released. So I think we need to tread VERY cautiously with information originating from him.

    You can see how we can stay in this loop of who is an intel plant, and isn’t?

    So, please feel free to bring forward any specific information or evidence you may have — with regard to either Kaufman or Smallstorm — that could indicate they are deceiving us or leading us astray.

    In the interim, I hope this side discussion (which I feel is important and should continue) will not detract from the information that I gleaned significant from the video, and was focusing on in this essay. It should stand alone regardless of who was presenting it.

    Thank you PIECEBOB for your comment, and I look forward to you clarifying your position.


  5. This hygiene obsession, typical of the western countries, is what kills our immune system, which is not challenged by bacteria anymore and is dying a slow death.
    I predict that within a few years the vast majority of people will die of a simple cold, as their body won’t be able to fight even the slightest infection.

    I live with pets at home, raise hens, have a goat in the backyard, I use gloves if I have disinfect wounds or treat them but I do not use antibacterial products, just wash my hands with water and natural soap. I’m not a clean freak and I don’t mind if I have dogs or cats hairs around the house or on my clothes or even accidentally eat one. Never had any problems and my immune system works fine.

    I refuse to use chemicals (only exception being oxygen peroxide) and don’t even buy sunscreen creams anymore as I noticed I used to get burned after rubbing it all over my body, no longer happens now that I’m not using anything (obviously I don’t lie in the sardinian sun ten hours a day in the summer, I’d be roasted ). Furthermore, applying sunscreen prevents vitamin D from being produced and synthesized in our body.
    Antibacterial stuff, sun protection products…all just marketing strategies and no truth.
    Modern science is just scam.

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    1. There’s a literature on fear and neurosis in modern society I think. Not that familiar but Crichton had some references in his bibliography to State of Fear.

      Paradoxically modern man’s easy life creates neurosis. Additionally there’s the alienation and separation from the real sustaining genuine connection to nature and fellow man, which eg island natives or “primitives” enjoyed. They do not fear death neurotically bc they lead rich fulfilling lives. Modern man fears death intensely bc he knows he hasn’t lived. But we are so symbiotic to our modern condition, we would probably go nuts on an island from lack of propaganda lol.. Lack of constant stimulus and symbol manipulation.

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  6. Thanks stephers, excellent article. I asked a checkout person in a health store what was in the spray bottle she was using on the counters (three weeks ago). She said “some sort of bleach solution”. I don’t know if she really knew. I would bet that more and more places are using something like what you have pictured here, something powerful enough to be “sure” to kill that virus, even though it surely is more dangerous than that virtual (as you say) virus.

    Someone up there (in the human hierarchy) really wants to hurt people. Masks that force consumption of air with too little oxygen and too much carbon dioxide. Continual spraying of pesticides in public places. You’d be tempted to think their plan is to build up a solid baseline number of sick people who will be the founding members of the second wave of this event. Sick from breathing their own polluted air and the poisons they religiously spray, and from the fear of that deadly covid contagion. Of course, they will all test positive when the time comes, even if it takes repeated tests to get the “right” result.


    1. Perhaps wearing a mask is also our punishment for not fulfilling the demands made by the climate alarmists. Maybe we’ll take their fear campaign more seriously after we’ve been recycling our own CO2 emissions and risking acidosis for a while.


  7. Congrats on joining the PoM stable, Stephers.

    Here in Kuala Lumpur they take your temperature and offer hand sanitiser at all large malls and many convenience stores. In some places the hand sanitiser is less of an offer and more of an instruction. I ignore it. I don’t want that stuff on my skin. If it is indeed powerful to kill bacteria on my hands, then what else is it powerful enough to do? I’d rather not find out.

    I don’t know much about Sofia Smallstorm, does anybody happen to know where Smallstorm stands on topics such as 9/11 (did anybody die or get hurt), the existence of ‘outer space’, etc etc?

    Smallstorm’s opinions on these kinds of topics do not change the validity of her opinions on other topics, of course. However, given the finite time at my disposal, I generally try to limit time spent listening to raving lunatics (which anybody who still believes in the 3,000 on 9/11 or ‘outer space’ must surely be).

    With all of that said, on your recommendation, I have downloaded a copy of the Smallstorm / Kaufman discussion and will be giving it a listen. Cheers.


  8. So, PIECEBOB, and others who are interested, you may want to see this.
    JLB – curious as to what you may think about this synchronicity? I have not delved into Smallstorm’s take 0n 911 (that is moving near the top of my list of priorities), but this is becoming all the more intriguing to me given what seems to be synchronous -in some regard at least.

    The “real” last name of Smallstorm to have been reported is “Shafquat”. Notice “quat”.

    I mean, what are the chances that I write about Quats here (with its focus in the title), and that is possibly part of her real last name? It’s not like that name is popular! I have looked up the name. As a surname, it’s very rare. And I was not familiar with the term “Quats” until I did the research for this essay. I’m just saying, what really are the chances? Perhaps I’m just reading too much into this?

    Please note that in this Smallstorm video, she never makes reference specifically to Quats. That was simply my take once she mentioned harmful chemicals being overused.

    Here is one reference to her name potentially being Shafquat (at IMDb):

    “Sofia Shafquat
    Director | Writer | Producer

    Sofia Shafquat is a director and writer, known for 911 Mysteries Part 1: Demolitions (2006). See full bio »”
    Alternate Names: Sofia Smallstorm | Smallstorm


    I have since found several other references, including researchers and commenters online noting this may be one of her aliases, or her real last name. I am happy to provide these if others show interest.

    I will post this one comment (see below) from someone who claims to have known her from their time at Brown University. Sofia (whatever her last name is, or even first name?) does mention herself that she went to Brown University.

    (quote from an anonymous commenter at americanloons.blogspot)

    Just wanted to say that I knew Sophie when we were undergrads at Brown in the late 70’s and she was a sweet, smart, and pretty girl with a lovely, somewhat mysterious accent, who was liked by all. She showed no evidence whatsoever of any sort of dishonesty, hatred, or conspiracy whackiness. As annoying, even pernicious, as she is, please try to reserve some pity for the fine young woman she once was, as it is obvious that something dreadful must have happened to her. Mental illness, I suppose, is the most likely candidate.


    With all that said, I am listening to another recent interview of Smallstorm with regard to the corona event, and I am very impressed with her take on it. Again, she tends to be bold in her opinions – offering rich and academic context, and seems comfortable being one of the few who claims this is all one giant manufactured event (no real virus!). She also focuses on the mind control aspects of this operation, which, in my opinion, is vital to understand. So, I caution readers to NOT throw the baby out with the bathwater, and to listen closely and come to their own conclusions.


  9. Ok, guys. So this gets a bit more interesting with regard to Sofia Smallstorm.
    I’m not sure there is continued interest here, but I will proceed anyway.

    Before I get to that, I hope the information presented here with regard to the overuse of potentially toxic chemicals can stand on its own regardless of any biographical information that comes forth.

    It’s funny – I thought when presenting this information, it would be completely non-controversial given its nature, and yet, here I am, somehow already causing trouble. Aaahh!

    In my opinion, I would hope, for now, that any information brought to light with respect to Smallstorm can stand alone and separate from Dr. Andy Kaufman, so as not to conflate the two.

    I do want to be careful not to stir up the pot if there is nothing to stir, and I do not aim to accuse Smallstorm of being an intel asset or cutout. It would certainly be ironic, though, for me to bring forth any potentially “damaging” (for lack of a better word?) evidence regarding Smallstorm, given that I have held her in high esteem, and presented her in this essay as a credible source (which could still be the case regardless).

    However, since PIECEBOB brought it up, I figured I would follow it through.

    Significantly, Sofia Smallstorm is not here (as far as I know) to defend herself, nor am I here to defend her, or conversely, to expose or “out” her in any way. I am just going to present information that I found, and it may not be over the target at all. In fact, I can not vouch for its accuracy. I do find it curious that while Allan Weisbecker reported that Sofia’s “real” name is Sofia Shafquat, he did not dig further. At least he did not reveal additional biographical information that could be vital to her history, as far as I can tell.

    So, here we go…

    If we follow the line of thought that Sofia’s real last name is Shafquat (again, I cannot confirm this, but I did present evidence of this in my comment above), we find a Sofia Shafquat, age 61, living in Encinitas, CA.


    That would place her at the same age as has been reported by an anonymous friend of hers from Brown – who did not clarify what name she knew her as, except to call her “Sophie” (see my previous comment). It would also place her in the vicinity in which Sofia Smallstorm herself says she lives (mentioned in multiple videos).

    Here is additional background on the same “Sofia Shafquat” at https://www.encyclopedia.com/arts/culture-magazines/shafquat-sofia:

    “SHAFQUAT, Sofia. American (born Pakistan), b. 1959. Genres: Novels, Sports/Fitness, Medicine/Health, How-to books, Self help, Adult non-fiction, Ghost Writer. Career: Held positions at literary agencies and a literary law firm; free-lance writer for magazines, 1980-85; graphics designer and illustrator, 1980-; Rodale Press, health and fitness editor, 1985-87; fiction and non-fiction book editor and ghostwriter, 1995-. Publications: The Shadow Man (novel), 1993. Contributor of articles and illustrations to periodicals. Address: 3190 Via de Caballo, Encinitas, CA 92024, U.S.A.”

    The data above does seem to align with the type of skills Sofia Smallstorm exhibits – just in listening to her interviews.

    According to mylife.com, Sofia Shafquat is related to Mahmood Shafqat. Here is his my life profile:


    His age and location could indicate that he is (or, rather, was) Sofia’s father.
    Curiously, here is someone by that name, who would match in terms of age and location, as well.


    “Mahmood Shafqat (also spelled Mahmoud Shafqat) was a Pakistani diplomat. He served as Chairman of UNICEF from 1957 to 1958.[1][2] He served at the Permanent Mission of Pakistan to the United Nations in New York during the 1950s and 1960s, including as Alternate Permanent Representative.[3] He later served as Pakistan’s Ambassador to Algeria, Poland and France from 1974. He was also Pakistan’s Permanent Delegate to UNESCO from 1974 to 1976.[4][5]”

    So that is most intriguing, if in fact, this gentleman is Sofia’s father. I have no other proof of this, and I have no way of confirming this. Again, I don’t know if Sofia Smallstorm is Sofia Shafquat. However, if this is the case, then I would say Sofia has a whole lot of ‘splaining to do.

    I will leave it at that for now, and perhaps others will have additional insights, and can see where this might be a HUGE red flag on so many levels. I can present my detailed concerns at another time if others express interest…

    Moving forward, I am even more interested now in listening to what she has to say (even retroactively), because it could be highly revealing if seen from this perspective. Sometimes I learn most by listening between the lines in these instances.

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  10. Interesting indeed. Fundamental … why change one’s name? It cannot be something in the name itself, as we all enter life with these monikers and have no control. Changing a name can be for several reasons … that the old name was cumbersome, as with the (mythical?) twins, Ima and Ura Hogg, or to disassociate from a prior relationship, as a wife reverting to a maiden name. In this case, was “Smallstorm,” taking on an invented English surname, trying to separate from her father and his obvious well-born connections?

    Just in my lifetime we have had three presidents who changed their given names … Gerald Ford, Bill Clinton, and Barack Obama. I have a cousin who changed from “Marie” to “Eileen” for personal reasons. I know of no one else who ever changed a name, first or surname. For three presidents, the odds are astounding, and for Smallstorm, she needs to ‘splain.

    Kaufman can be forgiven. He’s a newby, but also a quick study, and will figure things out. This is my hope, anyway.


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