Martial Law (Herd Management)

Martial Law is just another form of herd management. “Lockdown” is just another form of herd management. Media lies (propaganda) is just another form of herd management. Government in all its forms and “isms” (mind control) is just another form of herd management. Actually, we are considered lower than livestock by our aristocrat handlers — our masters. We live voluntarily in a master-slave system. Debt (dependence) perpetuates the system, which appears to be growing stronger than ever, now in its 6th of 8th millennia, depending on which researcher you choose to cite.

L.A. Cops breaking up a little girl’s birthday party “enforcing the law.”

“03.28.2020 | 6:00 PM | LOS ANGELES – A birthday party for a little girl was dispersed by police amid the state’s ‘stay at home’ order enacted to battle the COVID-19 pandemic, Saturday evening. Officers responded to reports of a gathering involving 30 to 40 people at a home in the 5500 block of 4th Avenue in the Hyde Park area around 6:00 PM. Units arriving on scene learned that the group was celebrating a birthday party for a little girl. The officers advised the partygoers that they had to disperse from the area due to the state order to curb the spread of COVID-19. Several partygoers became irate prompting officers to request additional assistance. Eventually officers declared the gathering an unlawful assembly and formed a line to push out the partygoers. It was unclear if any citations were issued.” Source:


“In the United States, martial law can be declared on a national level by the President or Congress, or within the borders of a particular state by that state’s governor.”

Under Martial Law, local “officials” begin to exercise their version of authoritarian rule, whether it’s legal or not. Don’t count on the law, or constitution to save you from crazed power-mongers in low places of power. Herd management is fun, especially if you’re a sociopath or psychopath.

“Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti announced Wednesday that he will authorize the city to shut off water and power services to residents who hold such gatherings.”

“Beginning Friday night, if Los Angeles Police Department officers respond to and verify that a large party is occurring at a property, and there’s evidence that the venue has repeatedly engaged in such behavior, the department will request that the city shut off water and power services within 48 hours.”

Martial Law is supposed to be temporary. I guess we’ll see what the new meaning of that word is in the next few months. Welcome to the plantation, folks. “You can check out anytime you like, but you can never leave… such a lovely place….” – Eagles

We are all prisoners here, of our own devise. Woke up, good souls.

6 thoughts on “Martial Law (Herd Management)

  1. This is spot on and I love the eagles reference at the end… it is learned helplessness and we are imprisoned in a cage with the door wide open …on the same note check this out…


  2. This was brought up by Peekay and I’ve scoured the internet myself on it. But it appears there is not one single picture of Bill Gates wearing a mask. How ironic, right?


  3. A guy on fb keeps telling me “Tim just talk to any ER doc.” He doesn’t elaborate but I guess the ER docs he knows are fully convinced they’re seeing something dramatically new and different. I don’t know any ER docs myself. I would be curious what they’d say, if I had any I could trust to be neutral and honest. Not that it would prove anything since they may just have confirmation bias and see what they expect to see, based on their own indoctrination. And so many people these days are probably stressed and having psychosomatic issues. One can’t rule out other possibilities as well— what if the last batch of flu vaccine contained some extra harmful agents? I don’t suppose anyone is checking to see if there’s a correlation between covid deaths and people who got flu shots recently.


      1. A coordinated change in refinery protocols? Interesting hypothesis. It gives one pause from the pov that such a tactic would seem to impact all levels of the social hierarchy, at least within the “epicenter” regions.


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