Is JonBenét Ramsey now a Fox News Anchor?

Note to Readers: I made a note a while back to review this post, as when I first did it I made the mistake of comparing photos of a child to determine if more than one had been used to play the part of “JonBenét Ramsey.” That was a pointless enterprise, as 1) we do not even know if such a child even existed, and 2) messing with photos of children is wasted time, as they change rapidly and we cannot predict what they will look like as adults.

Below you will find but one photo of “JonBenét”, but enough other information in order to judge for yourself that the event was an elaborate hoax. There’s another similar event in Europe, the disappearance of “Madeleine McCann,” that bears close scrutiny as well. It is similar to “JonBenét” in that both police and parents seem indifferent. I conclude at the end here that I was going to take a look at that matter, but never did. Maybe someone else wants a shot at it.

I just re-read what I wrote back then, and do not change a word. There was no murder, no child, no pedophile ring, no investigation. It was all a TV show.


The Fake Murder of JonBenét Ramsey

One of the most sensational murder cases of last century concerned six-year old girl JonBenét Ramsey, found dead in the family basement in Boulder, Colorado on December 25th, 1996. Coming as it did on the heels of the OJ Simpson trial, it served to capture the public’s attention for several years. Just last week (originally written 11/2016) a local station was revisiting the crime here in the Denver radio market.

Dave McGowan

Prior to analysis of the details of the case,  I want to discuss a book and a man that I have come to believe is a disinformation agent. His name is Dave McGowan, author of Weird Scenes Inside the Canyon, which chronicled over seventy deaths of rock stars and actors in Los Angeles in the 1960s and later.

That is the book that started Straight and I on our hunt for Zombies. I knew all those people could not have died. Even war zones have lower death rates. Something else was up. McGowan did not suspect any fakery going on except, perhaps, in the case of Jim Morrison. So I began to suspect that something was up with Dave McGowan.

What McGowan did in that book is called “misdirection,” getting us to “look here, not there.” People were beginning to assemble clues about the Los Angeles music scene of the 60s and 70s, especially the military and intelligence family background of so many famous actors and musicians of that era, people like the Fonda’s, John Phillips, Frank Zappa, Joan Baez and on and on. The cloud of deceit was lifting. McGowan was, in my view, assigned the task of leading the opposition (“misleading” is a better term.) In classic “limited hangout” style, McGowan let us in on enough information to make us think he had thoroughly investigated matters. But he left out essential details – fake deaths one of them.

McGowan, by his own admission, did not interview one person for his book. He failed to check the Social Security Death Index (SSDI), very basic research that Straight and I did for ourselves. Yet the book is heralded as a breakthrough. It covered up far more than it revealed. That was surely its purpose.

McGowan died on November 22, 2015 (11+22=33, spook marker), or so we are told. I suspect he faked his death. After all, his assignment was over.

JonBenét figures in here because McGowan also wrote the 2004 book Programmed to Kill: The Politics of Serial Murder, in which he recounts stories of our country’s most famous serial killers. I read it years ago. As with Laurel Canyon, McGowan uncritically treats each one as real. He never doubts the official stories. The book left me with a sense of horror at the evil that people do to one another. That was the Intel objective – to scare us, make us distrust one another, lock our doors, stay inside after dark. Frightened people are easier to govern.

Chapter 20 of that book is about JonBenét. Here are some inconsistencies that McGowan uncovers in his description of the JonBenét Ramsey murder:

  •  Quoting from the book, “For reasons that have never been adequately explained, the investigation was compromised from the very beginning. Officers inexplicably failed to secure the crime scene … no effort was made to prevent contamination of any potential evidence. Detectives did not arrive on the scene until 8:10 AM, over two hours after the first patrol officers arrived. Around 10:00 AM, detectives allowed John Ramsey to leave the house unescorted for over an hour.”
  • JonBenét’s parents, Patsy and John, were never separated for questioning.
  • Ann Louise Bardach, writing in Vanity Fair, quotes an anonymous officer who claimed that John Ramsey carried the body upstairs but never cried. Neither he nor Patsy ever attempted to console one another.
  • Biological materials in the case were examined by Cellmark Diagnostics in Germantown, Maryland.
  • No DNA evidence has ever been produced in the case.
  • Gregg McCrary, a former FBI profiler, was asked to join in the investigation, but declined saying that it looked like a “staged domestic homicide.”
  • While some members of the Boulder Police Department did attempt a real investigation, their efforts were impeded by the Boulder County District Attorney, the Denver Police Department, and the FBI.
  • James Michael Thompson, who worked for a private company that specialized in transporting corpses, stole two pages from the morgue book at Boulder Community Hospital, the pages that had recorded the arrival of JonBenét’s body four months earlier.
  • A witness from California, Mary Bienkowski, intervened and offered evidence about a pedophile ring operating in the Boulder area. She claimed this ring had direct links to the Ramsey family.

McGowan wrings his hands over all of this – what does it mean? As with Laurel Canyon, he fails to ask the right question: Was there a murder?

  • If there was no murder, if it was a staged event, and if the upper echelons of Boulder Police and the Boulder County Coroner knew about it in advance, then police response would be slow, even indifferent. No one would particularly care about the behaviors of John Ramsey.
  • John and Patsy would only be given cursory treatment, as it was understood they did not commit a murder that did not happen.
  • If the event was staged, then descriptions of the scene inside the house would have to be anonymous, as they are fake too. Ann Louise Bardach, writing in Vanity Fair, was part of the scam, doing misdirection.
  • Cellmark Diagnostics of Germantown, Maryland, is a CIA-connected outfit, and not coincidentally was also used in the OJ Simpson trial, also highly suspicious.
  • No DNA evidence is available because there was no crime scene or body. (Absence of DNA evidence is probably hiding something else – traceable parentage?)
  • Gregg McCrary used the word “staged.” He appears to have been an honest man, and so wanted no part of a farce.
  • In a staged event, the people at the top of the District Attorney’s Office, Denver Police and FBI will naturally want to impede the activities of honest police officers and detectives trying to do a real investigation.
  • James Michael Thompson, then, did not steal evidence of JonBenét’s body arriving at the morgue, but rather evidence that her body did not arrive that day. That’s why he was dispatched to commit that crime.
  • Mary Bienkowski, then, a convenient witness, is part of the scam and is doing misdirection. She wants to deflect from absence of a crime, and so turns our attention to pedophilia. The news media ran with that theme, and is echoing it to this day.

It all smacks of Intelligence running a psyop on us. In this scenario there would be no investigation because there was no crime. McGowan insinuates that there are pedophilia rings operating about us. Again with the division and fear! The existence of pedophilia “rings” is but another psyop. Pedophiles indeed are among us. They are a herd of isolated cats however, and so do not form movements,  groups, or clusters. They operate alone, usually focused on family members, only rarely outsiders.


There are a couple of hundred photos of JonBenét Ramsey on the Internet. Most were taken in her final two years before going underground, and so involve kiddie beauty contests, creepy enterprises that were highlighted in the movie Little Miss Sunshine. McGowan describes the industry as “cater[ing] primarily to the pedophilic tendencies of the adults,” and I agree. Studying these photos has been a creepy exercise.

The girl is five or six years of age in the images. Beauty pageant photos are heavily augmented, and that these kids are asked to wear contact lenses and lipstick and assume adult poses, some sexually suggestive. I am the father of daughters. It has been a difficult task in all aspects. It appears to me to be child abuse.

JonBenét would be in her late twenties now, and the photos, though creepy in their attempt to sexualize a little girl, are indeed a real little girl.  She is someone else now, perhaps famous, perhaps not. She might be a Fox News Anchor, a movie star or a singer, or perhaps one of scores of beautiful women who play “meteorologists”  on local TV or “analysts” on NFL sidelines. Who knows what else, perhaps she has led a normal life away from the spotlight. We have only childhood photos, and are not able to conjure up an image of the JonBenét of today. The skull and face are not fully formed until age 20, and predicting at age six what they might look like is nothing more than a wild-ass guess.

But she is probably alive. The psyop done in her name (as if it were even her real name) is carried on to this day. It serves a completely different purpose.

In that vein, I see another psyop that is almost identical in its use of an innocent young girl and seemingly indifferent police and parents … Madeleine McCann. That will be the next stop on this journey.

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  1. Do you think this “Ramsey” death??? has any ties to the Hollaway death? I remember how Hollaway’s mother and the Ramsey Dad dated for a while.


    1. The Fox News Skanchors are listed as being older than Ramsey would be now. But, they could have been using older pics for the young Ramsey.

      One Foxter that has potential only signed on with them in August and has been noted for her “meteoric rise” is Jillian Mele.


  2. I have my own theory about JonBenet that I admit is a bit of a stretch, but it is intriguing! It’s an idea I don’t think I’ve seen anyone else bring up before. Could the “JonBenet” we see in those photos and videos actually be her surviving “older brother” Burke at a younger age in drag? In the still photos we see of them together, they can sometimes look very similar and other times less so. But you can do anything to photos to tweak them and achieve either effect. Here are a couple dodgy-looking photos where they look quite similar:

    I first thought of this possibility a few years ago and my interest in it was reignited when I saw what could very well be a similar brother/sister switcheroo involving Lane Graves, the boy who was reportedly killed by an alligator at a Disney World resort just two days after the nearby Pulse shooting in Orlando. I did a G+ post on it showing a photo comparison:

    To further connect this to the JonBenet story, the article that revealed Lane’s surviving “older sister” Ella was posted on September 4, 2016: then “coincidentally” ran two stories just five days later about the Ramsey case promoting her surviving “older brother” Burke’s appearance on the Dr. Phil Show later that week:

    Just wondering if they’re trying to tell us something? In addition to the possibility of Burke posing as his nonexistent “dead sister” and Ella posing as her nonexistent “dead brother,” the possibility of actual gender inversion comes into play. Could Burke actually be an inverted female and Ella an inverted male? I see some things that may point to that which even further complicates the mind-fuck!


    1. There is no need for such theorizing, as a much simpler explanation is available … no one died. “Jonbenet” may have been a ghost, or a real person whose photos were used, which is why I speculate she is now put to some other acting gig, perhaps Fox news anchor. The older brother theory is a rabbit hole, nothing more. They are always willing to supply false leads, even delight in doing so. The brother, like the parents, is a hired actor. He is called on now and then to sit quietly and look guilty. Perhaps a book by him will appear some day … “If I did it.” I knew all of this immediately when I saw him interviewed by Dr. Phil, another spook.


      1. I hear you, Mark. It’s usually the best policy not to make things too complicated. However, when it comes to certain epic psyop narratives where the details are dense and the drama is high, as in the Ramsey case, I do believe they are often designed as highly creative works of art with subversive elements that may seem “unnecessary” but do actually serve a certain “mesmerizing” purpose directed at the unconscious minds of the audience. Like the OJ trial, the JonBenet Ramsey case was not a disposable, forgettable story. It was crafted to last throughout the decades and penetrate the public consciousness on a deep level. So in that sense, this story is an exceptionally important psyop, so far more care and detail (including complex psychological mind games) likely went into its creation. I agree with you that no one died. And I’m opting for the idea that “JonBenet” probably never even existed.

        This is just a variation on your “zombie” idea that is actually a lot easier to pull off than the examples you’ve given so I’m surprised you’re so quick to dismiss it. No plastic surgery or voice and character changes required. You simply take a young boy, put a wig, dress and some makeup on him and take some photos and a couple of videos. You retouch the photos to tweak his look a bit, something that will be accepted as “normal” in the phony child pagent world. You then Photoshop some images of the young boy in drag into photos of the boy as himself 3 years later after some facial changes have naturally taken place. I think looking at photos of the siblings together for signs of fakery may be worthwhile. The two I posted certainly look dodgy to me. You then make up a story about the younger fake persona dying and you’re done. We get no sense of Burke’s personality until he’s much older so there’s no need for him to “switch characters.” And we barely got a sense of JonBenet’s due to the limited source material. And since these are children, they’re more or less interchangable anyway. Certainly much easier than Freddie Mercury becoming Dr. Phil!

        What are your thoughts about the comparison photos in the Lane Graves case? I’m quite certain that is the same person and the scam was even easier to pull off since it was a less high-profile event. And I do believe the revelation of the trick there coinciding with a sudden media surge (from the same source no less) on the Ramsey case does mean something. As I said, this was no ordinary psyop. Like OJ, it was a Primetime Psyop as opposed to lesser, more disposable stories. And the OJ story could very well have involved a sibling swap as well with sister Denise Brown possibly playing nonexistent Nicole in the limited source of photo evidence we have of her existence. Again, the few photos we have of them together are quite dodgy:

        Imagine how much easier this would be to do with children, even with a necessary gender swap. Anyway, I’m not gonna argue this one too hard, but I thought this possibility would at least be of interest to the readers of this blog. Yes, I’m aware that false theories and rabbit holes are deliberately put out there to muddy the waters and lead researchers astray. The difference here is that, as far as I know, I’m the ONLY one who “took the bait” on this one if it is indeed a trap. And usually when a legitimate trap like that exists, it is more readily enticing and then intentionally promoted by numerous shill investigators. I think that certainly would have happened by now if it were the case. We have wacky theories about JonBenet becoming Katy Perry but NEVER the deceptively simple idea that I have proposed. Just seems kinda strange to me. And putting literal biological gender inversion aside, the subliminal theme of “gender transition” in this case could very well have been a way to slyly introduce the idea to help set the stage for the whirlwind transgender agenda psyop that we are being subjected to today.

        Anyway, just offering this as another possibility. I personally think the idea of Jimi Hendrix being Cornell West and Bruce Lee being Lance Ito (the photo comparison you used was Mike Meyers playing Ito on SNL, btw) are pretty ridiculous by comparison (no offense).

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        1. Oh, and one more element that subtly connects the Graves and Ramsey stories. Going along with my theory, part of the joke is that surviving brother Burke is then presented in the media 20 years later in a deliberately “suspicious” manner where we’re invited to wonder if he might’ve actually killed her. I agree that this silliness is another layer of the psyop. Well, they appeared to echo this idea in a very subtle way in the Lane Graves story. The few typically dodgy photos of the “siblings” together included this one where big sister Ella looks to be “strangling” her crying younger brother, lol:

          Also, it seems the link to my G+ post on the Graves story doesn’t work so I’ll add it here again for anyone interested:

          And if I could go back and edit one thing, I would. I’d like to change the word “ridiculous” in the last line of my previous post to “far-fetched.” No offense was intended, I was just trying to make a point.

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    2. I believe you’re on to something with Burke and “JonBenet”. I seriously doubt she ever existed as a separate entity outside of Burke. These pysops are planned years in advance perhaps with the chosen families, “victims”, police, and the whole nine yards. With Lane Graves, come on–TPTB must really think we’re all living in a vegetative state. The name alone gives up the game. Seriously, who comes up with this shaite?-Lane Graves! They’ve used Graves before in one of these pysops as a victim killed. I can’t remember exactly which one, perhaps several times. Just their way of mocking the sleeping masses. Read this blog to get more details on it.
      All these pysops occurring over the world has got my head dizzy. It is sickening.

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      1. Thanks for the input, MatrixFree. And yeah, that name Graves is pretty obvious. Notice also that his sister’s name is Ella which means “she” in Spanish which may be a hint at the gender switching shenanigans. Gender-bending possibly being involved in both of these cases adds an extra layer of meaning. The Ramsey case was 20 years ago when the idea of “transgendered” children, let alone adults, was pretty much unheard of. And now we have parents being told they’re not allowed to determine the genders of their own children and all sorts of nonsense. Also, the already disturbing way JonBenet was sexualized in the imagery we see takes on an even more disturbing quality when we consider it may actually be a little boy in a dress and makeup!

        Oh, and speaking of ridiculous names, I stumbled upon another one recently while looking into Harvey Weinstein drama that could be considered a “classic.” There was an article about all the famous Hollywood sex scandals over the years with the first one being the young actress who was allegedly “raped to death” by star Fatty Arbuckle back in 1921. And the victim’s name was… Virginia Rappe. Uh, like “vagina rape?” I kid you not. And the way she died was reportedly from a ruptured bladder caused by some kind of vaginal trauma. So this kinda crap goes waaaay back:


          1. And now we have Kevin Spacey being accused of sexual assault by an actor named Anthony RAPP. A possible theme here with Fatty Arbuckle’s victim Virginia Rappe?


    3. Hi Terran, I’d say without a doubt (because I’ve seen it so much in celebrity land) that the young ‘girl’ in the picture is the boy at a younger age dressed up as a girl. It’s a composite photo, pretty easy to do when you know how.

      The ‘story’ itself is BS and the family are fictional but the so called Elite (pfft whatever) have pulled this deception off for so long i.e. males dressed up as females, that I’d say it’s their standard operating procedure.

      There’s another element to this picture though which I can see. If you were to make the boy blonde rather than dark haired – you would then have someone who made his debut into celebrity land as a child movie star. Most obvious with the top picture.

      Can you – or anyone else – see who it is?

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      1. This by itself makes our work on twins pointless … I got plenty other feedback that the technique was faulty anyway, but the ability to composite a photo of such quality in 1996 speaks volumes. We’ve long been at their mercy.

        I can only wild-ass-guess at your question, and don’t pay attention to movies, and so can only think of Macaulay Culkin.


        1. Bingo! You got it!

          Compositing, for footage/movies has been around since the 1930s, so I’m assuming it would be around the same time frame for photos as well. Obviously the quality has got better over time but it’s a technique they use a LOT in the movies these days. I can’t do any of this stuff myself but I’ve worked around guys using photoshop and chroma key extensively and they taught me a lot of what to look for and what can be done.

          Ironically, on first glance, I think I’ve just found yet another childhood movie star match to this guy, whatever his real name is. It’s a girl this time and someone you’ve featured in one of your twins posts. Need to double check (haha!) though first.


          1. I’ve never tried the Imgur thing before so not sure if this will be just a link or it’ll show as a pic. The photo that caught my eye when I was looking at Macauley photos was this one:


            Which really reminded me of a young Lindsay Lohan. I searched on Bing and before you click on the image, it shows up much larger. The teeth look like an exact match to me.



          2. Culkin being JBR would mesh with my suggestion that the JBR imagery is much older than appears. However, I can’t buy it for this reason: That boy would not be trusted to keep that secret because when the hoax went down, he was still in the Hollywood spotlight (for doing nothing at that point) and the kind of psychological pressure to carry that secret at the height of the JBR mania would be too risky for the perps to allow. Like the shooting hoaxes technically not being prosecutable crimes, so too would the creeps keep potential psychological damage from being an impingement on recruitment. Would you want your son to live with the fact that he was JBR given all of the psychological turmoil it has caused the gullible? Someone who could live with that secret would be too big of an egomaniac to resist telling people “I was JonBenet Ramsay, suckers!”
            That said, since the famous all appear to be cousins or half siblings, a girl looking like Macaulay Culkin at that age would not be a wild coincidence. Though they may not have known each other, they would likely be from a nearby branch of the elite group of families. Or batch baked bastards as I like to call them.


          3. Tyrone and Mark, thanks for your replies.

            Tyrone, loved the Batch Baked Bastards label LOL I’ve a few names for them, but mostly I call them The Plastic Twats.

            In response I’d say that IMO the men who run the major corporations, also run The SHOW (all media output) and they and the male members of their families also STAR in it i.e. they ARE the major celebrities, Legends, Icons……in all genres. With their access to both the media technology and special effects make up expertise, just one of them can play multiple characters on the world stage. And they do! And as with any group of people there will be those within it that excel in a certain area like sports, music or acting.

            So I’d posit that the young guy who played Macaulay (not his real name but a character name) is part of this inner circle and he would have grown up with multi-persona playing (both male and female) as his normal and so pressure to tell is unlikely to come into it.

            It’s likely these kids are told from an early age that their part of a special group of people, doing good for the world and above the average person etc so even when they go out and mix with ‘underlings’ they probably have an inner attitude that they’re doing you a favour with their presence rather than a need to confess their trickster business.

            There’s a few levels to this deception but I think that inner circle is pretty tight.

            Mark – even if pictures of JBR are digitally altered or fake family photos are composites, back then they still used ‘a face’ to create those characters from.

            Although these days, the tech is so advanced you can literally create lifelike faces/photos from nothing…….digitally.


          4. Whoa, this went in an unexpected direction. Burke/JonBenet does look similar to Culkin but I don’t think they’re the same person. Culkin has a very distinct eye shape that I’m not seeing there in the Ramsey pics. Here’s a B&W photo for a comparison to the other two:

            Plus we have the adult Burke who looks enough like the younger photos to me. And I definitely see a resemblance between Patsy and her “two” kids. But again, who knows WTF is really going on in those photos. Regardless, I say nay on the Culkin connection, unless they’re just from the same breeding batch, if that’s what you’re getting at.


          5. I did a facial overlay of Culkin and Ramsey yesterday and it was way off, not even close. But then I thought if the impediments inherent in such research, that these are kids in development phase, and that we cannot even be sure of the underlying credibility of the photos.

            Regarding the hypothesis that the same person can play differing roles, i.e. Matt Damon Jimmy Kimmel Tom Brady, we have not solved that mystery by any means (I call them Bokanovsky Brats), but at least Matt and Jimmy are often in the same room at the same time. We have much, much more to learn, and must discipline ourselves to ask the right questions. I don’t think I have done that yet.

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          6. The people playing different characters being in the same room (if it’s a TV programme, film or footage you’re watching) is easily explained by Chroma Key Compositing. I see it used a lot in the staged events they run. Here’s a reference to it from the Wiki page of a BBC Impressionist called Mike Yarwood back in the 70’s.


            Using the new technology of chroma key, Yarwood frequently staged set-pieces in which he appeared as several characters at the same time using pre-recorded segments. An example of this might be a panel game or discussion featuring his versions of Robin Day, Harold Wilson and Brian Clough.

            The technology wasn’t actually new per se as it had been around for quite a while in the film industry but to the general public, they made it seem like it was new.

            If you searched for ‘Cloning’ on youtube, you’ll find a lot of tutorials about how to have the same person play different roles in a scene.


  3. This is strange. It says over on the right under “Recent Comments” that I commented on this post but I don’t see the comment here for some reason. I hope it didn’t get lost because I didn’t save it.

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      1. Looks like it happened again with my comment directly under your response to my original post on that thread. It must be because of the 3 photo links I included. My additional replies below that showed up automatically (which won’t make sense) while the longer one says it’s awaiting moderation and will possibly disappear like the original post did. Please try to find it if you can (starts out “I hear you, Mark…).

        There also seems to be a prob with the links to my G+ post. It shows a preview of the beginning of the post but if you click on it to see the whole thing, it goes to a dead link. Sorry I posted that twice. The link to my G+ collection I provided in my last comment seems to work though. Ugh.


      1. Got it. Thanks for the info. I was just afraid it might do that weird disappearing act like the first comment. Usually, I can still see the comment when it’s awaiting moderation, but in that case, it entirely disappeared until you brought it back. Some weird WordPress thing I guess.


  4. “The existence of pedophilia “rings” is but another psyop. Pedophiles indeed are among us. They are a herd of isolated cats however, and so do not form movements, groups, or clusters. They operate alone, usually focused on family members, only rarely outsiders.”

    That would be one side of pedophilia, let’s say Greasy haired Gary on his attic living with his mom, ugly and disappointed in life, a guy who cannot handle women so turns to easy children instead.

    Apart from that I do think there are organized pedophiles. If you want to call it a “ring”, fine, if not, also fine. But stating all pedophiles are just lonely nutcases would do no good to our cause of truth seeking.

    As I wanted to comment to “fm” before, I think pedophilia is not so much a sexual preference, but more of a way to control people early on. One of the -relevant- questions someone asked in the comments before was “how do those people agree to participate in hoaxes”, well, I think pedophilia is a “””great””‘ way of getting people on board from an early age.

    I think we can all agree here that the Elites, the 1%, the hoaxers, the liars, manipulators, ultra-rich, ergo our “enemies”, are psychopaths. I happen to have known a psychopath from very close and first-hand. Luckily I wasn’t exposed to pedophilia, but it isn’t a secret that psychopaths enjoy manipulation, domination, control. What “””better””” method to control people than to hurt them in their most vulnerable, private and personal self than sexuality? Children are children because they are not sexually mature. That’s why most (and healthy!) people do not have any sexual idea with children.

    The 1%, the Elites, the Powers That Be, or whatever name is labeled on them, are different. Not out of sexual lust, but yes out of control, manipulation, they try to get children “on board” as early as possible. Mark, you yourself noted the sick sexual poses of this Jon Benet in photos you wisely didn’t include, I have noted the same with Maddy and there are so many other examples.

    Yes, there is the controlled opposition/psy-op of “Pizzagate”. But the fact that that particular case is a psy-op does not mean that organized pedophilia in “rings” wouldn’t exist, right? Just that the fact they hoax and stage mass shootings doesn’t mean there are no people around who want to use their guns on other people.

    One of the points brought up to us, the 5%, is “yeah, you think EVERYTHING is fake”. Eh, no, we don’t. But that all those media-propaganda stories are faked is not our fault. We just signal, interpret, analyze, we are not responsible for those faking the lot. And no, not everything is faked, but most of what appears on tell-lie-vision, yes is staged.

    By claiming “there is no pedophilia ring, it is all just empty scaremongering”, I fear you’re downgrading the power play of those Elites. Look at fraternities, and how they try to hail in people and get them to comply with their “rules”. Is it really such a big step to see the same with children, at an early age? I don’t think so. One of the characteristics of psychopaths is a complete lack of empathy, something normal, decent, moral people have automatically for children.

    What “better” way is there to break people at such a young and vulnerable age than to get into their panties? Why would only Greasy Gary living with his mom, the loner guy, be the ONLY pedophile around?

    I think there’s a danger in claiming it is ALL fake, just like it would be ridiculous to discount the poor Japanese dying from firebombs in Nagasaki and Hiroshima. Yes, those “all-destructive” unclear weapons are fake, but that doesn’t mean those people didn’t suffer. On the contrary, being vaporized at sudden death by nuclear bombs (if they were real) would be a “better” death than to suffer from horrible burns in firebombs, as they did in 1945…

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    1. I just assume many (most?) of the sociopaths who rule over us are pedophiles and/or sexual deviants of some sort because they simply are so twisted and abnormal in their thinking in all other areas that I can’t imagine they would be sexually normal. Actually, I think they are probably the closest real-life thing we have to the mostly mythical idea of “serial killers.” Most of them probably abuse animals too IMO.


      1. It is a given they intermarry, and from outer appearances homosexualtiy seems common among them. Until I see better evidence, I regard pedophilia, like serial killers and night stalkers, to be a psyop.


        1. Until I see better evidence, I regard pedophilia, … to be a psyop.

          I’m not, at least not a PSY-op.
          IMHO a great deal of “pedophilia” is used as a tool for trauma-based brainwashing. See MK-Ultra/Monarch.
          I agree otherwise, the amount of pedophiles seems drastically overblown.


          1. If you take out the idea that pedophelia is some big organized operation, I find the idea highly possible. Watch this and see if you agree.


          2. I don’t see a large-scale organization at work in this video. I see isolated young actors being preyed upon by Hollywood pedophiles … how this is different from any other organization where adults have power over youth … maybe just that Hollywood is attracted to beauty and has lots of cameras.


        2. I want to cling to this idea of pedophilia as a psyop so hard as well, being a father it makes me horrified to even think it may be real. But it may be actually real, Mark. I’ve been following leads about pedophilia for quite some time now and I lately think that the only questionable issue is the true extent of it. I’ve found so many leads to this when researching about the dark web and some just can’t be refuted. I’m sharing here the link to one of such posts – , the author even noticed that Australians are over-represented in the dark web’s presence. In the last 2 years the Australian cyber investigators arrested guys, Shannon Grant McCoole and Matthew David Graham, who were running hardcore child pornography sites, named The Love Zone and Hurt2theCore. Obnoxiously sick and perverted stuff. The 3rd arrest was done in San Francisco in in 2015, the FBI busted Ross Ulbricht, who was convicted of being Dread Pirate Roberts, owner of online drugs bazaar named Silk Road.

          Anyway, with the bigger part of the internet being unreachable via Google or similar “engines”, you can only imagine what else is hidden in the dark of the digital jungle. TV news on pedophilia issues are just a surface diversion shows in my opinion, where some truth gets eventually disclosed while they drive us miles away from the reality. I’ve presumed the same pattern is used here as in all other cases of misleading. Now, I’m not saying I’ve figured it out, but it seems very probable that children get abused and taken, one report says 209 million images and videos were reviewed and law enforcement identified more than 13,300 child victims since 2002 ( Add all other missing kids from around the world, and I think we may be looking at the staggering number overall. Just where do all these kids disappear? Terrible to think about, but real nonetheless.


          1. I know pedophilia exists, but resist the notion of organized networks. It seems fantastic to me that creeps reach out to one another and form alliances. They love to titillate our sensibilities, Silence of the Lambs style, breaking free from shackles, telling us that it is really real. We get off on that, on the notion of pure evil. I don’t understand it, the enjoyment that seems to underpin it.

            Franklin was bogus, the un-investigated crimes and Alexander Cockburn sent in to deny that it was real, thereby reinforcing the notion that it was real. Classic psyop.



          This is a huge collection of outings, revelations and other stories one could call “proof”. Is every one of these stories true? I don’t think so. But at the same time: is every one of these stories fake? I also don’t think so.

          There certainly is “logic” behind this sick and perverse human trafficking and comprising people as early as possible.

          People who like chess gather and organize themselves.
          People who like cooking gather and organize themselves.
          People who like to expose staged events and unwind stories gather, us here.

          But people who have the sickest of mindsets suddenly do NOT organize themselves and do NOT gather in “rings”? Why? Why would just they be a sudden exception in the normal human tendency to look for like-minded souls?

          An especially sharp observation I think is this (page 1, post 19):
          “I think its true psychologically, and very heartbreaking, that abused children make malleable personalities, which lends itself to acting. They’re programmed to think and do as victims do, and so they accept abuses from every angle. When they snap back, they land in the tabloids, and the media and public sneer. Honestly, they go through a lot of $#@!: a lot of hazing, constant paparazzi, and blackmail. No wonder many of them quit or become stupid.

          James Maynard Keenan talks to Joe Rogan a little (he’s even-keeled and careful), about how fake and insane LA life is, and why he decided long ago to move off grid to AZ. The reason victims don’t come forward is that Cali law is written for the studios and media conglomerates. Corey Feldman talks about how the law’s an impediment in one of his interviews.

          Those perverts get away with everything, so no wonder you wouldn’t see more “proof”.

          But maybe it’s just ALL fake, every single one of these stories. That’s a comfortable nihilist position, I get that.


          1. Why get sucked into a bunch of soap opera noise in the first place? You cannot verify anything for yourself and have no facts nor evidence. All you have are claims which are not evidence. All the evidence we can examine, IE the interviews and accounts of people like Feldman, indicate these tales are false. We cannot use media accounts to prove anything all we can do us use these narratives to show how they are more than likely hoaxes, we can show the mistakes. The lack of contradiction is not proof a story is true. Evidence of logical contradiction, and ad hoc apologetics designed to salvage the pedophile meme, are evidence we are dealing with a hoax. It is best to tune out the News media. You cannot verify any of it and you end up relying on external authority to do your thinking for you. This is why so many cannot seem to grasp how obvious the fakery is. We have been long conditioned to not notice the media and its propaganda effect on our thoughts and behavior like fish do not see the water they swim in.

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        4. Pedophilia is real. I was raped as a child. By a co-worker of my father’s. He was male, I am female.

          Rings exist for the production and distribution of child pornography. Beyond that, I don’t know anything about pedo rings.


          1. I don’t know how to stop people from jumping to the extremes. Yes, pedophilia is real. It is the existence of “rings” that is troublesome, as it would require protection from police … infiltration of a ring so easy I could do it. I’ve seen more than one case of police using kiddie porn as entrapment, asa it can easily destroy a career and reputation. But pornography is real, but here we take it a step away from reality, as we cannot be certain that photos and movies are not acted out for benefit of the creeps who buy this stuff. Lurid tales of Prince Charles and the Bush’s being involved in high-level pedophilia only serve to misdirect, the objective. My suspicion, even as pedophilia and kiddie porn are real enough, the extension of these activities into vast “rings” that get prominent mainstream attention are but another psyop.

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            1. If these rings or networks exist among the elite you will never be able to infiltrate them. The elite control the police like they control everything so they are not going to do anything about it. They live in a totally different world with different rules and they are very perverted psychopaths.
              Sometimes things get in the open when someone in the lower echelons gets caught like Mark Dutroux. This was a very well connected pedophile.


      2. Exactly.

        These people have everything. Those ultra-rich bastards can have all the women and men they want with a snap of the finger in a bath of champagne coming from golden taps with lines of coke on their bodies, I mean, your desires change when you have access to all those things.

        Also, why is pedophilia forbidden for us, the 99%? Because the Crazy Apes Who Think They Have The Right To Rule care so much about us and our children? insert laughter

        It is just like drugs, automatic weapons, stealing, counterfeiting, kidnapping and murdering, they forbid those things for us (among other motives) to have exclusivity between them. “We, chosen people, can do those things, you, mere cattle, cannot”.

        And Mark, night stalkers exist! Think about all those freaks appearing on TV every night, stalking the population… And serial killers too, or do you reckon every war in history is just a complete hoax without deaths, I know you don’t…

        As Haley points out; pedophilia is “just” the “logical” next step in their sick minds. IMHO, it serves more as power play to control people as soon as possible than as a sexual perversion, though that line is blurred.


        1. It seems fantastic to me that creeps reach out to one another and form alliances.

          Just, whut?? I must have come to the wrong place here.


          1. I agree William Skink, it looks like a kind of psychological protection reaction; the reality of pedophilia is TOO horrible, so taking comfort in the option that it is ALL fake. Does harm to real investigations, especially when the term “proof” comes up.

            What “proof” would suffice? Is it really expected that some Elitist freak goes live with the admittance of being a pedophile? And then what, the reaction would be that even that is fake? Then there cannot BE any proof, because even the proof is fake…

            The fact they stage accidents (Titanic, Hudson Hoax, etc.) doesn’t mean that every single accident is fake. Miles Mathis has lost it too in his latest piece; “Serial killers don’t exist, because why would they fake them”, wrong reasoning, Miles. That means boats cannot sink because the Titanic was hoaxed. It’s a pity to see such normal intelligent people become so stupid…


              1. Biden is overly solicitous, indicating to me that he is putting on an outer show that is not matched by genuine inner feelings. He doesn’t know how to act, but that does not make him a pedophile. Just a creep.

                And I have to ask, how do pedophiles recruit for their rings? You talk about inner circles of power and high privilege, but there are standards of decency at all levels, that is, even among the elite, pedophilia would shunned and looked down upon. With JonBenet, do you really think Boulder police would look the other way if there was an active ring in their fair city? If among the elite, you might get a pass on DUI or get promoted and have opportunity despite lack of talent, but raping a child? I do not think so.


                1. Um, we’re talking about the same politicians that have sent millions of soldiers to their deaths, killed millions more worldwide via unnecessary wars, have conducted experiments like the Tuskeegee Experiment on unsuspecting civilians, who are now running the covid hoax lock stock and barrel, and who get away with all sorts of vile acts, but the police (owned, operated by, and controlled by those same elites) are going to suddenly stop turning the other way on the topic of pedophilia? If you control the police, the military, spies, the secret service, the media, the “alternative” media, and can pull off all sorts of fake events and false flags, if you have access to facilities such as public hospitals and orphanages and military bases and “top secret” facilities, if you create and finance endless wars and create all sorts of what are known in PC language as “unaccompanied minors,” you are not going to have any trouble at all, what so ever, “recruiting” (i.e. kidnapping) children for your sick pleasure and that of your elite pals. Please tell us by the way what “standards of decency” exist at the level of the same people who have brought us the covid hoax, hoax wars, and other hoax false flag events that have had very real repercussions on the lives of billions of people. I love a lot of what you write but why are you continuously misdirecting whenever the conversation goes towards pedophilia or trans? Even those who call out others for misdirection can misdirect, it seems.


                2. Looks to me like Jo Biden is very indiscreet about liking little girls. There used to be more video’s like this where he is is groping little girls and parents pushing him away.

                  It’s not as simple as pedophiles recruiting pedophiles, it is about abuse in the broadest sense of the word.

                  The elite have a believe system/philosophy called Thelema or Thelemica. It teaches that you should be free to do what ever you want no matter the consequences or the suffering you cause. There is a whole world behind closed doors where the most gruesome and sadistic things are practiced. That’s where people are trained to not let love or empathy get in the way of what they want. It’s revered to as ‘the best kept secret’. They believe in a dark and a light side to their personality. During the day they the show only the light side and believe they can be caring and humane because they give in to their dark side behind closed doors. These are the teachings you are being taught when you go from the blue lodge, the first three degrees of freemasonry, to the fourth. That’s what out of the blue and into the black means. It’s actually more common in developed county’s than you might want to believe. My father was one of these people.

                  The elite have been pushing the sexualization of children for quite a while now. Their latest atrocity in a very long line is the new netflix movie ‘cuties’. Normalizing sexual deviations is very high up on the agenda of the Fabian society. Here is the first of a series of articles of a man with first hand experience with these matters:
                  It used to be all on this site but its now compiled in a book called ‘The Vice of Kings: How Socialism, Occultism, and the Sexual Revolution Engineered a Culture of Abuse’:

                  “In today’s “post-truth” world, we are becoming inundated with fantasy fictions, “alternate news,” and grossly oversimplified (and wildly exaggerated) conspiracy theories that identify cryptocratic power structures ruling our fates. But suppose the truth is both stranger than any fiction and more nuanced and disturbing than any theory? Suppose it is not conspiracy but complicity that creates our world?
                  Beginning as an investigation into the author’s childhood inside a closet aristocracy of “progressive” British entrepreneurs, The Vice of Kings uncovers a history both disturbingly personal and shockingly universal. By juxtaposing disc jockey Jimmy Savile’s secret cultural, criminal, and political affiliations in the second half of the 20th century with the life and teachings of Aleister Crowley in the first, it uncovers an alarming body of evidence that organized child abuse is not only the dark side of occultism, but the shadowy secret at the heart of culture, both ancient and modern.”

                  Please don’t be too quick to dismiss stories about people like Jimmy Saville because it’s hard to comprehend.
                  Aleister Crowley was not just a spook, he is one of the most decorated people in the history of freemasonry and is one of the biggest names in the development of Thelema teachings.


          2. Other examples are:
            – they faked those piles of human bodies in the Abu Ghraib prison in Iraq. Does that suddenly mean that soldiers at a safe distance from home do not commit horrible acts against the local people? Of course they do. Pump enough propaganda and drugs into mallable not-to-bright minds and you have such sadists created.
            – the fact that the whole Bernie Madoff case is staged, and that he is just used as a pawn and doesn’t spend a second in jail, does that suddenly mean that “the Elites are not scheming and stealing your money, please go and sleep well, high-level thieves don’t exist”.

            I am flabbergasted that both Miles and Mark, that I got to know as intelligent and sharp thinkers, reason exactly along these lines, calling everything a priori fake, based on a handful of cases that indeed seem fake.


          3. I have actually talked to a survivor victimized by a doctor using hypnosis and narcotics to sexually abuse her. the name of the doctor she gave me, and his role heading a national medical organization during the 70’s, checked out.

            Franklin is not just some hoax. there are real victims out there, and I find Mark’s cavalier attitude of dismissal of this to be despicable.


          4. I am sure Mark doesn’t mean to be despicable, I don’t think he is intentionally calling everyone who claims to have experienced organized sexual abuse a liar, though the effect of his words are indeed exactly that, that is the painful thing.


        2. I think pizza gate is intended to make you believe its fake. It’s a mind f*#k ‘operation chaos’ style. That’s why mainstream media gave it so much attention calling it fake news.

          These things go on among the elite who are above the law and are very perverse. ‘Don’t be lazy with the pleasure of sin’ is literally one of the most important commandments among these people. Perversion and being ruthless are main parts of their religion. They call it Thelema or Thelemica. That’s where the phrase ‘do what thou wilt shall be the whole of the law’ comes from. According to this philosophy you have to renounce love to be able to do that. You are not going to believe what these people practice to harden their heart. Torture, rape and murder of innocence/ the innocent are are sacred to these people.
          Maybe child trafficking ring would be a better choice of words. Has anybody seen this:

          It’s a doc about charity organizations mostly being fronts for child trafficking and the like.


  5. I was always wondering how does McGowan get all his copyrights for all the excellent pictures in his papers. Or how he did found those pictures in the first place. For instance, the pictures of the “murdered” black daliah? You cannot just google something like that, or can you? Also comes to my mind: Ace Baker from that 911 Psy-Opera. He’s gone now, or no longer famous anymore.

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  6. The best example of a white, middle-aged man who was a pillar of the community but also a secret serial killer was Dennis Rader:

    “Rader was a member of Christ Lutheran Church and had been elected president of the church council.[5][14] He was also a Cub Scout leader.[5] On July 26, 2005, after Rader’s arrest, his wife was granted an immediate divorce.[6][15]”

    President of his church council, Cub Scout leader, but he was Mr. “Bind Torture Kill” and even his wife had no idea.

    I swallowed the whole “serial killer” myth and read a lot of True Crime books on the subject.

    But I admit that this one always pinged my subconscious as fake.


  7. There is no evidence of organized elite pedophile rings that we can examine. All we have is gossip, hearsay and other forms of salacious unverifiable narratives that the mainstream media and its more tabloid outlets have long pushed onto the public and profited from. There is nothing here but what seems to be official governmental nonsensical hot air and the hack talk show and News interview performances of out of work actors to examine. Not very reliable sources of information by any means.

    People seem very unwilling to let go of their favorite pet conspiracy theories and to even consider the idea that the narratives are nothing but part of a scripted and very illogically constructed hoax artificial reality that is not truly representative of actual existence. Why is the idea that these stories are nothing but bogeyman fairy tales so hard for some to understand?

    This stuff is put out there to act as fear porn-propaganda and nothing else. It seems that cartoon ‘cereal’ killers and satanic, governmentally and elite sponsored pedophiles rings are nothing but the stuff of a really obvious and lame Military industrial complex produced “Mind War”.

    All I see is evidence of childish, poorly contrived and scripted military grade 1980’s and 1990’s daytime television, tabloid, propaganda product.


    1. There seems to be a need in people to feed their worst nightmares … I certainly see it in you. The darkness, fear, macabre … completes you. I think it is the steady diet of agitprop we get, mass shootings, serial killings, cops shooting black people, everywhere we look life is crawling with sinister forces. It may be the same reason people are drawn to scary movies. It’s exciting!

      Anyway, I catch your implication. If you knew what you were talking about, you’d be a little less bold.


      1. human trafficking is a billion dollar industry. this is not about me, it’s about a system of abuse. saying it’s all fake, which is your knee-jerk reaction to basically everything, is an act of cowardice, not truth-telling.


        1. Problem with your outlook: I am not a coward. I choose to live outside normal groupthink, and as a result endure ridicule from all those of more “enlightened” makeup, Pogie, for example. So set that part of your hypothesis aside.

          Another problem: I do not say it is all fake. I do write about things that are fake, but therein lay your fallacy, to presume that I extrapolate. I do not. The assassinations were fake, deaths of rock stars and actors at young ages are fake (most recently Tom Petty), the mass shooting events and serial killers, all fake. Wars appear real enough. I have witnessed parents of Vietnam soldiers who died cry very real tears.

          I deal in evidence for all of the above, not all my own by any stretch, but I have done enough research on my own to have confidence in the words above. If these events were not invented, they would not happen.

          I have experienced pedophilia first-hand, not personally, but a relative. I know pedophiles exist. I know that movies, TV shows, books extrapolate, but that instances or organized pedophilia bear the marks of fake events (including refusal by authorities to investigate). This would include Franklin, Presideo and Pizzagate. You might presume that authorities are fearful of repercussions, and that is one possibility. Another is that these pedophile rings, just like the serial killings and mass shooting events, are fake. Again, this does not mean there are no pedophiles.

          Regarding the Catholics and your nasty insinuation regarding my brother, his very close friend from seminary days, David Jaeger (RIP), was laicized due to improper activities with some teen agers, details not clear to me. My brother thought the scandal was real, and seemed to be ahead of it as he spent his graduate study years trying to reform the system by which priests are recruited to weed out the bad seeds. This was his doctoral thesis at Catholic University. (He believed that true celibacy was possible and ideal for a priest, which I think is too uncommon to be feasible.) I think that any institution where adults have power over youth is vulnerable to infiltration by pedophiles. The Catholics are not the worst offenders. The public schools are and for a simple reason … they are the largest organization. When caught with an offender, their natural impulse is bureaucratic, to cover it up, preserve the status quo.

          I would appreciate it of the next time you come here to attack me, you would at least pretend to have read and remembered all I have written here. You seem delightfully un-impacted by evidence, and are married to your beliefs, a depressive’s need to feed the macabre outlook.

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          1. I’d like to draw a parallel to the Weinstein case here.
            This story made no sense to me, all this stuff is known for decades. And all those hypocritical actresses bent over voluntarily for their shitty career. MM’s theory of a hostile takeover of Weinstein’s company is the most logical explanation – be it because it involves the largest amount of money.
            There is IMHO something similar behind the “pedophile ring” stuff, I have just not yet figured out what. Monarch-style brainwhashing seems involved, but there must be more.

            BTW, I do not believe a “dark net” as a realm of criminals or pedophiles exists. The internet descended from DARPA (military), Google is known for CIA/NSA involvement. At most it is a playground for the “elite’s” executive staff.


        2. and you know that where from Billy? The usual mainstream fear porn delivered to us daily via mass media. I remember similar stories from the 70-s about a black Wolga (russian car) kidnapping and murdering children. That was in Eastern Germany. You have only one way to find out if something of this is real. It’s if something like this happens to you or somebody near you and this will never happen because people don’t do things like that.
          It’s novel writers inventing stories like this. Take Hannibal Lecter. Silence of the Lambs is based on another book. The Collector from John Fowles by the way. They are not so creative and recycle their old ideas. Nothing of this is based on reality. It’s a constant development from other fake ideas like organ transplants. That lead to the idea that there are people stealing organs and kidnapping children for this purpose. But you cannot transplant any biologically active object into another body. It will be rejected. That’s why you cannot sell your own organs. Because it is fantasy and not working. If a part of your body is cut off, it is dead within minutes. Putting it on ice will not help if cells don’t get fresh oxygen. Even blood transfusions are fake. It’s done only in movies and television. But it is harmless to lose a pint of blood so they pretend to support blood donations. And the pay is not good for your precious blood. It’s symbolic. Blood types are also fake by the way. They invented them to cover that transfusions don’t work.


          1. I was given a blood transfusion many years ago, while recovering from surgery in a hospital.
            My body immediately started shaking and I had a dangerously high fever, though to me, I felt extremely cold.
            The staff stopped the transfusion and I had to lay on a cold pad to lower my temp.
            No one ever explained what happened exactly.


          2. So you don’t believe in these sexy stories . I found the article by looking for Rockefeller blood transfusion, since I remember seeing some headlines containing the same keywords. Do you have more details about blood types and the fake nature of transfusion. People at fakeologist also say that DNA is actually about blood composition or something similar.


          3. I lost a lot of blood after the birth of our first child, but they didn’t give me blood just salt water infusion to fulfill the liquids. I was very weak for a week because of the lost blood. I think, they didn’t want to harm an otherwise healthy mother. What bmseattle experienced was a immune reaction to foreign cells. My stand on evolution is, it is real in parts but does not explain everything. I think the entire life is encoded in the matter. For instance, we know there are certain bacteria connected to certain sicknesses but we don’t know where do they come from or what they exactly do there. They just can suddenly be detected. One theory is, our organism can synthesize them if required. Other theory is they are always there sleeping as spores and just get activated if needed. There never was any proof bacteria do any harm and can cause sickness. Viruses don’t exist at all. Even water is not simply H2O. There is surface water in the form of H+OH- which is 1.5 time more dense (1 liter weights 1.5 kg). Our cells are made of about 70-80% of water which is mostly this dense surface water. That’s why 1 liter fresh cut meat weights about 1.5 kg. There is a lot of stuff about simple water you never heard or read about. Do you know certain jellyfish don’t age and can regenerate and live forever? Jellyfish is made of much more water than our cells. It still can move, see light, swim and reproduce. It’s water doing all this.


          4. Blood transfusions are fake? What are your medical credentials? You are seriously a lunatic making such outlandish and unfounded statements.
            I’d like you to tell me why I would type and crossmatch a patient if blood and blood components don’t work. I have spent 15 years as a practitioner in cardiology before having major back surgery and receiving my own (autologous) blood donated 2 weeks prior to surgery because yes, HIV exists, too, and I am one of firm belief that someone who has recently acquired HIV has not yet built up a titer that can be tested and therefore, could transmit the disease. You are wrong again about organs on ice; they areally never putility directly on ice. How do you think we get our hearts for transplant? Do you think that any organ we may need for a patient is on ice? What childish thoughts you entertain. Before harvesting a brain dead person’s organs, we know where everything will go. It is viable that selling organs on the black market could be done but there is storage time on organs and again there is compatibility, which entails type and crossmatch of blood. It is obvious that you are a non medical person, so in the future, please refrain from making false allegations and statements.
            By the way, I hope you never receive the wrong blood. I’ve seen several unfortunate people get the wrong blood.

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          5. I think you might go to far with your claims about the fake reality. Blood transfusion is a working practice as any trauma doctor in the world would easily support, but has significant and observable downsides to it, that are seriously under-researched. A brief summary of concerns regarding blood transfusion are listed here: . If you don’t have any time to spend and do some learning, I’ll spare you some, in essence it says:

            “When it comes to teasing out the negative consequences of a blood transfusion, medical researchers have a challenge ahead of them. The reason is that if someone is considered sick enough to need a transfusion, there’s a good chance they’re already in a bad way physically.

            This makes it nigh on impossible to say with any degree of certainty that someone’s multi-organ failure or sepsis is caused by the blood transfusion or is the result of the illness and trauma that led to them receiving the blood transfusion in the first place.

            What we do know is that the observational studies have pointed to an increase in time spent in hospital, an increased risk of infections after operations (that aren’t directly contracted from the blood itself), increased likelihood of needing artificial ventilation (help with breathing), and an increased risk of landing in intensive care with conditions like multi-organ failure.”

            There are many more details in the link above the blood transfusion and blood itself, that give many issues to think about and consider before saying it’s all fake. I’d really appreciate any sources that would support your claims, since all you’ve offered is only your opinion and I’d really like to know how did you come to such an opinion. As much as I’ve noticed in this thread of comments, going to far with “all is fake” notion is part of the issue and discussion here. So your comments aren’t really helping shine a light on any of these.

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      2. I’ve experienced evil. the pedophile “rings” I’ve read about have one thing in common, no effort by law enforcement to break them up, meaning they don’t really exist. This would be the case with JBR … supposedly a ring in Boulder, and law enforcement indifference. Pedophiles exist. Rings … no.


        1. Why do you have so much faith that law enforcement will “do the right thing” here when they quite obviously do not for so many other things?


          1. There is greed and hatred and all of that going on … but pedophilia is something else again. It’s like in prison, there are murderers and rapists and check forgers … all levels, but pedophiles are the lowest rung, have to watch their back.


    1. I’m pretty sure that’s just another stock disinfo story designed to lead researchers astray. See my personal theory in my comments above for an actual sensible (yet admittedly “out there”) alternative. I’m really surprised that on this blog where doppelgangers and “zombies” are promoted, no one has anything serious to say about my ideas. Oh, well.


      1. Your idea is interesting, and makes sense as a way to pull off such a fake. Certainly no more of a stretch than any number of other ways they could do it. The only thing would be the long term planning aspect.

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          1. Just meant that it would take 2 or 3 years of planning to do what you suggest. Would they want or need to take that amount of time? It does open the door to things going off the rails, someone getting sick or other fallout in the interim. OTOH, as government operations go, the players aren’t in any hurry, just happy to draw paychecks.


    2. I guess you didn’t read Mark’s comments on this. She’s probably a ghost, but if she does exist, it shouldn’t be that hard in locating her if she is in the public sector. Did you ever see the size of Patsy Ramsey’s head? I recommend you view some of her optics on the web. John has a pretty spectacular skull, too, and from her photos, JonBenet inherited a rather sizable cranium and high forehead.


    3. Again, it is near impossible to take the face of a five or six year old and project the resulting adult. I know people do that but it is pseudoscience, in my view. JonBenet appears to have been a ghost, mere photos staged to look like a kiddy beauty pageant participant. (She is always dressed to the nines, and alone in those photos.) Speculation is pointless. I only used Fox News anchor as a catchy title. Whoever that little girl was, she is still with us in some form. We cannot say what.

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      1. I can also verify that “digital aging” is an entirely artistic production, with little if any forensic credibility. Only recently the tech has emerged to create realistic sculpted skin and create wrinkled, weighted skin – and by just now I mean in the last few months, where some pals at ILM actually nailed it, finally. I can’t even do it, but the technique exists. I’m not talking about Mudbox and Zbrush. But again – that’s entirely and completely artist-driven, and has absolutely nothing to do with reality other than looking very nice.

        Bones are pretty straightforward, and muscle deformers, but again? Digital aging is just not there yet. Maya has nothing like that internally, other than (again) artistic methods that you might see in movies. But that’s not the same thing, and has absolutely no scientific accuracy.


  8. It seems that within our 5 percent groups we all have lines in the sand of what we will accept as being real or true. There seems to be certain things that some of us will not accept as actually happening in our world. Using the argument that it is fake is a crutch that some of us are using to make sense of actions that due to personal beliefs and experiences we can’t or won’t wrap our heads around being real and what that does to our personal world view.
    Pedophilia is real. The missing children from CPS in California, West Virginia, Illinois, and many more states are very real. Where are the children, why would so many be missing, if there is no such thing as a ring of pedophiles than how is that an incredibly large amount of children are never heard from again? Children who don’t have the means, the desire or the ability to leave home and end up in porn films or performing horrible sexual acts?
    Kindred spirits operating outside the norms of society often form strong bonds due to the perverse nature of their love of things society deems wrong or unnatural. We have seen this in jr high where the teen smokers all hang together flagrantly breaking the law and sticking up for and covering for each other. This behavior doesn’t stop in 9th grade. People do this type of behavior at their jobs. At church. At home. It is a way of making your feelings or behavior or actions seem Ok because you aren’t given any disapproval from the people who subscribe to the same P.O.V. The rationalization of group think. Isn’t that what the Elites do? Isnt that what we do on this forum to a certain degree? Why couldn’t pedophiles do that?
    Does belief in pedophiles negate belief in Las Vegas being fake? The Vegas incident was layers of Fake and Real. So is the belief in pedophiles and their rings. So is the organ harvesting and transfusions. Many things are layers of real with frostings of fake to make us confused, scared, angry, and non trusting. It seems to be working.

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    1. Clever, Charlie. Empty hallway. Very artsy. I did not, however, see the needle move; did I miss something?
      Associations are generally unreliable/inadmissible. Do you have an important title?


      1. “Empty hallway.”

        Is this coming from Steve “playing tennis cannot be a hobby because one is a verb and the other is a noun” Kelly? Quite rich.


    2. I don’t know if I factor in, but pedophiles are indeed real. I know this.

      Murder is real, but there are no mass shootings or serial killers. Pedophilia is real, they are all about, trying to work their way into positions of advantage. I have only suggested that the large pedophile rings are a stretch, just like mass shootings, a way to keep us in a state of tension.

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      1. But why do you put a fictional boundary there, Mark?

        Why is Greasy Gary, the lonely individual pedophile real, but a group of 10 Greasy Garys in a room suddenly not?

        To provide yet another comparison: organized crime.

        Following your reasoning you’d say “yes, individual, opportunity crime exists, but an organized crime syndicate does not”. Why? The mafia indeed may be directed by “Intelligence” (Mathis, JFK paper), but does that make the whole syndicate fake? No, it just means there’s another factor in the background than Vittorio the Napolitanian living in Little Italy.

        How far is the stretch from “Gary the Greasy pedophile” to “a group, or network, of greasy pedophiles exercising their perversions on the most innocent and vulnerable fellow humans”?

        You literally said “It seems fantastic to me that creeps reach out to one another and form alliances.” and I was stupefied… How can you say that? Isn’t that what we all are doing here? Exposing the networks of fakers, schemers, robbers, criminal liars, manipulators and distorters of his-story? Those people team up, that is just normal human behavior.

        Why would that be any different for sick perverts as psychopaths abusing children to gain power over them from an early age? How do you think alll those actors comply with their “masters”? They just sign up to become a crisis actor and can expose the plot anytime they want? No, they are held in the grip of their bosses because from an early age they have been drilled into it. And sexuality is the “””perfect””” tool for that, just because it is so sick, perverse, unimaginably low and ridiculous.

        You ask for “proof”, but at the same time have put yourself in a Catch 22 situation; your strong conviction, or belief, is saying “it is fake” (regarding pedophile networks). So any “proof” that would be given you can shove under “fake”. What do you expect? Videos? Can be faked. Photos? Idem. Testimonies? Ditto. So how can you ever get convinced of this not-at-all-outlandish idea?

        The fact they stage something about topic X does not make topic X by definition fake. Plane accidents do happen, no matter they stage Hudson Hoaxes of Taiwanese bridge-cutting planes. Boats do sink, no matter they staged Titanic or Estonia. Forests do burn, earthquakes and tsunamis happen, murders happen, no matter Charles Manson, Ed Kemper, William Gacy and all those other stories are staged.

        I really wonder how you can keep such a strict barrier from individual sick pedophilia to organized “let’s get together, us, sick psychopaths” pedophilia.

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        1. I have never used the word “proof,” as we are not dealing in mathematics. Anything is possible. I think it unlikely that pedophiles unite in their cause as it is repulsive to the vast majority of us, so reaching out would be so strained as to face rejection, even people reporting them to cops … most of the time they deal with revulsion and rejection and retreat to their basements or offices. Hence I think they operate alone. (BTW, pedophiles are themselves victims of abuse in prison, low end of the pecking order.)

          How does “organized” crime survive? Only because due to TV and movies we accept it as normal. There are no “underworld” bosses, only corporations who use advertising and PR to make the stink vanish. The racketeering that Josh wrote of in his business plot paper is real, but small. Anything like that has to genuflect before Wall Street and London bankers. They used PR to create an artificial divide between legitimate business and the mob. It is fake. There are mobsters. They are small potatoes.

          There are pedophiles. I know this. They are creepy, and have difficulty forming unions. The Internet has accelerated the proliferation of photos. Those photos could easily be staged. The audience would be small, and so would pay a lot of money, otherwise it is not a viable business model. This does not make it a general social disease.


          1. My apologies, I used the word “proof” that was indeed not what you used, you used the word “evidence”:
            “Until I see better evidence, I regard pedophilia, like serial killers and night stalkers, to be a psyop.”
            In my native tongue those two words mean the same thing, without distinction. And after all it is just a semantic difference. Evidence then, not proof, fine. The point stays.

            Then you say:
            “I think it unlikely that pedophiles unite in their cause as it is repulsive to the vast majority of us, so reaching out would be so strained as to face rejection, even people reporting them to cops … most of the time they deal with revulsion and rejection and retreat to their basements or offices. Hence I think they operate alone.”

            Like WHUT? Staging and faking a mass murder (using gas chambers) of 6 million people is NOT “repulsive”? Since when do psychopath gazillionaire freaks care about what we, the sheeple, think is “repulsive”?
            Face rejection? Do the psychos allow cameras in their abuse bunkers up in “””Bohemian Grove””” (the fact controlled shill Alex Jones exposed that story doesn’t mean those gatherings -or gaytherings- do not exist?)? People reporting them to cops? WHO?

            “Hi, my name is John Jonson, I have been abused by Melchior Rothschild, dear police, please take my statement and release it publicly…” sorry, but how does that work in the creepy world of controlled perverts we day by day find out more about?

            “There are pedophiles. I know this. They are creepy, and have difficulty forming unions.”

            Let me do another analogy (I am getting short on them…)

            “There are photo fakers. I know this. They are creepy, and have difficulty forming unions

            Huh? Since when do “all-powerful” (at least that’s what they believe they are) freaks, perverts, liars, manipulators, Elites have a problem “forming unions”?? They do it all the time, misdirecting the public, us, the sheeple, with it…? Do you really think staging 9/11, the Holocaust Story, Las Vegas, Jon Benet, etc. doesn’t need unions of people?

            From everything I read from you in this blog post I sense that you don’t have any experience with psychopaths. Which is a good thing, nourish that! But please do understand that what falls out of your current comfort zone not necessarily is FAKE! NOT POSSIBLE! etc…

            I will send you an email with more background on this.

            I really believe you are a genuine, well-meaning person, Mark. Otherwise I would’t participate in your blog. But please open your mind for things that may -and hopefully are!, I think I speak for everyone on your blog when I say that I hope you’re right and I am wrong!- too sick to stomach…


          2. There is a sense among those who stage fake mass killings and the like that no one really gets hurt, and that result is that the sheep safely graze. There is a need to keep us focused on common enemies, otherwise we go off in a thousand directions and the planet becomes an unmanageable carnival. Education and reason do not work, or they have given up on that. So they trick us, scare us, make us think that life is really seedy when life is really nice. Pedophiles, on the other hand, really hurt people.


            1. Wars really hurt people too, as do any number of other hoaxes, including the one we are living through now. That doesn’t seem to stop them so why is there for you some kind of sudden, invisible moral and ethical boundary at elite levels when it comes to pedophilia?


          3. Mr. Skink, I noticed about you long ago a passive aggressive streak, or a tendency to communicate indirectly via messages intended for me but directed at others, as done here. It is annoying. It is true I have not adopted your depressive view of the world, not even convinced that the overlords are evil. I float above it all, easily seeing through mass shooting events, and therefore suspecting that while pedophiles are real, pedophile networks are not … they are probably, like the Godfather movies, an attempt to make something small and insignificant into something large and foreboding for psyop fun.

            I also notice something else … here at this blog and yours we are dealing with smart people of insight and curiosity. Most people aren’t like that. They are dumbed down to eating/drinking/dope smoking/consumer status by school, entertainment, and the need to work long and tedious hours in highly repetitive and mind-numbing activities (think grocery checkout clerk). They do not know how to solve problems or think with skeptical curiosity. They are encouraged to vote, so as to imagine they matter, but why on earth would anyone care about their views on anything? So they are governed by these fake events, kept in a state of fear, as it excites them and engages them. The TV shows and movies that have good guys chasing terrorists satisfy them and make their lives more tolerable. There is a sense of visceral fulfillment from watching a TV show like Las Vegas. Pedophile rings fit right in, another monster to engage their imaginations as they lead otherwise boring lives, brains disengaged.

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              1. You will find, if you search this blog, that I have done work with both Jeffrey Dahmer and John Wayne Gacy, using a current people search engine to see if their victims are still alive. Yep, quite a few of them turn up alive and breathing, probably receiving annual or monthly checks to support their signed Nondisclosure Agreements. Further, using facial splitting techniques. I found that both men bore a strong resemblance to Jack Nicholson, one of our Bokanovsky Brats. This all may be far beyond your reach at this time, But I have done my homework. Those two mass murderers killed no one. (I tried the same with Ted Bundy, but his “victims” were all women, meaning that people search engines would not locate them due to changes in maiden names. I did, however, choose three random victims and analyze their circumstances in depth. They fell apart before my eyes. None died.

                Are there mass killers? The people behind the Covid vaccine are certainly that. But in general, mass death is a phenomenon of distance, that is, people do not kill one-on-one, but far away and with weapons. Fighter bombers are mass killers, machine guns are used as a mass killing device. The individual who kills people personally and sequentially is a fake psyop. At any given time, there are zero serial killers about.


  9. Since the elite are psychopaths, the idea of a majority of them being into something like pedophilia doesn’t seem that huge of a stretch…just for the “because we can” factor/the dominance aspect. Now, since they already employ such things as secret societies and intelligence agencies to carry out certain tasks already outside the realm of public scrutiny, would it not be a good idea just from a sense of efficiency to set up networks to make it easier to handpick their victims? Why go lurking around the school yard with candy (which is of course extremely foolish and risky) when you can have an entire network set up to bring you anything you like for the right price? It only seems natural they would do this.

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    1. I take issue with the elite being psychopaths. It could well be true, but seeing as I know that the events are fake, I need now to look back at all the other horror stories, and see how far back the fakery goes. Was the Hindenburg faked? Pearl? Siberian labor camps? If indeed it is fakery, we are not dealing with psychopaths. We have merely not looked hard enough at the human condition. Good grief, have you been to WalMart?


      1. I see that some people believe that the elites or a subgroup of elites do things along the lines of “Salo, or the 120 days of Sodom”. I never saw that movie but It seems to be very creepy from what I see on wikipedia. Right now, to me it seems that the elites have a Borg mentality, with a desire to centralize everything. That Borg mentality is dangerous and creepy enough for me, without pedophilia or other strange rituals. I still believe in the possibility that some elites are involved directly in very strange or awful things like human trafficking, slavery, pedophilia etc.
        I also believe that many conspiracy people make too many sexy assumptions. They know that the elites are Satanists and do ritual magic and whatnot. Personally If I had to bet, I would bet that many elite families are descendant from the man that people know as Jesus . How then, the same people are Satanists or at least anti-Christians. Maybe because words like Christian, Jew, Satan have a different meaning in the elite/esoteric circles. What I want to say is that most people have limited knowledge but they like to make many sexy speculations. I consider myself very knowledgeable for an outsider, but I am still an outsider. I really don’t know the private doctrines of the elite people. I can make some guesses or even educated guesses but my education about them is still very limited.
        Finally I want to add that the wiki page of the Salo movie seems to contain a lot of spook names like Ezra Pound and Pasolini. I believe that Mathis mentioned the father of Pasolini, maybe in the Mussolini paper. The movie is based on a book by Marquis de Sade, whose name is the etymology of the word sadism. The wiki page of Sade probably mentions a few more spooks or historical events loaded with fake elements.


  10. Let’s assume that the premise of all this fakery (which we know it is) is what’s really going on. Is it not a logical step to assume that only psychos who are only out for a collective interest among their peers are fucking psycopathic? Fakery asside, their bullshit causes all sorts of calamity on a world wide scale. 9/11 was a huge bullshit fake operation, but I think it’s safe to assume that all these soldiers, marines, etc. coming back and telling of the horror in the wars that were caused by the fakery are very much real….but in “war”, there ain’t the same kind of accountability as there is if there was a government ploy exposed to murder citizens on the vegas strip.THEY DO NOT give a fuck about the masses, of course not, but they’re also NOT stupid enough to kill U.S. citizens at a concert in such a manner (for fear of being potentially and ACTUALLY being held accountable), hence the fakery. SIDE NOTE: after “pizzagate” nonsense, go and google “elite pedo rings” and see what comes up. All sorts of stories about how all these pedo-rings have been busted…taking down a bunch of nobodies. It’s a distraction from the actual real deal, which is the fact that the elites are into this shit, and it’s probably been going on from time immemorial.

    fuck, just read that back and hopefully it makes sense….


    1. Point is, psychopathy is a valid assumption regarding the elite. They use fakery to start wars, where actual death and atrocity occur in reality…but have the protection of “oh, but it’s war…shit happens”.

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      1. Point is, psychopathy is a valid assumption regarding the elite.

        As is the assumption that they are shape-shifting lizards. Real proof is needed here. And as Voltaire said: “Those who can make you believe absurdities, can make you commit atrocities” – it doesn’t need psychopaths, just enough brainwashed/deluded people who believe to do the “right thing”.
        And to qualify my first statement, psychopaths seem more plausible to me than lizards 😉

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  11. I often look for any esoteric meanings when reviewing these spotlighted events.
    Interestingly, John Ramsey’s daughter from a previous marriage died in a car accident 22 Jan 1992; her name was Elizabeth Pasch Ramsey. I also find it strange that there are two references to lambs associated with John Ramsey, not to mention the El (Elohim) in Elizabeth. You have the Ram in Ramsey and Pasch, his first wife was Lucinda Lou Pasch, is associated with Passover as in the Pascal Lamb. Both Ramsey and Pasch also refer to low-lying grasslands but surely that isn’t the reason why these names were chosen, and I don’t think this is all coincidental, as we are dealing with hoaxes.
    Could the first daughter have been the sacrificial lamb, if she, indeed died? Even if she did not die as neither did Jonbenet, and it’s carried out ritually on paper with a coroner report and so on, it’s a form of lesser magic. Personally, I view this as the elitist(TPTB) giving veneration to their beloved goat god and keeping us busy on a hamster wheel. Bread and circuses.

    Oh! And Patsy Ramsey was, indeed, the “patsy” in the investigation of her daughter’s supposed death. How ironic!


    1. It’s off-topic but notable that Frank Capra = Frank Goat.

      I definitely think that puns, cross-references, word association are used in psy op scripting.

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      1. I think this “coincidences”, being numerological (dates, ages) or “gematrical”, are carefully planned sleight-of-hand tricks to overawe the clueless populace, and make them believe in the godly power and choosen-ness of TPTB. Like in “good old times”, when the church preached aristocrat’s rule as gods will.
        I’m not impressed.

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  12. Whelp, after reading this entire thread where Mark stated his position about a dozen times, I have come to the conclusion that some folks really hold their Pedophile Rings dear. I was a police officer for about 13 years. 4 of those years I was a detective. Never did we hear about Pedophile Rings or serial killers. Period.

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    1. Have you ever read any of the “What Cops Know” books from the 70’s or 80’s? It’s been a while since I’ve seen one, just wondering if they are legitimate. There was one on sex crimes, and it didn’t talk about “rings” but said the pervs would pass the kids on to others when they grew past the age range they preferred. Said these people knew early enough in life to pursue jobs as teachers, coaches, etc. in order to get access.

      Probably fear porn, but they seemed reasonable at the time.


      1. I don’t think that is fear porn … access is key, and institution that have power over kids are ideal. Hence teh schools and to a lesser degree churches. It is only natural that pedophiles would want to be near their targets. Schools and churches try to screen them out, but short of a Vulcan mind meld, it is impossible to be sure.


        1. Mark, personally, I think the internet and its facilitation of instant communication, both verbal and visual, changed the pedo landscape a lot. And whilst I agree with you that there is the loner pedo, in the UK alone there does seem to be a very high proportion of them in political/council circles, so I have wondered if there’s some sort of ‘club’ in this arena.

          Here’s a site that lists all the Labour Councillors/MP’s/Mayors that have been convicted of child sex abuse, some of them were school governors too. It was originally entitled Labour25 as a tally count but I think it’s up to sixty now. There’s six from this year alone and many of them are because of downloading films of children being raped. Makes me feel sick reading about it.


          1. Wow … troubling indeed, perhaps I need to reevaluate. I have never denied the existence of pedophiles, and know that they seek to work their way into positions of authority over children. Churches and schools are the likely targets. My only hesitance was with “rings,” in that as soon as they reach out to one another they are left open for infiltration and exposure by others. Not only that, but the accusation of abuse and kiddie porn is usually enough to end a career, with or without evidence.

            We also need to distinguish, distasteful as it might be, between children and pubescent youth, who while legally protected are possessing of sexual traits, which technically means having sex with them (or photos thereof) is not pedophilia, but illegal of course.


            1. Lol. Doesn’t matter. Old men who target 20 somethings are pedo too in every way that it matters. It’s about the gap and men know damn well what’s right and what isn’t, no matter how much evo psyche they appeal to. We are not going to become aficionados of their sick garbage just to be polite. Haha.


              1. Men who “target” 20 somethings are not pedophiles, by definition. If the 20 something rejects the advance and he persists, then we are dealing with harassment. If the 20 something enjoys the advance, the name for her would be “gold digger,” while he would be a lonely old man.


    2. Police tend to follow orders. Who is going to call the police from a well-guarded site controlled by members of the “elite”? It’ll never get the attention of the police, and the police, like you, will then come around and say “yup, never saw nuthin’, hoax.”


        1. Mark- I know you’re busy, but if you had an idle moment, could you face chop the Ramsey parents with Katy Perry’s parents? If it hasn’t been done already. The slick who hosts Infinite Plane Radio is convinced the parents give Perry away as Jon Benet. IPR’s host reminds me of AA Morris in a way. A lot of good stuff and then he’ll flat earth the conversation. And too polished to be an amateur, but good it’s background noise if anyone needs some.

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  13. Could Pablo Escobar and the drug cartels running drugs into the U.S. (if done by the CIA as some have written?) be fake as well? Netflix has a series, Narcos, about Colombian drug smugglers.


    1. of course its all fake. There are no independent drug cartels. There is no mafia either. That’s why they make movies and series about it. It’s all just literary invention of some intel writers. A Sicilian friend of mine believes in Mafia though. They have daily papers commenting mafia activities there. But he never witnessed any of this activities himself. All of it comes from mass media. Be it papers or movies or news. The belief in news is a new world religion which is being practiced in every country of the entire world. I don’t believe any of it. Real life is much simpler and boring. There is nothing to fear but the fear.

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          1. Thanks for your response. Like everyone else on this thread, I enjoy communicating and sharing ideas about things occurring in our society–things that cannot be and should not be accepted as face-value and need further analysis. I am by no means a sleuth, but I am learning; and sites such as this are helping me hone the skill.
            I refuse to be spoon fed illusions and scare tactics as I know this will prevent me from expanding my own conscious awakening and spiritual growth. I value greatly the information contained on this site and appreciate the time and effort taken to compile the data and share it. Mark stated in a previous comment to Mr Skink and I quote
            “I also notice something else … here at this blog and yours we are dealing with smart people of insight and curiosity. Most people aren’t like that. They are dumbed down to eating/drinking/dope smoking/consumer status by school, entertainment, and the need to work long and tedious hours in highly repetitive and mind-numbing activities (think grocery checkout clerk). They do not know how to solve problems or think with skeptical curiosity. They are encouraged to vote, so as to imagine they matter, but why on earth would anyone care about their views on anything? So they are governed by these fake events, kept in a state of fear, as it excites them and engages them. The TV shows and movies that have good guys chasing terrorists satisfy them and make their lives more tolerable. There is a sense of visceral fulfillment from watching a TV show like Las Vegas. Pedophile rings fit right in, another monster to engage their imaginations as they lead otherwise boring lives, brains disengaged.”
            Now, those words certainly ring true for a great deal of the populace at large and that’s why I am here and a few other open minded blogs. If we have a voice and knowledge, we must communicate it to others. I, too, believe that most people are generally good and want the same things out of life, which is health, happiness, love, and the ability to provide for our family.
            Peace and blessings to all.


          2. I think the tactic is to take something that is real, be it pedophilia, small-time thugs, murder, drug use, and blow it up beyond reasonable proportion. It becomes pedophile rings, mass shootings, serial killers and the like. Ellul stated in his book Propaganda (I need to read it again) that the effect of a constant diet of agitprop (as opposed to normal propaganda, which he regarded as necessary and a natural product of mass media) is to destroy a person’s intellect. He thought that effect to be permanent damage, irreparable. I certainly see that around me in regular people. These events like Las Vegas go down way too easily, as if the majority of the population has no guile.

            Although I must say that growing up during the Cold War, with duck and cover and nasty Soviets and Chinese breathing down our necks, i was steeped in agitprop. I remember the day in my late 30s that I realized that Communism was a joke, no threat to us at all, I felt a sense of physical and mental relief. It really did weigh heavy on me, creating constant tension. That is the intended effect of all we see on our news, that constant state of tension. But I recovered, got better, so I imagine everyone else can too. It is just that they keep hitting us with booster shots, the next events in planning right now. There is no relief in sight.

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        1. I knew someone in the British SAS and he said part of his job entailed travelling to Columbia to assassinate drug ‘cartel’ leaders. He described it in quite some detail. He was a family friend whose father and brother were also in the military.
          I was only 19 and pretty simple at the time and I assumed this was all part of some grand attempt to combat drug trafficking. He (rightly) looked at me like I was a moron and replied ‘No, those are the ones who stopped paying.’ Both he and the Columbian cocaine producers were employed by the British government. His job was to take out the ones who forgot their place in the pecking order. So the Crown is the real cartel IMO. I think the CIA is just carrying their bags for them. Nobles and rich families sharing the profits like they did in the old opium days.


    2. I saw a PBS program on music set in Columbia and they talked about how much it had turned around from being a dangerous drug gang infested place. Seemed unlikely that things would change so much either way, but especially from that sort of starting point.


    1. Indeed. Lapped up by the liberal, rational, critial intellectual elite. Soi disant liberals are the most intolerant, narrow minded people I ever meet.


  14. “… I realized that Communism was a joke, no threat to us at all, I felt a sense of physical and mental relief.”

    Maybe true for us Americans, but I’m sure that communism was no joke and very real and bad for the poor people (in Eastern Europe, Cuba, North Korea, USSR, China, etc.) that had to live under it?


    1. I hear what you are saying, but don’t think that military rule or other forms of tyranny is necessarily wrapped up in “communism,” as those countries preached socialism on the outside and did not practice it inside.;


      1. … as those countries preached socialism on the outside and did not practice it inside.;

        There is no other “communism” than those practised by the communists. And for those who dare to do the research, all those “excesses” like gulags and genozides had been presaged as necessary by the “saints” of communism (like Marx, Engels, Lenin).


      2. OK, this could be where I live … we have all the elements of fascism here, censorship, fake elections, iron fist under a velvet glove. But life is pretty good otherwise. When the commies were in charge, was life really, really bad?

        Sincere question … all I know is what our media reported in those years. Everything about the Soviet Union was black and white until 1990 … serious … Tv news showed Soviet Union that way.


        1. Communism is fascism in a red uniform, or fascism communism in a blackshirt.

          Both products of the Hidden Hand (Spiridovich, recommended reading).

          You do not seriously compare the present-day where we are inconvenienced by Guardian articles, JewTube censorship and mildly aggressive Facebook posts with the horrors of communism?

          Induced famines, forced labor camps in the sickest of circumstances (gulags), 60-100 million deaths (probably inflated, but still, from 60,000,000 to 0 -‘it’s all fake, just sleep well, sheeple’- is quite a ridiculous stretch), robbing people from their properties, home invasions, rape, murder, militarism, fakery (Space Hoax, Nuke Hoax, Chernobyl, others), pervasive surveillance and punishment for dissenters, really, do you from your comfy couch up in the Rockies consider all that similar to the relative “””freedom””‘ we have today?

          No, but really? Get real.


          1. Communism is fascism in a red uniform, or fascism communism in a blackshirt.

            What is lost on most people, and suppressed today – the German and Italian fascism called itself “National Socialism”, like in NSDAP (National Socialist worker’s party). In difference to the Inter-National Socialist (in the Soviet Union, and later the Eastern Block).
            People like Goebbels and his ilk called themselves “strictly leftists”.

            Although we now know, that communism was a controlled opposition psyop, invented and impersonated by Marx, there is absolutely nothing fake in the crimes against humanity, which were an integral part of the ruling communist system.

            And all the while the “Communism Threat” was kept alive by a permanent inflow of money and commodities from the west, a la “The best enemy money can buy”.

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        2. OK, but tell me, how much of it did you personally experience? We have had 9/11 and Jonestown and Waco and OKC, now Las Vegas, all fake. I sat in my comfortable couch and experienced none of it. If I believed news, I’d be miserable.


          1. Your reasoning is false. The fact they fake certain events (and I am happy to help to expose those ones) does not mean “everything is fake”. And that’s the path you obviously have chosen. I am wondering if it is out of provocative trolling or really deliberate misdirection (I hope and assume the former, Skink thought it was the latter, but I give you the benefit of the doubt), but you are doing a lot of harm to truth seeking with this attitude.

            We had a discussion here lately about our friends who do not want to investigate these hoaxes. One of their points brought up is “yeah, you think everything is fake”. “No, I don’t, but that many stories presented by the media are staged, not necessarily fake, is not my fault”. And I direct my friends and other contacts here to your blog. And then what do they read here? “It’s all fake guys, sleep well, communism wasn’t bad, that was just propaganda, Mao Zedong was not some sick psychopath flooding complete villages of Chinese farmers, but actually a great guy! Pol Pot? Marvelous type!” I am paraphrasing.

            You wrote a piece about the staged coup of 2002 in Venezuela. And yes, it certainly looks manufactured. But that is only the background hands. The hands-on experience of the people was certainly real. Friends of mine were fired from one day to the other just because they voted for the opposition. Bang, job gone, further labor prospects gone (because they track your voting records). Are you telling me my friends are liars? Have you been to Venezuela? It’s an extremely dangerous place with unimaginable unnecessary (the country is theoretically rich, fertile and prosperous) poverty just because of those socialists (just commies with a different suit on). And that they are controlled in the back doesn’t change anything. “Yeah, you shouldn’t complain Federico, because Chávez and Maduro are not really socialists, so you don’t suffer either!”

            Are you saying the story Vexman kindly translated on his blog about Kočevski Rog is ALL fake? Those thousands of skeletons found in those caves were just people who jumped in out of happiness, because, well, “life is so good” (in the comfy cabin, so everywhere else too)? Or is every single skull and bone of those skeletons fake? Just some intern busy with plaster and nobody notices?

            Look at the Holocaust. The Holocaust was in essence a project by Zionists, disguised as Nazis; NaZionists, to kidnap and transport millions of people who were happily living in Europe to the “Holy” Land by force. It was not a directed mass murder with gas chambers and lampshades etc., that has been debunked extensively.

            But, does that mean it’s not horrible? How would you like it if a foreign force comes occupying Colorado, invades your home, kidnaps you, your wife, kids, grandchildren, transports you by train to Canada, puts you in a forced labor camp in the freezing cold with thousands of others and let you suffer from typhus, malnutrition and other “inconveniences” you didn’t count on safely speaking from your mountain estate? People really died because of that, putting them in concentration camps and have diseases around. Or are you saying nobody got kidnapped, nobody died, nobody got transported, it’s just all a hoax, folks!?

            You get the benefit of the doubt that you are just trolling and provoking on Friday eve, but if you really think that everything is fake, horrible regimes are “not at all bad” and people didn’t die, then I fear you’re way beyond salvation, even with this “it’s all cozy and nice people, they only lie to us, they don’t kill” attitude…

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          2. The level of fear, that is mounted in the heads of people living in ex-communist countries of Eastern Europe cannot be compared to any western country’s level or people. The single biggest difference is thought control, where the fear for life would silence your mind and thoughts. The omnipresent secret police, like OZNA/UDBA, Cheka/NKVD/KGB, STASI or Securitate, were a physical extension of the ruling ideology, forcing people to either comply 100% or get eliminated. There was nothing in between. And we, the people, really believed that and witnessed such power exhibits, where their standard modus operandi was night-time door busting, followed by an arrest and all the rest. From there on, it would depend on the severity of one’s “crimes” how he/she was treated. Some would never return and their families wouldn’t actually know what happened to them for years. The mildest dissidents or minor offenders would get “only” severe beating and maybe few years of labor-camp – where one would be released not by the court order, but upon personal opinion/report of camp’s/prison’s chief. I can confirm only our notorious Yugoslavian labor camp, founded in 1949 as a consequence of “Informbiro” (Tito’s uprising to Stalin and exclusion of Yugoslavia from the International communist Comintern). We called it “Goli otok”, which would be in reality an island in the north Adriatic sea, exposed to severe weather conditions I can confirm this island is there, 100% real, just as much as anybody living in our ex communist country knew what it represented. I don’t want to link the YT video here, you can find some testimonies by searching YT with “Goli otok with english subtitles”.

            Although we now know, that communism was a controlled opposition psyop, invented and impersonated by Marx, there is absolutely nothing fake in the crimes against humanity, which were an integral part of the ruling communist system. Only by fear and force would the people comply to communism and what it represented, and it is foolish to believe any nation or country was cheering to the communist taking over the power. Majority of the people knew what horror it is and were fighting against it. Evidence for that are civil wars in all these countries as the power switch was going on. Western agitprop is responsible for any other interpretation, but I don’t blame people anymore for believing such propaganda. We, too, believed that the West was decadent and have built numerous nuclear shelters as the fake Cold war progressed.

            However, not all was bad as I compare it to what political / economic system we are currently living under. For instance, the entire Yugoslavian external debt was peaked at 1/2 of the amount of debt Slovenia (one of six exYugoslavian countries) alone has produced in the recent 25 years as the ruling system was switched. I can now say with certainty, there were some details of our everyday life that were taken care of much better.


            1. Again, I have not denied the horrors of existence prior to the 1990 thawing … that thawing certainly by design. I cannot confirm them either. I do know this: It is impossible for a small group of people to keep track of the mass of the population, no matter the technological tools available. STASI, as I understand its methods, made great show of public arrests and disappearances, the intent being to spread that fear of omnipresence in order to force people to be compliant. Not being able to trust a neighbor is an essential element, isolating people in fear. 911 has had much the same (deliberate) effect here. The most egregious example I recall was a postal clerk reporting a person who refused to buy stamps with an American flag, opting instead for the Statue of Liberty. That is just to point to how absurd and effective the “watch your neighbor” tactic is. Fear is the most effective governing tool available, and works. It is why they pester us with all these fake events.

              Also understand that while we in North America and Western Europe enjoy far more comfort and illusory freedom, we live in a system of total censorship, with only a few leaks going on, as with this blog. But containment is easy, as the mass of the population is mentally chained down by a cradle-to-grave propaganda system. They think politics to be real, and are consumed by the two party system. If apolitical they have sports. They cannot think their way out of a paper bag, so that sites like POM are naturally cordoned off. This is why I can do what I do … yeah, I know they are aware of us who have broken free, not necessarily me specifically, but perhaps a general slight trend. If necessary, they can clamp down any time … I simply wake up one morning to find the blog gone. Who would notice? WordPress is an Intel front, has to be, otherwise it too would not exist. The book publishing industry gives the illuson of free thought and expression, so too does the blog system. It is all under house management, a fenced off area where we are free to play.

              What is most important to understand is that our system of propaganda in the West is devastatingly more effective than anything the Soviets or Chinese ever developed. I am genuinely unable to communicate with anyone under its control. We speak not only a different language, but a completely different system of ideas and symbols.

              Also, while we have, or I have, a nice life with physical comforts (I am aware that most people cannot retire in such comfort as me, but what can I do about that?), understand that the United States military has visited on other lands unspeakable horrors to preserve the system of wealthy motherlands fed by resource colonies. I used to write extensively about this, again, to a very same audience, as most Americans are convinced that our military is only used for good, and cannot be reached.

              By the way, I watched the Steven Colbert show last evening as I wanted to see Woody Harrelson … he is an American actor you may know. It is fascinating, as his official biography says he is the son of a professional assassin, and that this hit man was there at Dealey Plaza in 1963, later was imprisoned and claimed while in jail that he was part of the assassination team. I believed this to be true in prior years, and wondered how it was that Woody wss allowed such a high profile, present in some of the biggest movies of our time (most recently playing Lyndon Johnson). I now see it is but another rabbit hole, and that Woody is probably bloodline, as was his father. He is never asked in public about his father.

              Also on that show was Paul Schaefer, who was for decades seen on late-night TV as David Letterman’s sidekick and band leader. He is not interesting, but did let slip while talking to Colbert that “if you say something on TV, people believe it is true.” Colbert wisely ignored that comment and it was not edited out.

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          3. Great reply Vexman, but I fear it is in vain.

            Mark is pushing the “it’s all fake!” misdirection stance.

            “I enjoy Canadian wine, so nobody else suffers in this world”. Fucking lunatic.


            1. I do hope you can calm down, Gaia. I have never said it is all fake, only that I write about things that are fake, as writing about things that are real is boring. “Canadian wine” is merely a way of saying go with the flow, as we cannot control some things going on in our lives. Whether climate change is just part of a natural cycle or infleunced by humans, I doubt it will seriously harm us, maybe even make the planet more habitable. If the place were getting cooler, as it did from 1300-1800 or so, things get worse, not better.


  15. Practice arena was the Pale of Settlement ,
    those walls , whether physical or psychological
    were there to keep people in and not people out .


  16. You have been working hard to build strawmen to stand in for work done by Mark and MM, Gaia. Honest work, I believe ( no “proof,” of course). If you can kindly cite where and when either has said “it’s all fake,” I’m happy to reconsider what I make of your latest belief, and your intent. Otherwise, I will go with my instinct and feeling — not very scientific, I know — that this is trouble, kind of like termites are trouble for homes built on wooden foundations. I do not know trouble, I sense it.

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    1. With all the work by Mark, Miles Mathis, and others, the real value is in the breakdown and exposure of the fakery. The speculation and conjecture about why is interesting, but of much less importance. Making it the central issue in order to knock them down is counterproductive at best.

      Why not put the burden of proof on the media, historians, and other perps when it comes to anything they say? It only takes one of these major events being fake to destroy their credibility. We know there are several, so why ever give them the benefit of the doubt?

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      1. There is another angle as well, which I suppose is more relevant to the larger events. Miles has a paper on Castro . So if we accept Miles on this (and it’s difficult: I’ve recently drawn little sketch maps for a couple of people, and here is The Bay of Pigs and here is Guantanamo Bay, and their eyes glaze over, a limit is reached, cognitive dissonance challenged uncomfortably …), if we accept this, then of course the Russians knew and know, and so where does that leave the Cold War? And so to the next level of value. What was actually happening, and to what purpose, within the Soviet Union? Why did the USA and the USSR co-operate in the destruction of Afghanistan? Who were they fighting, if it was not each other? Is there something to be gained from close-reading Back in the USSR, some joke being made at our expense?

        There’s a warning at the end of Dario Fo’s The Accidental Death of an Anarchist. After the official report has been exposed as a fake, and some middle-ranking officer has been scapegoated, the public go away satisifed, and (the important bit) with a self-satisfying sense of moral superiority. And Nothing Changes.

        If Cuba is a client state, large pieces of the fabric start unraveling. They send seemstresses to repair the damage.

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        1. Richard, the Cuban model appears also to be used in Venezuela, where Hugo Chavez was/is an “American” agent – quotes used because the United States is not so much a country as a projection point for military power, behind which exists what we call the “peerage.” The 2002 overthrow and return to power of Chavez was a stage play designed to convince the Venezuelan public that they have an independent government. Chavez probably faked his death in 2013, thereby promoting the myth that enemies of the overlords can be and are injected with cancer (see Jack Ruby, Bill Hicks, and the book Lee and me by Judith Vary Baker for more of this mythology.) This indicates that those in power are highly intelligent and miles ahead of us, wanting us to imagine we self-govern. In the US, our system of elections also fosters this myth, so voting is seen as very important to the overlords. Public opinion does not matter, but our imagining that it does is critical to their staying in power.

          In the US we have fake history of people landing in Massachusetts in the 1600s to escape religious persecution, and of a colony that simply vanished in Virginia. Far more likely what was going on was seeding, transport of selected members of the peerage to take ownership of land and set up governing institutions. By the mid 1700s we were well formed, so that a fake revolution was staged to prevent a real one from taking place. Our “founding fathers” were British agents and bloodliners. US presidents through the centuries have all been linked to royalty, including the current dufus and the dufus before him. The office of president has no real power and is reserved for actors.

          In that sense then, Cuba fits right in, staging a fake revolution to prevent a real one. This is fertile ground for research, where I want to spend time in the coming days … there is so much to explore we need people like you to engage, as you appear to be doing. Welcome aboard!

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          1. Mark

            Castro was an agent and Chavez his sub agent. At least according to Servando Gonzalez a Cuban historian. His book is called:
            Psychological Warfare and the New World Order
            The Secret War Against the American People
            Published in 2010

            Gonzalez’s book is a fascinating and very detailed 319 pages of small typeface with a further 55 pages of small type reference notes at the end.

            The book is very wide ranging in scope. It gives extensive and detailed info about Fidel Castro. It reveals Castro as a lifetime psyop agent for the CIA. Castro’s ruthless duplicity is a central feature of the book.

            Gonzalez demonstrates that Castro had a central role in creating the Cold War for the US military industrial complex.

            Castro’s first CIA job was the Colombian Bogotazo riots in 1948. Castro was at the scene off the assassination and he was also an agent provocateur for the vicious riots that followed, and which overthrew the Colombian government.

            There is far far more in the book. I blogged about Castro, based on the book, last September and will I provide the link to my blog if you are interested.

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          2. Here is the link to my blog about Fidel the Fraud:

            My blog’s target audience is my nearest and dearest, who are mainly, leftist, blue pill consumers, I’m sorry to say. So bear this in mind whilst reading please. It is most definitely not written for the, far more aware, red pill people who read your excellent blog Mark.

            I wrote this piece based on Servando Gonzalez’s book which I found to be very interesting and informative. It is not a review of the book, nor a full appraisal, I cherry picked to make my points. Nor is it an endorsement of the book which left me with some nagging , limited hangout, feelings tbh.

            My earlier blog, “Was Comrade Fidel a Fraud?”, is linked at the start. This earlier piece was based on my visit to Cuba in 2011 which was a real eye opener.

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          3. Thanks Mark but no thanks. I am flattered by your offer of joining your blogroll but I am an amateur compared with you and your associates. Your blog is one of my top “go to” sites and I have followed your work closely since I found you after reading Miles one day. Your comments section is simply great with some very thoughtful regulars. I appreciate your open minded approach, and you being prepared to change your mind too which is so rare nowadays, and is the hallmark of a real truthseeker.

            But my scribblings are for my nearest and dearest who are mainly blue pill consumers like I said. I think my blog is not really that appropriate for your much more aware audience.

            My page views have certainly increased since you and Fakeologist linked to my Cuba articles. But page views have not been my goal tbh. I usually write to try and get those blue pill friends and family to think outside the box. I’ve no idea how effective that is because there is so much cognitive dissonance, and minimal feedback. But, no matter, at least my thoughts are in the public record.

            To be honest I mainly write my blog simply because I enjoy it. After a few years communicating with my audience by email I realised that I might as well blog. Based on the thought that all electronic communications are, in effect, public now. So why not “nail my colours to the mast” in an open blog?

            My blog makes me focus on more clarity and understanding of the complex world that we live in. Prompted by the likes of you and Miles I just scratch the surface and usually find something surprising just underneath.

            My best wishes to you and your family

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    1. Colorado seems to have been targeted by military intel after the war. The Beat project reconnoitered there around Neal Cassidy and then moved west. On The Road was originally written in 1947 (ca-ching!) Something was going on at that time. Nuclear stuff, especially.

      The rural culture dominated until the Silicon Valley run-off started spilling in. Add a new airport, MLB franchise; intriguingly, the nuclear industry began moving out as the CIA/Tech culture moved in*- there wasn’t much the ranchers and old boys could do.

      The state taxes, as I heard, paid for road clearance in the winter and not much else, including police infrastructure. Choosing Colorado to stage the JBR hoax would seem a good fit for such a project. Not many people to keep out of the loop.

      *The Rocky Flats raids of 1989 seems to have been the hoax that allowed the nuclear industry to leave, leaving those locals involved with no recourse.

      Just for shits n’ giggles, suppose the videos of JBR were more than ten years old when they first aired. That kid would be 16 or more when they did. Would that girl have any real recollection of that time? Did she even know she was being taped? Was she told what to do without context? She probably never saw any tape played back. As an adult, she may have no clue whatsoever that she played JonBenet Ramsey. If her parents were military, she may not have even been in the country when the JBR hoax played out. (The photos are inadmissible even without an oath, in my unshakeable opinion.)
      The parents we saw were actors under contract. “Patsy” finished her assignment and “died”. “John” supposedly worked for military contractors. Their bios were probably a sheep dipping op. He moved out of state, changed his appearance and probably never introduced himself as John Ramsay to his new friends and neighbors. No one would spend any time looking for that guy anyway. That’s my best guess.

      PS- The original consideration that JBR was a set of twins could now be considered as simply bad photo-shopping, if my unshakeable opinion is correct. The misalignments happened as one template of a young girl was enhanced by the fake hair and the enlarged eyes, etc.

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      1. Denver, as I learned working on Columbine, is a spooks’ nest, with Buckley AFB housing Army Intelligence and looking after 97,000 current and retired military in the area. Lockheed is scattered all about, Google has offices in Boulder, Cheyenne Mountain and the AF Academy is down in Ayn Randistan (Colorado Springs), and another missile base is up north in Cheyenne, WY. And, never forget, Blucifer.



  17. “I don’t know how to stop people from jumping to the extremes. Yes, pedophilia is real. It is the existence of “rings” that is troublesome, as it would require protection from police … infiltration of a ring so easy I could do it. I’ve seen more than one case of police using kiddie porn as entrapment, asa it can easily destroy a career and reputation. But pornography is real, but here we take it a step away from reality, as we cannot be certain that photos and movies are not acted out for benefit of the creeps who buy this stuff. Lurid tales of Prince Charles and the Bush’s being involved in high-level pedophilia only serve to misdirect, the objective. My suspicion, even as pedophilia and kiddie porn are real enough, the extension of these activities into vast “rings” that get prominent mainstream attention are but another psyop.”

    ^^ original quote by Mark.

    Let’s take a look:

    I don’t know how to stop people from jumping to the extremes. Yes, photo fakery, video fakery, stealing, lying, murdering, kidnapping and imprisoning, poisoning, deceiving and manipulation are real. It is the existence of “rings” that is troublesome, as it would require protection from police … infiltration of a ring so easy I could do it. I’ve seen more than one case of police using fake news as entrapment, asa it can easily destroy a career [really??? 😀 ] and reputation [which “reputation”??]. But photo fakery, video fakery, stealing, lying, murdering, kidnapping and imprisoning, poisoning, deceiving and manipulation are real, but here we take it a step away from reality, as we cannot be certain that photos and movies are not acted out for benefit of the creeps who buy this stuff. Lurid tales of Prince Charles and the Bush’s being involved in high-level photo fakery, video fakery, stealing, lying, murdering, kidnapping and imprisoning, poisoning, deceiving and manipulation only serve to misdirect, the objective. My suspicion, even as photo fakery, video fakery, stealing, lying, murdering, kidnapping and imprisoning, poisoning, deceiving and manipulation are real enough, the extension of these activities into vast “rings” that get prominent mainstream attention are but another psyop.

    Mark, do you really miss how shaky your “arguments” are? If this mirror doesn’t work to make you see your flawed reasoning, I don’t know, I have tried my best.


  18. I once read a theory that the actress Taylor Shilling played the role of JBR. I cannot recall the source. The show she stars in as Piper, Orange is the New Black, has a character named John Bennet. In one episode JBR is even referenced: “Back in the present, Alex thinks Piper’s hair makes her look like JonBenet Ramsey. That is…not…how you pick someone up.”

    Liked by 1 person

    Check out especially the chapters dealing with the UK, Jimmy Savile, BBC, etc. starting with chapter 19. It is interesting, how very many cases go unsolved after being shut down from above, and good detectives are never allowed to do their jobs.


  20. A lot of coverage has been done overwhelmingly on male “serial killers” like Charles Manson and Jeffrey Dahmer, exposing them to be hoaxes. But I think they have forgotten one “unique” case of Aileen Wuornos, the “first-ever female serial killer.” Her story is quite a treat to look at. I suspect, of course, that her story was invented to create more fear in the general population and to split the sexes. Allegedly, she murdered seven (here’s that number, again) men from 1989-1990. She was tried, convicted, and sentenced to death for those crimes many times and was finally “executed” by lethal injection on 10/09/2002 (19, 22), just a few weeks shy of Halloween. I suggest you look into this story.

    There’s a movie about her life, too:


    1. At 2:10-2:15: “The thing no one ever realized about me was that I could train myself into anything.”

      Another Freudian slip, I suppose? She definitely “trained herself” (or was trained by her handlers) into playing a fake woman serial killer. That’s method acting.


  21. One of her victims was a child abuse investigator for the state. Go figure:

    “Charles Richard “Dick” Humphreys, age 56, September 11, 1990—Retired U.S. Air Force Major, former State Child Abuse Investigator, and former Chief of Police. On September 12, 1990, his body was found in Marion County. He was fully clothed and had been shot six times in the head and torso. His car was found in Suwannee County.” –


    1. Dick Hump. 9/11. Age 11. Priceless. Charlie Theron supposedly witnessed her mother kill her father. Sure. Dead fathers are always a part of a caretaker scheme of planned for bastard of the elites. Naturally, she’s adopted two children, one a tranny, because these bastards are IVF manipulated drones. Like Angie Jolie and the like. They have no libido. Theron’s partners are all show biz drones. For a time, she was handled by Sean Penn, apparently one of the boots on the ground reprogrammers. Look into his rescue missions of actresses who seem to be having trouble with their programming.


  22. BTW, JonBenet Ramsey is related to David Hogg, famous school shooting crisis-actor. If you study her paternal bloodline, you’ll find many prestigious connections. She’s even related to some republican politicians from Nevada or New Mexico.


  23. Note to Eyeveins … first-time commenters are put in moderation, not banned. However, your reduction of this event to men who cannot handle strong attractive women was laughable, and not a discussion I want to have. I love the way you skipped to comment without reading the post.


    1. I don’t think i said i would banned.
      You’ll have to quote me on the capable hotties thing. I am the expert from experience, so I’m sure i can answer any further questions. 🙂

      There ARE mass murderers and serial killers. The ruling class. Like, what exactly is it you think their militaries are up to? Do you think they march at each other in formation in fields to a lute and drum? The stories the msm tell about the lower levels of the pyramid are them framing us for what their masters do.

      Greasy Gary’s activities are limited by his resources…now what would the Greasy Garys get up to if they had unlimited resources? Bc thats what the ruling class pervs are doing. Their anti child trafficking orgs are trafficking children. Take UNANIMA (…please).

      Pederasty is a time-honored military tradition. Makes soldiers.

      But you knew all this. Mae Brussell protected judaism while miles mathman protects the vatican. Something like that. What we’re finding is about to start mattering in an earth-moving way, like it or not. 🙂


      1. Your first comment did not appear because you are first-time. Once approved, as this one is, you will not be moderated again.

        There are indeed pedophiles, and I know this via personal experience. Whether or not there are organized pedophile rings, I do not know. Recruitment would be difficult. The JonBenet Ramsey matter was littered with clues that this was merely a psyop (that the Boulder police would have been advised in advance about). For one, they were indifferent on the morning after the event, allowing the father to wander freely, not bothering to separate the parents for questioning. For another, there was a break-in at the Boulder morgue, and the page that would have contained the Ramsey arrival was taken. The reason for that was that there was no child, no body, so that removal of that page removed the evidence that there wasn’t a body. It’s been a long time since I wrote this, but there was other stuff.

        There was a similar incident in France in 2007, the girl named Madeleine McCann. If you look into it you’ll find the same clues that it is a hoax, indifferent police and parents, and continued media coverage, keeping the event alive in our minds for years. That is part of the reason for psyops, to keep us engaged, excited, and misdirected.


        1. The McCann incident was in Portugal, during a family holiday with 3 or 4 families as a group, at a resort in the Algarve. You are basically correct in what you say about it Mark

          The local police made the parents suspects very early on, but the British state pulled rank, and protected the parents for some unclear reason. They installed a top media guy immediately [ex Murdoch and employed by the Cabinet Office I think, say no more] He “managed” the media coverage over a very long period. It became a long running, and very big, media affair in Britain, everyone knew the story. It still crops up now and again, often a sign of a hoax. The parents always seemed too cool and cold hearted to me. They used a “charity”, which they quickly set up after the disappearance, as part of the ongoing “search” for the child. The Brit public poured money in, millions

          There are many theories about what actually happened, nothing definitive of course. Rich Hall of Rich Planet [I know you aren’t a fan] did a lot of work on the case. Including use of a very impressive US “statement analyst”, called Peter Hyatt, if I recall. Hyatt makes a living by examining verbal and written statements for evidence of falsehood. He is used by police forces in the US and he really is an impressive guy. He concluded that the parents are liars so, if he is correct then, the official story must a hoax

          Paedophilia is also an angle in the McCann case. There were allegations about some of the other members of the larger group at the resort. No body was ever found, she’s still “missing” officially. Meaning that the only public evidence that she really existed is a few photographs and assertions by the participants

          The very early, almost immediate, involvement of the British state is the real mystery. Why was it so important to them? If Miles did his genealogy thing on this case it would be interesting I expect


          1. Thanks for the update, Pete. The JonBenet matter became an ongoing story here, now years old and still alive. I think that is the point, something Stephers said, that these psyops create excitement for us. Life is otherwise dull.

            RichPlanet is OK in my view, but I left him when he was viewing various angles for the planes on 911, where I had concluded there were no planes, so by definition he was in a rabbit hole. I think I suggested to him at one time that McCann was a hoax, but never heard back. I probably said that it looked like a British version of JonBenet. I see he left off on 7/19/2019 (your 12-7-2019) with a new hypothesis. I also see he uses the word “hoax” for Covid.


  24. Has anyone outside the family ever said they knew JBR? Even other mothers of her fellow 6 year olds whom presumably were in these pageants? One researcher I was listening to just yesterday (Krikey! Am I being monitored and steered?!?!- what am I doing in the JBR comments?!) ahem- anyway, this researcher could find no evidence the pageants ever existed, let alone a little girl who is only seen isolated on stage in those clips. The podcast was called tin foil hat and she calls herself human vibrations if you want to look it up. Linking isn’t my strong suit.


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