Blue and Yellow make Green

‘Green’ billionaires behind professional activist network that led suppression of ‘Planet of the Humans’ documentary

Green New Deal

Wall Street Democrats (“Blue”) and “Environmental NGOs” who act green in name only (“Yellow”) have been conspiring to kick-start the 4th Industrial Revolution for decades now. Nothing has changed. Global mega-banks continue to trade “green stocks” just like any other stock, bond, commodity or synthetic instrument.

A pic is worth 1,000 words.

Any organization with a large annual budget — let’s use $1 million as a rough figure — is in on the scam. Most, if not all, of these fake environmental corporations, fake hunting advocacy groups, fake “conservation” organizations, are extensions of the Democratic Party. They all collaborate with the destroyers of planet earth. They all have made their “deal with the Devil.”

Climate is the umbrella under which most of the new propaganda is generated. Fear is the emotional touch-tone used to dupe the goyim into another frenzy, another round of consumer purchases that will end up in the landfill just like the last newer, better models that are now outdated and cast aside for the latest in technology and “science.”

Anyway, not much of this is new to most of our savvy readers. The article linked above is comprehensive in that it links the faces and major players in the latest global roundup and con — going green. Bigger the mass number of duped souls, the bigger the ecological catastrophe when the wrapper comes off and things go to shit, yet once again. Nothing changes but the sales pitch.

ps. Stephers (thank you) sent me this:

Cory Morningstar, IMO, is the most informed journalist/writer on this (faux-green) subject. Her reflections on the article I posted are more important to understanding all the twists and turns in the “Green” stampede than all of Blumenthal’s. His focus on Moore’s movie LIMITS (limited hangout) our view.

4 thoughts on “Blue and Yellow make Green

  1. Steve, that link is a book’s worth of writing, and I’ve read quite a bit of it, but note that the cursor on the right hand side of the screen barely moves with each article. I’ll get back to it, but wanted to note that what I found with the Climate Change set was lies, lies, lies and the lying liars who tell them. This Fox character is a lying liar, much like Michael Mann, knowing full well he is lying and unashamed, that is, a hired gun.

    Every objective of Climate Change is being set in motion in spades by Covid 19.

    These people make we wanna puke.

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  2. The controversy around this movie seems completely fake to me. As a filmmaker himself, Fox must be savvy enough to know that you do not “bury” or “suppress” a film by running around telling everybody about its existence. That’s what marketing campaigns do. According to this article, Fox began his extremely public and almost comically histrionic campaign against the film on the day of its release. A smarter strategy would have been to PRIVATELY confer with his well-connected colleagues about ways to discredit the film on the off-chance that it would be seen by enough people to have an impact on their agenda. Fox’s ludicrous actions surely prompted a lot of people who never would have even heard of the film to watch it. Maybe he’s an idiot, but I suspect he is part of controlled opposition to Climate Change’s controlled opposition.

    It reminds me of Trump railing against fake news, prompting his fans AND his foes to double down on their moronic trust in whatever news organization they arbitrarily deemed “trustworthy.” Perhaps this is a push to get people to arbitrarily put more trust in this or that criminal billionaire as they all work together aggressively on the “Great Reset” that the COVID scam is meant to accelerate?

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  3. Right-O. Cory Morningstar’s conclusion from the above, extra-long critique:

    “An environmental movement not built on a foundation of anti-imperialism, anti-militarism and anti-capitalism is meaningless. Worthless.

    I have tried to keep this concise and brief – which is impossible. Upon that note, I caution that the most important elements now underway, in respect to further destruction of our natural world, are still be ignored by groups and writers with far more resources, and far larger audiences than we have at Wrong Kind of Green. Silence is complicity. Discourse is a strategy utilized by those in service to the ruling class. I hope this inspires more people to investigate, write and organize.

    “And that’s the real question facing the white activists today. Can they tear down the institutions that have put us all in the trick bag we’ve been into for the last hundreds of years?” So to me the question is “are we tearing down the institutions or keeping them propped up?”
    — Stokely Carmichael, 1966”

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