Any old virus will do

I refer readers to a paper written by Dr. Stefan Lanka posted on 9/11/20. Dr. Lanka is a noted and controversial virologist of good standing. He was the man who instigated court proceedings in Germany that ultimately found that the existence of the measles virus had never been proven.

The title of the piece is Misinterpretation Virus II: Beginning and End of the Corona Crisis.* Since this is part 2, I assume there is a part 1, but it may not have been translated, as this part was, by James McKumiskey.

*h/t to commenter Alexei for bringing this article to our attention.

I started working on this blog post yesterday, and quickly realized that it was going to end up being very long, and the length of the writing would be my education, as in writing stuff out I sometimes gain understanding. In the same process, I also lose readers. It’s too damned long. So, I am not sure how to present this other than to urge that you read the paper. I printed it out, and it was 6,400 words and 14 pages. So it will take half an hour or more. But I found it absorbing and I was not aware of passing time.

I am only going to single out three sections of the paper, with the understanding that commenters will flesh this and the rest out out and help me in my understanding as well.

… virologists who allege that pathogenic viruses exist suppressed a well-known fact for understandable reasons. The virus test that is used is a genetic test. The genetic sequences which they seek in the test are not isolated from a virus. They isolate typical genetic sequences, which are released in increasing quantities when tissues and cells die. These generally short genetic sequences, which are component parts of the human metabolism need to be studied further. Virologists can theoretically construct, with the help of a computer program, long genetic strands from many short genetic sequences. These are then claimed to be real viral genetic strands. That is the reason why healthy people who are repeatedly tested have a positive test.

Consistently, the virologists ignore two of the prescribed rules of science so that they do not contradict themselves. The first is to consistently verify all assertions oneself. The second is to test all assumptions and methods by means of control experiments. If they would carry out the control experiments, they would discover that all the genetic sequences, which are theoretically connected together to form a viral genetic strand originate from the human metabolism and not from outside, from an alleged virus.” (Emphasis added.)

Lanka goes on the patch together a history of Covid-19, including the alleged death of ophthalmologist Li Wenliang. Lanka notes that he only tried to warn some of his colleagues about SARS being present in a hospital, and to watch out for themselves. One of the recipients of his private message put it on WhatsApp, and it soon spread world wide. A panic was triggered. My suspicion is that this was all staged, and that the panic and resulting draconian lock downs and business closures were planned well in advance, and for other purposes. But enough of that. There’s more to be said about virology.

DrostenMuch of this piece centers around a Doctor Christian Drosten, who strikes me as the Gallo/Montagnier of this hoax. Hoaxes I have seen center around one person who pushes the narrative forward, and Drosten seemed to be that man back in January of this year.

Because the determination of the quantity of artificially created DNA during the course of the PCR-technique can be approximately determined, this development of the PCR technique is referred to as “real-time PCR”. A “real-time PCR” which is preceded by another step, the transformation of RNA into DNA by means of “Reverse Transcription” RT; It is therefore referred to as “real-time RT-PCR”.

Professor Drosten applies the “real-time RT-PCR in his developed test for proving the new Corona-virus. He searched a data-pool on the internet for short genetic sequences, which are ascribed to the SARS-virus. He used these sequences of short pieces of genetic materials for the PCR-Primer sequence, in order to prove the “still” unknown Chinese virus with his “real-time RT-PCR”.

On the 10th January and 12th January provisional compilations of sequences appeared which were subsequently changed and were published on 01/24/2020 and on 02/03/2020, this represented the results of the first two experiments for identifying the still unknown virus. The CCDC virologists theoretically compiled the sequences of short genetic pieces by means of computer programs to a possible genetic strand. The CCDC virologists state in both publications that there is still no evidence that these suggested sequences actually cause disease. On 01/10/2020 and on 01/12/2020 the suggested Chinese sequences were still provisional and had not been through the strenuous process of scientific verification.

The fact that the World Health Organisation (WHO) recommended the PCR test developed by Professor Drosten for proving the new virus, even before the publication of the two Chinese sequencing suggestions, is proven. Professor Drosten used unproven scientific data for his quickly globalised PCR-test for the 2019-nCoV, which was renamed with his participation SARS-CoV-2 on 02/07/2020[xi].

With the renaming of the description of a mere suspicion of a possibly defective or harmless virus “nCoV” to a dangerous pathogen “SARS-CoV-2” the impression was implanted in the public, that an actual SARS-virus was discovered in China, which causes a dangerous disease, namely SARS, and killed the new Chinese idol Li Wenliang, who had defied the party leadership. Thus, Professor Drosten and his colleagues from the Virus-Nomenclature-Group fulfilled the expectation of the shocked population into being “finally diagnosed”. This expectation was triggered by the momentum of the mass panic caused by Dr Li Wenliang and seemingly fulfilled by Professor Drosten. It is crucial to know that at this time all directly concerned virologists stated – and to date still state – that there is no evidence that this new virus actually causes disease. Or, it occurs in parallel with diseases, with healing processes, after healing processes, by a few healthy people, or by many healthy people, or by everyone? (Edited to change date nomenclature to American.)

This is the single most important part of the Lanka piece, in my view, the fact that virologists proceeded to create a worldwide pandemic centered around a virus not known to even exist, or it it exists, to be a dangerous pathogen. This falls well in line with the words of much-maligned Dr. Andrew Kaufman, that the Wuhan affair did not produce an isolated virus, and that in the opinion of many scientists, virologists do not produce useful information.

The pandemic, in my view, was contrived from the beginning, and the impression that there was a new and dangerous virus was critical, no doubt why WHO and Drosten ran with work that was premature and  incomplete, and in fact never was and never will be completed. WHO did not need a virus, only fear of a virus, to launch its campaign. In fact, the only virus that has spread is fear.

Here are Lanka’s conclusions:

The following clear answers, conclusions, and consequences emerge from [Drosten’s] statements.

1) Has Professor Drosten verified whether the gene-sequences, which are the basis of his tests, and were obtained from the Chinese virologists are actually sequences that originate from a virus? The answer is No! He couldn’t verify whether the sequences are from a virus, because the two definitive publications, in which the extraction of the gene sequences used by him are described, were not available before the launch of his test.

2) Has Professor Drosten carried out the prescribed control experiments to determine whether the sequences used actually come from a virus? Has been carried out the control experiments to determine whether the applied sequences, which he ascribes to the new virus, are in reality, not sequences that originate in every metabolism, perhaps even in plants and even more so in the metabolism of sick people?

The answer is: No! Neither he nor the CCDC virologists nor others have demonstrably carried out the necessary control experiments to date and if so, they have not published them. Short genetic sequences from the metabolism of healthy people must be used in order to sequence them for the crucial control experiments. These short genetic sequences must be put together into a long genetic-strand of a virus with the same computer programme as the gene sequences from sick people. This experiment was neither performed nor published. This necessary control experiment, which arises from pure logic, and the logic of virology was never mentioned. The moment in which this experiment is carried out and published, the corona-crisis is immediately ended. (Emphasis added.)

Thus is appears to me to be what I have said all along, that WHO wanted a global pandemic for geopolitical reasons centering around population control; that WHO needed a virus, and that any old virus would have done. The Wahun virologists and Dr. Christian Drosten provided that virus, but they never proved that it either really existed or that it was dangerous. The rest is history.

39 thoughts on “Any old virus will do

  1. That’s quite an article. I do continue to think that beyond the “pandemic” there is more to it than just “population control.” Francis Galton, Darwin’s cousin, allegedly coined the term “eugenics” in 1883. It is highly likely that the “Reset” will usher in a new round of modern, high-tech culling of the human population. Crown feudalism is going through a rapid evolution “nudging” the goyim like cattle on our way to “Big Data Utopia.” Track and trace, report, monitor, surveil and rank on a “social crediting” scale all are being implemented simultaneously at Google, Facebook and widely across the Inter-net — it’s all track-able. People often forget that DARPA owns and runs the Silicon Valley. We are all in the net with no apparent way out. Welcome to Plantation Earth. Time to expose our masters and make plans to reverse the current trend, or acquiesce and take the money, take the vaccine, and take whatever they’re giving in exchange for servitude. This is population control all right, but a bit more extreme than the term is commonly perceived.

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  2. Drosten is just another player in this hoax that speaks with a forked tongue. He like many others got their 15 minutes of fame and will not be heard of as much next year.

    They have to stay within the confines of the hoax script, but they know they can’t keep it going and are putting an end to it. No arrests, no big lawsuits unless it’s controlled. Next year will be filled with tv show comedies, sports, full concert itineraries and anything that makes people forget what we all had to go thru.

    And it’s obvious how they will turn the corner and implement the final steps of this hoax.
    The push for the not so accurate rapid fire little piece of cardboard antibody testing, that give results in a few minutes, then the operation warp speed distribution of the whatever is in it vaccine.
    Then the pat on the back speeches, celebrity roasts and award shows etc. for a job well done.

    Just a little more fear mongering of a second wave, and maybe a few of your local bars and restaurants temporary close, so they can keep their grant money, but it appears we are entering the final phase of this Corona crisis hoax and eventually nobody will be required to wear a mask.

    POM was in the know right at the start, not many of the commenters were fooled at all or for very long.
    The information just on this blog if put into a book, would make the best seller’s list.


    1. Hans Kluge , the European Regional Director of the WHO, said in a video on the WHO website that covid 19 won’t go away when the vaccine arrives, it will only go when we’ve all taken responsibility and adopted the new behaviours permanently. Mask wearing and social distancing is the new normal, its not going away.


  3. Word on the street from friends in England.
    Starting last week, many restaurants, pubs, gyms, hotels, etc. began posting a phone QR code at their entrances and turned away people who didn’t have the NHS COVID-19 contact tracing app downloaded on their phones. These businesses can still take down customer’s contact information manually, of course, although many of them seem loathe to do so. Relying on the QR code is much easier for data collection purposes and it helps create some emotional distance between business owners and customers as the QR code is a third-party (NHS) creation.

    One friend was very proud to announce on social media that they had downloaded the voluntary NHS COVID-19 contact tracing app. They haven’t thought about where this could lead (e.g. further erosion of privacy, potential to be forced into quarantine, the need to carry your personal tracking device with you at all times in public life).
    Looking back on the introduction, and now ubiquity, of the smart phone, it appears that this has been the game all along: entrap people through these devices.
    The first iPhone was released in the US on June 29, 2007. There’s an infographic from the following Business Insider article that shows, “…there’s little in these devices that doesn’t owe its existence to the US Department of Defense in some form or another.”

    Sadly, there will be plenty of volunteers for the NHS COVID-19 tracing app. There will be plenty of volunteers to use, and thus normalize, the QR codes at every business door. There will be plenty of volunteers for whatever new miracle vaccine comes out for the fictional COVID-19. Some people are too trusting when it comes to authority. Some people are too afraid to resist. Some people just want to be on the cutting edge of whatever new technology comes out. What can you do?

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    1. Yes I can confirm that about the NHS COVID-19 tracing app in the UK, Bird. Everyone in my wider family has had a text from the NHS asking them to download the app. No chance by any of us. Why would anyone risk having to quarantine for 14 days? Particularly given that nobody is actually ill. You are correct that there will be plenty of volunteers too, I am sure of that

      This psyop has divided Brit society. I think that the majority are starting to live in fear again, after a slackening of the pace during the summer. You can see it in their eyes above their stupid effin masks. The meaningless PCR “cases” stats are being used to ramp up the fear again. The whole of the controlled media are remorselessly pumping “cases” right now

      The believers mainly just spout propaganda, quoting straight from media, when you talk with them. I can’t be bothered to even respond tbh. Debating religious zealots is pointless.

      But there is a significant minority who are not buying into this baloney. And I get the feeling that this minority is growing. This is definitely true in my area, which is rural, and hence conservative. This is also true elsewhere from what I see and hear. I’ve travelled a lot across the north of England this summer in my camper van and I’ve found a wide disparity of localised paranoia levels. From don’t give a damn, to fear central

      The waiverers are the folk to try to interact with. I give them plenty of encouragement whenever I come across them, which is more and more often I’m pleased to say. I always ask them: Do you know anyone who is ill? They always reply: No.

      This says it all for me… Nobody is ill. It’s the first time in my life that we’ve ever had to take a “test” to know that we are ill. Jeez, how brainwashed are the believers?


    1. Arrested while doing an interview and on stage with Robert Kennedy Jr? Hmm… The writer of this globalresearch article, Peter Koenig, worked for over 30 years with the World Bank and the World Health Organization around the world. Is there any opposition that is not controlled?
      Here’s a debate between Robert Kennedy Jr. And Alan Dershowitz:

      It’s moderated by Patrick Bet-David with a fake Jersey accent. He is CEO of PHP Agency. That’s supposed to be a ‘by the people for the people’ sort of thing. They aim to build the largest global financial services marketing company. This is from their site: “Our mission since day one is to change an elitist financial services industry and in so doing, provide EVERYONE access to the best insurance products offered.” Yeah, right…
      What still doesn’t sit right with me is is Dr. Kaufman being promoted as legendary at the end of his Trafalgar, 9/19 speech. It is it is custom in controlled opposition to put people on pedestals and make them in to hero’s and martyrs.

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  4. So, XS, is there anything in Koenig’s article you think is false? What position(s) did he take you disagree with? Did you already know of this arrest? Did you know about DNA modification in Gates’s vaccine? What should one do with information from people with unusual access to information with a sketchy past? Ad hominem argument only gets you so far, not so far at all. Be skeptical, discern, live life.


    1. Yes, I did now about this vaccine changing your DNA. Jon Rappaport for example has written about it. Did you know the PTB can legally claim ownership over you once they changed your DNA like they can patent and own every GMO?
      My point is NOT that you should not take his information seriously, the most solid information comes from Limited Hangouts. But remember who you are dealing with. I just don’t get what the endgame is with all the resistance they are creating. Feels like a pied piper thing like the hippy/flower power and the occupy wall street movement were countercultures by design. I think most of the arrest of people that speak out are part of the show.
      It’s not an ad hominem argument, I’m not saying he’s not trustworthy because of his past. I’m just skeptical about all the obvious Limited Hangouts. It’s not an attack, it’s a heads up and a question mark.


      1. The trouble is , all the Limited Hangouts aren’t that obvious. It used to be that if Youtube allowed it, it was suspect. Too simple . Then there’s the double and treble blind to muddy the waters even further and yet, the truth IS out there somewhere.
        Personally I’ve entertained most of the theories being pushed at one time or another and have finally arrived at ”what feels right ” to me. That’s not to say that I won’t change my mind if solid proof comes my way. This is all most of us can do but natural instinct and common sense is probably a good start for sorting the wheat from the chaff.

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        1. They say that the more you use your intuition the better it gets.
          Sometimes I feel like I just know something is real or not, that worry’s me sometimes…


  5. you need to understand, that Lanka is being sarcastic. He focuses on the official scientific papers pointing out the contradictions, avoiding denying their seriousness. The official papers are full of lies. Lanka explains the scientific terms which is necessary to understand the contents. But it is us who has to draw the right conclusions. He wants us to think for our selves.
    Lanka also mentions that some of the “not for free” papers describe requirements for future pandemic management. They recommend:
    – early involvement of social media (which weren’t available or as popular 2009 when the first SARS was invented)
    – control of the internet to avoid substantial critic
    – make sure the “experts” don’t contradict themselves
    That’s what is now happening. It’s political. Analyzing the science behind Corona is wasting of time because there is no science. It all exists only in the media.

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    1. Hello BARBM124, looks like you are commenting on my post and Steve Kelly’s comment on that (correct me if I’m wrong). These are comments on the article Steve Kelly posted a link to not the Lanka article.


    1. the one thing that keeps it ‘on the table’ for me, is the ‘vaping illness’ back in the fall of 2019. I live in MA and the response by the state/local authorities was beyond comprehension. It took them YEARS and thousands of lives lost to even recognize the opioid epidemic we have here, but their response to the vaping thing, which affected very few people, seemed like minutes.
      Vape, Juul were both banned, vape stores were immediately shut down (for months), online vape stores could not ship to MA. And they managed it all in a few weeks.
      According to the medical establishment, cigarettes have killed how many, hundreds of millions?, and yet they continued to allow those to be sold (although they did remove menthols during this time)
      When they finally let the stores reopen, only nicotine flavored vape could be sold, all the others (fruit, menthol, etc) were banned for good. Oh and they imposed hefty local and state taxes on all electronic vaping products to show how much they care for the well being of their people. /s

      Anyway, the reaction by .gov was so over the top, and I read somewhere that the vaping illness had some of the same symptoms as covid, which when combined, does make me suspicious.


  6. A long time ago I read a contemporary news account from WW II (which I now can’t find)… I believe it was published before America entered the war but our leaders really wanted us to. Roosevelt visited Germany and described seeing dead bodies of Jews but prefaced his remarks by saying that he was afraid Americans would think it was a hoax.

    Just makes me wonder if every generation goes through a period where a lot of people begin to see through the facade–if the number of people who see through today’s hoaxes is the same as it has always been. When we entered the second world war, were just as many people resistant of it and disbelieving the true motives for it as the number of people who now resist wearing masks?

    I also wonder if the number of people who will resist a vaccine is significantly greater than the number of people who currently resist masks. Bill Gates is despised even by those I know who are all in with self-muzzling. Was making him the front man for the vaccines a huge mistake on the PTB’s part?


  7. Excellent piece. Drosten’s fingerprints are all over this scam, developing the first ‘diagnostic test’, pushing a ‘second wave’ and asymptomatic transmission [the kernel of this control operation] early on, and with the WHO cleverly adding D for DISEASE to his group’s renaming exercise. The CDC’s [and others’] websites don’t even use the word disease to describe the original SARS, it’s an illness or a syndrome there.
    The renaming paper, which Drosten and his cronies had authored, appeared online as a pre-print [not peer reviewed] in Nature Microbiology on February 11. On the back of that the WHO chose to rename the just re-classified virus ‘COVID-19’ the VERY SAME DAY…] a new name having been floated back in January for propaganda purposes before there were any alleged ‘poster’ deaths outside China. The paper renaming the “novel” coronavirus didn’t get published until March 2 by which time it had changed slightly…see below. Drosten wasn’t a corresponding author, they were Jobn Ziebuhr [D] and Alexander Gorbalenya [NL]
    Gummi Bear gummibear737 Sep 25 2020
    Did you know that ICTV-CSG which is the authority on classifying and naming new viruses initially concluded that SARS-CoV-2 was NOT a novel virus?
    Ralph Baric would know, he’s an expert
    But, this figure didn’t make it to final publication Frowning face

    [Referring to Fig 5]
    I wonder why Baric was singled out there as one of the CSG authors – perhaps as an American, but Neuman and Perlman are also in the US.
    Baric [UNC] put out a 30 minute video on March 11 to explain away this ‘novel coronavirus’, the date when….the pandemic was declared. All very mainstream.

    Update –
    Christian Drosten: ‘We won’t get rid of masks anytime soon’ – Deutsche Welle Sept 17 2020.
    Still at it…


    1. Asymtomatic carriers a problem for control says Drosten in 2012!

      ” A key experiment, he says, will be to find where the new virus latches on to the human lung. Some scientists suspect that it might bind to the angiotensin-converting enzyme 2 (ACE2) receptor, as did the SARS virus. That could be both good and bad news. The receptor is found deep in the lungs, where infections can cause severe disease, but viruses nestling there are less apt to be coughed or sneezed into the air than are those found higher in the lungs.

      “Receptor-binding properties could also be crucial to the success of potential control measures, should they be needed,” says Drosten. SARS was contained by isolating suspected cases, partly because it did not spread quickly, but also because those it infected became very ill before the virus moved into the upper respiratory system. That made cases easy to identify before the patients started spreading the virus. Flu pandemics, by contrast, are impossible to stop, largely because those infected with the virus spread it to others for days before they show any symptoms of infection. ”

      By Declan Butler, Nature magazine on October 3, 2012


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