World Health Organization to World on Coronavirus: Just Kidding!

The World Health Organization stunned onlookers at a press conference this morning by announcing that the recent coronavirus pandemic had actually been a complex inside joke between those at the agency. WHO head Tedros Adhanom was quoted to have said “We got you so bad!”. Journalists and onlookers were equally shocked as the men at the podium proceeded to laugh and high five.

Coronahoax is classic PROBLEM, REACTION, SOLUTION

A short follow-up on the coronahoax from me. We are not in the grip of a pandemic. A pandemic of fear, maybe. We can debate all day whether there really is some unique, new virus out there (and whether viruses even cause illness), but what is not debatable is that the media and government are acting in a completely indefensible manner. With only 35,000 people shown to be dead across the globe (even with incredibly padded and pushed numbers), this shows us that even as far as they have tried to stretch this, they have not been terribly successful. While the media is under their complete control, it is REALITY that they have not been able to be manipulate to match the fear-mongering. People are not actually dying in vast numbers. This means that either the virus itself is a fraud, or the fatality numbers are hyperinflated to the point that the true fatality rate is in the <0.1% range of cold or flu. In any case, you are being lied to by the media and this quarantine is doing far more damage than it provides value.

What we are truly seeing with Coronahoax 2020 is a classic “Problem, Reaction, Solution” ploy by those at the top…

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I’m in!

We have not been harmed by Coronahoax. As retired people we stay at home mostly anyway, though I’ve been deliberately going out on unnecessary trips just as a matter of principle (yesterday: Green Giant frozen corn). We’ve lost money on investments, but I knew people who were devastated in 2008, and so will not complain. We all take it in the shorts at times, and we are very fortunate to have investments that we do not have to rely on for monthly income. So yes, we count our blessings daily.

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De-linking from total immersion news

There is no news. It is important to grasp this aspect of the Covid-2020 hoax. I’ve called it, in the past, TIC, or total information control. I now search for something catchy and clever to embrace what we have seen with this the turn of the calendar … total immersion is neither, but will have to do. All those pretty and annoying teleprompter readers are incessant, and all speak the same message no matter where we turn, local, national or international.

It’s impressive. Government agencies are on board, as are UN agencies, local hospitals and police, and the corporate sphere. If this is not 1984, then it is very much like that except they have not bashed our mouths in. They have only bashed our minds, a display of raw power and propaganda I’ve not experienced since being subjected to air raid drills in grade school.

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Coronavirus Doctor Li Wenliang Did Not Exist

This post is more relevant now than ever before. If Chinese poster-child Li Wenliang did not exist, then why would we believe anything we are told about the COVID-19 fake pandemic? The Chinese statistics were shown to be simulated, the poster-child is shown here to be completely fraudulent. The entire event is fraudulent. The numbers are rigged. The media is telling a story that does not need to reflect reality. Do not believe what you are being told. If there is a new virus, it is a weak one that is not worthy of this panic. Re-posting this as a reminder to out audience who might have missed it initially. The emperor wears no clothes! The pandemic does not exist.

Piece of Mindful


Readers might already know that I was on the trail of this one, and I think it is worthy of its own post. Last week, the doctor who was known as the “whistleblower” on the Chinese coronavirus was reported to have died from the virus. The red flags surrounding this death are redder than the Chinese flag is red. Something fishy absolutely happened here, and below I will explore what I believe we have witnessed: Li Wenliang did not exist (or if he did, he was a state agent and most certainly did not die of the coronavirus).

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