Dystopia and death by overdose of Purell

I am sitting in the Cmon Inn in Casper, Wyoming. I am up very early, my norm, and so left our room so I don’t disturb my wife and grandson. Thus do I observe the background workings of a motel, surely following the dictates of Mrs. Wilson’s second grade class at Broadview elementary in Wheat Ridge, Colorado. This, I have decided, must be the source of all of the stupid procedures businesses must follow.

People are walking around in masks with buckets and mops following, scrubbing every floor, counter and exposed surface. Bottles of spray disinfectant are all around. If we die of any foreign agent in the coming months, it will be Purell.

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“COVID-19 is over” says Stanford Epidemiologist

This post is basically one giant way for me to beg you to head over to the Twitter page of Ethical Skeptic. This guy has a Master’s Degree in Epidemiology from Stanford specializing in Infectious Diseases, and his charts and graphs on Twitter tear the mainstream narrative absolutely to shreds. He is the best resource to send people as a mainstream way to explain to people why the current hysteria is nothing but hype.

Visit this guy. He is worth it, and he will be hugely useful to anyone trying to explain to skeptics why this coronavirus situation is a fraud. His latest charts and graphs are below, but there is much more great content.

His comment regarding the second wave? “This is perception spinning and cannot last forever.” This guy is a dynamite source, and all our readers should be aware of him. More below.

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The myth of the “asymptomatic carrier”

I was listening yesterday to a podcast by James Delingpod Delingpole – background noise as I went about my chores. Delingpole is a bright guy, but just slightly not bright enough. I don’t listen to everything he puts out, but at various times he has seen through the Coronavirus hoax, only going down the wrong path, thinking that the virus was manufactured in a laboratory and escaped. Maybe he has come around, I don’t know.

His guest that I listened to was Alistair Haimes (link to podcast), an investment manager who was “radicalised by the lockdown.” Much of this discussion resonated, but Haimes believes there is a virus. At some point, and since it is long and rambling I’m not going back, he notes that 80% of those who test positive for the Sars-Cov-2 virus are “asymptomatic carriers.”

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Shall we play a game?

Below is a brief dialogue from War Games, the 1983 Cold War science fiction film (see the movie trailer above), in which a young computer hacker, David Lightman, unwittingly accesses a US military supercomputer. In the film, Lightman gets the WOPR (War Operation Plan Response) supercomputer to run a nuclear war simulation, believing it to be a computer game. But the computer is connected to the U.S. nuclear weapons control system and unable to distinguish simulation from reality. 

Falken (The WOPR creator): It’s a bluff, John, call it off.

John (the operations head): No, it’s not a bluff, it’s real. 

Falken: General, what you see on these screens up here, is a fantasy, a computer-enhanced hallucination. Those blips are not real missiles, they’re phantoms.

John (to the General): Jack, there’s nothing to indicate a simulation at all.

Falken: General, you are listening to a machine (referring to WOPR – the supercomputer). Do the world a favor, and don’t act like one.

Alright, are we just being played? Are nukes, and the potential for a nuclear war, a bluff? Are pandemics a bluff? Is police brutality a bluff? Is the population control agenda a bluff? Is the Singularity a bluff? 

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Pavel S. Blagov PhD is shaming us!

Predictive Behavior

I thank Steve Kelly for bringing this to our attention.

We can all either read the abstract of the body of the above paper by Pavel S. Blagov, PhD, of Whitman College, or ignore it in total. Hardly any scientific papers are read, with busy people just skimming the abstracts, if that. Blagov’s paper is deeply offensive. He is shaming people of independent mind and moral courage who do not wear face masks or engage in social distancing. How dare he!

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Virus that doesn’t act like a Virus: Is Coronavirus the new HIV?

This is purely a 4AM thought. Correct me if I am wrong, but viral pandemics are supposed to follow a trajectory. Peak in winter, gone in summer (where they are peaking in the southern hemisphere). Mutations are said to occur. Summer becomes winter again. Repeat, repeat.


This coronavirus, however, seems to be a boogeyman that bucks all historical precedent. Common coronavirus is known to be highly seasonal. Who could have guessed that COVID-19 would be the exception of all exceptions?! Oh wait, we guessed it…on almost a daily basis from the very beginning!

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COVID-19: A new superimposed reality – part 2 – moving forward

The self-imposed “global shapers” do not want society to move forward. Rather, they want to MOVE US forward, and they demonstrate that at the World Economic Forum’s site outlining The Great Reset initiative. In the words of Klaus Schwab, Founder and Executive Chairman of the World Economic Forum,“We must not miss this unique window of opportunity.” In the same video (linked above), Prince Charles chimed in, “We have a golden opportunity to seize something good from this crisis. Its unprecedented shockwaves may well make people more receptive to big visions of change.” He continued, “Think big, and act now.”

In my opinion, this rapid movement and evolution into the future — this “momentum” — is anything but organic. I suggest this is ALL by highly calculated design. Problem. Reaction. Solution. Not a new concept for POM readers.

Chasing Their Tales and Our Tails 

I’d like to piggyback on MT’s recent post with respect to the Cuban Missile Crisis being a hoax. One of the most helpful documents I have ever come across (in my preoccupation with hoaxes) is Fakeologist’s list of psyops — the Psyop Histogram. Since discovering this work of art, I have echoed this by creating my own charts involving presumed staged events.

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The Second Wave Or: How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Coronavirus

The Second Wave.

Just typing it makes me want to vomit up my spleen. It feels so prepared. Carefully crafted. Focus-grouped. “The Second Wave”. This phrase has very suddenly been crapped into public awareness. My own mother (who as it turns out is an excellent barometer for the success of public brainwashing) is extremely concerned. Someone please lobotomize me. I’ll pay for the ice pick.

Let’s start with the logical contradictions, and go from there…

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Face masks: Humanity not looking real smart right now

Michael Crichton in his book State of Fear had this to say about the precautionary principle:

The “precautionary principle,” properly applied, forbids the precautionary principle. It is self-contradictory. The precautionary principle therefore cannot be spoken of in terms that are too harsh.

I refer to an article in the British Medical Journal about wearing face masks by Trisha Greenhalgh and colleagues published on April 9 in which they argued as follows:

The precautionary principle is, according to Wikipedia, “a strategy for approaching issues of potential harm when extensive scientific knowledge on the matter is lacking.” The evidence base on the efficacy and acceptability of the different types of face mask in preventing respiratory infections during epidemics is sparse and contested. But covid-19 is a serious illness that currently has no known treatment or vaccine and is spreading in an immune naive population. Deaths are rising steeply, and health systems are under strain.

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Getting to the heart of the social distancing matter

Before I get to the heart of the matter here, I want to present a fictional sci-fi narrative, if you will . . .

The scene: It’s the year 2006, and a scientist is working for one of the largest defense contractor labs in the U.S. His boss gives him what seems to be a monumental task — to utilize their new supercomputer to calculate and solve for x, where x = transforming all current humans into Humans 2.0 who are all cognitively interfaced with the AI mainframe by the year 2030. In more simple terms, and for those who are familiar with Ray Kurzweil’s work, x = “The Singularity.” For this scene, we will name the fictional scientist, Bob, and his boss is Eugene. 

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