Two numbers: 90% and 3,628,800

We went on a three-hour hike today at nearby Staunton State Park, a very busy place, especially on a Saturday. Parking lots were full.

There are no regulations in place in Colorado regarding outdoor wearing of masks except in places like Boulder, aka the “People’s Republic,” an oppressively liberal place. Up here in the mountains, I rarely wear a mask indoors, and never outside. 

Today on the trail, I roughly kept track. Perhaps 90% of the hikers we passed wore masks, many stopping to shield up as we approached.

There is no requirement, and these are not employees forced by their bosses to mask up. This is free and voluntary behavior. This is an indication of how deeply penetrated now the brainwashing is.

But there never was any hope. The old axiom that if it is on TV, people think it is true, holds firm. That is the nature of the human race, a herd that is easily frightened and manipulated. It doesn’t hurt that the schools teach them to be passive and to obey, but still, a better showing would be 10 or 20% in rebellion.  I think it is now more like 1 or 2% of us with the intelligence to see through the hoax and the moral courage to resist. I do appreciate our readers here.


When I was in high school, in a math class one day the teacher, Mr. Conners, one of the good ones, had us do an experiment. He wrote down on a piece of paper the numbers one through ten in random order, each number used only once. He wanted to teach us a little about statistics. He asked us all to do the same. His point was that randomly, most of us would only align with him on maybe two or three of the numbers.

After we had written down our numbers, he wrote his on the board, and I looked down in amazement as I saw that he and I aligned perfectly. He was shocked. What are the odds?

Well, the odds of agreeing on the first number are one in ten. The odds of agreeing on the first two numbers are one in 90 (10 x 9). For three, it is one in 720 (10 x 9 x8), and so on. The odds of agreeing on all ten numbers:

10 x 9 x 8 x 7 x 6 x 5 x 4 x 3 x 2 … or one chance in 3,628,800.

That is the most amazing coincidence I have ever seen in my life.

Later on and more recently, I began to wonder about facial work I was doing, what are the odds, for instance, of alignment of hairline, skull shape, placement and shape of the eyes, nose and mouth, chin shape, distance from nose to upper lip and from lower lip to chin. To get perfect alignment on all those features is the same as above – not incidental, but coincidental. The odds against perfect alignment between Janis Joplin and Amy Goodman … very high. It is this reasoning that has carried me forward in my facial work, and against all critics.

Of course there was a chance that I would get all ten numbers right in Mr. Conners’ class. Statistics never rule out possibilities. They only measure their likelihood. Two faces sharing all of the same features either indicates that we are probably looking at the same person, or that we are looking at monkey business, as in our Brats.

15 thoughts on “Two numbers: 90% and 3,628,800

    1. I have in front of me a piece of paper and on it I have written down the numbers 1-10 in random order, say 3-10-7-1-9-8-2-6-4-5. On your end, you do not know what I have written down, but do the same exercise, writing down the numbers in random order. That is what we are comparing – you and me only, not me and the whole class. What are the odds that we independently of one another write down the same sequence?

      Now that I think of it, I don’t think 10 was in the mix, so the odds would be 1 in 362,880, much lower, but still impossibly high.


      1. I interpreted “each used only once” like everyone took one of the digits out of a hat or something.

        Your math teacher asked you to re-write the digits 1 thru 10 in a random order.

        Indeed a very improbable thing to have happen right there in front of you, especially when the teacher is trying to make a point about how improbable it is! I’ll bet he didn’t believe you if you showed him your numbers. I’ll bet he’d accuse you of writing yours after you saw his.


  1. In Germany they lost. Didn’t spot an outdoor wearer in weeks, except one asian guy, and people waiting for public transport. People even don’t buy the POTUS story, they had articles about conspiracy theories on that on the front pages. However, my impression is they are engineering an awakening, the BS is designed to be transparent.


  2. Birmingham is very blue, relative to Alabama as a whole, but outdoor mask wearers on trails are in a tiny minority. Would be interesting to see a map of the country showing that with color coding.


  3. Jung’s concept of synchronicity is complicated and poorly defined, but can be boiled down to describing “meaningful coincidences.”

    The concept of synchronicity came to Jung during a period of mental illness in the early 1900s. Jung became convinced that everything in the universe is intimately connected, and that suggested to him that there must exist a collective unconscious of humankind.

    This implied to him that events happening all over the world at the same time must be connected in some unknown way.

    Synchronicity = a sign of the divine = a peek into Gaia = Divinity = the interconnectedness of it all.

    Everything has meaning.


  4. I don’t usually dwell on Trump’s utterances too much beyond their entertainment value, but his “coded message to the Proud Boys” was unusually odd. The way it was delivered, sort of out of the blue and in a strange tone— “stand down and stand by!”— and then returning to the flow of the conversation, made him sound like some Manchurian candidate who had just been briefly activated, ha. I don’t remember any previous “coded messages” being so plausible as “coded messages.” Of course I don’t think he was really secretly talking to the probable Intel-creation “the Proud Boys.” So my guess is that it was a pre-scripted line, to develop that narrative thread, that he has covert ties to these groups. Laying the groundwork for some later development we may see along those lines. But who knows?


  5. If you wear a mask in the forest, and there is no one around, are you a super spreader? That was my thought a few weeks ago when I went hiking and only ONE person was not wearing a mask. It was in a forest! It was a little busy –maybe passed 15-20 people or so on the trail.
    So, I guess that person and I were the statistical anomaly 😦


    1. I went to a place to watch my wife and daughter-in-law water ski, outdoors and 90 degrees. The lady there said a mask was required. I said no way, enough is enough! We’re outdoors! She said “Do you want me to call my supervisor?” Man, the things that we think of to say later, but that day I just walked to the very edge of the property, put my toes on it, and stared at her.

      I should have said “Yes! I want to meet the clown who thinks we need to wear a mask while water skiing!” (They did wear masks while driving the boats that pulled the skiers. Unbelievable. Now these little non-living particles that don’t have body parts are found over water.)

      I think “I am among you, but am not part of you.”


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