How did people ever manage without smart phones?

The medical establishment has become a major threat to health. The disabling impact of professional control over medicine has reached the proportions of an epidemic. Iatrogenesis, the name for this new epidemic, comes from iatros, the Greek word for “physician,” and genesis, meaning “origin.” Discussion of the disease of medical progress has moved up on the agendas of medical conferences, researchers concentrate on the sick-making powers of diagnosis and therapy, and reports on paradoxical damage caused by cures for sickness take-up increasing space in medical dope sheets.

Thus begins the introduction in Ivan Illich’s 1975 book Limits to Medicine – Medical Nemesis: The Expropriation of Health. As with his 1971 book Deschooling Society, a critique of education, this book seemed to create a flurry in its time, generating translations and much public discussion in the pre-Internet age, and all to no effect. I’ve read not much further than that opening paragraph, but was stunned that Illich so accurately described in 1975 the current problems associated with medicine. Forty-five years after it was published, the problems have only gotten worse, and the public now seems less able to cope or comprehend.

The image to the left is of “Doc Martin,” a British TV series centered around a curmudgeon that has lasted nine seasons, and which will probably go longer if ever the entertainment industry is allowed to work again in our fascist medical state. I chose his image in addition to Illich (above) because Martin encompasses all that is wrong with our medical systems, be they private or public. Martin is a jerk, but his community, and (inexplicably) his beautiful wife, put up with all his gruff condescension and know-it-alling because he saves lives. I cringed all the way through the series as Martin invoked every misconception and malpractice now embedded in our medical systems, from vaccination to germ theory to drugs to slicing and dicing to more drugs.

Just one example that affected me personally, Martin is presented with a patient suffering Dupuytren’s Contracture, the slow process by which the fingers form clenched fists and become unusable. He quickly rattles off the cure, an injection that breaks up the cords that form in the hand, releasing tension on the fingers. She is of course cured, but in real life, the treatment is wildly expensive and achieves only temporary relief. I took the cure for one finger maybe five years ago, and indeed it worked, for maybe six months. Then it was just as before. More than that, I was shocked as the bills came through – $9,999 for that one treatment! Medicare allowed one-third, my share $666, and the remaining $6,666 went into the stratosphere of fake and padded medical bills. But the important point I took from the treatment was that it was ineffective. I’ve since suffered two more fingers going that way, but have avoided any treatment.

Doc Martin personifies modern medicine, smug, condescending, expensive and dangerous. Illich describes this in 1975, and in the ensuing 45 years, it has only gotten worse. I grew up in an intellectual environment, not that I was one, but it did rub off on me. My brothers discussed people who meant nothing to me, like Ayn Rand, Friedrich Nietzsche, “Bucky” Fuller, Teilhard de Chardin and Rienhold Niebuhr, so I at least knew the names as I entered my working years, no time for books. I think back, however, on the atmosphere of the pre-Internet era, where lively discussion abounded among thoughtful people. How did they ever pull that off without a smart phone?

This age that I see formed around me can be easily dismissed as Twittertopia, short attention spans, and mass-scale ignorance.  In 2020 a fake pandemic is so easily sold, as people are generally extremely gullible and easily fooled. Just one example, a recent phone conversation with a former business associate (who does not know I write on a blog even as I have known her for 33 years) who told us that her 25-year-old nephew suffers from Covid-19, and then expressed contempt for people that do not wear masks. That is bone-crushing arrogance, and we only stood in silence on the other end of the phone. I raised my ring finger to the phone, as due to Dupuytren’s, I can no longer properly flip the bird. Otherwise, we stood in silence on our end, as ignorance rules in our age. People cling to their stupidity as a shield against ever having to think. 

After having read Deschooling Society and only the opening words of Limits to Medicine, I read Wikipedia’s tract on Ivan Illich. Enough comes through to see that he was counter-cultural, anti-authoritarian, deeply intelligent and classically educated. And … Jewish, reminding me of Immanuel Velikovsky in so many ways. He was a Catholic priest who eschewed his priesthood, and who referred to himself as an “errant pilgrim,” a “wandering Jew and Christian pilgrim.” He knew how to think, and relied on his own resources in forming his views. I find all of that so refreshing as I look about at mass imbecility and, see in medical professions dangerous and aggressive stupidity.

20 thoughts on “How did people ever manage without smart phones?

  1. I think it was the Americans that started “flipping off” people using the middle finger, other nations use other means. I believe – those places without a government have no need for such gestures.

    Animals have no need for “flipping” hand gestures except those living on George Orwell Animal Farm


        1. You saw a left handed person doing that, right handed people do it the other way around 😄
          Hopefully you didn’t see that too often during your italian vacations, it’s really rude and it’s men that usually do that.

          I have to say Italian people are very rude when it comes to gestures like that and swear words.
          Dunno if you have ever been to Tuscany Mark, people there swear against God every two other words while speaking, which can be traumatising and very offensive to religious people, but there you go, it’s considered part of their culture and they’ll never stop doing that.

          I’m originally from Umbria(my parents are-were not from there though) and they do the same, especially elderly men.

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          1. I have been to Florence three times, but that is a different world, a tourist interface with service people who are gracious and kind as a matter of course.It has been the same in all our travels except Yucatan in 2003, where we actually ventured out to see sites and mingled, experiencing poverty and despair, and people sitting on curbs at night after pulling long shifts. I sensed hopelessness, but was not part of it, only a viewer, so may have over-analyzed. We were at a wedding and were guests at an expensive resort where a blue band on my wrist paid for everything. Quite a contrast. In Nepal we walked the trails and stayed in ramshackle inns. People were indifferent to us but there was one young boy, a delightful kid who wanted to see my camera, a Nikon CoolPix. I gave it to him and he was so experienced with tourists and cameras that he instantly understood its every function, taking pictures and examining intricacies. I hope he found his calling.


  2. I haven’t read Illich. I did read Gatto’s Underground History of American Education. I suspect you would like it a lot, because he has a similar style of blending personal anecdote with history and the big picture. It’s been years since I read it though so I’m sure I would assess it quite differently today.

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    1. I was pointed to him in a Discord chat and downloaded 2 of his books:

      I am not such a book reader, though today in the Mollycast we talked about an essential book to read; State of Fear by Michael Crichton, I have mentioned it before. Two other books by him came up in the chat, both very actual in this Coronacaust.

      I also went over steve’s excellent post about vaxx ingredients this morning, will post it here when it’s finished (I put a lot of time and dedication in the podcasts).


      1. State of Fear is worthy … I read it and wrote about it … link below … I wrote a bit anyway. I recall writing more but don’t find that post. Maybe in Wayback. The book was disheveled, almost as if he published it before he finished it. Then he died. State of Fear is about the Climate Change Hoax, which has all the elements found in Covid 19, fear of something that cannot be seen or smelled or touched, along with junk science that is only held afloat by group consensus, that is, people either go along with it or they lose their livelihood. Al Gore was the appointed charlatan for Climate Change, Bill Gates without he charming personality, he was.

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      2. I have Dumbing us Down, and I am yet to read it. I just don’t jive with his writing style, like Alston Chase or Isabel Allende, it leaves me cold. Cannot explain it.[Also Aldo Leopold.]


  3. would people have ever accepted smartphones without the old star trek series and other sci fi movies going back to the 60-s? The idea was spread long before the technology was available.
    As for Michael Crichton, I read his old books once and they are of such bad quality that I don’t think, he wrote the latest stuff including Jurassic Park. He was a face of the elite playing a bestseller writer. There are more such examples. Thomas Harris of the Hannibal Lecter books for instance. He wrote one lame book called “Black Monday”, then nothing then suddenly came the excellent Lecter books, not only renewing the idea of a serial killer, which was already popular in the past. But also spreading the idea of forensic criminology where some smart folks in white overalls can take fingerprints out of an eye. His latest book is so bad, it makes you wonder who wrote the books in between. Definitely not the same person. Or take Chuck Palahniuk, the supposed author of the famous Fight Club. He wrote a few books before, different style and different quality, then there came the Fight Club. Then he tried to copy the FC style a few times but without success. He also wrote some weird and boring non fiction books.
    My main question is always why are they giving us this stuff. Because its them who’s giving us the ideas. Fight Club, State of Fear, Matrix, Truman Show, They Live, etc. On the other side the silly masks. I’m having this idea of different sides of the elite fighting each other on our backs. One side tries to make us conscious of what’s going on, the other side abuses their power to make fools of us. Especially the masks look like an insider joke to me.


    1. Agreed, masks are humiliation and shaming, also meant to intensify the fear people feel. The toilet paper shortage was also done to humiliate us, as I view it. No way did that happen naturally.


    2. Good points/hypotheses. I will say that Crichton’s later books include interesting biblios with comment and notes. Yes you may suspect it’s pushed, but they’re genuinely useful to get an overview on those topics. If one had the time/ interest to explore them in that depth. Some of the books cited sound quite interesting.

      Your comment on the dueling elites makes me think of occult type ideas about choosing dark and light paths… Speculating freely, imagine that the elite prep schools cull out students for initiation into various mystery cults, and those cults are oriented on light or dark paths. As one (flimsy) point of evidence, see the epic tales like Harry Potter, where the wizard academy sorts them into different houses, light and dark, though all are wizards. Or Star Wars, where the Force can be used for the Jedi or the Empire. Maybe those tales are a popularized way of talking about elite factions.

      If that is the case it would seem Ravenclaw (which is a corvid after all… Ha) is wildly ascendant. Hopefully they’ve grossly over reached and are due for a nasty comeuppance as the public— like a cruise ship turning— finally one hopes, begins to realize they’ve been had. I admit it seems dim now, but these things percolate, and while their waking minds may be blind, in their dreams they may wake by fits and starts. Perhaps I’m clutching at straws.

      As one small hopeful sign— people mocked the hypocrisy of the Biden celebrations in NYC and elsewhere— crowds of people hugging, no masks, etc. But isn’t that actually a sign that the Folk— even the liberal, woke folk— know intuitively it’s all a sham? They’re not really afraid of a virus; they’re playing a social game. Maybe there’s hope for them yet.


    1. it’s not hoarders, it’s scripted as anything else in this comedy. I know first hand from a Lidl (kind of Aldi store) manager, that they were advised back then to put only one kind of TP and only once in the morning out for selling. At the same time papers started to write about shortage of TP. People then buy TP when they see it. It’s rational. They tried it again lately but it didn’t work as well and now there usually always is TP in stores. Although the papers still write about shortage, I cannot confirm it. They also talk about 2021 as the Post-Corona times, so the end is also already scripted.


      1. So, BARBM123, do you think this scripted comedy has moved the “Overton Window” toward greater acceptance of radical authoritarian policies? Toward greater acceptance of the wholesale “Global Reset?”


  4. I talk from a european point of view here, trying to answer Steve’s question that wasn’t directed at me I know, apologies for that.

    German protesters are not getting anywhere, a couple of days ago they were violently attacked by the police; their Parliament is trying to have the law about breach of domicile approved, one of their useless Ministers (they’re all useless around the world, so no misunderstandings here) said that it’s one of the many sacrifices people must accept in order to get over the pandemic.
    Frau Hitler- Merkel (we don’t know how long for though, her husband dumped her months ago for a younger woman he works with at university, Angela has been on anti depressants since) wants to restore the Reich her father dreamt of before leaving the leadership to some other puppets.

    This “comedy” is quickly turning into a tragedy but the masses haven’t got a clue what’s going on, let alone the fact that they’re gonna be the ultimate human sacrifice on the Moloch-Baal- Lucifer- you name it altar.
    Germany, like all other european countries is fucked and unless a miracle happens we’re all in big, big trouble.

    And yes, people everywhere think that accepting a vaccine and the loss of all constitutional rights will be the end of the pandemic. So, what kind of end is exactly near?
    The end of mankind as we know it for sure, as TPTB have no intention whatsoever to end the scam: a new pandemic is around the corner, ready for use.

    Italian Ministers have been very clear about the whole thing: you’ll get all vaccined and you’ll still maintain social distancing and masks on your faces.

    Most people are sheep, they’ll die like sheep, end of story.


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