Face masks: Humanity not looking real smart right now

Michael Crichton in his book State of Fear had this to say about the precautionary principle:

The “precautionary principle,” properly applied, forbids the precautionary principle. It is self-contradictory. The precautionary principle therefore cannot be spoken of in terms that are too harsh.

I refer to an article in the British Medical Journal about wearing face masks by Trisha Greenhalgh and colleagues published on April 9 in which they argued as follows:

The precautionary principle is, according to Wikipedia, “a strategy for approaching issues of potential harm when extensive scientific knowledge on the matter is lacking.” The evidence base on the efficacy and acceptability of the different types of face mask in preventing respiratory infections during epidemics is sparse and contested. But covid-19 is a serious illness that currently has no known treatment or vaccine and is spreading in an immune naive population. Deaths are rising steeply, and health systems are under strain.

A couple of comments before reviewing a response printed in a later issue.

  • We do not have enough reliable information to state that “covid-19” is a serious illness. It does not have unique symptoms. The supposed virus causing the illness has never been isolated, filtered and purified. Hence the test used, RT-PCR is a black box. We do not know what that test is looking for, and also know that Chinese mathematicians published a paper stating that asymptomatic people are likely to produce a false positive four times out of five. (Keep in mind that Tanzania’s President John Magufuli submitted samples given human names for RT-PCR testing that were really a sheep, a goat and a pawpaw, and all came back positive. It was a beautiful sendup.)
  • Covid-19, like the 2003 SARS virus, itself never isolated, filtered and purified, is probably not new or unique, the the symptoms it produces seem to dovetail nicely with a normal cold and flu season.
  • Deaths are not rising steeply, at least we cannot know that because we cannot accurately test for the virus, and know the the American Centers for Disease Control, a private corporation, has ordered widespread reclassification of deaths from many other causes as being from Covid-19.
  • Health systems are not under strain. They are laying off people. Skeptical citizens visiting hospitals all over the US found them empty, with dancing nurses and ambulance drivers playing video games.

In other words, every single statement in the opening paragraph of the Greenhalgh and colleagues piece is false.

Let’s set all of that aside, and take the article at face. They are saying that even though we do not know anything about the efficacy of wearing face masks to prevent spread of an illusory and unquantifiable disease, the precautionary principle says “go for it.”

I am with Michael Crichton. The precautionary principle, which might also say we should spend trillions now in the face of say, a comet that might approach the earth in 20 years, is nothing but folly and foolishness. We are an adaptable species, and when faced with a real emergency, will respond. If people were not wearing face masks, what would be different? People would be less afraid. That’s all.

I should not talk, however, as I do not believe in SARS-Cov-2, the virus that supposedly causes Covid-19. I do not believe in Covid-19, as it is much too much like ordinary cold and flu to be unique, dangerous, and worthy of shutting down the world. I do not and will not wear a face mask. I think that despite their suggested medical purpose, they have a real ones having nothing to do with public health: 1) Face masks have suggestive power that indicates to people that there really is a dangerous virus when there is not. 2) Face masks intensify the fear that low-information people are feeling due to listening to newscasts and heeding authority figures. It is psychological manipulation, social engineering.

But set all that aside. I wanted to review the reasons given by Antonio I Lazzarino et al in the April 20 issue of the British Medical Journal in response to Greenhalgh and colleagues. Keep in mind that this response is fully in line with post-Pasteur germ theory medicine, or it would not be printed. Large grains of salt, perhaps the salt blocks they feed to cattle, should accompany your reading.

  • Inappropriate use of face mask: people must not touch their masks, must change their single-use masks frequently or wash them regularly, dispose them correctly and adopt other management measures, otherwise their risks and those of others may increase.
  • The quality and the volume of speech between two people wearing masks is considerably compromised and they may unconsciously come closer.
  • Wearing a face mask makes the exhaled air go into the eyes. This generates an uncomfortable feeling and an impulse to touch your eyes. If your hands are contaminated, you are infecting yourself.
  • Face masks make breathing more difficult.
  • Face masks become contaminated after a short period of wear.
  • The body’s natural immunity response to invasion by a foreign pathogen is impeded by face masks. The supposed virus can stay active longer (keep in mind it is not even alive) in the presence of spit, which tends to be in masks in copious quantities.

In other words, face masks are unnecessary, ineffective, and perhaps even worsen the risk of infection. That is, if there was a real risk.

For this reason, don’t wear a face mask, ever. Dr. Tim O’Shea, who linked me to the BMJ articles, offers a Facemask Exemption Form, which unfortunately would have to be signed by a doctor. For myself, if approached by anyone demanding I don the symbol of ignorance, I will tell them that I suffer from hypercapnia, or a buildup of excess CO2 in the blood. Who’s going to challenge an illness they’ve never heard of? I strongly urge you memorize the term.

I fear face masks are now a permanent part of life. I suspect that the medical Nazis who are running our lives, instituting rules for businesses that are nothing short of moronic and insulting to our intelligence, have power boners. They will dig in deeper in the coming months. It is the new normal, they say. The high rate of compliance I see around me is deeply discouraging. It is not a good showing for humanity.

37 thoughts on “Face masks: Humanity not looking real smart right now

  1. 130 years of disease identification, the Koch postulates, have been thrown out at the convenience of the CDC and the world health organization.

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  2. Crazy coincidence, MT. I was just reading about another techno-thriller writer, Tom Clancy (Crichton’s contemporary), and his use of the term “MASKirovka” (Russian for military deception operations; AKA PsyOp). Apparently, Maskirovka is a central element in Clancy’s 1986 novel Red Storm Rising. Journalist Oestron Moeler defined Maskirovka as deliberately misleading the opponent with regard to one’s own intentions, causing the opponent to make wrong decisions and thereby playing into one’s own hand. Hmmmm. The use of Maskirovka encompasses multiple elements, such as camouflage, concealment, deception, misinformation, imitation, secrecy, security, feints, and diversion. So, as you pointed out so accurately – “Humanity not looking real smart right now.” They are harming themselves, when in fact, they believe they are protecting themselves. Classic inversion. This is psychological WARFARE on steroids. BTW – my family went to the beach today, and on the way, they said they saw a billboard that read, “Mask your face. Show your heart.” Wow. Really? Un-frickin-believable.

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  3. “A people that no longer can believe anything cannot make up its mind. It is deprived not only of its capacity to act but also of its capacity to think and to judge. And with such a people you can then do what you please.” – Hannah Arendt, 1978

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    1. I read Hannah Arendt back in the day, but years later came to realize that Eichmann probably was innocent, probably did not die, at least as we are told, and that the “banality of evil” rested as easily on Hannah’s shoulders as anyone’s.


      1. MT – I totally concur with you. I just like the quote. I really should pick and choose quotes more carefully! I have looked into Arendt over the past few years. She’s a controversial figure, for sure. No doubt she served the System in ways that may not even be clear. Sorry to clog up the thread here!


            1. After I understood Arendt’s true purpose, I felt as though I had been conned, and felt anger towards her. It came out here. She was set up in a high profile position to report a predetermined outcome for what was then called the Eastern establishment, the American intelligentsia. It was not honest reporting, but rather a rollout. As I recall, she, like Ayn Rand was a heavy smoker, and as I think of both if them I smell rancid tobacco and stained teeth. Ugly people.


    2. “No longer can believe”? I’m not sure what she means, I see lots of Believers… She can’t be talking about fakeologists, can she? Ha.


  4. In the UK all healthy people using public transport must now wear face masks. Back in early April at the height of the alleged pandemic, the deputy chief medical officer for the UK said of face masks
    “There is no evidence that general wearing face masks by the public, who are well, affects the spread of the disease in our society…” while at the same time pushing “social distancing”
    Why the sudden government volte-face as the fake pandemic disappears into the summer?
    Where is this Professor Van-Tam 10 weeks later? Silenced?

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  5. Mark,

    You keep talking about “medical Nazis” which I accept of course, but what I’m experiencing in my country has got more to do with Chinese communism. Not that there’s any difference between the two, but one or two differences can actually be spotted.

    First of all face masks are mostly used in China, and Japan too, but China was the first country where people started wearing masks for pollution reasons they said, truth being they’ve been silenced since the Tiananmen Square events, and the mask is a strong symbol of that.
    Second, closing down churches and other cult places not allowing Mass celebrations, or even storming into a church in the middle of a Mass (with just the priest and a bunch of masked people respecting the distancing regulations) asking for ID’s and fining all the present -priest included- is typical communist. I’ve heard Fauci say days ago that the Holy communion has to be forbidden in church. This is communism. During the Nazi period churches were open regularly and Mass was always celebrated, even if discouraged.

    Third, nobody knows what’s really going on in hospitals, we have to rely on what msm tell us every day and here we all know it’s just bullshit. This is also what China has been doing since Mao’s days, long before Corona bullshit hit the news: Nobody has to know what really happens in China, people around the world will have to rely on what the Chinese party tells foreign media and that’s it.
    I can also point out that Asian countries already have a technology based on facial and finger print recognition to enter any public office, robotic dogs that make sure social distancing among citizens is respected, 5G connection, and so on.

    The political party/ movement that rule my country together with the Dems have 5 yellow stars in their logo, the exact same you find on the Chinese flag, signed the new commercial Silky road deal with China last year, and always praise China for their advanced technology.

    Italy has to become a small China in Europe.

    The elites have never been real Nazis, they’ve always wanted to create a dystopic, communist nightmare.

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    1. Separating Out the various types of totalitarian rule is an interesting pastime, no doubt. On the receiving end, the repression we experience must be alike. Tiananmen was 9/11 for the Chinese, a fake event used to traumatize them. No one died.


      1. Honestly Mark,

        To this day I don’t feel I have enough evidence to say Tiananmen was all staged and no one died.
        Never been to China and even f I had that wouldn’t mean I really know Chinese people and culture, let alone their government.
        I know some italian people who’ve lived there over 20 years, but again that is no proof whatsoever we know for sure what the chinese government would or wouldn’t do if their citizens tried to do mass protests on the streets.
        I feel they’re very dangerous though, they don’t seem to like critics to the Communist party, just my opinion.


    2. Good point, Anna. North America may become something similar without a shot fired.

      “Pivot to Asia” indeed. 班农先生在新中国联邦成立的开篇 – YouTube


  6. “It is better to live one day as a lion than 100 years as a sheep.” Benito Mussolini

    As an aside, I’ve just watched an episode of American Pickers, and learnt that embalming became very lucrative during the American Civil War, 30 dollars for a soldier and 80 for an officer. Sick or dead, there’s profits to be made. See also –

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    1. It’s always good to look at the business model. Here’s an update (James Corbett and Catherine Austin Fitts interview) looking at Gates, Buffett, et al. with respect to how viruses (and nano-machines) — in your computer and in your body (potentially) — will generate control and profit in the not too distant future. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=miyQj8yuKCM


    2. The irony of “embalming” is that one of the main ingredients of “vaccines” (rape toxins) is formaldehyde, an embalming/taxidermia/Chinese Bodies exhibition substance.

      Now with the Corona Craze the Great Reset was already underway before named as such; people are not buried anymore yet cremated. Meaning a large part of our current generations are made to not have existed. All due to the scampanic.


  7. Here is a campaign to fight for the Democracy and Rights of the People of the UK. –

    ”However, all is not lost if we unite NOW and fight our Government in the Courts as the law is on OUR side. They need to be stopped NOW before the damage is even worse.

    Our Government has caused thousands of deaths with their illegal ‘lockdown’ due to lack of treatment. Then they claim these are ‘covid-19 positive’ deaths to boost their statistics.

    Our Government control and manipulate these mortality statistics.

    Our Government will cause many many more deaths as their actions have made the NHS Waiting List over 10 million people now and many will die waiting.

    Our Government will cause many further deaths as vital cancer screening and treatment is not happening and there will be many suicides of people broken by the illegal ‘lockdown’….”

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  8. Modern China is a product of Italy. Those Black Nobility or Clans have been using the big 3 for thousands of years. 1. Manipulate. 2. Intimidate. 3. Dominate. Do not blame the general population of America for not being as well educated or cultured as some of you. The media/military/money is owned and operated by whom? Letting them off the hook too easily at times is self censorship.

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    1. Motorhead,

      The ignorance and gullibility of most American people are not acceptable in any way as anyone with a brain can wake up as we did, plus America is a product of the English Freemasonry, which was not not created by the Italian nobility but dates back to ancient Egypt, with different names of course.

      “The media/military/money is owned and operated by whom? Letting them off the hook too easily at times is self censorship.”

      Well, if you mean the Jews I already said it is misdirection, as they are the visible hand of invisible and more powerful families nobody knows about- not all of them Italian- who are not jewish and never were. Forget about crappy genealogies that are just more misdirection to divert people’s attention from the real masters of puppets.


  9. I think the last point on your list might be a good stumper for believers… That the masks accumulate spit or “invisible” molecules of virus and allow it to stay active longer, and ne inhaled into the nose where it infects the brain (great colorful imagery there.)

    I hate to play their game but as long as I have a disclaimer that I’m just relaying other mainstream science, not endorsing the whole charade, it would probably be more effective than trying to undermine the entire germ theory edifice or something.

    I specifically think of a few annoying posters I’m linked to on fb, who propagate all this mask scaremongering. I would enjoy slipping in mainstream complications to their black and white beliefs.

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    1. If I were really devious I could even “regret” not being able to join the mask fun and games, due to my knowledge of Lazzarino… “Sad face” emoji.

      “If only i cld join you mask zombies; alas, my superior adherence to ‘science’ prevents me..”


    2. Another fb connection posted that their neighbor, a prominent surgeon of long career, shunned the masks on similar grounds to that bullet point, interestingly enough.

      I also was in a grocery and overheard a guy jokingly call out two friends, a couple who were docs, for being maskless. They laughed and dismissed the masks though I didn’t catch their rationale.


  10. I balked at your idea of claiming hypercapnia.. But yesterday I was in an outlet mall (shame be upon me) and a Gen Z clerk at just one store said they were mandated. Rhey cld give me one. I left but would’ve loved to confound her w that, if I had remembered.

    Many stores had signs advising it, but were overwhelmed by maskless and didn’t say anything.

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  11. I have yet to wear a mask in public. Today I had my 1st incident. I am usually the only unmasked person at Trader Joes (SoCal beach community). A woman at least a foot shorter than me walked up and yelled “ASSHOLE” and walked away. Her mask?…one of those cheap bandanas we used to wear as kids playing “cowboys and Indians” or “cops and robbers”.

    I took the high road and laughed at her. It is one thing to be a moron but it becomes an entirely different matter when you go out of your way to advertise it.

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  12. looks like US is months behind Europe with this mask restrictions. In Germany we have to wear masks in public communication and in stores since May. It took some time to establish this as a custom but now people cooperate voluntarily.
    You guys read this one about that George Floyd video, that people there don’t wear masks? Well, there’s on exception: one or the uniformed paramedics wears a mask. I’m convinced that every time we find something out, they want us to find it out. They wanted us to find out about this lack of masks but they put one in there to confuse and disturb any critics. Everything is being made on purpose. They are always way ahead of us.

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    1. Of course, none of this has anything to do with public health or science. It is regimentation, the middle name of Fascism. I am surprised they don’t have people goose stepping when in public too. I am so ashamed of humanity. What pussies.


  13. it’s the mechanics of the masses Mark. There’s nothing to be ashamed of IMO. People tend to copy the behavior of each other and the individualists thinking is more of an exception than the normal. It’s just that some humans discovered this very early and they are the rulers now.

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  14. Here’s a recent peer reviewed study with clues that may reveal how the separation and culling may be sorted using psychological profiling: https://psyarxiv.com/chgkn/

    Psychopaths projecting. Psychopaths making determinations about psychological fitness, and potentially assessing societal risk and remedy. Follow the yellow brick road.

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  15. In case anyone had any hope that “science” hasn’t been completely corrupted, just look at these ridiculous studies that are now being done.

    Please check out the one below, which I will attempt to describe. A group of ophthalmologists are the authors for this piece of absurdity which has the ultimate conclusion that WEARING MASKS really is SAVING LIVES. Here are my problems with the study:

    (1) Conclusion is wearing masks is associated with fewer COVID deaths. You would think there is an important step in between such as FEWER INFECTIONS, but the study doesn’t consider infections. It lumps various countries as being “masked” or “non-masked” and then shows that the death rate in the masked countries is considerably lower than the death rate in the non-masked countries. Therefore, the masks must be keeping people from dying of COVID.

    (2) The study arbitrarily picks the countries that will be put into the two groups. For example, Japan and South Korea are placed in the masked category. How convenient since those countries also have very low deaths from COVID. Nevermind that neither of these countries ever locked down or required that masks be worn. The study said that the Asian nations traditionally wear masks. Nevermind that South Korea had two of the more highly publicized “superspreader” outbreaks of INFECTIONS. But hey…those infections didn’t lead to massive deaths, so it must have been the masks that we see Asians wearing from time to time that saved those South Koreans.

    (3) Was the average age and overall health of a country’s population controlled for since WE KNOW those are the primary factors related to COVID deaths? If not, this study is a complete sham.

    (4) Why are all of the authors ophthalmologists? That seems odd.

    If you want to see it yourself, here it is: https://www.researchgate.net/publication/342198360_Association_of_country-wide_coronavirus_mortality_with_demographics_testing_lockdowns_and_public_wearing_of_masks_Update_June_15_2020

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