(Not Human) Parasites

More on the shift away from an oil and gas standard toward human capital management. Shocking revelations too horrific to believe by most humans — because it is not of human origin. The Crown is in control, like it or not.

30 thoughts on “(Not Human) Parasites

  1. Seriously? Mark, I have a great deal of respect for you so it pains me that you allow such utter garbage on your site. This is the second time Steve Kelly has pushed this moronic Dean Henderson and it doesn’t get any better the second time around.

    And someone I once respected a great deal – Alex Thompson is involved with this idiot? How the chips keep falling. Is there no one to believe in anymore? Because as Alex Thompson falls, so does Uk Column. What a bloody disaster. What an absolute lousy disaster. I am truly without hope.


  2. Sorry, I’m emotional. I’m utterly sickened by all this, as are a great deal of caring human beings.

    You know, when things were ticking along and we had the choice to dip in and out of theories whilst searching for truth and when it was a kind of hobby. And we felt a real warmth to find fellow beings who understood the same things, shared the same beliefs. When we had the time to waste on such things, it didn’t matter too much if we came upon a liar here and there, a smooth talking soothsayer spinning deceit. We could just move on.

    It’s different now. People are in pain, real pain. They’re desperate. There are so many hearts and minds breaking over this and many won’t survive. So I have utter loathing for the vile, despicable scum who have used these times to big up their egos and beg for money and spread their deceit. Shame on them.

    Thanks for letting me write this Mark and love to you and all the genuine people out there.

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    So sorry you feel this way. I’m not sure what it is you are objecting to other than general disgust. Is it the content? Is it a position Dean and/or Alex Thompson presented in the panel discussion? Is there a pattern I’m not aware of. Is it the forum itself? I would be interested in your opposing viewpoint if you’d fancy sharing a little more than “moronic” and “idiot,” both pretty standard ad hominem devices.


  4. Steve,

    Your first sentence makes no sense.

    Yes it’s the content.

    I am not aware of any patterns and have no idea what you mean by that.

    What forum? Mark’s ‘forum’? If that’s what you mean then you have, quite clearly, not read my post correctly.

    As for my opposing viewpoint – if these weren’t such tragic circumstances I would simply laugh this guy away and swiftly forget about him. Unfortunately, these are tragic circumstances and Mark’s ‘forum’ as you call it (I assume) is one of the few places I can now come to for truth and sanity. Just goes to show really that I must be careful, ever so careful, everywhere. I clicked on the video and wished I hadn’t, I also wish it wasn’t here on what is fast becoming the last bastion of hope. That’s all you’re going to get Steve, sorry if that’s insufficient.


    1. Not sure why you think Henderson is out to make a buck or just inflate his own ego. I personally don’t agree with everything he says (esp. “bloodlines”, Nephillim etc.), but the specifics of what he says don’t seem to have changed. He’s always spoken this way, as far as i recall.
      The necessary corollary of any free speech outlet is that you’re occasionally going to come across stuff you profoundly disagree with. I take it in my stride. Even in my own community (medical freedom, a.k.a “anti-vaxxer”) i have disagreements with some of our luminaries. There is no need for total coincidence in worldview. Right now, i am happy to ally with anyone who opposes Lockdown and medical fascism. And i don’t care (and don’t think it relevant) if that person also believes in Illuminati, shape-shifting reptiles or whatever. The urgency of the current situation, that you feel so acutely, should demote those wacky rabbit-hole ideas to a distant secondary level.


      1. Maiasta, I do take on board what you’re saying and, of course, it is entirely Mark’s decision what he puts on his own blog. I apologise Mark for being judgemental.

        It concerns me because now, more than ever before, humanity needs to be unified and strong to resist this awful encroachment on our liberties. So let’s say, for example, one of us manages to persuade someone to just consider that what is happening is not about a virus. We point them towards this blog and they come, maybe very reluctantly and with bias, but they come and get the opportunity to read some excellent posts and articles about the truth of this thing. They might even start to take what you’re trying to tell them seriously. Then they listen to this conversation and ….

        Clearly it’s the same with Icke and his lizards; he’s never going to get beyond that (which, I imagine, is the point). That man has spoken some brilliant truths about this bullcrap but hardly anyone is going to take him seriously, not now or ever.

        UK Column has been putting out some excellent information for the past few months and, until now, it’s been straightforward, no nonsense truth. So much so that I felt so sure and hopeful that they were reaching a larger audience. But here we have Alex, who is connected to UK Column so……

        This is my take on things. I’m not here to be confrontational and I’ve calmed down since my first post. Resignation though, hopeless resignation – don’t really want to go there.


        1. Thanks for your reply, Marlaine. I understand you much better now. And i can’t disagree with anything you say. But your sense of resignation probably comes at the wrong time. All of Europe is starting to wake up and take to the streets. It’s enough to read the letters and comments sections of the major news outlets to realise how sharply UK opinion has turned against this thing. We are also seeing open discussion of things that only a year ago were consigned to the lunatic fringe. A large proportion of people are receiving a ‘warspeed’ education on the dangers of vaccines, and overall…the battlelines have been clearly drawn. This is why Johnson and the Metropolitan police are openly threatening “anti-vaxxers” with various forms of censure. But this is what we need. The velvet gloves have come off, and the earlier, subtler propaganda for a medical dictatorship is now fully out-in-the-open and screeching in our faces. Since the plutocrats have fully revealed their agenda, there is no turning back now. This is war, and we are going to win it. Don’t lose heart.


          1. Thank you too, Maiasta, for your reply.

            There are days when I feel hopeful, then there are other days! I want so much to believe we are reaching a wider audience but I go to the supermarket/out for a walk and am met with ghouls, mask wearing ghouls avoiding me like I am the living embodiment of a plague. I then go to a forum (please see digital spy.com – the coronavirus thread in general discussion) and my heart falls heavy to see people desperate for the vaccine.

            “In a time of universal deceit, telling the truth becomes a revolutionary act”. George Orwell. Obviously an insider but he did come up with some decent quotes.

            Take care my friend.


        2. It concerns me because now, more than ever before, humanity needs to be unified and strong to resist this awful encroachment on our liberties. So let’s say, for example, one of us manages to persuade someone to just consider that what is happening is not about a virus. We point them towards this blog and they come, maybe very reluctantly and with bias, but they come and get the opportunity to read some excellent posts and articles about the truth of this thing. They might even start to take what you’re trying to tell them seriously.


          Even if the label “quack” on us is unjustified, we should keep quacks as far away as possible from us.

          BTW, the second intro of 7:23 is out!


          just in this intro Michael Ludwig should learn Space Travel is impossible. all for free!

          Full Mollycast with 129 min of vision tonight!


  5. Ps; I posted another comment immediately after my first one which explained my feelings quite succinctly. This comment hasn’t shown up, I don’t know why. It explains how I feel about things generally. No naughty words, so no idea. Memory holed I guess.


  6. I still hold Icke accountable to this day for never bothering to explain what he really means when he talks about the goddamn reptilians, which have partially or more than partially destroyed his credibility and years of very good research.
    Why has he never bothered explaining, btw? Did he want his credibility to be shuttered in the first place? I’m not sure.

    Why is he still talking about reptilians then? They’re not aliens, they belong in the shamanic world, so I really don’t understand why he keeps talking about this thing and the shape shifting crap.
    Enough with that Dave. Move on.

    The tragedy is that people around the world follow Icke on this subject and take what he says for the truth, and that tells a lot about the level of ignorance of the majority of Icke (and not only) fans.


    1. He isn’t still talking about them anymore though and hasn’t for years, he has no need to, the damage is long lasting and already done. I only used Icke as another example of the manipulation they use to mock truth. Does anyone else understand what I’m saying or am I banging my head against a fucking brick wall? (Please delete curse words at your will).


  7. Hi Marlaine. You’re right and there is every probability that Icke and Henderson are misdirection agents – either unwitting or witting. How brilliant for TPTB to watch hard, factual evidence that this is a scamdemic and virology as a science full of **it to see this sink without trace as the normies run into Nephilim (think absurd Photoshopped graves of giants, woooooh!) and Liz (Elizabeth II) the lizard. It is pitiful and is likely a dimension of the psyop, after all if once CIA always CIA, why not once GCHQ always GCHQ. Bah, humbug!


  8. “Toxoplasmosis is considered to be a leading cause of death attributed to foodborne illness in the United States. More than 40 million men, women, and children in the U.S. carry the Toxoplasma parasite, but very few have symptoms because the immune system usually keeps the parasite from causing illness.However, women newly infected with Toxoplasma during or shortly before pregnancy and anyone with a compromised immune system should be aware that toxoplasmosis can have severe consequences.” https://www.cdc.gov/parasites/toxoplasmosis/

    Anyone with “a compromised immune system…?” Hmmmm!


  9. Hi Steve. Thanks for posting more of Dean’s work. I think that he offers us a very valuable insight into the nature of the “head of the snake”, as he puts it. His focus on The Crown and it’s corporations is appropriate and it fits with what I already know. The sweeping, big picture, narrative that he explains so lucidly is as good an explanation as I’ve heard. I find him very easy to listen to and, because I understand his past life, from his sadly purged blog and his books then, I have deep respect for his opinion. Dean has certainly walked the walk, he has had quite a life with his comprehensive rejection of Mammon, his extensive, on-a-shoestring, world travelling and his productive homesteading. Dean also talks the talk based on his deep research experience of corporate structures, ownership and management, and a lot more too. He is a very valuable info source. The other 4 are no slouches either, it was a fascinating discussion I thought, all 2 hours of it

    I am not at all bothered by his use of Nephilim/lizard/off planet descriptors. If you listen carefully then, he is not really dogmatic about which name to use. He clearly states that lots of the ancient knowledge was destroyed, for instance the destruction of the library of Alexandria, a known event that he mentions in this discussion. The contents of the library are obviously now unknown and much useful knowledge was probably lost. So the real origins of these “people” that changed humanity 8 or 10,000 years ago are now uncertain and probably never can be certain. Unless some more real solid info emerges from somewhere. It seems to me that Dean does not claim to be certain about their origins, not that I’ve seen or heard anyway.

    So, what do we call them? And what does it matter? It is a mistake to get hung up on that aspect I think, all the other info is far more important

    Best wishes

    ps. wasn’t one of the purposes of the GWOT Middle Eastern wars to secure ancient knowledge and artefacts? It certainly seemed so at the time, one of the first things that happened post invasion in Iraq was the looting and destruction of the museums wasn’t it?


    1. Thanks, Pete. As always, I appreciate your thoughtful analysis. I know Dean has not arrived at his current position without years, decades, of research and his own analysis based on what limited information is available to us. I agree “the names” are unimportant. The hierarchy exists, and must be taken down one way or another in order to save nature from increasingly horrific destruction — our own included. I know of no humans, at least have never met one, with such contempt for life, all life. Some non-human entity seems like a perfectly reasonable explanation for that kind of hate. Anyway, great to hear from you again. Be well.


  10. Walked the walk has he? Clarity press published ALL of his books. Got lots of books published didn’t he, no problem getting published.

    Clarity press under Globalresearch.ca

    But please, when you make out your cheques, make sure you write them out to CRG and emphatically NOT Globalresearch.ca. Ensure you write them out to CRG – the Centre for Research on Globalisation. The aforementioned involved in and connected to:

    Institute of Advanced Legal Studies
    University of London
    London.ac.uk (School of Advanced Studies)

    Centre for Research on Globalisation, PO Box 55019, 11 Notre-Dame Quest, Montreal, Qc. H2Y 4A7. No telephone calls, only faxes. Address @ H2Y 4A7 – Securification Technologies – IT solutions for messaging and network securities.

    Yeah, good old Dean, salt of the earth kinda bloke.

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    1. MARLAINE,

      You seem generally upset. This kind of argument, however, appeals to emotion and “guilt by association,” another logical fallacy devise used rather irresponsibly, IMO. I realize slander has been essentially institutionalized under the government’s insistence that everything and anything gives license (“1st Amendment”) to ignore moral and ethical behavior because it’s “legal.” Well, I don’t think slander is okay under any excuse. Pardon me for pointing out your repeated ad hominem attacks on a very decent writer and human being I have known for decades to be quite authentic. I’m assuming you do not know Dean. If you did I’m betting you might be less inclined to go this route. BTW, you have yet to offer an alternative to his point of view or stated position.


  11. “Clearly it’s the same with Icke and his lizards; he’s never going to get beyond that (which, I imagine, is the point). That man has spoken some brilliant truths about this bullcrap but hardly anyone is going to take him seriously, not now or ever.”

    That’s what I’ve always thought about Icke. Good information combined with loony talk. Mark may have been covered him on this blog and I think MM touched on Icke a few times that he’s controlled opposition or a limited hangout. Makes everyone that follows him look like a crankshaft, like Qanon did with Trump and his followers or Alex Jones does with his following. During the Bush era when I think Icke’s popularity increased there were several Yewtube videos showing newscasters and politicians with lizard eyes or shape shifting effects. Then the chem trailers and flat earthers came in to steal that show.

    In a science fiction sense it could be possible like the UFO reports or any other unknown, and talked about ad nauseam forever. Something the average person would never know, unless it’s revealed on a mass scale like in the movie They Live. Anyone have special sunglasses I can borrow?

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    1. Hi Greg, I don’t think it’s you who needs the sunglasses! I love that film – it’s sums things up so simply and succinctly.


  12. Steve, it’s vey nice that you feel the need to defend the honour of your idol however, I am perfectly within my rights to decide what I think of him. By the way, if you’re accusing me of defamation, I believe you’re looking for the word ‘libel’, not ‘slander’. Look up the correct usage.

    You start off telling me ‘I seem generally upset’ and then preach about appeals to emotion. Just stop. What if I’m not ‘generally upset’ – can I then accuse you of libel? You’re sounding pretty desperate in your defence at this point, particularly when you believe you can invoke laws to threaten me.

    I’ve made myself very clear on what I think about your mate and none of your spiel about ad hominem attacks, blah blah blah, will change my mind.

    Are you telling me, Steve, that I don’t have to right to my opinion? Are you actually telling me this on a blog dedicated to truth? A blog with varying opinions on everything?

    I do not like your idol, I do not trust your idol and I have the RIGHT to feel that way. So, as it is blatantly clear we are NEVER going to agree on this subject, I suggest we simply cease interacting with each other. But do not threaten me with legal terms again. EVER.

    By the way, I think you’re Dean. Are you going to sue me for saying that?


  13. I think you have to use major discernment when listening to or reading any of these types (Icke, Dean, MM, flat earthers, etc) Basically sort it out in your own (clear/open) mind and then take what applies to your innate common sense as ‘truth’ and toss the rest. My guess is they all provide some facts/clues, but none of them are 100%, it’s probably not allowed. With that being said, and given the current state of the world, it seems fairly obvious that ‘revelation of the method’ is no hoax. Clearly there was voter fraud, but no MSM outlet will report on it, you are not allowed to go to church but you can go to a strip club, masking and PCR’s have been proven to be useless but the corona charade continues full throttle. And then there’s that Klaus Schwab guy dressed like a Star Trek character speaking at a podium covered in symbolism about the NWO….wtf, is he even real or a hologram? Stranger things indeed.


    1. Dtoc hi!

      Oh this Schwab character is so overdone and such a parody, they’re literally rubbing people’s noses in it. When he speaks I’m reminded of the old ‘ve have vays of making you talk‘ nonsense with his pronunciation of ‘ze’ for ‘the’. Clearly that’s the objective – ze’s evil nazis continuum . Cracks me up. What a farcical theatre.

      I’ve only just become aware of a skit in the Golden Globe awards which was broadcast early in 2019. They have actors dressed up in white coats pretending to inject so-called celebs with ‘flu’ vaccines. The celebs appeared to be surprised (but who knows with those particular actors, they’re presumably better at that skill than the rest), or maybe they didn’t get the memo so as to make it appear more realistic.

      Robert Anton Wilson explains to his cohorts that if your average person is of ‘average intelligence’ then the rest are REALLY dumb. Ha! We can pull whatever shitshow we like then, basically.


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