Freedom of Expression Crackdown in Germany Begins

Speaking to UK colleagues Dr. Fauci says it’s time to “do what you’re told.”

I suppose I always knew it would come to this.

Government reserves, insists, its exclusive right to use violence against any and all who do not comply with its arbitrary laws and rules. It is the military and police that “enforce the laws” without question and generally with impunity from prosecution if violence becomes excessive.

Freedom of expression is just one more idea I was taught in school that has no real foundation in reality whenever government determines we are in a “state of emergency.” As we can now see clearly, any old excuse can be the government’s justification for declaring a state of emergency, which by definition means suspension of any and all temporary “rights” granted by the state’s constitution.

Every nation state has one, and every state uses the state emergency to suspend constitutional rights.

I have returned to my painting studio recently to put paintbrush to canvas to express whatever I wish. My work does not seem controversial, but now I cannot help but wonder how long even that form of free expression might be deemed unacceptable. It’s happened before.

I thank Mark for providing a platform for free expression. I know some of you do not like what you are exposed to here from time to time. I suggest we all take a deep breath and formulate a personal plan for when that knock on the door may be ours to answer. Stay strong, the times, they are a changin’.

“The Times They Are A-Changin'” – Bob Dylan

6 thoughts on “Freedom of Expression Crackdown in Germany Begins

  1. come on folks, that is so fake. There is something going on in Germany, a lot actually, but this Andreas Noack is a hoax. Totally. There is a funny video on youtube where he is supposedly arrested in the middle of a stream. This is a parody. Why did you chose him? Write about the lawyer Beate Bahner who they put into psychiatry for reasoning against Corona and had then let her free of course. Reiner Füllmich is the man of the hour now. I’m looking forward to when the mainstream will not be able to ignore him anymore.

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  2. My default reaction to anything that is coming from the authorities is that it is stage craft. The first thing they would do, knowing he’s online, would be to cut his service, then go in so there is no visual record. But without the sturm und drang this action thriller wouldn’t scare as many sheep back into the pen.
    The virus does not exist. The dissent is real, to a point, but the suppression of real dissent is self-inflicted, which is what these videos of staged police action are designed for. They scare people back inside, but if you call their bluff, the only resistance to your resistance will come from the frightened sheep, not the cops.
    Yes, I think Seattle/Portland is all theater. Messy theater, like bad improv, but nothing to get involved in or wring hands over. The only thing done in for me are bars and restaurants/cafes, but the owners would win in court if they had the guts to reopen. But proprietors of such establishments don’t read POM and the like so it won’t occur to them that it is all words, nothing more, that is gutting their businesses.

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  3. Of course it’s all fake.

    Germany as a country is a fictional construction of TPTB, it didn’t exist until the end of the Prussian Empire, after WW1.
    The german Constitution was written by the Anglo-Americans at the end of WW2 and imposed to german people.
    It was supposed to be provisional, pending the reunification of the two german territories, which occurred many years ago, but the american Constitution is still in place.
    I think that tells a lot about what’s been really going on. Nazi fascism has never been defeated of course and we all know that, only magically turned into a fictional democracy that doesn’t serve its purpose anymore these days, so no need to pretend any longer.
    The 4th Reich is served, courtesy of Angela Hitler Merkel.

    Italy is no better.
    A fictional construction by the British Crown and Freemasonry who commissioned agent Garibaldi to unify the fragmented territories for political reasons, and it shows now more than ever before.
    Italian people simply do not exist as a whole, they are different from North to South and don’t like each other.
    Our Constitution has been written by Freemasons to protect themselves and their interests from the citizens, it wouldn’t have been so easily ignored by our government otherwise.

    Same goes for the United States and basically all countries in the world.

    It’s all been fake in the last 5000 years.


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