A monumental court ruling

Commenter Paso Robles brought us a very interesting case, a ruling November 11 by a Portuguese appeals that the RT-PCR test is not a reliable test for SARS-CoV-2, so that all quarantines based on those test results are unlawful. The original ruling was, of course, in Portuguese, and found here. Paso also made a Google English translation version available here. Finally, Off Guardian did a short summary of the ruling here. I read, copied and printed the entire ruling. It turned out to be 13,000 words and 34 pages (MS Word). While that sounds like a lot, it read so easily that I was enthralled. Legal minds are, I think, the best minds around. I love the way they convert law to understandable prose.

The ruling involved four German national tourists who went to the Azores, where one of them tested positive for SARS-CoV-19 9 9after testing negative in Germany). All four were quarantined in their hotel rooms for fourteen days. But these guys were not to be messed with. They petitioned the court for a writ of habeas corpus, i.e., produce a body, a right we all possess if we live in lands with laws that are followed. (Not so much USA anymore.) It prevents detention of people without due process. I had forgotten all about it, but if I am quarantined, you can bet I am going to invoke it.

There is, of course, a world-wide news blackout of this ruling.

The ruling referred to this study at Oxford Academic by Jafaar at al which found that if the number of amplifications in a PCR test exceeds 25, the test is not reliable. Over 30, reliability is reduced to 20%, and over 35, 3%. We are told that the testing laboratories are secretive about the number of amps they are using, but this is information we need to have. In fact, amplifications were unavailable to the Portuguese court, one of the reasons why the quarantines were overruled.

Here are the last paragraphs of the court ruling, I think quoting from Jafaar at the opening:

“Any diagnostic test should be interpreted in the context of the actual possibility of the disease, existing before its realization . For Covid-19, this decision to perform the test depends on previous assessment of the existence of symptoms, previous medical history of Covid 19 or presence of antibodies, any potential exposure to this disease and no likelihood of another possible diagnosis.[3] “ One of the potential reasons for presenting positive results may be the prolonged shedding of viral RNA, which is known to extend for weeks after recovery, in those who were previously exposed to SARS-CoV-2. However, and more relevantly, there are no scientific data to suggest that low levels of viral RNA by RT-PCR equate to infection, unless the presence of infectious viral particles has been confirmed by laboratory culture methods .   

In summary, Covid-19 tests that show false positives are increasingly likely, in the current epidemiological climate panorama in the United Kingdom, with substantial personal, health and social system consequences . ” [4]
18. Thus, with so many scientific doubts expressed by experts in the field, which are the ones that matter here, as to the reliability of such tests, ignoring the parameters of their performance and having no diagnosis made by a doctor, in the sense of the existence of infection and risk, it would never be possible for this court to determine that AH___ had the SARS-CoV-2 virus, nor that SH__SWH__ and NK_ had had high risk exposure.
19.In summary, it will be said that, since the appeal is inadmissible, due to lack of legitimacy and lack of interest in acting by the applicant, as well as manifestly unfounded, it will have to be rejected, under the terms of the in articles 401 nº1 al. a), 417 nº6 al. b) and artº420 nº1 als. a) and b), all of the Penal CP. iv – decision. In view of the above, and under the provisions of articles 417, paragraph 6, al. b) and 420 nº1 als. a) and b), both of the Penal Procedure Code, the appeal filed by the REGIONAL HEALTH AUTHORITY, represented by the Regional Directorate of Health of the Autonomous Region of the Azores , is rejected. 

This is very good news, indeed, so please spread it far and wide. You know it’s not going to turn up on TV or in newspapers, or even on Democracy Now!

44 thoughts on “A monumental court ruling

    1. I hear you, Kenneth. I get discouraged, tired, depressed, just like any of us who see through the lies. But when, ever, has there been a time when people like us had any sway? Maybe for brief periods, as in the early 60s, I don’t mind, in my better hours. Do you want to be the last men standing, along with me and the others?

      This made my day today … at the grocery store, very busy and big King’s Soopers, there is one man besides me without a mask. I walk hy him and look at him and say “Where’s your mask?” He said “In my pocket. Where’s yours?” I said “In my pocket too.” Then he said “There aren’t many of us non-sheep around.” I extended my hand and said “Nice to meet you.” He shook and said “You too.”

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      1. Ha! Love it!
        Yes, (said with a sigh) not many (openly) non-sheep types around.
        I have a couple masks that I keep in my car (just in case) – but I don’t carry them in my pocket very often.


      2. I don’t call them “sheep”, I prefer “subconscious”

        At Fred Meyer the other day, I didn’t have my mask on in line and an old woman in front of me started swearing at me, saying sarcastically that the rules didn’t apply to me. The only thing I told the old lady was that I was sorry she felt like she did, but she had her mask on so she didn’t have anything to worry about. When the lady had gone, the check out lady apologized for her and didn’t say anything about my mask being off.


        1. In their belief system, only N95s protect the wearer; and no one is obligated to obtain one. Everyone IS obligated to obtain some sort of random cloth to protect others. So we have the strange situation where “health nuts,” who used to obsess over their own behavior, now have to obsess over others’ behavior. Somehow it escapes them that (by their belief system) they could just get an N95 and not have to worry about other peoples behavior. Or, if their concern is for vulnerable groups, they could start funds and groups to get N95s into the hands of those people, or lobby for more production of same, rather than the quixotic task of scolding non health nuts—- which seems more like it satisfies a subconscious need for self righteousness, moreso than actually seeking practical results.

          In fact.. Lol.. Maybe I’ll start a group to get N95s to any “at risk” people who want them.. And heavily include the message that this is a form of taking personal responsibility for oneself, ergo ending the need for mask mandates or any other draconian laws that cost people jobs and businesses, and harm children and young people socially… (Albeit I don’t “believe in” N95s, just trying to turn the thing around on them somehow..)


    2. It has already changed things. This is big news, because it provides (for the first time) a legal precedent to reject this method (which is the practical backbone of the hoax). It will also bolster Reiner Fullmich’s chances of success in his class-action lawsuit. Don’t dismiss legal strategies. Legitimacy in the public eye is the only thing that separates us from outright tyranny (i.e. arbitrary rule). We haven’t yet reached the point of having to stage an violent insurrection, and we really shouldn’t hope for it. Going the legal route is the option with the best chances for success. At least for now…


      1. I don’t have friendly types “local” that can/are willing to confirm (or deny) this “news”. Is it true? I it real? I’ll not know – unless the media where I am at carries the story, AND because I live in the US of A – I don’t see that happening anytime soon. AND if it were to be spread via the msm here – I wouldn’t believe it.
        ***That’s what “they” want, truth that’s unbelievable while lies spread as gospel.


  1. Hi Mark, you’re right, mainstream still ignores those things completely. Nobody knows about this ruling as they don’t know about many other things, which are happening now. It’s part of the test. That way they’ll find out how long this will stay secret (to the masses) if they don’t mention it in their news. I happen to know (from well informed circles) that 2021 is already being called “the post Corona times”. The end of the hoax is already scripted. This Portugal court ruling is IMO a scripted part of the end of the Corona hoax. How many tourists do know how to ask for habeas corpus and are willing to do so? Also they don’t quarantine in hotels. They simply send you home and tell you to stay there. In some countries they even involve local police to check on you. Not in Germany though. It’s a fake story used in the script on purpose. Germany seems to play maybe the most important part in it since all is based on the PCR test invented by the fake Dr. Drosten. I’ve watched some recent videos where many important scientists, biologists, virologists and such were allowed to question the Corona measures arguing abut the infection numbers, the not working PCR test, etc. They all are now forced to defend their beloved infection theory against measures derived from this theory. They are like priests arguing against exorcism. I’m sure they have a good script how the end this comedy, otherwise they wouldn’t start it in the first place. And at the end it will strengthen the faith of the believers and the non believers…? Well as the first rule of public relations says: you can fool a lot of people for a long time…let stick to this people. Again: 2021 this will be over. One way or the other.


    1. Excellent points. It’s not a “worldwide media blackout” probably, it’s a controlled release thru the alt sphere (and maybe a test of how fast it goes… As always. A dynamic system where they take feedbacks into account.)

      I agree tho it’s part of the script/ counter script (or dialectic.) Wdym abt strengthen belief of non believers? In their skepticism?


    2. All these people coming out of the woodwork and arguing around Covid all have one thing in common. They accept that the pathogenic virus exists but have a myriad of different reasons for the why and wherefore. I believe the PTB are equivocal about this and probably even add a few strands of Covid stories themselves. It’s all just distraction . As long as we believe in the virus they can relax. They really don’t mind us thinking them incompetent , greedy or whatever. They can cope with that.
      As long as they can keep us believing that viruses wreak havoc they can play this control game whenever they feel the need. Two , three even ten years time . Whenever in fact their plans require it. What they really DON’T want you to do is to look beyond the top layer and peel down for the real truth. This is what terrifies them and why they’re censoring like mad. You can have THEIR truth but not the real thing.
      Just imagine if they WERE found out . The whole Big Pharma scam of allopathic medicine would come tumbling down .All that lost revenue.
      Reading and watching THEIR truth is just a waste of time and energy. Dig down. Go deeper . That’s where the real truth is.


      1. To present people with the idea that their trusted news sources are engaged in nothing but agitprop is one thing, and then to add to that that viruses are not real is a bridge too far. But you’re right, of course. To argue about the virus itself is a trap.

        This is from the Google translation of the court case, however:

        In view of the current scientific evidence, this test is, in itself, unable to determine, beyond reasonable doubt, that such positivity corresponds, in fact, to a person’s infection with the SARS-CoV-2 virus, for several reasons. , of which we highlight two (to which the issue of the gold standard is added, which, due to its specificity, we will not even address)…

        In other words, the court is aware that the existence of the virus itself is at question, but had to stick to the matter at hand, habeas corpus.


  2. Has anyone wondered why this “ruling” happened in Portugal?
    Because nobody cares about Portugal, that’s why.
    Portugal is known for being one of the PIIGS nations and also where many VIP’s reside, nothing more.
    It should have happened in the UK, or Italy, or Germany, or France to be of any importance.
    The rest of Europe is pure coreography I’m afraid.

    They have Covid 21 ready, so the hoax is far from over as they won’t end anything until we all get vaccined, which is one of the ultimate purposes of this whole shitdemic.
    Why should they end it by 2021 if they haven’t reached any of their goals yet?
    Masks and social distancing are just mind games, they want to reset the economy in the western countries and force everyone to work from home, have a sanitary passport to travel around and as Klaus Schwab said “blend the digital, phisical and biological identity into one”.
    They won’t stop until we all become microchipped androids who stop reproducing through sex (they started the psy-op against sex with HIV and Aids, didn’t work very well at the time, but now…) and start being produced in labs on a large scale.
    New perfect slaves that don’t need to eat and other things to stay alive.

    And obviously America wants to annihilate Russia and China once and for all.
    This show still has so many episodes we’ll better embrace reality and try to deal with it on a daily basis.

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    1. that’s what they want you to think dear Anna. Don’t be silly. Nobody wants to destroy anybody. They are all in it. Microchips don’t work they way you think and are pretty useless for mass control. Whereas propaganda as used in the Corona hoax works perfect, as you saw yourself, just by telling stories all the time. No weapons needed. The old commies must rotate in their graves all the times. If they’d just knew it back then. And if they had social media. As I wrote above, the end is already scheduled and what happens now is part of it. So is the Portugal ruling. Every hoax has an end. In the past they needed years or even decades but now that would be counterproductive. The next hoax is already being written.

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      1. You know what NLP is, right?

        Whatever they say or do creates fear in weak minds, that is the majority of people worldwide.
        Fear itself creates what you and me consider to be fake, but the rest of the masses consider to be real.

        You understand the point I’m trying to make?
        At the end of this hoax people will be transformed into robots anyway, spiritually and mentally, as they’re getting used to masks, social distancing and smart working and won’t let go of that easily, especially in certain countries.
        In Italy they won’t succeed for sure.
        As Pete said below, we’re much more relaxed and resilient about strict rules and regulations (in a word: we pretend to care. We don’t, ever).

        Whatever the vaccines about to be released contain, I’ll never accept anything injected into my body until I have the mental capacity to decide for myself.


    2. Hi Anna
      I think that you are being too pessimistic. Given that Mark has clearly, and repeatedly, demonstrated that covid19 is just a mind virus and is not based on any significant reality [hence the need for false PCR results] then, how will covid21 be any different? Do you think that the perps would release a really deadly something that could also kill them? I very much doubt it. This is particularly so given that they probably don’t even know exactly how these things spread

      Yes, the great reset is clearly one of their big drivers and they seem to be leading up to something with all the changes that they are imposing on us. But we don’t really know yet how far, or how fast, that they intend to push this. They’ve given us a lot of clues I know, but they lie as a default mode don’t they? So how can you trust that what they are saying is accurate? And, yes, Schwab is a cartoon Dr Evil. He is so cartoonish that it makes me wonder, why him, can they not find a better front man, are they toying with us?

      As for Russia and China then, I seriously doubt that they want to annihilate them. The Crown, whatever it really is, owns these places too it seems. Just like they own everywhere else. They all operate the same ponzi money system, use similar types of central bank, and use a similar legal code, don’t they? The entry of the oligarchs into China in the Deng era towards the end of the last century was predicated on the Chinese adoption of the Crown’s “legal person” concept. It did not previously exist in the Chinese legal code. As a condition of investment the Western oligarchs demanded that it was adopted in China. This legal person is not just your personal Strawman it also gives the SAME legal status to the all western, and now the Chinese, Corporations [see Clint Richardson and others]

      Final point the PIGS nations are Portugal, Italy, Greece and Spain, the southern, Mediterranean, fringe of the EU. These are the places with a more “relaxed” attitude to rules and regulations, good on them. All these places have been economically abused, and hence cowed, by varying degrees, by the use of their Euro currency over recent decades. The centralised Euro currency was always a long term aim of the oligarchs wasn’t it. They’ve very successfully used it to impose their economic dominance on Europe.
      Best wishes


      1. You forgot Ireland as one of the PIIGS nations, hence the double I.

        Anyways, I didn’t say the élites are intelligent and will succeed, but people worldwide are much more stupid and whatever their Mickey Mouse governments order they’ll do to not lose their jobs.

        It’s all fake until people’s fear creates exactly what they want us to believe it’s real. It’s what’s been going on for thousands of years, no?
        The dozens of vaccines by different brands that seem to be in the process of being released are probably made of cow’s piss, but the terrified covidiot masses will implore to get their shot asap to go back to “normal” so who knows, they might have fun putting some aborted foetus cells or any other crap in it, and we’ll see what happens then, either immediately or in the long run.
        Will you get shot at your own risk?
        I won’t.


        1. Yes you are correct Anna. How could I forget our magical neighbour Ireland, doh! Yes, it’s usually fake and yes the fear that they create is the key, it has been used for ages to control us all. So we must stand proud and not ever submit to their mind games. We must never be afraid because that is exactly what they want…..

          Vaccine for covid19? Not a chance for me, snowballs and hell come to mind, they will have to strap me down first. They could easily be saline for all I know, wouldn’t that be typical of their massive exchequer dips? Hopefully they are saline, but I’m not taking it on principle. Anyhow they’ve never isolated this “virus” have they, so how can the vaccine do anything useful? It’s all downside risk it seems to me

          All this is easy to say at my age [70] and with my comfortable “retirement”. Earlier in my life the thought of defaulted mortgage, with a wife and 3 kids to support and no income would definitely have focussed my mind [we were traditional in that my wife ran the home and I ran my business]. So don’t be too hard on the mortgaged masses
          Best wishes

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          1. Interesting how you mentioned the vaccine could very well be just your basic IV saline solution. I said the very thing to my sister today when she asked if I would get the vaccine. I said, only if the military is marching up our street. I also said, who knows what’s in this? It could very well be just a saline solution (at $1200.00 a pop!). Then when you get tested, maybe the number of cycles or amps gets reduced to , say 20, as Jon Rappaport suggests, then of course you’ll test negative! And they’ll say, see we told you the vaccine works….

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            1. What if 90% are saline… But 10% have some kind of toxic agent that only shows up a year or two later? Or they all have it, but only about 10% react to it seriously? And then those people get classed as “covid deaths” for whom the vax didn’t work… And boosters are needed for everyone, and so on.

              I mean yes, a lot of this stuff is just about stories and power of suggestion. But then they do also needlessly put people on deadly ventilators or use toxic drug cocktails, and literally kill people off (since the top levels at least must know what their protocols will result in.) And, they talk openly about “overpopulation” and humanity is a virus, etc.


              1. That’s exactly my point, thanks TIMR for bringing that up.

                I mean c’mon guys, we really think we can trust those psychopaths for a second with the excuse that they’d never kill thousands or millions of people with a vaccine?

                If they don’t kill us all, and of course It’d be silly of me to think they would, still they have the power to destroy our lives with the side effects, making many of us disabled and dependent on other meds and government money to survive.
                Is that a life worth living?

                Not to me. I’d rather die immediately and I’ll never give my consent to such a crime.


  3. Just a thought, and not something that will catch on. The American IQ level regarding history (and science) is somewhere down around the level of a rainbow trout. But I thought about changing the name of SARS-CoV-2, the virus that is said to cause Covid-19, to the Reichstag virus. That was the building that the Nazis burned in order to blame communists, we are told. Fascists love to create fake emergencies and events to assist them in seizing power.


    1. That’s clever. It’s not necessarily a problem if they don’t know the story, bc it would give them pause and curiosity (some.) So explaining the term would actually engage them in the whole concept.


    2. Mark, this is not a complaint nor criticism, so please don’t take it as one. I hold this site and it’s writers in the highest regard. But isn’t it curious that one of the most commonly held beliefs wherever one “goes” is this idea that the American public (or any public, for that matter) are hopelessly dim? I suppose it’s easy to accept given all that’s happening – the perpetual dumbing down of society, right? But every time I want to agree, I have to ask myself – dumbed down compared to when? Hasn’t it always been this way? And are the masses at fault for their stupidity as we so often charge? As regular visitors to this site, aren’t we in some sort of agreement that ALL of humanity are constantly bombarded with programming and propaganda since birth? That our beloved central planners/parasites have perpetually played a pivotal role in societal degradation? Imagine a child, raised in a broken home by a single parent, fed low energy inducing garbage all his life, “educated” by a piss poor scholastic system chock full of mind numbing socialist propaganda, pumped full of toxic vaccines that render him unable to think clearly or learn any life skill beyond pressing buttons on a color coded order screen. And to think that those with some money have it much better would be folly, since the insanity seems baked in at every level. They just get to work on fancier screens. In any case, all these children are inevitably “raised” by the system (Hollywood, Music Industry, MSM, social media, etc) with few opportunities to learn how to think critically. Now, imagine trying to escape from such a prison when you have no ability to even begin to comprehend that you are even in said prison. Plato’s Cave come to mind? So perhaps it isn’t so much that people are dumb, but that they are just … people. Sorry, not sure where I’m going with all this, other than, maybe we all just need a good flood, or something to wipe the slate clean.

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      1. Excellent, DJ. Intellect can’t touch this type of life-long conditioning. I am more an more leaning toward this whole shit-show as a new, state-sponsored religious experience. Is it not a system of faith and worship — belief of a superior power or powers governing the world, and in the worship of such power or powers? Whether this is a “false religion” or “true religion” is immaterial, as all licensed religion has the common connection to government. What is democracy and why is it so promoted? What belief is more effective than democracy if the intent is to govern (control) men in licensed (government permit) lawlessness, or controlled chaos? I think this is a battle for souls at bottom.


      2. Agreed, good thoughts, DJ. I don’t imagine that people are born dumb, but are made so deliberately by schooling, poor nutrition, “health” care, vaccinations and other drugs (Ritalin). By the time they achieve adulthood they are chained to a desk or other form of subsistence, weighed down by a mortgage and probably student loan debt too. It is all by design.

        I continually refer back to Étienne de La Boétie, who had the following sentiments in his time (died in 1563):

        The fundamental political question is why do people obey a government. The answer is that they tend to enslave themselves, to let themselves be governed by tyrants. Freedom from servitude comes not from violent action, but from the refusal to serve. Tyrants fall when the people withdraw their support.

        Liberty is the natural condition of the people. Servitude, however, is fostered when people are raised in subjection. People are trained to adore rulers. All freedom is forgotten by many there are always some who will never submit.

        If things are to change, one must realize the extent to which the foundation of tyranny lies in the vast networks of corrupted people with an interest in maintaining tyranny.

        That is 1563! Thus as it is, so has it always been. Perhaps the flowering of humanity was during Roman times, and perhaps it was deliberately put to an end by the Catholic Church. But Plato’s Allegory of the Cave says it’s been longer than that.


  4. I would love to believe the scamdemic will be winding down soon.

    Then there’s this:

    Covid-19: Vaccination will be required to fly, says Qantas chief

    “The Australian flag carrier’s boss, Alan Joyce, said the move would be ‘a necessity’ when vaccines are available.

    ‘I think that’s going to be a common thing talking to my colleagues in other airlines around the globe,’ he said.

    In an interview with Australia’s Nine Network on Monday, Mr. Joyce said Qantas was looking at ways of changing its terms and conditions for international travelers as the industry, which has been hit hard by travel restrictions, looks at ways of moving forward.

    ‘We will ask people to have a vaccination before they can get on the aircraft… for international visitors coming out and people leaving the country we think that’s a necessity,’ he told the broadcaster.

    ‘There are always exemptions for any vaccine on medical grounds, but that should be the only basis,” he told radio station 3AW.'”


    Stopping this will require a massive air travel boycott. We need to starve the airlines until they relent.


    1. The airlines don’t need to make money. Uncle Sam will give the domestic airlines another 25 billion when they want it. The airline industry has always been heavily subsidized. They might as well make it part of the dod.


  5. Maybe the signal for the end of the Covid scamdemic some of the commenters are waiting for?

    Have you guys heard about the black metal monolith that’s been discovered in a remote area of the Utah desert days ago by helicopter pilots?
    Public safety officers were flying around the area when they spotted this shiny object hiding in between rocks; it’s about 10 to 12 ft high.
    It looks like the one from the 2001: A space odyssey movie, and the question is: who put it there, and why?

    Is that a fake, a clever art exhibit for marketing purposes or a message from someone to someone else to stop the Covid BS?
    It clearly resembles the famous masonic columns we find in their lodges and temples.

    Any opinions?


    1. Amazing and strange! I’ve been in the Utah desert, and it is vast, so the odds of anyone stumbling on this monolith were very low. That, and it is unsigned. Does a monolith have masonic significance?


      Here is some more weird business, the Georgia Guide Stones that suddenly appeared, no one knows who built them. The creepiest part is that they say that human population must be “maintained” at 500,000,000. No one knows what that means, but I suspect the authors were too timid to use the words “reduced to” instead of “maintained at.”


      More work of the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation?


      1. Well, yes.
        The UN building in NYC is another monolith.
        Think about Stonehenge in England or the Menhir’s around the world.
        They are the custodians of a very ancient and secret knowledge about the Earth and its position in this universe.

        Don’t wanna go too OT but the false initials of the guy who commissioned the Georgia Guidestones are not casual. RC Christian are a clear reminder of Christian Rosenkreutz, the legendary founder of the Rosicrucian society, from which Freemasonry will come later on.

        Those guys worship symbols like nothing else.


        1. The supposed shooting in Kenosha Wisconsin had victims listed as: Joseph Rosen-baum, Anthony Huber & Gaige Gross-kreutz. The connection to Christian Rosen-Kreutz & the Georgia Guidestones seems obvious to me now. Thanks Anna. Also the first names of the 2 killed victims as Joseph & Anthony are an obvious reference to Joseph Biden (Joseph Rosen) & Anthony Evers (Anthony Huber). That particular psy-op also had a multitude of references to the color “black” as the protest that day was over the shooting of JACOB BLAKE (BLACK) & the gun used by KYLE RITTENHOUSE was purchased by DOMINICK BLACK. The complete unwinding of any of these fables or stories requires the use of cryptography.


          1. You’re welcome, Wang Dong.
            And you’re right, cryptography is essential for a deeper understanding of events and even how those events are reported on msm.

            In Italy we had one of the best Freemasonry & cryptography experts ever, she wrote many books about the major events in history that can be associated with Freemasonry and their occult rituals & symbols, unfortunately she passed away back in 2010, officially due to a very quick and invasive cancer, but I think to this day she was killed cos she revealed TPTB MO and hidden language.


      2. I wonder if the exact location has any significance. Is it known/disclosed? Sometimes these “mysteries” are sitting on Ley Lines or latitude and longitude intersections, etc. that have special meaning to hierarchy chieftains.


          1. Dealey plaza is located on the site of the first masonic lodge in Dallas and George dealey has a masonic lodge named after him in the area. The plaza is also a psi symbol of course.

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  6. A question to each poster here: Will you take the vax shot looming on the horizon? It FAKE right? So it will be harmless, correct?


    1. Already replied, I won’t.

      I read somewhere that vaccines based on Rna fragments are not suitable for people who suffer from autoimmune pathologies, I have Hashimoto’s disease so you bet I’ll use that to my last day on Earth not to get the shot, whatever it contains.


    2. “It FAKE right? So it will be harmless, correct?”

      Every vaccine is fake, i.e. it cannot prevent a viral disease when no virus exists. Disease cannot be addressed by shooting pollutants and toxins into the body, unless the purpose is to cause disease, which is the intent, apparently….Every vaccine is intentionally harmful. “Harmless vaccine” is an oxymoron, and the same label applies to any discussion regarding “vaccine safety”.

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      1. In the UK, they want 75% success rate for everyone to take the latest flu shot. 100% success rate for everyone who works in the nhs. If anyone refuses they will contact them to find out why (and ”allay their fears”). For those that say they are allergic to eggs, they have already circumvented that problem and a flu shot is ready absent egg protein. Mercury and aluminium is just fine though. This is the flu shot, not the COVID.


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