Vaccines and the Philippines

The following is a large excerpt from the 1923 book Béchamp or Pasteur? A Lost Chapter in the History of Biology by Ethel D. Hume. I don’t expect one way or another that you would care to read it, but I just got done transcribing the section on the history of American involvement in the Philippines as it regards vaccinations.

I have seen this time and again – there is no credible evidence to support vaxxing of any type, and often enough, the evidence is, as shown by Hume, negative. Massachuetts had a similar experience as the Philippines with smallpox, outbreaks tailing vaccination campaigns and mandates. Far from preventing disease, vaccines are a major cause.

And yet they go on. The insult that goes with the injury is that those who support vaxxing claim that it wiped out smallpox.

Not hardly.

(Begins on page 271)

Since taking over the [Philippine] islands by the USA, every attention has been paid to perfecting of sanitation. But not content with this, their Public Health Service has undertaken the thorough and systematic vaccination of the population, adding thereto a considerable amount of serum inoculation. For the result, let us turn to an American paper, published in Minneapolis, the Masonic Observer of 14 January, 1922.

                The Philippines have experienced 3 smallpox epidemics since the United States 1st took over the islands, the 1st in 1905-6, the 2nd in 1907-8, and the 3rd and worst, the recent epidemic of 1918-1919.

Before 1905 (with no systematic general vaccination) the case mortality was about 10%. In the 1905-6 epidemic, with vaccination well started, the case mortality range from 25% to 50% in different parts of the islands. During the epidemic of 1918-19, with the Philippine supposedly almost universally immunized by vaccination, the case mortality averaged over 65%.

These figures can be verified by reference to the Report of the Philippine Health Service for 1919, page 78. These figures are accompanied by the statement that “the mortality is hardly explainable”. To anyone but a Philippine Medical Health Commissioner, it is plainly the result of vaccination.

Not only has smallpox become more deadly in the Philippines, but, in addition: “The statistics of the Philippine Health Service show that there has been a steady increase in recent years in the cases of preventable diseases, especially typhoid, malaria, and tuberculosis.”

[Quoted from the 1921 Report of the Special Mission on Investigation to the Philippine Islands, of which Gen. Leonard Wood was head.]

Going into detail in an earlier issue (10th December, 1921), the Masonic Observer writes:

                “The highest percentage of mortality, 65.3%, was in Manila, the most thoroughly vaccinated place in the Philippines; the lowest percentage of mortality, 11.4%, was in Mindanao, where, owing to religious beliefs of the inhabitants, vaccination has not been practiced as much as in most other parts of the islands.

To the everlasting shame of the misnamed “Health” Service, vaccination has been forced on Mindanao since 1918, despite this proof that their people were safer without it, and, as a result, smallpox mortality increased to about 25% in 1920.

In view of the fact that sanitary engineers had probably done more in Manila to clean up the city and make it healthy than in any other part of the island’s there is every reason to believe that excessive vaccination actually brought on the smallpox epidemic, in spite of the sanitary measures taken to promote health”

Again, from the issue of 17th December, 1921:

“Think of it – less than 11 million population in the Philippines and 107,981 cases of smallpox with the awful tolls of 59,741 deaths in 1918 in 1919. Bear in mind that, in all human probability, the inhabitants of the Philippines are as thoroughly vaccinated and revaccinated has any people in the world.

Systematic vaccination started in the Philippines in 1905 and has continued ever since. It is certain that over 10 million vaccinations for smallpox were performed in the Philippines from 1905 to 1917, and very probable that the vaccinations numbered even as many as 15 million during that time. This can be verified by reference to reports of the Philippine Health Service.”

Turning to these reports, we find evidence that the facts must have been even worse. In letters to the Secretary of Public Instruction, Dr. V. de Jesus (the Dir. of Health) states that in 1918 in 1919 there were in the Philippines 112,549 cases smallpox with 60,855 deaths. The Chief of the Division of Sanitation in the Provinces gives yet higher figures for the year 1919, increasing the tone for two years to 145,317 cases and 63,434 deaths.

So the facts pronounce firmly against Jenner and Pasteur. Yet, basing his theories upon a practice already discredited by those who had given it close and impartial scientific study, Pasteur proceeded to inaugurate a system of preventive medicine focused on what he proclaimed to be the ravages of airborne microbes. The attenuated doses which, according to his theory, were to prevent natural diseases did due honor to Edward Jenner by being called the vaccines.”


25 thoughts on “Vaccines and the Philippines

  1. I just ordered this book the other day. Looking forward to reading it. Some time ago in a previous post here, someone posted a video at the end of which was mentioned a book called The Poisoned Needle by Eleanor McBean published in 1957. I found a version online. I’ve only scanned through bits of it but it seems to be a collection of information on anti-vaxxing going way back. Here’s the first line from the Preface:

    “For the past 2000 years physicians have been looking in the wrong direction for the cure of disease. Their worse than useless practice of killing germs with poison drugs has never — and can never — solve the problem of disease”

    It only gets better..

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  2. Years ago I enrolled in school to take some extra classes and had to get a Diphtheria shot and I could not register unless I got this vaccination, I was not offered an exemption form to fill out and it was mandatory. I got the shot, took the classes, and since I went to the health department it didn’t cost me anything.

    I just looked at a “copy” of my immunization record. The original is kept at my county health department, and oddly I was informed my high school keeps every past student’s immunization records too and only provides copies. My original birth certificate is held at my county courthouse and I can only get a copy of it.

    Anyways my record shows a long list of different shots from birth, grade school, high school and a few in my twenties. Whatever they wanted inside me is already there, and except for needing glasses in high school, I haven’t had any health problems yet and rarely get sick. Could all these shots I had just been a saline placebo or contain some nefarious ingredients with a long term time bomb?
    I don’t know for sure. And I don’t think to many other people know for sure either.


  3. I haven’t had any health problems yet and rarely get sick.

    How has your IQ been affected by otherwise harmless vaccines?

    Remember, a person with Down’s Syndrome thinks he/she is “normal”, because they have no other frame of reference.

    Was your potential cut down at a very early age due to poisoning of brain, body and yes, even spirit???

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    1. I assume the smart kids in my class that achieved a higher tax bracket later in life, were subjected to the same vaccines everyone else got. If not then maybe that’s why the local high schools keep everyone’s immunization records, to possibly falsely prove everyone got the same shots. No way to know for sure, as children we get the shots at the family doctor’s office or health department and not in the schools. You can give your high school a call to find out if they have your immunization record in their files and request a copy.

      And a sad note is they use Ultrasound to detect if an unborn baby has Down’s Syndrome.


  4. 20 years ago, when I discovered the German New Medicine of Geerd Hamer, I said to myself one day: “If Hamer got it right, then Louis Pasteur is all just nonsense”. I searched information for days, found only praise for high-priest Pasteur. Until someone said to me: you won’t find anything if you only look at literature about Pasteur. Search for his opponent, Antoine Bechamp, the most titled scientific in French history and wiped out of medical history. That made my day…

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  5. My local talk radio peeps, or at least all their regular guests, politicos they interview, producers, etc have been having a big spate of “Covid” – mostly mild, or was bad and now revovered; one currently bad. They joke abt being in the “covid club.” It seems out of proportion to the number of real people I know with “cases.” Alabama hasn’t got a ton of cases out of 5 million peeps, but everyone in radio has it lol.. And everyone even passingly on the airwaves. Whereas regular joes I know don’t claim it very often or at all – the only ones I hear abt are very sick people labelled Covid – not regular peeps w mild cases, that I recall. Now the obvious angle is that local radio is pushing the story, ok; but maybe the real angle is that a positive covid test might be a vaccine waiver down the line…?


    1. I tested positive with very mild symptoms and that’s PRECISELY what I am hoping for…a vaccine waiver. Why would I need a vaccine? I’m immune.


    2. Since this is a war on consciousness, even logic that works within the parameters of their absurd story is under attack. We really are meant to be completely stupid, wholly dependent on media and “experts” to connect all dots for us. “I tested positive, therefore am immune and do not need a vaccine” should be an air-tight argument, but the propagandists are on it. In the article below from Science Magazine, they float the idea that “immunity” may only be temporary, up to a year or two. The article admits this doesn’t bode well for vaccines, but opens up the possibility of vaccines that need to be, you know, updated every year or so. Luckily, our consciousness has been primed for this silliness by our acceptance of the idea that we need to update antivirus software every once in a while.

      In Stephen King’s book On Writing, he describes how he wrote science fiction stories when he was a little kid. I’m paraphrasing from memory and it’s been a long time since I read it, but his formula went something like this: A scientific abomination of some kind—say, mutant dinosaurs—would terrorize the world for a while. Then a scientist would snap his fingers and say, “I have a theory! Dinosaurs are allergic to leather!” Then there was a climactic battle that involved throwing leather at the dinosaurs until they all dropped dead. The End.

      This perfectly describes the storytelling level of our propagandists, don’t you think?

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      1. Well… I agree it’s a lot of storytelling, but I’m actually impressed by the convoluted lunacy of it all. In their story, the use of leather would end up meaning that people can’t eat meat or something, bc all cows are needed to fight dinosaurs. Then Ted Cruz would have some kind of embarrassing meltdown, and formerly meat eating Republicans would all feel chagrined and go vegan. Etc etc.

        That book does seem like it might be a manual for media scriptwriters though… The last chapter is about King’s being hit by a car, and may be a demo of the techniques described. Maybe they were replacing him with a new actor, and needed a reason he might look different? I haven’t compared the two very closely. OTOH I kind of believe there’s some truth to King’s output… Maybe it’s a mix of a real guy and occasional committee books or assignments.. I’m on the fence


        1. Yeah, I feel the same ambivalence about King. My best case scenario for him is that he really did rise from nothing through hard work, determination and talent, and that when the PTB realized what an asset he could be, they surrounded him with handlers who flattered him, stoked his ego, and gave him a completed deluded idea about the world and his place in it. He’s not an idiot, but by his own admission he’s not particularly introspective, and I like to think that through money and manipulation he was turned into a “useful idiot” who thinks he’s serving benevolent masters even as they laugh at him behind his back.

          And I know this happens. As I think I’ve mentioned here before, I had a very good friend who worked in a high executive position for the One Foundation–he had Bono on his speed dial. It’s obvious to people in this crowd what the One Foundation is, but my friend and the people he worked with really believed their mission was to feed and restore health to South Africans. And, in fact, they did and I suppose still do, because it provides a front for the secret sterilization and all the raping and pillaging that the One Foundation’s partners in crime get up to. My friend didn’t see that part of it and didn’t believe in it. When he described some of his conversations with Bono, it seemed obvious to me that that total phony was playing him, but it sure worked. It wouldn’t surprise me if a LOT of wealthy executives and celebrities are kept in a bubble like that, including King.


          1. Could be, sounds plausible.. The same phenomenon at lower levels – “try to convince a man of something when his salary depends on not knowing it” type thing.

            I think I see your point better on the dino story – King was talking abt the pitfall of ghost in the machine storytelling probably – deus es machina – as unsatisfactory to the discriminating novel addict. It does seem the news scripts often work on that logic – any chink in the storytelling armor, if it gets too big to ignore, is just patched up with some new arbitrary fiction. We’re ruled by 8-year-olds with laptops wired directly to the front page of the NYT.


  6. Love it Scot! And yes, this is already playingnout just like a Steven King novel (no pun intended, novel CV).

    You see, **IT*” is ALREADY “mutating”! I read a ” new strain” has morphed its way into Southern England!

    The children born today will have to live with this f’n novel for the rest of their lives. And us who are much older will, of course, live with it till we die…hopefully outside a “nursing” (death) home.


  7. Great find, Mark. That’s what’s so amazing about the vaccine paradigm. From the very beginning, there has been no credible evidence for vaccines being safe and effective, and lots of evidence for vaccines being dangerous and ineffective. And yet the paradigm holds, with at least 75% of Americans believing that for-profit vaccine and pharmaceutical products, the modern incarnation of snake oil, represent towering achievements of “Science.” Relentless propaganda is incredibly effective.

    Indeed, TPTB hardly need bother with any real technology, medical or military. Their mastery of propaganda and human psychology is their most powerful tech. Propaganda alone is enough to drive belief and compliance. The vast majority of human beliefs were just…INSERTED in human minds by TPTB. No evidence required, no logic required, just a few cheap persuasion tricks. Like repetition, appeal to authority, social pressure, etc.

    And now more than 100 million Americans are angrily and completely DEVOTED to the vaccine paradigm, raging against vaccine skeptics. Which is their favorite study “debunking” vaccine skepticism? They don’t know. They’ve never looked. They’ve come to love and even worship the propagandists, and they are enraged that anyone could possibly be skeptical.

    The snake oil salesmen have come a long way, baby. Only 150 years ago, they had trouble hawking their potions, and had to move on quickly from town to town in search of gullible new marks for their con. Now they have virtual ARMIES of believers in their “Science!” And through taxes, social pressure, etc. these armies of buyers actively work to force EVERYONE in town to buy the potions, at huge markups. Not too shabby! If the old snake oil salesmen could see how far their successors have come, they’d be blown away.


    1. And the Big Lie… I’ve talked w a couple of peeps who are very skeptical abt covid in general, and even agree abt reclassification of other illness as covid… Agree that the test is unreliable and boosts numbers… But will then tell you “but it is real.” Like, maybe 30 or 60k really died of covid, and the rest are cooked statistics. As Goebbels openly said, regular people balk at a Very Big Lie; they suspect government of vast fraud by exaggeration and thousands of little lies, but they can’t wrap their heads around a foundational lie. Even as a possibility.


      1. “People suspect government of vast fraud by exaggeration and thousands of little lies, but they can’t wrap their heads around a foundational lie. Even as a possibility.”

        Great point. And quite amazing. Basic logic dictates that if liars know that people can’t wrap their heads around foundational lies, then they’ll also know that foundational lies are good ones to tell for fun and profit.

        The case of Covid is instructive. TRILLIONS of dollars have rapidly changed hands, government power has increased significantly (and civil rights have decreased), the main street economy has been destroyed while big corporations have benefitted, and Covid helped to decide an election. The average Joe says, “Yeah, I know all that, but it was probably BASED on a legitimate respiratory infection, right?”

        And indeed, if there HAD been a legitimate respiratory infection, bad actors would have taken maximum advantage of it, “never letting a crisis go to waste.” But with trillions of dollars and endless power to gain, OF COURSE they would just ASSERT the crisis in the first place. Why wouldn’t they? It would obviously be well worth it.


        1. When you’re dealing with a large population of people who fell for previous huge psyops like 9/11, H1N1, Pearl Harbor, Polio, Golf of Tonkin, etc. and the massive looting that followed (CARES, TARP, 9/11 VCF, military spending, pharma spending, etc. – all treasury and central bank heists), what do you expect?

          These are also the same people who believe in religious fairytales like Jesus – and religion, like Big Pharma, is a huge money racket. Hundreds of billions have been amassed by organized religious cults such as the Vatican from masses of people – and it’s all based on lies. With that in mind, how easy it would be for them to sell the plebs on other lies and steal handsomely from them in return?


  8. Woke early and caught some Coast 2 Coast am.. Good interview w a doc in Oregon who believes in “informed consent” as a real deal, not just a hand wave – so he gets all the parents wary of the CDC vax schedule. Then he did a study of his patients and found – of course – much better health in the unvaxxed. Published it as peer reviewed paper. Says he’s being hounded by the medical board over his license.


  9. Highly recommend this fiery essay from an anonymous “IM Doc” that generated lots of discussion at NC… Lots of overlap with views here, especially in his general criticisms of pharma and medicine. His specific charges against Pfizers vaccine study and rollout seem more limited and minor imo – and commenters w medical bgs push back on some of it.

    Interesting as well that much of the readership is wary that “the fix is in” for these vaccines. These are largely believers in the overall narratives, but they do see the hype and puffery, and suppression of dissenting views. They are also attuned to fraud and corruption in gov and corps. An interesting readership – very professional class and/or autodidactic – they are sort of inbetween the mass public, and the extreme skepticism of POM or similar.
    Their wariness makes me wonder though – is the rollout DESIGNED to provoke said same? Miles pointed out recently the technique of media intentionally self sabotaging, being obviously in the bag, to push people (in that story) to the “right” (or Trump) and away from the establishment “liberalism”.. What are they setting up for down the line, w this suspicious rollout? If they WANTED people to trust it (most people), they cld do better PR.. Seems they want a large “wary” group.
    Paso’s view was, that’s necessary to make the initiation ritual suitably weighty in the initiate’s mind.. Good possibility. Also there’s a year or two of pitched tension and division between the camps it creates. It cld also go to Barb’s idea abt a planned takedown of current medical paradigm at some point – laying the groundwork – maybe long term, a transition is planned. See the foreshadowing w the “opioid crime family” of pharma magnates recently taken down. (Or was that just foreshadowing more crimes that will be dealt with by a fake conviction to assuage public anger.)


    1. Bit of numerology… IM Doc could well be a plant, to underline the skepticism they want you to have – “Here, if you’re too lazy to see how sloppy and snake-oil our announcement in NEJM is, we’ll give you a compelling write-up and connect the dots for you..”

      Commenters mention docs they know who see some red flags as well, so a subset of skeptical docs will communicate that to patients and the community. This journal article sets up MD opinion IOW, and hence public opinion. It seems flagrantly suspect that it’s a new kind of vaccine tech, being used on the mass public when it’s never even had limited uses or long term study.. Any sensible person would balk. They must want a sizable skepticism and pushback – to be led by their own agents naturally.


    2. And NC’s readership is precisely the kind of wonkish group that can be used to spread ideas to less engaged family and friends.


  10. Cannot find the post I was looking for; namely that if contagious viri don’t exist, they couldn’t have killed those millions of indigenous people.

    Just came across this

    In the years before English settlers established the Plymouth colony (1616–1619), most Native Americans living on the southeastern coast of present-day Massachusetts died from a mysterious disease.

    Classic explanations have included yellow fever, smallpox, and plague. Chickenpox and trichinosis are among more recent proposals.

    We suggest an additional candidate: leptospirosis, a bacterial infection, complicated by Weil syndrome.


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