Forests are being looted as the empire collapses around us.

Harder and harder to find a “blank spot on the map.”

Not much ever changes here in Montana. A few more stores have the mask cops at the front door of local supermarkets and retailers turning away those “selfish” non-essential people trying to buy a loaf of bread or a little something to eat during the week ahead. Out in the rural parts the mining, logging, grazing and other nature-destroying extractive industries are having a field day. It’s like in the Amazon rainforest here, with huge (300-acres and larger) clearcuts and heavy machinery logging right down to the edge of tributary streams that feed the “Blue Ribbon” fishing haunts so popular with out-of state tourists and locals alike. We’re full on “banana republic” these days. There are a few who fight on trying to minimize the damage. Too many enemies of nature and way too few defenders of Creator’s many gifts. The worship of Mammon has swept into power big time. May it be a short-lived mania. Below is an account of our latest lawsuit against federal government agencies run amok.

Peace, brothers and sisters, and all forms of life on this tiny planet. Do not miss the solstice and Saturn-Jupiter conjunction sky watchers. Rare moment, with all its exceptionally deep, dark energy.

7 thoughts on “Forests are being looted as the empire collapses around us.

  1. those trees are blocking the 5G signal, their priority, as you state, is Mammon.
    I recently watched all 3 seasons of Yellowstone w/ Kevin Costner, I’m curious as to how the 4th season, scheduled for June 21, will play out given the state of this country. Montana looks to be stunning, why anyone would want to disrupt its beauty is beyond me.

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  2. It’s odd isn’t it. All this destruction ……………and where IS the high priestess of environment protection? Seems Greta only wants to be bothered with ” environment protection” money making schemes for the few.
    Whilst the Covid scam rages on and our eyes are on current events that probably don’t matter that much the destruction continues. I’m beginning to think they’ve got us where they want us which is forever debating the virus scam and eyes firmly off what’s really going on .


      1. “It’s an unprecedented coalition of business networks that have come together to raise our ambition. Not just to help our individual CEOs succeed, we’ll do that for sure. But to actually bring their voices together to help shift culture. So that the pushback on the BRT [Business Roundtable] from different business publications or other people within the business community lessens. So there’s less of a headwind culturally for this type of leadership.”

        I’m only halfway through the article–it’s long and depressing–but am I foolish to take a weird sort of comfort in this quote from B Lab and B Corporations founder Jay Coen Gilbert? (I realize expat David would say yes.) There is a bluster and arrogance in his tone that I have come to associate with weakness. It’s taken a long time, but I’ve come to recognize the fear and insecurity that lies beneath the surface of braggarts and bullies in my day to day life, and have discovered first hand how easy it is to knock the wind out of their sails simply by not being the least bit intimidated and coming back at them from a place of truth. Gilbert says these CEOs have come together to “raise our ambition” and hastens to add they’re not worried about whether or not they’ll succeed–“we’ll do that for sure.” But they want to “shift culture” so that “pushback” from the business community “lessens.” Yes… bullies hate pushback. They can’t stand it. They fear it. They are absolute babies in the face of it. That’s what I think of as I read this quote. It helps me squeeze a little happiness and hope from the deep sense of hopelessness that this article, and our current situation, tempt me to fall into.


    1. The latest deep state (or use your own favorite term) diversion is the C-19 scam but you and I both know “their’ ploy has long been to dangle a series of contrived situations/events successfully designed to divert attention from the ongoing destruction of societies, ecosystems, human health/non-reliance on prescription drugs, individualism, rebelious curiosity…the list is lengthy. I notice a number of disturbing by-products of the Covid scare. One that breaks my heart is one of the most basic: with the advent of mandatory masks strangers who walk past one another rarely even look at each other – much less make eye contact and exchange a friendly expression. They keep their heards low, shoulders stooped and scuffle through the market picking up their grocery list stuff without a grin and a hello to even one stranger. Oh – that is such a small thing to bring up you say. No, it is not. Humans who bow to wearing these face covers have been ushered into a cocoon. Few see the confinement and isolation resulting from these coverings. Stripping away our society’s exuberance of communication with one another is a grave risk indeed.


  3. ME,

    I’ve been thinking similar thoughts since this era of medical martial law. There are always multiple objectives it seems, and with media saturation as it is anything can be made to appear, or disappear, on command. Our attention span is short, our memory is shot and our curiosity for what’s really going on has been lost in the binge society into alcohol, marijuana, legal opioids, entertainment and any number of mechanical escapes from boring, meaningless lives that simply cannot persist without constant interventions of fantasy.

    Everything from slave management to resource plunder is kept out of the minds of most. Rome II is collapsing and nobody is seeing the obvious signs. I used to joke around with people, suggesting that they learn Mandarin. Now, it’s no joke. That seems to be the model trending upward at the moment. Of course, it has little to do with China, and as always, controlled at the City of London, Switzerland and The Vatican. Endless distractions keep the secrets, secret.


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