Thanks a bunch, Pogie

I am linking to a site I rarely visit, The Montana Post, run by award-winning high school English teacher Don Pogreba. “Pogie,” as he is known, is famous for the following exemplary form of argumentation … this a conversation I am making up but have experienced nonetheless:

Anyone anywhere: “But Pogie, I’ve got it right here that you’re wrong.”
Pogie: “What’s your source?”
AA: “It’s some research done from a book that was cited on a blog, Piece of Mindful.”
Pogie: That’s not reliable. I want the New York Times, Washington Post, CBS News, otherwise I don’t believe it.”
AA: But Pogie, that’s not the point. You’ve got to look at the material and judge it using your own brain.”
Pogie: “Get real. Give me a reliable source.”

This has long been my beef with Pogie, and maybe with modern education in general – he does not teach thinking. He teaches students to use other people’s brains instead of their own. The result is seen all around us, the masked masses, clueless as to why they are in such garb.

But enough of that. I tripped by Montana Post today knowing that Pogie, a proud Democrat, would be in agony over the recent Montana election in which Republicans triumphed in every major office in Montana, also giving the new Governor Gianforte a veto-proof legislature. I don’t care about that, and don’t think anything will change as a result. However, and I don’t necessarily take pride in this, I wanted to feel Pogie’s suffering. So I went there. He’s still Pogie, oblivious, criticizing this Republican for this bad thing and praising this Democrat for this good thing, a black/white thinker if ever there was one.

Ah well. That’s always been the case. But while there, I tripped over a Pro-Publica piece that Pogie is promoting entitled States with Few Conronavirus Restrictions are Spreading the Virus Beyond There Borders by David Armstrong. Here’s my take on the article: I want to spend time, if possible, in Idaho, South Dakota and Iowa. Why? They are less Stalinist in their restrictions on their populations. Masks are optional, and in SD there are no quarantines, aka imprisonment without due process. That was also my experience in Wyoming last summer, but I cannot speak about it now.

The whole of the article from Pro Publica, a Pulitzer winning source, is laced with propaganda and unfounded “science.” Here at our site we have come to understand the basics:

  • There’s never been an isolated SARS-CoV-2 virus, no gold standard, so it is not even proven to exist.
  • The test for the virus, RT-PCR, is not just “mostly” unreliable, but 100% unreliable. There are two reasons, one, absence of an isolated virus to test for, and two, knowledge that the number of amplifications, rarely disclosed by labs, even if the machine was being used as intended by its inventor, yields results “not worth a hill of beans.”

Add to this now an paper from Dsalud, translated here, (bad source! says Pogie) that did in-depth research using a genome database called BLAST in which it found that the primers that are built into RT-PCR to test against human samples are found in the human genome and many microbes we have in us to boot!

So we cannot know that a virus is spreading anymore than we know that the brutal restrictions states like Washington and Minnesota place on their residents are effective. After all, how do you stop the spread of a virus we don’t even know exists?

It gets worse, of course. Armstrong refers to a nationwide rise in “cases,” or positive PCR tests. They are meaningless. The purpose of the PCR, in the right hands, is to compare strands of DNA. It is highly regarded for use in criminology. I have seen it work its magic, twice. Its inventor, Nobel Laureate Dr. Kary Mullis, said it was not meant to be used to diagnose disease. But PCR got into the wrong hands, and in those wrong hands it is being used to create the illusion that there is a real virus and that it is spreading. This is criminality at its worst.

Readers here know also that “cases” of Covid-19 are without substance, and deaths from Covid-19 are merely people, usually quite aged and suffering from comorbidity factors such as pneumonia, influenza, diabetes, etc., that are re-labeled as “Covid-19” on orders of CDC. This applies even if not tested positive – a doctor only has to suspect Covid-19. I carry around with me in my wallet of the actual number of Covid-19 deaths  on any given day: Zero. We cannot rely on CDC, but their numbers indicate that the US has not experienced an excess of deaths this year over last, and also that the numbers of deaths due to pneumonia, flu, diabetes, etc., are down quite dramatically. Suicides, however, are up, and I would bet that to be the case in places like Washington, Minnesota and Ohio, where Armstrong is so impressed with their brutality.

So what is real? The situation is grim. The attack on civil liberties is going on everywhere in the world, except perhaps Tanzania. It is brutal. Masks are merely intended to intensify fear, and should all say on them “I am obedient.” They are behavioral psychology, meant to give a physical symbol of something that cannot be seen, touched, tasted or smelled. Social distancing is obviously intended to prohibit our first amendment right of peaceful assembly. They don’t want people gathering, listening to speakers, or criticizing the hoax. Travel being forbidden would fall under the Ninth Amendment. And, of course, habeas corpus, while it still technically exists, would take a very brave judge to invoke to break someone out of quarantine. But it was done in Portugal. There an appeals court ruled that quarantines are not to be enforced due to the unreliability of the PCR test. The court also mentioned absence of a gold standard for the virus.

I get all of this. It is troublesome to people who believe in civil liberties. These rights that we thought we had, that were supposed to be inalienable, are gone. And men like David Armstrong and Don Pogreba are cheering! It’s not that we are in mass insanity brought about by ruthless and unending agitprop, but that people cheer their own loss of freedom liberty.

Thanks a bunch, Pogie.

5 thoughts on “Thanks a bunch, Pogie

    1. It’s like that … some people rely strictly on the New York Times, others on sources like NPR or PBS, and on the opposite side Fox News … no one realizing that all outlets are saying the same thing, only tailoring the words to match their audiences. Even if you rely on Democracy Now!, the content is the same.


      1. Yes. Of course. I was being facetious.

        I used to love reading the nonsense that went on with yahoo stories (I didn’t put much trust in them though) then “they” took away the commenting section and ALL the fun went out the window. ***but that’s neither here, nor there.


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