“A fish rots from the head down.” – Rumi

By now, we have all heard rumblings of Empire’s imminent collapse.  Propaganda can no longer hide the obvious fact that social, financial, cultural and political systems have failed miserably, and are still failing with no end in sight.   

Some collapseologists are observing something less apparent, which they describe as a “post-propaganda” phase or stage.Clearly, Empire is fighting for its life, overwhelmed by one institutional crisis after another in every bureau and department.What is left of Empire’s tattered unifying symbols? Is there much more remaining than a flag, national anthem and the Super Bowl to believe in? Even the national anthem was dispensed with at a recent NBA game in Dallas. https://www.mysanantonio.com/news/local/article/Mark-Cuban-responds-NBA-push-back-on-anthem-15942393.php

Propaganda can no longer serve as a unifying tool to rally the commoners behind their great ruler (hero) and transport the masses to a parallel universe where all agree on common purpose, shared history and a willingness to work toward a future vision which promises a new, “Golden Age.”   Instead, evidence of multiple grave crises afflicting the system surround us.  The advanced state of Empire’s decomposition (rotting from the head down) caused by malevolent and incompetent leadership is now self-evident. 

Sometimes I feel that the usual nationalistic propaganda signs and public proclamations have been quarantined as Empire is now focused on a single (last ditch) purpose: self-preservation. Empire has degenerated into an every-man-for-himself simulation of “The Hunger Games.” No one is safe. No one is untouchable, not even some of those who appear to be at the “top.” 

Gone are those good old days of classic fascist or state socialist regimes like Mussolini’s Italy, Castro’s Cuba or Uncle Ho’s Vietnam and other typical totalitarian regimes in which political propaganda plays a crucial role for social conformism. Follow the rules, show loyalty and you are rewarded led to believe your loyalty mattered, even the “little people.”

In today’s disintegrating American empire the elite and the mad dogs running the “deep state,” has abandoned any pretense of respect for the citizenry to the extent that it no longer bothers with pretending that it respects them. It’s all out in the open.                                                              

Despite the rapidly changing conditions, I’m not buying the “post-propaganda” theory.  Those promoting this mindset may be mired in the mystical magic of nationalism in what is clearly a sweeping global corporate takeover led by private capital and the central banking system; in other words, the financialization (and digitization) of everything.

The message from those in charge is clear: “Fuck you slaves, you are nothing but livestock to us.”  A once faithful bootlicker in today’s “America” can never breathe easy.  Members of Congress can’t feel safe and secure. The true elites don’t care about loyalty anymore, they only caring about keeping their power and will sacrifice whatever suck-up, minion and tool they see fit to sacrifice – after all, they paid for it didn’t they?

Any, and all, are disposable for the elite’s purposes and amusement, and that is why traditional American (nationalistic) propaganda is losing its effectiveness.  Loyalty just doesn’t pay anymore for the 99%. This isn’t happening at a conscious level for most; it’s going to take a while for it to penetrate the thicker blockheads out there.

This did not begin in 2020. Back in 2016, what was left of the American voting pubic, elected Trump in reaction to the growing forces of private, global capital and its increasingly oppressive and elitist ideology is now labeled a “domestic terrorist.”  

The elite took aim at the “deplorables,” who have always worked “non-essential” jobs that pay less than the cost of living. Trump was selected and installed to the highest office in the land.  The honeypot was set out to catch its prey.  As they had done before in the Reagan “revolution,” the populist voting block (flock) did it again for a variety of reasons, but mostly to deliver a big “fuck you” to the establishment.

This act of open rebellion was again, as it was in the Reagan Era, directed against a government everyone knows is owned by trans-national corporations and oligarchs who revile average Americans and treat them like dirt. It was a voter rebellion against a system of government they know they have zero influence over and won’t have a shred of influence over anytime soon. 

Trump, the populist “hero” was born.  The selection of a narcissistic clown, who rode his tricycle in circles, had its desired hypnotizing effect. As suddenly as he appeared, Trump, the populist hero was taken down, just as Saddam Hussein, Muammar Gaddafi, or Hitler were disposed of when their mission was completed. The play never changes: Suck in the dissenters and rebels, offer them a ray of hope, a new hero, and in “Act III” smash hope on the rocks for everyone to witness. The “War on Populism” never ends.  Neutralizing populist rebellion is a repeating event used to remind the proles, and now the middle class, who is in charge.  

The global capitalist ruling classes have just demonstrated in spades who is really in charge, who controls the monopoly on violence and who runs the U.S. military. All must now witness – in your face, and personal – the melting away of the façade of American democracy, the illusion of so-called “rights” granted by the U.S. Constitution and the melting away of the fantasy too many believed in, called “the rule of law.”

In the past year, have we not all been placed under medical martial law or house arrest? Were we not arrested, fined, beaten and shamed for not following orders, for not wearing (one or two) masks, being on the street without permission, for challenging their official narrative (propaganda), not just about the Covid-19 virus and lockdown and the election results, but all the big and little social, cultural, and economic lies told by the mainstream media, every single day.  Censoring dissent, de-platforming and “shadow-banning” anyone challenging the official narratives and ideology is another “reminder” of who has control of the global joystick.

To understand today’s evolving global-program narrative it is essential to become more familiar with “terror management theory (TMT).”

Terror management theory (TMT) is derived from cultural anthropologist Ernest Becker’s efforts to explain the motivational underpinnings of human behavior.

Fear tactics and death reminders in advertising are more than just emotional appeals; they can directly alter election outcomes and public policy. As Sheldon Solomon, co-founder of TMT, has said, “Anyone who is a fan of democracy should be very concerned by the fact that a relatively subtle alteration of psychological conditions can have such profound effects on political preferences.”

Both major parties aim to cultivate fear and anxiety, a proven method of persuasion. They compel us to support people and programs based on gut-level reactions rather than rational decision making. Our hope is that viewing political advertisements through a “Becker lens” with the help of our Fort Lewis College students will enable us to recognize when our anxieties are being used to coax our political support, so that we make more informed decisions. https://ernestbecker.org/resources/terror-management-theory/embed/#?secret=miXnJtzbQ4

Most of us believe in our thought processes and that conscious, rational thought is what controls human behavior.  “Where there’s a will, there’s a way,” right? Not so, if one examines closely the unfolding of our current mass hysteria (and plenty of examples from history), which tells us that this is hardly the case.  Could it be that our unconscious fear of death is the invisible hand on the wheel steering human behavior. Fear of “death” is the foundational bogeyman which activates our current mass cultural psychosis. https://ernestbecker.org/this-mortal-life/political-manipulation/

The objective of official propaganda is no longer to unify, is to generate an “official narrative” that can be mindlessly repeated by the ruling classes and those who support and find agency with them. This official narrative can be constructed of total nonsense. As we have seen, facts do not matter. The point is to erect and impenetrable ideological divide between “the truth” as defined by the ruling classes and any and all other “truth” that contradicts their carefully constructed narrative.

As it was in Medieval feudal times, life inside the 21st-Century wall is “normal” society, regular employment, a respected career, and all the other token benefits sucking up to the ruling classes gets you. Outside the wall is ridicule, poverty, anxiety, isolation, and various other sanctions the cause human suffering and/or death.  

The more feral the existence, the less impact all this “normal” society idiocy has on an individual.  Remain tribal or start your own to (more or less) escape the inevitable pain of watching the whole façade we call Western Culture crumble around you.    What one believes is irrelevant, so long as one regurgitates the official narrative verbatim.  The official narrative (propaganda) is not designed to deceive or unify the public it is designed to be internalized and repeated, no matter how ridiculous it might sound.

Indoctrination by repetition is part and parcel of the classic Stockholm Syndrome model, which resembles most other forms of totalitarian conditioning.

Prepare for an extended period of global fake news repeated ad nauseam to delegitimize and stigmatize Trump – the fake nationalist/populist hero – and any other smoldering symbol of resistance to the advancement of transnational, private capital and continued global governance. 

Not to worry, the great (oligarchical) powers have installed another of their loyal servants; like magic, life will go back to “normal,” or at least that’s what you will be forced (“nudged”) to believe if you want to go along to get along with your betters. Conform, and there’s a place for you inside. Refuse? Good luck out there. Which side of the wall do you want to be on?


49 thoughts on ““A fish rots from the head down.” – Rumi

  1. Nice to see a post from you again :). I like it.

    I would say, however, that the rot and decay are not “failures”.

    Rot, death and decay are precisely what ” they” want!!

    Can it be any other way? Trillion$ on fake space programs, etc, while people starve and sleep in the streets? Yes! Those of us with normal compassion just cannot fathom the sickness which has overcome our society and the world as a whole.

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    1. I just want to say this is one of the most well written commentaries and expressions of opinion on what is happening at this moment in time that I believe I have seen to date. THIS is exactly what I would have said if I should be able to speak as eloquently as you do, Mr. Kelly.
      People come off with a blank stare or quick change of subject whenever I mention the fact that our Psychopathic Rulers are no longer even pretending to disguise the abject hatred and disgust they hold for us, The Profane. It’s almost like they either cannot comprehend at all what I have just said or they are absolutely horrified by the fact I said it. Their hatred of us is palpable and diabolical and should be clear to even those with the lowest levels of consciousness by now, but it seems it is anything but. It is comforting to hear it be said by someone else.
      Also, while I would have never thought of myself as “feral”, I believe it is a perfect way to describe the way I now live. There is absolutely nothing left in The Matrix that even remotely interests me. The fakery and fuckery of it all leaves me high and dry. I would much rather prowl around in the Wild Blue Yonder with the other feral and tribal peeps. I have never felt so kindred with any of the other types I had to be around throughout my life with whom I could never really mix in.
      Thank you again. I hope to hear much more from you!


      1. Thank you, ELAINE.BENIS.II. I really think there are many, many people with a similar take on what we’re experiencing. There is always cause for hope, especially when the same mistakes are made by the ruling class. They always think bigger is better, and they are always wrong. Small and simple will win the day in the end because “too big” (excess) is doomed to failure, eventually succumbing to nature’s balancing forces.


      2. Elaine, I have found that self-employed people are harder to sell on all of this nonsense. Employed people, no matter the level, even lowly grocery clerks, have to have their minds right, otherwise they are in a constant state of tension, which eventually wears them down. So they conform, not just openly, but internally too.


    1. Yes. I live in LA and it is difficult to share with my loved ones living elsewhere how bad it is. I feel extremely sad for these people and I also don’t know what the solution is to this complex heart-wrenching problem.


    2. The video you posted, the one on top that shows the sun cheeked white man wearing a black hat that says ‘Los Angeles’. He’s a govt agent, the name of his YT channel is German in Venice. He shoots vids for a living. He has one vid he shot in LA that shows a homeless tent that caught fire. He just happened to be on the scene to catch that epic moment, what a coincidence. The tent that perished was about 40 feet long, a virtual Hilton. I guess a normal 6 foot long tent that caught fire would not have made for good video.
      For some reason that I have yet to determine, many of the homeless tents in LA look like props. Just like the one that ‘caught’ fire. Something oddly missing in some of his videos are homeless people that are not found anywhere near their tent. It as if they all disappeared. Typically, his vids might receive approximately 2-300 comments, sometimes more. 95% of those comments appear to have been posted by govt agents to help support GIV’s low level psyop. These agents that post millions of comments every year (or month?) can anyone tell me just where all the agents all come from, who are they employed by? That is something that I have always wanted to know. I don’t know if they’re all are on the payroll. I have discerned that some of the agents appear to be in their 60’s and perhaps older.
      You may wonder how I am able to identify a govt agent who posts a comment to a YT video. That’s a long story that I won’t get into. But I will say that I do remember when the discovery process all began. It was when I started to see comments that said ‘I was there on 9/11 and I saw the commercial airliner hit the WTC!’ That for me was the beginning of the learning process.
      As an agent, GIV is paid by the US or German govt to walk around Venice Beach shooting videos. I would guess the govt pays him somewhere between 50-100k a year. What civilian wouldn’t be jealous. Especially any civilian whose life has been destroyed by the fascist shadow govt.


    1. thanks Steve it is appreciated. fyi, looking to go back to print, as soon as possible, if you wish to share/create an exclusive article for us, not for us to own, but at least share first, 1-3000 words, naturally will plug/share a bio, open to questions and suggestions. plenty intelligent writers joining us already, happy to include you. Lorenzo


  2. Thanks, Lorenzo. I’ll continue posting here and you are most welcome to reprint, reblog, or whatever. I am actually not “a writer” at all, but prefer painting, sculpture and gardening, which seem to take attention away from the other stuff. Best wishes.


  3. Wonderful piece, Steve.

    Lately, I’ve been thinking about how, in our personal lives, we tend to grow repulsed by friends, family members or lovers who become completely dependent on us–financially, emotionally, whatever. It’s not sustainable. When I look at it that way, I realize I’m contributing to the deranged psychopathic contempt the Elites clearly have for the rest of us by perpetuating my own dependence on the products, services and systems (including and especially the banking system, and money itself) that they own. Yes, they have deliberately trapped us into this dependence. Humanity is like the abused wife of a man who won’t let her work, socialize, or have any kind of a life or agency of her own, but also despises her for being so weak. There is no way to repair such a relationship. It can only be ended. If it isn’t, it can only end in self-destruction.


  4. The following piece by Larry Romanoff for the Saker Blog gives a historical context that our readers might find useful. Not much has changed, IMO.

    “In one CPI (Pres. Woodrow Wilson’s Committee on Public Information) publication, Professor Vernon Kellogg asked “Will it be any wonder if, after the war, the people of the world, when they recognize any human being as a German, will shrink aside so that they may not touch him as he passes, or stoop for stones to drive him from their path?” (35) No wonder at all.”

    “In this context, you may care to read my recent article titled “The Anger Campaign against China”, (36) and think of the physical and other attacks ethnic Chinese are experiencing today in the US, Canada, the UK, Australia, and other Western nations. Consider the accusations of ‘genocide’ in China’s Xinjiang, China’s ‘cover-up’ and full blame for COVID-19, all the (undocumented) tales of spying, of IP theft, of prison camps, of forced abortions, of being ‘Communists’, and much more. Only the atrocity details have changed; all else is the same. Bernays’ template is being followed to the letter, in preparation for World War III.” https://thesaker.is/bernays-and-propaganda-the-marketing-of-war/

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    1. I read Romanoff’s article and wonder all the more if the ability to “wake up” in the Matrix is a matter of reincarnation.

      During WWI and II, there had to have been pockets of people–especially German-Americans–who not only saw through the propaganda, but saw that belief in it turned the population into delusional lunatics acting against their own self-interest, some out of pure reactionary emotion, others with elaborate intellectual rationalizations. Their horror had to be the same horror those of us who are awake during COVID must have felt. It’s truly jarring.

      Dr. Ian Stevenson did extensive research into reincarnation, largely ignored by the media because it contradicts materialism. I tend to believe in his work because he didn’t pimp it for fame and profit, and in fact noted that people who remember their past lives often wind up rather miserable. Anyway, his research showed that people were more likely to remember their past lives if they died in a really violent and sudden way–like being stabbed or beheaded. I wonder if people who to discover the evil lurking behind the curtain of society carry trace memories of it into the next life, making it easier to penetrate the veil of propaganda. Even before I woke up, I sensed something was “off,” and waking up often felt more like remembering than discovering.

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      1. Nice comment, ScottRC. I remember feeling things were “off” in some aspects even back in elementary school, like the pledge. I recall seeing the original Star Wars trailer in the theater (we were there for Jaws, so I was 13). I thought it was a gag, like an SNL fake commercial. My sister, 11, and I just sat in silence as most of the others laughed at the “cute” robots; of course, it went on to be one of the most-popular series in history, to my mystification and horror. There were others, like never seeing ET or Titanic…people would be shocked: Why haven’t you seen it? I rarely answered with the truth: It’s crap!
        So when this latest, greatest confinement since the Enclosure happened last year, I was ready, in part because of this site and others like it. Nonetheless, I am still astonished.


  5. Thanks, Steve.
    You can see it in retail…

    Wondering…Do amazon or any of the big players even care about your
    money? Seems these big boxers are becoming more social engineering depots,
    than actual businesses. Have you noticed a change in how consumers are
    treated this past year? Sure, they say delays and distrubution issues are
    due to _________, but that doesn’t cover it.

    Something’s not right. Since they’ve benefitted from the destruction of
    local retail (who treated people well–good business), they’re now acting as
    if there is no competition; meaning they’ll treat you as they please, with
    little or no recourse from you. Criticize them for their mishandling of your
    purchase and be put on a list? Show frustration or disagreement and your
    social credit score drops?


    In the past year, transaction verification has reached a new Orwellian
    level with broader deeper data mining procedures. Buyers have been
    asked about family members, facebook accounts, relationship to others,
    etc. Unable to decifer the languaging of a customer service rep and they
    flag you? Lest we forget, these are private entitites! They have no
    requirement to do business with you, if they don’t like your answers to their
    intrusive questions. Going to challenge their meddlesome processes? Good
    luck on getting the products you want.

    Yes, it’s happening. Could larger corporations be subsidized to the
    point where they don’t care if you buy from them or not? Seems so. And,
    what happpens when they totally control commerce and decide to charge
    $100 to ship your toilet paper?


    1. Isn’t that what the “medium-dark toned” middle-finger emoji is for?

      We need a “Robin-Hood-like” app to boycott any company’s product with a click. Craft and local governance will make a rapid comeback if “The Bigs” keep pushing this attitude, IMO. It’s physics.

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      1. Absolutely right.
        People power. We need to stick together like never before. Maybe that’s one of the reasons They are splitting us like never before. Love your contributions Steve by the way. You make me think.


    2. With all the direct and public stock offerings, the releasing of authorized shares, combined with tax grants, and huge loan covenants that usually get extended, I’m convinced these stores do not have to sell anything to stay in business. Even if bankruptcy is declared those at the top of the company do very well. Any products that get sold are just for inventory and financial statements.


    1. Large drop in R trust in news in 2016 was led by Trump and his “fake news” meme. That was deliberate, and from that point on “fake news” took on the aura of “conspiracy theory” actually doing more to cement faith in news by Democrats and others … reverse psychology on Trump’s part. It worked. Trump was never on our side, just another paid mouthpiece.


        1. I think Trump and others are oath-bound to behave and do as told. After all, if you see their faces, you can assume they are not real power. They are simply called upon to serve, and do so. Money is never an issue with these people. They all have more than they need.

          That is all I can figure.It is actors reading a script.

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                1. A member of the privileged classes is selected to be president during a massive hoax, and you imagine that it is an accident? I suggest you review this scene from the movie Animal House, as life imitates art.

                  That was Trump’s role, to steal the baton. Real leaders are not allowed.


    1. The article underneath was also illuminating –

      Vaccines Damage Brain, said Neurologist Andrew Moulden MD, Martyred in 2013
      ‘In his 2009 interview on vactruth.com, Moulden stated: “I have now conclusively shown that ALL vaccines, from infancy to geriatric, are causing the exact same brain damages irrespective of what disease or disorder comes out. The damages are specific to end vascular “mini-strokes” that are beneath the resolution of our neuro-imaging, but measurable in a before/after vaccination protocol. They are also directly measurable in real time – however, this involves techniques and technology I have not disclosed to the public as yet.” ‘


      1. Dear Jackie,

        I can only convince one little bit at a time.

        In other words, God Bless you for reading further!

        If I were to “download” everything at once, I’d be tossed off this site for good!

        I love you- thank you for reading! 🙂


  6. Are these “dumbed-down masses” not the victims of sophisticated global psy-ops and perpetual war? I’m sticking with the City of London, Vatican and Washington, D.C. as the top perps. Opportunity (excessive power) and critical mass (overwhelming numbers) equals war and widespread brutality. Never fails. All else is distraction and “controlled opposition,” whether intended or not. Just my opinion, or course.


  7. You guys on here seem to have a good awareness of the current state of play so please excuse my ignorance when I ask a question:
    For decades now David Icke has been warning of us of the dangers to come and without exception his predictions have or are in the process of becoming reality. I know it’s fashionable to deride his content but the fact remains. He’s spot on.
    That other site which shall not be named calls him controlled opposition simply by virtue of his name and the fact he talks about reptiles having the ultimate power, not the Phoenee Army . I find this dismissive.
    Could Icke be right? He’s certainly right about everything else. Could it be that it’s the OTHER site that’s controlled opposition?
    Just a question.


    1. I know very little about David Ike, but do know Dean Henderson’s work, in which he occasionally references Ike’s theories on Nephilim/Annunaki ancient lore and wisdom. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Nephilim

      I generally categorize this as unknowable. I try to neither dismiss any possibility out of hand, nor believe in things I cannot verify.

      In the end we all have to find harmony within ourselves and overcome our innate fear of our own death. Through introspection, that’s pretty much the limit of what we can change in the world. Our example may inspire others but seldom, if ever, changes anything if others are not seeking some balance within themselves too.


  8. Just had a chance to read this post carefully, Steve. Very thoughtful. Thanks for all the work, as I know long coherent posts are difficult.

    Other than relatives who shush whenever I am around, I am not seeing much that is different. When in lockdown last year, I started venturing out twice a day rather than once. We had our family over every weekend or went over there, technically against the rules. The stores I mostly frequent are Kings Sooper, Home Depot, Shiptons Big R, occasionally Safeway, and Mom and Pop stores. I don’t wear a mask in any of them, and no one complains. COSTCO is oppressive, so we only go there once every six weeks or so for Dubliner Cheese, in and out and off with the mask as soon as I have paid. Once a gal at the door who checks off your item count refused to let me pass if I did not put on a mask. That didn’t work. I hadn’t shoplifted, so what is she going to do? Pull a gun on me? I’ve been to Target once, no mask, no problem.

    And I don’t feel fear. I know there is no virus, and the vaccine is something else we don’t know about, so we are not going to partake. Everything else seems beyond our control, so why worry? My wife and I are in our early seventies, and we have had a damned nice run. We are thankful for that.

    What happened in 2020 was not a power grab, but an uncloaking of what was real anyway. We live in a fascist state. Always have. We were just allowed to pretend otherwise.

    By the way, Steve, wolves were on the ballot in Colorado, and I voted on that issue in case votes were counted. I didn’t give it a chance knowing the power of advertising, but I’ll be damned if the ad campaign against wolves was weak sauce, coupling supporting wolves with robbing kids of school dollars. It passed! I don’t know where, but I would hope they release them in Rocky Mountain National Park, where they have had to build fences to to protect stream beds from the elk herd – wildly overpopulated.


    1. I’ve met them, or it, this so called energy. I would feel Mr. Icke is both right and wrong….better to study Paul Levy and such, get a real feeling for the real challenges going on. Blaming, this or that, in the obvious ‘human scale of things’, I feel is a waste in that it missed the real ‘enemy’.


      1. 4THENEW AGORA,

        Agreed. Funny, I’m working on a Wetiko piece and will work in your brain parasite link somehow. Awesome piece! Brain parasite; I like it (better than Levy’s “virus” metaphor, BTW) a lot. Check it out here POM peeps: https://newagora.ca/the-mind-parasites-of-colin-wilson-fiction-or-reality/

        I must admit I’m struggling with the general tendency to describe the unseen (psyche, soul, etc.) using examples of the material or visible. I suppose it’s natural, but seeing what literalists/fundamentalists have done to bible interpretation, I think there are better (non-visible) metaphors — just haven’t stumbled upon the “right one” yet.

        Wetiko is wetiko; a self-evident truth, IMO. https://realitysandwich.com/lets_spread_word_wetiko/


        1. perhaps you and I, a live zoom, let’s say, on my/our youtube channel, we can discuss this topic, ‘spitball’, so to speak and see what we come up with. Should be fun and interesting for us and our viewers?


        2. Wow! That is such a mind blowing article . One of the best things I’ve ever read. An Epiphany.
          It really puts things into perspective .
          The odd contortions on the faces of the likes of Gates when they’re speaking make sense to me now. They’re really NOT entirely at home . There’s a battle going on and they’re not even aware of it.
          The cavernous haunted looks of the likes of Tony Blair as they age beyond recognition makes sense to me now. Their life blood is being sucked dry. I could never figure out why they never had enough power or money. How much was enough? Why always more? But I see, now , it’s not even about the money or power . So much to think about. I’m hooked on Paul Levy ( despite the ‘spook’ name ) . I jest.
          Incidentally both Colin Wilson and David Icke hail from Leicester, a nondescript town in the Midlands , just a few miles from here. Small world.


          1. the main point being, we all have that mind parasite inside of us….no exceptions, it’s what you do or do not do, on that ‘voices advice’ that makes the difference in our lives


        3. Nice call on wetiko. Came across the concept a few years back, and it makes sense. How folks can worship “billionaires” is beyond me. A former pal told me of a back-country permit hike he had taken with a billionaire. The ex-pal told me how the money-man went to the Amazon the previous year in search of a rare cannabis strain, but the natives tried to “rip him off”; I laughed and said, what, was the price over a billion? What a maroon…


    2. Love the Dubliner too, but have not set foot in costco but once since they jumped the gun on masks back in May; had to get a new battery in June, when the heat killed it. (The city decided to impose masks in late June, when temps were over 100 for weeks already.) I was always oppressed by the place, and the insufferably self-important staff; imagine now they are off the charts, like the mini-Mao who tried to stop you from leaving, LOL…no Dubliner is the price I pay!
      BTW, what about a “masking experiences” post? I have some stories to share, thanks to advice posted by you and others about how to deal with zombies. It’s been a revelation!


      1. In my town, every place is open and back to normal, except for the mask issue. You have to wear them in stores yet some do not enforce them and a small percent of shoppers do not wear them. Employees are still required to wear them. Bars and restaurants require you to walk in with masks on yet when you sit down at your seat and your food or beverage arrives, you may take the mask off. Very odd and I’m not sure why they even have that requirement since people are sitting next to each other at the bars and crowds are not social distancing, so it appears many are awake and know we’ve been lied to. The schools require masks and even during basketball games the players and cheerleaders have to wear them but not above their noses. I don’t think they can keep the mask requirement going and should fade away by the summertime.

        The mainstream media is pushing new Covid variants being found, however I think that’s just to get a pricey annual vaccine program going. There won’t be another lock down like last year, not going to happen. The vaccine programs are going full pace, many have already got their 2nd shots. Nobody is getting sick or plopping over dead from the vaccines around here, at least not yet.

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