Joseph and the amazing technicolor green screen

h/t Ab on this – go to the one-minute mark and see if you see anything strange going on. There is a shortened version of this video over at Fakeologist, with a lively discussion. I don’t know quite what to make of it. In the shortened version shown at Ab’s, the assumption is that Biden is part of a layer operation done with Photoshop, and the microphone layer is accidentally placed  in the layer below him, making them pass through his hands and behind him. That’s just sloppy. That, and they appear gargantuan, as big as tree stumps. The narrator there suggests that the entire White House Lawn is a green screen, and who knows – that small snippet might be that.

However, watching the entire video, it is meant to be a narrative … Biden leaves White House, gets on helicopter, and then helicopter takes off, and then lands, and then Biden gets off and then gets on Air Force One and it takes off. The interaction with reporters is inserted in all of this, as you can see the cuts, and that is where there is monkey business. At first we see reporters’ heads, and then it cuts to Biden alone, and then the microphones go all Kitty Pryde on us.

So it appears that Biden is filmed walking up to and then away from reporters, and that the news questions are interjected in the middle to give the appearance that reporters are allowed to gather outside on the White House grounds to ask questions. That, to me, is the only monkey business in this very boring filler footage that serves as a backdrop for a TV talking head … well, other than Biden probably not being on either the helicopter or Air Force One as they take off and land … as he had to be exhausted and ready for a nap after than long walk*… and yeah that part is fake, and then is where he and all the people around hear the words “Cameras off!” and snap off their masks. The rest is real, doggone it. This is our republic at its best.

*Biden is obviously trying to walk like a normal healthy middle-aged-to-older man, like I do. But you can see he is fighting a forward stoop and is at least ready for a cane. Half way up the red carpet on Air Force One, he nearly comes to a halt and then forces himself onward. And man, the trappings of office! The helicopter, Air Force One, the salutes and red carpet and Secret Service agents, all meant to impress us. I remember Karl Rove was once asked, after George W. Bush’s unlikely ascension to office, if the guy was “presidential enough.” Rove said not to worry, that once the trappings of office took hold, he would be able to pull it off.

18 thoughts on “Joseph and the amazing technicolor green screen

  1. A YouTube commenter points out the more subtle weirdness happening at the 2:51 mark, when he ducks his head while stepping on the plane. He doesn’t start ducking his head until he’s already cleared the doorway, and ducks his head deeper when there’s nothing to duck from.

    I’m curious to see if these “glitches” in the Matrix become more frequent and blatant over the next year. The majority of the world is more deeply invested than ever in believing whatever MSM says. They’ve worn masks, submitted themselves and their children to horrific emotional and psychological abuse, and have staked their own morality and virtue on the State-controlled diminishment of their lives. Basic common sense and attention to the details of the Covid narrative are anathema to them. I suspect blatant glitches like the ones in this video are part of this aggressive crackdown on our individual and collective psyche.

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    1. I saw a shadow, or double image of the top of the head at that point. If this is green screen magic, I need to get up to speed. At first I thought that commenters at Fakeologist were suggesting that Biden himself was the product of pixillation, but I think not.But the whole affair, the movements, and even deciding it was worthy of filming for news is odd. It’s nothing. Just a man whose day’s work was to pretend to be going places.


    2. “The majority of the world is more deeply invested than ever in believing whatever MSM says. They’ve worn masks, submitted themselves and their children to horrific emotional and psychological abuse, and have staked their own morality and virtue on the State-controlled diminishment of their lives. Basic common sense and attention to the details of the Covid narrative are anathema to them.” -ScottRC
      Perfectly expressed, sir! But they tell us we are the crazy ones…

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  2. Yes, clear evidence of video composition at 0:59, just as you described.

    It doesn’t seem to me that he needs a cane yet. But yes, there’s something bizarre about the way he moves. As if this is an exercice to demonstrate his physical fitness.


  3. There is always the chance that this footage has been in the can for some time and that the pixel counting is just one rabbit hole for those so inclined to drop into. I’m pretty sure the Love Field footage of JFK and Jackie was in the can well before 11/22/63. There was a lot of talk about rain in the morning but there was no evidence of it in any of that day’s footage. A date was selected and the shadows more or less align and the commentators are given a script to read. Jump to today and this pre-recorded fluff of a President “at work” can be inserted into the electronic media stream and the sheep eat it up. For those with a quick eye, the glitches feed that twitch. My point is, Biden is as fake as the footage- in that, this persona means nothing. It is a bright light for the autistically possessed polloi to fixate on, but there is no real ‘Biden’ any more than there was a ‘real’ Hitler, or ‘Napoleon’ or Julius Caesar. These are personas on a world stage. I’m not saying don’t call them out on these howlers, but there is no Joe there, and there never was. Joe is of the families and he has been essayed by more than one actor and now it’s this persona’s time to shine. Here in the Blue Pit of Frisco, no one is buying hoaxery and the masks stay fixed and get the vax is the evangel everyone of these blind, deaf and dumb libtards are preaching to their neighbors. I don’t mask and I have no fear of stink-eye as this town of snowflakes have only one move against the dissident: Vicarious suffering. They grieve for the outlier as a way to reinforce their noble acquiescence. These are the noblest of Good Germans.

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    1. Tyrone, I feel your pain. Left Ess-Eff back in 2003, and am afeared to set foot there again. All my friends there continue to obsess over the minutiae of the scandemic, naturally blaming non-maskers for allowing the “virus” to survive, wishing ill on those bare-faces, but too chickenshit to say anything to the person’s face. I wonder what images they have in their heads? The determined virus, full of agency and ill-intent, flying into my mouth and proliferating, whilst their artful, responsibly-sourced fashion masks confound the virus, which bounces off it, falling to the ground to be trampled underfoot, screaming in its death-throes. Robert Wenzel at Target Liberty has some interesting posts about his bare-faced confrontations in Baghdad by the Bay. I bet the Tenderloin’s a treat, what with all the tents…maybe it always WAS Baghdad? Your JFK work is peerless, btw.

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      1. I was getting gas a couple weeks ago, and there was a tv screen at the pump. The character was running around, trying to avoid these little blobs that were in the air, following him. Finally, he put on a mask, sat on a park bench and sighed a deep relief when these blobs bounced off of his mask. This is what we’ve collectively become today, sadly.


  4. Something tells me that these CGI/green screen mishaps are mistakes on purpose. Given that the mainstream media made concerted efforts to “fact check” and deny any “fakeness” of this footage, only contributes to more people talking and debating about this. I think this is more spell-casting and gaslighting and sowing of confusion/chaos, so that the people will be clamoring (they won’t really be, but it will be made to seem they are) for some way to verify and validate that what they are seeing online is “real.” As always, problem-reaction-solution. And what is the magical solution that will be rolled out? Blockchain, of course:

    “Can blockchain block fake news and deep fakes?”
    “Using a cache of existing recordings and automated programming, voices and bodies can be swapped or even entirely fabricated within a matter of hours or minutes.”
    “Every time we upload and share content, it gets compressed, it gets cropped, it gets changed, perhaps it gets filtered,” Harrison explained. “All you need to do is change one pixel and the original hash, or identifying marks, are no longer valid. To the human eye, it looks the same. But an automated system won’t necessarily register it as semantically the same because the 1s and 0s are different.”
    “Among the ideas the DeepTrust Alliance is proposing to address such fakery is registering machine learning algorithms that enable the creation of deep fakes and other image manipulations to a blockchain ledger. In this way, researchers can track which algorithms are being leveraged to create synthetic media.”

    “Deep fakes vs blockchain: failures and new solutions”
    “According to a recent report by Gartner, by 2023 up to 30% of the world’s news and video content will be authenticated as real by blockchain ledgers.”
    “There is certainly a technology available that can help in defending the truthfulness of sources, but in order to achieve a concrete change, it is necessary that news agencies and individuals themselves actually want it.”


      1. Except when the forecast is disrupted by atmospheric additives at altitude. Here, today, in Lewes England, the trails were as blatant as they come. Our once reliable WeatherPro app is now frequently wrong.


        1. Well-noted, sir, have experienced the same lately. I have noticed a new term being used here for abrupt changes in the forecast: “whiplash weather.” When I first heard it, I felt the same as when I first heard “flatten the curve”; suddenly, it was everywhere. Predictive programming perhaps? It has that alliterative ring, as well as the “normalization of the abnormal” cherry-on-top.


  5. Let me just say strong feelings of gratitude have just overcome me, sentimental on a Saturday morning, drinking coffee with cinnamon (no Kahlua or whiskey, promise). I am grateful to have found this site because it has been a healing balm for me, the posters and the commenters all adding to the much-needed idea that gives me, my wife and daughter hope in this darkening dystopia: THINKING HUMANS STILL EXIST.
    Thought of some of Mark’s comments about the intrepid folks who walk the High Country. Yesterday drove up the mountain to get a hike in the last of the snow. There are two other cars parked at the trailhead. We walk for about ten minutes on the dirt road that leads to the trail when we see a fit young man around 30 coming down, with an older couple trailing him, likely his parents. As he nears the Danger Zone of Deadly Humans, no doubt so ill they have endeavored to hike at 8000 feet, he expertly puts on his custom mask AND does a step to the right for that extra 18 inches of eternal life, on a dirt road, mind you. As per my habit, I cast zero looks in his direction, but compliment his folks, who take the giant risk of not masking, nor recoiling in horror while walking in nature. Stunning on the part of the guy. I say to my daughter, “It makes sense though, they must be the ones with the California plates.” Insane, in the truest sense of the word.

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  6. file:///var/mobile/Library/SMS/Attachments/75/05/BF07957E-E23E-49B1-BD2F-E36982596C87/MOV_5561.3gp

    In the Air Force 1 stairway stumble the took out the golf balls.


  7. I saw a bit of the Hunter Biden interview on a show (the clip about “his laptop”) and it quite frankly looked like CGI ? The same has been said about the Nancy Pelosi-I can install anyone in office clip. A lot of stuff just looks off nowadays. sigh


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