4 thoughts on “Spotify is in on it too

  1. Under the cover of over a year of wall-to-wall Covid media hype, here’s what your eco-friendly, socially responsible darlings at Facebook are up to. All that surveillance data has to go somewhere, right? Check this out: https://ktvz.com/news/crook-county/2021/03/18/facebook-announces-yet-another-big-prineville-data-center-expansion/

    “Facebook’s said its data centers “are among the most energy- and water-efficient data center facilities in the world. Our Prineville Data Center is supported by 100% renewable energy, including two solar projects located right here in Oregon. We also have two water restoration projects in Oregon that are helping overcome the increasing demand for water and support the local community.””

    “The move coincides with the company nearing completion of bringing a fiber-optic cable ashore in Tierra del Mar, Oregon. Crossing the Pacific Ocean, it will link multiple U.S. locations, including Facebook’s huge data center in Prineville, with Japan and the Philippines.”

    So here we have a private, global spy center using solar farms, not to “offset” energy generated by “fossil fuels,” but to power data farms. No reveal on the ungodly amounts of daily, monthly or yearly water use in a very dry (semi-arid) area where locals might not notice aquifer depletion for decades.

    Oh, so “Green” and “Sustainable” according to the U.N.’s Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) articulated in its Agenda 2030 vision, which coincidentally
    are in perfect harmony with the WEF’s (World Economic Forum) “Great Reset” objectives.

    Prineville (population 10,700), is East of Sisters, Redmond and Bend, Oregon — out in the middle of “nowhere.” Like in Africa and South America, industrial developers use local bribes and payoffs make quick work of any potential local political, ecological social or cultural blow-back/resistance.

    This is what social engineering and trans-humanism looks like on the ground in 2021. All the glowing stories are lies, the PR (framing and narratives) is fake, fake, fake. Fake-book.


  2. I much more preferred his work with the Stone Roses, but as you say, a voice in the wilderness; now where’s all those other Protest Song singers?

    This is the one, Ian Brown’s Little seed lyric video –


  3. Data, data, data. All Spotify data is now moved into and stored in the Google (Five Eyes) “cloud.” Don’t worry, your privacy is assured here: https://www.spotify.com/us/privacy

    “Spotify shares your personal data globally with other companies in the Spotify Group.”

    “Spotify may also subcontract processing to, or share your personal data with, third parties located in countries other than your home country. Your personal data may therefore be subject to privacy laws that are different from those in your country of residence.”


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