Report from the asylum: 1,920 reported Vaccine deaths so far

Imagine the following: It is illegal to rob convenience stores, but anyone doing so is exempt from punishment. In order for store owners to be compensated for their losses, they have to submit a report to the CSRRS, the Convenience Store Robbery Reporting Service. By that means, the taxpaying public reimburses stores for losses … sometimes. It takes time, and losses are never fully reimbursed. Further, the reimbursement system is not publicized. You have to know about it.

What if someone gets killed during a convenience store robbery? That too should be reported, but nothing is done about it. Maybe there is reimbursement far down the line.

As it turns out, the people who rob stores and kill clerks and owners long ago approached Congress seeking protection. They feared jail time – who doesn’t? Because this is an insane planet run by corrupt and insane psychopaths, a law was passed protecting robbers and murderers, and the (mostly secret) CSRRS was established as window dressing. Yes, you can get the information on stores robbed and people killed, and yes, some have been reimbursed. You just have to know where to look.

VAERS, the Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting Service operates in much the same way, in obscurity. If you know about it, you can report any injury, illness or loss of life due to vaccines. It’s just information, of course. Maybe some people have been reimbursed, but oddly, if you ask your allopathic physician, he/she likely will not know about VAERS. Instead, they will smugly report studies that show that vaccines are mostly harmless and have prevented hundreds of diseases and saved thousands of lives. This is nonsense, but this is also the world we live in, run by corrupt and insane psychopaths and managed by fools, stupid people who have no idea they are stupid (see Dunning-Kruger effect).

Nonetheless, here is the means by which we can access the information regarding one “vaccine,” that for “COVID-19”, a disease that does not exist caused by a virus that is imaginary. The vaccine for the imaginary disease is killing people now, and because the reporting system is voluntary and because it is easy to ascribe deaths due to the vaccine to other causes, we really have no idea of how many people have died or have been injured. Still, we count bodies.

Follow the steps:

  1. Go to this website,
  2. Go to the bottom of the page and click “I agree” to their disclaimer.
  3. Click on “VAERS Data Search.”
  4. There are boxes before you. The first one is “Group Results By:” – from the drop-down menu, choose “VAERS ID.”
  5. In the box directly beneath, from the same drop-down menu, choose “Vaccine Type.”
  6. In the box directly beneath, from the same drop-down menu, choose “Event Category.”
  7. Below that, under “Optional Measures,” click the box for “Adverse Event Description.”
  8. Scroll down to Section 3, “Select Vaccine Characteristics.” In that menu, scroll down and click on “+ COVID19 (COVID19 VACCINE).” On hand-held devices, you might have to un-select “ALL Vaccine Products” at the very top.
  9. Scroll down to Section 5, “Select Other Event Characteristics.” In that menu, scroll down and click on “DEATH” On hand-held devices, you might have to un-select “All Events” at the top.
  10. Scroll down to the bottom, and select “SEND.”

If you have followed these steps, you will find that as of today, 3/26/2021, 1,920 convenience store owners Covid-19 vaccine recipients have been murdered by robbers health care workers. None will be punished.

The dead will quietly stay dead as we march forward with the cure for the disease that does not exist caused by the virus that does not exist. This planet is an insane asylum. To live on it, to be sane and rational and cognizant, requires fortitude and courage in the face of insanity. We really gotta believe in karma, but, you know, that’s just a coping device.

PS: If you select “Hospitalized” instead of “Deaths” in category five, as I did, you will overwhelm the service. I was told that there were 13,927 “events,” but that the system could only report 10,000.

18 thoughts on “Report from the asylum: 1,920 reported Vaccine deaths so far

  1. As always, the psychopaths have to save face and absolve themselves from responsibility – and this is one way they do that. Instead of owning up to the reality that vaccines are not the “miracles of science & medicine” they’re purported to be and try to improve the safety of their vaccines or remove them from the market altogether (like they would do for any other product), they create a scenario where even if you report serious side-effects caused by their products, there’s no guarantee or possibility that the offenders will ever be held accountable or be punished for their actions. That’s why you never see vaccine manufactures or administrators in jails or prisons.


  2. Mark, your shock comes through in these posts, a shock I share. I respond to questions about this madness with, “This is war, against us.” It’s a level of malevolence that must be confronted and exposed at every opportunity.

    In a ray of hope, went to an outdoor wedding this last weekend. The couple are late 30s, so the demographics skewed older, maybe average age of 45-50 for the 40+ guests, with only two boys under 10 and a teen girl, the rest adults and retirees. Within 15 minutes, 80% of masks were gone, and after the service, when the bar opened, 95% of masks were off. In fact, the only ones wearing them and anti-socially distancing were my mother and sister, which did not surprise me. (Mom had the “flu” shot in Oct, and the two Rona shots last month; her nose has been running since Oct, btw. Nothing to worry about, I’m sure.) So they lurked on the fringes, and when called to chat with someone, came masked…the…only…ones…to…do…so. The mother of the groom even cajoled sis to take it off, saying, “Come on, you go to the market all the time.” The reply was a panicked and muffled, “But I haven’t had my vax yet!”

    The highlight was talking with a retired respiratory therapist, a man around 75 who sipped prickly-pear margaritas, hugging folks and loving life with a bare face. He was not concerned, he’s living life!

    Yesterday, Guv El Ducey finally removed the mask mandate, but allows businesses to keep it if desired, with the right to refuse service to barefacers. Gubmint offices will of course continue to require them. Superintendent of Public Instruction/Indoctrination Kathy Hoffman has embarrassed herself again, immediately posting the following “UPDATE: @AZDHS Emergency Measure 2020-04 is still in effect, requiring masks in all K12 schools. I’m relieved to hear this as masking is one of the top mitigation strategies for safe in-person learning as recommended by the @CDCgov.” Edumacation macht frei!


  3. Very amusing conceit..! “Convenience Store Robbery Reporting Service” is a great sendup of all those ad hoc bureaucracies they come up with.

    Reminds me of the sort of satire found in the Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy book series (although I say this without having really read the books, just skimmed them a little.) In fact, it could probably be written up into (more of) a short story, the way Jon Rapoport does with some of his posts. A little “alternate universe” scenario/ satire.

    My one (small) quibble is that some of the parallels could be fine-tuned a little bit — ie, instead of the vaccine consortium = all convenience store shoppers, maybe they would be a Convenience Store Robbers Guild or something. And maybe their PR would claim they’re providing some sort of service to the convenience stores — steeling them for when they face ACTUAL robbers and murderers, say. It needs more Thoughtful Consideration, no doubt, than I’m capable of at the moment… : )


  4. Tried to copy and paste a direct link to the page which was blocked by CDC website with a message to go to the above-linked web page and “navi-gate from there”. The (“Bill” for services) “Gates” restricting access to the truth/health care. Shocking.

    In ancient times, assassinations were very often carried out using “serpents” to make it “appear” to be a death by natural causes. I would suspect that these assassins would “train” the serpents to be especially aggressive, not unlike people train dogs such as pitbulls to be vicious.

    These guilds of ancient assassins eventually developed the “needle” witch was/is used as a weapon of assassination, whereby they could simply jab someone while walking past of jab them in there sleep and the death would ahve the telltale signs of death by natural venom or other natural causes.

    It is these ancient guilds of assassins that use(d) the dual coiling serpents as a LOGOS. The symbol of MEDICINES and PHARMACIES is dual serpents coil up around an assassins “jab device” whereby the pin would be dipped in poison and the wings act as a handle to control the thrust of the jab, then the device could be reinserted as a “winged lapel pin” with no one the wiser.

    Here is a gem:

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    1. Good summary of the other [psychological] side of the two-pronged attack on us, one year down with 9 more in the pipeline in order to fulfil Agenda 2030. Unless we rise up against this brainwashing… The UK government’s “scientific advice” committee which seems to be running the country is stuffed with behavioural psychologists.


  5. I find this kind of intriguing:

    No idea what game is probably afoot here, misdirection, whatever. But what actually interests me is just that it’s plausible to me that a large number of “viruses” anywhere anytime, may actually be parasite problems. And hence why an anti-parasitic like ivermectin, may actually be helpful to a large percent of sick people, whatever virus they get tagged with.

    I recollect that my old “hero” Dr Jennifer Daniels (I had a little hero-worship going on with her, while of course reserving the right to cast her from my hall of greats if anything amiss should come to light), was a big proponent of the idea that parasites, such as tape-worms, were far more prevalent in the US than thought, and yet totally out of mind for mainstream docs.

    One of her big all-purpose treatments, for anyone with any mystery ailments, was turpentine – natural source, not synthetic. She had an elaborate diet/fasting regimen and protocol to follow though, which was kind of intimidating. It was the go-to slam against her from haters, to label her a quack. Yet a friend of mine who got interested said that he looked it up on YouTube, and found all sorts of people (steel yourself if you’re squeamish) gleefully extracting giant tape-worms from their poop, after following this protocol.

    Anyway, I just wouldn’t be surprised if this ivermectin did turn out to help a number of people by getting rid of their parasites (whatever their diagnosis.)

    From the article:
    “First discovered in 1975 and launched onto the market in 1981, ivermectin is a safe, broad-spectrum anthelminthic drug registered for the treatment of a number of neglected tropical diseases (NTDs) including river blindness (onchocerciasis), strongyloidiasis, trichuriasis, ascariasis, and lymphatic filariasis. It is also used widely in veterinary medicine. In recent years it has been discovered to have strong anti-viral properties against RNA viruses such as zika and yellow fever. In its use against river blindness in Africa it is estimated to have prevented 7 million years of disability.”

    -Note that bit about zika and yellow fever. Maybe some docs, who often do want to help and are just throwing things at the problem, earnestly believe they’ve managed to treat a “virus” but are in fact using the drug “on label.”

    (If you like podcasts and want to hear Daniels’ brilliance, and dry cynicism, search on her name plus “truth-files”.)


  6. Unrelated topic, but can we also cover the overlooked side-effects of ultrasounds? I believe it is just as important, if not more so, as vaccines.


          1. Thanks to you as well. I have his books. The Townsend article is based on “Fifty Human Studies, In Utero, Conducted in Modern China”. The other one is “Ultrasound Causation, The Hypothesis”, focusing on DUS being the culprit in the Brazilian microcephaly event, instead of the fictional zika virus.


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