VAERS Report 4/2/2021

Please do not assume because I report this data that I trust CDC to be honest about anything. In truth, I regard WHO, the World Health Organization and the Centers for Disease Control, as two of the most corrupt organizations to exist in human history. And I am aware of the history of the Catholic Church through the ages.

If anything, these numbers are vastly understated. Please refer to this post for a primer on how to access VAERS yourself and verify for yourself that I am accurately reporting their data.

As of 4/2/21, VAERS is reporting 2,119 deaths from the Covid-19 vaccines, and 14,416 hospitalizations. I am sure in my memory that I saw a post by Ab wherein someone had gone in and tracked vaccine deaths at VAERS to the year 2000 or 2001, and found that 40% or more of the deaths during that time were in the first quarter of 2021.

The silence about this is deafening. Here’s a letter I wrote to Jefferson County (CO) health on the subject:

March 30, 2021

Jefferson County Health Department
645 Parfet St.
Lakewood, CO 80215

Attn:All employees

As of March 26, 1,920 Americans have died from the Covid-19 vaccine, and 13,927 have been hospitalized.

I got this information from VAERS, the Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System, run by the Centers for Disease Control. (See attachment.) VAERS was formed in 1986 by the The National Childhood Vaccine Injury Act, which, amazingly, exempted pharmaceutical companies from liability for any injuries and deaths caused by vaccines. Billions in taxpayer dollars have been paid in reparations to vaccine victims since passage of this bill. None of this is publicized.

The VAERS system is voluntary, that is, there is no requirement that adverse events be reported. It is just window dressing done to hide the massive injustice of exemption of PhRMA from liability. Most doctors are not aware of VAERS, and, I would guess, no one in your office. Consequently, it is safe to say that the numbers are under-reported, to put it mildly.

I am sending this to you via certified mail. I want it on the record. It is your duty, in the interest of full disclosure to vaccine recipients, to inform them of the inherent risk involved with the Pfizer, Moderna, and AstraZeneca vaccines. Further, given the experimental nature of the vaccines, informed consent should be obtained from all recipients, in deference to the Nuremberg Accords.

But your office seems preoccupied by far pettier concerns. I walked into Anytime Fitness in Conifer this morning to be greeted by a sign requiring full mask compliance. Both mouth and nose need be covered, even as no science supports this practice. But you apparently threatened Anytime, as their sign said if they don’t comply, you will shut them down.

We live in snitch culture, I know. Even so, who on earth are you to presume such power over ordinary business people trying to make an honest living? Especially as you are faced with life and death concerns regarding the vaccine. Should you not instead focus on that problem? Masks are about behavioral psychology, having nothing to do with health or illness. Are your priorities in order?

No one at Anytime Fitness knows about this letter. They do not confide in me nor I in them. They probably would rather I be quiet. I am a merely a client acting on his own. Anytime’s position is, however, like that of Gulliver (attached). People are tied down, threatened, and fined by your office for the pettiest of matters.

Please leave our small businesses alone, letting them survive while you worry about more important (life and death) concerns.


Mark Tokarski

Below is a photo I attached to the letter, self-explanatory.


19 thoughts on “VAERS Report 4/2/2021

  1. “We are living in a moment when the wetiko mind virus of Western scientism seems to have cast a profoundly toxic spell. With loving intentions we hope to break that enchantment and bring forth a reckoning, healing, and ultimately redemption as we face down artificial intelligence.” – Alison McDowell

    Those under the spell of Wetiko are self-hypnotized, imprisoned in their own endless cycle of fear and “double-think.” If you show those trapped in the mass group-think experiment a mirror, they will demonize the mirror or accuse the mirror of “conspiracy.”

    This (mass psychosis and induced mass consent) is the real global pandemic.

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    1. “as we face down artificial intelligence”

      There’s the task. And what is “art”ificial intelligence? “Art”fully contrived and implemented human malevolence programmed into the machine.

      Thanks to Alison, Stephers, and others who are de-cloaking the wizard.


      1. Great work, Mark, as usual. Logic is dead, so we got that going for us. At least the letter is documented, and was no doubt the butt of attempted jokes ’round the office; as noted, these folks are damaged and incapable of rational thought.

        The behavioral modification has become ingrained after a year. Descending a semi-tricky trail yesterday, temps low 80s, full sunshine, I see a garter snake dash across the path. At the same moment, I perceive a runner coming up the trail, 30ish. As he nears me, up goes his gaiter in a flash, “Whew, that was close!” no doubt in his “mind.” I could not suppress laughter, but likely his ear buds blocked out my merry astonishment. It has become like the Catholic habit of doing the stations of the cross when passing a church, except it’s now done when passing an honest human with a face. For contagion-believers, there must be LOTS of people who hike tough trails when ill. Makes sense!

        In other news, there is a frozen bake-your-own cheese-bread that we have only found at Traitor Joe’s (truthfully, an “ethnic” supermarket some 20 miles away has a mix), a place I already disliked and have strenuously avoided since they imposed masks months before the state/county/city. But, wife had a gift card she got from a student, and wants to make it for family for Easter. I consented to go, planning on waiting in the car, watching the virtuous wandering about, lost. What do we see? A line of some 15 masked clowns waiting to get in, since TJ’s is still enforcing the “pscience” of limited occupancy, despite this mandate being eliminated weeks ago.

        VIVA POM!


  2. Happy Easter, BAJA AZ,
    Enjoyed hearing of the action in “the low 80s.” Montana just broke 70 for the first time in 2021. Back to the 50s next week. This caught my eye; “…these folks are damaged and incapable of rational thought.”

    Do you think this (somnambulism) condition is permanent? I’m exploring the ever-changing nature of our relationship to and participation in our co-creation of our perceived universe. However dark our current situation may be, there seems, to me at least, to exist an equally powerful potential (a gifted teaching/learning moment) for “an awakening” — in individuals, families, nations, all of humanity — if somehow our own co-creation process could be brought into consciousness and examined more closely. What if this mass totalitarian psychosis is not solvable using linear, rational thought (ego)? What if our projection onto others’ behavior simply reflects our own limited (narrowed by conditioning) perception of human potentialities — being limited by our own inability to break free of cause-and-effect thinking?

    In the darkest of times must exist clues to a “breakthrough” in human evolution we all have overlooked. Unseen for millennia, what’s inside each of us may hold powerful insights and the key to finally awakening from our repeating hypnotic nightmare.

    Thanks for your participation.


    1. SteveR, you and I are on a similar wavelength, I think.

      Co-creation of reality is collaboration. As I’ve learned in theatre, the best collaboration happens when people recognize, appreciate, and bring out the best in each other. The best collaborators never tell other collaborators they are “wrong,” never make them feel judged or criticized or inferior. And they never presume that their fellow collaborators “should” think or behave or believe a certain way.

      So I am imposing spiritual isolation on myself when I look with disdain and contempt on my masked co-creators. I am locking myself down when I try to explain to them how right I am and how wrong they are. Nobody wants to collaborate with anyone who behaves that way.

      And so, errantly and clumsily, I’m exploring or trying to be open to other ways of connecting and co-creating meaningfully with others, adhering to my own understanding of truth without invalidating or dismissing the understandings of others. It’s a bitch. And rational, linear thought—ego—gets in my way at every turn.


    2. Hi Steve, Happy belated Easter to you too. I fell down a rabbit-hole lined with dark-chocolate covered almonds yesterday; after a quick walk this AM, I think most of the sugar has worn off and I have stopped shaking enough to type. (ahh, 70s under the Big Sky…90s are here to stay, headed to 100 by mid-May or so)

      To your question of “Is this permanent?”, sadly I think it is for many. To whatever % of hypochondriacs that existed pre-Feb 2020, many have been added, especially because one can add the glow of the virtual-signal to one’s desire for self-preservation. In fact, that idea of permanence is what drove my laughter at the young jogger (impolite, I know, more on that later). He’s likely of the “smartphone/dumb user” variety, one who clearly values fitness, but who has not noticed after a year that the risk to him is minimal, assuming one concedes to the whole contagion thing, which is a mess in its own right. Nonetheless, surely some adrenaline and/or cortisol , etc began to surge in him, hence the automatic pull-up on the gaiter. Is this rush necessary? To him, clearly, yet this chemical flood likely has deleterious effects, contrary to his efforts at maintaining health. But it has become habit, ingrained.

      However, both you and ScottRC nicely highlight how one can be trapped by the ego with the “I’m smart, you’re dumb” approach, of which I have been guilty a few times. Arrogance certainly begets hostility, not learning. When I do the barefaced shopping thing, I am Mr. Smiley, because that is likely more effective than strutting around like some banty rooster. (only adds to the “men-are-pigs” trope anyway:) I hope to show the masked others that they too may breathe and smile again. For the first months, I wore a bandanna below my nose, but slowly prepared myself to go without. I used to do a short meditation/visualization preparation prior to going in. Since then, people do talk with me, even wearing their masks, and are friendly. Why? Because they can see my face. Most are “in the risk group” too, but seem to run the risk for conversation. That pleases me; many older folks like isolated lives, so any chatting is a positive. (My daughter has followed me in stores and reports “some people look surprised at you”, but none have complained “to my face.”)

      So my frustration comes from what you both touch on as well; how can people NOT want to be around others? After a year, still afraid of everyone? The dehumanization is there for all to see…yet many do not, or look away. It feels like rejection, but we must not take it personally; they have been damaged by fear and trauma, and kindness is the key. Hard to resist the urge to mock, but maturity is vital, now more than ever.

      I have rambled enough, but thank you both for the feedback and support; we ARE in this together. Spiritual war has begun, but humans will prevail.

      last anecdote: the prop mgmt folks held an Easter-egg hunt for kids 12 and under on Saturday. They divided the lawns into sections based on age, so no tots would be run over by tweens, sodas and hot dogs for free. I was elated, am still now remembering it, at seeing kids playing and running around (only one cried for about 30 secs) *as if life were normal for a few hours. 95% of kids barefaced, 80% of parents. These things must not fade from our lives! (Was pleased to see the Muslim girls went too) I’m going to send mgmt a note of congrats now; aside from calling out illogic (gently:), we must also praise those who have the courage to do the human thing.


      1. errata near end of para 3: “That pleases me; many older folks (like) live isolated lives, so any chatting is a positive.” (some may like isolation, of course:)



    Excellent! I think we must at least compare our lifetime of “practicing” the way we’ve been conditioned, to a new way of living life, giving lots of room for improvement as the new way can only be judged fairly with an equal effort and much practice. It’s bound to be rough until — what’s that saying? — we get that “first 10,000 hours of practice” under our belts. Even then, like any participatory process, there will be ups and downs, it has no end (non-linear), and can turn into a “shit show” in a heartbeat.

    Happy Easter Sunday.


  4. We have a relative who has been in virtual isolation from the beginning. A year ago I tried to tell her not to worry, there’s no virus, and got the surprising answer “Everybody is entitled to an opinion.” Talking with her husband just recently, I got it again, everyone can have an opinion, and all opinions are equal.He is the type to steamroll with a loud voice and talk over, so I decided to have at it with him. He hit me with everything, conspiracy theory (so what, I said, and anyway, that’s just a control device to get you top stop thinking), all these scientists can’t be wrong (it only takes one person to be right), and finally I let him have it: One year ago, I said, I knew there was no Sars-Cov-2 virus, but in the intervening time I’ve come to understand that there are no virusES. He was taken aback. AIDS?, he said? No virus ever isolated or proven to cause it. I hit him with the Rosenau experiments during the Spanish Flu, and he said (having never heard of them) that of course some people will be immune out of the whole population, and I said it was a controlled experiment designed to prove transmissibility, and it failed, miserably. He asked how I explain contagion, and I confess I borrowed from Tom Cowen, saying that after Chernobyl thousands of Europeans suffered from radiation poisoning (I don’t know if that is true, but it’s believable to the novice), but it was not contagious. It was from a common cause. Most disease is like that.

    I suppose you could say I overkilled, but he started too many sentences with “I believe…” whereas I said I never use the words “proof” or “belief” but rather evidence and tentative conclusions drawn from that evidence. He said I have my opinions, he has his. I said they are not equal. I have studied in depth for over a year now. He said he has too. I discounted that, and this upset him. I did not tell him my evidence to that effect. Maybe seven or eight years ago we sat at a family gathering and he said, I don’t know why, that he does not read. He said he had not opened a book since college, maybe ten years prior. I also have a habit when we visit people (I do not snoop, just view what is out in the open) of observing their reading habits. If there’s a book shelf, I look at the titles. If magazines are about, I see what they are. I am just curious.In his household, there are no books, magazines, newspapers. Perhaps it is all electronic, Kindle, etc., but far more likely the pipeline to the outside world is TV news and entertainment. I said not a word about my evidence. I was simply tired of being told opinions are all of equal value, including unschooled ones.

    We shook hands as he left, but I could see he was off-kilter, not having gotten what he felt was his due respect, me genuflecting. All I could think was “Don’t bring a knife to a gunfight.” And, I introduced concepts to him under duress that might trigger thought processes currently absent. As he walked away he said “You are an independent thinker.” I took that as a euphemism.


  5. And it’s certainly not an accident that the vaccines are harmful, either. After all, Bill Gates himself said in 2015 that the world population could drop by 10%-15% with the help of en masse vaccination of mankind (correct me if I’m wrong). This is part of their depopulation agenda: with the help of compulsory vaccines and other toxins expelled into the environment, they can eliminate certain segments of the population they deem to be “useless eaters” (the unemployed poor, the elderly/vulnerable, and the disenfranchised – all of which bear a huge burden on the state’s coffers due to lack of financial freedom outside the system), leaving only the useful idiots (the slave labor force and their most loyal minions in high-end professions like “public health”, politics, media, etc.) to serve them without any serious problem or hindrance to the psychopaths at the very top of the predatory food chain.

    Here’s Gates’ TED talk from six years ago:


    1. I remember Mathis saying at the Cutting Through The Fog forum that the recent vaccines could also dumb-down the recipients of these shots, in addition to making them weak and sterile. Knowing that the same people who own the vaccine manufacturers also own the municipalities and corporations that dump fluoride and similar toxins into the water supply to stupify the population, I wouldn’t be surprised if that’s the case. Evil is as evil does.


    1. To quote the article:

      “The 300,000 figure comes from an internal update provided to employees by IQVIA, a little-known but enormous company that helps drugmakers manage clinical trials. Headquartered in North Carolina, IQVIA has 74,000 employees worldwide and had $11 billion in sales last year.

      Earlier this week, Richard Staub, the president of IQVIA’s Research & Development Solutions division, sent a “Q2 2021 update” which was labeled “Confidential – For internal distribution only.””

      Meanwhile, Moderna has been making bank off of their lethal vaccines – in the billions, of course – from rising sales. To my knowledge, nobody within the firm has been held to account for such massive crimes against humanity (and we all know why).

      “Moderna’s stock has nearly quadrupled this year as sales of the Covid vaccine have soared. On Thursday, the company reported $4.4 billion in sales and $2.8 billion in profits for the second quarter.”

      Truly despicable. Raw exploitative capitalism and systemic herd culling at its height of destructiveness.


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