Protest and Flashmobs Enjoying Spring Out in the Real World.

People may not have seen this on the MSM. Obviously, this is not what the minders have in mind.

If protest aren’t your thing, Freedom Flash Shopping or Freedom Flashmobs my be your thing. Creativity is alive and well in the world. Whatever works for you.

Tired of the same old shit, try something else. Love it! Do it! Take great care.

20 thoughts on “Protest and Flashmobs Enjoying Spring Out in the Real World.

  1. Telling it to our faces. “We will be there.”
    They were there because they organized it.

    A nice weepy finale to the Covid hoax story line. To make all the people feel that they are the ones that overcame and won victory. The people have stood up and spoken, the pandemic and lock downs, and wearing of mandated facial diapers have come to an end. Congratulations everybody you did it!

    Now get vaccinated so it never happens again, and you can fly, attend concerts and stay employed.

    Now back to your regularly scheduled pre 2020 staged shootings. That’s all folks!

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    1. here is an interesting angle to consider. Probably i am going to be called a sexist pig or something like that but you got to admit that such deviousness , such cunning that would put a victory film together like this is quite..well..quite feminine; now i am not saying all women are cunning or devious but, for obvious reasons , they have usually had to get what they want from the man by an indirect cunning, an ability to understand what the man is thinking better than he understands himself what he is thinking. And, well, i have known many gay men in my life…and most of them were “jews”…
      sorry mark, had to throw this in but it is not a focus on jews but really a focus on the incredible underhanded cunning we are witnessing from all sides…
      if i mention women and jews it is only to suggest the nature of this kind of cunning.As for the acting aspect of it all, well lets go dow the whole MM road:
      125 years ago Nietzsche asked rhetorically, and sarcastically,
      “And where today can you find an actor that is not a jew?”


  2. Who is “they (organized it)” in this instance? Is that a gut feeling or is there something you’d share with the class? Any factoids, anecdotal evidence, etc? Love to see some of that.


    1. They control the internet I guess? Many of these protests are lead by well known controlled opposition (David Ike, Kennedy for example). It’s how I would end it. Now we all have to band together to fight???? Aliens,computers, Nazism,viruses, natives, foreign invaders, Islam, Christianity, Jews, pollution, poverty, wealth etc etc.


  3. Greg, I’d be shocked if “they” were capable of anything this beautiful. But I, too, am open to any evidence you may have of it.


    1. To be more precise, I’d be shocked if “they” wanted to inspire “us” with the possibility of such graceful, elegant and dignified resistance to “them.” It doesn’t really fit the tone of the New Reality they’ve worked so hard to construct, does it?


      1. They United us to fight fascism before (ww2). They are always uniting and splitting us to fight something and some one. Suspecting anything else is denying all of supposed history (which is fair enough I guess)


  4. Why are most “flash mobs” negros overrunning a shoe store or a Target?

    You brought it it, I ask for further elaboration 🙂


  5. Any footage of large crowds assembled without masks is suspect. I shop among hundreds of others at our local grocery store, and it is only me. The idea that people are connecting and organizing is hard to accept. There are only a few of us, and we must disabuse ourselves of the attitude that we can redeem anyone. There is a lot of undercurrent of suspicions that this is all a hoax, but to act on that suspicion requires moral courage. It is extremely rare. Those of us who have it know that it is a pain in the ass, that we have to act on our principles, and that we will suffer for it.

    That’s life on our planet, as I see it. We are sent here as punishment, and God only knows what we did to earn it, but we are given hope of redemption. Those of you I know via this blog may be among those given a new and better home for future existence. This one is rich in beauty and resources, but the race of humans who dominate it are moral reprobates, both those who enslave and who are enslaved.

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    1. Well, shit. I did some research on the “flash mob” song, and Greg’s suspicions are bearing out. “Danser Encore” was originally written and performed by a French author and singer named Kaddour Hadadi, who appears to be quite comfortably ensconced in French popular culture. Groups of professional performers are apparently performing Danser Encore in various public places throughout France, and you can find quite a few videos of these performances that are extremely well-shot and well-edited. The amount of coordination that would have to go into all of this raised a lot of questions… and then I came across this Danser Encore street performance:

      The title of the video promotes the fact that Alexandra Henrion-Caude is in it. Henrion-Caude is a research director for the French Institute of Health and Medical research. Her department is the Unit of Genetics and Epigenetics of Neurometabolic Diseases and Birth Defects. In April 2020, she published a paper on RNA research that, according to the summary, “should prove useful as a model matrix for future applications, ranging from synthetic biology to DNA computing.”

      The fact that this bitch is now dancing in the streets in 2021 puts a serious damper on the enthusiasm I had for that first flash mob video.

      When you’re right, you’re right, Greg.


    2. The spidey-sense on this site is out of sight. Mark, today was the first day of “no more mask mandate” in Arizona. Two quick supermarket trips (both still with mask signs on the doors; btw, now two doors are OK, vs. forcing all to crowd in and out of one door for a year) support your lack of moral courage thesis. Only one other man was unmasked; my hopes of seeing more barefaces were dashed. I now clearly see how many “commoners” want this to go on and on, for whatever cowardly or sad reasons they may have.

      Based on the assessments of the astute comments, I conclude the video is of the “euro/global leftism is still a thing that can win” variety of morale-booster.


    3. Nice sentiment but I don’t buy it (religion was constructed, I do operate in the phase/ lucid dreaming on occasion so I don’t throw it all out).
      I do the ‘right thing ‘ because it makes me feel better, that is it. If doing the ‘wrong thing’ made me feel better I would (and have done that, but now I feel bad for it) do that. I suspect this is just the Christian programs still operating in my little brain.

      Anyway I hope you are right and it is some sort of advanced spiritual evolution. It just feels like mind control to me.


  6. Me too, Steve, and I wanted to believe. But I think Greg’s right, even though it breaks my heart. Hadadi’s band, HK and the Saltimbanks, specializes in mainstream “protest” songs, obviously a contradiction in terms.

    On 31st January, 2011, after three years of touring and appearing in French music festivals, the group released its first album, Citoyen du Monde (Citizen of the World). One track, “On ne lache rien” (We don’t give up!), became the rallying cry for left wing demonstrations, especially one held in the Place de la Bastille on March 18th 2012 by the Front de Gauche, a federation of left wing parties founded in 2008 with a strong ecological bias.

    Hadadi’s bombastic earnestness puts me off, but at least he is an honest-to-God musician. “Danser Encore” is a beautiful song, and it was nice, for a little while, to give myself over to the fantasy of it being performed in public by grassroots flash mobs.


  7. I never considered the origin, or sponsorship, of these examples of human joy. Just like I was never aware, or even remotely interested in, the CIA/Intel connection to the Greatful Dead, or much of the rock and roll of the 1960s and ’70s. I just danced, smiled, laughed, and piled up the happy moments. Knowing decades later hasn’t made me regret a single moment.

    What I see in those videos — of smiling dupes and conned, well-intended humans — is joy and happiness. Now, if that’s just the prelude to the next great genocide, of dancers and other street revelers, I’d prefer false hope and joy to depression, drug overdose or another form of suicide. Kill me, if you must, oh great man-gods of the science-tech (STEM) order, but know that I will be smiling at your pathetic asses when you “pull the trigger.” Nothing will get in the way of the things I can control. Delusional, perhaps. So what?

    Good work, Greg, Scott, Rastus et al. digging deeper.

    However, I’m still digging all those mask-less individuals caught up in a happy, musical moment (or a little act of defiance at the grocery store).


    1. The bastards have an essentially simple model for the emotional and psychological destruction of many who are not securely grounded with a deep spirituality and understanding that our true end is in the Creator. It amounts to manufactured Bipolar Disorder – cyclical highs and lows to create and sustain anomie and despair.


  8. Before doing any research, I watched several of the Danse encore videos. My favorite took place on a street in LaRochelle. There were dancers, jugglers, and people walking around on stilts, giving the event a festive circus feel. I emailed the link to a professor from grad school, one of my favorite people. Close to 70 now, she teaches Forms of Movement, getting students in touch with what she calls “the poetry of the body,” and she lives and breathes what she teaches. She studied Clown and Neutral Mask in France and worked as a clown in the Barnum and Bailey circus in her younger years. In addition to teaching at universities, she also had a studio for her own classes and seminars, where she also rented space to teachers in other disciplines of dance and movement. The COVID scam closed her business down, and her advancing years are making it less practical to jump around among her students the way she does, and though we have barely corresponded over the past five years, I know this is a rough time for her. She loved the LaRochelle video—said it was exactly what she needed to take in right now—and I’m very glad I sent it to her before looking into it. We take our inspiration where we can get it.


    The “like” click button does not work for me. Just want you to know I like what you wrote above. Life seems to be a 50/50 roller coaster of love, joy, happiness and on the other hand, pain, suffering, misery, and some blend with both in between.

    “I’m takin’ what they’re givin’ ’cause I’m workin’ for a livin’.


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