Speculation about Costa Condordia and MV Ever Given

Last night at a family gathering I was shown photos on an iPad of a ship blocking the Suez Canal, said to be costing companies involved $10 billion daily in commerce. I immediately thought that 1) in a world where fake “Climate Change” scientists want to shut down human economic activity, and 2) where fake “Covid-19” pandemic scientists want to shut down human economic activity, that this incident has to be deliberate. If not remedied quickly, it will have a devastating effect on human economic activity.

2012 Costa Concordia

Lately I have been offered a whole set of opinions and links on the 2012 Costa Condordia disaster, the cruise liner that in January of that year, Titanic-style, hit a reef and endured a long gash down its side. A commenter who goes by “Harry’s Pretzel Mug” has been urging me to look into the matter. But HPM has been doing that himself and does not need my assistance! I suggested he write it up, and that I would publish it with full credit. I do not have the energy to write up every project sent my way, but when I do feel a surge, I have several preexisting projects I am going to work on. Others will either have to be by others, or sent to other sites doing this kind of work.

So go to the 9/19/2018 post written by Gaiassphere about the 1914 Shackleton Imperial Trans-Antarctic Expedition, and called Peculiar Plots – Part 2 – Shackled by Tons of Ice. Gaia’s article is by itself worth the link, but I am directing you instead to comments thereunder submitted by Harry’s Pretzel Mug. Search the page and you will find maybe a dozen, some about the current Suez Canal grounding. I have only briefly skimmed some of the links, and leave it to the reader to do the same or plunge in. This post is not about Costa Concordia, but I will briefly summarize that event from Wikipedia, the primary source of LOOT, or the Lies of our Times.

The Costa Concordia, with 3,206 passengers and 1,023 crew aboard, was sailing off Isola del Giglio on 1/13/2012, on a seven-day cruise. At 21:42 it struck a reef in a charted area 800 meters south of the entrance to the harbor of Gighlio Porto. The initial impact damage was 8 meters (26 feet). The stripped steel was later found  92 to 96 meters from the main island. The captain, Francesco Schettino*, prior to the impact, had turned off the alarm system for the Concordias‘ navigator system. He was navigating by sight, as he knew the seabeds well. He turned too late to avoid the reef. He said that initially the ship was about 330 yards from shore. The ship’s first officer told investigators that Schettino had left his reading glasses in his cabin, and so could not make out the instruments on his own, seeking help from the officer. In other words, this was a bumbling idiot charged with the safety of 4,229 people. That is what we are expected to believe.

That’s really all anyone needs to do to cause an accident. I know when I am driving my truck, especially with young children on board, I frequently turn off all of the safety features and then close my eyes and hope for the best. After all, I am familiar with the roads around here. (Please learn to recognize tongue-in-cheek.)

In the end, the crew and passengers were safely evacuated, except that 33 died. Do you need to know more? I hope that Dave’s Pretzel Mug can expand on this, as I want to know, for real,

  • Did the ship have any passengers aboard, or any more than a skeleton crew?
  • Was it deliberately run into a charted reef in order to be able to scuttle it and file an insurance claim?
  • And, as with Titanic, Lusitania, the Twin Towers, do insurers, intelligent, curious, and suspicious by nature, actually pay out the claims, and if it is done, is it a mutual scam?

The ship was never again used, having been towed to Italy for scrapping.

That is all I need to know about Costa Concordia. It’s all hidden in plain sight at Wikipedia.

The MV Ever Given, the 1,312′ ship that was until today blocking the Suez canal, is said to have encountered high winds that caused it so drift and eventually moor itself in deep sand on both sides of the canal. If Ab is right (see the comments here) the ship (built in 2018 and one of the largest cargo ships in the world) will be scuttled.

Wikipedia is right on top of things, telling us that the initial grounding took place at 7:40 a.m., and that it was on its way to Rotterdam and Tanjung Telepas [footnotes 8,11]. It was re-floated on the 29th of March, and freed and able to go on its own at 3:05 PM.

I am surprised that the ship was freed today, as this event had the makings of causing a major economic slowdown. Something like 10-13% of the goods shipped in the world go through Suez. The only alternative is a 5,500 mile journey around the Cape of Africa. the canal is immensely important to world commerce. I am wondering if the freeing of the ship today represents the outcome of internal struggles among competing powers, those who want to destroy the world economy, and those of nobler instinct.

*Francisco Schettino is currently serving a ten-year sentence for his role in this event, says Wikipedia. If does not say if he is serving this time on St. Helena.

61 thoughts on “Speculation about Costa Condordia and MV Ever Given

  1. Evergreens are powerful symbols in the occult. It represents rebirth at the winter solstice, the shortest day of the year. In paganism, the evergreen tree also represents a phallus. The occult is packed with sexual imagery, which goes all the way back to the Babylonian cults who practiced sex magick rituals.
    A canal represents the vaginal canal. With the Evergreen ship we have the imagery of the phallus inside the female reproductive organ as the philosophical construct of rebirth. That is a mouth full, but they had the GPS penis track on mainstream news.
    They reported live sheep on another ship, in cages, are in trouble.
    We are the sheep, in cages. Question is, what is to come. Birth of a new race, as announced by figures like Lady Gaga? World is inoculated.
    Or its just about the economy, the reset.


  2. After learning of the March 27th traffic jam on the Changchun-Shenzhen Expressway in Nanjing, I thought the Suez incident was part of a “call and response” signaling effort. In other words, one part of the world communicating to another part of the world via use of the Evergreen logo.


    Here are some additional thoughts, from “murphy 212” on Reddit:

    First Covid case in US was at EvergreenHealth Medical Center in Kirkland, WA:


    First Covid dead in US was at EvergreenHealth Medical Center in Kirkland, WA:


    In the Simpsons China virus episode, a cargo package address label reads: Homer Simpson, 742 Evergreen Terrace Springfield, USA:

    “Evergreen is a reference to the garden of Eden, i.e. the ‘new golden age.’ It is a ritualistic symbol of the new order being introduced.
    A war in the Middle East may break out soon (whether real or imaginary, doesn’t make a big difference). I’d guess over Passover, i.e. the height of season of sacrifice.”


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      1. Oh, I wouldn’t make such a prediction myself. Rather, I thought what this “murphy 212” shared would be appreciated by the lovely writers and readers here at Piece of Mindful.
        Another thing comes to mind: Kirkland, WA is a suburb of Seattle, WA and is situated in King County. This is Bill Gates territory. His company, bgC3 (“Bill Gates Catalyst 3”) is headquartered in Kirkland, WA.

        Bill Gate’s Mysterious New Company” – October 22, 2008

        “Just months after his Microsoft farewell, Bill Gates is quietly creating a new company — complete with high-tech office space, a cryptic name and even its own trademark.

        Public documents describe the new Gates entity — bgC3 LLC — as a ‘think tank.’ It’s housed within a Kirkland office that the Microsoft co-founder established on his own after leaving his day-to-day executive role at the company this summer.

        Is this Bill Gates’ next big business? A Gates insider gives an emphatic no — saying it’s not a commercial venture but rather a vehicle to coordinate the software mogul’s work on his business and philanthropic endeavors.

        However, bgC3 will also oversee Gates’ personal pursuit of breakthrough ideas in science and technology. The insider said the goal isn’t necessarily to create new companies, although ideas could be passed along to Microsoft, the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation — or others – as it makes sense.“


        So, the first COVID-19 case and death in the US occurred in a hospital located in a suburb east of Seattle (population 93,010) which also happens to be the location of the headquarters of Bill Gate’s mysterious bGC3 LLC. If bGC3 is the brains behind at least the US-focused part of the scamdemic it sure would’ve been convenient for them to kick off the operation in their own backyard.

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        1. Yeah, Kirkland. Billy Boy keeping it close to home to start things off right in the good ole USA. Then they go and fine the “Life Care Center of Kirkland” for being the fall guys in this joke. The following quotes are from the end of this article: https://www.npr.org/sections/coronavirus-live-updates/2020/04/02/826360394/seattle-area-nursing-home-linked-to-dozens-of-coronavirus-deaths-faces-600-000-f

          “Life Care Center of Kirkland last month was an early epicenter for coronavirus outbreaks in the U.S. King County, which includes Kirkland, confirms at least 37 people associated with the nursing home have died from COVID-19 related complications.

          “A March 18 report from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention found 129 cases of COVID-19 were associated with Life Care Center of Kirkland. This included at the time 81 residents, 34 staffers and 14 visitors.”


            1. Yes, this massive psyop is their crowning achievement. After all, if it wasn’t for this worldwide psyop, the “NWO” agenda could not have made huge successful leaps in creating an Orwellian technocracy.


          1. These are all excerpts from that interview:

            “Microsoft, like all other corporations, it’s a story. It’s a story invented by these powerful shamans called lawyers. The only place it exists is in our shared imagination. It doesn’t mean that corporations are not powerful. They are some of the most powerful things in the world. But they exist only in the stories we tell. In our imagination. I mean, you can’t touch it. You can’t touch Microsoft. You can’t see it. You can’t smell it. You can’t taste it. No other animal on earth knows that Microsoft exists. You can take, say, a chimpanzee to visit Microsoft headquarters.” – Yuval Noah Harari

            “… the problem starts when we forget it’s just a story we invented and we start being enslaved by our own creations. People think about Frankenstein, the idea of creating something and then being overtaken is a modern phenomenon, it’s not. Technologically, maybe it’s new, but humans have been enslaved by their creations for tens of thousands of years, by these stories that they create about the gods, about nations, about money. They forget that we created them, and then we are trapped inside the dreams of dead people.” – Yuval Noah Harari

            Here’s additional info on the guest speaker. He’s an Israeli writer and commentator and Bill Gates is admittedly his huge fan:



            1. Ha, you also found one of the main Transhumanism writers. I haven’t watched or listened (and won’t, I stick to DETACH, DETOX, DEPROGRAM) to him, but for those interested I have some of his works in pdf (not read, I just share for others and lost most intellectual interest anyway, and love that change).

              “From Animals to Gods” in Spanish:

              Click to access 2014_-_Yuval_Harari_-_1840_-_De_Animales_a_Dioses.pdf

              Chapter 5 of “Sapiens”

              Click to access 2017_-_Yuval_Harari_-_Sapiens_-_Chapter_5_-_Historys_Biggest_Fraud.pdf


              1. Hmm, links don’t work.

                Another author about Transhumanism is Natasha Vita-More. Have some books by her too, but sharing apparently is disabled or corrupted.


    1. War will come there. It has been foretold on g before the ‘net. The USA will cease to exist before that battle at Megiddo. As will the Northern nations of Europe. The current scamdemic will see to that.


      1. Empires rise, empires fall. The United States has already done its job as the world’s industrial-military power. Now that America has receded behind the shadows as the world’s superpower, China, Russia, etc. are taking the league as the new superpowers. But ultimately, the controllers are set to gain from the expansion and contraction of their corporate plantations AKA countries/nations, and from the productivity of their worker drones in these invisible prisons. Someday, they too will be in America’s shoes in the next 100+ years.

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      2. It will also be a fake war, I suppose. After all, warfare (as the masses understand it) is a massive hoax, as much so as Covid.


    2. That’s always been the address of the Simpsons. Interesting. One of the good old episodes. Newer lack timing, and no multiple jokes anymore, and the new German voices are unbearable.


      1. “The house’s address was inconsistent in earlier seasons, with various house numbers on Evergreen Terrace including 1094, 1092, 59, 94, 430, 723, and 1024, as well as one address on a different street (430 Spalding Way). In ‘Homer’s Triple Bypass’, ‘742 Evergreen Terrace’ was assigned to a completely different house, where Snake hides from the police and Rev. Lovejoy lives next door.”

        “The phone number is inconsistent between episodes, though always starting with 555. According to ‘A Tale of Two Springfields’, the area code was 636 before the events of that episode and 939 thereafter.”



  3. Thank you for posting this article! I am so glad you took the opportunity to do this.

    I will answer a few questions you posed for me:

    Did the ship have any passengers aboard, or any more than a skeleton crew?

    From looking at the footage and pics of the “disaster”, it does appear that there were many “passengers”, as well as “crew”, onboard the ship. I assume, like in the previous hoaxes (Titanic, Lusitania, Hindenburg, 9/11, etc.), that all involved were crisis-actors.

    Was it deliberately run into a charted reef in order to be able to scuttle it and file an insurance claim?

    The fact that captain Schettino turned off Costa Concordia‘s security system and did a terrible job at avoiding disaster are indicators that this event was predetermined with massive insurance fraud kept in mind by the orchestrators of this psyop. The anomalies merit the official story of a “maritime accident” to be moot – that is, utter nonsense. It most certainly was intentional, IMO.

    And, as with Titanic, Lusitania, the Twin Towers, do insurers, intelligent, curious, and suspicious by nature, actually pay out the claims, and if it is done, is it a mutual scam?

    Since the same people who engineered this scam also run the insurance companies, then yes, their insurers (underwriters/insurance downline) were fleeced billions of dollars for this hoax. It was a mutual scam, set-up to benefit the bigwigs that staged the entire thing.

    Pax et amor (peace & love)!

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    1. The public treasuries would also fit the bill for hoaxes like the Concordia, too. But more importantly, those at the bottom of the insurance matrix were the most [negatively] affected. The wealthy investors and stock-holders of these insurance conglomerates stood to gain everything from the very beginning.


      1. Speaking of which, I think I found the jackpot. Until 2017, the British “government” held investments in the Lloyd’s of London. By 2009, their shareholding power increased to 43%, and that followed a £20.3 billion bailout of the institution during the manufactured recession of 2007-08.

        “The government acquired a 43% shareholding in Lloyds in 2009 following a £20.3 billion intervention in the bank. Shares were sold through accelerated bookbuilds (ABBs) in September 2013 and March 2014. ABBs involve selling a large block of shares to institutional investors overnight.”


        There’s more on this public-private partnership scheme in Britain. Apparently, it’s a little more complicated than that. Lloyd’s had the honesty to admit in the article below that “their press release does not talk about profit.” I tried to track down their press release on the Wayback Machine, but unfortunately, nothing came up except “404”. Hmmm…. I wonder why?

        “FactCheck called him out on this at the time, noting that the headline “profit” figure didn’t take account of the cost to government of borrowing the money to bail out the banks in the first place. The National Audit Office backed us up, later concluding that “there was a shortfall for the taxpayer of at least £230m” after the 2013 sale.”


        When the Costa Concordia disaster took place, the U.K. gov’t still held investments in Lloyd’s. The disaster had cost billions to insurance companies worldwide, which indicates that the British taxpayer was inadvertently conned by the same white-collar criminals along with private insurers.

        “The latest estimates suggest the cost of the disaster to insurers will exceed $1 billion, making it to the most expensive marine loss of all time. The most expensive insured marine loss before the Costa Concordia sank was the Exxon Valdez in 1989, which cost insurers about $500 million.”


        (If you start at 2:29 above, one of the people interviewed at Lloyd’s admits that “Now, whatever people in the industry may wish, the public opinion on this one is going to be so strong. But my guess is that the politicians will have no choice but to be seen to be doing something.” Judging by that statement, I assume he’s making reference to the fact that they were on the line to foot the bill at their subjects’ expense.)


        1. And by not being about “profit”, they were talking about your average taxpayer in the U.K. Nonetheless, I’m sure the fascists in the halls of power probably made a pretty penny for themselves in return.


        2. From the horse’s mouth. Bet that wasn’t the only instance of a scam:

          “He estimates that he spent about $10,000 on the fraudulent search, for expenses including a plane ticket, a private investigator, countless taxis and sky-high cell phone bills.

          “In 20 years of doing this stuff, I’ve seen a lot of deaths and a lot of tragedies, but I’ve never met one family after losing a loved one that says, ‘How much?'” Ronai said. “They always want to know, ‘What happened? How did it happen?’ These people wanted to know, ‘How much?'”


          I bet the Titanic and Lusitania scammer asked the same question: “How much?” That is – how much they can scam the public of more $$$?


        3. According to the above CNN clip from 2012, the survivors of the Costa Concordia disaster were offered €11,000 in compensation by the ship’s owners, which was $14,000 in American dollars. As there were officially 4,197 survivors from the disaster, the compensation for them altogether was €46 million, which translates to $58 million. In today’s money, that would be €52 million, which translates to $72 million. Quite a lucrative scam, I must say.


          1. Of course, paying out tens of millions in compensation to the so-called “survivors” probably barely made a dent to the billions in profit the cruise giant Costa Crociere makes annually. It’s like a slap in the wrist.


    2. And don’t forget Celine Dion’s “My Heart Will Go On” playing on the Concordia as it sank. There’s a heavy emphasis on the Titanic hoax in this story. It’s no coincidence this happened just three months shy of the centennial anniversary of the 1912 disaster. Some of the passengers were even related to the people aboard the White Star liner.


  4. There was a saying: “Own the coroner and you own the town.” A reference to faking death certificates, I guess. “Own the insurance company and write off whatever hoax you like”- would seem apt here.

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  5. The Ever Given disaster happened on March 23rd, 2021, a day after March 22nd. Skull & Bones’ symbol is 322. March 22nd = 3/22. No coincidence, IMO.


  6. Note the Costa Concordia had an accident, it’s in the Wiki.
    Similar with Titanic, back then, the sister ship was ruined by an accident.
    One well known theory is, they changed the ships names before the sinking.


    1. One well known theory is, they changed the ships names before the sinking.

      Except that no ship sank in 1912. That was another Masonic hoax, just like the Lusitania, the Hindenburg, World Wars I & II, JFK, 9/11, and the more recent Coronahox and the fake MAGA insurrection at the U.S. Capitol in DC.

      There’s a theory that the Titanic herself never even existed. Instead, there was only one vessel built that played two ships – the Olympic and the Titanic. This may also explain the Olympic-Hawke collision, which “happened” in September 1911 (nines and ones, as usual, like 9/11), months before the Titanic “collided” with an iceberg and “sank”. Perhaps they needed the Olympic for the Titanic project and they realized a fake collision would serve as a perfect cover for the Olympic‘s makeover. The story also served as a perfect psyop to prime the public for the upcoming Titanic hoax. With that accomplished, they got busy refurbishing the Olympic as the Titanic for several months: changes in window configurations, changing nameplates, augmenting the interiors a little, etc., etc. Then they sent the “Titanic” to sail on her “maiden voyage” in April 1912 with her (preselected) passengers and crew, staged a live-action boat drill near the coast of Newfoundland and emptied the ship, sailed her back to Belfast and the Titanic returned as the Olympic.



      1. The Titanic hoax also led to government regulation of radio communications.

        “While the sinking of the Titanic showcased radio’s potential value as a life-saving technology, it also raised questions about the need to control its use. The lack of clear guidelines concerning shipboard wireless equipment and interference from amateur operators had hindered rescue efforts and cost lives.

        Congress, which had previously hesitated to regulate the airwaves, seized upon the disaster to pass the Radio Act of 1912. This law divided the electromagnetic spectrum between amateur, government, and commercial users and mandated that all American operators …. had to be licensed. …” – https://davidsarnoff.tcnj.edu/2013/08/30/radio-to-the-rescue-david-sarnoff-and-the-titanic-disaster/

        “Radio communication (originally known as “wireless telegraphy”) was developed in the late 1890s, but it was initially largely unregulated in the United States. The Wireless Ship Act of 1910 mandated that most passenger ships exiting U.S. ports had to carry radio equipment under the supervision of qualified operators, however individual stations remained unlicensed and unregulated. This led to numerous interference issues, including conflicts between amateur radio operators and the U.S. Navy and commercial companies, with a few amateur radio enthusiasts alleged to have sent fake distress calls and obscene messages to naval radio stations, and to have forged naval commands, sending navy boats on spurious missions.[1]

        The U.S. policy of unrestricted stations differed from most of the rest of the world. The 1906 International Radiotelegraph Convention, held in Berlin, called for countries to license their stations, and although United States representatives had signed this agreement, initially the U.S. Senate did not ratify the treaty. However, the U.S. was told it would not be invited to the next International Radiotelegraph Convention scheduled to be held in London in June 1912 unless it completed ratification, so on April 3, 1912, the U.S. Senate formally accepted the 1906 Convention, and began work on legislation to implement its provisions. The issue gained importance twelve days later due to the sinking of the Titanic,[2] and the new law would also incorporate provisions of the London Convention signed on July 5, 1912, although the United States had not yet ratified the new treaty. The resulting Radio Act of 1912 was signed by President Taft on August 13, 1912, and went into effect December 13, 1912.[3]” – https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Radio_Act_of_1912#Background


        1. It appears this legislation was enacted to inhibit any further investigation into the authenticity of the radio communications sent by the White Star liner and by other vessels nearby to each other and to neighboring land operators, which could potentially expose the whole project as a sham, as well as to do the same for other similar hoaxes like the Lusitania disaster.

          It also reminds me of the recent actions taken by the same “U.S. gov’t” and other nations around the world to restrict or prohibit third-party (independent) missions to the alleged Titanic wrecksite, supposedly done to protect the wreck from looters. More likely they are yet again attempts to cover up the Titanic hoax by prohibiting outsiders from doing further investigation into the area where the wreckage is said to be.




      2. Colored photo of the Olympic (background) and the Titanic (foreground) at port. It looks to be another paste-up, IMO.


        1. It’s possible the ship in front of the “damaged” Olympic was copied from the ship in the background, resized, repainted, had three of her four funnels removed, windows blacked out, and repasted into the photograph as the Titanic in the early stages of her fitting out.


        2. Keep in mind that the Olympic was making a return trip to Southampton from NYC during the Titanic “disaster”, which confirms my claim that she was still in operation at the time after the “accident” with HMS Hawke several months earlier. She was headed by Herbert Haddock, who was initially the captain of the Titanic before E. J. Smith assumed the role. Haddock was also a member of the Order of the Bath (CB) and a chaperon to King George V, so he wasn’t a nobody.




          The Haddock bloodline:



          The Olympic left Southampton for New York a week before the “Titanic” left the same port for the same destination on April 10th. The Titanic was allegedly completing sea trials at the same time. I think it’s likely that the photos we have of the Titanic during her maiden voyage actually show the Olympic disguised as the fictional Titanic on her fictional “first” and “final” voyage. It’s likely the photos weren’t even taken during the Titanic’s alleged maiden voyage to New York. Most likely those were taken well before that. That means the whole “maiden voyage” was fake too, just like the sinking.



          “RMS Titanic left Southampton on April 10, 1912 for her maiden voyage to New York, whilst the Olympic departed New York at 3 PM on April 13. There was considerable excited chatter amongst passengers and crew that the two ships would pass each other at sea. However, as fate would have it on April 14, 1912 at 11.40 PM the Titanic struck the iceberg and commenced to list.”

          There are too many tell-tale signs to make any of this a coincidence. The timing and the circumstances all fit for a single vessel faking two ships, two voyages, and one disaster at the same time.


      1. Please please tell me the name of the song??

        I heard it once listening to some Japanese Anime song track many moons ago on YouTube!

        Come on Mark, its an innocent request..don’t delete. Please.


      2. The Rothschilds were also directly connected to the Lusitania and the Titanic. The same family that created and greatly profited off of the First World ‘War’. Obviously one of the people behind those two hoaxes, if you ask me.





        1. Titanic “victim” Martin Rothschild was also the uncle of famous poet Dorothy Parker (nee Rothschild), showing you that family infiltrated and corrupted literature as well, like everything else. She was also on the “Hollywood blacklist” for her “left-wing views” (according to Wiki), but most likely that’s propaganda made to make her look like an ‘outsider’ to the more “conservative” establishment in American show-business and to sell her as an “intellectual liberal progressive” who was “championing human rights” (LMAO).



          1. She was also very close to the Vanderbilts in her later years, tying us right back to the Lusitania hoax. Her friends were the parents of Anderson Cooper. I bet she’s related to the Rothschild who was on the Qunard liner.


    2. “Similar with Titanic, back then, the sister ship was ruined by an accident.
      One well known theory is, they changed the ships names before the sinking.”

      I wonder if the Costa Concordia was switched with another ship from her class of liners? It is certainly possible. Assuming that this event was planned well in advance (which most certainly looks to be the case), they had plenty of time to change many things before scuttling her. I assume they probably scuttled (halfway, of course) a cruise-ship that was older and in relatively poor shape for insurance.


      Before the Costa Concordia was built, there was the Costa Atlantica. The Atlantica was in service for two decades, ending service last year. It’s possible that a switch took place at some point in both ships’ careers.



      Costa Concordia:

      Costa Atlantica:

      (On average, it take several months to a year to refit a ship. They admit that the Concordia received refits in its lifetime, if my memory serves me correct.)


  7. More on maritime insurance. There was an act passed by the U.S. Congress in 1851 that limited the liability of shipping companies for maritime disasters and mishaps, with the purpose of protecting the shipping industry as it was an integral part of the American economy. It’s still the law today. Basically, this is a legal loophole that allows maritime monopolies to skirt responsibility and place all their problems on the victims or the treasury to handle. That explains why companies like the White Star Line continued operations without any serious problems until the “Great Depression” when it merged with Cunard, its former ‘rival’ in the shipping industry, after events like the fake Titanic disaster, whose aftermath was heavily influenced by the law itself, as you’ll see in a minute.



    “The owner of every vessel mentioned at the beginning of this article invoked the Limitation of Liability Act to defend their interests. Even the owners of the Titanic, which never reached U.S. shores, filed a Petition for Limitation of Liability in New York. Instead of being given time to heal, the survivors of these incidents and the families who lost loved ones were faced with a choice: take legal action now or forever surrender the right to do so.

    When a vessel owner seeks protection under the Limitation of Liability Act, they file a civil lawsuit in Federal District Court. All potential claimants (including anyone injured and surviving family members) are notified. They each receive certified letters informing them that the vessel owner is suing them.

    As a part of a Petition for Limitation of Liability, the vessel owner also claims that the craft was worth a certain amount of money. If the ship sank, the value could be zero. For the Titanic, the value was estimated at less than $100,000: $300 for the 14 remaining lifeboats and $92,000 for the ship’s earnings. Under the Limitation of Liability Act, the owners of the “unsinkable” ship sought to limit claims for damages to this value. For the families of the 1,517 people who were killed and the 711 survivors, this would have equaled just about $41 each.”



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