No way! (Way.)

Some time ago we did some work here with the help of commenter Richard Juckes. It had to do with a visit to the grave of Eva Peron in Buenos, Argentina by my wife and I in 2018. I noticed that she was supposedly 30 when she died, but later learned that she was 33. I immediately suspected a fake death. I started work on the piece in 2018 – as I recall now, we were in Patagonia, and then Argentina, and that it was summer there while winter here. Here’s the original piece.


That would have been the end of the project, just another fake death. But Juckes had more to offer – guess who was Evita’s daughter later in life? Madonna, the singer. And, by no coincidence, it was Madonna that played Eva in the 1996 movie Evita. Here is the follow-up piece.

Later still, we would learn that Isabel Peron, President of Argentina from 1974 to 1976, was Eva’s sister, and that she too was said to be married to Juan Peron. There is no point now in linking to that piece, as the photos are all gone, removed by that mysterious hand. But trust, me, we had a photo of post-death Eva sitting on a couch with Isabel, and they were dead ringers.

The reason I am writing this is because of an astounding piece of photo sleuthing by Miles Mathis. (See addendum on page 11 of this piece concerning the fake death of Natalie Wood.)

I am going to leave you hanging. Go to the piece, read for yourself, judge for yourself. Then we can discuss.

And the beat goes on: Inés Zorreguieta, younger sister of the Netherlands Queen Máxima, was found dead in her Buenos Aires apartment back in 2018. The photo below … I am seeing a family resemblance, perhaps to Madonna.

Dead Princess

Her age at death? Need I say?

24 thoughts on “No way! (Way.)

  1. I can’t agree with Miles’ thinking that Maria is Anastasia Romanova, Natalie’s mother was 11 years younger, was 5ft 0″ (Anastasia was 5ft 9″) with brown hair (Anastasia’s hair was auburn).-

    Maria and her mother –


    1. Natalie’s mother was 11 years younger, was 5ft 0″ (Anastasia was 5ft 9″) with brown hair (Anastasia’s hair was auburn).

      The dates and measures can be fabricated. Since we have never seen Anastasia and Maria Gurdin together in real life, it is really hard to say. Plus, they can change hair color with dyes, which is a no-brainer.

      I also suspect that Anastasia may have ended up in the Philippines as a Russian emigre, later known as Lola Tasia (“Grandmama Tasia” by her family).From what I’ve heard, Tasia is an abbreviation of Anastasia, which is very telling. It has been said this mysterious lady came from Russian nobility.


      1. The Philippines historically has been one of the hiding-places of Russian emigres. The Romanovs owned hunting lodges there. It’s a very compelling theory.

        Here’s the Facebook page of Tasia’s granddaughter, Caty Peterson:


        1. I see a similarity in how the lowercase “a” is drawn in both signatures. It looks like the signatory (or signatories) drew the “a” starting from the middle and then spiraled outward. Could it be a coincidence? Or is it a solid match? I’m no graphologist. Now I’m wondering how different people write the letter “a”.


        1. Is it possible that Maria Gurdin, if she was Anastasia, was disguising her writing style? Lots of people do that.

          As for eye color, since most photos we have of the two are in black-and-white, it is really hard to say what their actual eye pigmentations were. The few that are in color probably had the eyes shaded differently to deflect attention from the truth.

          Maybe you’re right, but who knows…


          1. There’s a whole lot of books been written about Anastasia and the rest of the Imperial family, and in some of them physical descriptions are given based on testimonies of people who knew them, relatives, servants, etc.


            1. There’s a whole lot of books been written about Anastasia and the rest of the Imperial family….

              So what? That still doesn’t prove that they were two different people or the same person.

              ….in some of them physical descriptions are given based on testimonies of people who knew them, relatives, servants, etc.

              Regarding testimonies, people can (and do) lie. How do you know what they said were true and not falsehoods concerning the physical descriptions of these people if you never knew them personally? How is someone’s word of mouth proof that Anastasia’s eye color was blue, for example?


  2. Harry,

    Just wanted to say thanks for your material so far. Please keep it coming, I’m liking it quite a bit 🙂


  3. Finally have a chance to offer my two rubles worth.
    The most compelling aspect about the Mathis post is the parallel boasts of Maria Gurdin which is wholly consistent with the tradition of royal biographies being rewritten as more palatable narratives for mass consumption (ie, rags to riches) yet offering for those eyes that can see, the true history of the Royal in question.

    The most insidious example of this is the narrative of Julius Caesar being overwritten as the narrative of Jesus in the Ur Marcus gospel. (The nom de plume, Marcus, gives a huge clue as to which Royal line sponsored that transposition of the story of the most powerful man on earth to the humblest man on earth, but with cosmic powers)

    The other key point to make is that Natalie Wood was an actor. By my reckoning that makes her a Royal bastard. IMO, the famous in all fields are just that: illegitimate but of the blood. This is the celebrity blind that the hidden hands of the upper echelon hide behind while their bastard whelps distract us.

    This begs a question, though: Was Anastasia a bastard? My guess is yes, and that’s why her persona was used for the ongoing mystery. If found out, there could be some plausible deniability. But the mystery was sponsored by the media over the years to keep eyes off the true movements of the real Romanov’s while selling the hoax of the family being executed.

    Another clue is the hemophiliac son. It is conceded that viability through the Romanov males was an issue because of hemophilia extending from Queen Victoria and Prince Albert and, IMO, had to be addressed by mating the Tsar with a more viable royal womb. Given that Natalie looks Spanish enough to play a Puerto Rican*, I would suggest a Spanish mother gave birth to Anastasia/Maria. This would align with the Russian presence in the former Spanish holdings in the Philippines being a possible place of refuge.

    (The most beautiful sound I ever heard: Maria, Maria, Maria, Maria . . .All the beautiful sounds of the world in a single word . .Maria, Maria, Maria, Maria . . .Maria!)

    *It goes without saying that some will suggest that Spanish should be read as Jewish. You pick ‘em.


    1. Was the Tsarevich really a haemophiliac?

      Many years ago, I read that Alexei would bleed after a fall WEEKS after the event, whereas true haemophiliacs bleed as soon as the injury occurs. The author also poured scorn on the notion that haemophilia was in Victoria’s son Leopold who bled to death after his hitting his head against a stone staircase. Unfortunately, I can’t recall either the book title nor the writer.


    2. This is the second time (by my knowledge) that you have invoked Spanish intercession in the royal lines to overcome the problems of inbreeding, the other with Juan Carlos and Princess Diana, odd duck Charles obviously odd man out.

      It floats … it makes sense. Are you aware of a short-lived TV series on the Romanov’s on Amazon Prime … I think it has disappeared. It operated on the assumption that the family died and that the more distant remainders had westernized, and then did little vignettes, like a poisoning on a train, to show how they were coping in modern days. I liked the Rachmaninov opening, complete with a violin concerto as they are all massacred.

      I thought it odd, that’s all. They focused on a family said to have been extinguished by the Bolsheviks, and drew our attention to many modern day descendants. Maybe had it been allowed to continue, they would have gotten to Tasia?

      According to Wiki, a Romanov TV series does jot exist. Guess I was watching baseball and fantasizing,


      1. Mark- What makes the Spanish compelling is the usurpation of the Hapsburg dynasty by the Bourbon line in the early 1700’s. For me this represents a relatively fresh line of white and red corpuscles injected into the main bloodlines. Natch’, I find that concept redolent of the white and red armies that carved up Russia in the reset of the agrarian east in prep for that end of the map’s introduction to industrialization. That is the armature of official history and Phoney* wars, et al. Moving subsistence resources into industrial overdrive.

        *Forgive the ref but those guys have something, but haven’t really put it in a plausible context. I’m working on a better e’splaination but, brother, do I have a full plate right now.


        1. Don’t know where else to put this but what an insufferable bore MM has become. Absolutely full of himself and the wonders of his magical brain!! The more he praises himself , the more his groupies clap him with open mouths and dulled brains, the more I doubt him.
          I just want YOU to know Mark that of the two of you, YOU are the one I trust. You have extended the hand of friendship but all he does is mock. What does THAT tell us about him? The more he writes the more I doubt.
          Maybe he should just get a job on a genealogy site . That should pay for his paints. Obviously he hasn’t been painting his chocolate box pictures lately . There ARE only 24 hours in the day aren’t there or has Mr. 1% confounded science yet again and discovered there are actually 45?
          Even if this isn’t printed I want you to know that there a lot of us out here who appreciate this site . Keep up the good work.


          1. Just so people know, Steph is not Stephers.

            You must have read his most recent essay, Steph. All I can say is that this is a lonely occupation, and compliments are rare. But I still have high regard for his work, no matter what.


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