The local gym I use, Anytime Fitness, has an angry sign on an art tripod as we enter –


The level of compliance is as it was before, about 50/50. For myself, since I was indeed suspended for one week, I opted for a fake mask, one with slits cut that allow me to breath. No one notices, and if they do, the mask says on it in large letters SHEEP, which acts as a distraction. Put off by that word, they do not notice the opening.

Masks, while not exactly “pointless,” as we know, are a form of ritual humiliation. They have nothing to do with health, and since we cannot spread a virus that does not even exist, are high comedy. But people comply. Étienne de La Boétie, writing in the 16th century, made an observation then that …

The fundamental political question is why do people obey a government. The answer is that they tend to enslave themselves, to let themselves be governed by tyrants. Freedom from servitude comes not from violent action, but from the refusal to serve. Tyrants fall when the people withdraw their support. 

Liberty is the natural condition of the people. Servitude, however, is fostered when people are raised in subjection. People are trained to adore rulers. All freedom is forgotten by many but there are always some who will never submit.

If things are to change, one must realize the extent to which the foundation of tyranny lies in the vast networks of corrupted people with an interest in maintaining tyranny.

Things have not changed. I remember in college a brief conversation I had with a history professor, one I am not particularly proud of, but which reflected my attitude then. It was about Negro slaves in the American South, and my question to him was “Why did they not revolt?” The prof didn’t roll his eyes, but did look up and to the left and made a face, which indicated that there was some weakness in the black races that prevented them from rising up.

Now I realize that the slave system was so effective that none of us could have risen against it. Any individual slave that resisted or rebelled was made an example of, violence the norm. Escapees were hunted down like dogs, even in the North. Families were torn apart, and reading and writing were forbidden. If by chance one did learn such skills, it needed be kept private. Meetings of any kind would certainly draw suspicion. Not only that, but I imagine, since we have them in all races, there were SNITCHES.

The Jefferson County Health Department does not have the capacity to enforce its regulations on distancing and masks. That department is only a few people, maybe fifty (?), whereas Jefferson County has almost 600,000 people and thousands of businesses. But Dave, the man who manages the Anytime Fitness facility (he is not the owner), is genuinely intimidated. Why?

SNITCHES. People from the gym, scared and angry (and once upon a time, hall monitors in school), call the health department and complain. Otherwise that little outpost in the tiny town of Conifer would not be threatened.

So there it is … we are not enslaving ourselves, but we are being enslaved by the lowest form of human … SNITCHES. I do not think the word existed in La Boétie’s time, but surely there is an elegant French phrase that captures their foul and unsavory behaviors. If you know it, please share.

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  1. There is a very good article in, where the Pfizer ex-vp tells the story. He illustrates the complete game, a very very good read. He surmises the complete dystopian orwellian events that are happening today.

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    1. Sites like have literally hundreds of links. Might be best to simply include link to article in post?



      1. Rastus: Just an FYI – I saw your pending comments in the queue, and approved all of them. As you know, Mark is on vacay, so I thought to check in on his behalf. Please know that is why your comments were delayed from being posted.


      2. You’re right, it’s a article out of Lifesite news quoting Michael Yeadon the former vice president of Pfizer and lead researcher. These articles fall off the list pretty quick on


  2. understand anytime is a franchise and there there is an additional level of rules & regulations in place. Still might be a good idea to point the owner in the direction of Peggy Hall. She is doing amazing work helping businesses stay open and supporting those of us who see through the bs.


    1. Dave, the manager, is not a listener. Also, he speaks of the owner (whose name I do not know) with fear and reverence. I doubt I could get anything through to him via Dave.


  3. The nice thing is this: It’s Springtime! One can cancel membership and take to the outdoors for exercise. The sunshine alone is worth it! Better than exercising in a strip mall somewhere 🙂

    That’s what I’m doing out here in Utah. Just visited a bird preserve out near the lake today. Beautiful weather today.


    1. Where is the preserve at? I ask because we have friends who always stop by a preserve on their way back to Montana … a lake, I know, and in the SLC vicinity?

      We are in Canyonlands tomorrow for a few days, and then on to Zion and bryce. Crazy busy. Campsite are booked solid through October. the same with Yellowstone … when they opened up for reservations on 3/24, the place was booked solid within minutes. No chance!

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      1. You are doing great then!! 🙂

        There is a Willard Bay north of Ogden. It’s a nice secluded area not too heavily visited. Pretty humble but I’m glad to visit on such a beautiful day. North of WB a few miles is the preserve.

        I hope you have a wonderful time in Springtime desert!! 🙂



  4. One Unalienable Right

    “The one and only inalienable right we have in this screwed up world, this mess of a hell hole, is the right to be curious, probing, inquisitive, to crave knowing more,…”


  5. The only reason I wear a mask in the gym and stores is because it’s required and the gym could get shut down – and I really don’t want it to. As far as snitches are concerned, the people who need snitching on are the ones imposing this regime on us all, someone should snitch on them. Who are they really, these fascists, these tyrants? They’re certainly not who they claim to be with their false credentials and C.V.s. Agenda 21, Agenda 2030 stoodges…

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    1. Mark

      I don’t expect this to be posted…

      Just quit the damn gym…really. Spiritually you will be one up. You can nourish your health, body, and mind by being outdoors in the sunshine.

      Really? Yes, really!

      Come visit Moab and do some Springtime desert hiking. The warmth will do you good 🙂

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      1. There’s a social aspect … I enjoy the people I meet and know there, and I have a boiled-down workout routine, perhaps 2-1/2 hours per week, six various workouts repeated over a couple of weeks, in and out in 1/2 hour. The killer is Stairmaster. You might suggest I just walk up our stairs … I get that. But at age 70 it keeps me able to do strenuous real hikes.

        Also, mirrors … WTF? I never work out in front of a mirror. I asked Dave when I joined what’s up with that, he said people like to look at themselves when they workout. That, to me, is narcissistic.

        And we love the outdoors, hike hundreds of miles every year, in times past, the Alps. It distresses me that the generations behind us don’t appreciate a non-mechanized walk, hours of time, leaving the body tired and the mind refreshed. It sounds like you get that.

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  6. The French have a sordid history of snitching (think collaborators during WW2) and so have plenty of expressions for snitches. Obviously, dénonciateurs for those who gave away members of the résistance and Jews. But also, more informally, you have cafards (cockroaches) and mouchards (horrible little flies). Mouchards is more specific to police informants so let’s go with that one.

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    These photos are supposed to be of the audience of a field lab performance by a Dutch comedian and can be found on the site of the NOS (Dutch broadcaster foundation) en RTL nieuws, two renowned Dutch media outlets.

    The Fieldlab organization tries to demonstrate that you can organize large events without many people infecting each other.

    It is a mystery to me why this event has been faked so obviously. The NOS site claims: “Fieldlab has presented the research results to the council of ministers and hopes that the Outbreak Management Team will give advice on organizing events in the near future. It is certain that during the Eurovision Song Contest 3500 people can attend per evening.”


    1. I love the cardboard cutouts sitting in their unopened positions. 🙂

      What exactly is that supposed to prove?

      Doesn’t cardboard harbor the deadly Corona virus?

      I was looking for the Michael Jackson cutout.


  8. meanwhile in Germany the court in Weimar decided to forbid wearing masks, distancing and fast testing on two schools based on a very detailed and well written arguments and this just started to be known and admitted in the mainstream. As for now they still try to frame it but had to first admit the verdict is real, then the verdict is valid ant then the verdict is binding. Yet still the media write a lot about how wrong this must be because you know it must be wrong. Stefan Lanka made some new videos in German where he explains details about the current situation. Did you know they make the vaccine studies in countries like Cuba or Brazil, in the slums, where the people desperately need the money and they tell them they’ll get the money only if they don’t get sick. So the poorest of the poor get silently sick and even die and send their relatives to collect the money so TPTB can claim the vaccines are secure. And when they then wonder about old people vaccinated and dying in care homes, they claim it on mutants, because you know, the vaccine is fine.


    1. Many people forget that someday they are going to be the old people.
      Instead of vaccines, it will be a demise pill, not just based on how unhealthy someone is but on age and income.

      It seems many of the Alt websites are now pushing the next big event out to 2025-2030.

      The End is always near.


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