Friday notes

I do not understand “blockchain” but know it is somehow intertwined with “bitcoin.” Just brief reading on the subject this morning told me that it is coming down [the pipe], and that we cannot stop or change it.

It is like that with most things … if a discussion is allowed, it means that the matter is already decided. For instance, there was much talk and trepidation concerning “one world government” over my decades of being alive. I never knew to fear it or welcome it, but it is now apparent that we have it, have had it for a long time, and that good or bad, we cannot change it.

I invite readers to link me, bring me up to speed. As far as i can tell, blockchain is a fait accompli. Otherwise, we would not be discussing it.

I quick check today of the VAERS site shows that 2,210 have died from the various Covid-10 vaccines, and that 14,860 people have been hospitalized. Given that the vaccines are being done now em masse, I’m surprised that in the last week (officially) there have only been 91 deaths and 444 hospitalizations. This is a dramatic decline in the rate of either given the expanding number of jabs.

It could mean several things … younger people are now getting the vaccine, and are less likely to be killed, or the manufacturers have altered the formulas – perhaps removing toxins or lowering the dosage. And there is always this factor: We are dealing with the Centers for Disease Control and the pharmaceutical industry.  Neither is honorable or trustworthy. They could just be lying about everything.

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    1. Lurker for a few weeks, first time comment… Germ theory is a massive fraud, and it’s getting exposed at such a rapid rate that controlled opposition’s and propaganda networks are now “speculating” that it came from a lab, and that it was man made.

      Plan B per say, when the hoax goes awry, you counter the truth with another lie, in hopes of co-signing the original lie. How was it created in a lab, when it doesn’t even exist in the first place? As of Dec 1st 2020, the CDC had no isolates… Robert Young offered 5 million for any company or person who can isolate and purify HIV years ago, nobody has taken that reward. Stefan Lanka offered 100k Euro to anyone who can isolate and purify measles, two frauds tried to claim it only to get rejected by the courts as liars and not having proven isolation… And yet, we continue to “vaccinate” children against the measles “virus” as part of child vaccination programs. Moreover, the MMR vaccine has serious links to autism, and many many families have openly spoken about rushing their child to the hospitals days after the mmr vaccine. They get them around 16-18 months old, mass accounts of childs becoming slow after the MMR vaccine, which contains too much toxic metals for the body to handle at once. All this for something that can’t even be proven to exist, that’s how disturbed the “pharma” industry is. The wheels are coming off for the eugenics, they got too greedy and went all in. Lethal levels of toxic metals were found in the 7 biggest baby food makers in the US, their lust to depopulate completely overrode any logic they had left, and the Truman show is falling apart.

      80% of what you believed in as a child, is a lie. From space travel and satellites to modern medicine and “vaccines”. Autism rate in the US was 1 in 5000 in 1975, by 2032, the CDC estimates 1 in 4 children 4 years old will be autistic. It will cost the US north of 500 billion a year within 3 years, and around 1 Trillion a year in a decade or so. They are balls deep in making sure every child has a chance at becoming autistic with the baby food and vaccines they are giving them in the US. The zionist establishment has completely obliterated the US, and it’s coming from every single direction.

      Cryptocurrency is cashless society, bitcoin is the PR… All these lead to enslavement, and it will only happen in Asia and Western Europe, where societies are completely cucked. The, we cannot change anything statement by Mark seems a little spooky, of course no accusation, but you must not live in North America, or truly don’t understand what is happening at the moment.

      The evil at hand is so demented, it cannot win, people will take out the zionist puppets before being enslaved. If people of a country took out 15-20 puppets of the establishment, they regain their country. Version 1.0, which is a citi bank executive deciding the cabinet of an American president is one thing, version 2.0 with the golden billion gates lunacy, that isn’t going to fly… When push comes to shove, all anybody cares about is saving themselves, establishment puppets are no different. As things progressively get more disturbing in phase 2 of the hoax, even the puppets will jump ship once mass violence erupts against specific government officials. Every single revolution ended up in violence, I don’t see it any other way, especially when the plan is to reduce earth’s population by 7 billion humans.

      This isn’t the first time tyranny has been on this earth, and likely won’t be the last time… Anybody, in any position to do anything knows the gig is up, it’s just a matter of when at this point, not if.


      1. Agree with most of what you wrote but how do GPS devices and satellite phones work if satellites are fake?


        1. From threads I read on this, they use cell towers… Clues Forum has massively debunked the whole satellite and space travel myth. It’s a money grab by the establishment, same as the “climate change” pledge countries are giving the UN.

          Just duckduckgo satellite hoax, you can read for hours on end. Nasa seems to use green screens and low gravity floating studios in a massive compound within the city of New Orleans. Astronauts are pretty much all paid actors, no other way to spin it. Did you see the Apollo 11 press conference?

          US is giving the UN 200 billion a year for the climate change hoax, the same UN that was created by rockefeller and the rothschild. Trump gave 768 billion to the new space force agency, it’s all a money scam. Government gives money to the scam, scammers put it into their banking system, use some of the money to pretend there is some work being done, and the rest goes to offshore banks when the money is distributed amongst top establishment players. What do you think NASA and SpaceX are? Money scheming fronts for the establishment. Same as the “defense” industry… You really think it costs 2.4 billion for a fighter jet? I guarantee you it costs less then 200 million, mark up is 2000%+. Government money, establishment owned companies. Boeing, Lockheed, Raytheon, all controlled by the usual suspects.

          The UN doesn’t get audited for shit, never has never will… It receives fraud money from the paris accord, and they use that money to further corrupt institutions and buy politicians across the world. These guys aren’t amazing businessmen, they literally create a narrative, a reality, and a “problem” along with a “solution”. The solution requires a boatload of government money, and voila! HIV research for Fauci & Co was receiving around 7-8 billion a year when Bush Jr was in office, and it’s been already proven that HIV doesn’t exist, so what research where they doing and where was the money going? Scams like this have been happening since WW2. Some even speculate with credible facts that the “Cold War” was a hoax, rothschilds controlled the USSR as well as the US. Military “defense” spending went through the roof during those times, and never came down.

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          1. Yeah I read some of the thread on Cluesforum but it’s about 60 pages long. Still no-one’s explained how GPS works. Someone claimed it worked “by the ping”, like tracking a sub. Whatever that means. Another person claimed the signal bounces off the ionosphere. Pull the other one – as IF you could get that kind of accuracy bouncing anything off the ionosphere, let alone just one signal. And are we really expected to believe your phone produces a signal strong enough to bounce off the ionosphere and return with meaningfully intact data? One final person claims that GPS uses cell phone towers, which is the easiest to disprove, since probably everyone’s had the experience of being in the middle of nowhere, without any data signal, but GPS still functioning perfectly. All absolute nonsense!

            Amongst all that though, I confess that it raised one big question: why are there almost NO actual photographs of satellites? Why are they all illustrations? If somehow I just missed them, then please, point me in the right direction – but I don’t think I found a single one. There are a small handful of construction photos of some large foily objects, but that’s literally all I could find.


            1. Let me tell you how GPS works here where I am, just outside of cell service range: It doesn’t if turned on here. It just holds the last location it was turned on at and sits there with a static map up unable to update. Once it gets in range of a cell tower, it takes a minute to catch, but magically everything starts working. Now, if you leave it running from within tower range to outside, it keeps working unless you turn it off or back out of the function. If you were to back out and try to load it back up at that point, you wouldn’t get anywhere again unless you turned around and went back a few miles.

              I only know this at all because I finally picked one up for the job less than a year ago when I started being sent me to all sorts of remote spots I’d never heard of with poor directions that weren’t always accurate. I never used anything beyond an old-fashioned atlas or a quick check on an online map prior to my journey prior to that.

              Satellites, my foot. You can find plenty of television dishes in yards around here, but a GPS device won’t work if my cell phone won’t.


              1. “Let me tell you how GPS works here where I am, just outside of cell service range: It doesn’t if turned on here. It just holds the last location it was turned on at and sits there with a static map up unable to update.”

                You are lying. Thank you for confirming that this whole “no satellites” BS is just another part of the flat earth psyop. I do actually have a GPS system of my own, both on phone and a stand-alone TomTom unit, so it’s not a difficult matter for me to confirm that what you are saying is utter horse-crap! You should have just quit while you were ahead with Lin’s attempts to conflate the no-space-travel thing with the no-satellites thing and his relatively dignified silence on the whole uncomfortable GPS question.

                I do still wonder why there are no pictures of satellites, I must be honest. But lacking any other remotely credible explanation for GPS and satellite phones, that’s by far the least of my questions.


                1. Maartin, who used to write here, said he heard it on good authority, a naval officer or someone of similar high rank, that most communication of the type we are talking about here is facilitated by balloons.

                  I know that hiking the Alps and far away from any towers, that maps and location are always in-hand if you’ve a cell phone.


                  1. Once a high ranking naval officer, always a high ranking naval officer – why would anyone trust anything they toll you? GPS works in determining your location by triangulating against several objects with known, predictable locations. Even in a month of Sundays there’s no way balloons could ever be made to travel with the required minutely-predictable accuracy.

                    The best I can do is to speculate, as Mathis has done previously, that “they” may have some sort of super-secret advanced propulsion method, which may even power some sort of secret elite transportation system. Perhaps this propulsion system powers our satellites, and the satellites are much lower than reported.

                    This would seem to cover all grounds – i.e. it would allow GPS and satellite phones to work. It would answer many of the (seemingly reasonable) objections about radiation levels in space. It would also give us a plausible, if vague, reason why we’re being lied to about the whole thing – if the propulsion system is not something we’re currently allowed to know about. Perhaps it even explains a heap of UFO sightings.

                    One thing I know for sure – when there are layers upon layers upon layers of horse-crap explanations being floated on forums, there’s usually something hidden underneath them.


                    1. No disrespect, but a “super secret” program is as lacking in credibility as a “high ranking” naval officer. I do not mean to insult you or put you down. Quite the opposite. We are both curious and lacking essential information. I am exposing my own ignorance as to how my truck navigation system knows to guide me to an obscure address in an area where cell phones do not function. It works in the middle of nowhere. Why? How?


                    2. “No disrespect, but a “super secret” program is as lacking in credibility as a “high ranking” naval officer. ”

                      It’s pure speculation Mark – unlike Stephers, no claim is being made by me whatsoever. The credibility of my idea (or lack thereof) comes entirely from its ability or inability to explain existing technology and answer the legitimate questions raised by this conundrum. I’m not claiming for one moment to actually have the answers to those questions, only that perhaps this is beginning to think along clearer lines than all the standard forum explanations – every one of which seems to have at least one fatal flaw.


                2. Thank you for confirming that this whole “no satellites” BS is just another part of the flat earth psyop.

                  And that is the psyop. One of the reasons the Flat Earth psyop was started (by NASA cum suis). And you are doing their work; claiming that the impossibility of space travel somehow is part of a mass psychosis infecting and infesting truth seeking communities only in the last 7 years (in 2013 nobody thought the Earth was flat).

                  You are reasoning the wrong way around. Space travel is impossible chemically and physically, as I have outlined many times, which means that GPS does not work based on “satellites”.

                  It was a military invention anyway, and the military have bases all around the world, and many vessels, most of which unused outside of wartime.

                  The basic question should be: Is this possible?
                  and then reason further based on that.

                  Not starting with a technology that works and allegedly using that impossible method (man-made satellites; i.e. space travel).

                  Good I got my laptop back just in time to chop down this fallacious thinking, hi Mark and all, I hope you’re doing well in this schizodemic.


                  1. It appears you didn’t read my entire series of posts, which is fair enough. In any case, I’ve refined my thinking throughout the course of the discussion, and what I would say now is: it appears that there are some major issues with the mainstream satellite story. The psyop is not in questioning the mainstream story, but in providing easily and provably false alternative explanations (i.e. GPS via cell phone towers, GPS via balloons, GPS via ionosphere-bounce). As I said in another post, if there are so many layers of clearly false explanations being spread around, and first-time commenters appearing out of nowhere to promote them, then there must be something juicy hidden underneath them.

                    Since you obviously know something about the subject, what’s your explanation for GPS?


                    1. John, if I understand you correctly, you’re wondering why so much nonsense about satellites and satellite navigation systems is being spread around these days. This nonsense is intentional and, in my opinion, simply meant to confuse people, to destroy reasoning, to roll back critical thinking and enlightenment, and to dumb down people. Yes, I would say it is a psyop and not just coincidental, although people get caught up in the nonsense and then start spreading it on their own initiative, thus amplifying the psyop.


                    2. My approach is starting with the physics and chemistry (‘space travel’ is both a mechanical and chemical problem), so that means man-made satellites cannot be real.

                      So then indeed you are right; it is up to me (us, I am far from the only one “denying” space travel) to provide reasonable alternative explanations.
                      But at the same time we will never be able to, because GPS essentially is a military invention and we will never know the military secrets.

                      I have used GPS since my first year fieldwork, when cellphones were not widespread. GPS works irrespective of cellphone signals, something sailors and pilots can confirm of course.

                      GPS also does not work on the basis of geostationary “satellites”; it is not pointing to a stationary source, as “satellite” TV does.

                      Possible explanations include the use of towers, but then emitting a GPS frequency and not a cellphone frequency. This is possible because the military has the most global coverage of all, with many remote islands to build towers on and on top of that the many military vessels that can complement the fixed military bases. Then planes can assist with that.

                      Bouncing off the ionosphere is the oldest form of long-range communication (radio waves). It has been thrown at me that radio waves use a different frequency/wavelength, but it is possible to convert frequencies both at the source and at the receiver, so the technology actually is using good ol’ radio wave technology.

                      It is claimed by the mainstream that “99% of all communication occurs via undersea cables”. Nobody can verify that number of course, but it is an interesting observation; why even need “satellites” in that case (if they would be physically and chemically possible).

                      Falsifying my position, it would mean that GPS works as it does, which would mean “satellites” are possible. If that is the case, the model of space provided to us should be false, and resulting from that there should be a “secret”, scientifically sound model that is used. I find that hard to believe, but that would be the only way “satellites” can work.

                      But then the same problem appears; which electronic device, even those not allegedly in the most extreme of circumstances (T, P, Gravity, radiation, etc.), can function without maintenance?

                      I cannot start my car if I haven’t driven it for months, but a GPS satellite can function years in a row on a single battery? That doesn’t make sense.

                      A question for you (and others who (still?) believe in functioning satellites) is “why are there no photos of Earth?” Wouldn’t that the first thing you do, if you have technology capable of photographing our home?


                    3. Gaia, I have no particular objection to anything you wrote, and I confess some of those questions have been hanging around for years nagging at me in the not-yet-fully-conscious area of my brain. Like how satellites continue to operate without maintenance, especially when we know there are no astronauts up there to work on them.

                      Certain things bug me though. For example, I used to work at a small public radio station and we definitely DID get programs off “satellite”, whatever that may be. It certainly wasn’t an undersea cable pretending to be a satellite. And I’d be very, very surprised if ionospheric bounce is reliable enough to explain it.

                      And one has to ask the obvious question: you’ve assumed no photographs of earth as part of your argument, but what, then, are the images purported to be of the earth? Please don’t say CGI.


                    4. The last point is even admitted by NASA. Robert Simmons is their Earth CGI guy. They call it a “composite” though. I made an overview of fake Earth “pictures” at Fakeopedia. These must be fake, as the amount of area on the “near side” (in view) is too small (around 25% of Earth) compared to what is behind. At the edges the distortion is there, but that is not accounting for such a big piece of land and ocean.

                      Also note that the size of the continents is not the same across the different “pictures”. An explanation given to explain that is the distance to Earth and while that explanation is right for nearby “pictures”, once you are enough distance away from an object, the size of the continents w.r.t. the size of the circle in view should not change.

                      Then there are the unmoving clouds, something especially visible in the so-called lunar movement in front of Earth, a clear and amateuristic example of CGI. Even over the course of 15 min, the clouds change, and there are about 2-3 moon widths difference, or about 7000-11.000 km of movement. At 27.000 km/h (the alleged speed of the “ISS”) that is 15+ to 25 min. Clouds are not stationary over such a time and certainly not all across the world (slower vs faster moving clouds).

                      A very early video of how satellites were supposed to work, early 1960s or even late 1950s, presented “satellites” as highly reflective spherical surfaces that reflected signals sent from one place to another across the globe. Not the later alleged method of directly communicating with a satellite and back.

                      What is your idea of space travel? Only GPS satellites are real and the rest is fake? Or where do you draw the line between real and fake space travel?


                    5. Gaia,
                      Clearly no-one has been into space – I doubt any serious truther still buys into that stuff. I initially assumed no satellites was just a project chaos rabbithole designed to waste our time and make the whole no space travel thing look stupid. But have to admit, there are some serious questions. Far more questions than answers, sadly. Even beyond the questions about how satellite products work I still don’t have a good explanation as to why they would lie about such a thing. Of course, they lie about everything, but that doesn’t quite cut it.

                      Courtesy of Michael’s comment below, I did find a photo of a completed satellite:


                      Can’t claim that I have any knowledge that would be relevant in intelligently critiquing the photo, but really though… it looks like a bad Dr. Who prop. Not feeling it, for what that’s worth.

                      Btw, Nasa claims the Apollo photos of the Earth are genuine. It’s only later ones they designate as composites, because no-one has been far enough from the Earth to photograph it in its entirety, since Apollo. They are lying if they say anything about Apollo was genuine of course, but just a point of order.


                    6. “Terrestrial-based hyperbolic navigation technologies predate today’s satellite-based global positioning system (GPS). Starting with developments in the 1930s and 1940s, land-based long-range navigation (LORAN) systems using hyperbolic navigation have been continuously advanced. Today, the enhanced LORAN (eLORAN) system has been offered a more secure alternative to GPS.

                      Hyperbolic navigation technologies were independently developed in the U.S. and the U.K during World War II. The Gee system was developed in the U.K. and used by the Royal Air Force. It measured the time delay between two radio signals to produce a location, with accuracy on the order of a few hundred meters at ranges up to about 350 miles (560 km). The first hyperbolic navigation system was to be used operationally, entering service with RAF Bomber Command in 1942“


                    7. Thanks SMJ – that’s a partial proof of concept for GPS, at least. Probably at least gets us thinking along the right lines.


                3. From 2013:

                  New positioning technology “could compete” with GPS

                  “Instead of satellites, Locata uses ground-based equipment to project a radio signal over a localised area that is a million times stronger on arrival than GPS. It can work indoors as well as out, and the makers claim the receivers can be shrunk to fit inside a regular cellphone. Even the US military, which invented GPS technology, signed a contract last month agreeing to a large-scale test of Locata at the White Sands Missile Range in New Mexico.”

                  Why the need for Satellites when this ground-based technology has existed for a long time and is a million times stronger than GPS?


            2. John wrote: “one big question: why are there almost NO actual photographs of satellites? […] There are a small handful of construction photos of some large foily objects, but that’s literally all I could find.”

              I did an image search for “satellite cleanroom” and found a lot of these construction photos. Once they’re in orbit they’re too far removed to be photographed.


              1. Your comments about it being a psyop mirrored my initial assumption, too. But I still can’t get past the lack of photographic evidence. Can you share some of the photos you found? And are there any photos of a completed satellite? Because surely they could and would photograph it before it went into orbit, you’d think?


              2. I didn’t see the full terms of your search initially. When I search satellite cleanroom, yes, I can see all the photos you’re talking about. But to me they still look like a bunch of miscellaneous foily things, nothing like the illustrations of satellites we’re given. This is probably the most complete image of one:


                Again, what is THAT? Any photo of a completed one in the factory??


                1. John, there is a photo of a completed one in the factory on the page you linked to. It is labelled “… observatory satellite … undergoes final processing – side view”. In the visualization given a bit further up on that page, it is about to complete unfolding of its solar panels. In fact, there are two more photos of the completed satellite on that page.


      2. You’re lying about your identity, You are not a first time commenter. You’ve changed your name, but your IP must be the same, as you got through the gate. All first-timers go to moderation.

        Fess up now, or say adios.


        1. I use a VPN that pings somewhere in Canada… Sometimes I use multi hop but when I posted I was on a single. I don’t understand the negativity.

          The comment you made about we can’t change anything is wrong and disturbing on many levels… This entire scam is falling apart real fast. Will it get ugly and darker, yes… Are we headed towards a much greater path afterwards, absolutely! I don’t need to post here, if you want to ban the IP of the vpn provider go ahead, but it doesn’t make sense when you type, fess up or say adios.

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      3. “Every single revolution ended up in violence, I don’t see it any other way, especially when the plan is to reduce earth’s population by 7 billion humans.”

        There’s not a single revolution which wasn’t managed or instigated by the very same overlords trying to install a societal change for whatever reason. There’s also hardly any argument against such claim.

        If this covid idiotism ever ends in a positive way, I sincerly doubt it will end in a violent manner. Why would people suddenly and completely turn to reason instead of relying on propaganda? That would be an absolute precedent, something which has never occured before.

        You’ve underestimated both the extent of gullibility of an average person and the power of constant propaganda barrage. These two combined should be contained before any true-spirited revolution is possible.

        You’re also trusting the official narrative about the population count too much. They say there’re 7+ billion people. I say bollocks to their statistics and any derived claims.

        On the other hand, I completely endorse the sentiment of any revolt or revolution against mofos running this world. A true people’s revolution would be something to remember, unmatched by anything in their his-story books. However, it takes meticulous studying of their power structure and hierarachy in order to be able to remove ALL the tentacles of the existing ruling hegemony. Only this kind of approach can lead us to complete success. While at it, we ought to be thorough – leaving a single one of them out of such cleansing event, eventually leads us back to this kind of reality.


        1. I don’t have a WordPress account or I would of liked your comment… Every living thing on earth has a desire for survival, even plants. I believe it’s not just about a rebellion against the eugenics who have been holding humanity back, this is about survival at this point.

          In CLL, the inactivation of tumour-suppressor genes by aberrant mRNA processing is substantially more prevalent than the functional loss of such genes through genetic events. We further identified new candidate tumour-suppressor genes that are inactivated by intronic polyadenylation in leukaemia and by truncating DNA mutations in solid tumours4,5. These genes are understudied in cancer, as their overall mutation rates are lower than those of well-known tumour-suppressor genes. Our findings show the need to go beyond genomic analyses in cancer diagnostics, as mRNA events that are silent at the DNA level are widespread contributors to cancer pathogenesis through the inactivation of tumour-suppressor genes.

          Maybe my neck of the woods is more aware then other areas, but women in their 30s, who years ago binged on keeping up with the kardashians now know about the “great reset”. As more and more bodies drop from RNA complications, with the combined rage of economic destruction for the majority of humans on earth, it will cause a blow up. I know humans in general severely lack critical thinking and are naive by nature, but I refuse to believe that the masses will just silently and patiently wait to be culled by vaccines.

          Maybe I have too much faith in humanity, but once somebody has lived under freedom, it’s very hard to convince him otherwise. We never really lived in democracies, but it was never anything even remotely close to what were about to experience. We aren’t in the 20th century anymore where information was very controlled, the internet decentralized information even with mass censorship happening. People are aware of what’s going on, even under the masks they forcibly wear at work and at grocery stores. Maybe not to the depopulation agenda yet, but they know it’s all a lie.

          I know things will improve and the great awakening is already happening.


      4. Lin wrote: {{ 80% of what you believed in as a child, is a lie. From space travel and satellites to modern medicine and “vaccines”. }}

        Truth and falsehood often appear skillfully interwoven. There is a sophisticated propaganda machine at work. Its tentacles reach out even in niche forums far removed from mainsteam. The intent is to confuse people. I guess it’s a paid job, although probably not very well paid. Is it more dishonest than being a streamlined mainstream journalist? I wouldn’t say so. The intent is the same, just the target audience is different.

        So you said space travel and satellites.

        I read the German translation of “Emerging Cosmology” by Bernard Lovell written in 1980 a couple years ago. It teaches you how Man came to understand the mechanics of our solar system and even the universe during the last ~2000 years. Some of the conclusions drawn in the 20th century (such as the Big Bang theory) appear wrong and meaningless to me, but the earlier history is meaningful and enlightening.

        In addition, I found it useful to learn the names of the constellations and the bright stars so as to be able to navigate the night sky with your naked eye. The stars are there during your entire life.

        While gazing at the stars, you’ll see many satellites passing by, some brighter, some fainter.

        It is my firm conviction that manned space travel in its entirety, including space stations such as the so-called ISS, is impossible given current technology – for the simple reason that safe reenty from space is impossible.

        It is also my conviction that space probes travelling to the outer planets are impossible given current propulsion technologies. So-called “gravity assist” is a hoax.

        I do believe space probes have been sent to Venus and Mars, and to the Moon, of course. However, I doubt landing anything on these bodies in a non-destructive fashion is possible.

        That means Uncle Sam’s space program is not significantly more advanced than the Russian or European space programs.

        Uncle Sam’s propaganda is bolder than the Russian or Euro propaganda. We went to the Moon, yeah. That was a mistake as it was too bold a move and arose many people’s suspicion.

        Here’s a funny and enlightening video (about 40 minutes) reasoning about how the ISS is fake and how the imagery is actually produced:

        Bogus Reentry Vehicles – Science Frontier


    2. Steve – I learned about these autopsy studies (from the U.S. and Europe) through Celeste Solum: Ironically, these post-mortem studies can be quite helpful in supporting alternative causal theories of COVID. Like me (as I discussed previously in my piece featuring DARPA neurologist, Dr. Giordano:, Celeste perceives the cause as a nano-biotech engineered particulate that is a militarized neuroweapon. We disagree on some specifics, including intentions and implications – too much to expand on here. In any case, this particular investigator, Shin Jie Long (who was unfunded), studied the brainstems of deceased COVID patients, and his findings offer support for my contention. Celeste did a 2-hour powerpoint presentation on this, but it is behind a paywall, so I cannot share it here.


    3. Steve – I should have prefaced my other comment about autopsies (I agree with you – they should be done, and they are incredibly crucial in attempting to determine causality). I see that Jeanice Barcelo authored the original article, that first appeared at (it was also at I met Jeanice years ago at a Free Your Mind conference, and I think her work on birth trauma is superior. However, not only do I disagree with her full assessment in this instance, I am very concerned that there is no link offered to an actual study done in Russia. At least I can’t find one. I could be wrong. I also recommend discernment when navigating Truth11, as it is a QAnon hangout (offering both legitimate information AND disinformation/misinformation). Even if there is some truth to Jeanice’s article (i.e., wireless radiation contributing to blood coagulation), the notion that bacteria is forming blood clots seems unfounded, and only serves to further propagate germ theory. I may reach out to her to get some clarification.


      1. Stephers,

        You are absolutely correct to point out that the source of the linked article is suspect (no actual study or paper cited). I was less interested in the claims and assessment than the simple reference to autopsies. As soon as I read that word my imagination began to fire questions: Why no autopsy reporting? Why no research based on autopsies? Is it true autopsies on “Covid patients is illegal?” By what authority? On and on. Such a simple matter, so little known.

        Again, I must admit I have no idea if this is a reliable source, or if the information is true and accurate.

        “Through autopsies, pathologists have also uncovered illnesses that sneak in behind Covid-19. Of the samples his team are analyzing, Hewitt says, about three quarters of patients are actually dying from secondary bacterial infections, rather than from Covid-19 itself.”

        If true it adds to the “comorbidity factor” already exposed.


        1. If three quarters of Covid patients are dying from secondary bacterial infections could that be a result of being given toxic immunosuppressant antiviral drugs, many of which are known to cause death?

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          1. “If three quarters of Covid patients are dying from secondary bacterial infections could that be a result of being given toxic immunosuppressant antiviral drugs, many of which are known to cause death?”

            Good question, and I’ll give it a resounding yes. Anything that is designed to kill life will do just that, and damage to lung tissue (and other tissues) is to be expected. However, they are not dying from bacterial infections, as the bacteria present are simply attempting to do their job, which is to clean up dead/dying tissue, which of course is present because of the damage by (to name a few) various pharmaceuticals, aggravation of prior damage by the same poisons, intubation, and mask-wearing. Yes, mask-wearing.

            I recommend reading the following paper in its entirety, as the very real internal body insults incurred via mask-wearing are clearly described. The quote below is from the conclusion, but a few points that specifically relate to your question are on page 6. Other papers (some are also about mask problems) by these non-funded doctors and scientists are here:


            “This paper, the third in our series, focuses on physiological changes induced by hypoxia and hypercapnia. Our findings of reduced oxygen and increased carbon dioxide in a masked airspace are not inconsistent with previously reported data. Evidence of damage to multiple organ systems from the documented levels of [O2] and [CO2] in available airspace between a facemask and the airways are cited above and are abundant in the medical literature.

            “The pathological triad of micro-particles as long-term hazards, and bacterial and fungal infections as mid-term hazards, as well as injury from hypoxia and hypercapnia in the short-term, are expected to have synergistic results in endangering the health of masked people. Because of the extensive risk to mask wearers documented in these three papers, we urgently recommend that no adult or child be coerced to wear a mask under any circumstances. We further recommend that facemask hazards be published prominently and that masks only be worn by adults who choose to do so, and only with freely given informed consent, with full knowledge of their hazards, and that their use be prohibited for children, adult students and workers.”

            Under the guise of “protection”, people’s health is being intentionally damaged, across the board.

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            1. That’s an interesting read, I’m glad I’ve never submitted to wearing a mask. BTW, when I did a search on PDMJ the first thing that came up was a site called Media bias/Fact check which claims “PDMJ is an anonymously run coronavirus misinformation website”.


              1. When a mainstream source claims someone or some group is “anonymous,” we can pretty much know for certain that the “anonymous” opposition is controlled opposition. There is no such thing as real anonymity on the Internet. The fact that people who follow and people who oppose Q-Anon believe that it’s founder is unknown and anonymous shows a laughable, childish level of naïveté. Nevertheless, PDMJ looks like it’s worth checking out.


  1. I’d say both oddly are going UP. Unless by “coming down” you mean coming down the pike to be forced upon us. Just like the fiat system, the crypto currency system was created, is controlled and is owned by TPTB. The real value is the blockchain. Bitcoin should never have gotten as high as it did, quite a pump, but those in the know say it’s going to go higher, even though there isn’t a reason, it will go as high as they pump and hype it up. Maybe that was the objective to create a worthless non usable digital coin that ends up with enormous value thru manipulation, and is accepted as a form a currency in the market place. They can tank it back to $1 if they want, and it would not take much bad news to do that.

    All the alt crypto coins will follow the trend. NFT’s seem to be the next unexplained blockchain industry pump but that’s another story. There are currently less than 2 million Bitcoins to be mined and a large percentage of the 21 million have been lost. Mile’s guest writer Booby put out an article I think in 2017 and at that moment in time the info was accurate. However things have changed as major corporations and credit card companies have hopped on board within the last year and it is now a lot easier to use for the average person. A very well planned, long term pump with huge spikes to obtain the increased value. I remember around 2013 when it was $100 saying it was just way too high for me to get on it now, since looking back at 2011 it was only around $1. If you want to demonstrate to someone what market manipulation is, show them the price chart of Bitcoin.

    And with that point made, it’s obvious that most all statistics about important events have been compromised, including the Covid deaths, vaccination injuries and deaths statistics. No matter how hard or how long we search, it appears we do not have the absolute truth about anything.

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  2. MT – I agree with your assessment. Blockchain is here to stay, and the infrastructure must be very solid (built many years prior to ever being named or identified), or the central planners (who seem to love centralized AND decentralized blockchains) would not have rolled out the scamdemic, with its planned vaccines and vaccine passports:

    The primary issue I perceive at this time, is how much of our respective lives are we going to permit to exist on the blockchain. That is, how far are we each willing to go, or how much will we voluntarily participate? Nearly all industries are already in the blockchain loop, including farmers placing cattle on the blockchain: The “new and improved” biosecurity state necessitates the broad spectrum use of blockchain. Humans are now reduced to cattle – tagged, tracked, traced, and placed on the blockchain:'s_health. It should be no surprise that some of the first people to be placed on the blockchain have been refugees/migrants: In my opinion, I see blockchain as a tool of digital enslavement and dehumanization, whereas it is being sold to society as a tool of freedom and protection of identity. It is a Trojan horse technology.


    1. I followed your link to the “milking blockchain” article on dairy farming and putting, ou pouring, milk on the blockchain. The image is enlightening in more than one way.

      Like a real chain, the blockchain has no power on the milk proper, no power to contain it, and won’t prevent any tampering with the milk; in only has power on data. (And no, milk is not data. You’d think it would go without saying, but you never know these days.)

      Also, the farmers and the customers will be the ones being milked by the digital parasites which are in a position to lobby laws into existence to have digital snakeoil bureaucracy become a mandatory part of stuff that works bloody well without it.

      It inspired me to write an answer to a question on the StackOverflow Q&A site, an answer which explains in very simple terms what a blockchain actually is, technically. Click on my name to read it.


      1. Michael – I agree that the blockchain only has power on data, so to speak, and that it is being instituted primarily as “digital snake oil” by digital parasites as a solution for a problem that either does not exist or could, at least, be addressed via non-digital verification/tracking solutions. In any event, I attempted to find your answer at Stack Overflow, but I am not a member and could not access the “community.” I was only able to see reference to some comments by a “Michael Ludwig” that were on a different topic related to computer programming. Are you a programmer? Can you provide a direct link to your answer, or simply cut and paste it here in a comment to read without accessing that site? I am interested in your feedback. Thank you!


        1. Yes, Stephers, I’m a programmer. I did provide a link to my answer and thought it would be accessible without the user being logged in to the SO site. So here’s a copy of the answer, which mainly addresses apparent confusion about what a blockchain technically is:

          The question reads: Why is Git not considered a “block chain”? So this is asserting that there is a wide-spread opinion that Git is not a blockchain (an assertion that is illustrated and corroborated by the answers preceding mine on this page) and asking for the reason of the prevalence of this opinion. This is a good question.

          Taking the question literally, the answer could be that the blockchain term and concept gained popularity as part of the digital currency operation called “Bitcoin”, and hence came to be associated with how Bitcoin does things: which is by using a lot of computing power to calculate a specific hash including a nonce to meet certain arbitrary requirements, which is by allegedly having no central authority, which is by being “independent”, maybe even “democratic”, and the rest of the kool aid; and as these things are not seen in Git, well, Git cannot be a blockchain, right? And so the question would be answered literally.

          Hidden behind this prima facie question is another question: What is a block chain? Now you could look up a definition somehwere and copy it over here, but I didn’t do that as I have made up my mind years ago, when listening to a podcast about Bitcoin that strove to explain the new concept of a blockchain, that a blockchain works like Git and I don’t intend to let my precious understanding be misled by random claims on the internet.

          So what is a blockchain? What’s in the word?

          Nothing in the term “blockchain” presupposes the requirement to include a nonce in the content so as to come up with a hash of so and so many leading zeros. (This requirement is only there to be able to control the blockchain by computing power and so, ultimately, by money.)

          Nothing in the term “blockchain” presupposes the existence of a network, let alone a decentralized one.

          Nothing in the term “blockchain” presupposes any “independence” from “central authority”.

          The term “block chain” only presupposes blocks (of data) chained together. Now what is a chain? Is it just a link? No, it is a strong link designed to hold things together by force.

          A simple linked list doesn’t qualify as a blockchain because the contents of the chunks of data in the list could be altered while the list would continue to link back and forth just fine. This is not how a chain works.

          To make a link of blocks of data into a chain of blocks of data, the contents of the blocks need to be checksummed (digested) in one way or another and this checksum (digest) must be part of the link, making it a strong link protecting the content, preventing it from being altered. This is a blockchain.

          And this is what Git does, and hence Git is a blockchain, or works as one, if you prefer.

          To close the circle, let’s ask again: Why is Git not considered a “block chain”? It could be because many people, perhaps even a large majority, do not focus on the essence of a concept but on blinking accidents.


  3. I call it the great give away. Just look how the new currencies are gaining, and may calculate what you could have made this year alone by a little investment.

    Note blockchain is more than money. It’s promised it will prohibit the problem mentioned in the article. It’s supposed to make digital “life” safe. Communication, video, all data. So no false news and statistics in the future.

    There is a paradox or lie. It’s advertised as being anonymous and not controlled by anyone. But the name itself states by the word “chain” everything is recorded, forever…


  4. Mark, I agree with most of what you say.

    There’re a few questions however. Why do you think VAERS statistics is any more credible or reliable than official statistics? Who is an arbiter of what causes / has caused any person’s death?

    I’m not trying to downplay the lethality of vaccines as I’m aware of their toxicity. I want to emphasise the importance of credible sources, which in VAERS case boils down to regular people entering all the data based on their ASSUMPTIONS about someone’s death.


    1. I have no way of knowing if VAERS is any more reliable than CDC itself, which is not at all. I only know that there is a media blackout on VAERS, so a whole lot of info is being collected for no good reason, perhaps adding some credibility to it.


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