Part 8: Trust Codes, Vaccine Passports, and Scannable Humans

Part 8 the Series, “Of Monkeys, Mice and Men: From Natural Bodies to Digitized Bots”

I will keep this comparatively short and sweet . . . 

I consider myself a honey enthusiast. I am not a beekeeper, although I purchase local raw honey from reputable beekeepers. When I say “reputable,” I do not imply that I have verified through some meticulous process that their honey is 100 percent pesticide-free, or superior in flavor and consistency than another. I simply seek out, and consume, honey using my intuition and asking basic questions about the purveyors’ source and methodology. In any case, I indulge in the consumption of raw honey nearly every day for culinary purposes — in my herbal teas, on my fresh fruit, on gluten-free toast, and sometimes by the spoonful sprinkled with cinnamon and cardamom. As I said, I am a honey enthusiast

Recently, instead of a local store purchase, I ordered New Zealand-produced Manuka honey online. Though I can buy it in nearby stores, it is produced exclusively in Australia and New Zealand. I have been enjoying raw Manuka honey for the last five years, for its potentially therapeutic properties, including internal healing, such as aiding in digestion and anti-inflammation. I always keep some on hand in the event of external wounds as well. It is an expensive item, so I use it sparingly. If you are not familiar with Manuka honey and its individualized “grading system” called Unique Manuka Factor (UMF), please read here.

Due to its purported medicinal value, and its UMF ranking (in addition to other rating systems), Manuka honey production is recognized for its strict enforcement. This also follows because as one of the most expensive honey products, the adulteration and “counterfeiting” of Manuka honey is reportedly rampant. Hence, it should not have been a surprise when I saw that this particular Manuka honey brand had a scannable Quick Response (QR) code on the jar lid, to verify its traceability, and therefore, its authenticity. I had not noticed that when ordering.

I am curious about the origins of the Manuka honey I purchased, but I am not about to scan the QR code, as it’s not something I have ever done, nor wish to do (I would much prefer reading a paper insert). Nonetheless, I was inquisitive about the “Trust Code” as indicated on the label of the QR-coded jar. I decided to research its background, which you can read here. Essentially, the QR product tracing codes are produced by Trust Codes Limited, a New Zealand technology company. Apparently, in 2016, Paul Ryan, CEO of Trust Codes, was a featured speaker at the 2019 Global Blockchain Summit in Adelaide, Australia. 

The Global Blockchain Summit was hosted by the Australian Davos Connection (ADC), not surprisingly, founded by the Australian members of the World Economic Forum (WEF). The WEF has its fingerprints all over the development and implementation of QR codes, which are integral to blockchain technologies. Following is a description of the ADC Global Blockchain Summit from the ADC website:

“The ADC Global Blockchain Summit brings Australian business leaders together with world leading entrepreneurs, financiers, regulators, researchers and innovators to focus on strategies and practical applications for business growth via blockchain technologies and systems . . . The Summit’s key topics will intersect business, public policy and the regulatory environment. Sessions and workshops, to be presented by a range of high-calibre and influential leaders from Australia and internationally, will explore the Summit theme Distributed Ledgers & Digital Assets: Confronting A Revolution of Change . . . ADC Forum is undertaking this initiative in collaboration with ADCA, Australia’s blockchain industry association who will participate in both the design of the event program and in attracting speakers and participants through its extensive network in the blockchain community.” 

I could not help but think of impending vaccine passports, and the report this week indicating that New Zealand’s Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern has instituted the “no jab, no job” policy for all border workers. In February 2021, Ardern announced that she is considering compulsory QR code scanning to access public spaces. Back in August 2020, Ardern had already mandated that all businesses display the government-instituted COVID-19 TRACER app QR code at their respective entry points.

So it seems New Zealand is readily adopting QR coding and data interoperability, not only for Manuka honey, but also as applied to public health

While food manufacturers desire to prove that their consumables are “trust-worthy,” it seems that human beings are being encouraged (and potentially coerced) to use smartphone apps as reminders to get vaccinated and to present verification (via their smartphones) that they are verifiably “clean” from contagious disease. Concomitantly, the WEF rolled out their version of immune passports, called CommonPass, which entails that vaccine recipients will display a QR code that can be scanned at public events and when using public transportation. Israel has also implemented its QR-coded Green Pass, a digitized permit allowing vaccinated people entry into public establishments. For more detailed information, please see Alison McDowell’s March 2021 analysis on the current roll out of medical status “pass” systems and their implications with regard to human capital impact investing, biometric digital identities, and medical geofencing.

By the way, if any readers here continue to think that this COVID operation was hatched and instituted by the Chinese Communist Party, then they have not been paying attention to the bio-fascist tyrannical workings being devised across the globe. 

Where is all of this heading? Do the elites plan to storyboard a future in which they warn of the production of counterfeit humans (think androids in Philip K. Dick’s 1968 novel Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep? — which was set in 2021!), thereby requiring humans (which, more accurately, someday may be post-humans), to biologically embed QR codes for verification and traceability of their birth and human-ness? Alternatively, will current humans simply fall in line with embedded QR codes due to a matter of convenience, to gain access to public venues, and eventually to use as digital payments? Will we someday be encoded with QR codes on our foreheads (as depicted here in this very low-budget 7-minute dystopian sci-fi short)? If you chalk this up to sci-fi babble and conjecture, please see this January 2015 study involving QR coding of embryos (initially tested on mice, but then applied to humans) in the field of assisted reproductive technology. The digital tagging and tracing of human embryos (called the IVF-guardian security system) is purported to address the “mixing-up” of embryos, such that it affords prospective parents increased confidence that the embryos they receive are indeed their offspring.

Are unvaccinated humans quickly becoming the new untouchables — the unclean, the unwashed, the untracked, the unupdated, the unverified? Will those who are not scannable in a biometric-obsessed biosecurity state-run caste system be considered biohazards? See here, here, here, and here for examples of a global two-tiered caste system already being implemented. Will this digitized health verification (and bifurcation) system be more widely applied in the US in the very near future?

Addendum: Alison McDowell posted to Twitter today (April 14, 2021) this satirical glimpse into a QR-coded panopticon future (set in 2022) — with QR-coded babies!

33 thoughts on “Part 8: Trust Codes, Vaccine Passports, and Scannable Humans

  1. On the subject of honey you might want to check out Tropical Traditions and their raw Canadian honey, and of course they’re naturally extracted coconut oil.

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  2. Thank you Stephers. That is a compelling and disturbing read, unfortunately helping to confirm how this narrative is scheduled to proceed.

    “…digital tagging and tracing of human embryos (called the IVF-guardian security system) is purported to address the “mixing-up” of embryos, such that it affords prospective parents increased confidence that the embryos they receive are indeed their offspring.”

    A perfect illustration of the incredible disconnect from reality (real life) currently being learned, and of course taught. For a long time already it is accepted procedure to remove freshly-born infants immediately from mother’s presence for necessary and “healthy” care, like “sanitizing” and vaccinating, and so on. Anti-life and anti-bonding…but look at the bright side, at least a QR code will ensure that your already mistreated little darling will not be passed off to some other drugged and barely aware mother.

    And if infants need barcodes, we certainly need them more and more as life gets more complex and dangerous. Perhaps there will even be devices to warn us when a virus-infected human bio-hazard is about to pass us on the street. (yeah, I know, they’re already being advertised)

    Speaking of mothers, this blossoming reality brings to mind the “Mother” supplicated by Sigourney in the first Alien movie. Cold, distant, malevolent; no comfort from our current Mother either.

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  3. This makes me very uneasy as I can see that (1) there is no fictional technology involved, in other words it’s perfectly feasible, (2) it’s not just being talked about, but already being implemented here and there, and (3) sheeple (including my own mother) are eager to do what’s required in order to, as it is deceptively called, “get back to normal”.

    Towards a new kind of apartheid.

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    1. Michael – I had initially planned to incorporate that term, “apartheid,” but I noticed that the phrase “vaccine apartheid” has already been (intentionally) hijacked by the mainstream. The MSM prefer to apply the term to indicate/imply the purported dilemma of white privilege or western privilege with regard to COVID vaccine accessibility. You can see one example of how it is being packaged here:


      1. Thanks. This newspeak item apparently hasn’t been rolled to out Germany yet. Or maybe it has, but I haven’t noticed as I’ve stopped consumption of toxic mainstream news last summer.


  4. This is all part of the agenda of perfecting their control over humanity and their methods of exploiting “human resources”. In fact, these measures could be precursors to the “Mark of the Beast” or the “Mark of Man” referred to in the Christian Bible and similar religious texts.

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  5. Another fascinating exploration into the perverted minds of the monsters of the bio-techno-sphere. Thanks, Stephers.

    Here’s an added bonus; invisible (tatoos) data-recorders.

    “In summary, we have demonstrated proof of concept for a platform capable of invisibly recording data in the skin. To establish this system, we synthesized, encapsulated, and delivered cadmium-free and lead-free photostable QDs into the skin using a custom microneedle array, adapted a smartphone to create an inexpensive NIR imaging system, and demonstrated the ability to accurately detect patterns in vivo for a period of 9 months using a semiautomated machine learning algorithm.”

    “Ultimately, we believe that this invisible, “on-body” technology opens up new avenues for decentralized data storage and biosensing applications that could influence the way medical care is provided, especially in the developing world.”

    If that’s not creepy enough, here’s what (DARPA’s queen of “wetware”) Regina Dugan has been working on since 2017 for Facebook:
    “So what if you could type directly from your brain?” Regina Dugan, vice president of engineering and Building 8, asked Wednesday at F8, Facebook’s annual two-day developer conference.

    For Facebook, the question seems to be far from speculative. “Over the next 2 years, we will be building systems that demonstrate the capability to type at 100 wpm by decoding neural activity devoted to speech,” Dugan wrote in a Facebook post. The executive has previously headed an advanced technology and projects group at Google and was earlier director of the U.S. Defense Department’s Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA). “It sounds impossible but it is closer than you may realize,” she said.

    Extracting data, like extracting metal ore or timber, is THE commodity everyone with a few billion lying — collecting 0% interest — around is dying to invest in. Health, education, environment, it doesn’t matter, it’s all about data. New markets, developing markets, you’d better hurry ’cause it’s going fast.

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  6. Germany – Have been riding the local trains for at least 10 years now, using a QR code, printed at home. IDs are everywhere, for more than a decade. People use credit cards, wear clothes with hidden RFID chips, Cameras everywhere, they can even spot you by the way you walk, and the masks help to refine these systems.
    My point, they don’t need these passports! They already got us all, if you carry a phone or not.
    The current situation is bizarre and ridiculous. Censorship, but everybody knows about vaccine side effects, fudged statistics.
    Krypto money is going through the roof at the moment. It’s advertised as decentralized, and by the gains.
    Meanwhile, MSM and politics are loosing trust rapidly. I’m watching the comment sections, opinions have changed.
    It feels like the late days of the GDR now. I’m old enough to remember. Revolution in the making.
    They want us to embrace the new ways. That old book says the people will worship the beast. Or just call it Hegelian dialectic.

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  7. Following is text (verbatim) from an email I just received from “Stand for Health Freedom” (It seems we are on the very same page; I am not necessarily urging any readers to “take action” as per this organization – that is a very personal decision – but to, at least, take notice of the lingo):

    “Imagine being denied access to the community where you live or not being able to frequent the businesses there because you don’t have proper documentation showing that you’ve received the COVID-19 vaccine. This is precisely what’s happening in various parts of the world and our nation right now.

    Governments worldwide are rolling out vaccine passports, certificates showing proof of vaccination for COVID. The models differ from country to country, but the aim is the same — to afford certain basic privileges and living necessities to vaccinated individuals only; for example, the ability to work and travel, receive government benefits like food or rent assistance, or attend concerts and sporting events.

    Vaccine passports are already being used in countries like Israel, where the government was able to very quickly create a second-class citizenry though entitlements that are only extended to those who have been vaccinated. Some have dubbed it “a true medical apartheid” that’s disallowing healthy, law-abiding citizens from participating in society if they choose not to receive the experimental COVID-19 jab.

    In the United States, nearly 20 vaccine passport initiatives are underway, according to a recent Washington Post report. In New York, a pilot program, Excelsior, is being used to screen patrons for admittance into professional-league sporting events. In Los Angeles, in order to attend school, students now have to use Daily Pass, an app that tracks their daily health symptoms and that also schedules and tracks COVID testing and vaccinations.

    Although federal government officials claim they won’t be issuing vaccine passports, they could easily be adopted by various states around the country as well as businesses in the private sector. This will usher in a new form of institutionalized segregation and a nation of haves and have-nots — those who are deemed “clean and healthy” and those who are presumed to be “dirty and diseased.”

    Passports are a huge threat to our democracy as well as our basic human rights, constitutional rights, privacy rights and informed consent rights. We cannot let lawmakers or private businesses usher in a two-tiered, caste-like society in which we’re forced to show our papers to live our daily lives!

    We need you to stand up against medical coercion and segregation now! We are asking each and every American to send a pre-drafted, customizable email and tweet to your state and federal officials urging them to protect our rights and ban vaccine passports. You can learn more and take action here.

    Thank you for everything you do to stand for health freedom. Together, we will shift the tide in 2021.”

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    1. It is this paragraph that I think could use further examination/discussion: “Passports are a huge threat to our democracy as well as our basic human rights, constitutional rights, privacy rights and informed consent rights. We cannot let lawmakers or private businesses usher in a two-tiered, caste-like society in which we’re forced to show our papers to live our daily lives!”

      What democracy? We live in a global, top-down control system.

      “Human rights” are not what most of us think.

      “It is the ultimate, worldwide governmental public scheme to kidnap all children into and under the international law of nations, One big fictionally registered (taxed) family under one Caesar, taking us all away from our private, spiritual, Natural states of Being and marking (publishing) us as merely sons and daughters of the nations. It is an attempt at the total abandonment of the Natural Law and of God, replaced only by legal considerations, treaties, and declarations of human rights in commerce.
      Human rights are merely animal rights. World government, as commercial globalism upon one united sea (See), is upon us. It is the system of the beast, that is, men considered only as soulless beasts of burden under a permanent, un-payable debt, performing the contractual script of the devil.” – Clint Richardson, “Strawman” (free download at

      Just be. Be yourself.

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  8. Just remember everyone…you are Born Free….Born Free to take the “vaccine” and to live your life around “vaccine credentials”!!

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  9. Children haven’t been vaccinated yet so does that mean the cruise ships are refusing to evacuate them from St Vincent? Did the PM say people wouldn’t be able to go for two days after vaccination? I thought the jab took two weeks to start working.
    On the subject of raw honey, which I eat often, I recently read on the National Cancer Institute page that bee keeping equipment is a common way people are exposed to ethylene oxide, so now I wonder if raw honey could be contaminated in any way. Maybe not the pasteurised stuff so much because it’s heat treated.


    1. Rob – Your St. Vincent volcano questions may have been rhetorical. Even so, I do not have further information in that regard. From what I read, it seems St. Vincent and the Grenadines is pushing for any un-vaxxed residents (primarily those in temporary shelters) to get their vaccine ASAP. So, I would say it’s a great underhanded means of getting any un-injected people quickly jabbed. With respect to raw honey being contaminated with ethylene oxide (EO), I was not aware of that. It’s only in the past month that I have been researching EO in the context of COVID test swabs. I will look further into the potential EO contamination of raw honey. Thank you for the heads up.


    2. Rob – I found the link to the Nat’l Cancer Institute that you mentioned with regard to beekeeping equipment: I will try to dig further…If anything, that makes me much more weary of purchasing raw honey (or even pasteurized) from a commercialized source. I will ask the local beekeepers what they are doing, but my guess is they do NOT use ethylene oxide to sterilize their equipment – another reason to support them.


    1. (satire continued)

      The past year has clearly demonstrated, on a world-wide scale, the benefits of following lockdown policies. A reduction of atmospheric Co2 is most important, apparently realized by virtue of industrial slowdowns, fewer people out driving fewer miles, etc. In fact, a recent study, that I won’t bother to reference, shows that because of this overall decrease in Co2, trapped airspace between mask and face contains less carbon than before lockdowns began. The study also shows conclusively that masked people experience better moods, more pleasure while watching virus movies, and better, safer sex. Data from the study also indicates that masked kissing during sex led to an unexplainable euphoric experience. The study authors concluded that the combined effect of two (or more) masked people kissing resulted in a “joining” of their low Co2 fields, which caused an unusual “amplification” (similar to the PCR effect) of their oxygen fields, helping to create a form of supersex, which was characterized by the euphoria, and a sense of having a spiritual experience. Study participants said that the desire to procreate was notably absent.

      The smaller benefits illustrated by the tiktok show are more straightforward, but are also critically important to understanding how following ALL guidelines (not just HEALTH) from “on high” will help us.

      -Newborn babes (if that particular species survives), that frequently crawl away and get lost, will now be safely contained by QR tech.

      -You will be able to determine quickly if the dog in your backyard (should you be so lucky as to have a yard) (or a dog) is just a stray dog that jumped the fence, or your own.

      -Basketball, and all other violent activities will be made significantly safer, both by reducing injuries, and by limiting disease incidences that result from physical closeness. It is hoped that this “QR Pause” will become an integral part of the “new normal”.

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      1. Hmmm, maybe masked sex delivers a similar thrill as auto-asphyxiation but without the strangulation risk…just epically bad halitosis.

        Oh dear…



    “In a paper published in the journal Nature Communications, the team describes the process of storing small amounts of information, such as a bit of text or a QR code, in a powder.
    Using a chemical process they developed, the team figured out a way to translate information into the chemical signature of a sequence-defined macromolecule, which is a type of molecule with a specific chain length and defined groups. They then wrote two computer algorithms. One automates the process of translating the data into its chemical form and vice versa. The other program ensures this process happens quickly.
    As a result of these efforts, they were able to produce powders that contained links to websites and apps.”


  11. VERY important to read: “The Global Landscape on Vaccine ID Passports Part 4: BLOCKCHAINED”
    (August 26, 2021)

    “An NIH study from 2012 shows how they carried out research to determine the best way to identify and store DNA data, which revealed that the QR code was found to have the largest coding capacity and high compression ratio, allowing them to convert a DNA sequence to and from a QR code. They then constructed a web server for biologists to utilize QR codes in practical DNA barcoding applications. In 2021, the National Science Foundation raved about the next-generation sequencing technologies that have revolutionized genetic data, by allowing them to store the data in a QR code so they can simply scan a specimen and extract the data, which streamlines data collection.”

    “What’s the next step? Now that they’ve managed to store DNA data into QR codes, putting that data onto a blockchain platform is the next best thing for scientists. Just imagine the millions of people who have submitted their DNA through Ancestry, 23andMe, and countless other eugenicist-owned organizations, such as George Church’s Nebula Genomics. Not that they are all putting the data on the blockchain yet, but Church and others certainly are.”


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