Good Germans

I am aware of suspicions surrounding the Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System, and can only reinforce my attitude that the program, while not “working” in any sense, is a somewhat reliable gauge for intelligent speculation on the full range of adverse events, including death and hospitalization, surrounding various Covid-19 vaccines, most prominently Pfizer and Moderna.

First, the larger context: This morning I reviewed mask requirements in Colorado, finding that there are none in most places due to small populations. In my county, Jefferson, Dr. Mark Johnson, former head of county health, perhaps in a fit of freedom and conscience, vamoosed, but I don’t know that. I only know he is gone, replaced by Dr. Dawn Comstock, referred to by a friend as a wild lady. Masks are still required here in Jeffco, and compliance, while not at 100%, is very near that. I only see one person not wearing a mask in stores … me. I’ve had clerks happily whipping theirs off when I approach without one, but for the most part, crickets.

Douglas County, part of the Denver complex, eliminated masking some time ago, even as the “Tri-County” health board that includes Douglas forbade them from doing so. The Douglas response was heartening … “Tri-County: will soon be “Two County.” They gave one-year notice, and Tri-County backed down somewhat.

But still, masking, which is only for show and has no health benefits, is still spoken of as a healthy response to Covid, which is a lie. The lies, not in order importance, but rather chain of reasoning are as follows:

  • There is a new and novel virus that sprung forth from a bat in Wuhan, China, that threatens humans. LIE.
  • The virus is potentially deadly and highly contagious. LIE
  • Lockdowns, social distancing, and masks help stop the spread of the virus. LIE.
  • Testing can detect the presence of the virus. LIE.
  • Many hundreds of thousands of people have died from the virus. LIE.
  • The loss of civil liberties due to spread of the virus is essential to protect human health. LIE.
  • The vaccines being used to inoculate people are slowing the spread of the virus. LIE.
  • Once enough, if not all, people are vaccinated, life will return to normal. LIE.
  • The vaccines are based on the genome of SARS-CoV-2, the virus that is behind Covid-19. LIE.
  • The vaccines are safe and effective. LIE.

This planet is run by lies and lying liars, all of them. Down at the county level, even as people working for health departments have been availed of information on deaths caused by vaccines, they are looking the other way. There is an expression for this … Good Germans.

Who is at fault here? We are. “We” means most humans, hypnotized by news and alarmism all about, and lacking the basic skills to think for themselves and to do basic questioning of authority and even a modicum of research. As I look at all the lies and the ease with which they are believed, I shrink to my corner, knowing my lone voice in the wilderness will not change anything.

I can only act in my own best interest. Even in our Brave New World, I still enjoy being alive, even if I am the only living boy in New York. For that reason, I will not be vaccinated. I like being alive!

Now, the VAERS numbers: As of Friday, April 23rd, VAERS reports 3,053 deaths, 18,781 hospitalizations, and 267,385 adverse events directly related to the Covid-19 vaccines. Bear in mind that in the 1950s when the polio vaccine was infecting kids with polio for some unfathomable reason (it cannot have been a “live virus”), a mere ten deaths was enough to shut down the program. We’ve come a long way, baby.

Here are two resources given us by Christian Elliot, who published a long paper at the Miles Mathis site:

  1. A 2009 paper from Harvard that quantified under-reporting of adverse vaccine events to VAERS, placing the rate of actual reporting of events to that agency at about 1%. (The paper is easily digestible, mercifully short. See page 6.)
  2. A 2021 paper published in JAMA, a little harder to embrace due to jargony prose, but which concludes that the rate of actual reporting to VAERS is in a range from .8% to 2%.***

What to make of this? The known unknowns are stated in the range of reporting to VAERS. The Unknown unknowns restrict us to only suggesting that there are far more adverse events than anyone knows about. Using the JAMA numbers, for instance, deaths might range from 152,650 to 381,625, with a midpoint of 267,138. You can do the calculations yourself, as hospitalizations and adverse events will yield monstrous numbers.

If anywhere close to accurate, these numbers represent a public health tragedy, and a major die-off. But again, we cannot know because no one is counting, and anyway, CDC in March of 2020 changed the way death certificates are done, leaving us in Limbo. There is no accurate reporting available.

I routinely check obituaries in my home town of Billings, Montana, since I knew so many people there. I’ve been doing this for years. This is only an impression, not useful, I know, but that impression is that more people are dying in Billings than I’ve ever witnessed in these years, mostly older people.

In a world run by lying liars and maniacs, wankers all, and where we don’t even know what we don’t even know, that’s the best I can do.

Nutty Prof PS: The image to the left is borrowed from a video at Big Virus Hoax called God Sent us a Video on Viruses, April 21, 2021. It is 19 minutes, and very well done and informative. I thought The Nutty Professor an appropriate representation of the field known as “virology.”

I overlooked some of the big ones:

  • The Sars-CoV-2 virus, while not alive, can nonetheless “survive” for fourteen days on things like magazine covers and menus. LIE.
  • Many people who have no symptoms nonetheless carry the virus with them and can infect other people. These are known as “asymptomatic carriers.” LIE.
  • It is an appropriate public health measure to quarantine people even if asymptomatic for a period of two weeks to allow them to make antibodies to the virus. LIE.
  • The entire genome of SARS-CoV-2 has been captured and 30,000 base pairs are now available to researchers. LIE.
  • The virus mutates. LIE.

By my count, that’s fifteen big whoppers being told every day by leaders, public health officials, doctors, the WHO and CDC. When these lies are repeated, there are two possibilities: Pathological liars, or morons. No in between, I am afraid.

* I should add here that in the JAMA study cited above, I had trouble arriving at Elliot’s .8%-2% numbers given the data supplied in the article. Here’s what I did learn, however: The JAMA-reported study was based on self-reporting by 64,900 Mass General Brigham employees, where 1,365 reported acute allergic reactions, or 2.1%. The article claims that CDC only records .025-.11 such cases per 10,000 vaccinations midpoint .0675. The JAMA number applied to 64,900 yields 210.32 per 10,000 as opposed to CDC’s .0675, or an under-reporting of .0675/210.32, or 99.9%.

Someone correct me here if I am off on a tangent. The key is .0675/10000 versus 1365/64900. The “.0675” = 6.75% of one person, or less than one person per 10,000. The 1365 are that many real people. 1365/64900 converts to 210.32/10000. At that point, it seems incredible.

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  1. If those VAERS estimates are any way accurate, I wonder how those deaths are being attributed? And would they show up in vastly increased all-cause mortality numbers?

    Aside from that – the point that stood out to me in that Elliot paper was the one abt cytokine storms that have a delayed appearance, in past attempts w similar vaccines. Maybe the plan is, knowing those will show up, to call them a new wave of covid (from a variant) when they do. Easy to brush off any link to the vaccines due to time lag. Then, repeat lockdowns etc except at an even more heightened level. Repeat salvation thru modern medicine, on a now thoroughly punch-drunk and weakened public. Or is that too obvious, too simple a strategy for these mega geniuses of propaganda and deception?


  2. I have already asked this, but I’ll repeat the question here: on VAERS side, how do they qualify any death as “caused by vaccine”? The only scientific approach to investigating the cause of death would be an autopsy by an objective MD. I would trust none of the mainstream ones, but then where’re left with no alternative.

    For one, I’m the loudest anti-vaccine guy you can find in my neighbourhood, 100%. But the claim that they’re poisoning people in the most obvious way requires somekind of an evidence. VAERS numbers can’t represent such evidence since we don’t have any clue about the quality and objectivity of the data stemming from their databases. I do agree though that even one single death caused by any vaccine is a tragedy, and should immediately be investigated.

    On a side note. and this is just for my country, 2019 and 2020 were nothing special in terms of average yearly deaths in absolute numbers. It was 2012 when there was a peak in yearly deaths, but no media is reporting on it since it defuses their propaganda. Can’t remember if there was any swine or bird flue scare at that moment in time, but it would be interesting to research and compare 2012 vs 2020 in terms of vaccinated people vs absolute number of deaths.


    1. Agree with all, MM. I tried to use the Dick Cheney Donald Rumsfeld? analogy to describe the “known unknowns” and “unknown unknowns.” Information is simply not available. Each “Covid-19 vaccine” death carries with it a description of the timing of the demise in relation to the victim, symptoms, and age of victim. It’s all we got.


    2. My understanding is that VAERS is considered a guide or indicator for physicians, not any kind of official death cause data. It’s intended so physicians can give feedback if they’re seeing something unusual about a vaccine, and check to see whether other docs seem to be having any issues.

      That’s why the doc in the link I posted made a big deal that flu vaccine deaths in VAERS were in a consistent range, and much lower – and that the covid vax breaks that trend. Apparently, even after adjusting for per capita that’s the case. So presumably, while VAERS is voluntary and only a guide, a spike from flu vax to covid vax, would seem to suggest a spike in whatever the actual numbers are (of unknown size.)

      Now if the data is being tampered with for stoytelling purposes, tweaked up or down – whether atrocity propaganda, or hiding real harm, or what – is another matter.


      1. I would think that unscientific and random accumulation of voluntary numbers offers up some of the poorest data for statistical analysis imaginable. If they want to collect statistically useful data using small sample sizes, that science has been in existence for at least four centuries. We know how to do that. That is not what VAERS is doing. I regard them as window dressing, “Yes, we’re aware, we’re paying attention. We did not give PhRMA this giant gift based on crap science and then just try to hide that fact.”


        1. Maybe so… But if the numbers are what’s really being reported, the consistency in flu vax numbers would suggest the system has some level of reliability, as a rough guide to what the overall levels are (after multiplying by some x factor.) Otherwise the reported numbers would fluctuate wildly…


  3. Wonderful summary of the present moment. However, your “lone voice” is being reflected/projected with the potential to change everything (vs. “nothing”) in our shared reality. In the darkest of dark recesses of our being, where evil resides (a “place” each living soul is aware of; at least at an unconscious level), also, simultaneously, possesses the “cure” to evil’s negative (hive mind) influence over our emotionally-motivated (fear, fear and more fear) actions/reactions/projections (radiation).

    Each and every “voice” has the potential power (100th monkey) to be the one that changes the universe. Consciousness is constantly evolving if we will allow it to “see” our connection to the evil in all of us, and our connection to each other, and to all live forms.

    Think quantum: “…a discrete quantity of energy proportional in magnitude to the frequency of the radiation it represents.”


  4. Mask “mandates” in Jefferson County and indeed all of Colorado allow for exemptions for those who:

    “cannot medically tolerate a face covering”

    Personally, I cannot medically tolerate a face covering, how about you? Given this medical condition, I walk freely in and out of most businesses and “indoor public spaces” – as an example, I visit the post office almost daily, and nobody says a word.

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    1. Governor Polis dropped statewide mandates and left everything to the counties. There is high correlation between liberalism and stringency of enforcement, Boulder County being by far the worst.


      1. I live in Colorado too. Governors don’t make laws. Even the statewide mandate has exceptions for people who have medical conditions. I haven’t worn a mask since day 1 of this charade with the rare exception here and there.


        1. The notion of lawfulness went out the window last march, and health departments took over our lives. You’re right that the governor has no legal authority over us, and that his orders can be ignored. But look around. He is getting away with it.

          Actually, Polis backed down and left everything to the counties. The list of counties not enforcing masks is quite long. I count 30. Scroll down a bit the the following link.


  5. Mark, I think that Steve is right, you are not a “lone” voice by any means. Witness the massive demonstration in London last Saturday. Hard to know exactly how many were there but well over 100k by the looks, maybe several 100k. It was fully censored by the legacy media of course. But there were some good videos out there showing massive crowds and no sign of any masks anywhere. No social distancing either

    Ted, this is the exact same position here in the UK. Literally anyone can exempt themselves on the same grounds. I have never ever worn a mask. If challenged I look them square in the eye and say “exempt mate”. They ALWAYS back down. Maybe not so easy over there where people are more up front perhaps. Having said that I am usually in the same position as Mark, the only maskless customer in the store. Peer pressure combined with the relentless “saving others” propaganda is very effective it seems. I struggle to avoid looking at them with contempt but I try hard. Many of them are totally beyond reason or help and I’ve given up even trying after over a year of this madness

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    1. Damn good to hear from you, Pete. We (consciously evolving) humans will prevail. The darker the dark, the more power is inherent in the potential to “flip” this in a hurry, jujitsu style.


      1. Thanks Steve, yes I am sure that is correct. This whole covid scam, that has been so well exposed by Mark and many others, is evil in every way. So we must prevail over evil and I expect that we will. There are strong signs that there is a significant minority of folk that have now seen through the psyop. It will not take a majority to see this off, a decent minority will be enough. A lot of folk here, who have kept quiet in the face of the relentless propaganda and manipulation, are starting to be more open now. They’ve had enough and will not accept another round of lockdowns and all the other social nonsense, witness London last Saturday

        It was clear to me last autumn that these 5 following founding assumptions of the narrative are not proven, that they are all simply assertion. Nothing has happened since to make me change my mind. If any one of these 5 fails then, the whole premise of the official narrative fails too. They all fail……
        * the existence of the SARS – CoV – 2 virus itself [never been isolated]
        * that this virus causes Covid19 illness [no isolated virus means no proof of cause]
        * that the PCR test can detect this virus [the heart of the scam, Mark correctly says]
        * that there is such a thing as an “asymptomatic carrier” [common sense tells you this is nonsense]
        * that there has been a pandemic [using the correct definition of that word]

        So what is the purpose of the vaxx? It doesn’t bear thinking about. Anyone who takes it isn’t thinking straight

        It is certainly a very interesting time to be alive, that is for sure. I am the same age as Mark and I’ve never known anything like it before, but I face the future with equanimity believing that the evil will inevitably be beaten somehow


    2. It’s really not that hard if you don’t care what other people think. Peer pressure only works on the easily intimidated. On the rare case people confront me, I say I’m exempt without breaking stride and continue on my way.

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  6. If what you are pointing out are lies… would be nice in order to convince
    more people, if you could put down the proof that these are lies so we can see
    the proof for ourselves instead of just your word for it. Thank you


    1. I could point you in a dozen directions for you to research, think, gather information, and decide things for yourself, including the 19-minute video I mentioned at the end of this piece, in the PS. Within that video, you’ll find reference to three widely cited sources, Dr. Andrew Kaufman, Dr. Tom Cowan, and Dr. Stefan Lanka, who trained as a virologist but now eschews the title. And just today, a another man doing yeoman’s work, Jon Rappoport, did some more writing on the non-isolation of the SARS-CoV-2 virus.

      That is key – if the virus has not been isolated, then everything that flows from that, masks, quarantines, distancing, vaccinations, falls along with it, and another agenda is exposed.

      But I cannot do your research and thinking for you. You must be your own best resource. That’s all any of us here do … exchange information and form our own conclusions.

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  7. I find the VAERS data mildly interesting for a few minutes, but let’s face it, it’s just part of the game; a thin veneer put up by the establishment to try to give the appearance of sincerity. Just like the Covid data, its intent is to mislead and obfuscate. We know from the start that they’re saying anything to deny linkage between their poisons and deaths & illnesses every bit as fervently as they’re saying anything to sell that there’s a virus making people sick & dead. They’ve been perfecting the ruse for a long time, and at this point have every base covered including preventing autopsies and corrupting the few that slip through.
    But I think awareness is growing, and therefore I suspect that VAERS reporting is higher than in the past. FB just recently canceled numerous ‘adverse reaction’ groups that each had hundreds of thousands of members and were growing fast.
    I think the vaccine deaths, which will likely be in the tens of millions before this is over, are casualties of a consciousness war that’s been endless for all of human history. We’ve all been born into a death-cult religion, and very few ever see it and escape. What SHOULD the death certificates say if we’re really honest? “Ignorance”, or “self-poisoning from lack of consciousness”, or maybe just “suicide”. How are these deaths any different from the Jim Jones followers?
    I too am in an area where everyone is in the cult. In the past year I’ve seen one other person in a store without a mask besides me. I do it every day, just to show people that something else is possible.
    Stay positive, Mark. Us lone wolves, living on the outskirts of civilization, are the back-up plan, the failsafe, for when the modern experiment in unfettered materialism and self-delusion goes horribly wrong, and the survivors are ready for reason and self-reflection. In the mean time, a few will wander out to talk, and a few of the few will start to see, and we learn to respect and enjoy our role with the understanding of why it’s needed.


    1. I can’t entirely disagree. But I do think they try to accomplish some of the illusion using real data, and the unwitting participation of eg many medical professionals. So it’s not impossible that the VAERS data – which they mostly ignore in mainstream media – has some basis in what docs actually report. But well said and good points overall, can’t disagree in general.

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  8. Might as well add the biggest LIE of all, that the “vaccine” is a response to the virus. The virus was invented fable made part of a massive and finely tuned agitprop campaign designed to steer people to the already-existing vaccine, the purpose of which Stephers covers in detail in her posts and which I have trouble grasping.

    The amount of planning behind the agitprop campaign is simply staggering, all the way down to “Covid-19” warnings on every website and in every store and public facility, all the way down to Mom and Pop stores, at least any that are still open. We were trying to book a campsite for our trip last March, and every page had a Covid-19 banner and warning. Lies, lies, lies, all around us. Lies lies lies and lying liars. This planet is just crawling with psychopaths and their legions of dupes and employees, but so much worse, all those billions who so easily fall for this stuff.

    At there are two videos, the lower one called Mike Singer and Miami Dade Police. One, I wish to hell Singer did not look like a loony and have to apologize for his wild hair, but he does a good job even as the cops are dumb and incredulous, brainwashed. Towards the end one of the cops leaning on a car asks him if he is on medication, the implication being, of course, that if he denies all of the “science” around the virus, he must be mentally ill. Singer handled it well, but damn, can he at least look like a normal person? He’s not helping.

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    1. My first thought that Singer looks like a loony is because he’s an ‘Anti’ as MM would say – time will tell.

      Is there any chance you can link me to the flu graph of Victorian London, I’ve can’t find the thing, please, Mark.


      1. You make a good point on Singer. I did not look at it that way. Of course he can look normal! He opts not to.

        Long day here, but the graph you seek is in the Rainbow book by Firstenberger, and I have to scan it for you, which I will do, of course. The statistics are of Britain. If I forget, remind me.


        1. Thanks, I’ve found the pdf ‘The Invisible Rainbow (revised)’ by Arthur Firstenberger online but it has no graphs.


  9. Before the Coronahoax and the Spanish Flu, there was the “Black Death” in Europe. Was it another hoax? You decide.


    1. Before you draw conclusions, read Mike Baillee, a guy who studies tree rings, on Black Death. I cannot think of the name of the book, but his name will get you there, and I take him seriously. Comets are nasty business.

      He also writes, without knowing the answers, of particulate matter in the atmosphere in the early 1920s, unexplained, in the Greenland Ice Core studies. All has to be filtered by our own judgment. But this I think to be real, the Black Death and Spanish Flu die-offs happened, and are not well understood. No viruses involved.


      1. I don’t doubt that there were deaths. People always die regardless. But I don’t believe it was nearly as bad as they say – if it was bad at all. Most likely, the numbers were heavily inflated to frighten Europe during the “Black Plague” alongside made-up widespread diseases and religious superstition of demons infecting their victims with the “plague” or “God” punishing the people with a pandemic during the Middle Ages. In the same way, they inflated the number of deaths under the “Reign of Terror” to frighten France and her neighboring countries centuries later.

        The “Black Plague” was also the precursor for religious and political persecution. It also shaped how people viewed “good” and “evil”. We see the same psychological games today: Trump vs. Biden, Dems vs. Reps, pro vs. anti-maskers, pro vs. anti-vaxxers, etc.


      2. I haven’t looked into the ‘Black Death’, but I think there’s strong evidence that the ‘Spanish Flu” was a mass cull by vaccination. Ground zero of the Spanish Flu (1918-19) was Fort Riley, Kansas, which happens to be the ground zero for a mass vaccination experiment/program run by the US Army and the Rockefeller Institute beginning in 1917.

        Click to access 449.pdf

        This vaccination experiment spread from there to other US Army bases and to Allied bases in Europe. Many soldiers got sick and many died, and as the war was ending the authorities warned the public in the US & Europe that if the soldiers came home with the ‘Spanish Flu’ they’d spread it to families & communities, so the public lined up for the vaccines. Eleanor McBean and others documented that it was overwhelmingly the vaccinated who were dying, and that the unvaccinated were caring for the sick and not getting sick.
        I’ve been reading “Vaccination a Delusion” by Alfred Russel Wallace, published in 1898, that’s a scathing documentation of the corruption in medicine that had already taken over the system at that time, particularly involving using fraudulent data to push vaccines. Wallace’s meticulous data suggests strongly that vaccines were causing mass disease rather than preventing it, and authorities continuously lied about it. How little things change…

        Click to access b21356336.pdf

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    2. Was it another hoax? You decide.

      Most probably yes. It was the time to push another economic system, just like today; the root of all evil; feudalism.

      Knowing about the History Hoax and Fomenko (Prenaissance), I think they used that “Black Death” as the perfect cover to fabricate “ancient” archeological remains, just like today I see quite a few “Ancient Archeology” hoax stuff appearing on YT nowadays. People afraid inside, so free reign.

      I didn’t watch the video, they are actively pushing the Flat Earth mass psychosis psyop up to in the title.

      What are the most important conclusions from the video?

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      1. “Knowing about the History Hoax and Fomenko (Prenaissance), I think they used that “Black Death” as the perfect cover to fabricate “ancient” archeological remains, just like today I see quite a few “Ancient Archeology” hoax stuff appearing on YT nowadays. People afraid inside, so free reign.”

        Definitely. JLB has also done some good videos on the history hoax.

        “What are the most important conclusions from the video?”

        The conclusions made by the author of the videos was that the “Black Plague”, or rather most of what’s been said about it, was faked to create fear and trauma in the mass population in Europe during the “Middle Ages” and that the WHO was preparing the world for a next “pandemic” similar to the “Black Death” (which is now the Coronavirus).

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        1. Mike Baillee, a who studied tree rings and is now retired, wrote the book New Light on the Black Death. He said it coincided with passage of a comet (Negra, 1347). I suggest you should not draw conclusions of fakery until you review his widely assembled evidence. Here’s a rather long passage, page 111:

          Now if we put that list in chronological order and add the additions from Ziegler we have:
          1333 eruption Etna
          1333 perching drought and famine followed by floods in China
          1334 drought followed by Locust, famine and pestilence
          1336 drought and renewed floods in China
          1336 uncommon atmospheric phenomena and frequent thunderstorms in France
          1337 serious famine, delusions, locusts and a six-day earthquake in China
          1337-8 Locusts in Franconia
          1337-45 earthquakes, floods, locusts and “subterranean thunder” in China
          1338 harvest failure in France
          1338 10-day earthquake in China
          1338-39 high death rates in central Asia
          1338-42 constant inundations, earthquakes and famines in China
          1342 floods in Germany and France (rain and tectonic causes)
          1343-7 assisted earthquakes, delusions, inundations and subterranean thunder
          1348 fiery meteor.

          Writers on the Black Death, from Deaux, through Ziegler to Cohn and others all repeat this information, but make no real objective comment upon it. It is either as if they do not believe the information, or they treated as hyperbole, with a treated as unsupported, or they have no way to relate it to anything other than the general sentiment that “environmental issues got rodents on the move, taking the pestilence with them” certainly it is hard to find any writers who have attempted to wring any sense out of this list. But of course, until recently no one has had access to the information given by tree-rings, radiocarbon measurements, and ice cores. We can look at this list with a fresh eye.
          For example, it has to be of interest that the lists of calamities mostly started 1333. We can now see that this is not an arbitrary date, because of the flip in Bristlecone Pine growth, in America, after two decades of the growth to a period of more than three decades of relatively poor growth. The mid-1330s is also our best estimate for the change in the radiocarbon calibration curve from [carbon-14] enrichment to depletion. It seems to be replicated in a change of mode in the North Atlantic see-surface temperatures. We could reasonably ask what happened in or immediately after 1333. It would also seem reasonable to suggest that the climate upsets in China (1333 perching drought and famine followed by floods) are reflected in change conditions on either side of the Pacific, as well as the North Atlantic region. So, it does look as if there is a global component to whatever was going on. However, just because the upset may have been global does not mean that everywhere was badly affected. For example, in 1333 crop prices in England actually fell dramatically.


          1. I find it interesting that the starting date for the Plague was in 1333. All the Masonic threes are there. I don’t think it is a coincidence why they penned that year as the beginning of this pandemic.


          2. Is it likely that the theory that comets caused the “Black Plague” is misdirection from the possibility that the pandemic was artificially induced to create fear and to cull vulnerable populations in Europe? While it’s possible that planetary cycles may have influenced the course of the pandemic (for example, the moon can alter human sleep patterns and change sea levels), it having been artificially created (faked) by certain powerful interests is more plausible. Keep in mind that they say that the plague came to Europe on “slave ships” from Genoa. Genoa historically has been a hub of commercial trading – a sector heavily dominated by Jewish/Phoenician merchants. That is a huge clue, since it may tell us what really started the “plague”. The famines were also probably engineered to cull a certain amount of people (like what the British did to the Irish in the 1840s, supposedly).

            I believe the plague was a giant hoax that was invented to cover up the intentional depopulation or relocation of Europe’s populations by the ruling bloodlines through the premeditated spread of diseases and viruses in the environment that would then latch onto its victims. To say that shooting comets are the main reason for the pandemic is silly to say the least, knowing the manufactured nature of this outbreak and how they have faked other similar pandemics throughout history.

            And that’s still assuming anything happened at all.

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            1. This is all a little sloppy and presumptuous for my taste. You’ve refused to look at the evidence presented, and instead descended in from above with preformed conclusions. I did look at Baillee’s creds and background, saw him in the peerage and all of that. But our overriding attitude, that everything is fake and no further thought required, is a bit off-putting. I’ve long been mildly suspicious that what we call the families, the upper crust, have indeed been around for centuries, and perhaps were the remnants of routine catastrophes we experience via run-ins with foreign bodies, tales of which have survived via mythology, which Velikovsky found common all over the planet, Exodus only one of many. I know, MM dismisses him, I don’t, and find his most digestible work to be Earth in Upheaval wherein he merely describes the anomalies of our planet, the lava plains of Eastern Washington, the remnants of a city at Titicaca, 12,500 feet above sea level, where no food could be produced, and the thousands of corpses of large mammals, mastodons, etc, frozen in Siberian permafrost, animals that could not have thrived in such climate, that had to have moved there from somewhere else.

              Such things need to be explained, and “it’s all fake” does not get it done, nor does gradualism. I find you to be a tad on the sloppy side, jumping to preformed conclusions. Yes, many human-engineered events are fake, but we carry with us in our subconscious memories of horrid events that wiped out civilizations, leaving a few stranded to start over. It is my suspicion that Velikovsky was attacked the manner he was as a lesson to all, not to reveal or talk about forbidden knowledge. I regard his work as honest, even if the conclusions, that we have had run-ins with Venus and Mars, are unprovable, only supported by evidence and not disproven.


            2. I agree. This makes more sense than the forced “this must have happened, now let’s look for natural disasters to fit to our narrative and go from there”.

              Even if that Baillee guy is completely legit, he bases his findings on others, instead of taking a step back and see if this “Black Plague” even did happen (truth seeking), or happened at the time it was reported (chronology).

              That is the strength of Fomenko’s New Chronology imo, a very detailed different look at what I call Prenaissance.

              According to this part of his book, Francesco Petrarca and the legend of Rome, Petrarca was the one pushing for the existence of a “Roman Empire”, allegedly the last of three main “civilizations” (read; empires pushed by the mainstream), and he visited Rome in 1337 and in Germany, Flanders and France in 1333…

              I have read some of that book that NYT and Onestone pupil Velikovsky wrote, and it is utter nonsense. As I wondered before, I don’t understand why Mark seems to like that clown so much.

              The scholarly approach of Anatoly Fomenko vs the fantastical assertions by Immanuel Velikovsky.


              1. I am the only one here, I think who has read the Bailee work, and can assure you that he is not some slapjack who stopped by the prove that something everyone agrees on is real. As a dendrochronologist, he happened on tree rings from that era that were anomalous, and so more or less stumbled into his research on the Black Death. He very easily disposes of rats and viruses, as the plague made its way to Iceland long before anyone could have traveled there to spread it, and anyway, where in the dark spaces that have survived that time are the piles of dead rats? How did they survive the virus that so easily killed larger organisms?

                As to whether the Black Plague really happened, I don’t know what to tell you if you start with the assumption that everything is fake. There are objective historical sources describing the events of that time, including earthquakes and volcanic eruptions and massive die-offs of fish. People wrote about a second light in the sky on the horizon, most likely Negra. If your position is that it is all fake, then we have nothing to talk about.

                Regarding Velikovsky, your dismissive attitude carries with it no counter evidence or reason. It is just snark, and not useful.


                1. As to whether the Black Plague really happened, I don’t know what to tell you if you start with the assumption that everything is fake. There are objective historical sources describing the events of that time, including earthquakes and volcanic eruptions and massive die-offs of fish. People wrote about a second light in the sky on the horizon, most likely Negra. If your position is that it is all fake, then we have nothing to talk about.

                  I am not taking the position that “all is fake”, but it would be naive to think “nothing is fake”. The time before the printing press, Prenaissance, I regard with the highest of suspicions. The mainstream narrative makes no sense; you don’t go from a thriving and highly technological Roman Empire to “1000 years of darkness”, that is not how people work, especially with trade with more advanced civilizations (Middle East, Indus Valley, China, etc.) active.

                  That idea that has always bothered me pointed me to the voluminous works by Fomenko and colleagues.

                  Regarding Velikovsky, your dismissive attitude carries with it no counter evidence or reason. It is just snark, and not useful.

                  I read a couple of chapters of one of his books, don’t remember if it was Earth in Upheaval or Worlds in Collision. The assertions based on fragmentary evidence reminded me of the present YT “ancient aliens” narratives. It is not research, it is storytelling.

                  Exactly that part that needs to be unraveled, not promoted.

                  Other than Fomenko I came across another History Hoax angle, the Phantom Time theory as presented by Heribert (no typo) Illig.

                  in this video in German – there are quite some German speaking readers here who may find it interesting – he answers the prodding questions by the interviewer smoothly and he explains how he came to his theory. It is less “extreme” than Fomenko, who strips off about 1000 years off our timeline, with “just” 297 invented years, from 614 to…. 911!

                  The problem with Velikovsky, on top of his praise by Onestone, arguably the biggest magician of the 20th century and the one responsible for destroying a formerly solid science (physics) into mathemagical mumbo-jumbo, is that he takes the mainstream chronology at face value. If that premise is false, and all of those who have looked into the History Hoax would agree there is enough to criticize in mainstream chronology, everything else tumbles down, including his highly fantastical only based on historical descriptions of celestial phenomena (which may be 1 have been happening at a different time; the importance of chronology and 2 may not have happened at all; the hoaxing in history), such that his work pales in comparison to his Russian “colleague” Fomenko.

                  Once you start to see the amount of hoaxing in history, it becomes impossible to maintain the mainstream chronology.


                  1. Velikovsky too questioned the time narrative. especially that of the Egyptian dynasties, thinking perhaps hundreds of years had been inserted. But he thing I admired most about him is the same thing I see in Dr. Kary Mullis, the willingness to entangle with the top scientific minds of the time and tell them they are full of shit. And remember about him that while his assertions are not by any means proven, nor are they disproven. His assertions regarding the temperature and surface of Venus proved right, and also that radio waves emanate from Jupiter. This in the face of the scientists of his time who ridiculed him.

                    And do not dismiss that he faced ridicule and humiliation, to the point where his daughter said he was nearly suicidal. I admire his courage, to stand on what he believed in a torrent of mockery.

                    Earth in Upheaval was a compendium assembled to answer critics complaints that he had relied on religious texts and mythology from around the planet, and not scientific observation. You say it is a sampling. So what. Explain the samples.

                    Can’t win, can he.


          3. As for the famines, they probably were fake, too. After all, they have made westerners believe that the “third world” is an impoverished shithole that is full of starving colored people and is constantly plagued by famines in order to manipulate public sentiment in the “first world” into supporting giving “aid” to developing nations (really a cover for the subjugation and exploitation of “third world” countries for their abundant resources). I believe the famines during the “Black Plague” were made-up to create the illusion of mass deaths and to deceive people into believing times were so bad compared to today.

            Western world is the 3rd world:

            The Haiti You will never see on TV:


  10. Someone said that the mask enforcement policies in businesses remind them of an experiment done at the Stanford University in 1971. The experiment was akin to Pavlov’s behavioral modification tests on dogs done decades earlier.


    1. Yes, it’s obvious the Stanford experiment wasn’t real. In fact, one of the inmates said he actually enjoyed feigning psychosis. But it does highlight how people can change when put into challenging circumstances against their will. The present psychological operation known as the Coronavirus is the perfect example of how humans are easily susceptible to the snares of social engineering and arbitrary ordinances which reinforce social engineering.


    2. In the same article, they also mention staged confrontations, arrests, and a fake massacre, basically showing you how social engineering works:

      “From the beginning, Zimbardo sought a high media profile for his experiment, allowing KRON, a San Francisco television station, to film his mock arrests and sending them periodic press releases as the action evolved. But Zimbardo’s prison simulation quickly garnered more press attention than he could have imagined. On August 21st, a day after the study’s premature closure, the attempt by George Jackson, radical black activist and author of the bestselling Soledad Brother, to escape from San Quentin, an hour north of Stanford, led to the deaths of three corrections officers and three inmates, including Jackson himself. In short order, KRON arranged a televised debate between Zimbardo and San Quentin’s associate warden. Three weeks later, the predominately African American prisoners at Attica State Prison in New York seized control of the facility from the nearly all-white correctional staff, demanding better treatment. Ordered by Governor Nelson Rockefeller to retake the prison by force, helicopters dumped tear gas canisters and hundreds of law-enforcement officers and armed Attica guards fired blindly into the smoke, slaughtering prisoners and hostages alike.

      In an era before the mass shootings that have since become the norm in American news headlines, it was a shocking bloodbath — one of the deadliest since the Civil War, according to the New York State Special Commission on Attica. The country scrambled for answers, and Zimbardo’s experiment appeared to offer them, putting guards and prisoners on the same moral plane — mutual victims of the carceral state — though in fact nearly all the Attica killings had been committed by guards and officers. Zimbardo’s tale of guards-run-amok and terrorized prisoners first came to national attention with a twenty-minute prime-time special on NBC. Richard Yacco told NBC’s reporter that he and other prisoners had been told they couldn’t quit, but, after he failed to hew to Zimbardo’s narrative of prisoners organically “slipping into” their roles, he was edited out of the program…”


      1. Yes, scientific validity of SPE isn’t about what we were sold to believe. It’s actually the opposite – a proof of human susceptibility, i.e. absence of rationality and critical thought when it’s most needed. I believe SPE may have actually inspired TPTB to shift the world’s madness into a higher gear.


  11. I’ve just replied to HPM regarding the Stanford experiment, with a link attached.

    Mark, can you check for spam at WordPress?


  12. This whole “virus” subject is gradually becoming illuminated. When I was in grad-school in the 1950’s just about the most that was said was that it was a strand of DNA with a protein coat. RNA came along with the postdocs discovered the uracil replacement base. The immense population of these nucleotides has not been grasped until recently. Chandra Wickramasighe’s book, “Cosmic Womb” provides fascinating research regarding bio material throughout the cosmos and the immense amount of these “viruses” entering our own upper atmosphere. Speculation now on human disease and organic evolution is rampant and awaiting research conclusions. None of this excuses or relates to the criminal deceit and propaganda regarding diseases foisted upon the masses on our planet by the infamous despicable few, as outlined in my own website.


  13. So, let’s get this straight.

    You, freely and willingly let a stranger…

    shoot an unknown concoction into your body
    bypassing your body’s natural ability to reject it,

    something untested for safety
    whose ingredients you and your injector have no clue about.

    something you haven’t the faintest idea what it will do to you physically,
    mentally, emotionally, or spiritually…

    something that you will be jabbed with more than once,

    something that you don’t know could hurt others in your life

    something that you have no recourse, should things go bad.

    ALL because some dancing dots munchkin on a TV screen, who acts for a private
    business(SeedyC is not guv) told you over and over that you should. Whose spell
    was then repeated by your employer, clergy, school, family, friends, etc?

    And, after all of this, you still want me to take you seriously and trust your judgement?


  14. In a recent paper, Miles was discussing factional division among elites again. Personally, I do think there’s something to this. In his telling, both in this paper and previous ones, it has to do with the “resource-extraction” elites, or old school, vs the new breed of Silicon Valley, tech, medicine, and other new forms of rent-extraction, financial “innovation,” etc.

    The latter class seems to be more into the really whacky, far-out schemes of Transhumanism, “consciousness expansion,” Brave New World scenarios, evolving (or devolving) humanity, and just mind-f***ery in general — a whole panoply of mind games and actual biological assault on traditional humanity.

    The old school gang is more like potentates of old – a raw deal, sure, but exploitative in a way the common man can comprehend. They’re not going to try to fool him into “loving his servitude” or anything, or turn him into some man-machine hybrid. They’re canny and duplicitous, but they aren’t the biggest eggheads in the room.

    I think I’ve seen an overlapping analysis on Naked Capitalism recently – can’t remember the article, but a writer was laying out the elite factions in terms of regional elites, often generational families, who have locked in control of an area and have a kind of “on the ground” advantage – they know all its “trade secrets” so to speak, and its levers of power; vs, the global elites who aren’t tied to any locality. These regional elites tend to be in resource extractive industries, so I think it links up to Miles’ analysis.

    Anyway, it seems very plausible to me that the “new breed” is somewhat in the ascendancy these days, and the old guard is playing poker with them a bit. Seeing where this risky hand they’re playing will take them. It may not be a hand really in the interest of the old guard, but they’ve had to be cautious in their response. The eggheads have so much consolidation of their power, apparently, that they’ve been allowed to play it out. But maybe as Miles says, the old guard is alert to signs of over-reach? If their hubris gets out of hand, and risks bringing the house of cards crashing down on them.

    Of course those old regional elites are probably trying to safeguard themselves as best they can if the scheme succeeds, and the eggheads get even more control. They (regionals) don’t want to end up down here in the omelette with us…

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I would offer that the regionals are lesser princes who, at the moment, are without a clear mandate from the their global betters who guarantee their local hegemony, and they are attempting to steer their ships in a direction that may occasionally clash with the greater objectives. This has happened in the past, where dynasties end and close cousins come in and restore order. It may be that the old guard is too long on the job and are trying to steer blind. I don’t buy Miles clash of the Titans trope- I think memos aren’t being delivered in a timely fashion and some new blood is looking for advancement with sponsorship from the top, maybe exacerbating the confusion which comes with a changing of the guard. David Rockefeller hasn’t been dead that long.


      1. Interesting, thanks. I’m a little unclear on what you mean though – can’t tell which factions you’re referring to as you interchange several labels that are ambiguous to me…


      2. A changing of the guard? Not only David Rockefeller, but Philip now deceased, Her Majesty not far behind, the new ascendants acting like wild men on a tear. Maybe they will settle down and let us live again in blissful ignorance.


  15. Shedding from those who took the scam-shot is having negative effects on non-vax folk. INDA took their vax in Nov, 2020. ‘merica began vaxxing Dec 2020. June/July 2021………


  16. Some additional info on Mike Baillie. He appears to be of the families. Apparently, his bloodline comes from Northumberland, in England. Before that, they were in France until the Norman Conquest of 1066, which was engineered by the “Jewish” money-lenders. If you are familiar with Miles Mathis’s genealogy work, you’ll know what that means.

    He could also be related to Jean Sylvain Bailly, 1st Mayor of Paris during the French Revolution and “victim” of the “Reign of Terror”. Like Mike, he was a scientist. He was also a Freemason 😉

    They even share slight facial similarities. Note the hook noses:


    1. With respect I see no facial similarity whatsoever.
      It really is lazy investigation to dismiss outright the research of anyone who has a name remotely similar to one of THOSE names .I’m from England and these names are downright common here . We can’t ALL be bad uns.


    1. Thanks, MOTORHEAD, but that pdf didn’t turn up anything in a Ctrl (F) word search. I also scanned the 146 pages for a possible similar term and got nothing. Happy to look elsewhere if you’ve got something on “shedding.”


    2. Let’s just think about all these, post vaxx, viral shedding stories that we keep seeing, here is my reasoning:
      I expect that NONE of the elites will take the vaxx, pretty obvious
      Because they know the REAL purpose, which is clearly nothing to do with Coronabaloney
      The elites will always want lots of plebs to do ALL their menial tasks for them
      Are they going to start cleaning their own toilets, cooking their own food etc etc etc etc?
      Are they going to start running their own companies?
      Are they going to totally cut themselves off from cities, towns, villages etc etc?
      Are they going to cut themselves off from the rest of humanity for ever, immediately?
      Not a chance, they might be evil madmen but they aren’t stupid…….
      Why would they put THEMSELVES at risk? Surely wouldn’t….


  17. Don’t know if you’ve seen this Mark. Israel has the highest vax rate, 56%. Yet the mortality rate is greater in the vaccinated population than the unvaccinated.

    “They claim that Pfizer’s shot causes “mortality hundreds of times greater in young people compared to mortality from coronavirus without the vaccine, and dozens of times more in the elderly, when the documented mortality from coronavirus is in the vicinity of the vaccine dose, thus adding greater mortality from heart attack, stroke, etc.”


    1. Swede, I do not think that the vaccine is a vaccine, per se, nor that it was created in response to a virus. It is something else, another agenda.

      I checked VAERS (Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System) yesterday at the CDC website – huge uptick in deaths due to the Covid-19 vaccine, almost 6,000 in just one week, now at 10,234, and keep in mind that according to a Harvard study, VAERS only picks up 1% or so of all adverse events around vaccines. Total adverse events are 369,319, hospitalizations 24,496. This is madness. The news media: Crickets.

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Mark-
        Thanks for continuing to update those VAERS figures. I seldom listen to Bigtree these days, but this was linked to elsewhere ( In the latest (episode 213) Del does a good job of illustrating the validity of the 1% reporting of adverse events, using strictly official COVID19 data of the current “vaccine” rollout. See minutes 13:30 thru 34:00, approximately.

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          1. Bigtree did a commendable job – I hope everyone who sees this takes time to watch him. It is about twenty minutes. He draws down the actual Harvard study done on the VAERS response, and how CDC refused to upgrade their system even after Harvard Medical used $1 million in taxpayer funds to help them get it set up to capture everything. They essentially stonewalled.

            Bigtree also captured current evidence during the vaccine period that the reporting rate at VAERS is still, as Harvard Medical reported in 2010, at 1%. It’s no mystery to me that PhRMA wants it that way.

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  18. Mark, I have a topic request, if you or any of the blog authors would consider addressing it – to wit, I’d like to see a post/ discussion about your views of what the US – and other countries around the world – may look like five, ten, and twenty years down the line.

    Especially I’d like to read your take on Ab’s and MM’s projections, insofar as they’ve sketched them out. Ab has laid out a thumbnail sketch in many recent audios. I think you’ve said you listen while puttering around the workshop so maybe you’re familiar? In a nutshell – Ab sees the US and Canada as destined to be turned into resource colonies for a voracious China, their populations abandoned to the vicissitudes of some flavor of technocratic communism, herded into city centers, and so on (I’m sure he’d tell you himself if you’ve missed his comment on this.)

    Miles, meanwhile, has outlined a ramping up of the current pseudo-liberal craziness, followed by a planned “conservative” backlash designed to generate support for a return of Trump (or other front man) to spearhead a more robust totalitarian police state (further details of what he’s projected escape me at the moment, or have not been forthcoming.)

    Of course, I’d also be interested in what many of the commenters here have to say about their projections for future conditions – hopefully such a post would spark that discussion.

    I’d ask that the post (and discussion) especially might address projected outcomes in the US, and other Western or “developed” nations, vs the “global south” or “developing nations” such as South America, Africa, etc. Western Europe vs Eastern Europe. And so on.

    Personally, I find myself very persuaded by Ab’s thumbnail – although, it is very thumbnail – and, while it may be based on WHO or WEF projections, I’m sure their projections of fifty or seventy years ago didn’t always go exactly according to plan, or at least not quite according to timeline (as given out by their oracles at the time.) “There’s oft many any a slip between the lip and the cup.” Miles’ more limited and short-term projection also seems plausible, and compatible with Ab’s projection broadly speaking.

    (While I’m making requests, I’d throw this out to Ab as well if he happens to be reading – maybe this would make a good topic for a roundtable discussion on Fakeologist, if he could gather some of the best voices there and get them to opine.)

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