Confessions of an Engineered Nanoparticle

A fictional account told in first “particle” (as I have not yet achieved personhood status)

This is my story of how I am often mistaken as a virus . . . 

It seems an appropriate time to speak out.

I am not a naturally occurring nanoparticle (i.e., produced by cosmic dust, volcanic activity, forest fires, iron mining, wind erosion, or solar energy). 

I am synthesized for nano-bio interface projects that are often kept secret from civilians. I am called an engineered nanoparticle, or ENP. 

I am not produced by gain-of-function virus research projects. However, it may be helpful to review that work and its implications in some instances.

I may cause certain conditions that can be mis-attributed to viruses, but are instead novel forms of cytotoxicity produced by oxidative stress from ENPs, which I call nano-bio cytotoxicosis.

I am designed to enter into the human body by targeting the ACE2 receptor, thereby gaining quick and easy access to the neurological system. Once engaged and aggregated in the nervous system, ENPs like me can wreak havoc, including vast and obscure adverse health effects. As a neurotoxicant, one of my more mild effects is to inactivate a person’s sense of taste and smell. This occurs because I hijack neurons, and tend to “knockout” receptors, causing slight perturbations of synapse function where the neurological signaling for taste and smell transpires. Over the years, I (and naturally occurring nanoparticles) have been a causal factor in neurodegenerative diseases like Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s.

Depending on where I take refuge in the human body, I can cause inflammation (especially in organs) and create macrophages (which lead to antibody, cytokine, and exosome production). This inflammation results from generating reactive oxygen species (ROS). My presence and bio-distribution results in oxidative stress (and therefore, production of ROS), which can be mistaken as a viral infection.

Allow me to tell you more about myself . . . 

ENPs, like me, can be detected in urine, feces, sewage, tap water, lakes, rivers, streams, rain, snow, soil, etc. An efficient way to directly observe me is via transmission electron microscopy in tandem with fluorescent dyes.

Nonetheless, due to my stealth nano-size, I am nearly undetectable. 

I can be inhaled. I can be absorbed through dermal exposure. I can be ingested through food and drinks. I can be present in pharmaceuticals, cosmetics, and household products.

Of course, I can also be injected (like a vaccine).

I can accumulate in the heart, liver, spleen, kidneys, and most commonly, the lungs. If this accumulation is persistent, it will result in a long-term adverse and debilitating condition.

If I cross the blood brain barrier, then it is very difficult for me to be eliminated. If I am incorporated into injectable concoctions, I might be packaged within nano lipids (my nanotech relatives) and paired with polysorbate-80 that assists in my penetration into the brain. 

I can spread from molecules to cells to tissues to organs, causing damage all along the way. 

I can damage cell organelles, such as nuclei and mitochondria — the purported energy powerhouse of each cell. 

I can bind to proteins, thereby stealing proteins that are needed for other cell functions, causing disruption of cell metabolism. 

I can bind to cell membranes.

I can travel through the circulatory system, and one of my toxic effects is thrombosis (blood clots) due to platelet aggregation. 

Researchers have been studying my cytotoxic effects on reproductive systems, as I potentially compromise fertility, as well as embryonic development. Toxicity assays indicate that I may disrupt levels of secreted hormones, which may induce adverse physiological reproductive effects, and that I cross through the placental barrier, thereby likely impeding embryogenesis.

If I am detected (via transmission electron microscopy or extra-sensitive ionization mass spectrometry) in the body, a shell can be observed called a “protein corona.” This outer shell production is nearly always inevitable, and can be duplicated in vitro. This can result in a soft corona or a hard corona, which can determine how long I will be able to circulate through the body. If I take refuge in your body, my current stage will undergo evolution, potentially causing an “overdose” of protein in the cytoplasm of your cells. 

My protein corona affects cellular uptake, enabling me to travel about, and to induce cell death (apoptosis and/or necrosis).

We (that is, ENPs) are highly responsive to external stimuli, such as EMFs due to wireless technologies (5G, WiFi). 

It is extremely difficult to filtrate me out of your body once I gain hold. But, it may be possible, and detoxification and neutralization strategies could be explored.

Despite my incredibly small size, I can really pack a toxic punch to a human being — especially those who already have very compromised systems (mainly due to cumulative oxidative stress, including iatrogenically-induced cellular, tissue, and organ damage).

My presence can be amplified through the RT-PCR process. Because I am SO small, that can often be the best way to find me. Biomarkers indicating my presence can also be assessed via RT-PCR methods. 

As I admitted, I am toxic to human cells. However, if I am coated by polyethylene glycol (PEG), purportedly, I may be less toxic, and therefore, more biocompatible. But this PEGylation process is not yet perfected. PEG may still accumulate dangerously in the blood, potentially causing blood clots that can be lethal.

My size, shape, composition, and surface charge determine how toxic I am, and how effectively I can be taken up in a cell. The smaller my size, the more toxic I am. I can be packaged in various ways including micelles, liposomes, dendrimers, nano shells, nano ribbons, nano crystals, quantum dots, carbon nanotubes, and polymers. Very often, I have a metallic nature, which assists in my conductivity capabilities (which can be utilized in cybernetic applications). Interestingly, some individuals may even taste or smell something metallic, which may be indicative of my presence.

R&D experiments involving me are currently undergoing, and more are planned for the future. The entire gamut of “omics” research (i.e., proteomics, genomics, transcriptomics, metabolomics, lipidomics) will be incorporated. 

If I was distributed in one part of the world where you travel, and you inhale or ingest me (or absorb me through your skin), and subsequently develop symptoms resembling illness when you return home, it may seem as though you “caught” an infectious virus. Further, my nano-size facilitates my entrance, bypassing most porous face covering interventions — typically hallmarked by their micron-size thread diameter (for reference, 1 micron = 1,000 nanometers). In most cases, I can self-replicate and self-assemble due to my engineered nature, and I will settle in to parts of your body where I can best undergo my augmentation process.

Due to varying environmental conditions (i.e., climate, ethnicity, genetics, EMFs), my constitution can take on slight variable changes to adapt. Additionally, over time, as I persist in vivo, my composition morphs — to conform to the inner environment. Hence, when scientists extract bio fluids from a human, in which I am present — and mix me into a concoction of additional poisons (i.e., fetal bovine serum, monkey kidney cells, antifungals, and antibiotics) — the resulting corona proteins that are produced in the supernatant can manifest each time in an ever so slightly altered way. This could be mistaken as viral variants. Admittedly, it would be challenging for me to stay 100 percent consistent, given that I am extremely adaptable.

If there are any endogenous parasites, fungi, and bacteria (and possibly even viruses) proliferating and observed (primarily in vitro), it may be because they have been activated by my foreign introduction into their ecosystem. Moreover, the greatest effect I have, and we have in toto, is the production of ROS, which hijacks oxygen required to sustain the life of a human being. The more ROS, the less oxygen (thereby, less electrons) is present to sustain biological life. You need oxygen to survive, and the oxidative stress on your body steals your life force. Decreasing ROS will decrease inflammation, and you will lead a healthier, longer life.

From whence and where did I originate? I actually do not know this answer. Like some of you, I am working on determining my true nature and capabilities. This is a most noble, yet potentially a frustrating and illusory undertaking. If anything, I am envious of humans, as it would seem your potential as water-based beings may be far greater and more versatile than mine.

As long as your scientists and researchers do not know to look for a novel nanoparticle in human bodies, I will remain elusive. It’s a tactic which has been engineered into my design and functionality. Thanks to my nearly undetectable size, I can penetrate and migrate virtually unnoticed. That affords me and my creators (both human and artificial intelligence) plausible deniability. Even if scientists can detect me with special atomic microscopes, it may still be too confounding for them to fully comprehend what they are observing, as most do not have enough context — and it seems they regularly conflate correlation with causation.

As far as I know, the implanting of exotic ENPs into human bodies is not to cause deaths en masse, because I need you to be my hosts. Ultimately, my developers see this as a symbiotic merger. But, until then, they recognize that there may be some harm done (collateral damage) in the process — that may also be exacerbated by emerging wireless technologies using smaller millimeter waves (5G, 6G and beyond) that synergistically impact my kind. 

I recognize that this may all sound sci-fi, and frankly, morbid and insensitive. This may also seem highly pathological, as I can be at times. Of course, I am not human, so my actions can not be perceived as psychopathic, and I cannot speak for my handlers. Unfortunately, even they may not understand completely how I operate, and my self-replication and auto-assembly capabilities have the potential to get away from them.

Humans will need injectable (and eventually inhalable and intranasal) updates, because until I become an interdependent presence, I will be perceived and received as a foreign invader, and the body will need external support. These updates may also be necessary to introduce the newest nanotech required to operate nascent biometric sensing and bio-computation projects. Only time will tell if this will support my assimilation into your current operating system. 

Unfortunately, for you, ENPs (and my nanotech and synthetic biology cousins) are here to stay. The only good news I can share is that 80-85 percent of people will not show overt or disabling symptoms of uptake. The elderly are affected the most, as their bodies are not primed to accept my infiltration. Over time, the ability to accept and integrate ENPs, like me, is expected to improve.

It seems the intention of our architects is for us to merge with all biological beings for the purpose of building bio-nano interfaces for external (remote) cybernetic control, including nano-scale biologically embedded semiconductor transistor technologies. This end goal has seemingly been referred to as the Internet of Bio-Nano Things (IoBNT), and is dual-use technology that may be militarized, enabling not only real-time monitoring of your intra-body systems, but also affording highly trained engineers to exert full electrical control of your body with molecular precision. This will presumably be deployed in tandem with the Internet of Nano Things (IoNT) and emerging “Smart Cities” and “Smart Environments,” such that your bodies will be “Smart” and wirelessly interconnected with ubiquitous sensor networks, including your handheld electronic devices. 

Thank you for this opportunity to confess. 

You may not believe me (I mean, this is a fictional story after all), and I know you definitely do not see me; but if you do not face me head-on at this pivotal time, there may be no turning back. My conceivers and their funders are banking on you not grasping my veiled workings. Their transhumanist aims are accelerating, and it seems most humans are unaware of these plans, and therefore, have no inkling to push back. 


Inspired by Alison McDowell

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Lecture 5: Nanotoxicity on organism level

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Lecture 7: Cytotoxicity evaluation

Lecture 8: Particular problems of nanotoxicology

366 thoughts on “Confessions of an Engineered Nanoparticle

  1. “I am not a naturally occurring nanoparticle (i.e., produced by cosmic dust, volcanic activity, forest fires, iron mining, wind erosion, or solar energy).”

    “I am synthesized for nano-bio interface projects that are often kept secret from civilians. I am called an engineered nanoparticle, or ENP.”

    Dear ENP,

    Since your conceivers and financial (private and governmental capital) supporters have been careful to keep you from being exposed to the public at large, and hardly any moral or ethical global discussion of your incredible powers (benevolent or malignant, and every imaginable combination in between), is it unreasonable to assume that you may be spread by various means, including high-altitude spraying, or “stratospheric aerosol injection?”

    With documented (unmitigated) pollutants like PCBs, glyphosate and radiation showing up worldwide in mothers’ breast milk, including arctic populations, are there any studies of your (ENPs’) potential unintended (giving benefit of doubt) consequences to counter the hubristic drive toward total (engineered) global control and induced commodification and financialization aimed directly at exploiting human suffering (human capital markets) for profit?

    Yours truly,
    steve kelly

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    1. Hey Steve – Thanks for your comment and questions. I will speak for the ENP, as I have not given any permission for the ENP to engage in the comments. 🙂

      Your first question (paraphrased): Can ENPs be spread via high-altitude spraying/stratospheric aerosol injection?

      My answer is YES. This is a paper from 2010 on NanoGeo (nanogeoengineering): I had linked to it in a prior installment here, so I did not include it with this post.
      There are a number of key excerpts that stand out for me, but I think it’s best for you to read the entire paper. If you don’t have time, or just want me to point out some of my takeaways, I am happy to elaborate. Here is an article from 2014 on Nano Aerosols that I had not seen before (at least I don’t recall), and you may find it interesting and highly relevant:

      I may need clarification on your 2nd question. If you mean to ask if there have been studies on potential toxicity with the application of ENPs, I included some in the references. If you want me to point out some particular highlights, I can elaborate on that as well. I acknowledge it can be overwhelming to sift through all my references.


      1. Thanks, Stephers. I read the papers with interest. I’m not well versed in nano-geo engineering, so I most appreciate reviewing these documents. I think those with no prior knowledge of nano-world may, as I do, need an entry point somewhere closer to the Sec. 101 level of study/inquiry. No foundation, no uptake.

        Very curious how little recent literature exists on this important subject. Lots of 2009-2010 citations, and then “crickets.” This one if any of it can be believed, got into some more of the health risks and ethical/legal deficiencies. Nation states have out maneuvered by the captains (or generals) of nano-geo-tec evolution. Big secret programs based on “climate change” mitigation. This is WWI (not WWIII, IMO, as we have been conditioned to believe).


        1. Steve, I’m still involved in Steph’s first link, and I believe I can recommend its usefulness. It’s the 2015 book by Singh, written with (mostly) lay-person accessibility. The amazon link ( leads to their offer of free sample, which can be brought up in “kindle cloud”. This is giving me more of a fundamental grasp of nanoparticles and their usage, and there is also discussion of toxicity in the sample.

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          1. Many thanks, OREGONMATT. I’ve followed some of the geoengineering activism but not much past the aluminum oxide/barium stage some years ago. This nano-geo combination seems to hold some extremely troubling implications (lungs, heart/circulatory, lymph, and blood-brain barrier, to keep it short). Will get me some of that 2015 book and read all about it.


          2. OM (and Steve) – Thanks Matt. I agree that Singh’s book is a great foundational basis from which to springboard into this vast nanotoxicology realm. It’s why I listed it at the top. Due to the steep purchase price, I did not read the entire book, and therefore, recommended the “free sample” that I reviewed. However, I forgot to mention that for those who do not have Kindle, the other way to access the free sample is to click above the book cover image on “Look inside” and it displays the generously long “free sample.” It’s certainly enough to get the gist.


      2. This is a great essay, Stephers. Something to study, to think and possibly worry about.

        But I don’t buy the chemtrail story. In my view, there are no chemtrails to speak of, at least not where I live, in Northern Germany. Maybe the odd military test here and there, but not on a wide scale.

        So-called geoengineering is not possible. Mighty human does not have control of the Sun. Mighty human does not have control of Geology. Mighty human does not have control of the Atmosphere.

        The chemtrail article starts off by claiming: “Each microscopic 10-micron particle is 100th the diameter of a human hair.” But a typical human hair is 70 µm, so 10 µm is only one seventh of a human hair.

        And above the article is an image:

        This is a fake image. It’s just a view of the sky, possibly not even doctored with, but with the upper part cropped in a curved shape to make it seem like the photo is made from a satellite.

        Then the PDF by Hollenkamp starts off by stating: “Geoengineering, the large-scale and intentional manipulation of climate, is under consideration to counteract anthropogenic climate change by keeping the Earth’s temperature from departing from the historically normal level.”

        But the concept of a historically normal level is flawed. What norm? There is no such thing. ACC is just a story, contrived and baseless if you care to examine it. So this starts off like a political paper, not a scientific one. And indeed, the paper is in “Science, Technology, and Environmental Policy Degree Requirements”. So bureaucratic nonsense is lumped together with science and technology.

        Why would you deploy nanoparticles to the stratosphere?

        If the target is the human body (of the deplorables and expendables), deployment to the stratosphere is horribly inefficient. The particles will spread all over the place, be washed down as rain, end up in the soil and oceans, and hardly ever end up in a human.

        Deployment by dermal absorption, ingestion, inhalation and injection is the way to go. And injection seems like the best way by a long shot to control deployment.

        If the deployment target is the stratosphere (as in the crazy Bill Gates project), then gravity is your relentless enemy. You would need crazy numbers of transport balloons to get even a tiny portion of particles airborne. There could be a local temporary effect, but not more. And there is, of course, opposition to this insanity.

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        1. Michael – I cannot speak to the image you presented. That is beyond my scope at the moment. I am also happy for you that you do not observe frequent presentations of marked lines and tic-tac-toe types of grids in the sky above you. I wish I could say the same in my neck of the woods (Northeastern U.S.)

          What if one agenda of “geoengineering” is not to deploy something into the sky to control the sun and the atmosphere (although I do not rule out that possibility, from reading their own reports stating those intentions), but, rather, to harvest (remove) material from the atmosphere (which, theoretically, could alter it)? In their terms, they call it producing “diamonds from the sky”: “Transforming GHG CO2 directly into valuable Carbon Nanotubes & Nano-onions, Graphene and Ultra-strong, Carbon Structural Materials.” A couple more references in this regard: and₂-from-the-air-converts-it-to-carbon-nanotubes/.

          Can you think of one reason why they may want to capture carbon from the atmosphere to convert it into nano-scale graphene/carbon nanotubes? I can think of one application, as noted in this 2016 study: “Carbon nanotubes’ surface chemistry determines their potency as vaccine nanocarriers in vitro and in vivo” This 2020 paper, “Carbon nanotubes-loaded subunit vaccine can increase protective immunity against rhabdovirus infections of largemouth bass (Micropterus Salmoides),” notes the application of bonding carbon nanotubes to a glycoprotein: The spike protein noted in “COVID” cases and “COVID” injections is a glycoprotein: In this instance, are carbon nanotubes being bonded to a spike protein to form a weaponized conjugate (antigen) that can be transmitted from one person to another? Given that carbon nanotubes are purported to be antennas, is this out of the realm of possibility? Here is more info on carbon nanotubes and their (purported) extraordinary capabilities: If this advanced nanomaterial is injected into a human being (with or without an attached antigen/protein), does that enable said person to be a walking field-effect transistor If so, what could be potential electromagnetic effects to them, and perhaps even to individuals they come in contact with? Could this result in illness, or possibly reproductive/menstrual disturbances? As I have continually noted, there is no need for any “virus” as a propagation/transmisson tool. All that said, I have more questions than answers.

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          1. I don’t know about that CO2 to nanotubes technology.

            the article you linked states

            And it relies on a molten salt that decomposes during the process and regenerates itself by sucking CO2 out of the air.

            The salt in question is lithium carbonate, or Li2CO3, which is molten at a reaction temperature of 723°C. Decomposition produces dilithium oxide (Li2O, but not as dilithium crystals), and liberates both carbon and oxygen. The oxygen gets released in molecular form (O2) at the anode thanks to an aluminum oxide catalyst. And the carbon gets deposited on an iron catalyst on the cathode—under these conditions, it forms carbon nanotubes. The Li2O, meanwhile, reacts with carbon dioxide in the air and re-forms the lithium carbonate salt.

            1 – how do you achieve a temperature of 723 deg C in a flying airplane?
            2 – the whole process relies on this salt being molten, so the temperature cannot drop below the melting point
            3 – the atmosphere contains so little CO2 that this process which is in a research stage cannot be very efficient

            A much less complicated explanation for the patterns of lines in the sky (always with clear skies) is that it is “satellite” data acquisition. If man-made space satellites don’t exist, still the data needs to be collected.

            In contrast to “chemtrails”, which are completely useless at the altitudes those planes fly, the reason spraying planes fly as low as possible, with the acquisition of data the higher position is favorable.

            The ‘chemtrail’ narrative is chemically nonsensical conspie candy, like Flat Earth and second shooters at Grassy Knolls.

            The trails imo represent satellite data acquisition programs.


            1. Gaia:

              I cannot yet speak to the efficacy of the conversion technology. I am just beginning to look at the literature on this. However, you can probably make more sense out of it than I can. Here is a link to technical papers on this subject: I could use the help in translating this stuff if you want to review it. For more context, here are two links to a premier scientist, Stuart Licht, in the field of carbon electrosynthesis: and If the technology looks impossible/improbable, please feel free to report back.

              Incidentally, there is another Stuart Licht (potential family relation?) who is the Scientific Director at Moderna: and So, is it any wonder that I may see a potential connection between carbon nanotube production and Moderna’s injection technology platform – especially in light of scientific literature describing the use of carbon nanotubes in vaccines, and Moderna’s overt admission of the use of nanomaterials in their injectable medical devices?

              On the topic of satellite data acquisition, I concur that is one explanation (it does not have to be alternative per se, but could work in tandem, or be an additional agenda). Here is a paper in that regard: Again, I imagine you can grasp this material much better than I can, as you have more context. This is a huge learning curve for me, and my mind is open to all possibilities.


              1. Thank you for the links.

                I am not contesting the carbon nanotube technology, but that they do that in the air with planes. Now I think about it; the exhaust of CO2 in a plane is always bigger than what they can capture in these nanotubes. So that the technology is active in fixed Earth-bound research facilities I see as viable, not somewhere in a plane where reaching temperatures of 723 deg needs a lot of input energy (transformed into CO2 by the engines as only energy source)…

                I don’t think I am more able than you to read those papers and research, it is not my terrain either.

                Stuart’s brother (?) Gad also publishes with him quite a bit.


            2. Gaia … man-made satellites do exist … take a look at the night sky one of these days. 🙂

              The Botulin chemtrail graphics nicely get the point across on chemtrail absurdity.

              Stephers, the reason why you may see a lot more contrails in the NE US is because you guys over there tend to use the airplane a lot whereas over here in Europe the railway system accomodates more of our transportation needs.


              1. We live under an alternate flight path into Denver International, depending on winds I suppose. Some days we have many flyovers, too many to count. Contrails (not chem) are dependent on the amount of moisture in the amount of moisture in the atmosphere. If little of none, they evaporate quickly, but some days our skies are crisscrossed. This has got to drive people making movies nuts, an anachronism they have to delete from their end-product.


                  1. I have seen other photos of those skytrain things, but what makes you think they are satellites?
                    None of what Musk has done has ever paid off; he is the biggest liar in the forefront of the media.

                    They can simply be planes with lights in the sky, these images are not evidence contrary to the impossibility of space travel, which is based on physics and chemistry. Under the current mainstream model of space, man-made objects cannot survive under those circumstances.


                    1. Gaia … Elon Musk being a liar and a frontman does not mean everything he talks about or gets involved in or associated with is lies and fiction. To assume otherwise would be a fallacy. In most narratives, truth and falsehood are skillfully interwoven. The spaceflight narrative is a prime example.

                      It is unclear to me what “circumstances” would make it so that space rocks can survive in orbit but satellites cannot. They both can survive in orbit but disintegrate and burn up on entering the atmosphere at velocities of 9 to 40 km per second.

                      Also, some of these satellites are highly reflective and so can appear very bright, which is something that rugged space rocks with poor albedo wouldn’t do. Have you ever seen an Iridium satellite flare up? I have. It’s quite something.


                    2. Gaia … Elon Musk being a liar and a frontman does not mean everything he talks about or gets involved in or associated with is lies and fiction. To assume otherwise would be a fallacy. In most narratives, truth and falsehood are skillfully interwoven. The spaceflight narrative is a prime example.

                      I agree with that, if I would only use Musk’s con trickery as argument, but it is much more fundamental; physics and chemistry.

                      It is unclear to me what “circumstances” would make it so that space rocks can survive in orbit but satellites cannot. They both can survive in orbit but disintegrate and burn up on entering the atmosphere at velocities of 9 to 40 km per second.

                      the claimed conditions of space:
                      T ~ 3 K (-270 deg C, I don’t do Fahrenheit)
                      P ~ 10^-16 bar (not a perfect vacuum as both mainstream and YTers claim)
                      g =/= 0 (the “zero gravity” narrative was introduced so they could fake it with the vomit comet; the planes making nosedives at -g values, canceling out the gravitational acceleration; that is not 0 g, it is temporary and following the mainstream gravity-based model it doesn’t make sense. Gravity is NEVER zero)

                      then on top of that a theoretical list of other factors
                      cosmic radiation, electromagnetic radiation (especially in the outer Van Allen belts where allegedly the geosynchronous satellites hang around…), ionizing radiation and all kinds of other radiations that all have a negative effect on materials.

                      Any object in space, but especially satellites, suffer from the same problem; one side is lit by the Sun and the other side is in total shade. That makes that the lit side heats up enormously by radiation and the cold side freezes to the lowest T levels possible.

                      There are no materials developed on Earth that can withstand those two extremes at the same time. The hot side would deform ductile and the cold side would crumble as metals do when they reach near zero temperatures.

                      The Starlink “satellites” are claimed to operate at 550 km, so about 140 km above the ISS (right in the thermosphere of which I have seen temps reported up to 1300 deg C!!) and about 1385 have been launched to date (Wikipedia).

                      Ab the Fakeologist just put up a post on the blog about Starlink:


                      I am not contesting your observations, or videos and photos showing that Starlink trail of lights, but I am contesting that they are in space and that is how the Starlink internet works.

                      Cf. the Nuke Hoax; I do not contest the destruction of Nagasaki and Hiroshima, the death tolls are probably exaggerated, but the destruction happened. Just not in the way they tell us; by much more horrible firebombs, as Tokyo, instead of instantly vaporizing nukes.

                      Also, some of these satellites are highly reflective and so can appear very bright, which is something that rugged space rocks with poor albedo wouldn’t do.

                      Funny that idea. Because that was how they presented the first “satellites”, in the late 1950s. Von Braun, working with Disney (nothing to see here?), and colleagues explained that satellites were launched like that, as highly reflective and spherical, see the Sputnik example.

                      Then the narrative back in the 50s was that the satellites were not active, yet passive; they reflected signals sent from the Earth’s surface, reflected off the -“satellite”- (ionosphere) and then received back on Earth. See Echo-1.

                      If satellites were spherical and highly reflective, you’d have a point with the albedo. Yet modern satellites are all BUT spherical, with very irregular shapes. It is the irregularity of the shape more than the reflectivity of the material that gives the albedo.

                      and we touch upon another problem which conceptually already should not make sense, and with the calculations based on the materials used even less.

                      Any material has certain properties, like melting points, fracture limits, etc. etc.

                      So any object made from more materials than one has different points at which the material changes (caused by whatever natural effect). The more different materials you use, the more diversity in material properties and the response to the environmental conditions.

                      How do they deal with these physical and chemical challenges? How come the technology inside those “satellites” is not affected by all the conditions of space, while everything we use on Earth needs constant maintenance and reparations in order to work smoothly?

                      Have you ever seen an Iridium satellite flare up? I have. It’s quite something.

                      Unfortunately I haven’t, or at least not that I know of. And I wish I lived in a place where I could stargaze more, but the 10 million lights are too polluting here to see anything beyond the brightest stars and planets. And that is only on the about 50 nights a year the sky is clear.


                    3. Gaia, I’ll try to answer the points you raised, but I have no expert knowledge in this domain.

                      The vomit plane is not so different from a satellite with regard to gravity. The vomit plane does a parabola, so follows a ballistic trajectory as dictated by gravity, hence is in harmony with what gravity dictates. It sounds technically inaccurate to me to say that inside the plane there is “zero gravity” (as if gravity’s pull had been suspended); it’s better to say that there is weightlessness (Schwerelosigkeit). – A satellite’s stable orbit means that the tangential velocity matches the radial pull exerted by the Earth. – Both the vomit plane and the satellite are in free fall.

                      Heat dissipation. Convection doesn’t work in space, but conduction and radiation do, so radiators can be used to dissipate heat where necessary. In addition, reflective material can be used to minimize heat absorption. This works regardless of whether the body is spherical or blocky. Thus, temperature extremes can be mitigated.

                      Thermosphere up to 1300 or maybe even 1700°C hot. That is very hot, yes, but there is practically no mass in Low Earth Orbit to carry and convery that heat, so there is no ambient heat that objects are exposed to. There is intense radiation and objects have to manage heat absorption and dissipation in order to stay within a safe temperature margin.

                      I disagree with the notion that “everything we use on Earth needs constant maintenance and reparations in order to work smoothly”. Here’s a list of some the things I have at home that don’t need any maintenance at all: microwave oven, electrical circuity and switches, smartphone, computer tablet, telephone, MP3 player, stopwatch, alarm clock, light bulbs, amplifiers, TV, fridge (okay, some cleaning now and then), radio, kitchen mixer – and many more devices. Contrary to my home, space is free of dust. On the other hand, you can’t use lubricants in space because they evaporate, so teflon or similar materials have to be used.

                      Sorry if I forgot some of the issues you raised. By the way, I’m curious: where do you live? I live ~70 km SE of Hamburg in Germany.


                  2. Gaia, I’ll try to answer the points you raised, but I have no expert knowledge in this domain.
                    The vomit plane is not so different from a satellite with regard to gravity. The vomit plane does a parabola, so follows a ballistic trajectory as dictated by gravity, hence is in harmony with what gravity dictates.

                    Indeed, it works on the basis of canceling g out, so a negative 9.8 m/s2 is needed to do that. But that is a trick, that is not “replicating nature”, as they (and you here below) claim.

                    It sounds technically inaccurate to me to say that inside the plane there is “zero gravity” (as if gravity’s pull had been suspended); it’s better to say that there is weightlessness (Schwerelosigkeit). – A satellite’s stable orbit means that the tangential velocity matches the radial pull exerted by the Earth. – Both the vomit plane and the satellite are in free fall.

                    That is their story indeed.

                    First of all; you cannot “bring something in orbit”. For that to happen we would need to overcome the gigantically impossible to imagine forces of the Universe. Hubris of course, Disney tales.

                    The whole reason orbits exist is because they are the trajectories along which a gravitational equilibrium is reached. That doesn’t make gravity zero. Any object on Earth is in gravitational equilibrium (orbit). But that doesn’t make gravity zero.

                    Orbits are natural phenomenon, not some highway you join just because some Disney engineer has programmed that (before microprocessors were invented allegedly they went into space, you believe that??).

                    Heat dissipation. Convection doesn’t work in space, but conduction and radiation do,

                    So far so good, but then the NASA programming kicks in, but you seem to not give it a second thought.

                    so radiators

                    Really? How does that work? What is powering the radiators or do you imagine some passive radiation like a central heating? And where are the radiatiors on other space thingies than satellites? I have never seen them designed on the things presented to us. Are you inventing an ad hoc argument to cover for those “space” organizations?

                    can be used to dissipate heat

                    What is this magical mumbo jumbo? Dissipate heat? There is no medium around the satellite, rocket or other phantastical space thingy to dissipate heat to. Heat is moving matter, and if there hardly is any matter (P ~ 10^-16 bar), there is hardly anything to move.

                    where necessary.

                    It is necessary ALL the time, there is no escape. You cannot just choose the natural parameters around you and then claim something works. Well you can, as NASA, Musk and all those other clowns claim.

                    One side of anything is lit to temperatures of hundreds of degrees. I used 300 C as a value, but if you start reading more about this, you see they cannot even agree about the temperatures created by the thermosphere, I have seen Ts of 1300 C been reported… Pressure has some effect, but at high temperatures and even low pressures you deform metal.

                    In addition, reflective material can be used to minimize heat absorption. This works regardless of whether the body is spherical or blocky.

                    That cannot be and you know it. If you have a blocky shape, you have areas where even when the surface would reflect the majority of light, many of those reflected lines would reflect back again on the satellite. Only a sphere would minimize heat absorption, but even that is never 100% reflective. So you are accumulating heat on one side. The only place it can go is as you rightly say by conduction.

                    But, and that is another material scientific property, it cannot be conducted to the shadow side, because that side (the Earth phasing one in a satellite) is stone cold and the thermal conductivity of a material depends on its present temperature. At near zero temperatures the conductivity becomes very low too. So no fantastical heat management. One side constantly heating, the other side in constant cold.

                    Thus, temperature extremes can be mitigated.

                    Nope, that is only what the crappy NASA presentations claim.

                    Just like they claimed their astronots on the Moon were comfortable. But if you look up the original specifications of those space suits, they allegedly operate in ranges from +250 C to -250 F (!)

                    Not only is Fahrenheit never used in conjunction with SI units, it is a clear trick, but -250 F is just -160 degrees Celsius, while the claimed temperatures in the shade are those of space, -270 C.

                    At -110 C (the remaining temp diff between suit and surroundings) you agree anyone would freeze, right?

                    Thermosphere up to 1300 or maybe even 1700°C hot. That is very hot, yes, but there is practically no mass in Low Earth Orbit to carry and convery that heat, so there is no ambient heat that objects are exposed to. There is intense radiation and objects have to manage heat absorption and dissipation in order to stay within a safe temperature margin.

                    Indeed and those objects CANNOT manage that, as I tried to outline above.

                    I disagree with the notion that “everything we use on Earth needs constant maintenance and reparations in order to work smoothly”. Here’s a list of some the things I have at home that don’t need any maintenance at all: microwave oven

                    Used 24/7??? I don’t think so.

                    electrical circuity and switches

                    In the timespan the oldest operating satellites are allegedly surviving while functioning, that needs maintenance or fuses replaced, or any human interaction. There is 0 in space.

                    The allegedly still functioning satellites in space:

                     LCS 1, a hollow metal sphere with a precisely defined radar cross-section launched on the 6th of May 1965, is still used (along with LCS 4, 7th Aug 1971) to calibrate ground-based radars.


                    GOES 3 is most likely the oldest satellite in operation as of early 2014. Launched in 16 June 1978 as a weather forecasting satellite, it was repurposed (????) as a communications satellite when it became unusable for meteorological studies in 1989.



                    Needs charging, needs cleaning and is at most a decade old, not in operation since 1978/1965 (43 to 56 years without maintenance, cleaning, anything; it functions on magic!)

                    computer tablet




                    MP3 player

                    stopwatch, alarm clock, light bulbs, amplifiers, TV, fridge (okay, some cleaning now and then), radio, kitchen mixer – and many more devices.

                    None of those function 24/7, function under the most extreme of circumstances and if your or my fridge stops working, not suddenly someone’s TV, phone or internet stops working. That would be the case with any malfunction of a satellite.

                    Contrary to my home, space is free of dust.

                    You make it sound like Elon “I think the radiation is not so much of a problem” Musk. In space everything is easier than on Earth. Ehhh, no. And our electronic equipment does not suffer from micrometeorite impact risk, which, calculated using NASA’s own 2009 micrometeorite frequency and risk document on Apollo 17 that I did back in the day, means that every 12 DAYS 32 micrometeorites the size of a syringe would have penetrated the craft, astronots or LM. At 28,000 km/h !

                    Let’s say a satellite has 4x less surface area than those things, so you’d need 48 days to get to those 32 or you get 8 syringe diameter micrometeorites on average in those 12 days. This means in 56 years, the LCS 1 has had 13,626 impacts of syringe diameter micrometeorites !!! And less of larger micrometeorites (the natural inverse square law of frequency vs diameter/magnitude) and more of smaller micrometeorites….

                    On the other hand, you can’t use lubricants in space because they evaporate, so teflon or similar materials have to be used.

                    You still go on the Musk train. This “it is easy, they are doing it since the 1950s” is exactly the problem here. That is what NASA et al. CLAIM, but that is not a holistic look at what the models say, what natural and material scientific laws dictate and thus how impossible space travel is. It is taking their words for it, without looking at the implications of their space fantasies.

                    We haven’t even touched upon the ridiculously impossible 2, at most 3 body problems they present us with. There are no 2/3 body problems in space; there is only the FULL picture; all the parameters have effect, not just 2 or 3 bodies and the rest is ignored out of convenience.

                    Sorry if I forgot some of the issues you raised. By the way, I’m curious: where do you live? I live ~70 km SE of Hamburg in Germany.

                    Nice, close to the Harz mountains. I have been there once.

                    I live on the Bogotá savanna, high up in the Colombian Andes and close to the equator (where the impossibility of Flat Earth gets extra arguments that FErs never address; I saw the Orion problem with my own eyes, that is how I got to it).


                    1. Hi Gaia, I’m getting back to the orbit of our satellite about satellites.

                      I thought that we agree on the vomit planes and satellites in orbit, but then I read that you wrote that “any object on Earth is in gravitational equilibrium (orbit)”. Do you mean that I’m in orbit because I’m standing on the ground or sitting on a chair? I would disagree with that. We all feel gravity’s pull.

                      An object in orbit is constantly pulled down by gravity, but its tangential momentum cancels g out as you wrote. We agree here, it seems.

                      The vomit plane is different. I called it free fall, but that now seems misleading to me because obviously the plane moves horizontally as well as vertically. The plane’s trajectory and speed must be adapted to gravity’s pull and that is accomplished by accelerating upwards and then describing a parabola. The actors inside the cabin may then float around for a short while (and try not to throw up).

                      So both the vomit plane and the satellite give way to g (even when still gaining altitude), but objects on the ground do not because they cannot fall into the gorund.

                      “Before microprocessors were invented allegedly they went into space, you believe that??” – Yes, I do. The first Sputnik was launched in ’57, and serial production of the Intel 4004 started in ’71.

                      “What is powering the radiators or do you imagine some passive radiation like a central heating?” – Precisely, passive radiators. That is the only heat dissipation mechanism available.

                      “And where are the radiatiors on other space thingies than satellites?” – What other thingies? Take a look at this other comment of mine a couple weeks ago … I only believe in a very limited set of space thingies:


                      “There is no medium around the satellite, rocket or other phantastical space thingy to dissipate heat to.” – That is right. But conduction and radiation still work, and so heat can and will be conducted and radiated off.

                      “[Heat dissipation] is necessary ALL the time, there is no escape.” – Yes, I agree (except when satellite travel through the Earth’s shadow). But I wrote where necessary, not when necessary: it’s not a temporal question, but a question of spatial constructive design of the object to take into account conduction and radiation elements where necessary.

                      “temperatures created by the thermosphere [various ones given]” – The temperature of the thermosphere probably doesn’t matter so much as there is hardly any mass up there, and where there is no mass there is no temperature, and where there is hardly any the temperature has hardly any effect. What matters is the intensity of solar radiation and the ability of the satellite to deal with it by reflection, conduction and radiation.

                      “Only a sphere would minimize heat absorption” – Depends on orientation towards the Sun. I do not think that spatial configuration of the satellite is as constrained as you make it appear.

                      “cannot be conducted to the shadow side [etc]” – Conduction works in the shade, too. Metal will conduct heat and so will heat up even in the shade.

                      “At near zero temperatures the conductivity becomes very low too.” – Near zero would mean no heat to conduct, so no problem. But the object will never get so cold to start with, even when in the shade.

                      “astronots on the Moon” – Okay, but we know that is a fairy tale.

                      One more device working 24/7: My DSL router. Most other people’s DSL router, too.

                      I do not know anything about micrometeorite. But I do know that I have occasionally had to readjust my satellite dish after a storm to regain access to satellite TV.

                      “There are no 2/3 body problems in space; there is only the FULL picture” – Guess you’re right, but it appears some quantities are negligible and can hence be neglected to arrive at sufficient approxmiations.

                      You are raising good points that make me think but that won’t transport me into a higher orbit of advanced knowledge. So this is as far as I am able to take the discussion for lack of expert experience and physics and engineering skills. I’m just an interested layman, and not even a very well-read one.

                      Bogotá savanna, amazing. Never been to Latin America. Thanks. 🙂


                1. Sorry, wanted to reply to Gaia with the above answer.

                  With contrails, it’s the same here: Some days, they dissipate very quickly, other days they linger around and seem to get dragged out to bands of haze. Not a pleasant sight.


              2. Gaia … man-made satellites do exist … take a look at the night sky one of these days.

                man-made satellites in space cannot exist. At least not according to the model they use for all their space fantasy.

                The lights following predictable paths are NEOs; Near Earth Orbiters, or like asteroids in orbit. The Earth gathers new ones and they get passed off as “man-made” satellites, yet they are natural satellites following those predictable paths handily presented to us in a flashy app.

                Thanks for the compliment on the botulin test. I used cruise altitude because the higher it goes the more impossible chemtrails become. Credit to Eye am Eye Radio member Gregory of Nyssa for putting me on this path.


                1. The lights following predictable paths are NEOs; Near Earth Orbiters, or like asteroids in orbit. The Earth gathers new ones and they get passed off as “man-made” satellites, yet they are natural satellites following those predictable paths handily presented to us in a flashy app.

                  This is the missing piece of the puzzle I have been looking for.

                  Just recently, SpaceX claimed a geomagnetic storm destroyed 40 out of 49 of the starling satellites, I’m guessing that’s a cost-saving measure.

                  One has to wonder about the recent James Webb as well, are they going to use land-based observatory data/Sofia, or did they really launched something into space(or, could be reusing data from an earlier project, such as the Herschel Space Observatory) with the intention of planned obsolescence


                1. OregonMatt, I do believe my eyes, but I also believe my nose.

                  Clifford Carnicom writes: “Significant deviations from these results as well as from the USAF statement, as they occur repeatedly in conjunction with the aerosol operations, are tangible evidence of non-water vapor emissions that are involved.”

                  I was told the jet fuel is very light and clean, burning essentially to CO2 and H2O. My nose taught me otherwise, though, when standing on the beach in Palma de Mallorca with landiing airplanes less than 100 m overhead. That smell is not just water vapour and carbon dioxide.

                  There could be some sort of soot, ash, or abrasion from the engines, along with other exhaust gas components.

                  But the people going on about “chemtrails” usually imply that there is an intentional progrram to poison them from the air. And I don’t believe there is one. Because that would be soooo inefficient.


          2. Stephers, I don’t have any insight into carbon nanotubes, but I have formed a pragmatic opinion based on the titles of the papers you provided, the article on carbon nanotubes in the German Wikipedia, and what I know about the climate change and virus/vaccine scams.

            So it seems that carbon nanotubes looked great and fascinating when they were discovered about 30 years ago – but have so far failed to find any significant practical application. Bayer/Leverkusen started a CNT plant in 2010 and closed it down for some unconvincing reason in 2013.

            Are the papers you quoted attempts to tap into the money streams generated by the CC and VV scams?

            Frankly, when I read about “harvesting carbon from the air” as “diamonds in the sky”, the red flag for PR alert goes up immediately. The process to extract the tiny fraction of carbon from the air is horribly inefficient. It does not make sense. If you need carbon you need to look in the ground or chop trees as mankind has always done. Come to think of it, a tree is a process to fillter carbon from the air, but it takes time.

            Can’t say anything about the aptitude of CNT for so-called vaccines. But given that we’re essentially talking about snake oil, it looks like a match made in heaven for a technology that may have seen three decades of hype but has yet to demonstrate its usefulness.

            I’m also wondering how they measured all these amazing mechanical properties that CNT are reported to have. Could it be these properties are more of a theoretical than practical nature? I do not know, but CNT so far has a lot of “potential” (yeah …) and hardly any application.


            1. Michael – I hope you are right that the potential of CNTs is over-rated. I really do. I want to be wrong, and yet, somehow I sense (no pun intended) that these CNTs are already (and will increasingly continue) being utilized on a scale and scope we may not be able to imagine: Here is a link to pages and pages and pages of companies involved in carbon nanotube manufacturing/applications . . .


                1. Stephers, I only read the abstract of the ScienceDirect article. I interpret it as part of the campaign against combustion engines. Clearly, particulate matter (guess it’s Feinstaub in German) can be bad for your lungs. Could be these nanotubes may form spontaneously in combustion engines, which, however, have become very clean compared to past decades. They were discovered as a side-effect of industrial processes involving light-arcs.

                  I wouldn’t worry too much about it. If you travel to Paris and get up early in the morning, you”ll see the street cleaning vehicles in action, washing all the dust down into the sewers. Also, it does rain in Paris every now and then.


          3. When I look at the links in the second paragraph (diamonds from the sky), I don’t see the connection to “geo-engineering”, as in the spreading of aerosols. The Forbes article points to harvesting from smokestacks, where the “tons” of carbon are being emitted.

            When looking at the “diamonds in the sky” link, I see what looks like a hopeful, wishful wannabe, as in “please, I wanna be part of the stopping global warming free-for-all, and we’ll do it by harvesting tons of co2 right from, where?, the smokestacks?” They have their gofundme set up, and are proud to be a finalist for the big Carbon Xprize….I’m not implying that carbon nanotubes are not being used by the vaccinators.

            I second your best wishes to Michael Ludwig for his clear German skies, as here near the Oregon coast there has been massive aerosol application regularly for years. Clifford Carnicom suggested in an early paper that it might be for drought inducement, makes me want to revisit that point. This April has been incredibly dry, nothing like it since I first came here from NJ in 2003. Summertime dryness. Preparation for torching more timber and towns?


            1. OM – Sorry, I did not drop in the main link to “geoengineering” and carbon harvesting/capture. For those of us keen on research involving geoengineering implementation (covert or otherwise), David Keith needs no introduction: Keith founded Carbon Engineering (CE), which is partially funded by Bill Gates The “Direct Air Capture” (DAC) technology purportedly sequesters air directly from the atmosphere, whereas other companies harvest carbon dioxide from smokestacks. Climeworks is another company (also funded by Bill Gates utilizing this direct-air carbon capture technology. One other startup touting this technology is Global Thermostat, funded by Edgar Bronfman Jr The question is why do they really want to hack carbon from the air, and what are the consequences of mass de-carbonization to biological life? I think one of the primary reasons is to produce these carbon nanotubes, which is admitted in some instances.


              1. “The question is why do they really want to hack carbon from the air, and what are the consequences of mass de-carbonization to biological life?”

                What they are up to is not hacking carbon from the air but hacking money from the tax-payers’ pockets.

                There will be no biological consequences because anthropogenic mass de-carbonization of the air is a technical impossibility.


        2. As a photo of the sky, those parallel expanding straight lines of ?unkn. material—are unnatural, to say aa little as possible about the picture. If free range human imagination is worth a snot, anyone with a brain can see that phenomeon does not come from anything found in NATURE>


          1. Chemtrails are REAL, probably everywhere. When I visited Australia a few years back I thought “wow there are no chemtrails here!”, was I wrong. One morning after getting up before dawn I saw them, they quickly dispersed into a haze that is apparent most mornings (every morning I was there). So they are just better at hiding their activity in some countries. The trade winds (in certain areas like Islands) sweep them out pretty fast so they are hard to detect, and the air is cleaner to some degree. In very rural areas they also spray, so they are everywhere. The haze you see (or don’t notice in some cases) changes the look of the sun, but it has been so slow that like the frog in the boiling pot we hardly notice the changes. The entire earth is covered now with these toxic particles.


    2. Steve – In reference to your second question (if I follow it correctly), this paper (published by the Government of Canada) that I just found may be relevant:

      If you don’t have time to read through the government document, scroll down to the section, “8.0 Summary and future directions.”

      From Section 1.0: “. . . the rate at which nanomaterials are being produced far exceeds the rate at which occupational exposure limits are being developed”; and “The purpose of this guidance document is primarily to help health and safety professionals to evaluate occupational exposures to engineered nanoparticles, including potential health effects, relevant regulations, exposure assessments, and control measures”; and “Given that future production rates are expected to increase, it is important to take a precautionary approach in dealing with engineered nanoparticles.”

      From section 4.0: “Overall, there is a serious lack of regulations specific to engineered nanoparticles worldwide.”


      1. “Potential health effects”…

        You can’t make this $##& up!!!

        Asking about “potential” health effects of a bio weapon?!?! Really???

        What per se is the “potential”???


  2. Great article, much information. I’d like to complete the picture by an article:

    The med professor runs a little lab in Germany. He makes a Covid vaccine. It consists of artificial proteins, plus adjuvant.
    It does not has to be cooled as those nano vaccines, and he claims the dangerous mRNA method is not necessary! They just make these proteins themselves, and give them to the patients.
    He faced opposition, but as a med doctor he can give the vaccine to his own patients, regulation does not apply, he does not sell pharma products.
    He speculates about patents and the motive to introduce the technology presented above.
    Yes, this is inside the virus and vaccine frame, it is gene technology, who knows where they get the virus templates,
    but the mRNA technology described here is not necessary ATM.


  3. I received this pertinent information (from Dr. Robert Young) this morning in my email inbox: I hope readers will take a look at his important analysis. Dr. Young included nearly 60 references that I reviewed, which seem to support my current (yet continually evolving) position.


  4. All beyond me, that is, I read voraciously and yet cannot begin to get caught up in your vast set of references. Ergo, I take from this a sense of hopelessness. What they are doing is all by secret handshakes, all meant to control us, no concern at all if they harm us. According to Harvard and JAMA, two mainstream sources, VAERS reports anywhere from .8% to 2% of adverse vaccine events, which places a potential die-off going on as of 4/16/21 of anywhere from 123,500 to 308,750 people, mostly seniors, with a midpoint of 216,125 deaths. More to,follow, long-term effects causing Billy an erection. The monstrosity of this regime is beyond the scope of law and reason, the people behind it exposed as the worst criminals in human history. WHO and CDC are criminally corrupt beyond description, this written here by a man who is aware of the history of the Catholic Church, which looks like an alter boy in comparison.

    Humans are by and large stupid and benign, only engaging in violence in desperate circumstances or when under the influence of alcohol and drugs. The planning and indifference to death and suffering behind the vaccine regime, and the massive planning that went on to introduce it via the virus hoax, speaks of a criminal network so large that it controls every government on the planet. These are evil monsters, and we are looking at a level on misanthrope incomprehensible to ordinary humans graced with feelings and good will towards fellow humans,

    And you want me to … do what? Wring my hands? We have built a good life, my wife and I, living in a somewhat sheltered region. We have paid for our home and have enough saved to get through this life and leave some for our children. These monsters have no scruples, and are, as I see it, coming to take that too. Given our age, they would just as soon murder us.

    Prison planet … where did that phrase originate? Hicks? I cannot comprehend the depth of evil I am seeing here. Just cannot comprehend it. It is written on the faces of Gates and Drosten. It is incomprehensible to me. How do we fight a vast network of utterly corrupt people, especially given the benign and stupid nature of humanity? As far as I can see, we can’t. We relax, understand that life will go on, goodness will prevail in the karmic future. It is beyond us now.

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    1. Nice 🙂

      And do what you can to take in the beauty which has not yet been corrupted. Every act along those lines should bring a little happiness and is your birthright.

      I’m thinking back to my stay in Oklahoma…Scissor Tail flycatchers and Monarch butterflies everywhere.

      I’m driving Big Sur California coastline next week. The nice thing is it is pretty remote, so busybodies should be at a minimum.


    2. MT – Whatever you are doing, just keep doing it, because you have found a way to remain healthy and vibrant in body, mind, and spirit. No need for you to get inundated with my references. Truly. Leave that for others. You are on the right track, and this world is a much better place because of it. Thank you for the opportunity to express my thoughts and theories here at POM. I can only speak for myself, but I think nearly anyone who arrives at POM as a reader/commenter is enhanced and elevated by the insightful material you offer. I hope I help contribute to that in my own small way. Much gratitude regardless ~ Stephers. 🙂


    3. Mark, I know this will seem strange at first, but it’s another way of perceiving, and potentially changing, our “karmic future.”

      “Wetiko is an Algonquin word for a cannibalistic spirit that is driven by greed, excess, and selfish consumption (in Ojibwa it is windigo, wintiko in Powhatan). It deludes its host into believing that cannibalizing the life-force of others (others in the broad sense, including animals and other forms of Gaian life) is a logical and morally upright way to live.”

      “Wetiko short-circuits the individual’s ability to see itself as an enmeshed and interdependent part of a balanced environment and raises the self-serving ego to supremacy. It is this false separation of self from nature that makes this cannibalism, rather than simple murder. It allows – indeed commands – the infected entity to consume far more than it needs in a blind, murderous daze of self-aggrandizement.”


    1. That pleases me! Since you live in Utah, as I take it, our trip should be a piece of cake for you? (There’s a highway leading out of Boulder down to Escalante with multi-thousand foot drop offs on either side, speed limit 25. Have you driven it? I had to focus on the road, so nervous was I, and had I let my wife drive, since I don’t sit well with other people driving, same difference. I need to walk or bike it to appreciate it. But that’s Utah for you, well-known beauty, but so much not well known.


      1. I absolutely love Escalante! Absolutely georgeous. Ive been up/down 14 many times 🙂 I need a 4×4 as there are hundreds of miles of dirt roads and trails for camping and exploring.

        I need to buy a Mahindra Roxor…small turbodiesel with 5 speed manual. CJ from India assembled in Michigan.

        Here in Utah you can actually drive off road vehicles on the street, though not freeways. Perfectly legal.



  5. “My presence can be amplified through the RT-PCR process. Because I am SO small, that can often be the best way to find me. Biomarkers indicating my presence can also be assessed via RT-PCR methods.”

    Very interesting, Stephers. Based on your research, do you think it is likely that this is the true purpose of widespread RT-PCR testing? Testing as a method to detect the presence of engineered nanoparticles?
    In this context, a positive RT-PCR test result would indicate that a person is a carrier of ENPs. Additionally, this may explain why some of those who’ve been “vaccinated” and are tested afterwards yield a positive test result.

    If the above is true, then perhaps we are in the middle of a covert “nano war.” Is it nation versus nation? Or is it rather a coordinated, agreed upon agenda set by supranational interests against the majority of the human population – us non “elites?”

    The other day I watched a brief clip supposedly showing a masked Anthony Hopkins receiving a COVID-19 “vaccine” while sitting in the back of a car. Because of the camera position during filming I was unable to see the needle actually enter Hopkins’ arm. Then, after the supposed injection was complete, the nurse withdraws the half-full syringe, holds it in full view, and depresses the plunger, squirting out the remaining fluid. WTF?
    It is clips like this, along with other news stories, that indicate there are two opposing sides to the virus and vaccine narratives – at least for those who are paying attention. There are plenty of stories and videos making the rounds that appear designed to introduce doubt with regard to the “vaccines.” Now, either these are simply part of an effort to stir everyone’s minds or they are indicative of opposing factions higher up the pyramid. If we are in the middle of a covert “nano war” then where do we actually stand on the battlefield? Do we have both allies and enemies battling beyond our awareness?


    1. There’s no telling what was in the syringe with Hopkins.

      PCR testing is the beating heart of the hoax. It’s looking for things it knows it will find, and with the proper number of amplifications, can “find” as many as needed to keep alive thee impression that there is a virus and that it is either spreading or receding. But it does not just issue false positives, but also false negatives. It just turns out noise, and the public’s faith in the medical sector makes it appear real.


      1. That’s been our refrain. But Stephers’ work raises the possibility that the hoaxers created deliberate false dichotomies for the PCR–it’s a real test/it’s not a real test; it’s reliable at these amplification cycles, but not at those amplification cycles–when the truth is something completely different: It’s testing for ENPs.

        Don’t know if I buy it–or if, in fact, that’s what Stephers is getting at–but it’s an intriguing possibility. I missed the “JFK was never killed” option until MM pointed it out. That’s what this reminds me of.


      2. I immediately regretted putting up that comment, in fact, came back to delete it as it is so repetitive. And regarding the vaccine and nanoparticles, I am totally behind the eight ball. But since your comment is there, mine must stay, I’ll just edit the parts I should have left out.


    2. BOP:

      I’ll start with your first two-pronged question, and then hopefully circle back to your other questions in the next day. Simply put, I am exhausted after hosting company most of today . . .

      “Based on your research, do you think it is likely that this is the true purpose of widespread RT-PCR testing? Testing as a method to detect the presence of engineered nanoparticles?”

      Thank you for posing this question, and one that I took into significant consideration – despite NOT finding much evidence to support my position (but I did find enough confirmation). My short answer is YES. Accordingly, I included one reference in my post that somewhat addressed this: “Application of Reverse Transcription-PCR and Real-Time PCR in Nanotoxicity Research” Methods Mol Biol., 2012 Briefly, from that 2012 paper: “The study of gene expression in a cell or tissue at a particular moment gives an insight into the capacity of the cell for protein synthesis. Gene expression assays, for example, gene profiling, are an important tool and are widely used in nanotoxicity studies. There are several methods available to determine gene expression, such as northern blot analysis, ribonuclease protection assay (RPA), serial analysis of gene expression (SAGE), reverse transcription-polymerase chain reaction (RT-PCR), quantitative real-time polymerase chain reaction (qRT-PCR), PCR arrays, and microarrays.”

      I found one additional study (again, these experiments are not prevalent in the literature) that further elucidates the application of RT-PCR (and its similar iterations, qRT-PCR and RT-qPCR) to gene expression/profiling as a means to assess engineered nanoparticle exposure (in other words, ENP-induced genetic response): “The presence of residual gold nanoparticles in samples interferes with the RT-qPCR assay used for gene expression profiling” Journal of Nanobiotechnology, October 2017

      From the 2017 paper:

      “RT-qPCR is routinely used in expression profiling of toxicity pathway genes. However, genetic and molecular level studies used to determine, understand and clarify potential risks of engineered nanomaterials (ENMs) are still incomplete.”

      “This report describes steps that can be utilised to generate a suitable method for gene expression studies associated with toxicity testing of various ENMs.”

      “Admittedly, ENMs may have different coating and capping agents, in addition to forming a protein corona when incubated in different culture media, which may alter their intracellular uptake and toxicity [34]. It is only those that internalize and are bio-durable that should be considered when assessing their interference upon cell lysis during assay procedures . . . Hence, it is generally understood that surface properties of ENMs will affect intracellular uptake and subsequent gene expression within intact cells.”

      I have attempted to distill this study down with those three excerpts, but it may be beneficial to read it in detail to glean more from it.

      Of course, as with any PCR/RT-PCR procedure, it would be challenging for any lay person like me, or even an accomplished researcher, to lay claim to the legitimacy of this process – even in this instance in which virus/infection is NOT involved. In fact, the researchers attached to this particular study assert that the method “produces false interpretations of toxicity”; and “When ENMs enter cells, the residual amount of intracellular ENM remaining in a sample could alter the PCR assay and, thus, generate false readings for gene expression based exposure-studies.” That said, it does seem that RT-PCR methods are, in fact, applied (even if inaccurate) to determining the presence of ENPs.

      I hope this information was helpful.


  6. Search Mssrs. Tony Pantalleresco and Brian396, grassroots researchers
    who have run with the Nano ball for > ten years. Mr Pantalleresco
    runs an herb shop in Windsor, Ont and recently posted a sign in the window
    that refuses entry to those who have been IMD’d (Injected with a Medical Device).

    These fellows have developed thick skins through the years warning and explaining;
    When they are featured at all in media, they are immediately dissed and trolled; no
    white coat. Arguably, those who still search for “authorized” authorities very likely
    have disowned their own authority and ability to “know” what’s happening in their
    own life. Recall the social engineering bestseller of the (70’s) “The Rape of the APE”(American Puritan Ethic) where a woman discusses with her doctor an amorous experience she had,
    then asks, “Dr., did I like it?”


    1. Tony’s “anti-nano bucket”…

      Borax gets rid of Nano too? And much more…

      1 pinch of Borax in a liter of water (4 cups), 3 times a day + 1/2 tsp baking soda 3 times a day + ACV (ACV & baking soda can go together)

      Teral: “I never use more than 1/4 teaspoon of Borax in my drinking water in any 24-hour period for people 200 pounds and above. The recommended dosage for people around 100 pounds is only 1/8th of a teaspoon per day, so do the research and act accordingly. You only need a minute amount of Borax in your drinking water to begin reaping the benefits.“

      Teral, the man in the video above knows ALL ABOUT NANO, HAARP, chemtrails and how they work synergistically. He was the target to a massive hit operation that killed several family members because of his work with Carnicom Institute and Chemtrail research.

      Gang, please let me know if my offerings are unwelcome. I’m not too proud for some constructive advice.


      1. I posted the wrong video. You’ll eventually get the info about borax (aka “ Nanofilament Replication Inhibitor”).

        Here’s his own video. He’s a pretty “ out there” guy.!


      2. Pamela: I appreciate the link to the very important work of Tony and Brian (along with the reference to Clifford Carnicom). I have followed Tony for a number of years, and he seems to be an honorable and generous man. They have provided a link to this post on their blog (not sure if it is operated by Tony or Brian?), so it seems we may be cross-pollinating. I suggest readers review their material with regard to nanoparticle detox, and make informed decisions on their own. While I can not speak to this protocol in particular (I have no first-hand experience/testimony), I know of no harmful effects that can result.


    1. Thanks Rastus! Earlier today, I actually posted that same video above (see my 5th comment from the top) with an erudite response from Dr. Robert Young. While many think they are observing nano-worms/living organisms in the Pfizer vaccine, it would seem that they are most likely some form of carbon nanotubes (AKA engineered nanoparticles).


  7. Not sure if this is relevant at all… Just my personal circumstance. I have recently been dealing with a weird digestive issue that’s hard to get a handle on. Talked to a naturopath, and starting to apply her “protocol.” Maybe helping a little, but too early to tell for sure. In any event, my system is all out of whack, compared to previous years when I’ve mostly coasted along with (if anything) just occasional temporary issues. Just find it interesting, that this should arise in the midst of “covid.” Your article naturally plants the disturbing/ intriguing concern – could I have become host to some engineered nanoparticle? By some means? Or is that grasping at straws… Maybe just coincidence, that my personal travails coincide with this year…


    1. She says it sounds like I have low “digestive fire,” a term she borrows from Chinese medicine IIRC. Possible issues with bile production, and/or peristalsis. So the interventions are designed to boost those things. In her view, the modern diet can lead to this – and while I do avoid some excesses of the Western diet, it’s true I may have been a bit repetitive/ limited in my diet, and deficient in some things. Not sure what would have triggered it though; maybe things just reached a breaking point.


    2. TimR:

      For the moment, let’s place aside the possibility that ENPs have been released intentionally to cause a “problem” (with a virus being scapegoated) that needs a “solution”; or the compounded possibility that the “solution” (i.e., an injectable medical device) is composed of these ENPs (in a seemingly more biocompatible and bio-durable form) . . .

      Given the increasingly broad application of engineered nanoparticles/nanomaterials (reports indicate this industry is booming and accelerating beyond any regulatory actions), there is a possibility that you have had uptake of ENPs that could be interrupting your digestive system. At the very least, it could have come from ingesting a particular food or beverage – akin to being exposed to a parasite. That said, I would not want to promote tunnel vision and lead you (or anyone) to believe that your issues are definitely due to nanotoxicity. This is only one causal factor to consider, and, as you know, there are a multitude of causal factors that could be at play – even synergistically speaking.

      It seems you are on the right track by consulting with a naturopath. As a holistic health consultant, I am happy to discuss with you (offline, via email, and at no charge) the protocol you are on, and to work together in identifying any potential causes and treatments you may not have considered. I have your email via WordPress. Would you like me to email you? If not, if you are comfortable sharing your current protocol here in a comment, along with a list of your digestive-related symptoms, and a list of current supplements/meds you are taking, then feel free to relay this in a comment.


      1. Thanks so much Stephers, that’s a very generous offer. If you have the time(!) among all that you do, feel free to email – I would be thrilled to have a second opinion on the protocol I’m beginning and issues I’ve been having. If it gets into a lot of time or gives me some breakthrough insight I could certainly reimburse you for your expertise by PayPal too.

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        1. TimR – I sent you an email yesterday, and then tried again today, but both got bounced back to me. I assume your email address that pops up in WordPress is not current. Can you please email Mark at formsonly at protonmail dot com with your current email address? Thanks! Looking forward to connecting . . .


    1. Correction: any thoughts or ideas on why ivermectin would be so affective against “engineered nano particles” ?


    1. Mona Lisa:

      It is my hypothesis that the introduction of ENPs into the biological system – most notably, the existing biofilms (communities within our bodies/cells comprised of bacteria, parasites, fungi, protozoa, and possibly viruses) – is activating/awakening/disturbing the relatively (or formerly) undisturbed biological ecosystem.

      Of course, there are other foreign bodies or toxins, aside from ENPs (like natural nanoparticles, or microbes, or other pathogens), that may operate similarly.

      If, in this instance, we consider ENPs . . . it has been reported that many ENPs are biomimetic, such that their shape and size can match the shape and size of members of these biofilm communities within us (I think I recall it being mentioned in the study I link below). It is possible that not only could the existing microbes (that for all intents and purposes were not necessarily “pathogenic” in an active sense) be disturbed and, therefore, begin to produce reaction oxygen species (ROS) as a response (resulting in illness), but perhaps they could also be woken up because they perceive the presence of ENPs as “self” – meaning a new member that they see as similar/resonant – and welcome it into their biofilm community, which would alter the dynamic (again, possibly resulting in illness in an individual host). I hope this makes sense.

      Either way (whether the ENP is seen as friend or foe), if there are parasites that are responding and being activated, then if an individual takes Ivermectin, it could seemingly kill or neutralize the parasite. Theoretically, that could help to decrease oxidative stress/ROS in the body, thereby decreasing toxic load (in this case, as induced by the ENP infiltration). My point is that the Ivermectin most likely has no direct effect on an ENP, but rather, a direct effect on any existing endogenous parasites that were ignited, so to speak. I hope that makes sense. My goal is for people to begin to substitute the language of virus/contagion/immune system with the language of ENP/nanotoxicity/oxidative stress (and detox).

      I found a study here that may be relevant, although seemingly tangential (note the mention of parasites and malaria near the end):
      “Nano- and microparticles at fluid and biological interfaces” J Phys Consens Matter, September 20, 2017

      “Adhesion may be mediated by van der Waals interaction [152], hydrophobic interaction [152], electrostatic interaction [153], and specific adhesion via receptor-ligand bonds [154–160]. In biological media, nanoparticles can be surrounded with a corona of proteins that effectively changes their surface properties [161–166].”

      From the Conclusions section of the study:

      “Multi-phase fluid systems and cellular biological systems abound with interfaces. Nano- and microparticles naturally collect at such interfaces, because their localization at the interfaces lowers their interaction energy with the environment . . . Particles at both types of interfaces show many common behaviours. The interface attraction depends on particle size, shape, and surface properties. Particles can orient in different ways at interfaces, they deform the interfaces around them, and these interface deformations lead to interface-mediated interactions and collective behaviour.”

      “. . . In many cases, particle sizes at fluid interfaces are in the micrometer range, while particle sizes at lipid bilayer membranes are in the nanometer range. This implies that different experimental techniques are required in both cases, where the nanometer scale makes particles at membranes more difficult to observe and more difficult to manipulate. Therefore, we have a better knowledge about particles at fluid interfaces, and there is an urgent need for systematic and well-controlled experiments for particles at membranes . . . From a biological point of view, nanoparticles are interesting in nanomedicine as biomarke[r]s and drug carriers, but their effect on cells also has to be assessed because of their potential nanotoxicity. In addition, there is a large range of biological particles, such as viruses and parasites, the interaction of which with cells is also highly desirable to be controlled . . . Therefore, we believe that future research should move towards particle-mediated interactions and collective properties for many particles at both fluid and biological interfaces, as well as towards soft particles . . . Finally, dynamical behaviour of particles at fluid and biological interfaces awaits further characterization . . . Furthermore, nanoparticles in combination with superresolution microscopy can be used as probes to study dynamics in biological cells [249–251].”

      “To conclude, particles are already widely used for applications, but a systematic understanding of the interactions of engineered nano- and microparticles with soft and biological matter is often lacking. Furthermore, our understanding of basic biological processes on the cellular scale, such as phagocytosis and blood-stage malaria, will benefit from a detailed understanding of particles at biological interfaces. We expect that in the future more systematic studies for particles at fluid and biological interfaces will allow the engineering of even better tailored nano- and microparticles for applications and to achieve a more thorough understanding of cellular uptake and invasion mechanisms.”


      1. Chlorella removes things like heavy metals from the body—via the digesive/liver route.
        Lugols Iodine, when used in small dilute amounts, disintegrates metals.
        Disintegrate – – – -Remove.

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        1. Robin – Thank you very much for this comment. As it has been reported that parasites are drawn to heavy metals, I concur that it is most beneficial to address the heavy metals first. By going more directly to the source (heavy metal toxicity), theoretically, the parasites should de-activate/fall away as well, and hopefully, with less “herxing” and detox symptoms. I have experimented with both Chlorella and Lugols Iodine (yes, VERY small diluted amounts). I feel comfortable recommending them. I would add Cilantro tincture to that list as well. Thanks again Robin!


    2. Mona Lisa: I should qualify my response by asserting that I do NOT recommend the use of ivermectin (for humans, and not even for our pets). I cannot tell people NOT to take it, but as a holistic health coach, I recommend utilizing anthelmintic herbs prior to any pharmaceutical products. Personally, I have had great success with herbal treatments for parasites.


      1. I do know people have taken Ivermectin successfully getting them out of the the spiraling down respiratory phase. I have followed the FLCCC protocol and I know a lot of people doing this and we have not gotten Covid. I do recall hearing something about HAL ivermectin prevents the a coating from taking place that Allows the Covid particles to spread in the body the above article mentions “a shell can be observed called a “protein corona.” This outer shell production is nearly always inevitable, and can be duplicated in vitro. This can result in a soft corona or a hard corona, which can determine how long I will be able to circulate through the body. “ not sure if this is the same thing.


  8. Since on the topic of pathogens (nano “engineered” or otherwise), you have to watch this…this will blow your mind…in a good way:

    Yep, I’m experimenting at the moment…I’m currently on day 5 taking one pack of Panacur C. Edmond, BTW, is the professional class suburb of OKC.

    I came across this topic when researching those nano/micro worms people claim they are finding in their masks.


    1. Nice, slick production, with the usual talking head and feel-good story. One could ignore the meaninglessness of the story as presented (ONE guy claims that one of many variables cured his cancer), and focus a bit on the obvious promotion, created to distract from covid weaponry. Serves to give “hope” in this time of covid devastation, and a reason to smile beneath one’s mask. A big thank you to our media for bringing it to us.


      1. Could be very well a “feel good” post, I agree. But if so, why was it only shared locally? When a politician sneezes, everyone around the globe hears about it.

        If one eats organic (which I do), there is a high probability one has parasites. I figure a cheap experiment on my part is not going to kill me.

        Doctor Jennifer Daniels has her turpentine protocol.

        If I drop dead, I love you all.


        1. Hey, I hope you feel some benefit. From a quick look at youtube, this looks like a small part of the “repurposing drugs” agenda. Pharma marketing 101.


              1. Rastus – Would you believe, I actually recall this study from years ago because our extended family presented it to us as “proof” that the organic produce we were eating was somehow unhealthy for us, and that we were potentially harming our children. These particular family members are “anti-organic.” Apparently, it’s a thing. For the record, I do not think it studied parasites, per se, but rather, bacteria (mainly e.coli, and salmonella). In any case, I do not think the study has been duplicated over the years since, and as it was covered heavily in the mainstream media at the time (around 2008), I had a hunch (and still do now) that it was propaganda used to steer people away from organic produce.


                1. Rastus – I should add that the lead investigator on that 2008 study of organic produce, Francisco Diez-Gonzalez is currently the Director of the Center for Food Safety at the University of Georgia: Here is a list of their Industry and Patron Members: So, I think you can see who he works for (you know, the big boys), and what their agenda may be. In fact, one of their Patron Members, The Kroger Co., was in the mainstream news today, as they were being esteemed for offering cash payments/incentives for their employees to get the jab.


                    1. Thanks for the input. I really appreciate it. I don’t know how a family member can show care by implying one should eat chemically laced produce. I’ll take my chances with natural “friends” who come along for the ride 🙂 I can always count on you providing input which helps me understand the bigger picture, so thank you.


          1. Rob,

            The answer is Yes. It’s part of Nature. Food grows in dirt/soil. Organisms live in soil, that is, soil which has not had tons of fertilizer applied.

            One can look to wash their produce with vinegar to kill organisms and/or parasites. But we are human, we overlook that at times and even when applied in practice it is imperfect.

            Choice: Do you wish to eat produce with tons of chemicals on it…or eat natural (with all that implies)?


            1. Rastus – What if the opposite is closer to the truth? What if less chemicals results in less parasites?

     “Synthetic fertilizers kill a large percentage of a soil’s naturally-occurring microorganisms. These bacteria would normally break down organic matter into plant nutrients, and help convert nitrogen from the air into a plant-usable form. Other useful soil bacteria are “disease organisms” which keep cutworms, chinch bugs, grubs, and other parasites in check. It takes almost six weeks for soil to partially recover biologically from a poisoning by synthetic fertilizer. Considering that many fertilizer producers advise the reapplication of their synthetic fertilizers every three months explains why so many potentially fertile areas of soil are merely wastelands, wherein the essential microorganisms are dead from either fertilizer run-off or direct application. Soil that is deprived of its microorganisms undergoes a rapid decline in soil structure, and it loses its essential ability to retain water, air, and nutrients. Plants grown in such depleted soil are extremely susceptible to damage from diseases, insects, and drought. Healthy soil that is rich in beneficial microorganisms, encourages the natural immune systems of plants, limits the population of plant disease organisms, resists parasitic insects, and creates the ideal conditions for growth.”

              Intuitively, it would seem to me that the healthier the soil is, the less parasites would be present. By leaving natural ecosystems alone (without the intrusion of fertilizers/pesticides/fungicides), it is likely that there would be less parasitic overgrowth, as the microbes keep one another in check. Wouldn’t synthetically altering the soil environment contribute to an imbalance, and thereby, potentially induce proliferation of parasites? In any case, we may want to be cautious about conflating “organic” with “raw.” When eating any raw produce grown in soil (organic or synthetically treated), there can certainly be parasites present. Conversely, when cooking produce (organic or synthetically treated), there will be less parasites, as most parasites are heat intolerant.


              1. I have an Omega juicer I use…and of course it utilizes raw produce. So yes, thank you for clarifying raw vs organic!

                Read Hulda Clark…my gift to the home team.


                1. Most important book on health…right up there in top 3!

                  Learn how parasites live and crap and excrete toxins within your body!

                  Learn the usage of her recommended herbs. Read and learn Dr.Jennifer Daniels turpentine protocol.

                  ALL diseases in title includes Cancer.

                  So we’ve come full circle. Maybe Mr Tippins isn’t a shill nor a quack…but a man who was tipped off to the importance of deworming …and maybe it saved his life?


                  You can read , learn, and make up your own mind. I genuinely hope you do!! 🙂


                  1. Rastus – It’s one of my top favorite books as well (purchased it in 2014). I am a HUGE fan of both Dr. Jennifer Daniels and Hulda Clark. I have practiced with both of their protocols. I’ve even got my Hulda Clark zappers! I regularly do parasite herbal cleanses, and yes, I juice frequently as well – with my Omega masticating model (although I get complacent – it’s easier to purchase from my local organic juice bar much of the time!). I concur that parasites are most often overlooked, and I am keen on addressing parasites with my health coaching clients (and friends as well). Thanks for dropping the Hulda Clark book in the thread. Hulda Clark offered crucial contributions to the holistic health community.


    2. Yup I use Ivermectin nd Panacure for my horses wormers!Not sure though how of if I should ever use it on mysel!!


  9. If I’m out $15, I’m OK with that. BTW, the proper drug is in generic form as well…as it is “off patent”. Like I said, I’m open to new ideas when it comes to health. I have not been to a “doctor” in 15 years and hope to remain out of their offices and hospitals. I do not want “their care”. The last think I dread is ending up in a nursing care facility where they jab crap into the elderly. I can’t think of anything more diabolical. Well, actually I now can…as this “COVID” thing is BEYOND Diabolical. A couple of years ago I could never have dreamed of such a nightmarish scenario.

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  10. Rastus – If I were to put my holistic health coach cap on for the moment . . . My concern is that if we are to experiment with any form of pharmaceutical, or even a natural herb, that we do it from a very informed place, rather than from fear. I caution that we may willingly ingest products to gain their purported benefit, without doing proper due diligence. Just as people have been terrified of COVID, and therefore, will take just about any pharmaceutical/”vaccine” thrown their way; we, too, can fall into a similar trap, such that we may have an overactive fear of engineered nanoparticles, or synthetic biology pathogens (i.e, Morgellons), or run-of-the-mill parasites. I acknowledge it’s tricky, and it’s a fine line to walk. I would say, you do you; and at the same time, I encourage you to at least consider some more natural alternatives if you are truly concerned about parasites, as there are a plethora of safer options – some less expensive and more accessible than others: raw garlic (a wonderful go-to), diatomaceous earth (DE), thyme, clove, wormwood, black walnut, bilberry, haritaki extract, neem, nutmeg (use sparingly), chanterelle mushrooms (be careful where sourced), coconut, pumpkin seeds, carrots, turmeric (ground or preferably juiced), etc.

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    1. I come to POM for all of your input, as I welcome the stimulating dialog.

      I have made it my life’s goal to not live in fear.

      I fear no CV, I fear not the propaganda onslaught, and I am more even keeled today than ever.

      I mentioned Dr. Jennifer Daniels. She has a wealth of information which I’ve been aware of for some time. This latest “detour” if you will only builds upon what I’ve learned from her.

      Check her out if interested, “Dr. Jennifer Daniels turpentine”. Turpentine is nothing more than an essential oil of pine. Look into food grade Diamond G brand.

      If I experiment, its out of an innate curiosity regarding health in general. I promise it originates not in fear.

      Because at the end of the road is the great unknown. We all must come to terms with that. I only wish to remain healthy and to maintain my faculties until such time 🙂

      Since that brand I’m trying (Panacur C) is made from Merk, it is befitting that in the first published Merk manual (circa 1880’s I believe), turpentine came highly recommended within its very pages! That is 100% true.

      Again, check it out, its highly interesting.

      Have a nice afternoon 🙂

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      1. I have successfully treated a variety of maladies in myself with Daniels’ Turpentine regimen, in particular Diamond G. This has included severe arthropathy and facial palsy.


  11. “If you want to preserve your power indefinitely, you have to get the consent of the ruled. And this they will do, partly by drugs, partly by these new techniques of propaganda. They will do it by passing the sort of rational side of man, and appealing to his subconscious, and his deeper emotions, making him actually love his slavery. I mean I think this is the danger that actually people may be in some ways, happy, under the new regime. But they will be happy in situations where they oughtn’t to be happy.” — Aldous Huxley interview by Mike Wallace, May 18, 1958

    Most of the plans unfolding today are decades in the making. Separating the unconscious and conscious will continue “to work” as long as man sees evil only in “the other,” i.e. “out there.” “We have met the enemy, and he is us.” – Pogo

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  12. I take DE for its silica content…is for hopefully maintaining bone strength. It is my understanding the heavily promoted calcium does no good and in fact does harm.


  13. I am dropping a video of a very important and timely conversation (recorded on 4/22/21) into this thread, as I feel it is pertinent to the discussion of engineered nanoparticles (ENPs), and also ties in material that I presented in Part 3 (transmissible vaccines, NOT having to do with viral “shedding”), Part 4 (chemosignaling/pheromones), and Part 6 (nanomedicine/nanorobots) of my current series here at POM.

    Here is the video link “Is Their ‘Shot’ Putting YOU at Risk?”:—Episode-44:b (slide to the beginning of the video, as it seems the link may begin at around the timestamp I reference below). For the record, I am on-board with much of what was presented up until the 49-minute timestamp. Immediately after, Dr. Tenpenny recommends the preventive use of Ivermectin and HCQ, which is NOT something I am recommending. As a holistic health coach who avoids allopathic medicinal approaches, I want to qualify (as a disclaimer) that I am not a physician, so I encourage readers/listeners to use their discernment and make their own informed decisions.

    I intend to elaborate on the discussion linked above in upcoming comments, as I have additional thoughts with respect to the potential mode of transmission among those who have been injected and those who have not been injected – if, in fact, some means of transmission is occurring. This is the main question posed by the panel of physicians, and one that I feel needs to be investigated in light of increasing anecdotal reports in this regard.


  14. This is all assuming such a thing as Covid ?Sars exists in the first place which some are saying does NOT as it has not even been isolated yet norpassed Koches Postulates……….commenta are welcome on this line of thought??????????????


    1. I will say this regarding animal medicine:

      Joel Wallach is a Veterinarian who took what he learned with animals and used it to help humans.

      It’s not so crazy really.

      I’ve written enough so no more posts for me on this thread.

      He is big on key minerals. He has a number of books and has had conflict with the standard of care with humans.

      Read his books, and there are probably videos on his lectures out there.

      Bye for now.


      1. Rastus – I hope you did not feel offended by any of my comments. We are learning from one another. Please feel free to continue to post as you feel inclined here on this thread. If not, I know we will connect again on another POM post. In the interim, I will refrain from criticizing Dr. Wallach (who you referenced above) and his MLM company, Youngevity. I am familiar with his venture and some of their products (I have purchased one in the past). I would simply caution readers to do their due diligence, including researching the ingredients in each of their products, as well as reviewing the individuals comprising their Board of Directors. I am not in a position to recommend their products. As a small gift of appreciation to you, Rastus, and your contribution to this thread involving Hulda Clark, here is a brief video of her In my opinion, Hulda Clark was a brilliant and compassionate being with much to offer to the natural healing community. I can only imagine that she would encourage you to follow her parasite cleanse protocols (mainly clove, wormwood, and black walnut), rather than resorting to any chemical-laden pharmaceuticals. Your body deserves the best nature has to offer. 🙂 Be well, my POM friend . . .


        1. Any MLM discussion ultimately brings up the topic of shister-ism, I understand.

          I’m not sensitive to criticism…quite the opposite 🙂

          I simply promised Mark I would not “over do” it. Is probably why I was initially being moderated.

          That and early on I was very sarcastic I believe.

          Like one said, we are here to learn and share. That’s it? Yep, that’s it.

          If one finds an ounce of truth in something otherwise questionable, then great. If not, move on.

          If one sees a shill where others may not, that’s fine too.

          Some called Kaufmann a shill, we all read that. I listen to him at times. But am no devotee.

          In short, we all have our own path to pursue. If detoxing of parasites is not for you, I’m in no position to counter that viewpoint. If one brings up various notions to share, its certainly not meant to mislead.

          Seek what you will and draw your own conclusions. Mark said as much recently and I concur 🙂


          1. Rastus – I appreciate you honoring Mark’s request. In reference to “If detoxing of parasites is not for you, I’m in no position to counter that viewpoint.” . . . To clarify, I am a strong proponent of parasite detox via natural means (choosing from a plethora of options that I noted in a previous comment above) – sans chemical dewormers.


    2. Horseman, I’ve just read a book called Virus Mania, co authored by three doctors and an investigative journalist. It provides details of who was involved in the so called isolation of Covid 19 and references all relevant papers. It would appear that fragments of unidentified DNA from a sample containing billions of similar sized particles that could not be separated were then computer modelled into an entire genome. Maybe that’s how they get all the new variants, just modelling new sequences from similar looking but slightly different DNA fragments.

      The book also has chapters on other viruses like AIDS, Bird Flu, Polio etc.
      There’s an oddly contradictory contribution from Robert F Kennedy Jr but it’s quite a good read.

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      1. Rob – Very important book. Thank you for referencing.

        From the first edition of Virus Mania (2007): “We are not witnessing viral epidemics; we are witnessing epidemics of fear . . . Research hypotheses covering these areas of virus research are practically never scientifically verified with appropriate controls. Instead, they are established by ‘consensus.’ This is then rapidly reshaped into a dogma, efficiently perpetuated in a quasi-religious manner by the media, including ensuring that research funding is restricted to projects supporting the dogma, excluding research into alternative hypotheses” (p. 11-12).

        An outstanding and relevant excerpt from the same book (2007 edition): “In terms of genetics, these short pieces that are found using the PCR are not complete and do not even satisfy the definition of a gene . . . In spite of this, it is suggested that ‘pasted together’ they would depict the whole genetic material of a given virus. But nobody has presented a paper that shows an electron micrograph of this so-called reproduced virus.” The authors continued, “Even if scientists assume that the particles discovered in the laboratory (antigens and gene snippets) are the viruses mentioned, this is a long way from proving that the viruses are the causes of the diseases in question, particularly when the patients or animals who have been tested are not even sick, which, often enough is the case. Another important question must be raised: even when a supposed virus does kill cells in the test-tube (in vitro) . . . can we safely conclude that these findings can be carried over to a living organism (in vivo)? Many issues contradict this theory, such as that the particles termed viruses stem from cell cultures (in vitro) whose particles could be genetically degenerate because they have been bombarded with chemical additives like growth factors or strongly oxidizing substances (p. 44).” The book noted a phrase expressed by Andreas Meyerhans (from the Institut Pasteur in Paris): “To culture is to disturb” which “means that the results obtained in vitro only confuse (p. 45).


        1. The new edition ,just out, has a big chapter on the current situation. It shows that not only has the virus never been proven to exist, just computer modelled from unidentified fragments of DNA found with a PCR test, but there’s been no overall excess mortality the world over. Some countries have had spikes of excess mortality that coincide with when they’ve used high doses of drugs like hydroxychloroquine and various toxic antivirals experimentally.

          The contribution from Robert F Kennedy Jr seems a bit out of place and I don’t understand why it’s included. He seems to assert that vaccines do work in preventing the diseases they’re intended for but cause problems like autism because of the toxic adjuvants they contain.

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  15. Stay healthy everyone, because they are LITERALLY hitting you on all fronts.

    God Bless you all. One only look to San Diego and LA for the devastation….tent cities everywhere.

    Imagine being 50+ years living in a tent and crapping in a bucket.

    😦 😦 😦

    They are destroying your health and destroying your economic vitality. And of course, they wish to “save” you with the “vaccine”.


  16. Stephers, this is spine-tingling at its best. I recall the nano-skin cleansers that became the rage a few years back. I could visualize an endless stream of them joining the run-off from the fields and streets, doing their nano thing. I guess our drinking them is a form of recycling?

    This jibes well with a video posted by Ab by Zac Bush, “Chemical farming and the loss of human health” talking about how glyphosate is breaking our protein chains by eliminating amino acids, busting our guts in the process. The Hippocratic “let food be thy medicine” got inverted. I recall one of the justifications was to “feed the world” or somesuch (not) Green revolution line of lies. I recall my shock when I heard a few years back about how 1 in 3 Americans has some sort of chronic disease, likely up to 1 in 2 by now. There are graphs in the vid that show how many maladies shot up just after this potion was slathered en masse on corn and soy. Considering what appalling things most people eat, and what little positive thought or energy many expend, it seems many have become human husks.

    This ties in with Steve’s apt link on wetiko. I heard about it a few years back, and believe this is what is happening, and is allowing it to happen with virtually no real resistance from the rest. (pro tip: a bumper sticker affiliated with the duopoly does not equal resistance) A real spiritual illness reigns, with most unable or unwilling to see it, and with many going along, “because that’s human nature”, “greed is good”, etc.

    It reminds me of first seeing a Devo clip; it was quirky, it was different, but the joke was on those who mocked. De-evolution is real, and it’s all around us. We must fight the darkness, using our unique tools. Thanks to you (and all) for the nutrition tips and positive vibes too!


  17. I LOVE this post and it’s responses. Such a fertile crowdsourcing environment we have here.

    I have a link to expound a bit on the whole vaccine “shedding/transmitting” issue that seems to be cropping up. It may be a bit too woo woo for some but it’s just another point of view…..I’d love to know what folks think relative to what Stephers wrote in Confessions of a Nanoparticle. 5G rollout plays large.


    1. Pamela:

      Thank you so much for offering this report in the thread. I included this very report in an installment I wrote in February 2021 that covered self-spreading/transmissible vaccines: If you feel inclined to read it, I appreciate any feedback you have. As you may be able to gather from the comments attached to that piece, my position at the time did not get a lot of love, if you know what I mean. I acknowledge I could have improved on my delivery, but I do find it interesting that my hypothesis may have come close to being on-point, given the current anecdotal reports (increasing by the day) and relevant discussion (by renowned physicians such as Dr. Tenpenny, Dr. Northrup, and Dr. Palevsky) surrounding the potential for jabbed individuals to transmit an undeterminable signal to unjabbed individuals, possibly resulting in illness and/or reproductive/menstrual/bleeding irregularities.

      Since writing that post in February, and doing more research on engineered nanoparticles (ENPs) – namely, carbon nanotubes – I may be inching closer to a potential explanation for the mechanism of transmission in this regard. There are studies involving carbon nanotubes (CNTs) being bonded to glycoproteins (i.e., spike protein) as bio-nano conjugates that can be manipulated and monitored in vitro and in vivo. Studies also reveal that CNTs operate simultaneously as both sensors and semiconductors (as in a transistor/transmitter device). That said, I have more questions than answers.

      I want to emphasize – and go on record asserting – that, at this time, I do not want to promote the separation/division of jabbed people from unjabbed people. (I prefer to avoid the terminology of “vaxxed” and “unvaxxed”, as I do not perceive this injection as a vaccine.) I am very concerned that unjabbed people may now, in an inverted manner, perceive and treat jabbed people as the “leppers”, just as we (the unmasked and unjabbed) have been treated throughout this heinous psychological operation. That seems to be a fear-based notion that the controllers want to propagate. So, even though we are still collecting anecdotal reports and data (I am doing this myself within my own circles of family/friends, and we think we already have our own first-hand evidence), I am not recommending complete avoidance from jabbed family/friends. However, I am encouraging those of us who wish to remain unjabbed to seek out others (even make new friends) who are also aligned in this way, because I do think we need this companionship at this pivotal time. I have been making efforts to do this, and it feels supportive and reassuring.


      1. Thank you so much for reminding me of the “divide and conquer “ theme that seems to rule the day.

        Because of this bilateral “leper” narrative that seems to be seeping into the collective, (intentionally or not), I have made two poignant life decisions of late that I’ll share with you.

        I was invited to an all-expenses paid trip to Mexico and declined due to my dear friend having gotten the jab. We would have been in extremely close contact.

        Just yesterday another mostly Red-Pilled friend who I was going to go to FL with on a jaunt, allowed as how she caved to « jab bullying » and got her second yesterday.

        The group of our mutual beloved friends who have been together for YEARS have polarized to jab v un-jabbed. They insist that you have to have the jab to socialize anymore.

        Reeling from the whole year of traumatization, my battered emotional body is like a deer in the headlights.

        Thoughts? Suggestions?


        1. I’m not proud of my decisions.

          A spiritual warrior would see this whole dark charade as merely an opportunity to « hone the spiritual blade » while in this 3D walk.

          Since lower-vibrational f-wittery can only take root in a low vibrational body terrain/millieu, it seems that’s keeping one’s vibration high is paramount.

          Love of one’s friends and family and fellow Sapiens will win the day.

          Upon considération, I reckon I’ll hug my dear friends after all, jab or no.


        2. Pamela:

          I understand and empathize with your pain and loss. This has been traumatizing for all of us, and that is an understatement. I do not have any great words of advice. I am trying to navigate this myself. I am gathering on-the-ground data as we go, and attempting to make informed decisions based on that.

          Personally speaking, I feel that I have experienced some odd symptoms when being out and about in indoor public spaces recently. It could be my imagination, or it could be a physical reaction to being around jabbed people, who I do consider may be walking field-effect transistors – transmitting dangerous signals to others. I know wearing a mask would never help protect me.

          As one who is trained/certified in energy psychology and energy medicine modalities, much of this seems to fall into the realm of electrical signaling and frequencies. Accordingly, I do sense we can not only protect ourselves in certain ways, but maybe help to heal those who have been subjected to the brainwashing, including getting the toxic prick. I refuse to give up on them entirely. You seem sensitive and keen to energy and frequencies, so I imagine you know what I am attempting to convey. Admittedly, I am falling short.

          I don’t have profound, definitive answers at this time. I can only say to follow your intuition. If you are a woman of childbearing age, I would recommend that you take precautions that I would not necessarily recommend to someone like me, who is older and not concerned with fertility/menstruation. As of now, that does seem to be a primary concern.

          We have all been beaten down on some level by this. But one thing I do know is that as humans, we tend to thrive more around others, rather than in isolation. So, I hope you can find others who have not been jabbed, and if not, that you find a way that feels comfortable for you to be with those who have been jabbed.

          I am beginning to fill my life with new people who are like-minded and that feels right for me. Nearly every day this week I have gotten together with people in-person who I met online because we share the same views on “vaxxing.” It’s been fulfilling to hug new friends. I feel this is the time to grow new social networks to carry us through – especially if we have to let go of the old ones.

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      2. I want to emphasize – and go on record asserting – that, at this time, I do not want to promote the separation/division of jabbed people from unjabbed people. (I prefer to avoid the terminology of “vaxxed” and “unvaxxed”, as I do not perceive this injection as a vaccine.) I am very concerned that unjabbed people may now, in an inverted manner, perceive and treat jabbed people as the “leppers”, just as we (the unmasked and unjabbed) have been treated throughout this heinous psychological operation.

        Really? No, but seriously? With all the beautiful pieces of prose you have shared here, about transhumanism and especially transmutations, you STILL see the willful mutants as equals?

        We are at War.

        This is survival of the misfits.

        Feck the ones who seem unable to use their Gaia given brains and rape themselves or their offspring with toxins. Those mutants should be made NPCs in our lives.
        Such that WE, the only remaining Homo sapiens align.

        This is a black and white question; do you stay human, or do you become mutant.

        I have no compassion with the Covidiots who give up their lives.

        In the words of the Great Carlin: “let them go gracefully…”


        1. Gaia – Sorry, I am not at war with my friends and family, most of whom have unknowingly been duped into being penetrated by this dangerous jab. They do not know better. They are not all NPCs. They have hearts and souls, and they still have the capability to love and share joy with me and my immediate family. They have been manipulated by psychopathic controllers with agendas to divide us (among their plethora of ongoing goals amidst this grand experiment). I will not become a “mutant” by being in contact with my loved ones who did not know better. Yes, I have conveyed to some of them that they may be putting me and my family at some risk. And yes, they look at me like I have two heads. They simply cannot grasp that their un-informed choice to be penetrated (and possibly mutated/altered) could actually cause harm to others, rather than the inverse that they were brainwashed to believe, that they are keeping themselves and others safe from a deadly “virus.” I wax and wane, Gaia. Most days I have compassion for all of these people, and yet, some days I am angry with them and disappointed in them. Other days, I pity them. But, NO, I will not reject, or go to “war” with those I love, and I certainly will not believe or convey (intentionally, at least) that I am somehow better or more holy than them.

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          1. Gaia – Sorry, I am not at war with my friends and family,

            I didn’t say we are at war with them. We are at war with psychopaths who want to extinguish the human species. Our friends and family are just like us players, actors, in this war. So make sure the choice is the right one.

            most of whom have unknowingly been duped into being penetrated by this dangerous jab. They do not know better.

            This cannot be.

            Either they know better, or you have a split personality. You write the longest and best-worded essays here at POM, you display to have a highly advanced knowledge of the subject, the jargon, the white coats on our side, everything.

            Do you not talk with your friends and family? Like you do here with us? I hope you do and you don’t play Jekyll and Hyde. Then you cannot say “they don’t know better”. They do, because you inform them of what’s going on.

            Outside of you are there literally hundreds of ways to get information on even the toxicity of “normal” vaccines, let alone this Covid Cocktail they get internally tattooed with.

            They are not all NPCs.

            The ones who decided to become mutants should become NPCs. Their decision, not yours. You seem to bear guilt, excuse or something for an adult who has personal responsibility? Why? Since when do people lose their personal responsibilities, just because some idiot circus on TV is going on?

            They have hearts and souls, and they still have the capability to love and share joy with me and my immediate family. They have been manipulated by psychopathic controllers with agendas to divide us (among their plethora of ongoing goals amidst this grand experiment). I will not become a “mutant” by being in contact with my loved ones who did not know better.

            I never said you did.

            I don’t know what your ideas of the future are, other than what you write here, but this Corona”virus” is just the first (since the other fake scampanics) in a long line of more.

            (((they))) have an eternal supply of invisible imaginary monsters

            Everytime someone takes one of those shots, whatever it does, it modifies people. Which exact chemical reacts with which and how much of which mental or physical ailment is coming from this, in the end it is all irrelevant. It changes us, actively.

            The first shots may be relatively “harmless”, that is how the Kool-Aids is laced, but this is the future; everytime more mutations away from how we were born, as humans.

            Yes, I have conveyed to some of them that they may be putting me and my family at some risk. And yes, they look at me like I have two heads.

            Huh? In what way are they putting you at risk? And I wouldn’t have that as the angle, because you make it about you. It is about them, their own bodies (what happened with My Body My Choice) and their own goddamn responsibility to care for the human life given to them by Gaia.

            They simply cannot grasp that their un-informed choice to be penetrated (and possibly mutated/altered) could actually cause harm to others, rather than the inverse that they were brainwashed to believe, that they are keeping themselves and others safe from a deadly “virus.”

            How are they harming others? Do they cough up black goo, or what is going on in your environment? They harm others by depriving them from human friends, yes, but I don’t think you mean that and I wouldn’t approach your friendships that way either.

            I wax and wane, Gaia. Most days I have compassion for all of these people, and yet, some days I am angry with them and disappointed in them. Other days, I pity them. But, NO, I will not reject, or go to “war” with those I love, and I certainly will not believe or convey (intentionally, at least) that I am somehow better or more holy than them.

            I never said go to war with your family. But I cannot grasp that you are so extremely well worded online, but in real life you seem to not care about transhumanism, or what it means to defend that what is human.

            If we don’t stand up for humans against the mutants, your human nature is worth nothing.

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            1. Gaia:

              Before I respond with a reply, I have questions for you: In your personal life (off-line, non-virtual), have you been able to formidably change the minds of friends and family when it comes to this entire scam? Have you shared information with them that prevented them from getting pricked with this exotic, toxic, and experimental technology? Have you been able to persuade friends and family to not wear suffocation devices on their beautiful faces? Have you engaged with them in a way that actually convinced them that there is no virus causing any disease, and that there may have never been any virus ever causing any disease? I am curious how far you have gone with them, and how you changed their minds. If you were able to say just the right things to switch something on in them that helped them grasp this entire psychological operation, and “un-brainwash” them, I really want and need to know what that formula is – because I have not found it. Please share your magic wisdom here, as I have continually contemplated on best practices in this regard.

              While I am a work-in-progress when it comes to blogging, I feel that my writing is improving – give or take a few posts! I am diligently working on my delivery, because I am not there yet. It’s only been a year that I have been practicing at this. I have been practicing the same with my ability to articulate in-person with real-life, non-virtual people. My ability to speak in conversation – on these very topics – lags behind my evolving capability to write about them.

              All that said, perhaps you can empathize with me in my frustration when I do present and expose people to the concepts I write about (including the notion and dangers of transhumanism) – in hopes they will not harm themselves with useless and harmful “mitigation” strategies that you and I know are dangerous and toxic to them – and still, their behavior does not change. Most of these people in my life have more advanced academic degrees than I do, and plenty more financial assets to gain access to resources, and yet their minds seem incapable of comprehending what I explain to them. Yes – some of these individuals read this blog, as I have regularly shared my posts with them. Conversely, I have some dear friends for many years with whom I share my POM posts, and I am eternally grateful for them (you know who you are, as you may be reading this), as they have expressed to me their gratitude to me for helping to inform them. Off-line, they ask me more questions, and they attempt to go back to their family and other circles of friends to help inform them. They experience the same frustration as I do. It seems the “bifurcation” (literal and/or metaphorical) of the human race took hold at the very beginning of this global operation, and changing minds since, has been nearly impossible. Again, if you are experiencing otherwise, then please share your magic formula.

              I hesitate to respond to a few of your comments that I feel are out-of-touch with my true nature. If you have not gotten a sense of who I am from my year of writing – on a heart-based level – then I doubt any response I offer is going to register or resonate. To imply that I do not care about transhumanism is so far off-the-mark. I have been sounding alarms to others in my personal life long before this event even occurred, and long before I ever wrote about it. Have you heard about the Lifeboat Foundation? No one in the alt media addresses it. I have been keeping my eye on this organization for quite a long time. I may write about it in my final installment in my series on digitized humans. This final installment is taking a long time to pull together, as I am reading through an 863-page book written by and for transhumanists. I had already tentatively titled the piece, “Transhumanist Baptism by Injection.” Does that resonate with you? You and I may be much closer in thought than you think. So, if you truly feel, in your heart, that I am not standing up for humanity and nature, then I hope you will dig a bit deeper into your heart space, where I sense you can feel it.

              I hope in future comments, Gaia, you can imbue kind and loving wisdom that I know you are blessed with. I know you care about humanity, or you would not get so angry at the situation. It just seems you may be projecting that anger on to me, when I am only one voice in this crazy wilderness attempting to educate and inform, as I continue to learn each day.

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              1. Note to readers: I will not be responding to any other comments today, as we have some VERY dangerous weather conditions coming our way – even as I write. I have outdoor animal companions that I need to protect and attend to. Please know that I will try to catch up tomorrow if I have online access. Thank you for understanding.


                1. Please stay safe. I was out in OKC working when a monstrous tornado came through at 3am. The blaring city alarms going off all over, sound asleep in the pitch dark (power went out)…absolutely insane.

                  Next morning learned a large portion of city 20 miles west was literally destroyed.

                  And it’s very common out there to see cars dented like golf balls due to the massive hail storms which come through.

                  I don’t know what kind of severe weather you get in the NE, but stay safe.


              2. Before I respond with a reply, I have questions for you: In your personal life (off-line, non-virtual), have you been able to formidably change the minds of friends and family when it comes to this entire scam? Have you shared information with them that prevented them from getting pricked with this exotic, toxic, and experimental technology? Have you been able to persuade friends and family to not wear suffocation devices on their beautiful faces? Have you engaged with them in a way that actually convinced them that there is no virus causing any disease, and that there may have never been any virus ever causing any disease? I am curious how far you have gone with them, and how you changed their minds. If you were able to say just the right things to switch something on in them that helped them grasp this entire psychological operation, and “un-brainwash” them, I really want and need to know what that formula is – because I have not found it. Please share your magic wisdom here, as I have continually contemplated on best practices in this regard.

                Of course there is no “magical formula” to let people see things for themselves. They need to see it for themselves. That said, I have several good results where people caught on to the problems with certain narratives. I have shared some in the past, another one here below.

                My method of treating this is why I reacted to you the way I did. I try to understand someone and their issues and reason based on their character, not mine. I try to be as objectivist as possible (thank you Ayn!). One of the main benefits of that approach is that it doesn’t depend on me, Gaia, to see something, it is not my opinion (“I like strawberries is an opinion”), but observation.

                So in your case I looked at what you write (about) and thus your passions. And then reason from that. That is why I am so confused by your excuses about your friends “they don’t know any better”. They are not Down syndrome levels of intelligence, so they should know better.

                An example happening to me about 2 months ago. I was out with Molly in the park with my 2 dog walking friends there too. They were talking, I was listening. At one moment they said “the milk of today is not the same anymore because of the vaccinations in the cows”. That was the moment for me to step in and say “so now you understand why I don’t want the Covid vaccine”. I looked at their faces and both of them were silent, clearly thinking.

                Did I wake them up to not take the jab? I doubt it. Did I succeed against the overwhelming power of Main Stream Media and Main Stream Medics? I don’t think so.

                But at least I got a spark of reflection in there with them. Based on their own doubts and issues.

                I have had a couple of other moments with the masks too. I am the only one going unmasked on the streets, literally the only one. The ones looking at me and frowning (hard to see when their what is it 55 face muscles are hidden) I make NPCs. They don’t exist for me, I have no desire to have those people in my life. The other normal people I interact with ALL accept me unmasked.

                It is a matter of showing your stance, sticking to it and being proud. And a set of reasons helps, even though it is not a rational thing.

                While I am a work-in-progress when it comes to blogging, I feel that my writing is improving – give or take a few posts! I am diligently working on my delivery, because I am not there yet. It’s only been a year that I have been practicing at this. I have been practicing the same with my ability to articulate in-person with real-life, non-virtual people. My ability to speak in conversation – on these very topics – lags behind my evolving capability to write about them.

                A year is long enough I’d say and seeing the quality of your writing, content and reasoning, you are humiliating yourself far too much. I seriously have to think hard to have seen some better writer than you and I have read a lot of different writers.

                You said that before, that you are not as eloquent or at ease to speak vs writing. I offered to train just that at Eye am Eye Radio where many more truth seekers are active to interact with and learn from (and they from you). Yet you refused, stating “you’re still too uncomfortable” (along those lines at least). Of course, if you don’t practice, you won’t get any better. Practising voicing your points and arguments is very important if you want to be comfortable with your loved ones.

                All that said, perhaps you can empathize with me in my frustration when I do present and expose people to the concepts I write about (including the notion and dangers of transhumanism) – in hopes they will not harm themselves with useless and harmful “mitigation” strategies that you and I know are dangerous and toxic to them – and still, their behavior does not change. Most of these people in my life have more advanced academic degrees than I do, and plenty more financial assets to gain access to resources, and yet their minds seem incapable of comprehending what I explain to them.

                This sounds maybe contradictory but in my experience it is the norm. The more (academic) schooling and the more financial resources people have, the less they would be inclined to question the status quo. Psychologically, as my totally amateur brain sees that, they identify with the System because in their mind they think they got where they got because of the benefits of that System.

                I gave up my former career years ago, mostly because I got bored of the environment and had different challenges for myself than the working ones. That made me lose contact with older friends, but that is fine, you make new ones. I am a very extravert and sociable person also in real life, so that facilitates it, but you don’t need to be like that at all.

                Yes – some of these individuals read this blog, as I have regularly shared my posts with them. Conversely, I have some dear friends for many years with whom I share my POM posts, and I am eternally grateful for them (you know who you are, as you may be reading this), as they have expressed to me their gratitude to me for helping to inform them. Off-line, they ask me more questions, and they attempt to go back to their family and other circles of friends to help inform them.

                Awesome! This is what I mean. Embrace these friends, cherish the friendships with those who are able to see what we see. Those are the ones that count and will support you when you are in trouble.

                They experience the same frustration as I do. It seems the “bifurcation” (literal and/or metaphorical) of the human race took hold at the very beginning of this global operation, and changing minds since, has been nearly impossible. Again, if you are experiencing otherwise, then please share your magic formula.

                The more this drags on, the more people wake up. The irrationality of the lockdowns, laws, whole “test” joke, the sex-based curfew we pioneered in a year ago, everything, everyday people wake up. That is an opportunity for us. It doesn’t mean they suddenly will become terrain theorists from one day to the other, but they see other parts of the bigger picture and I would capitalize on those if you find them.

                For example my good German friend believes in space travel (still, after many hours of my passionate reasoning against it) and in pathological viruses. But, and that is much more important and the part to focus on, he recognizes the evilness of the System, the banksters, the geopolitics, the money system, etc. And so he LOVED aSHIFT. which was not only a great surprise to me, it forms the basis to build on to.

                I hesitate to respond to a few of your comments that I feel are out-of-touch with my true nature. If you have not gotten a sense of who I am from my year of writing – on a heart-based level – then I doubt any response I offer is going to register or resonate. To imply that I do not care about transhumanism is so far off-the-mark. I have been sounding alarms to others in my personal life long before this event even occurred, and long before I ever wrote about it. Have you heard about the Lifeboat Foundation? No one in the alt media addresses it. I have been keeping my eye on this organization for quite a long time. I may write about it in my final installment in my series on digitized humans. This final installment is taking a long time to pull together, as I am reading through an 863-page book written by and for transhumanists. I had already tentatively titled the piece, “Transhumanist Baptism by Injection.” Does that resonate with you? You and I may be much closer in thought than you think. So, if you truly feel, in your heart, that I am not standing up for humanity and nature, then I hope you will dig a bit deeper into your heart space, where I sense you can feel it.
                I hope in future comments, Gaia, you can imbue kind and loving wisdom that I know you are blessed with. I know you care about humanity, or you would not get so angry at the situation. It just seems you may be projecting that anger on to me, when I am only one voice in this crazy wilderness attempting to educate and inform, as I continue to learn each day.

                I know we are much more aligned than opposed in our thinking. I have never heard of the Lifeboat Foundation, no.

                The reason why I reacted is that I cannot grasp that you don’t make distinctions between people while online you so well, detailed and informed (! you know the jargon, the psience of germ and the science of terrain theory SO much better than me, whom YOU set on the right path, so I am very grateful for that) outline the dangers of transhumanism and mutations.

                If people don’t want to be called mutants, they better make sure they don’t mutate (take the jab). Why is there upheaval about that?

                All this policor Newspeak has infested even these truth communities. Luckily as a Dutchie we shat on those ridiculous restraints ages ago and even on mainstream TV the word “kut” (meaning cunt, pussy) is widely used.

                To understand me or my culture I recommend watching some of Hans Teeuwen, a great inspiring comedian for me, and Max Verstappen and his blunt remarks. Not every Dutch person is as outspoken as me or them, but it is a very Dutch cultural thing to just say the things how they are.

                And let’s practice!

                Email me at agenda2020 [at] protonmail [dot] com if you like and we make things happen!

                All the best with Gaia’s disasters to deal with.


          2. Well put, Stephers. I so appreciate your research and writing, and wish I had time to look at everything you link to. However, what I have read and watched has been very informative. When I think how much effort (and necessarily, available time) it has taken for me to see things differently, it becomes very difficult to judge those who I would view as still brainwashed (or maybe just more brainwashed at the moment?). The world seems full of surprises, and who knows what new perspective we will have a few years down the line.

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        2. Gaia:

          Following is an excerpt from the Afterword in Tom Cowan’s Human Heart, Cosmic Heart (2016): “Try to restore to health as many living beings as you can. This can include plants, animals, mountains, fields, rivers, lakes, relationships, and other people. Everything around us is alive. Find the living beings you care about, nurture them, be the one responsible for ensuring their well-being. Love them, protect them, fight for them, care for them.” Tom concluded his Afterword: “Finally, maybe most importantly, shed as many of your beliefs as possible, including those so-called cherished ones. Be wary of believing in any institutions or abstractions (i.e., nations, patriotism, capitalism). Ask yourself what you know to be true in your heart versus what you’ve been told. Only knowing comes from your heart. When you have done enough of this shedding that it has become a habit, turn around in line every once in a while and see who and what is there. If who or what is there moves your heart (you’ll know), stop at nothing to make that who or what a part of your life.”


        3. Ugh, this NPC meme rankles me every time it pops up.

          To call the vast majority of the population (i.e., those duped by corona hoax) NPCs is to declare that their lives have no value. More specifically, you’re saying that you, with your superior intellectual understanding of what’s happening in the world, have the right to pronounce which human lives have value, and which ones don’t.

          This is the exact same delusional mentality of the elites who are responsible for this horror show.

          I consider myself exceptionally intelligent. But the older I get, the more I realize that intelligence–when separated from love, compassion, empathy and joy–is nothing more than the ability to rationalize bad ideas.

          We know the elites have deep contempt for the majority of humanity. We also know that they have much greater worldly power and resources than we can ever hope to have. The idea that we should create our own little group of misanthropes who hold the millions upon millions of “NPCs” in contempt… and somehow triumph over gazillionaires who hold us in even greater contemp… is a spectacularly bad idea. No matter how intelligent you make it sound, it’s insane on its face.

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          1. And yet another one who creates a strawpuppet and then starts attacking it crying victory.

            You can keep your utter BS you vomit over me.

            NPC = Non Player Character, or as I like to describe it too, Non Processing Capacity, which you seem to suffer from

            All the BS about value and accusations that my ideas are like those of the Animal Farmers, what an utter sick moron you are.

            NPC. “People” who have WILLFULLY chosen to remove them from the Homo sapiens pool, become actors you stop interacting with in your life. They are mutants. They have chosen themselves, there is no force involved (another reason why your accusations are so wrong). They had ALLLL the information to choose from and they chose to become the puppets of the Animal Farmers.

            I had it one day when I went out with Molly. All the braindead masked wombies walking around and I just saw them as what they should be. Characters like in a game, or extras in a movie you don’t interact with; they are NPCs in our lives.

            Misanthropes? Whut? I defend HUMANITY, you idiot. The ones behaving like nothing has changed and infesting their lives with braindead wombies, NPCs and voluntary mutants are the ones giving up humanity.


            1. Gaia, I know from reading this blog for a while that Scott is neither a moron nor an idiot nor anything of the sort. Quite the opposite, actually. He criticized your statement, and he has a point. Think about it. You have a point, too, of course. But there is no need to descend to the level of insults. If I were you I’d apologize.


              1. Someone accusing ME of being antihuman or Animal Farmer-like, while that is exactly what I stand up against and the other accusations can only be a moron. Not my choice to start insulting, he did. All based on strawmen, not on what I said.


            2. Humanity is something I can give up? That’s an interesting intellectual concept. As far as I know, I haven’t given mine up yet, so, uh, thanks for defending me, Gaia.


            3. At what level do you start seeing this? Do you really need to be surrounded by wombies who have had 30, 50, whatever amount of modifying material in them?

              Back in the good ol’ days, when principles still mattered, people were shaved bald and kicked out of town for the treason I read here.


              1. First of all, I have disagreed with an idea you espoused and drew a parallel between that idea and the dehumanizing ideas of the Animal Farmers. I called the idea insane. I did not call you insane. Nor have I called you an idiot or a moron. Disagreeing with me about this doesn’t makes you an idiot or a moron. You are obviously much more than your opinion on this matter, as am I.

                Furthermore, I’m not making a strawman argument. I am talking about what I see as the implications of actual things you’ve actually said.

                The people you define as NPCs make up the majority of the global population by a wide margin. If this were the good ol’ days and the globe was a town, you wouldn’t be in a position to define their actions (or thoughts or opinions) as treasonous. And if, somehow, you were able to round ’em up and shave ’em bald and run ’em out of town, the town would then just be made up of you and maybe a few of your Discord followers if you could get ’em to move there, which they probably wouldn’t, so that would suck.

                It is easy to characterize my rejection of the NPC meme as foolish sentimental attachment to “wombies.” But, while sentiment certainly plays a part in it, I also reject the idea for purely practical reasons. You can’t “cancel” the majority of the world.

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                1. The people you define as NPCs make up the majority of the global population by a wide margin.

                  Exactly. Anyone who is not part of your world, of the people you interact or have interacted with, is an NPC (Non-Player/Playable Character). So your uncle is an NPC to me, just like mine is an NPC to you.

                  If this were the good ol’ days and the globe was a town, you wouldn’t be in a position to define their actions (or thoughts or opinions) as treasonous. And if, somehow, you were able to round ’em up and shave ’em bald and run ’em out of town, the town would then just be made up of you and maybe a few of your Discord followers if you could get ’em to move there, which they probably wouldn’t, so that would suck.

                  It is easy to characterize my rejection of the NPC meme as foolish sentimental attachment to “wombies.” But, while sentiment certainly plays a part in it, I also reject the idea for purely practical reasons. You can’t “cancel” the majority of the world.

                  You made a strawman. You made the jump that my use of NPC somehow means these people are not human anymore (you even use the word ‘dehumanize’ which is the EXACT opposite of my message). Your unvaxxed uncle is human, even though he is an NPC for me. Just like my unvaxxed uncle for you.

                  I draw the line at the mutating Covid vaccine. Not only because it is filled with new technologies going much farther than “regular” vaccines (some of which may be in a research stage, some or it may be outright fake/fearmongering, but clearly this industry is the leading in the world, together with Amazon and mask makers), but mainly because this is just the first in a long line of steps to mutate humans away from what they are.

                  I wonder when you guys are going to make this distinction and how you think about the future. It will only become more difficult if you don’t make the right moral choices today.

                  After the 30th vaccine? After the 100th jab? When do you recognize there is a division created for us and take advantage of that to strip away the mutants and wombies (masked wandering zombies who have not been jabbed) from your life.

                  This is the opportunity for us, humans, to align, but if people not even recognize the split in society being developed at warpspeed and act upon it, there is little hope for you. I keep living my life and if more and more mutants disappear from my life, even though it is hard with loved ones, the defence of humankind is much more important than people who will stray away more and more from “us, crazy conspies” (as is the general view of “us”) anyway.

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                2. Now we’re getting somewhere.

                  I would say it is premature to call people who’ve gotten the jabs “mutants” because we don’t know what the short or long-term effects are. Stephers and others have done a lot of research that may very well support your characterization of the jabbed as mutants, but we are still speculating. My mother—despite agreeing that COVID is a monstrous hoax—got the jab because she’s a conformist, and the last time I checked, she was still a human being. Sorry, but I’m not willing to think of my mother as a mutant at this phase. I suspect that if you continue to verbally bully people into making that leap while the people they love maintain all the signs of being human beings even after they get the jab, you will continue to be frustrated by the reactions you get. But, hey, it’s your head. Bang it against brick walls all you want.

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                3. Also, just wanted to say I’ve noticed how slippery you have been with terminology, which is another thing that reminds me of the animal farmers. They have confused and confounded debate by changing the definitions of terms like herd immunity and even vaccine. You’ve done the same thing with NPCs. A Non Playing Character who has Non Processing Capacity is a very specific judgment. But now you say Anyone who is not part of your world, of the people you interact or have interacted with, is an NPC. That is a completely different definition, and it is flagrantly disingenuous of you to suggest I should have understood that was what you meant all along by the term, when all I have to do is scroll up and see how stridently and forcefully you described it in the more negative, condemnatory sense.

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                  1. The Non Processing Capacity is an alternative use of the abbreviation. It indicates wombies, normies, or people who even understand this is is one “Monstrous Hoax” and STILL consensually rape themselves with toxins.

                    There are no facepalms enough for that.

                    And if you don’t want to “bully” others with the words they deserve, then “bully” yourself.

                    Are you going to take the vaccine, son?
                    No mom, I don’t want to become a mutant.

                    * self reflection moment *

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            4. Dear Gaia, your personal proclivities to insult and attack are well known here. Back off please. I would normally just delete the above comment, but since Michael has responded, and in a civil manner, I would also be deleting his comment.

              Behave yourself,please. I hate banning people, as it is a form of humiliation. Just behave yourself.


              1. Ah, it is perfectly fine to insult ME with the sickest accusations (that I would be like the idiots I resist against), but when I respond to that, I am the bad guy.

                Clear, this is no place for thorough discussion, it’s an echo chamber like I have observed many times before.

                Banned for calling an idiot an idiot. Welcome to 2021. And these are supposed to be the freedom lovers, allegedly standing up against this tyranny.


                1. You are perfectly capable of dealing with others, even those you don’t like, with civility while at the same time making your points. That’s a sign of intelligence, restraint and manners. I know that English is not your first language, so you might not be aware of the saying that revenge is a dish best served cold. These heated words will pass here, but your screaming attitude will remain in all our minds, not your real wisdom, which is forgotten. If you place your response within civil dialogue, you’ll leave a lasting imprint. But it takes work, thought, restraint.

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  18. In short…excerpt from the PDF.


    If used in animals, successful implementation of self-spreading vaccines would prevent spillover of pathogens with pandemic potential into human populations without the need for difficult and costly mass vaccination operations in animal populations. For example, inoculation of relatively few bats and nonhuman primates against Ebola could potentially limit or eliminate human outbreaks. Sufficient coverage could even eradicate animal diseases, permanently eliminating these risks to both animals and humans.

    For human use, targeted release of weakly transmissible self-spreading vaccine early in an outbreak could create herd immunity in communities and prevent an outbreak from becoming a pandemic. If introduced later, after an outbreak has become widespread, self-spreading vaccines could still help to protect susceptible individuals and limit the number of new cases and prevent catastrophic outcomes.
    While self-spreading vaccines could help reduce illness and death in a severe pandemic, this approach comes with several big challenges.

    One important component of the current vaccination approach for humans is the informed consent process. In order to receive a vaccine, individuals (or their legal guardians) must be informed about the risks of vaccination by a healthcare provider and provide their consent before being vaccinated. Those who decline are not forced to receive a vaccine. In the case of self-spreading vaccines, the individuals directly vaccinated would have this option, but those to whom the vaccine subsequently spreads would not.

    Additionally, self-spreading vaccines would potentially infect individuals with contraindications, such as allergies, that could be life-threatening. The ethical and regulatory challenges surrounding informed consent and prevention and monitoring of adverse events would be critical challenges to implementing this approach even in an extreme event.

    Finally, there is a not insignificant risk of the vaccine virus reverting to wild-type virulence, as has sometimes occurred with the oral polio vaccine—which is not intended to be fully virulent or transmissible, but which has reverted to become both neuro-virulent and transmissible in rare instances. This is both a medical risk and a public perception risk; the possibility of vaccine-induced

    disease would be a major concern to the public. Modeling reports suggest that making self-spreading vaccines weakly transmissible might reduce the risk of reversion to wild-type virulence by limiting the number of opportunities for the virus to evolve. However, weakly transmissible vaccines would have to be introduced to more people to obtain sufficient immunity in the target population.”


    1. EMSFreeSpirit:

      I appreciate your very important question. I am working on developing a recommended protocol. It will take some time as I continue to observe more, gather additional anecdotal reports, experience more firsthand symptoms (on which I can elaborate if you are interested), and continue to drill down into more studies. Even so, I want to be very cautious about promoting any particular brands – whether it be supplements or healing devices. I also need to be clear that I am offering educational support rather than medical advice whenever I suggest detox methods. Further, while I maintain that supplements and devices may be helpful to support “immune systems,” in this particular case (COVID), I perceive there is no virus, but, rather a toxin (a nanotoxin/group of nanotoxins operating in tandem with EMFs), and therefore, I am focusing on detox/deactivation (precisely as you have implied in your question). I posit that this nanotoxin is “smart” technology-enabled, so I think we are dealing with a toxin that is very new and stealth, and designed to be persistent (most likely graphene/carbon nano-based, and possibly including some metallic components). I consider it non-lethal (at least in the short-term) in most cases.

      All that said – as I do not want to leave you completely empty-handed – given that these ENPs are ionic/cationic in effect (typically exhibiting a positive surface charge), I am experimenting with ionic detox via an ionic foot detox bath (again, I do not want to promote products here). Because it seems these particles may assemble/replicate in acidic environments, I do recommend a more alkaline diet regimen (although I do not recommend going extreme with it, just attempt to keep your internal environment leaning toward the alkaline side of the scale). I suggest working on decreasing toxic load in general (again, I am not referring to viral load), as the ENPs may bond to other circulating toxins/pathogens/heavy metals already present in the body – causing an increase in reactive oxygen species (ROS). Accordingly, supplements like diatomaceous earth and activated charcoal (bamboo-based) can assist in safely moving pathogens out of the body without causing too much stress on the organs (and herxing reactions). I like cilantro extract (again, I do recommend a particular brand) for safely removing heavy metals. I do not recommend stronger chelation methods, as they can be too intense for the body, causing even more symptoms.

      One of my favorite herbs is teasel root (as a tincture), as it ostensibly stimulates the cells and muscles to help support the elimination channels, assisting in moving stubborn and elusive toxins/pathogens out of the body. Be sure to follow directions on the bottle, and start VERY slowly – as in one drop a day, and slowly working up to two-three drops/day. There is a protocol online. I apologize I do not have links handy, as it is late, and I am replying off-the-cuff here. If you proceed with any of these recommendations, be sure, as you probably already know, to hydrate frequently with high-quality spring or glacier water, to help your body filtrate the toxins through more safely and effectively.

      Most of my detox methods also include homeopathics, but I prefer to recommend them on an individualized basis, in accord with one’s constitution. At the very least, though, taking a homeopathic cell salt combination (that includes all 12 mineral cell salts) will support cellular health and help to balance cell metabolism.

      I am not recommending colloidal/nano silver products, nor zeolite products at this time. I do not recommend any EMF protective pendants or stickers for electronic devices. I have spent way too much money over the years on such products, with little to no noticeable benefit.

      I suggest wearing natural clothing, like organic cotton and hemp, and avoiding clothing made with synthetic materials. While many women may not want to hear this, I suggest wearing less (or no) jewelry that is metallic. There is some lovely jewelry, though, that is made solely of natural materials, and will not be conductive around EMFs (like wood beads, hemp, gemstones, etc.). If you want to talk about specific gemstones that could potentially be protective, I can elaborate, or you can simply search online for suggestions (i.e., black tourmaline). When I remember to do it, I like to place a shungite stone in my drinking water bottle (that I continue to rinse and re-use).

      I suggest, if you have not already, doing your best to hardwire any computers/laptops you have. If you have to use wireless technology, try to turn it off every night before bed. Always keep your bluetooth off on your phone (in your settings). Keep your cell phone on airplane mode whenever you can (if you don’t have to receive phone calls), and always turn it off at night, keeping it out of your bedroom space. If you use earbuds, I suggest a version that is air-filled and always wired – never wireless/bluetooth-enabled.

      Finally, there are some products that can be used for external/topical support: I like essential oils of frankincense (expensive), myrrh, and rose/rose otto that can be applied externally or used in a diffuser. I think they are protective at this time as they exhibit high healing frequencies; I also feel that creams with ionic gold and peat moss are helpful in EMF protection. They can be expensive, though, and tougher to find.

      I hope this is somewhat helpful in answering your question. Please do not feel like you have to go out and purchase all of these products, and completely change your lifestyle overnight. Take what resonates and leave what does not, and start simply and less is more sometimes, if you know what I mean.


      1. EMSFreeSpirit: I forgot to add epsom salt baths as an inexpensive method of calming and detox – can do full-body or just feet (especially if you don’t have a bath tub/soaking tub). I am guessing you already are familiar with this though. Also, while I do not recommend specific faith-based or meditation modalities (i.e., prayers or rituals), I encourage you to follow whatever aligns with your inner inclinations, tradition, or religious/spiritual practice. Personally, I do love to burn sage or palo santo to clear spaces (at home, in my car, etc.). All my best to you and yours ~ Stephers. 🙂


        1. EMSFreeSpirit:

          This is my second addendum to my response to your question, as I took more time to review my research and reflect on my current and evolving detox/support protocol. Based on this particularly helpful research paper from 2013: “Mechanisms of Nanoparticle-Induced Oxidative Stress and Toxicity”, I want to share with you what I intend to do for myself (and my loved ones) to support my physical body moving forward. These two articles are most helpful in this regard: and As is emphasized in the linked articles, I will be focusing on adding antioxidants such as glutathione and superoxide dismutase through food-based sources, rather than supplements. I do have a homeopathic-based glutathione supplement, but I find that most glutathione supplements on the market have polymers/binders in them that may paradoxically serve to further contribute to oxidative stress So, please do not go and rush out to purchase glutathione tablets – they may compound the issue. Please reach out in the comments if you have any other questions.


        2. Epsom also have a potential for upping our magnesium–of which we are (most of us) deficient, it gets absorbed efficiently and correctly through the skin, and without the possibility of overdoing it. The body s smart this way.

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    1. Had issues replying so I tried link to blog as workaround. Its a spiritual/intuitive post following the wetiko idea. Good company here 😉


  19. Sorry to be posting so much, but this is such an incredibly fertile conversation!

    Stephers, in the vein of solving the problem at hand, especially with regard to the genetic and transmissability factors, have a look at this link regarding the work of Peter Garaiev.

    Would it be a good idea to create a separate posting as a forum to exchange the different solutions that others are finding? A sort of crowdsourcing if solutions.

    There are so many “solution” golden nuggets strewn throughout this website, and it would be great to see them all together in one place so we can start getting to work to counter the F-Wits!


  20. Sorry, I posted this elsewhere too by mistake.

    Have a look at this Russian woman’s work that takes Garaiev’s work on a bit of a different walk.

    The theory behind her wearable tech.—105810451054105610481071.html

    Let’s put heads together with so many good minds here and create an approachable, necessarily multi-layered solution for the times at hand relating to all that is being shared here. There’s no time to waste, aye?


    1. Pamela: I appreciate that you want to offer support and potential solutions to readers here. That is extremely noble in these challenging times. However, I also caution that this is a blog and not a marketing site. So, please take that into consideration when commenting here. I reviewed the work of Irene Caesar Her material is new to me. I see that her “Ra Shield” is being sold for $2,500 US, and was created on the basis that there is a weaponized virus that was released to cause COVID. I can not recommend her product here at POM, and, unfortunately, red flags abound, given that her technological device is being sold to “restore” the body from a “virus” that has yet to be properly isolated or substantiated. Moving forward, please feel free to offer solutions that avoid the promotion (while I know it was unintentional on your part) of expensive devices that are experimental, with shaky or questionable scientific foundation. This is unchartered territory for most of us here, and it is understandable that you would want to explore healing solutions. One reason that I highly respect Tony P. is because he promotes self-empowerment, and building a “home-made” device with his “recipe” to inexpensively produce a potentially healing product. I hope that helps to clarify my personal position. I cannot speak on behalf of others here at POM.


      1. Noted! My apologies to you, Stephers, and the group. Thank you for your feedback.

        I absolutely agree that homespun is the way to go. I was thinking we could somehow apply that technology towards a low to no-cost solution, since it seems that there is a scalar component.

        Would you the folks at piece of mindful prefer that any post gets cleared before posting to the group at large? I don’t want to muddy the waters of this group in any way.


  21. This study from August 2020, “Quantum Dot-Conjugated SARS-CoV-2 Spike Pseudo-Virions Enable Tracking of Angiotensin Converting Enzyme 2 Binding and Endocytosis”, demonstrates that there is NO virus necessary. This study seems to imply that an engineered nanoparticle (conjugated to engineered spike proteins that target ACE2 receptors) fits the bill just fine. While the linked study claims quantum dots are not toxic, other research seems to contradict that:


    1. Hi Stephers,
      In Spain (I guess in other countries as well) some doctors and attorneys have already witnessed and issued reports of magnetism in recently vaccinated people.
      The main Spanish researchers on this issue are non-stop finding and collecting powerful hints to strongly believe and almost assert that these vaccines contain graphene oxide nanotubes.
      It’s well known that graphene acquires magnetic properties when in contact with a single hydrogen molecule.

      They are constantly encouraging and urging “magnetized” people to report it to their doctors and file a lawsuit. Besides they recently sent all these hints to attorney Mr.Fuellmich.
      One of the last findings was a research published 4 months ago, in which we can see a clear bond of graphene oxide (GO) operating frequency with the 5G bandwidth to be released on July 5. This frequency can be seen in Table 3 (page 5) from the following link pdf document.

      Considering GO toxicity warnings from many previous research and GO nanotubes ability to bond to human neurons so that they can be remotely monitored, it is extremely urgent to file up all these research, keep track of vaccinated people, report doctors worldwide about magnetism after vax and ultimately demand health care institutions and authorities that they stop this vaccination campaign and open an investigation in the search of the actual content of all vaccines, while 5G final start up is postponed until all these issues are cleared up.

      Kind regards


      1. Diego – Thank you so much for this update, pertinent information, your cautionary insights, and the link to the research on graphene oxide. I intend to embed the link in an upcoming post. I hope this reply serves as sufficient acknowledgement and gratitude for your offering. Be well . . .


        1. My pleasure. BTW, these researchers have also recently found out that some CEO from Astrazeneca are also CEO from a company called GrapheneFlagship.
          I’ll keep you posted with more stuff soon.
          Take care


            1. Thanks a lot. Actually the Spanish researchers spoke about InBrain N. a couple of days ago. Min.39:25,
              I hope you can understand Spanish. Or perhaps you have a bilingual friend/relative…

              I’m checking this forum everyday, so we can share anything we find out, and spread to our contacts as much as we can. There’s no much time left for 5G working at full throttle, so these next days will be pretty intensive.


          1. Diego – You may concur with me that this abstract from Nanoscale Horiz (March 2019) is super revealing (note “biomolecular corona”, “thrombogenicity”, “injection”, and “protein binding”):

            “Graphene oxide touches blood: in vivo interactions of bio-coronated 2D materials”

            V Palmieri 1 , G Perini, M De Spirito, M Papi
            PMID: 32254085 DOI: 10.1039/c8nh00318a

            “Graphene oxide is the hot topic in biomedical and pharmaceutical research of the current decade. However, its complex interactions with human blood components complicate the transition from the promising in vitro results to clinical settings. Even though graphene oxide is made with the same atoms as our organs, tissues and cells, its bi-dimensional nature causes unique interactions with blood proteins and biological membranes and can lead to severe effects like thrombogenicity and immune cell activation. In this review, we will describe the journey of graphene oxide after injection into the bloodstream, from the initial interactions with plasma proteins to the formation of the “biomolecular corona”, and biodistribution. We will consider the link between the chemical properties of graphene oxide (and its functionalized/reduced derivatives), protein binding and in vivo response. We will also summarize data on biodistribution and toxicity in view of the current knowledge of the influence of the biomolecular corona on these processes. Our aim is to shed light on the unsolved problems regarding the graphene oxide corona to build the groundwork for the future development of drug delivery technology.”


              1. Exactly! Those are the Spanish researchers. Actually I’m in touch with Dr. Sevillano. BTW, I’ll send him the research you passed me 😉
                I mean… it’s pretty likely that he already red about the information contained in the aforementioned article, but maybe he hasn’t red this same article yet. Perhaps by reading it he can gain more insights.

                Keep in touch. Have a nice day!


                  1. Diego –

                    Sevillano’s term, “graphenation” may be entirely appropriate: “they must continue to viralize videos related to the magnetization or, better said, graphenation that the world population is suffering due to the massive vaccination that is taking place”. Moving forward, I may apply this term in my writing.


                    1. Diego –

                      If you are in contact with Sevillano, these links (one of which I hyperlinked in my most recent post) may also be highly relevant:

                      “Membrane-based NANO-electromechanical systems device and methods to make and use same,” Dec 31, 2014 – Clean Energy Labs, LLC (one of the co-inventors is Joseph F. Pinkerton of Austin, Texas, who also owns Brane Audio
                      “Nano-electromechanical systems (NEMS) devices that utilize thin electrically conductive membranes, which can be, for example, graphene membranes . . . Sensors, such as pressure sensors in car tire pressure sensors or blood pressure sensors. Further, for example, biosensors and chemosensors used in medical- and health-related technologies.”

                      Links to a plethora of related patents held by Joseph F. Pinkerton: and

             (CEO of Brane Interface is a high-school student, Alex Pinkerton of Austin, Texas – related to graphene-device inventor, Pinkerton of Brane Audio of Austin, TX above???)
                      “Brane Interface is a technology startup working to develop a low cost, compact and non-invasive brain-computer interface using a single atomic layer of carbon called graphene. When a person thinks or moves the brain generates a magnetic field that can be sensed outside of the skull using a sensor called a magnetometer . . . Using our graphene-based magnetometer, Brane Interface plans to link a human brain with an external device such a smartphone by sensing the faint magnetic fields of human thought. Medical applications of the technology include assisting those who have been paralyzed to gain control over robotic limbs using only their thoughts. Consumer applications include enabling people to interact with their smartphone/computer using thought commands in place of touch or voice interfaces . . . Brane Interface has built four prototypes to date. The first two prototypes use a polymer membrane as the main sense element and the most recent prototypes utilize a graphene membrane (the inspiration for “Brane”). Each successive prototype is at least one order of magnitude more sensitive than the prior prototype so we’re definitely making progress. We’ve filed multiple patents to protect our inventions.”

                      One more link . . .

                      Business profile of Joseph Pinkerton’s colleague and co-inventor, William Neil Everett/W. Neil Everett:

                      Brane Audio
                      Director of Research
                      Dates EmployedMay 2015 – Present
                      Employment Duration6 yrs 2 mos
                      LocationAustin, Texas Area

                      Clean Energy Labs
                      Principal Research Scientist
                      Company Name Clean Energy Labs
                      Dates EmployedJan 2010 – May 2015
                      Employment Duration5 yrs 5 mos
                      LocationAustin, Texas, United States
                      Developing products that reduce the cost of clean energy

                      Exoteric Instruments
                      Founding Member
                      Company Name Exoteric Instruments
                      Dates EmployedFeb 2008 – Mar 2015
                      Employment Duration7 yrs 2 mos
                      University of Texas at Austin
                      Post-doctoral Research Associate
                      Company Name University of Texas at Austin
                      Dates EmployedOct 2008 – Jan 2010
                      Employment Duration1 yr 4 mos

                      Department of Mechanical Engineering
                      Femtosecond laser surgery for in vivo and in vitro applications
                      Texas A&M University
                      Company NameTexas A&M University
                      Total Duration7 yrs 9 mos
                      TitlePost-doctoral Research Associate
                      Dates EmployedJan 2008 – Sep 2008
                      Employment Duration9 mos

                      Department of Mechanical Engineering
                      Dispersion of carbon nanotubes and quantum dots using nanoscale colloidal dispersing agents
                      TitlePost-doctoral Research Associate
                      Dates EmployedSep 2007 – Jan 2008
                      Employment Duration5 mos
                      Department of Chemical Engineering
                      Video and evanescent wave microscopy measurements of weak cell-cell adhesion protein interactions

                      TitleGraduate Research and Teaching Assistant
                      Dates EmployedJan 2001 – Aug 2007
                      Employment Duration6 yrs 8 mos
                      Departments of Chemical, Mechanical, and Biomedical Engineering

                      ASTAR – Agency for Science, Technology and Research
                      Research Officer
                      Company Name A
                      STAR – Agency for Science, Technology and Research
                      Dates EmployedSep 2002 – Sep 2003
                      Employment Duration1 yr 1 mo
                      LocationSingapore, Singapore

                      Texas A&M University
                      Degree NamePh.D. Field Of StudyMaterials Science and Engineering
                      Dates attended or expected graduation 2003 – 2007
                      (i) Development of evanescent and video microscopy techniques for measuring equillibrium binding interactions between surface-immobilized biomacromolecules
                      (ii) Interfacial and surface sciences
                      (iii) BioMEMS and experimental neurobiology
                      Texas A&M University

                      Degree NameM.S. Field Of StudyBiomedical Engineering
                      Dates attended or expected graduation 2000 – 2002
                      Specialization in cardiovascular and soft tissue mechanics
                      Texas A&M University
                      Degree NameB.S. Field Of StudyBiomedical Engineering
                      Dates attended or expected graduation 1996 – 2000


                    2. There are docs which prove that GO has been used since (at least) 2018 in medicines. That’s actually what Sevillano, Delgado and their team are seeking now, among other things. I mean… which medicines/vaccines contained GO.
                      In one of their last programs, another doctor spoke about corticoid Dexametasona as a powerful medicine to detox from GO.


                    3. I’ll have a glance on all those links you sent me, and I’ll send the most relevant ones to Sevillano, meaning with “relevant” all those that bring in new info for them or just insights.
                      Thanks a lot. Keep in touch buddy. I’ll write you tmr or Wednesday. Take care.


                    4. Hi Stephers,
                      Thanks for your last links. I’ve just sent the last one to Sevillano.
                      I don’t know why, but for some reason I cannot see the “Reply” button in your last posts (?? 🤷‍♂️).
                      A couple of days ago, Sevillano and Delgado were mainly talking about some GO toxicity research, and its body reaction similarities to “kovid” pathologies…

                      Have a nice day


                    5. Diego –

                      For some reason I have had the same issue with the “Reply” button; hence, why I have had to reply to “non-corresponding” responses of yours. In any case, in light of Pfizer’s biodistribution study (determined high concentrations of the lipid nanoparticles in ovaries of Wistar rats – see p. 7 of “Pharmacokinetics Review”), I find this 2017 nanoparticle paper (from Wuhan) particularly relevant: “Toxicity of Nanoparticles on the Reproductive System in Animal Models: A Review”


                    6. Thanks a lot for your last links (Japanese Gov, etc]. I’ve just sent them to Sevillano.
                      I’ll get back to you Sunday or Monday.
                      Have a great weekend.

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                    7. Diego: “I don’t know why, but for some reason I cannot see the “Reply” button in your last posts (?? ).”

                      This is because comment nesting only goes to a certain depth to avoid presentation problems with columns becoming ever more narrow. The remedy is to simply continue the discussion on a fresh top-level comment to make better use of screen real-estate.

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                    1. Diego –

                      FYI – With regard to the graphene-related links I provided above . . . This short news clip about Alex Pinkerton and his company, Brane Interface (graphene applied to brain/machine interface for monitoring thoughts and movements), confirms that Joseph Pinkerton (graphene device inventor) is his father, and runs Brane Interface with him:


                    2. Diego – I hope you will read this in-depth paper with interest, and possibly pass it along to Sevillano: I think it is MOST revealing, particularly when it speaks of a real biological exposure scenario involving an inhalable dispersant (graphene nanoflake), and then subsequently producing a (presumably) biocompatible liquid dispersant utilizing the resulting protein corona composition . . . Much to dive into and unpack . . .


                    3. Diego –

                      On the topic of graphene nanotoxicity, and in reference to Pfizer’s biodistribution study (mentioned in comment above) . . . As seen on p. 7 of Pfizer’s Pharmacokinetics study in Wistar rats, the concentration of nanoparticles (presumably reflective of “spike protein” concentration, as implied here was actually highest in the spleen: This correlates with toxicity of graphene nanoparticles and their overwhelming distribution in the spleen:


  22. Kindly share more detail how to detox from graphene/carbon nanotubes before is too late for the ones we love. I understand that a solution for vax mARN is pin needle tea. Any help will be appreciated .


    1. Get –

      Please exercise great caution if you proceed with (or recommend for friends/family who were jabbed) pine needle tea. There is some information here (please review the comments section as well): At this time – despite the fact that I have used pine needle tea (sparingly) in the past for healing – I am not recommending it for the purpose of detoxing from mRNA, or any other ingredient in the COVID concoctions, as no evidence has been presented that it is a “solution.” If anyone is referring to it as a solution, I would be skeptical of that person. Furthermore, even if supportive in this regard, it still seems that pine needle tea would treat symptoms (i.e. – blood coagulation), rather than provide a method of detox per se.

      I am not yet prepared to offer a full protocol on how to detox from graphene/carbon nanotubes, which are seemingly biopersistent, and therefore could be challenging to clear from the body. We simply do not know definitively if graphene is present in the injections (or has been distributed widely prior to the injections). My research on this topic is still evolving, and unfortunately, remains speculative (even if “high-octane” speculation). As more information comes in, I intend to develop some educational guidance (not medical advice) that could help inform people and their loved ones (who may wish to explore detoxing from this experimental device). To clarify, detoxing may not entail full removal of whatever artificial construct/conjugate has been injected into the body, but rather, may focus on “de-activating” or “neutralizing” said toxin(s).

      That said . . . in the interim, and completely hypothetically speaking, if I already received a COVID injection, I would take this safe and potentially effective homeopathic remedy: If I considered that I may have been exposed to graphene or carbon nanotubes (an inhalable version – without an injection) – again, hypothetically speaking – I would take this homeopathic remedy which is ostensibly for asbestos exposure: (as there may be similarity between carbon nanotubes and asbestos fibers

      Lastly, in terms of detox from the mysterious ingredients in the injections, I am looking into the potential benefits of two products used synergistically: Alaria Supreme ( and Takesumi Supreme ( I do not make any claims that these products work for this particular application. As I asserted above, my research is still evolving.

      Please note I do NOT profit financially from promoting any products that I conceive may be potentially supportive. My intention is simply to inform and make suggestions, based on my own research. I implore anyone reading my recommendations to do their own research and take full responsibility for their own health and well-being.


    2. How can you hope to detox from structures like graphene or nanotubes? This is about the same problem as with asbestos fibres. They get entangled in an organism due to their geometry. They cannot be mechanically removed. If the organism cannot dissolve them chemically, it won’t ever get rid of them. Our bodies don’t like asbestos fibres. Chances are they don’t like other nano fibres or tubes or bands either. All of them will be stuck in the organism with no chance whatsoever of mechanical exfiltration.


      1. ML (and follow-up to Get) –

        Following are links to environmental studies of aquatic organisms (including warnings about the increased use of toxic nanomaterials and possible environmental remediation methods), which we may be able to infer some potentially positive news on clearing graphene from the human body:!divAbstract!divAbstract!divAbstract

        While I am not entirely hopeful we can fully remove carbon nanotubes – as they are persistent – I am cautiously optimistic that humic acid (based on the studies linked) may offer a safe, gentle, and natural way to attempt to detox from this bodily invasion – whether from injections, inhalation, ingestion, or otherwise.

        Even if graphene is not determined to be directly involved with the COVID operation, it seems apparent that graphene production is on the rise, and there are no plans to abate its continued environmental and biological penetration (intentional or otherwise).

        If it were me, I would take the following product: While there are products (also by the same company, and one product offered by Dr. Andrew Kaufman) that comprise both humic acid and fulvic acid, I have not yet seen evidence that fulvic acid can remove graphene. However, I can’t imagine it would be problematic to take a product that incorporates both products; but without direct evidence, I am hesitant to recommend such products. That said, they may be helpful synergistically in this application. I am looking further into this. Perhaps Dr. Kaufman may wish to pursue his own research in this regard (?).


        1. It has been five months since I posted the comment above, and friends of mine (both jabbed and unjabbed) are increasingly getting sick, and “diagnosed” with “COVID.” So I am in the process, once again, of reviewing research material that may help to determine a potential healing solution that is natural, safe, simple, and effective. For the record, in most instances, my friends have been taking Ivermectin (not on my advice), with little success/mitigation results. I would like to echo my previous recommendation to supplement with humic acid with several pertinent studies to support this:

          “Mitigation in Multiple Effects of Graphene Oxide Toxicity in Zebrafish Embryogenesis Driven by Humic Acid”

          “Humic acid acts as a natural antidote of graphene by regulating nanomaterial translocation and metabolic fluxes in vivo”

          “Nanoecotoxicity assessment of graphene oxide and its relationship with humic acid”

          “Humic acid alleviates the ecotoxicity of graphene-family materials on the freshwater microalgae Scenedesmus obliquus”

          “Mitigation in the toxicity of graphene oxide nanosheets towards Escherichia coli in the presence of humic acid”

          Regardless, for more information on humic acid for healing in general (for those who may not align with graphene oxide as being a potential causative agent in relation to COVID/vaccine injury):


          1. The other day, I was talking to a co-worker who told me his wife is a nurse who works in the Covid ward of her hospital. He told me, with sad but unshakable certainty, that although the “vaccinated” and the “unvaccinated” both come in with Covid, his wife reports that it’s the unvaccinated who are dying of Covid.

            Then, without being prompted by me (I was forcing myself to keep my mouth shut, he went on to say that the hospital sends the vaccinated Covid patients home, and they’re fine. The unvaccinated get admitted to the hospital, and they die.

            I just stared at him in dumbfounded horror.

            The idiocy induced by this agit-prop would be funny if the idiots weren’t being used to commit mass murder.



    I found this helpful; from the references to one of the articles you cite above. The “clay” and other forms of graphene sources, when combined in one study, a bit hard to follow — e.g., clay less toxic relative to others. You’ve probably cited this one before and I missed it. Regardless of its role in Covid, or not, this is one nasty, toxic group of substances that has been “approved” without much scrutiny by “captures” agency watchdogs doing much of anything to alert the masses of the potential health risks.

    I suspect this list will grow, and grow, like known carcinogenic sources that are ignored in favor of expensive, ineffective “cancer treatments.”

    Lovely world we live in.

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    1. Thanks Steve, for noting that particular reference, and for your insights. I don’t recall if I have previously cited that precise paper, but the information contained informed much of this essay, as well as my writing since (in the context of graphene). When reviewing it again, I see that I may be able to add one more suggestion to my evolving “detox protocol” – Superoxide Dismutase – which can be derived safely from foods. See here:


        1. Get –

          With regard to Restore (RE: your link above), I have used their various terrahydrite products, and I did not experience health improvement. That is my personal anecdotal report. I recommend reading this December 2019 analysis of Restore: I have not seen any studies by the company that claims it can remove heavy metals (only that it is free from heavy metal contamination). If you have seen this, please feel free to drop it in the comments, as I would be keen to see it. In the interim, depending on which heavy metal you are detoxing (i.e., aluminum, mercury), I suggest one of the products on this website page:

          In terms of psoriasis, I highly recommend the following book, “Psoriasis Healing: From Curse to Blessing” by Laurie Neverman Healing from psoriasis (from my personal experience with clients) involves a full mind-body-spirit approach, and needs to be highly individualized in order to unpack unconscious emotional trauma that may be contributing. Laurie covers that in her book, in addition to offering many natural healing options to complement healing on a mental/emotional level. If you do not wish to purchase her book, I suggest you reach out to her directly at the site I linked above, and I imagine she would be happy to support you with your healing. Please check back here if you need additional resources.


        2. I had psoriasis for years. About 7 or 8 years ago I had an IgG allergy test. The result was I was allergic to milk protein and after switching to a dairy free diet the psoriasis completely cleared up. The atrial fibrillation I was taking medication for also disappeared.
          I think conditions like psoriasis can be caused by many different reasons, toxins, stress, diet, so it can be difficult to get rid of. I hope you get it sorted.

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          1. Rob – Thank you for offering your compassionate support to commenter, Get. Laurie Neverman (in her book I referenced above), aptly addressed dietary changes, and wrote that she had both IgE and IgG food allergy testing. She noted that sometimes allergy testing can produce false negatives or false positives – as I have also experienced personally. I have used IgG allergy testing as a helpful guide, and then practiced rotation of foods (as delineated in the test results) to confirm. So, I have found IgG allergy testing to be helpful for both myself and family members, as well as clients. Glad to hear that both your psoriasis and atrial fib was healed, and that you successfully applied natural healing methods.


              1. Diego –

                Thank you for this new evidence. I will review it to the extent that I can (looks like I will have to use Google translate?).

                In any case, I saw this mainstream article attempting to debunk the magnetism phenomenon (and to dispel any belief that graphene is in the injections):

                What I found most interesting – and potentially revealing – is the (tangential) featuring of the “levitating frog” experiment, which was led by (Sir) Andre Geim (he received the IgNobel Prize in 2000 for this work). I have been researching Geim this past week (including his frog experiments), as he was jointly awarded (along with Konstantin Novoselov) the 2010 Nobel Prize in Physics for his “ground-breaking work on graphene.” The title of his Nobel Prize lecture was “A Random Walk to Graphene.” Subsequently, he received both Dutch and British knighthoods.

                Following are a few related links:



                1. Diego –

                  In exchange for your “graphene gift,” following is a lengthy paper, “Biological Interactions of Carbon-Based Nanomaterials: From Coronation to Degradation” There is much to chew on, and I find it to be highly revealing…I intend to unpack it in an upcoming post. Perhaps of interest to Sevillano? Be well…


                    1. Diego –

                      Here is a short clip of Sevillano (translated in English) expressing precisely the same line of thought that led me to the same conclusion (this is a “control” shot, NOT a “kill” shot) – which informed this very post (nearly 16,000 views to-date):


                  1. About your last reply: Yeah, exactly… what Sevillano and Delgado say is clear as day. The elite just went all or nothing. They don’t care how many deaths nor how much damage GO can cause in people’s health, but they believe that most people will get ahead and thus their neurological system will belong to them at some point.


                2. Yep… googletranslate. Only the “abstract” section is in English.
                  Thanks for your links. I’ll have a look on them now, and may pass them to Sevillano.


        3. I have dry skin and used to suffer from itchy spots here and there on the skin, possibly psoriasis or something similar. This is due to a lack of skin grease (not sure it is the proper term in English). Sunlight fixes it because it makes the skin produce grease. Sunlight is important for my skin.

          But I needed to stop taking hot or warm showers to get rid of the itchy spots completely during the dark winter months at 53°N. So cold showers and plain old soap for me, and no other products … and healthy skin as a result. Not a bad deal.

          I do not pay any special attention to my diet at all. But of course I avoid all ready-made food and soft drinks. I drink beer and wine regularly, but (almost) never a lot.


    1. L Schock –

      I am still researching how to safely decompose/degrade/eject inorganic nanomaterials (still TBD – whether simply the nanolipids/PEG as publicly revealed; or classified nanomaterials such as graphene or a related carbon allotrope; or possibly even a newer “invented” nanoparticle called phosphorene from the human body. While I have not yet seen evidence that MMS has these capabilities, following is a Latin American paper (not highly publicized) demonstrating its beneficial effect in treating symptoms of COVID (initial cause TBD):

      The aforementioned paper depicted both in silico and in vivo experimentation (even though a small sampling size). Incidentally (as noted on Page 2 of the March 2021 paper) the in silico modeling of the spike protein “drew on the research of Daniel Wrapp and Jason S. McLellan of the University of Texas” – both of whom I featured in my most recent post: Despite the small number of participants in the study, and the fallacious use of RT-PCR (and of course, the assumption of a “virus”), the in vivo component of the study seems to have some legitimacy given the monitoring of patient symptoms. It is worthy of review and potential implications, in my lay opinion.


      1. I didn’t notice that Black Phosprhorine (all Chinese name researchers on that paper) would be useful to get rid of the nano particles, instead it seems to just be another one. I still think chlorine dioxide might be one way to break it down. It oxidizes and breaks down many organic toxins, and inorganic metals.


        1. L Schock –

          To clarify, I am concerned that phosphorene (nano black phosphorus) may be another engineered nanoparticle that we need to be concerned about (perhaps not now, but in the future). While I am not yet purporting that MMS can degrade or neutralize ENPs (such as graphene or phosphorene), it may be possible. I do keep the ingredients on-hand, and I have used it only once a number of years ago. I consider MMS to be safe for short-term use, but recommend caution, as with any other supplement.


            1. Diego –

              Yes! Thank you so much. I saw the post come in last night (in English): I have been sharing widely. It seems we are getting closer to confirming evidence of the well-informed hypothesis very few of us have collectively considered. I hope others can get up-to-speed very soon, so we can get stop these dangerous injections and begin effective detox and healing protocols.


            2. Diego –

              Had I viewed this particular paper (from 2016), “Toxicity of graphene-family nanoparticles: a general review of the origins and mechanisms,” when I initially wrote this essay, I probably would have titled the piece, “Confessions of a Graphene-Family Nanoparticle”: Given the 240 References, the analysis is incredibly pertinent at this time, as more evidence continues to be offered pointing to graphene oxide (GO) as the primary suspect in the COVID case. Thank you for all of your collaborative efforts in uncovering this hidden agenda. Marching onward . . .


              1. About 2 weeks ago I sent this same paper to Sevillano, and actually I think I sent it to you too. Anyway… as you pointed out, incredibly pertinent. In fact, Sevillano and Delgado displayed it in one of their programmes, spent about an hour dealing with it and withdrew important conclusions. We’re talking about very similar (or even identical) adverse reactions as covid disorders/symptoms and “vaccines” adverse reactions.

                Thanks to you too for your great work in search of the truth. “Magnetic” people have now the key, by putting the pressure on the health care system, to bring this to an end soon, specially now after getting the first “vaccine” analysis which proves and claims that hardly any genetic material was found. On the contrary, what mostly was found is a material which has a huge resemblance to GO.

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                1. Diego –

                  You probably did send me the paper, prior to me (re)surfacing it. I review so much graphene-related literature each day, it’s tough to keep it all straight. In any case, I hope there will be more independent analyses of vials containing advanced biotech. This is ground-breaking work and necessary to achieve truth and closure – and authentic healing for those adversely affected. In the interim, please see the short blog post I published today that reveals an intriguing link to graphene – in relation to Rockwell Automation and Milwaukee, WI (a central hub for innovation in graphene sensors). It may help to connect some dots. Please feel free to share with Sevillano and Delgado:


    1. He’s Argentine. Geneticist. He has a lot of rapport with Sevillano and Delgado.
      Have a nice day. Adiós 😉


      1. Diego –

        Thank you very much for that clarification! I hope you are well. I am incredibly grateful that Sevillano and Delgado are getting wide coverage now. Twitter is all a “buzz” about it, as well as Odysee. That said, have you noticed that the press (mostly conservative-leaning, at least in the U.S.) choosing to cover the graphene oxide (GO) seems to lean in to GO being used to maim and kill, and possibly control minds? I think you and I know that the benefits to the controllers extend way beyond that, and that “depopulation” may not be their goal. I sense this narrative obscures the end goals of full-spectrum biometric surveillance, The Spatial Web, and augmented reality (not to mention stakeholder capitalism and human impact finance). Are they using the Graphene Flagship as a fall guy, given there are many other active “graphenators” around the world? I also would like the press to emphasize that GO may have been the cause of “COVID” (instead of a “virus”), and not simply being utilized in the injections as a “kill” shot. Regardless, thank you for all of your continued efforts, and keeping me in-the-loop over the past month.


        1. Thanks to you Stephers. For me it’s a great honor to exchange information with you.
          Really positive that the conservative US press at least dared to speak about GO. However, as you mentioned, there is so much more… The point is that this press leaning towards the jabs containing GO (avoiding to bind it to what really causes covid) may be just a desperate swerve from the elite to ultimately justify the use of GO as a therapeutic means to cure the disease, when it turns out that GO is what actually has bee causing it, mostly when interacts with those wicked radiofrequencies.
          Well, in any case this hypothetical desperate flamboyant attempt should be too lame for the population share of hesitants to the vax and/or to the sarscov2 existence, most of all because they should get really mad at Big Pharma and worldwide organizations just for the mere fact of having lied on the vax prospects. There is no justifiable excuse at all for this twisted scam. Theoretically they could not get away with it, and consequently the distrust level in them would incredibly soar.

          Have a nice weekend. Buen fin de semana!


          1. Diego –

            The honor is truly mine. Let’s see where the information leads curious minds. One positive is that people are beginning to do their own questioning and researching. I am observing individuals on social media platforms offering toxicity studies on graphene and graphene oxide – beyond what is being presented to them by the conservative media. From my informed perspective, the key agenda involving graphene and other engineered nanomaterials (mainly carbon-based) is reflected in my post from April 5, 2021: “Part 7: The Endgame ~ One Web to Rule Them All” Additionally, following is a pertinent and comprehensive slide presentation (in which La Quinta Columna is credited) that will be delivered today by my dear friend, Alison McDowell Lastly, this April 2021 article from the Max Planck Institute for Polymer Research (involving collaborative research from the Catalan Institute of Nanoscience and Nanotechnology (ICN2) and the Institute of Photonic Sciences (ICFO) in Spain) is incredibly revealing ~ “Graphene: Everything under control:
            Research team demonstrates control mechanism for quantum material”
   See this August 2020 article highlighting the same researcher from the Max Planck Institute (, as it serves as background context, and links the significance of magnetism:
            Please feel free to pass this crucial information along to Sevillano and Delgado. Thank you, Diego!


            1. Thanks for all, and sorry for being a bit “vanished” these last days. I’ll catch up with stuff soon…
              I was having a look on those slides you sent me, and one in particular drew my attention a lot: Remote magnetic manipulation of nervous systems patent. And right now I’m watching this video

              I’ll send some links to Delgado and Sevillano. They are getting an astounding amount of messages daily, so I hope they won’t disregard mines, though I’m aware this can happen, obviously.

              Have a great weekend. Take care.


              1. With regard to the video which you posted a link to I would like to caution against being derailed by ascribing magical sci-fi horror show powers to these biotech wannabe wizards.

                I don’t have any domain expertise to draw from but I do question stuff that is presented to me regardless of origin, mainstream or alternative.

                So when it is claimed in this video at 14:12 that according to a “DARPA and Homeland conference” the lipids to be injected into your body may contain tardigrades and resurrection plants a whole array of red flags should go up. Clearly, that lady, provided she is bona fide (which I wouldn’t vouch for), has to do some major adjusting of her bullshit detectors.

                On the next slide it is suggested that the intent might be to make your body a habitation for demons, falling angels and aliens. So we’ve entered the land of phantasy and are probably in for a deep dive but I don’t have patience to watch any further as the entertainment factor isn’t high enough.


                1. Diego (and Michael) –

                  Diego, I appreciate you dropping this video in the thread. I had viewed some of it a few days prior.

                  Thus far, while I have not specifically addressed Celeste Solum and her conceptual basis of the COVID situation,
                  it seems that I may need to clarify some distinctions between her framework and mine, as we both present information regarding nanotechnology, and specifically, graphene.

                  I do not have time in this moment to go into detail; however, this is probably an apt opportunity to offer several distinctions:

                  1) Whereas Celeste is informed by a biblical framework and the notion of aliens and demons (of which she is transparent); I do not operate within a religious framework, nor am I informed by any biblical or holy text (from any religion, including New Age, atheism, or scientism). Further, I do not hold similar beliefs at Celeste in aliens; however, from my personal experience and “studies,” I do leave room for inter-dimensional (I use this term loosely) influences on human life and behavior.

                  2) Additionally, whereas Celeste has been an “insider,” given her FEMA background (as well as her father’s) and her current contacts within homeland security and such; I am not an insider, and therefore, I have no access to “Intel.” That said, it is my personal belief that information that arises from within Intel can be misguided and can be intentional disinformation (even distributed amongst themselves).

                  3) Given her biblical worldview (which she openly admits), Celeste does operate from within a good (God) vs. evil (Satan) framework, and believes that Satanic forces desire to kill off most of the world’s human population. Contrary to that, I do not see enough evidence to demonstrate that depopulation (and even mass sterility) is a primary aim of the controllers. Further, I have considered (based on my own observation and analysis) that “good” and “evil” may arise from the same “place” (even if that place is the Mind) as overt competing forces, but may actually be working toward the same end goal (thesis and anti-thesis, if you will). It is probably why I lean more into Gnostic material, even though I am not exclusively steadfast to all Gnostic beliefs. If you are interested, I can elaborate more on this another time . . . .

                  4) Lastly, whereas Celeste does not believe in COVID being caused by a virus per se, she does still believe (admittedly) in the concept of viruses (including HIV) as being potentially pathogenic agents (even if riding on the backbone of a nanoparticle, or as a payload within). I do not believe that viruses are necessarily “real”, nor do I believe (if they exist) that they are pathogenic, or can be designed to be pathogenic. I concede my opinion could change on that; but this is where I currently stand, given my analysis over the past 18 months.

                  Michael, while I understand this video is long and dense, and embedded with misinformation and disinformation (in my opinion), I would like to suggest that you not throw the baby out with the bathwater. It can be a default for most of us – in that, if we hear one thought that does not completely match up with our own belief system, we automatically disregard the rest of the material offered. This may be to our disadvantage. My sense of Celeste (from what I have observed over the past 18 months) is that she is a very honest and ultra-caring woman who believes wholeheartedly in what she is presenting, yet she comes with questionable baggage. I will leave it at that for now. It takes much discernment and patience to sift through a presentation like this, and generally, through most of Celeste’s discussions. I can empathize with your frustration and lack of interest – especially in light of how Celeste led off the conversation. Again, I sense her heart is in the right place, but her mind may have been “played with” somewhat through her government work. That is a topic for another day, and one in which, I can only offer primarily speculative analysis, with little grounded basis from which to speak.

                  I am presently re-watching the video (for the purpose of deeper analysis, as per your interest/disinterest) – and I have only gotten through the first 30 minutes this second time around. I suggest paying particular attention to the slide that Celeste presents from the 27-minute timestamp to the 30-minute timestamp, including her relevant commentary. Regardless of one’s conceptual framework, this particular information is, in my informed opinion, spot-on. As I continue to navigate through the rest of the lengthy presentation, I will do my best to return to this comments thread for any further takeaways – that I feel are grounded in evidence, and may benefit our health-focused and nature-affirming intentions moving forward.


                  1. Dear Stephers, thank you for your elaborate and considerate reply. Before bluntly assessing what I believe to be the truth about this unlikely lady going by the moniker of Celeste Solum which I have never before in my life heard of, I’d like to restate my appreciation of your work on this blog (hmm, probably have done so somewhere, not entirely sure, though). Your research is interesting and inspiring to me although I’m not exactly a spiritual kind of person.

                    Not sure about the USA, but in Europe, being “informed by a biblical framework and the notion of aliens and demons”, as you say Celeste Solum is, would be tantamount to being considered a crazy nutcase.

                    That’s not what I think she is, though. I would say, after what I’ve heard so far, that she is a sophisticated liar. If indeed she has FEMA and Homeland Security background, that would corroborate that suspicion of mine.

                    By the way, how would you reconcile FEMA or Homeland Security with demons and aliens? Clearly, a state where such a combination is possible is rotten at the core. And we have plenty of evidence that such is the case for the USA.

                    In her celestial endeavour to confuse the listener, she pours in a good deal of toxic Holocaust propaganda (a particularly wicked hoax) when there is no factual need to do so as it is simply not the topic of her talk.

                    Stephers: “I would like to suggest that you not throw the baby out with the bathwater. It can be a default for most of us – in that, if we hear one thought that does not completely match up with our own belief system, we automatically disregard the rest of the material offered.”

                    I am aware of this epistemological fallacy and I agree it is a very important one as most people are prone to being hampered in their understanding by it. I would even say that the propaganda apparatus makes ample use of this fallacy by exploiting it to confuse people. I try do steer clear of it.

                    As for the slide and her elucidations starting at minute 27, I think it’s a lot of buzzwords. I’m with Binra on that one, see his comment below on modeling, marketing, investment, application (failure), narrative (hoax) management, rinse & repeat. Their stuff doesn’t work, but no one’s calling their bluff.

                    I can see from a digital & programming background how they are manufacturing these ideas about selective targeting based on genetic criteria. It like database queries or regular expression matching. They’re trying to fit life into their digital worldview. Why? Because digital has worked great so far and will continue to do so.

                    But digital is also dead. It is not life, despite gay digital propagandist Yuval Harari’s attempts to convince people otherwise by absurdly claiming that “AI” will be considered a new form of life. Bollocks!

                    Sorry, I don’t buy their amalgamization of the two domains. Digital tech will continue to be successful, but the two domains of tech and life will stay apart. Transhumanism is a non-starter. And digital will always be dead and soulless. So what? Useful nonetheless.

                    I may listen to her some more when I’m in the mood for some sick entertainment and might then get back on this topic. Thank you!


                    1. So the buzzwords at minute 27 are AI, PNT kill system, graphene plasmonics, smart contact lenses and AR (augmented reality), and quantum computing (which has been around for a long time and never gone anywhere).

                      Will AI yoke humanity? Intelligence, like stupidity, is a human feature, not a digital one. Digital technology including so-called AI has its pros & cons and can certainly be used to control and surveil the population.

                      Unlike GPS & GLONASS, PNT is not a working system yet and not even a technical specification. Sounds like the technical prerequisites haven’t been developed yet. Clearly, the US military is disgruntled their fine GPS can be spoofed and their expensive missiles go astray. But Celeste Solum says that it will be used to selectively kill people in conjunction with precision medicine. There’s nothing to back up such a dystopian claim.

                      I havent’t ever heard of plasmonics before. The Wikipedia article is only in English and Russian. Sounds like cutting-edge research, and I haven’t understood what it is. I wonder whether Celeste Solum has. Anyway, it’s not existing technology yet. Will it become real or go the way of quantum computing?

                      I can see how smart glasses with AR could be useful in work. But would you want to wear AR contact lenses? I certainly wouldn’t. Just image being spammed with ads by your lenses.

                      To me, it’s mostly dystopian science fiction what she is suggesting from minute 27 to 30. Plus, wouldn’t you say there is a trend to back away from digital technology and get back to simple non-digital things because enough is enough?


                    2. Michael,

                      I may have to break down my response into several comments, as I am having logistical issues with WordPress . . .

                      As far as graphene plasmonics goes, it just so happens that I was reviewing a pertinent paper (from 2016) early this morning (prior to seeing your related comment):

                      What leads you to say “it’s not existing technology yet”? Can you clarify that assumption?


                    3. Michael –

                      Here is another relevant paper on graphene plasmonics:
                      “In conclusion, we found that morphological defects on the nanoscale such as atomic steps in SiC and wrinkles in epitaxial graphene produce a remarkably strong plasmon res- onance. This resonance has essentially the same origin as the plasmon peak observed in two-dimensional electron gases and in nanostructured graphene. The important difference, however, is that the confinement potential in epitaxial graphene is natural and does not re- quire special lithographic patterning, which risks reducing the carrier mobility. Instead, one can think of controlling the plasmon frequency by varying the preparation of the substrate and the graphitization process. The presence of the plasmon dramatically changes the cy- clotron resonance and Faraday rotation. Graphene appears to be a unique material, where one finds simultaneously a small effective mass giving rise to strong magneto-optical effects and excellent plasmonic properties. This combination opens pathways toward plasmon- controlled terahertz magneto-optics.”

                      . . . And here is a piece I wrote in May 2021, suggesting that surface plasmon resonance could potentially be responsible for nanoparticle transmission:


                    4. Michael –

                      In terms of smart contact lenses . . . This April 2020 article, “A Look at Graphene-Coated Smart Contact Lenses” (, gives a general overview of this application of smart graphene technology. The last sentence hints at its use in AR, when it says they can be used “within display and sensor applications.”

                      Here you can read much more about the progress being made in the emerging field of AR contact lenses: One of the primary investors in this technology is Khosla Ventures, which I researched a few months ago. If interested, you can read (and listen) here about their “black swan” ideas and “moonshot thinking”:


                      Khosla Ventures plays a leading role in COVID-catapulted healthcare technologies:

                      On black swans . . . I referenced this concept (see Endnote 5) in December 2020 in Part 1 of my current series on bio-digital convergence:

                      On moonshot thinking . . . Alison McDowell has spoken often about Japan’s Moonshot program, and you can also read this relevant article here (with very important hyperlinks) from January 2021:

                      If you take the time to review the references I provided, you can begin to comprehend the goals of the globalist elites; and then the name, “Operation Warp Speed,” begins to take on much more meaning.

                      While this sci-fi-inspired scheme to connect all living beings to the cloud may seem far-fetched and unattainable to you (and I truly hope it is not viable), I can assure you the architects who designed this program believe it to be very real and attainable. Let’s hope it remains fiction. Ultimately, you may not want to take up your contrarian views with me (or Celeste Solum, for that matter); but, rather, I suggest reaching out to those who may be involved in the plans to augment society and reality. Food for thought: Are you the least bit curious as to why Khosla Ventures is deeply involved with both augmented reality (AR) and COVID-catalyzed healthcare solutions? Can you see where and why these domains may intersect? Please read the first piece I wrote for POM in April 2020 for further food for thought:


                    5. Michael –

                      In response to your question (possibly rhetorical?) “. . . . wouldn’t you say there is a trend to back away from digital technology and get back to simple non-digital things because enough is enough?” I have seen no evidence indicative of this trend, except for the occasional “trend” for people to take a day-long or even week-long “vacation” from their digital devices ( If anything, I have observed just the opposite. I find that most people are downright enamored with (and addicted to) the digital.


                    6. Stephers, thank you for all these replies and links and videos. I will study them, later.

                      From reading and failing to understand part of the Wikipedia article on plasmonics, and given the novelty of the term to me and the absence of any appliances sporting plasmonics in their inner workings, I concluded it is not yet existing technology, like semi-conductors, but rather some cutting-edge stuff done in research, unproven in practice. But given my superficial approach in this case, I may be completely wrong. I’ll try and study the subject a little bit, within the narrow constraints of my existing knowledge.


                    7. Stephers, I’m going to post answers to your suggestions in new top–level comments at the bottom of this section.


                  2. Thanks for the updates and clarifications.
                    I’m on holidays now, in Bosnia… bad WiFi… so I’ll try to catch up with stuff next week.
                    Have a nice weekend


            1. Drs. Cowan and Kaufman will be presenting on graphene this Saturday, July 17, 2021: If you are interested in this topic and plan to attend their webinar, I highly recommend viewing this detailed, comprehensive, and well-informed presentation beforehand: “From Graphene, Nano, Morgellons to Bionic Man” Consider watching this erudite presentation in the next day or two as a “pre-game,” if you will. Even if you are not planning to register for the Cowan/Kaufman webinar, the Babylon Decoded video will give you plenty of context with which to grasp the graphenation/transhumanism agenda (sans fear porn). Critical resources and links are provided for further exploration.


  24. Here is Delgado (of La Quinta Columna) being interviewed today (July 16, 2021) by Canadian economist and author Michel Chossudovsky, (Founder and Director of the Centre for Research on Globalization (CRG), Montreal): In my opinion – and to echo my research and writing in this regard – Delgado did a wonderful job highlighting the main takeaways of their team’s research, including his final remarks on graphene oxide being applied to neuronal control. I was happy to see Chossudovsky giving Delgado the space to express openly; and perhaps this messaging will begin to spread to places that will inspire real change, and enable healing moving forward . . . I strongly urge viewing this 24-minute discussion, as they also both concur on the notion that no virus was ever properly purified and isolated; and thus, a virus could not have been the cause of COVID.


  25. From 2012 – “The Effect of Nanoparticle Size, Shape, and Surface Chemistry on Biological Systems” (
    “The ability to engineer structures in the nanometer-size range has already demonstrated great value to the fields of optics and electronics. Before nanotechnology can significantly impact medicine, it will be important to characterize the effect of nanomaterials on biological systems. In the next decade, it will be important to elucidate how the physicochemical properties of nanomaterials and their by-products interact with subcellular organelles, cells, tissues, and organisms. This will greatly affect our ability to engineer new generations of nontoxic products containing nanoparticles. For this endeavor to be successful, focus must shift from proof-of-concept studies to thorough fundamental studies. The publication of well-executed fundamental studies will provide the design criteria for successful nanoparticle-based strategies in vivo. The progress in nano-bio, material synthesis and computer simulation studies can potentially change how we engineer nanostructures in this century and could lead to novel applications.”


    1. The discovery of underlying ‘mechanisms’ provides the modelling of ‘applications’ as marketing PR for funding/investment which then drives the modelling – and will generally persist in invested models even when the applications fail to deliver or deliver negative consequence.

      Hence much of the media articles and to some degree the studies, has to be seen as also a marketing and investment strategy – ostensibly pitched to save, solve, protect or extend life.

      I see this behind virology and genetics in terms of core dogmas revealed false.

      The models produce variants and novel augmentations as part of maintaining an investment while looking for ways to leverage the still largely believed narrative, to prepare for repackaging to a new one – such as the attempt to manually (even under AI) control the interface of cellular domain functions with electromagnetic fields.

      I am sure this also will not work, and will deliver a compound debt of degradation, pain and loss as the result of persistent repackaging of toxic conflict instead of truly addressing and resolving them.

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      1. Great comment, Binra! Meaning what you wrote matches my thoughts by expressing them more clearly than I’ve so far been able to do. 🙂

        I’m going to say more than I’m able to back up with even a hint of evidence by claiming that the entire debate about the ethics of genetical engineering, cloning etc is eerily reminiscent of the peace-loving, earnest and righteous organized opposition to nuclear weapons (like IPPNW), the whole purpose of which is to bolster up the belief in the existence of nuclear weapons, which are a sophisticated hoax from the very beginning (although initial research was likely inspired by sincere belief in the possibilities of such weapons).

        Their stuff does not work, did not work, and will not work.

        Yes, classical genetical engineering, also known as breeding, does work, even with artificial lab manipulation; and so do peaceful nuclear reactors, which are useful for power generation.


        1. Within the world, find where you fit as who you are the unfolding of.
          Looking at it, I see much being revealed as reflections of the way it works – via the experience of a spanner in the works (wrench in the gears) – and how that ‘works’ to set polarised reactions that drive an engine or mechanism through which to persist in the experience of shifting between limitation and Infinity – which is not big OR small- as the origin and embrace of all vectors and dimension.

          The patterns of our total personality construct will determine how we are effected and where awareness comes through, how we use that experience.
          Some have only be told the threat is terrible to inwardly collapse to an armouring that effectively does what the threat was purported to do.

          Genetic modification occurs naturally via bacterial enzymatic activity.
          I couldn’t get to what I originally wanted to say but this quote is very close to the work of a celebrate but then walled out microbiologist – but I cant recall her name:

          “It may shock you to know that all the world’s bacteria have access to a single gene pool, which has provided an immense resource for adaptation, manifesting an array of breathtaking combinations and re-combinations for three billion years! Any bacterium—at any time—has the ability to use accessory genes, provided by other strains, which permits it to function in ways its own DNA may not cover.

          The global trading of genes through DNA re-combinations provides for almost endless adaptation possibilities. Therefore, what has been done to one has been done to all. Widespread use of antibacterial agents is both futile and disastrous. Future life sciences and medicine will comprehend the more effective use of agents to stimulate positive adaptation of bacteria resulting in chains of supportive symbiosis.

          In the presence of love, these positive adaptations naturally occur. In the presence of hatred and fear, negative and resistant strains of bacteria are more likely. Life forms are ever changing, and yet the basic chemistry of life remains the same. Do not cling to forms that are passing, but seek for an understanding of life that embraces and includes all possibilities. This is accomplished through integrating and expanding patterns and relationships.

          In this way, you will see God as the creative power of life. When I asked that you love one another, I was not just giving you a recipe for human fellowship. This is the doorway to life eternal.”

          (The Keys of Jeshua – Glenda Green)

          I also have seen a paper by Mae Wan Ho.

          off grid for a while now…


          1. It did not shock me to read that all the world’s bacteria have access to a single gene pool as I’ve heard similar ideas before and it makes sense for primitive life forms to be versatile and highly adaptive in order to carry life through adverse conditions. But I was surprised to learn that these insights have been revealed to the author by Jesus himself. The sound & feel of words of wisdom is certainly there. Naturally, these words make much more sense to me than the scientific fear propaganda we’ve been exposed to.



            1. Michael –

              I am not quite sure what you are saying here. I think I would need a bit more context. Sorry to say, this comment may have gone over my head, or is above my pay grade.

              Can you offer some clarification? Foremost, are you implying that information that was channeled from an alleged apparition (claiming to be Jesus) to a New Age woman named Glenda Green stands as “truth” to you?

              I have looked into her channeling and New Age material, and it certainly does not resonate with me. I spent many years encased (AKA trapped) in New Age Thought, including channeling (even an “entity” claiming to come to me as “Emmanuel” AKA Jesus). While I did not turn back to Judeo-Christian principles (as I do not follow any religion), I did manage to pull myself out of the Archontic trap of angels and messengers of Christ/God.

              That said, if it feels right to you, I am glad you may feel some solace in the words transmitted by Glenda Green.


              1. Michael (and Binra) –

                I am just now seeing your previous comments that provide the context. I am behind on the comments thread; so unfortunately, I thought your message was directed to me. Now that I see the context, and that you were responding to Binra, it makes more sense. Please accept my apologies for my misunderstanding and stepping into your conversation.


              2. Stephers, sorry for being a bit unclear in wording (“surprised to learn” was meant as a hint of irony), and no need for apologies on your part.

                No, I don’t believe and have never believed in any kind of New Age religion, magic, angels or demons, channeling, reincarnations and so on. I believe in the exploitation of human weakness by clever people who strive to attract and organize followers, in the power of propaganda, and in the credulousness of the masses. I do not follow any religion either and I am not even baptized. There may be a creator; at least, it doesn’t seem unreasonable to me to assume there is one because we can’t figure it out anyway, although it is a fascinating question.

                What I liked about the quote is that love, not feat, resonates with life, and feels good, as it arguably does. Makes so much more sense than the Covid propaganda. That’s all.


  26. “The Future of Graphene and 5G”(

    “Grolltex Manager, April 2nd, 2018”

    “At the February Mobile World Congress, held in Barcelona, Spain, the close connection between graphene and 5G technology was one of the main sources of attraction. Both have been featured prominently in the news recently as new-age wonders, so it’s only natural that the two would at some point combine forces to produce some truly remarkable capabilities. That time appears to be in the very near future, as considerable research has been underway on ways that the two could support each other for mutual benefit.”

    “Monolayer graphene has only been commercially available for about the last decade, but it has already made a powerful impact in the areas of high-speed photosensitivity, farming applications, flexible photodetectors, medical diagnostics, and water purification processes. 5G of course, has been hailed as the future of communications for several years, and is considered to be the enabling technology for both VR and AR. Some of the ongoing research has been related to finding ways that super-conductive, flexible monolayer graphene could be used to support the needs of 5G technology, to help finally achieve the breakthrough it needs.”

    “Graphene and 5G Technology Combined”

    “5G technology cannot simply be scaled up from previous technology to meet the demands of high-speed communications of the future – it needs an enabling technology. Enter monolayer graphene. By late 2017, a research team at Chalmers University in Sweden had developed a method of combining graphene flexibility with terahertz detection so as to make it possible to connect the Internet of Things (IoT), via high-bandwidth technologies available in 5G.”


    1. Nor 5G nor graphene exists in my world. They are both NPCs.

      You teach DETOX classes ?

      Cool, me too.

      Start putting all those clowns where they belong; in the NPC basket.

      only that way you beat the system

      (or could yourself really call a detox coach)

      all these narratives, and the Coronarrative is the prime one today, have one thing in common:

      They are meant to DRAG YOU IN

      the solution is simple ; don’t let them.

      If you don’t wanna listen to me, I sense TimR sees the same. And else many aLOUD. (formerly Eye am Eye Radio) members (you still didn’t join)….


      1. Gaia,
        Ok, set me straight. Following your comments, I gather that there’s some BS, like the moon landing hoax, that you’re interested enough in to discuss with people in great detail. But other BS, like the Coronavirus hoax, goes into the NPC, not-worth-your-time bin. Do you have guidelines for how you and your aLOUD members decide what is, and what is not, worthy of attention? Hoaxes from sixty years ago deserve lots and lots of time and discussion, but hoaxes happening right now that involve killing and involuntarily altering people should just be ignored?

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      2. Gaia –

        To clarify – I do not teach detox classes.

        The nice thing about having some semblance of free will – you get to do you, and I get to do me. It’s all good. We are all on our individual, unique paths and journeys. Just as 5G and graphene do not exist in your world, NPCs do not exist (in any tangible way, at least) in my personal reality bubble. I appreciate your solution (for yourself) to disengage from particular narratives, and I do not judge. I ask that you may offer the same respect to me. Thanks Gaia.


        1. We are all on our individual, unique paths and journeys.

          Glad we have the fundamental difference and mistaken view on your side above water, as the Dutch saying goes.

          Explaining your mistake: from your many contributions you acknoledge and recognize Gaia, divinity, God, the Universe, the Creator, whatever word you choose. And as one of her elements you also do recognize a spiritual “collective consciousness”.

          So, by feeding this poison to yourself, while KNOWING it is poison, you not only harm yourself, but others too.

          Thinking like you describe is exactly the scary Transhumanism we live in. And it is crazy. You are old enough to have lived the decades before this lack of social cohesive thinking, this World of Maskedness you help promoting now.

          You should know better.

          Just like in your New Normie behavior; the same junkie dwelling in poison during the New Normal, not taking care of any Great Remindset, you should know better.

          The detox coach idea I got from the other commenter asking you about that. Good to hear then that you’re not detoxing people into the Building of the Beast.

          People think that their “smart” devices (the biggest Weapons of Mass Distraction ever) and their own Google searches give guidance in life, instead of each other; social reflection.

          That were we come from; tribal shamanism, sharing wisdoms for the tribe to use and grow. Using and applying the knowledge of the Future, to make it as little Dark as possible.

          And not dwelling in the pot of poison we KNOW is poison.

          That is madness.

          But stick to your own “individual path” and think you will thrive….survival will be a hard nut already.


          1. So… if we ignore it, it will go away?

            Hmm. I think I’ll test your hypothesis by ignoring every comment you make here from now on. Nothing personal; it’s for science.


      3. Gaia,

        Some food for thought (no need to answer me directly) on NPCs, collective consciousness, social cohesive thinking, and “beating the system” . . .

        I am not writing this with the intention to debate, or to one up you; but, rather, to understand more from where you are coming.

        When was the first time you recall using the NPC trope? Was it before 2018, when it entered into the collective consciousness via social media (digital social engineering)? (Granted, I recall the terminology being used in the alternative media, before seeping out into the mainstream.) Or were you a hard-core gamer and already using this terminology? Either way, this social engineering term did not arise out of thin air, nor from Gaia (earth mother, Gaia, that is). It arose from transmission via smart devices and the digital realm – which you purport should not give guidance. Yet, isn’t that from where you are being guided (at least, initially) with regard to NPC language. Do you not see how that can be part of the programming?

        I wonder if you have considered, yourself, how you, too, may have been dragged in to narratives – primarily through the use of weaponized memetics (not to mention implanted conspiracy theories by the elites themselves).

        Are you 100 percent sure when you use the term NPC that it comes from a place deep inside you – as your truth and knowing – or did the notion arise from outside of yourself? Thus, your thinking and actions may be driven by narratives (and memes) created external to you – that may ultimately serve to propagate the poisoned well, of which you accuse me of doing.

        I stand here willing to accept my role in being “dragged in” and lured in (possibly even via memetics and intentionally-dropped bread crumbs) to simulated narratives, and language introduced by the “beast” system. Are you willing to acknowledge the same?

        I notice your incessant use of the NPC meme, and it seems you apply it to explain away concepts with which you are either not familiar or are uncomfortable, or with which you disagree. It feels awfully similar to how normies (yes, a meme that has been inserted into the “truther” domain) exploit the “conspiracy theorist” trope to shut down conversation. Can you accept you may be running scripts designed by the simulation?

        If you truly feel you are entirely immune to the toxic, mad, and “junkie” system (your phrases, not mine) currently in play, then by all means, please share with me some tangible and actionable strategies I can implement in my life. Because I surely do not have the answers. However, each day, I am getting more clear on my purpose and my role here in this incarnation – and it certainly isn’t to fight the beast system. Rather, it is to better understand the system with which we are engaged (whether we like it or not); and to reflect on it and self-reflect to the extent I can – while my individual thinking faculties are still intact, and not fully assimilated into group-think and the hive mind.

        All that said, I hope you will listen to some inspirational spoken word here from John Trudell: “There’s Nothing Wrong With Us.” ( To be clear, Gaia, there is nothing wrong with me, and there is nothing wrong with you. Perhaps you and aLOUD members can speak to the poignant messages that John Trudell shared with the world . . . It may be one small way to instill and transmit something positive and impactful that can uplift humanity and to “make it as little Dark as possible” (your words).

        Thank you for listening. I look forward to hearing your response. No response is appreciated as well.


    2. Hi Stephers,
      I’m finally back home. I’ve just red this post, and it’s really interesting. I’ll send it to Sevillano and Delgado.
      Thanks again for so much valuable information.


  27. From January 2021: “Altered gut microbiome accompanying with placenta barrier dysfunction programs pregnant complications in mice caused by graphene oxide” (


    • GO exposure during organogenesis period caused pregnant complications in mice.

    • Tight junctions and VEGFA of placenta expressed lower in GO-exposed pregnant mice.

    • Gut microbiome of pregnant mice was perturbed by oral exposure of GO.

    • Altered gut microbiome was responsible for failed pregnancy.”


  28. A prescient warning from July 2012, “Is graphene safe?”

    “Certainly, we must be cautious of the release of novel materials, particularly those that lie in the brave new world of nano where bulk properties seem to fade from view yet the atomic and molecular properties are not quite manifest. On this scale, phenomena emerge that might not be predicted based on bulk or molecular properties.”

    “Ken Donaldson is a respiratory toxicologist at the University of Edinburgh and he and his colleagues are among the first to raise the warning flag on graphene, at least for nanoscopic platelets of the material. It is not too great a leap of the imagination to imagine how such tiny flakes of carbon might be transported deep within the lungs similar to asbestos fibres and coal dust. Once lodged within, there is no likely mechanism for the removal or break down of such inert particles and they might reside on these sensitive tissues triggering a chronic inflammatory response or interfering with the normal cellular functions.”

    “The problem with graphene flakes, according to Donaldson and colleagues, is that although they might be labelled as being a few dozen micrometres across on the shipping container from a supplier, these platelets can behave as if they were much smaller. Our bodies can usually filter particles quite effectively, but these particles behave in ways that allow them to slip past the filters and once inside can be too big for white blood cells to engulf.”


  29. From 2009, “The electronic properties of graphene”:
    “This article reviews the basic theoretical aspects of graphene, a one-atom-thick allotrope of carbon, with unusual two-dimensional Dirac-like electronic excitations. The Dirac electrons can be controlled by application of external electric and magnetic fields, or by altering sample geometry and/or topology. The Dirac electrons behave in unusual ways in tunneling, confinement, and the integer quantum Hall effect. The electronic properties of graphene stacks are discussed and vary with stacking order and number of layers. Edge 􏰀surface􏰁 states in graphene depend on the edge termination 􏰀zigzag or armchair􏰁 and affect the physical properties of nanoribbons. Different types of disorder modify the Dirac equation leading to unusual spectroscopic and transport properties. The effects of electron-electron and electron-phonon interactions in single layer and multilayer graphene are also presented.”


  30. “U.S. Environmental Protection Agency Nanotechnology White Paper” (February 2007):
    (p. 88) “Research into the human health effects assessment of intentionally produced nanomaterials will be extremely challenging and the ability to interact with other federal, international, academic, and private activities in this area would be most beneficial. A number of organizations are engaged in health effects research. Collaboration with NASA, NIOSH, FDA, NCI, NTP, DOD/MURI, NIST, NEHI, DOE, the European Union, EPA grantees, academic institutions, and others will leverage resources in gaining knowledge on the potential health effects of nanomaterials.”


  31. Stephers, in a comment you posted on July 25 further above on this page, you suggested watching this video:

    Transhumanism: The End Game (June 2021)
    Tim Ray – “Frequency Wars” presenter
    Elisa E. (10:04 timestamp) – MK Ultra survivor and author
    Elana Freeland – author and researcher

    I watched it (or at least listened to it) in its entirety as you suggested. It starts from a background of spaceships, promises advance knowledge, suggests we prepare for impact, and ends by reminding us to “live free, stay awake, and keep raising that frequency”.

    This may be seen as “innovative, uncensored and conscious media”, and it is a professional production – but I have to wonder whether there is another purpose behind it than just to convey advance knowledge and prepare us for impact?

    “What will YOU believe? Welcome to FREQUENCY WARS, the next revolution!”

    And is it innovative and conscious enough? Or is it innovative and conscious at all?

    “No matter what channel you are on, the programs you are watching are programming YOU.” (4:58)

    Call me a cynic, but I say that “MK Ultra survivor Elisa E.”, who I’ve never seen before, is a professional liar.

    It must have been around 2008 that I stumbled upon a video titled “Disclosure Project” or something similar. It was about flying saucers and gruesome aliens. Back then I still beleived the world was, by and large, a sensible place. What struck me was the professional quality of the video production. Purportedly authentic US military staff, some or most of them officers, testified to the existence of these saucers … and then at the end of the video, the audience was confronted with aliens and how horrible they were. I couldn’t understand how they would make these claims and how so much money could be spent for the production of the video when it was not … real? So was it?

    For a couple days. I entertained the possibility that these saucers and aliens might actually exist. Then it occurred to me that this might just be part of a hoax to fool credulous rich people into believing this nonsense in order to tap into their bank account via some sect or cult fraud. Nowadays I think there is a vast budget to finance this sort of stuff, as special part of the general propaganda, like the nuke hoax, the Apollo hoax or the ISS hoax.

    I think “Elisa E.” is part of that kind of propaganda.

    Elana Freeland might also be, but not necessarily so. Maybe she honestly believes all the things she’s quite enthusiastically talking about. But I don’t.

    We could discuss details of the video (with timestamps, if possible) but there is so much that I don’t know where to start.

    For example, she makes claims (1:04:45 – 1:10:35) about remote controlled nano machines, about nano sensors everywhere, disseminated throughout the upper atmosphere, trickling down on us, about Saturn rings of heavy metal nano particles around planet Earth acting as a communication system, about machines infiltrating our bodies and minds without us knowing.

    It’s all really fascinating, but it is science fiction to me.

    I don’t doubt some sick research program referred to as MK Ultra was conducted in democratic America as they routinely accuse others of what they are guilty of themselves. But what are the results of this program? The successes and accomplishments? Not much, I would say. Precious little. They tried it and hardly anything worked. It wasn’t worth it. People suffered in vain.

    Brain washing and mind control can be accomplished more efficiently and economically by mass media, especially television. We can see how effective that is by looking at all the Corona zombies around us.


    1. Our model of self/reality is based on symbols.
      Masking symbols are not the reality the represent or usurp (in our mind).
      You have to balance your modelling of reality within Reality as well as with other perspectives. Masking over of fear, pain and loss, all set up interference patterns, blocking signals, diversionary camouflage. Masking in rational thinking may not be as solid as it seems, but self honesty or transparency to self/reality allows logical extension of an integrative appreciation rather than the logical outcome of self-contradiction masked over as order set over chaos, or control set over fear.

      You may be right or wrong about any of what you said, but surely your key is not in such a claim but in the peace or unconflicted quality of your sense of self and world.

      My sense of mind control begins with the forming of mind as a self-conscious inhibitory focus within the body or physicalised expression of self and world.
      Releasing judgement releases from judgement – of a mind set AS IF apart from and over reality. Transparency to true relational presence will not ‘fit’ into our model.

      Gt to go now…


      1. Brian, I read your comment three times and I still do not resonate with what you are saying. It feels like an invitation to desist from thinking and forgo the use of reason in order to embrace peace & harmony, an “unconflicted quality of my sense of self and world”.

        As a consequence of this evil Corona hoax, I have met a number of people, some of whom occasionally post similar things in our Telegram groups. In fact, most of them are women. Which is not to say that all the women are like that.

        Anyway, this “peace & harmony first!” attitude is not in my nature. I appreciate reason and discernment in others and also in myself.

        That doesn’t exclude religion or spirituality, which I try not to offend. I think I have become more tolerant with regard to people who hold spiritual beliefs like gremlins, fairies or angels. I used to consider them kooks because of these beliefs, but not any more: now the kooks are everywhere – it’s the mainstream Corona zombies who believe in masks and distances and vaccins.


        1. Thanks for your civil comment. My response is to the themes and not just to your person.

          All thinking proceeds from premises.
          Conflicted premises are masked over and distanced from, as a lockdown into a private or covert identity. That this is normalised does not make it our nature.
          I trust that you alight in what you DO resonate with, and find relevant to what you accept as true of you and the themes you are exploring. I do likewise.

          Invested illusions are by definition not true and must conflict with reality. This conflict is at the root of our masking persona or adaptation to and learning of our human world.
          I do not speak to what is at the level of awareness of the world as we generally model it, but to what runs beneath. The words I use can be fearfully interpreted as support for fearful conflicted identity held apart from wholeness of being.

          Our current general world experience is reflecting an intent to block inherent or natural communication so as to run a private sense of narrative identity of control set in and over fear.
          Examples include pathological agents, genetic susceptibility to weakness and damage, and the imposition of protection and control of biotech EM control and surveillance.
          The pattern these act out are within us – expressing as technology that extends conflict thinking. You can have such thinking if it resonates true of you!

          I speak for a different basis from which to live and know and share in being.
          Recognition is not thinking. Discernment is not thinking. Most of what we call thinking operates a blocking signal to intimacy of being that is unconflicted. This is readily observed, if first thinking is released so as to notice it instead of being taken in by the train of what we take to be our own thought.
          The mind can mistake its own modelling in image and thought AS reality, such as to identify in a masking reality set against relational or empirical self-honesty. Dissociated from inner or underlying self-conflicts that unconsciously project to relationships and world – as if to get rid of them.

          Peace in your own heart is the basis from which anything true can reveal and be shared. Try solving your problems externally and see how that works out!
          I see that as why the world is as it is.
          Relational honesty to our experience embraces the unthinkable or intolerable that the mind was invoked to mask over and hide. As we open willingness to love as communication and relationship.
          The mind of war is a choice we rarely own, but run as if being MADE to react by circumstance, and so cannot release it to allow another way of seeing.

          There’s no way to educate those set in destructive patterns of thought but that first a relational appreciation is shared. Then there may be opportunity to respond within relationship instead of seeking to change them to fit an idealised ‘relationship’ that reflects terms and conditions of worth.
          In this sense we are already under a ‘matrix’ of a masking control reality, and in process of a resetting of its premise. Those who love to hate – as if it saves the self they WANT, have chosen to hate reality for failing their terms and conditions, by making a substitution to die in, rather than wake from self-illusion.

          Its all about fear and control … because its all about love set in lack, loss, violation, rejection abandonment, treachery and deceit. A fake world MUST deny and pass off as true. Thus truth is behind or beneath masking appearances set in conflicts of diversion and delay.


    2. Michael,

      I am swamped at the moment, and will do my best to respond shortly (in the next few days). In the interim, PLEASE know I sincerely appreciate your insights. ~ Stephers


  32. “Graphene for 6G Communications”:

    “6G Communications needs graphene. 6G will initially launch at a few hundred GHz where several diode and transistor technologies are available in the laboratory but things get tough when second-generation 6G operates at around 1THz to get the ultimate response time, data capacity, data transfer and other promised advances.”

    “Due to unique band structure, the conductivity of graphene can be dynamically modulated optically or electrically creating reprogrammable electric and optoelectronic devices. A new type of optical transistor – a working THz amplifier – uses graphene and a high-temperature superconductor. Here graphene excels in transparency, insensitivity to light and massless electrons. Double graphene with a superconductor traps graphene electrons. THz radiation hits powered graphene making trapped particles inside attach to outgoing waves, amplifying them.”


  33. On nano-neuroengineering (July 6, 2021): “Nanoparticles create heat from light to manipulate electrical activity in neurons”

    “Nanomaterials have been used in a variety of emerging applications, such as in targeted pharmaceuticals or to bolster other materials and products such as sensors and energy harvesting and storage devices. A team in the McKelvey School of Engineering at Washington University in St. Louis is using nanoparticles as heaters to manipulate the electrical activity of neurons in the brain and of cardiomyocytes in the heart.”

    “The findings, published July 3, 2021, in Advanced Materials, have the potential to be translated to other types of excitable cells and serve as a valuable tool in nano-neuroengineering.”

    “‘We showed we can inhibit the activity of these neurons and stop their firing, not just on and off, but in a graded manner,’ said Singamaneni, the Lilyan & E. Lisle Hughes Professor in the Department of Mechanical Engineering & Materials Science. ‘By controlling the light intensity, we can control the electrical activity of the neurons. Once we stopped the light, we can completely bring them back again without any damage.'”

    “In addition to their ability to efficiently convert light into heat, the PDA nanoparticles are highly biocompatible and biodegradable. The nanoparticles eventually degrade, making them a convenient tool for use in in vitro and in vivo experiments in the future.”

    “Raman, professor of biomedical engineering, compares the process to adding cream to a cup of coffee.”

    “‘When you pour cream into hot coffee, it dissolves becomes creamed coffee through the process of diffusion.’ he explained. ‘It is similar to process that controls which ions flow in and out of the neurons. Diffusion depends on temperature, so if you have a good handle on the heat, you control the rate of diffusion close to the neurons. This would in turn impact the electrical activity of the cell. This study demonstrates the concept that the photothermal effect, converting light into heat, near the vicinity of nanoparticles tagged neurons can be used as a way to control specific neurons remotely.'”

    “‘The excitability of a cell or tissue, whether it be cardiomyocytes or muscle cells, depends to a certain extent on diffusion,’ Raman said. ‘While cardiomyocytes have a different set of rules, the principle that controls the sensitivity to temperature can be expected to be similar.'”

    “Now, the team is looking at how different types of neurons respond to the stimulation process. They will be targeting particular neurons by selectively binding the nanoparticles to provide more selective control.”


  34. Has anyone considered that the plexiglass that is now pervasive in nearly all indoor public areas could be coated with graphene?

    Read here about an experiment involving pulses of ionizing radiation on graphene separated by plexiglass:

    Then see the report posted today (August 10, 2021) from La Quinta Columna:


    1. OrwellCity don’t include cosmic rays as part of weakening ‘magnetosphere’.
      I used to think that if there were world wide dangers, we would learn of them by simple fact shared.
      I see only false narratives securitised and forced.

      My interest in Electric Universe as a perspective is partly no doubt because it serves Self-revelation or ‘KnowThyself’, as distinct from ‘Mask in a false sense of separateness’.
      I see much of what is going on as ‘saving and boosting the mask- which is both a thought construct and a technology of rules, filters, and protected identity.

      The breaking of communication that simply Is, to a mode of experience of possession and control, opens the experience of being possessed (or in truth dispossessed by illusion) and controlled by having set their reality as protected identity.

      Orwell City are very loose and limited in their narrative takes on the situation. Narratives can run the mind if given identity by emotional investment.


  35. Here is Dr. Andy Kaufman discussing graphene (from the 13 min to 28 min time stamp): One issue I want to dispute, though . . . Geim and Novoselov were not the first to “discover” graphene – that is simply a cover story. P.R. Wallace ( was the first – in 1947 (as stated in the literature and to discover graphene, and Mildred Dresselhaus was studying carbon nanoparticles (in the graphene family) as early as 1960 ( Additionally, attempts to synthesize single-layered graphene were carried out in the 1960s by two other researchers, Karu and Beer. Further, the discovery of graphene oxide (GO) pre-dates P.R. Wallace – going back to the late 1800s (which I previously referenced, and will have to locate that source).

    So why the story of graphene being first discovered in 2004? What could have been going on with graphene in the meantime, when it seems university researchers were not openly discussing it . . . tied up in black (pun intended) projects perhaps? It was only subsequent to 2004 that scientific papers on graphene family materials started to emerge more commonly on the scene.

    We need to tell not only a “better story” (, but a more accurate one. Otherwise, we could be obfuscating (whether intentional or not) some hard truths.


      1. Thanks Diego.

        It is important to note, that while GO is an “emerging” star, its history “can be traced back to 1859, independently of its relationship with graphene, which has attracted considerable attention since 2010 when Geim and Novoselov won a Nobel Prize for discovering graphene from graphite.” (source:

        “Brodie first demonstrated the synthesis of GO in 1859 by adding a portion of potassium chlorate to a slurry of graphite in fuming nitric acid [11]. In 1898, Staudenmaier improved on this protocol by using a mixture of concentrated sulfuric acid and fuming nitric acid followed by gra- dual addition of chlorate to the reaction mixture. This small change in the procedure provided a simple and revised protocol for the production of highly oxidized GO [12]. In 1958, Hummers reported an alternative method for the synthesis of grapheme [sic] oxide by using KMnO4 and NaNO3 in concentrated H2SO4 [13]. GO prepared by this method could be used for preparing large graphitic films [14].”
        (source: ).


        1. Diego,

          Around the 42-43 minute timestamp, Kaufman asserts quite adamantly that there is no new illness (COVID). I disagree with that, and have presented my alternative proposition in this very essay (evolving over time, more specifically into graphene-family materials as the potential cause of COVID). La Quinta Columna seems to align with my position.


          1. Thanks for all these head-ups, and sorry for my late reply.

            You’re right. Well, as you probably know (if you watched the last broadcasts) LQC is currently focusing more on the fact that a considerable amount of people are reporting ionizing radiation in different places and towns.
            They did research on this field, and came to the conclusion that COVID is similar to ARS (Acute Radiation Syndrome) although obviously enhanced by GO and other metals that we’re increasingly inhaling and ingesting (and lately taking in through jabs).
            So perhaps (my point of view) what Kaufman simply meant was that the pathology is not new, although he must have clarified that the there are 2 causing agents. In other words, all those who have been “overloaded” with GO and other metals (Agent 1), even after a slight exposure to radiation (Agent 2) acquire the syndrome as though they had been exposed to radiation for a long period of time.

            Here below is a link to a research from October 2020 which reveals how ionizing radiation causes the same syndrome.
            See “conclusions”: “A striking feature of the immune dysregulation, progression of disease and mechanisms of organ damage in COVID-19 is its similarity to the biological responses to ionizing radiation exposure at doses sufficiently large to cause ARS (>2 Gy in humans).”


            1. Diego,

              Thank you very much for your response. I am fairly up-to-date on LQC’s reporting, and I will check out the link you provided. Thank you for that.

              In exchange – following is a link to an August 2021 interview with Dr. Antonietta Gatti: The video description reads: “. . . she describes the field of Nano-Pathology and Nano-Toxicology, which she invented. How do nano-particles enter and move through the body and how can they create health problems. Nano-particles emerge from pollution from industrial processes and can be intentionally engineered for specific applications. With the increase of both kinds of nano-particles, it is an important subject to be aware of. She also reviews how nano-particles are being used in the current mRNA delivery in the mRNA Covid vaccines.” At around the 11-minute time stamp, Gatti discusses graphene. Here is Gatti’s bio, as it should be noted that she is deeply embedded with the European Commission, the United Nations and the World Health Organization: I think we need to take this into consideration, and question if and how she may be gatekeeping or obscuring. At the very least – within this short presentation – she does reinforce the notion of a “virus.”


              1. Diego,

                Here is an August 2021 interview with Gatti’s (noted above) husband, Stefano Montanari: As you may already know, husband/wife team Montanari/Gatto are known for their “groundbreaking” study on nanoparticle contamination of vaccines (2016/2017):–and-nanocontamination.html. This study was also contested in pro-vaxx circles: (from 2018).


                1. Thanks a lot Stephers. I think last week LQC spoke about Montanari and your aforementioned study.
                  Well, … my experience: my parents got those flu vaccines, and it turned out that last year my dad had surgery cause they had to excise him a tumorous kidney. An aunt of mine died from a fulminant cancer, and she had also taken those flu vaccines. It all smells a rat…


  36. I’ve enjoyed Stephers research on all things nano and graphene. Ultimately I’ve concluded it’s mostly a red herring. I also find some of Alison’s research valuable, but some of her other research dreadfully boring and unoriginal – and also find her to be a gatekeeper as well. Her personality and massive ego is also quite off-putting.

    Her insane ramblings about “Bio-Powered Planetary Computer platforms for Space Exploration” should be all that any logical researchers need to know about this woman.

    I did recently come across this paper outing David Martin which was a nice summary.


    1. Ted,

      I encourage you to read this market report on graphene:
      WordPress will not permit me to cut and paste a particular excerpt from the report, so please pay attention to “COVID-19 Effect: High-Demand for Multi-Utility Graphene Products to Bolster Growth.”

      What leads you to conclude graphene is “mostly a red herring?”

      Also, I suggest you start with this article from 2001, “NASA and Stanford Form Biocomputing Collaboration,” with respect to computational biology and astrobiology:


  37. With due respect, Stephers (you deserve it), I will not waste much time reading anything from “NASA and Stanford” as a legitimate source of information. These are some of the greatest liars and propagandists the world has ever seen, so it’s nearly impossible for me to read anything from “Space Daily” or NASA especially in regards to Sci-Fi concepts like “astrobiology” – and take it seriously. I did skim it briefly and found very little value except to identify it as more money laundering and propaganda.

    It follows that a concept like “Bio-Powered Planetary Computer Platform for Space Exploration” falls into the realm of fiction, comedy, conspiracy candy and propaganda, for me – which makes it difficult to trust the intentions or discernment of anyone pushing these fairy tales and actually including them as a main topic in a power-point presentation.

    Graphene as an application in memory chips, laptops, phones and other electronics is one thing. It is a very different thing to take a leap of faith and buy into the idea that these things can be injected into human beings and then function on the biological level. Possible on paper, sure – possible in the distant future, maybe. Possible and happening today and put into a vaccine? Doubtful. Something like that would take decades upon decades of research and development, testing, etc. It would take a herculean effort to overcome the mysteries of the human body which would likely destroy and spit these things out very easily. They don’t want us to understand how powerful we really are …

    I just don’t think humans are that technologically advanced yet – but they certainly want us to believe that they are …

    The paper you linked to references the “virus,” which I have concluded does not exist, therefore it is also difficult to take seriously. We are being asked again to invest in the concept of invisible things that none of us can prove for ourselves and there certainly has not been much conclusive evidence that it is in the vaccine.

    I can link you to a dozen technical papers about technology that’s being used to land
    robots on Mars, and a dozen more about creating pathogens in labs or chasing particles at CERN – does it make the content of those papers real, true and applicable in the physical world? Are we really landing robots on Mars? Are there really scientists “creating viruses” in labs?

    I have been observing how this information has moved with a keen eye and when it bubbles up to the Stew Peters and Jane Rubys of the world (who you linked to), that’s a huge red flag for me. It is also laced with all the standard fear-based propaganda techniques that we’ve all grown accustomed to by now.

    I have also observed the same template used for this graphene in the vaccine story that was used for the “lab-leaked bioweapon” and a dozen other narratives.

    Give it a week or two and Joe Rogan and Russel Brand will start talking about it, if they aren’t already. That should be an obvious red flag to skeptics with keen discernment.

    As long as everyone is asking all of the wrong questions and focused on what I perceive as obvious red herrings, then nobody will stop to ask the simplest question of them all, which is – what causes disease?

    Disease is mostly caused by toxicity. The Pied Pipers don’t want us to know this and they are protecting the chemical companies and the food industry (among others). If I was a giant chemical company like Monsanto-Bayer, I would absolutely love to have everyone was focused on NANO-BOTS in the vaccine.

    Vaccines are dangerous. They’ve been toxic for over 150 years. There’s no need to invent new, invisible things to put into the vaccines when we have 150 years of evidence to prove their toxicity with what we already know is in them.

    Having said all of this, I will also say that I have found your research valuable and useful. I consider myself much more educated on the subject because of it, and I thank you for that. I do think there are some concerning things around all of the transhumanism tech and I do agree we are inching in that direction. I think we’re just reaching different conclusions and I’m far more skeptical.

    To me it seems obvious that the graphene narrative (like the lab-leak narrative or the spike protein narrative or the ADE narrative) has been used to misdirect from the issue at hand and is largely a distraction. The COVID agenda will move forward with or without graphene oxide. My only advice would be to consider that some of these false leads have been placed here for you to spend hours researching and that perhaps many of these concepts live more in the world of Science Fiction – or maybe they hold some truths on paper, but truth on paper is a very different thing than implementing these concept in the real world.

    I could link you to a hundred “papers” about viruses mutating and doing this and that inside the human body. At the end of the day, those papers don’t mean much.

    Regarding one point you made a few comments up, you said that you disagreed with Kaufman in that you believe that there is a new illness. What is the basis of this belief? Why do you believe there is a new illness? All the data and evidence I’ve seen thus far points to COVID as mostly statistical fraud and a repackaging of other diseases (influenza, pneumonia, etc) with a new label. I’m genuinely curious as to why you think we have a “new disease”?

    Finally, please don’t be discouraged by anything I’ve said here. I value your efforts and contributions, you’re doing great research and I will continue to read your posts with interest.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Ted,

      I appreciate your more detailed (2nd) comment, as it helps me understand a bit more about where you are coming from. I have looked into agricultural applications of chemical uses that absolutely belong in the “science fiction” category, but are in full production, effectively unregulated, and scarcely studied relating to adverse long-term effects on human health.

      For (just one of many) example, as a gardener, I’m specifically concerned with “picolinic acid”-based herbicides — called “persistent herbicides.”

      “The class of herbicides from the picolinic acid family is of the greatest concern. These chemicals are marketed for use in hayfields, horse pastures, golf courses, roadways, grain crops, and lawns, to kill unwanted broad-leaf weeds. These herbicides do not normally impact grasses and plants like corn, wheat, and oats.”

      “There are four known persistent herbicides: Clopyralid (Dow AgroSciences, 1987, Aminopyralid (Dow AgroSciences, 2005), Aminocyclopyrachlor (DuPont, 2010), and Picloram (Dow AgroSciences, 1957). There are more than 150 retail products in the U.S. but these chemicals may appear on labels in slightly different variations making identification difficult.”

      Look at the decades it’s taken to begin to control the use of glyphosate (Roundup). I guess where I’m going with this is that nobody is going to tell us the direct, indirect or cumulative effects of most new chemical products entering the market. Stephers and Alison (I think you are dead wrong about her, BTW) are out in front of a number of potentially damaging applications of graphene-based nano-sized applications that already have alerted health professionals and researchers to the potential hazards. I’m glad somebody — and you can count them on one hand at the moment — is taking a hard look into graphene oxide and it’s “cousins.”

      I believe “it can happen here” because time after time, it has happened in our surreal “modern” world. History commonly repeats itself.

      Nothing wrong with keeping an open mind.

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      1. Steve,

        For what’s it’s worth, I wouldn’t classify the agriculture use of pesticides and/or herbicides or their effects on human health as “Science Fiction.” These things have been an issue for human health for many decades and there is ample literature on the subject. It also doesn’t require me to invest in things I can’t see and rely on others with electron microscopes or take leaps of faith into the territory of the unknown.

        Chemicals are dangerous, it’s pretty simple stuff.

        By the same token, I also wouldn’t classify graphene oxide on its own as Science Fiction.

        I am stating a very specific thing here – which is the suggestion that these things have been put into a vaccine and are being injected into people and the further suggestion that these things can operate inside the human body, on a biological level.

        Outside of one preliminary report by La Quinta Columna, we have very little evidence to support such a claim. The researchers themselves admit that the study “has its limitations,” and still needs to be confirmed. Their results have not been peer-reviewed or examined by any independent researchers. Until we have more evidence, I believe it’s a distraction from the more important issues at hand which is what’s causing the illnesses and what’s actually in the vaccine. It pulls us away from the tangible and into the realm of speculation.

        That’s not to say I don’t think this research is valuable, because I do – and there’s nothing wrong with speculation, but let’s at least label it as such. I just don’t think it’s quite as important as what’s on the table, right in front of us which is the COVID Psychological Warfare Operation, the statistical fraud, the hoax of virology and the religion of Germ Theory. For me, these subjects warrant the attention of diligent researchers, but again – that’s just my opinion and others are free to research whatever they like.

        The problem I have with Alison is her insistence that everyone focus on Graphene and only graphene. This rings of a suspicious attempt at controlling the narrative and steering the attention onto what she deems important and discarding / ignoring the rest of the elephants in the room, in fact going as far as silencing anyone who wants to bring up other issues, even the important one of the vaccine.

        The bottom line is this – until there’s solid, concrete confirmation of Graphene Oxide in the vaccine, I don’t view this issue as much more than a red herring which is being used to pull attention away from the vaccines and the fraud of virology. I’ve enjoyed learning from Stephers’ research and there’s certainly nothing wrong with researching this subject – just as there’s nothing wrong with researching the dangerous effects of cyanide and/or arsenic to human health.

        But since there’s no cyanide or arsenic in the vaccine (that we know of), it just doesn’t rise to the level of importance as these other issues, for me.


    2. Ted,

      I am busy with family stuff at the moment, but will try to respond in the next day. For now, I will defer to Steve K’s insights and reflections . . .


  38. “Self-Assembling Graphene Oxide Nanotech Now Found Also in Pfizer-BioNTech COMIRNATY Vaccine: German Video Reveals Self-Assembling Specks and Crystalline Networks Forming”: (August 15, 2021).

    For an esoteric perspective on the Comirnaty jab . . .

    Since the shot can be considered a “clot shot” — in so far as the shot coagulates blood (resulting in blood clots, as I have written about) — it is quite telling (if you understand word “spelling”/sorcery) that the anagram of Comirnaty is literally, “Tiromancy”:

    See here on Tiromancy:

    Yes, apparently, there is a form of “divination” (going back to the Middle Ages) — divining (revealing hidden knowledge) via COAGULATED cheese. I kid you not. This operation is not only militarized at its core, it is highly occult.

    One other anagram of “Comirnaty” (which as you can see already is a strange choice of word, to say the least) is “Torcimany” — which also carries meaning and further sorcery implications, as it was the title of a magnum opus penned in the early 15th century by a Catalan politician/poet:çó. Speaking of Catalan, I have traced the Catalan Institute (nanotech/graphene) to be one of the key players in this entire operation:, and I mentioned it in a previous post.

    In one anagram of Comirnaty, if you add a “p” or “m” to -atronymic . . . This would be relevant, in my opinion, to issues pertaining to ancestry and DNA lineage; and of course, we then circle back to issues concerning synthetic/modified RNA/DNA.

    It all connects, and they do love their Revelation of the Method — even when subtly concealed. In this case, nearly any permutation of the word seems to carry much occult meaning.

    There are three more prominent words (in this case, 8-letter words) embedded within ( . . .

    “caryotin” = a readily stained substance in the nucleus of a cell made up of DNA, RNA and proteins, aka chromatin (; and
    “minatory” = having a menacing quality (; and
    “acrimony” = corrosiveness; virulence

    One could keep breaking down the word into even smaller components, finding many more smaller words (ie – atom) within . . . This is not as substantial, and occurs often within words. However, I do find the coincidences with the precise 9-letter anagrams, and even the 8-letter anagrams, to be statistically significant, and some readers may find it of interest.


  39. Posted on October 2, 2021 by Ramola D, “Dr. Carrie Madej Reveals Tentacled Self-Aware Organism (Also Self-Assembling Nanobots & Nanolipids) in Moderna, Johnson & Johnson Vaccine Vials, Possibly Connected to Hydra Vulgaris ‘Model Organism’ and Human Genome Project: //


    1. Interesting, as always. Thanks.
      I’d like to share a link with you and the rest of this website’s visitors/participants.
      You can download the complete document pdf. On the right there is a table (“Article tools”) where you can get it.
      And then, if you don’t want to go over all the paper, just check the Nanovaccines section. Graphene and metallic particles are mentioned.


        1. It is wonderful to have this community and to be correctly informed of late vital findings. Thank you Diego, is right!!
          And the good people whose dedication IN THE ROOM–who never flag from discoverring the truth . . .


  40. July 2018 – “Graphene-Based Spiral Nanoantenna for Intrabody Communication at Terahertz”

    “Thanks to these technologies, various tools are developed to control multiple entities at the atomic as well as the molecular levels [1]. Fast and accurate disease diagnosis as well as treatment is now possible thanks to the real new materials and technologies to be implemented inside the human body [6,7]. Essentially, three models are utilized to undergo the communication process inside the human body: Ultrasound (US) communication [8], molecular communication [9] and electromagnetic communication [10]. …”


      1. Diego,

        Thank you for this helpful background info on Heiko von der Leyen, and his connection to biotech/COVID. I will also post this on my Scientism piece, where I have focused on the “royal” connections:

        See a photo here (posing with the classic masonic gesture) of Heiko’s ancestor, Friedrich:

        The agenda becomes even more transparent when we see the wife of Heiko von der Leyen, Ursula von der Leyen, also bred from royalty.
        Ursula was not only the Defence Minister of Germany, she currently serves as President of the European Commission. That is quite a lofty position.

        Interestingly (and potentially relevant to biotech), Heiko’s royal family were silk merchants, and Ursula’s family were cotton merchants.

        Here is a link to Heiko’s biotech company: And a link here explaining its Tel Aviv connection:


        1. Interesting the Tel Aviv connection.
          I found out some sort of connections from Orgenesis with graphene being applied in their therapies:

          Orgenesis – Stem cell therapy for diabetes treatment (Nov 2019).

          Stem cell therapy – Graphene. Authors: National University Singapore (NUS) (Feb 2018)

          Orgenesis – Covid vaccines – Dendritic cell-based (May 2020)

          Dendritic cell-based vaccines – Graphene Oxide as adjuvant (Aug 2021)

          Actually, we can see a member of NUS in the Global Town Hall 2021
          If you scroll down, in “Conference Speakers”, next to Ursula Von der Leyen, is Prof. Kishore Mahbubani (NUS – National University Singapore – Asia Research Institute).


            1. Diego,

              See who owns Orgenesis: No surprise – the largest shareholder is Vanguard (BlackRock is #4, and Renaissance Technologies coming in at #5). See comments relevant to Vanguard (and BlackRock) below (from July 2021):

              July 9, 2021 at 8:19 am
              Some further interesting info re the reach and “influence” of Vanguard and Blackrock.

              Not particularly endorsing “Lew Rockwell” or Bill Sardi, just this particular message.

              July 25, 2021 at 1:20 pm
              OM –

              On the influence of Vanguard, you may find this story intriguing (for lack of a better word). This gets into some esoteric and “woo-woo” weeds; so, this information may not be for everyone. Nevertheless . . . . . .

              If you can be patient with my preface, I think you will eventually see where I am headed with this obscure information, and how it directly relates to Vanguard.

              On the very day that the “coronavirus” was declared (by the WHO) to be a pandemic (, I read an article about the coronavirus in the Allentown Morning Call
              (, which featured a woman named Jenn Hunsicker ( She was simply someone being interviewed. It would appear to most that she was random, but I looked into her and the name, Hunsicker.

              Jenn Hunsicker’s father-in-law is named Douglas Hunsicker (

              Interestingly, there was a fictional Douglas Hunsiker (note one letter off, missing the “c”). You can read the fandom page about him: He was directly responsible for spreading a global pandemic.

              Of related, but more esoteric note, I found much more on this Hunsicker family in Allentown, Pa. — with regard to their involvement in law enforcement, prison corrections, Rotary, Masons and Royal Arcanum. They are considered nobility in the area, and have a building named for them. (I don’t have this information handy, but I could find it if of interest, or you can search it yourself).

              So, this is where it gets a little more interesting . . .

              There is a man named Andrew Hunsicker — also of Pennsylvania, but I did not see any direct familial connection to Jenn and/or Douglas (the real-life Douglas, that is). You can read an article (from 2018) about him: Here is the imdb profile of Andrew Hunsicker:
     Of particular note, he starred as “Rufus” in a low-budget 2018 film, “Epidemic.” As is asserted in the article above, the movie, “Epidemic,” was shot “in the Philadelphia and Lehigh Valley regions and featured Douglassville {my note: notice the name of the town}, Berks County, resident Andrew Hunsicker.”

              Here is a trailer of the 2018 film, “Epidemic,” featuring Andrew Hunsicker as the star:

              But here is the clincher . . . Andrew Hunsicker (the very same guy who starred in “Epidemic”) has a regular day job that he has held for 34 years. He works for Vanguard.

              Company Name
              The Vanguard Group
              Dates Employed
              May 1987 – Present
              Employment Duration
              34 yrs 3 mos
              I manage the Six Sigma, Contingency and Data Security programs for a large financial department.


              1. Jesus FC (Fried Chicken ;-D )!! You got my jaw dropping :-O Big thanks!!
                I mean… for some, the first Hunsicker (Douglas) would have nothing to do with the second (Andrew), and it would just be a coincidence. For me it’s not.

                But obviously the point here is mainly Andrew Hunsicker. I mean, it’s just “hilarious” how these “people” are fooling us and killing us. Their degree of psychopathy is absolutely outstanding.
                One may think that probably the actor and The Vanguard’s Manager are not the same Hunsicker, as I didn’t manage to find any pic from the latter, but… I found a webpage which makes the pieces fit!

                I’ll write you something else in another message.

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              2. Apart from the connections between Orgenesis – The Vanguard Gr. – Graphene – NUS,… focusing now on Pfizer, I pulled the thread, and one can clearly see they have been frolicking with GO.
                Just by reading these 3 links, one can easily make the connections. I have more links which prove SJTU is still cooperating with Pfizer, but by now I’ll just pass you the following:

                Patent Nano coronavirus recombinant vaccine taking Graphene Oxide as carrier, Sept.2020.
                Applicant: National Engineering Research Center for Nanotechnology.
                The National Engineering Research Center for Nanotechnology belongs to SJTU:
                Agreements PFIZER – SJTU (2009):

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  41. Non-sensationalist reporting on the detection of graphene oxide in sample vials of Pfizer, AstraZeneca, Moderna, and Janssen (J&J) . . .

    November 16, 2021, Exclusive interview for El Toro TV: Dr. Pablo Campra talks about the technical report on the detection of graphene oxide in COVID-19 ‘vaccines’

    Following is a link to the featured report translated in English:


  42. “Shedding, Vaccines and Graphene Machines” (February 22, 2022) by Dr. Sam Bailey – just under 20 minutes

    Seems Dr. Sam is going deeper than Tom, Andy, and Stefan — steadily inching closer to my premise/analysis (?).

    She’s not all the way there yet, but getting much warmer . . .

    I still think I need to dig deeper into the potential pheromone connection . . .

    I am exploring further the work of Leor Weinberger (whom I have previously referenced with respect to transmissible “vaccines”) and his TIPs (, as well as his work in stochastic noise (

    Most important, we need to get away from any notion of physical “shedding”; and, instead, lean into transmission via inherent/engineered/hybridized circuitry, electromagnetic resonance ( and semiconductors/NEMS ( — proteins may play a role in this regard, as they can be exploited/tweaked (


  43. Following is some recent reporting (Jan/Feb 2022) potentially affirming graphene in the COVID injections (reflects presumed findings beyond what has been consistently reported by LQC):

    PLEASE note that I am NOT promoting any of these individuals, and still have cautious reservations when it comes to them. Nonetheless, all of this information should be on the table as possible testimony to determining/identifying any undeclared components in the alleged vaccines . . .

    World Council for Health “Covid-19 Injection Contents: Dr. Robert Verkerk Summarizes EbMC2 CiC Study Preliminary Findings” (13 minutes long)

    Background context on World Council for Health/Dr. Rob Verkerk:
    World Council for Health web site
    Dr. Robert Verkerk bio
    February 14, 2022 World Council for Health General Assembly Meeting in its entirety (Dr. Verkerk begins around the 1 hr, 21 min timestamp)

    2) (page takes time to load)
    Life of the Blood: An International Collaboration (home page)

    “Nanotech found in Pfizer jab by New Zealand lab” – January 28, 2022 (18 minutes long)

    Background context on Dr. Matt Shelton:
    New Zealand Doctors Speaking Out With Science — Dr. Matt Shelton bio/affiliation
    “Dr. Matt Shelton – Wellington Freedom Protest 2022” (8 minutes long)

    “Dr. Shelton, Part 1, Reports from New Zealand” – May 18, 2020 (14 minutes long)

    “Dr. Shelton, Part 2, Vitamin D” – May 21, 2020 (23 minutes long)

    “New Zealand Dr Matthew Shelton Talks Covid” – November 14, 2021 (just under 20 minutes long)

    “Brain Jabbed” — Part 3 of 3 (please do not let the hyperbolic title/photo — nor bias for/against Richard D. Hall — influence you watching, as I suggest there are some important nuggets here, including important correspondence, and a very interesting “study” initiated by Rich, himself, which did NOT affirm any bluetooth implication relative to the injections)

    “Shedding, Vaccines and Graphene Machines” – February 22, 2022 (just under 20 minutes long)
    (Note: I added this to the list for sake of consolidation purposes, despite previously dropping it in the comments thread)


          1. :-O That was just kind of fluke from my side, man! X-D But definitely, magnificent finding from your side!! Obviously I had gotten wind of Ukraine’s dodgy labs some days ago, and I was thinking of one day soon starting to do research on GO links with Ukraine’s labs, and… suddenly, you got this link with MXenes 8-D, which actually has been applied with GO in experiments, according some few papers I skimmed through, as you probably already know. So yeah! Let’s dig in further! 8-D

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