The Ted Bundy nightmare … a hoax

Ted Bundy was an American serial killer who had 30 or more victims in the 1970s, and is suspected of even more. He was captured in Florida, and executed on January 24, 1989. He was 42 years old.

BundyThat’s the official story. I just spent the last hour or so re-reading two papers by Miles W. Mathis on Bundy, one from 2014, and the other 2018. That part was fun, as the papers read well. In the 2014 paper, MM tries to tie Ted Bundy, pictured to the right, as a true member of the Bundy family, Boston ultra-wealth and lineage with members like Willliam (foreign affairs advisor to both JFK and LBJ), and McGeorge (yes, that was his real name) (National Security Advisor to the same two presidents). He might well hit that nail, as Ted Bundy bears strong resemblance to the Bundy line.

In the 2018 paper, MM follows the Bundy trail of murders through Washington, Oregon, Utah, Colorado and finally Florida. It’s really hilarious to read, the things they expect us to believe. I won’t repeat anything here as the papers are easily available to the reader. Just enjoy them as I did. I am neither going to add to or detract from the Mathis work, as what I do here is my own research. His stands by itself, as does mine.

My purpose is to trace the Bundy victims, looking for signs of life. I primarily used Findagrave and the Social Security Death Index. I also did True People Search on them but that was mostly a waste of time. Karen Sparks turns up on TPS, but that’s a given, as she is the first listed victim but was not killed in 1974. Then I realized something else – I’ve had good luck with TPS in the past with other serial killers, like John Wayne Gacy and Jeffrey Dahmer, finding supposed victims still alive, but they specialized in boys and men. Bundy killed and maimed only girls and women. This was in the 1970s, so most of the alleged victims would have married and changed their names. Anyway, there is this from MM, the 2018 paper:

“My assumption is these women are still alive somewhere, if they ever existed to start with. Without strong evidence to the contrary, that should also be your assumption.”

I think he’s right. They probably did not exist in any real sense, though we are given photos and biographies

With the Social Security Death Index I got so few hits  (4) that my task now is to explain them, and not the others who are not there. Interestingly, and I found this with Gacy as well, the four Bundy victims that turn up at SSDI, Rancourt, Ott, Campbell, and Levy all give only month and year of death, not the precise day. So Susan Rancourt is listed as “April 1974,” and so on. Why is this important? It might not be, but I suspect it means that whoever inserted the information on these four was not working from an official document listing date of death, like a death certificate. Wikipedia knows their exact date of death, so SSDI would as well. Is this some kind of signal?

Findagrave is a little more hard to deal with. I got 16 hits there, but I want to take a look at just one right now, that of Ted’s official first kill, Lynda Ann Healy. There are two photos of her there:

Healy 1

Healy 2
The two photos resemble one another but are of two different people. There could be an explanation for that, I suppose. These massive databases contain many mistakes. Anyway, both are very attractive, the one above having a model quality, the one below more like a yearbook photo. Part of the Bundy psyop was that Ted went after attractive women. MM does a better job explaining that, and anyway, I am not here to explain the reasoning behind it. I am merely trying to understand how sixteen of his victims, known to be fake, ended up on the Findagrave database. I will randomly select three to do a closer review.

Janice Anne Blackburn Ott

Janice Ann Ott is also known as Janice Anne Blackburn Ott due to her marriage. Below is her photo.

She’s attractive, of course. Oddly, she has an IMDB page (Internet Movie Database) because she was featured in a documentary called The Shocking Truth, which featured Ted Bundy in its opening episode. The photo above is one of several photos of her. Both she and her father are in the Social Security Death Index, while her mother is not. That means nothing, her mother being absent, and may change as Mrs. Blackburn died in 2018. SSDI is also prone to mistakes.

Ott 2
Above is the “grave” shown at Findagrave, I assume these to be urns of ashes or memorial plaques, but do not know. All of the information checks out. You might suggest that the Janice Anne Ott Blackburn memorial, the box on top, is done by photographic monkey business, but if you look closely, you’ll see a reflection of someone wearing pants in the glass, and that reflection carries naturally from Ferol and Donald Blackburn below to Janice above. It all seems real.

Below is captured from the Ott webpage at Findagrave.

Ott 3
Other than the misspelled “Jancie”, probably her nickname, this too looks normal. Her sister Illona, is not listed. The two memories on the bottom are very recent. I noticed this as well with Findagrave webpages for Gacy and Dahmer victims. Even though dead now for 46 years in this case, Janice is still getting fresh remembrances.

Blackburn Sisters
The photo above, which I will refer to as the “Bug photo” due to the Volkswagen, said to be taken in June of 1974, one month before her death, has an inconsistency. Janice, born in 1951 we are told, had a sister, Illona, whose year of birth is listed as 1949. She is pictured below. This Bug photo looks real. It is said about it that Janice (left) is wearing the same shorts that she would have on when she dies the following month, July 14, 1974. This photo looks very much like sisters, with the shorter one perhaps 10-12 years old, pre-pubescent. The older sister looks to be 15-18. Janice is said to be 23 in this photo, and looking very young for her age. She is married at this time, we are told.

Addendum 5/7/21: Tyrone pointed out in a comment below that Ted Bundy’s vehicle of choice was a Volkswagen Beetle, or Bug. I knew that as I wrote this but decided to ignore it, as Bugs were so common back then. What I failed to see was that in this photo, the door is open as if they just got out, and there is no back seat apparent, the front tilted forward as if the girls were in the back. In other words, they’re f****** with us. 


Illona’s date of birth is listed as February 10, 1949, two years older than Janice. But the 1967 yearbook photo lists her DOB as “abt 1951,” which would be Janice’s year of birth. This is all unusual.

Findagrave for Donald Edwin Blackburn lists two daughters, Janice and Illona. For Ferol Blackburn, the mother, only Janice is listed. How to explain this? One way is as always, that the databases we use are inaccurate. They surely make mistakes. And, it could be that the younger girl in the bug photo above is just a family friend or cousin and neither Janice or Illona. I do see familial resemblance.

But it could also be that in the Bug photo above, the girl on the left is Illona (2/10/1949) and the one on the right Janice (2/14/1951), and that the apparent age difference could, stretching it, be two years. it could be that the agents behind the Ted Bundy psyop merely grabbed identities and made arrangements with the families involved via Non-Disclosure Agreements (NDA) to allow their names and photos to be used. In so doing, they did not have to be accurate to a ‘t’, as there was no Internet in those days, so no need to be terribly careful. How would someone like me come upon all of this information in 1974?Ott 6
Above is another photo of Janice Ott (left) alongside the girl from the Bug photo from up above. The girl on the right looks like a teenager, while the one on the left appears more mature. Her face is fuller, and her figure just a little less girlish, though she is still very attractive. It could all center around the positioning of the belt, high on the shorts, low on the jeans, less provocative. But I think the girl on the right is indeed a teenager, that her name is possibly Illona, and that she is with her younger sister Janice in the Bug photo. But I see more than two years difference. So I cannot be sure. I have a hard time imagining that a married woman would dress in shorts as those on the right. The clothing is meant to draw male attention. 

That’s the best I can do – I speculate that the Blackburn family agreed to allow Janice’s name to be used, and that Intel did a sloppy job assembling the details around them. The parents also allowed a memorial of Janice to be included with the mother and father at the Fairmont Memorial Park Cemetery in Spokane, this while the mother Ferol was still alive.

Margaret Elizabeth Bowman

Mr. Mathis points out inconsistencies in the Bowman story. She is one of the three girls killed at the Chi Omega sorority house at Florida State University on January 15, 1978, said to be Ted Bundy’s near final act before arrest. I won’t repeat any Mathis work here, as you can access it, but the Chi Omega attack is full of inconsistencies. Below is her gravestone.

Bowman Headstone
BowmanAt first glance it looks genuine to me, but could be Photoshopped. The backdrop of the lettering offers a matte, and layering could have been used. It is hard to imagine that there has been so much natural erosion in such a short time since her death. (Note the “M”, “E” and “N” in her name are partly gone.) There are, as far as the photo shows, no other family members buried near her. It stands alone in a public cemetery, and unlike the graves around, the grass has yet to grow up to the base of the stone. That probably means the photo was taken some time close to the date of burial.  But it is a high quality color photo, not something taken in 1974 or ’75, I’m sure. In the Photoshop age, unless we are standing there, sensing and seeing and touching, we cannot be sure.

The photo to the left was added to her Findagrave website in 2017. It has a professional quality about it. As with most, if not all of Ted’s victims, Margaret Elizabeth Bowman was/is beautiful.

Margaret was born in 1957 in Hawaii, daughter of Jackson Harrison Bowman III (who died in 2015) and Runelle (nee Karnes) Bowman, who just died on March 13 of this year. I wonder if Margaret, now 64, attended the funeral.

RunelleThere is not much known about the Bowman family, that is, by outsiders. Jackson was an Air Force pilot during the Vietnam era, and Runelle is wiped clean on all databases. We know there were two Jackson Harrison Bowman’s before him, and his son Jackson has “IV” attached to his name. I did find her obituary, where finally it was revealed that her maiden name was Karnes. Her death is too recent, so I found no gravestone, but Jackson III died in 2015, and yet there is no Findagrave gravestone for him. This makes the lone isolated gravestone for Margaret a possible anomaly, maybe added to Findagrave by a group that traces serial killers or something like that, and maybe a Photoshop job. I am thinking the latter.

This is Runelle’s photo over to the right, perhaps wedding day. I see a strong resemblance between her and Margaret, meaning that Margaret was not some made-up identity as they do these days with mass killings. They used real images even as everything around them could be fake.

My take on all of this: Jackson’s military rank is never given, so there might be an Intelligence connection there. His lineage is chopped off after three generations, and his wife’s completely ‘private’. It could be that Margaret was chosen to be a victim because she could be controlled in the ensuing years, knowing to cooperate and not violate any NDAs. Her father would have been in on the gig, even if reluctantly. Margaret, using a new identity, would have stayed in touch with her family all these years like a normal daughter.

About the gravestone: The Bowman family has deep roots in Florida, even as the records are chopped off at Jackson Harrison Bowman the first. It seems to me that Margaret would be buried at a family plot somewhere in the state, rather than at an isolated grave at a public cemetery (Largo City). But I cannot know these things with any certainty. This is speculation, and could be far afield. All I have is my instinct, and it says the Margaret Elizabeth Bowman gravestone is a Photoshop fake.

Nancy Wilcox

Four of Ted’s victims were residents of Utah, Nancy Wilcox from Holladay, a Salt Lake City suburb. Nancy was said to have been murdered on 10/2/1974 at the tender age of sixteen.

Wilcox gravestone
WilcoxNancy’s remains, according to Wiki, were buried near Capitol Reef National Park by Bundy (he confessed), and have never been found. Ted is said to have murdered her in Holladay, and then drove her corpse to the Capitol Reef, some 200 miles away. Ted’s confessions came after he was imprisoned and sentenced to death, in 1988 and 1989. This death has a real feel about it, even as Bundy did not do the deed. That would have been thirteen years of grief and uncertainty for the Wilcox family. My heart goes out to them.

I doubt that Ted Bundy killed Nancy Wilcox, as I doubt he killed anyone. But to run across a tragic disappearance like this is sobering, as loss of a child is the ultimate pain that a parent can endure. I suspect Nancy really died.

What then is the purpose of the Ted Bundy project? Again, I refer you to the two Mathis links at the opening of this piece. I neither add to or detract from his work, nor do I wish to duplicate it.

At the end of the list of alleged victims of Ted Bundy at Wikipedia is another list, that of people suspected to be his victims but not known with certainty. These include sixteen additional girls and women ranging in age from 8 to 24, and dates from 1961 to 1976. One of the victims, Katherine Merry Devine, was later attributed to William E. Cosden in 2002 by a DNA sample and using the PCR (Polymerase Chain Reaction) machine for its intended purpose. Devine, middle name “Merry” because she was born on 12/25/58, was running away from her home in Seattle. Her body had been strangled and sodomized, and her throat cut. It was gruesome and horrible, and I fear real. She was assumed to be a victim of Ted Bundy, but 28 years later it was proven otherwise. That’s a tell. 

I wondered about these additional sixteen victims. I came up with five “Maybe’s” with True People Search, and wonder if we are dealing perhaps with some runaways and new lives. Katherine Devine above was a runaway. One instance, Elizabeth Perry of Somers Point, New Jersey is said to have disappeared on May 30, 1969 at the age of 19. If alive, she would be 71, and I found an Elizabeth A. Perry, age 69, living in Egg Harbor Township, NJ, and who used to live in Somers Point. But the age is not exactly right. 

It is the same for a few others, Lisa Wick, Sandra Jean Weaver, Nancy Perry Baird and Debbie Smith, with the last one, of course, a very common name. There were people alive tantalizingly close in name and age, but not quite. And again, given that they are all girls and women, it is assumed there have been many name changes for any that did not die, it being less common in that era for women to retain their maiden names.

None of the sixteen were in SSDI, and eight of them are in Findagrave. I went with the assumption that since these deaths were not officially hung on Ted Bundy, that law enforcement might like to close the cases by hanging them there. I assume his confession to the death of Nancy Wilcox was gratuitous, perhaps as a favor of some insider to the Bundy operation to give the family some relief, or for some other motive. For the rest of the list that authorities cannot hang on Ted, I am also assuming real deaths, and not the fake ones listed as official Bundy victims.

The death of this girl, Joyce Lepage of Seattle in 1971 at the age of 21, and of Katherine Merry Devine above, are enough to bring me to tears and give up this kind of work. Joyce is beautiful, so girl-next-door, and Katherine so young, both with so much life ahead. Someone probably killed them. There are evil people in this world. But Ted Bundy was not one of them. He was merely following the orders given him, and told when on camera to bug his eyes to look crazy. He’s a different kind of evil, but not the kind that would end the life of this beautiful girl.

Bundy 2
Sleep well tonight. This guy, now 74 years of age, could be living next door to you. He’s harmless. 

18 thoughts on “The Ted Bundy nightmare … a hoax

  1. I remember being terrorized by the story of Bundy, John Wayne Gacy, the Stranglers, the whole parade of serials. It is amazing that the recipe for terror has morphed from a picture and a story about a crazy man and his victims on the news to a computer generated koosh ball looking thing and a story about its victims on the news.


    1. I don’t know about the name Bundy, as it is Boston royalty, and could be common. A quick check says Bundy ancestors migrated to England after the Norman Conquest in 1066, but I don’t see from where. I would assume that the Boston Bundy’s can trace their origins back to that time. (A variation of the Bundy name is “Bond.”)

      Are the Boston Bundy’s related to this Oregon duo? I’m lazy today, so I won’t be checking. I do recognize a fake event and a fake trial when I see one. What the object of it all was, what precedent they were setting, I do not know.


  2. About the ‘bug’ photo-
    Two of Ted Bundy’s war cars were VW Beetles. One is in a museum. In the photo, the two girls appear to have climbed out of the backseat as the backs of the front seats lean forward. It is claimed that Bundy had removed the back seats to lay his victims flat. This photo is clearly redolent of that detail and is made the more unnerving if one knows such details and still believes the murders were real. In some ways the photo serves a similar purpose as the Oswald backyard photos. A photo trail to frame the monster.
    As for what’s in the photo, who poses two girls in front of a car in an anonymous parking lot? Wouldn’t you wait until whatever site they are at can be used as a backdrop. An arcade or building of note to place the location for posterity?
    And what are the elbows of the short girl resting on?
    The tall girl is not squinting in the sun as the short girl does and she’s not looking at the camera as posed photo subjects would.
    The tall girl- the future victim- is looking askance as if there is something/someone catching her eye.
    And just how tall is that guy behind them. 8 feet?
    The tall girl’s hair wafts out like a nun’s habit. To my eye her head looks a tad too large, like an insert. Her face looks older than the body and language of the pose.
    And just to pile on, two Hapsburg jaws.
    I also find the door shadow and the absence of the tall girl’s head shadow perplexing. The only detail that suggests reality is the match of the short girl’s window reflection.
    The pic is good at the seams, for the most part, but in the context of the hoax, I can’t buy it.


    1. Great insight! It makes me want to get through my night’s sleep and attack this again. I was aware of the VW Bug and that Bundy supposedly used them in his murders. Not written about in the post, I enlarged the reflection in the window, finding the younger girl’s sweater V there, but unable to determine how it was possible that the front of her be reflected at that door angle. Geometry is not a strength with me, even as it might have been the only A I got in high school. I knew there was a man in the background, and wanted to see of I could date the truck, but not enough of it showed. In the end I decided I was looking at a teenager claimed to be 23, and that Intel had messed up with photos and records, as it was (I suspect) in the late 1990s when they realized they had to offer up evidence for their prior hoaxes. What a madhouse marathon of all-nighters that must have been!

      Now I have this and Sandusky, that whole thing now firmly fixed in my head as a psyop, and more research and fun ahead, and thank you for your insight. I ask, knowing the answer, do you have as much fun as I do?


      1. Yes, great fun. And hello to Harry’s P Mug. I would be responding to his comments but I have a LOT of stuff to do that isn’t “fun” but I hope to be back at it one day soon.


  3. Revealing endless fuckery is fun???

    Lol, OK, I guess it can be 🙂

    Revealing the world one inhabits to be nonstop fuckery can be a little depressing.

    Where’s Stephers and her garden? What’s real and beautiful?? What’s garbage and fit for the toilet??



    1. Nice you added the smiley face at the end. I speak for myself: While Covid and the vax are settling in as indicators of oppressive days ahead, I still revel in uncovering fakery. It is a puzzle and it is fun to unravel and solve it. For instance, with the Ott girl above, the Bug photo clicked with me in one way Tyrone in another, and we both unraveled deception. She’s alive, or at least was not murdered by Bundy, so where’s the harm? Good clean fun.

      As I said on another thread, learning that JFK and John Lennon were fake deaths set me free to float above it all, just be a snarky observer. Yeah, current hoaxes can latch a tie line on me and bring me down to earth, but frankly, I’ve got a lot on my plate in terms of writing projects, and not much time before report cards and all of that. Time is short! Live life to the fullest! Don’t be a downer.


  4. Mark,

    My asshole father in his 80s took himself and my mother down to get vaccinated.

    He then proceeds to tell me she has blanked out twice, once at home in kitchen (requiring 7 stitches) and a second time out in public.

    He CANNOT put 2 and 2 together…it is literally impossible. Instead, she spent 2.5 hours on Vicodin in an MRI machine “looking for the problem”.

    This is my state of affairs. Please, people, don’t be so GD stupid.

    It’s not meant to be a downer, there are just a lot of stupid people in this world.

    Please toss your TV, people. If you read this blog most likely you are not the target for this message. Help someone do just that.

    God Bless. Funerals are right around the corner, unfortunately.

    Liked by 1 person

  5. My mum, nearly 75 years old and with a serious heart condition plus a dozen other health problems, will have her first Pfizer shot on Sunday, May 16th.
    She was supposed to have it on June 7th, but she was contacted by the local Covid center and told that they had anticipated the appointment.
    They’re so efficient!

    I talked with her a lot in the last couple of months, so she perfectly knows what she risks but she’s just hipnotized like all others, and despite all she knows she said “I’d rather die by a vax than by Covid”.

    So, Rastus, I’m ready for a funeral too, as there’s nothing I can do at this point, other than accepting the idea that my mother is gonna suicide.

    Liked by 1 person

  6. OT: Have you all read the latest from Miles Mathis? He’s looking for a home! He may be evicted by the end of this month! Can anyone help?


  7. Can you please insert a PDF version of this article and for your other posts as well? I want to have access to this info just in case..

    Also, I’ve read the two Bundy articles written by MM. I think it really could be true, but I have also watched and read a lot of true crime. I think Bundy might have been twins, which would explain why everyone thought “he looked like a different person in almost every photo”.

    There’s scrawny, bearded Bundy shown to us in that jailhouse library “photoshoot” eye rolland then there’s the slightly better looking, clean shaven and well nourished Ted Bundy that imo, is in the picture above.


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