Is Jerry Sandusky innocent?

A hat tip to another blog for posting last week in regards to Penn State convicted pedophile Jerry Sandusky, and allegations of his innocence from investigative reporter John Zeigler. To get deep into it as I have, you will have to listen to a couple of two-and-one-half hour broadcast from Thaddeus Russell, starting here. Zeigler also runs a website called Framing Paterno. In addition are more interviews and a long series of blog posts, 2012-present by Zeigler.  You are, like me, on your own. I spent a weekend, maybe ten or twelve hours of listening and reading and came out refreshed. Now is time to write, hopefully capturing the immensity of the injustice done to Jerry Sandusky.

I am a walking thinker, that is, I cannot just sit and listen to people talk. I have to move about. Maybe this is why schooling never did me much good, as I watched the mouths of teachers and saw the cascades of words coming out of them, but they did not cross the divide. John Cleese, quoting someone else I am not going to run down, told us that a teacher’s lecture is a series of notes on paper that become a series of notes on the student’s paper, without passing through the mind of either.

Paterno statueI must have walked several miles in our home as I listened to Zeigler. He is an effusive talker whose voice often reaches stressed levels, as with Jerry Seinfeld, and I first thought that off-putting. In fact, I had to put on a headset, as my wife was annoyed by his voice even as she was not listening. So I walked about the house, sat down and took notes, and walked some more. Eventually, he got through to me. I now view him as a man of exceptional integrity who was captured by the Jerry Sandusky/Penn State affair that saw Joe Paterno fired and then die in ignominy. He saw Penn State College officials Tim Curley and Jerry Schultz, and even now Graham Spanier, doing or facing prison time for … nothing. They are honorable men caught in a much larger scam, in essence, a shakedown.

It has, so far, cost Zeigler his career and ten years of his life. Such is the price of moral courage. He says now that he will hang it up this coming November, as he can do no more than he has done, and to no avail.

As it goes in life, so it goes with Penn State, the evil and greedy people winning and prospering, the good ones suffering. Zeigler is a very effective writer, and one line that grabbed my attention, back in one of his 2012 blog posts, that he is interested in “pursuit of truth.” We don’t hear that sentiment much, as there is not much of it going on, especially now in Covid times. There is no “news” of any use, and television is completely corrupted by people talking over one another, windbags, blowhards, fake “experts and self-important pundits.

Zeigler is an investigative journalist, and has taken it in the shorts due to his pursuit of this matter, eventually coming to believe that Jerry Sandusky is completely innocent of all charges. He did not think that in the beginning, and was far more interested in exoneration for the legendary coach, Joe Paterno.

KoreshFirst note that the whole of the US news media jumped to conclusions about Jerry Sandusky, and so did I. However, I did not presume guilt. I am the product of years of research and revelation into the nature of our justice system, and know that we often have staged, or show trials. I regard the recent trial of Derek Chauvin in the matter of George Floyd, for instance, to be for show, with Floyd alive somewhere and Chauvin merely growing a beard, maybe even moving to Santa Catarina. Note that Vernon Wayne Howell (aka “David Koresh” of Waco Massacre fame), now age 61, lives in Palestine, Texas, a mere 100 miles from Waco, where he died in back in 1993. So my first thoughts of the Penn State affair, which blew right by me at the time, was another show trial, with Jerry Sandusky the designated goat. Just as Martha Stewart, Bernie Madeoff, Rob Blagojevich, OJ Simpson, Charles Manson and Sirhan Sirhan have never spent a day in prison, so too did I assume that with Sandusky.

I was wrong. Sandusky is in prison, and will die there, innocent of any and all charges.

Zeigler is a neophyte, and if he were to read this would distance himself from Manson, Sirhan, Simpson, as those are seemingly far-fetched conclusions. So what. Zeigler, and I have now listened to him and read him in depth, is a man of honor, and is also as Thaddeus Russell described him at the end of four hours of non-stop talking by Ziegler, an excellent journalist. Despite the difficulty in listening to such an outpouring, the real man comes though.

What turned me? What was the blinding light that made me fall from my horse? I’ll get to that later. First I want to recount the events of the Penn State affair, which is as Zeigler described it, a “perfect storm.” My biggest known unknown at this time is the matter of Aaron Fisher, aka “Victim #1.” He appeared seemingly from nowhere to accuse Sandusky of pedophilia not related in any way to Penn State, but rather to Central Valley High School in Mill Hall, Pennsylvania. He came forth with accusations of “inappropriate touching” by Sandusky, who was volunteering as an assistant football coach. The record will show that Wilson accused Sandusky of forcing fellatio on him perhaps 100 times. This is the first opening to the long scandal, and in retrospect, as the reader will later realize, can have no basis in fact. But the boy coming forward also cannot be without some merit, as prior to that time, in forty years of coaching (with the exception of 12/29/2000) there was never a sign of any misbehavior by Sandusky. What prompted the boy? That’s a matter for further research. What he says happened could not have happened, but what motivates a boy to tell such lies?

Zeigler is now releasing over seventeen hours of interviews and reports via either ITunes or Spotify detailing things I’ve not yet uncovered. The podcasts are called With the Benefit of Hindsight. That title is searchable at both sources. You’re on your own now. You know I will be listening.


  • January 26, 1944: Sandusky’s birth date.
  • 1966: Marries Dottie Gross, and devout Christian (as is Jerry).
  • 1977: Sandusky founds Second Mile, a not-for-profit charity for underprivileged and at-risk kids in Pennsylvania, which will later become one of George H.W. Bush’s “Thousand Points of Light.” .
  • 1999: Sandusky retires as assistant football coach at Penn State.
  • 2009: A grand jury is convened to investigate Sandusky.
  • 2011: Sandusky arrested and charged sexual abuse of young boys.
  • November 7, 2011: George Spanier, Senior Athletic Director at Penn State, steps down along with Gary Schultz, interim president for finance and business, in the wake of accusations of a cover-up regarding accusations against Sandusky for behaviors ten years earlier.
  • November 9, 2011: Joe Paterno fired by Penn State, along with Spanier. Both men are innocent of any wrongdoing.
  • January 22, 2012: Joe Paterno dies at age 85. He was surely broken, his long and excellent career destroyed by the Sandusky matter. He did nothing wrong.
  • June 12, 2012: Sandusky convicted of 45 of 48 charges.
  • October 9, 2012: Sandusky sentenced to 30-60 years for his offenses, meaning he will die in prison.
  • October 31, 2012: Sandusky’s lawyers appeal for new trial, claiming inadequate preparation time.
  • October 31, 2012: Sandusky moved to SCI Greene “Supermax” facility, and put under protective custody. Later he was moved to Laurel Highlands, a minimum security facility.
  • January 30, 2013: Appeal denied.
  • July, 2017: Athletic Director Tim Curley and Vice President Jerry Schultz turn themselves in jail for child endangerment. Both men are innocent of any wrongdoing.
  • April 30, 2019: Graham Spanier exonerated of a conviction of child endangerment, as it was based on a statute that did not go into effect until six years after the alleged offense.
  • December 1, 2020: Despite the statute not being in effect, charges against Spanier are reinstated. Makes no sense.

So it goes.

Mike McQueary

McQueary is a key player in the Sandusky matter, so it is important to examine his behaviors closely. He first claimed to have witnessed in 2002 an incident in the showers of the Penn State Lasch Football Building in which Sandusky was naked with a ten-year-old (actually 14) boy, Allan Myers.  His account of what he saw will change over time, from anal intercourse (probably originating with prosecutors) to a mere reflection in a mirror and close proximity. The date will also change from 2002 to February 9, 2001. He visited Joe Paterno at his home on February 10, 2001. According to McQueary, he was advised by Paterno that “If this is about a job, don’t bother coming.”  Zeigler was at a gathering at the Paterno home some time later, and Joe’s wife Sue Paterno heard Zeigler recount this remark, and turned to him and (using Zeigler’s word) “snapped” at him “THAT DIDN’T HAPPEN!” 

McQuearyMany questions arose. McQueary, seen to the left with Paterno, is a big guy, a former athlete, yet he made no attempt to intervene to rescue the boy being raped.  He did not call police. He was required to report sexual abuse to his immediate superior, which is why he claimed that he met with Paterno. It is this meeting that set in motion the chain of events that would end the careers of Paterno, Schultz, Curley, and put Sandusky in prison for the rest of his life. All unjustified. McQueary would go on to collect a multi-million dollar settlement from Penn State, part of a feeding frenzy wherein 35 or more line up to receive checks. All of that payout was loot, mere virtue-signalling by Penn State, afraid of losing its football program and reputation. 

John Ziegler disputes much, if not all of McQueary’s testimony. He places the real meeting with Paterno as December 29, 2000, the date remembered by Sandusky as having been with the alleged victim, then 14-year old Allan Myers. They had traveled together that day from Eastern Pennsylvania on a book-signing tour for his book Touched, an odd title, I know. Also, he had learned that a coaching position he had done four interviews for, at the University of Virginia, went to Al Groh on that day. So Sandusky has a clear memory of December 29, 2001 and freely admits he was with Allan Myers, but claims nothing untoward happened. The two had used the Penn State facility to work out, and then showered. During the shower, there was horseplay, which will be explained later.

McQueary did in fact meet with Paterno on February 10, 2001, but not to discuss the Sandusky matter, which had happened six weeks earlier. On February 9, 2001, Penn State wide receiver coach Kenny Jackson had been hired by the Pittsburgh Steelers, and McQueary, at that time a graduate assistant coach, was job-interviewing. At this meeting, he indeed mentioned the six-week-prior event with Sandusky and Myers, but in order to give it urgency, he moved it up to the day before, February 9. At no time with Paterno did he claim to have seen a rape in progress. McQueary would change the story of what he saw, according to Zeigler, 17 times, and Sandusky would actually be exonerated of that particular charge, even as it is the one stuck in the public mind (the slapping sounds heard by McQueary indicating sexual intercourse). Myers wrote letters to editors and police defending Sandusky, and did not testify against him even as he was known to the prosecution. Myers was a sergeant in the U.S. Marines Corps at that time. After the conviction, after the sentencing, Myers changed his story, and ended up with a large cash payout from Penn State. Such is human nature.

It is important to understand that everything in the Jerry Sandusky matter hinges on Mike McQueary. If indeed McQueary witnessed something six weeks earlier, we now know that he said nothing to anyone, did not call the police, so that it could not have been a big deal in his mind. The entirety of everything that follows, careers destroyed, a media frenzy, victims coming forth, huge cash payouts, would not have happened without McQueary even as Zeigler gives McQueary the benefit of doubt as to motives. He never intended to harm anyone.

Ten years after these events, investigators were at a standstill on the Sandusky matter. There seemed no verifiable substance to the allegations of Victim #1, Aaron Fisher. Normal procedure in pedophilia cases is to seize the computer of the perpetrator, and see if it holds pornography, normally the case. Investigators indeed did so with Sandusky, and found nothing.  

They had heard a rumor that McQueary had seen something odd back on March 2, 2002, the initial date given by McQueary (later changed to February 9, 2001, finally realized to be December 29, 2000). They approached him. McQueary might well have been in panic mode, as he had other problems. For one thing, he had not reported that crime to the police, itself a crime. He did not attempt to rescue the boy even has he had clear advantage in size and strength over Sandusky. There were allegations about that as a Penn State quarterback he was gambling on games, Zeigler mentioning a Rutgers game in particular. Finally, he was having an extramarital affair, and had sent pictures of his penis to his girlfriend using a Penn State phone.

Zeigler uses the analogy of the Loch Ness Monster, that people claim to have seen it when all they saw was a rippling in the water, possibly a head sticking up. When McQueary found out that investigators were not after him, but rather Sandusky, by Zeigler’s theory, he was relieved, so much so that the ripple in the water became a Loch Ness monster, and a man and a boy in the shower (yes, odd) became a rape. That is the origin of  the event that sent lives tumbling and put innocent people in jail.

The real Jerry Sandusky

There is so much more that follows, but I reached a point this weekend, after hours of listening and reading, where I had grabbed the substance of this matter, and felt relieved of the burden of further inquiry. I will do the further inquiry, the hours upon hours of podcasts now or soon available on the With Benefit of Hindsight podcasts. Right now I am satisfied that I arrived at the nut of the matter (so to speak), probably not emphasized enough by Zeigler, though he needs no advice from me on how to do his job. 

In one of his interviews with Thaddeus Russell, Zeigler mentions that Jerry Sandisky has no testicles. In a second interview with Russell, he mentions that he had gotten hold of medical records for Sandusky that stated that he had “no testicular matter.” I did some quick research, wanting to know if it was possible for a man with no balls to get an erection and engage in sexual activity. Yes indeed it is possible. It is just not likely. The testicles are the source of testosterone, and without them, there is no desire for sex. Jerry Sandusky is probably asexual. 

Here is a snippet from an interview of Sandusky by Bob Costas, said to have done a “magnificent” job in the interview, even as the whole meaning of the matter blew right by him. Said Sandusky in answer to the matter of showering naked with Allen Myers,

I could say that, you know, I have done some of those things. I have horsed around with kids, I have showered after workouts. I have hugged them and I have touched their leg without intent of sexual contact, but, um, so if you look at it that way, there are things that would be accurate. … We were showering and horsing around, and he actually turned all the showers on and was actually sliding across the floor and, as I recall, possibly snapping a towel and horseplay.

I know, those are boundary issues. I read the Wikipedia article on the Sandusky matter, and came across the following, which jumped out at me:

Sandusky married Dorothy “Dottie” (née Gross) in 1966, and together they have six adopted children.[18] Sandusky and his wife have also served as foster parents.[19]

They adopted six boys? One of the adopted boys alleged inappropriate behavior against Sandusky in the trial, but it must be kept in mind that with each allegation against the man came a check from Penn State, not a direct payoff, but rather a massive institutional exoneration affair. No one vetted Sandusky’s accusers. In the end, the only testimony of seeing actual misbehavior came from Mike McQueary, contained in one of his seventeen versions of what he witnessed on December 29, 2000.

Jerry Sandusky has no testicles. Why? Born that way? I don’t know, but assume so, as all other explanations are unavailable to me at this time. He married Dorothy “Dottie” Gross in 1966. In his 1964 book Games People Play, author Eric Berne lays out the complex psychological motives in the mate selection process, for instance, a gay man (remember, written in 1964) hiding this fact but hooking up with a frigid woman. I am speculating here, and want to make it clear that I regard both Jerry and Dottie Sandusky as fine human beings, but suggest that both are asexual but had love in their hearts and wanted to be parents. So they adopted, Jerry’s preference, boys.

It’s a little more complex than that. In his interview with Bob Costas, Sandusky did not even understand the gist of the questions posed. Costas asked him if he was attracted to boys, Sandusky did not grasp that he was speaking of sexual attraction. He said he liked boys. And he does. He is one, still.

Sandusky suffers from arrested development as I see it, still a young teenager at heart. It seems a natural byproduct of asexuality. Most of us progress from our teenage years into adulthood, our sexual drives taking over, and entering into sexual relations with others as we mature, our attitudes changing as well. We put away our childish impulses to play, engage in horseplay, and to slap each other around as part of that play. Jerry Sandusky never made that leap, and stayed a budding teenager throughout his adult life. Because he had no sex drive, he never sexually abused anyone. He just preferred the company of boys, and naturally, had boundary issues, unknown to him but highly inappropriate to observers like Mike McQueary.

The whole of the Sandusky affair, the Penn State scandal, was centered around one misinterpreted event. Joe Paterno was unjustly fired, his sterling career, even his statue, destroyed. Jerry Schultz, Tim Curley, and possibly Graham Spanier, men of honor and integrity, were or will be jailed. More than thirty “victims” received multi-million dollar settlements, including over $14 million to Mike McQueary, who unintentionally set the house afire.

And, of course, the justice system failed everyone, as it usually does. Prosecutors had a field day, defense attorneys were inept.

And Jerry Sandusky, an innocent man, will die in prison.

15 thoughts on “Is Jerry Sandusky innocent?

  1. “And Jerry Sandusky, an innocent man, will die in prison.”
    Or in a gated beach community.
    With the amount of money generated from this scandal, I’d say it falls into the hoax bin. Men are pigs agenda at work. Almost as many Pedo stories as shootings in the mainstream news.
    Many Universities receive huge corporate grants. Plenty of cash to go around.


    1. You could well be right, and that is where my head was at before I dove into this. But the persistence of Zeigler coupled with the true nature of Sandusky, as uncovered by Zeigler, tilted me towards “perfect storm” and away from “hoax.”

      Much more to learn, as I said, and the appearance of “Victim #1” indeed rattles around in my brain. It appears, initially, that Sandusky merely touched his leg inappropriately, as he is known to do, but by the time prosecution attorneys got done with him, it was 100 cases of fellatio.

      Also, Sandusky, according to Zeigler, was very naive, thinking that since he was innocent justice would prevail. So he settled for a weak attorney.

      Again, you could be right.


  2. This was one event that I was horrified by initially, and then did not think much about it afterward. Being a former college FB fan, I felt bad for Paterno, and how quickly his legacy was destroyed, including (wait for it) the destruction of his statue. Now, looking back at McQueary (is that a stage name?) and reconsidering how he took no action aside from reporting it sometime later is telling. Just that insight turned me; having played HS FB, I find it hard to believe an adult player would see/hear such abuse and not intervene immediately. It’s not like Sandusky was some all-powerful mafia figure. So why did McQueary quail? Cowardice at best. The thing stinks for sure, thanks for the piece, Mark!


    1. forgot the tidbit at the end; how Sandusky may have been asexual and mired in teen-adjacent innocence. This is a fascinating angle.


  3. The culture has changed on men of Sandusky’s age- even my age group (mid 60’s) has had to drop physical contact of any kind because of the engineered paranoia about pig-men. It seems his environment- aggressive young boys- normalized that old fashion physical contact that is now illegal and he probably got caught in the undertow. I knew a teacher in High School whose career was destroyed by his naiveté and a girl’s overbearing parents who instilled unwarranted fear in her about men. That was a small but perfect storm, long ago, but it is now the norm. Whether this is a hoax or not, the message is clear. No contact, even on football teams. Narratives like Penn State have paved the way for capitulation to masks, Zoom life and social distancing. I don’t think it would have been played to the hilt in the media if the agenda was not so well served.
    PS- Now that I think about it, the game of football is being dismantled on several fronts. The hoax suicides of Junior Seau et al- the admission here and there in the mainstream media that the games are rigged- the endless criminal cases involving players… why? Do the mind-benders really want physically aggressive, powerfully built men in any great numbers? With no wars to fight or bridges to build, of course they wouldn’t.


    1. Isolating this part of Tyrone’s comment. Well said.

      “Whether this is a hoax or not, the message is clear. No contact, even on football teams. Narratives like Penn State have paved the way for capitulation to masks, Zoom life and social distancing. I don’t think it would have been played to the hilt in the media if the agenda was not so well served.”


  4. I have a hunch there will be future posts about this affair, as things about it give me discomfort. Victim #1 stands out, the report of a child, not to be taken lightly but in need of scrutiny, causing a Grand Jury to meet?

    That just rattles around in me. Also, McQueary (yeah, I get the name) reportedly received a huge payout from Penn State. For what? He was no one’s victim.

    I am going to listen to the rest of the podcasts on this matter. I am leaning this way and that, but at this time, skepticism is driving me towards psyop.


  5. Victim politics and cancel culture empower the media and the elites who control it. If you are victimized by somebody, you “empower” yourself by getting the hive mind on your side. It’s an important part of creating and maintaining the infantile level of emotional and intellectual dependence we are meant to have on our propagandists.

    I haven’t thought of Sandusky in years, and if I had, I probably would have assumed it was a total fabrication like so much else in our “news,” but really, it makes sense that this wouldn’t be fake. You don’t need to fake a Sandusky like you do a mass shooter or serial killer or whatever. However, because this story was such a big media event, I think that at least the most prominent accusers must have been puppets. The propagandists need to control the story, and they do it by controlling the accusers, not the accused.

    In my area, a tenured white professor recently lost his job as the head of a prestige theater department when a black female student accused him of being inappropriate. Supposedly, he made a comment about her hair that she found racist, and he wrote a play where a character was supposed to be naked onstage and said he wanted her to play that character, and… oh, just stupid shit. No accusations of rape, attempted rape, or even sexually inappropriate touching. This professor has had a long and distinguished career. Shortly before this student made her accusations, he had become a visiting professor at Julliard. And they sacked him over absolutely nothing.

    White male pig. Black female victim. It’s a story our propagandists never get tired of. Why didn’t it become a national media circus. Probably because the girl was acting on her own.


    1. Also, it occurs to me that the Elites really want to destroy live theatre along with all the other arts once and for all, so they really missed a great opportunity with this story. The more I think about it, the only possible reason is that the young black woman wasn’t a hired hand.


  6. The first event that opened my eyes to media fakery was the Alison Parker shooting in West Virginia. What tipped it for me was the utterly absurd memorial by her then fiance. It hit me like a bolt of lightening at the time. I still remember how utterly phony and fake his emotions were. There was nothing human about him at all. It was literally the moment the scales fell from my eyes. Afterwards, thanks to the work by CF and Dave McGowan, I was able to start peeling back the onion. Here’s the problem with raising these questions. Are ability to prove anything to a certainty is impossible. If these are psychological operations created by teams at Langley, then we will never be able to break that barrier–they operate under a cloak of unbreakable secrecy. However, we can make assumptions with our powers of discernment. The Alison Parker shooting, for me, was not just the moment I discovered those powers, but the moment I decided to trust them on a basic instinctual level. So while I’ll assume Jerry Sandusky is not, at this moment as I write, sitting in a prison cell, I will never be able to prove that statement beyond a reasonable doubt. Even if I were to pose as a reporter or writer working on a piece about the case and arranged an interview with Sandusky, there is still no way to prove he came from a cell to the visiting room. My gut tells me that the whole Sandusky story was a fake. One look at Sandusky, and I see central casting written all over it. Not sure why Paterno had to fall with him, but perhaps it just enhances the dramatic effect. I’m certainly resigned to the fact that everything in the news, print or broadcast, local or national, is entirely fake. And we have no way to provide concrete evidence to the contrary. BTW, the McQueary last name is again their way of rubbing our faces in it.


    1. Agree on all fronts. I have long since decided that I have to be comfortable in my own skin with discoveries, as convincing others, much less “proving” anything is impossible.

      And I have come around to your point of view on Sandusky, and will write about that in the near future. I was too much under the sway of Zeigler, believing as I still do in his sincerity. Zeigler is far removed from any “scales falling” to see the entirety of the fake.


  7. This is a bit out of left field, but Joe Paterno simply would not retire and I wonder if Penn State boosters with real clout backed him on this and the only way out was to pick a retired colleague- whose debts/loyalties made him an easy choice- and this fiction with just enough detail to spin in the right way shut “Joe Pa” and his machine down. The piling on of ‘retired” FBI lodge brothers leading the “investigation” could have been a crime of opportunity with Obama given lines to read to intimidate any Paterno loyalists into capitulating. Pedo fears flourish and old white men are once again revealed to be hypocritical monsters.


  8. Bit late to the proceedings as I am just returning from an extended and much needed hiatus from seeking truth, since it seems so damned elusive and I’ve basically looked under every rock, stone and briar patch imaginable.

    I do hope you will continue to sort this sordid tale out, since as I read it something clicked back to the time the story first broke that made me think, this just doesn’t make sense. Kinda how I felt on a few other “big stories,” back in their days, which also made no sense, then proved to be just that.

    Used to be a big college football fan back before it became the NFL’s minor leagues. Penn State and Joe Pa ran a clean program and played good football, not always having five-effing-star “recruits.” Near as I knew Sandusky was well respected and when the “story” broke, I was taken back. Not sure why I never really followed the proceedings, probably because I was already head deep in searching for that elusive game—truth.

    The payouts, the destruction of Paterno’s legacy and Sandusky’s life reeks of cancel culture and everything that is wrong in this country (and world) and then some. I won’t write a tome but simply hope that you will continue to flesh this one out. Hate what college sports have become.

    Very happy to see you writing nature pieces and will dive into them as soon as I am able to reel my mind back in after a couple of Stephers’ articles. She is amazing.



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