Resist much, obey little

Not sure I want to publish this, as it is something I ran across via someone to get to the original, and I am not even sure it is an exact quote nor have I read the entirety of the original, nor will I. Poetry to me in all my life has only had meaning when read to me by someone else with the necessary inflections, deep voice and added drama. If it is just words on a page with me alone, it deflects off me like wind outside as I drive my truck, sheltered from it. It just doesn’t affect me. I wish I knew more than I do and appreciated more than I do how poetry works. There are a few phrases that move me, and I have them on a bulletin board behind me, so well known that I don’t need name the authors …

If you can hold your head when all about you are losing theirs and blaming it on you …

Whose woods these are I think I know,
His house is in the village though…

Tomorrow and tomorrow and tomorrow
Creeps in this petty pace from day to day…

You see how it is? That is as deep as I go, to have some of the greatest works of all time nearby, but nothing obscure, nothing more meaningful than these words that are so well known. And, I offer one more that I just encountered this morning, mercifully brief, from another source whom I don’t have to name, as readers here know this stuff far better than me. I am a stone cold non-poet who can absorb Chomsky and Abbey, but for whom voices like Aldo Leopold and Isabelle Allende ring tinny and hollow.

To the States or any one of them, or any of the States, resist much, obey little.
Once unquestioning obedience, once fully enslaved,
Once fully enslaved, no nation, state, city on this earth, ever afterward resumes its liberty.

That is where we stand now, genuflecting before pseudoscience and lies, masked to conceal our shameful identities, dutifully standing on stickers advising us to keep our distance from others, and mindlessly allowing poison to be injected into our veins. We are indeed fully enslaved, and will not in my lifetime or yours ever resume our liberty.

I do not mask or distance, I will not be injected, and will suffer any indignity they impose on me as a result. I will not genuflect before any white lab coat or politician in Italian business suit. I am on this planet, I am among you, but I am not part of you. I want nothing to do with you until you shed the mask, hug, and threaten anyone with a needle or nose swab with violence if he or she comes near you. Them’s my terms of continued existence on this crazy planet and our clinically insane leaders. I wish them no injury, only that they go away and leave us alone, injecting each other to assure the rest of us they won’t be around much longer.

7 thoughts on “Resist much, obey little

  1. Reminds me of the poem in the movie Caddy Shack that Judge Smails read:
    “It’s easy to grin When your ship comes in And you’ve got the stock market beat. But the man worthwhile, Is the man who can smile, When his shorts are too tight in the seat.”

    I’ve been hesitant to post anything vaccine related as I’m around many people, group over 20 persons, that have had both shots of the Pfizer and a few with the J&J vaccine. Up til now, Nobody has died, only a local reactions such as a sore arm, or feeling out of it the next day. No hospitalizations. I’m still checking on everyone in case, and it’s been about 3 months since everyone received their vaccinations.

    I won’t be getting one and have advise people not to either, but my advice falls on deaf ears.

    We are seeing a massive push for people to get a vaccine, and a massive push for people to avoid the vaccine. Like there are two competing parties wanting to irk the other’s campaign. Some of the anti vaccine reports are making local mainstream news, and that publicity is odd. Vaers may not be accurate.

    Fear mongering on both sides.

    We see the media reports of celebrities or sports people, or just average Joes that died a few days later after their vaccine shot. I don’t really know for sure if people are actually passing away because of the vaccines. Anyone can state someone they know died or was injured, but just like the tons of Covid death reports, we know those were false, I didn’t see or know anyone that died specifically because of Covid. But that doesn’t mean it didn’t happen? I can’t say for sure. I’ve asked professional people for proof and they could not or would not provide it.

    It seems part of the vaccine supply may be saline and some of the vials may contain harmful material. This is just the first phase of the vaccine roll outs. The following years could introduce a harmful supply if it’s mandated, especially to specific types of people. Or it could end up being a required yearly harmless flu type shot that just produces revenue.


    1. If you have a firm grip and reasoned opinions, please state them. Your comment is namby pamby. Take the plunge, decide what it is you actually think. Then stand by it, prepared to defend it or to move to a better light. But be on one side or the other of that fence, as fences have a way of making your balls hurt.

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      1. Mark, in another life, you’d have made an excellent teacher for America’s youth. You have a way of sharing wisdom that is both comprehensible and humorous. Your advice above is exactly the kind of thing that everyone facing the COVID-19 scam needs to hear.


    2. This comment touches on something Matt McKinley suggests, which is that “they” want things divided exactly this way and in these amounts. The beast AI influences events to shrink or grow all sides. The system chooses the arrangement which devolves the situation into the most angst.

      It is (perhaps) more empowering not to accept any role or side this system has cast: victim, abuser, defender etc. This is not to suggest one prevent oneself from operating in such ways, but rather that we might allow the unconscious human factor within us to act in its own un-scriptable ways to overcome our situation.

      More specifically, I mean the unconscious mind which is capable of learning new languages, creating things, performing athletic feats and solving new and original problems. This part of our mind can overcome great challenges and it requires space and peace from the conscious part of the mind which normally interferes.

      The conscious part of the mind that we have any control over is put to better use engaging with ourselves rather than the beast… taking care of our health and improving things around us and within our control.


      1. Chris–
        That’s an excellent description of the direction I seem to be headed in.

        I think it is easy to dismiss what you’re talking about as head-in-the-sand passivity, but that’s not what you’re advocating and not where I’m coming from. It’s just… there is more to heaven and earth than what is contained in all the false paradigms of society.

        Awareness of those false paradigms–as well as the much more horrible, difficult-to-rise-above neurological and biological fuckery that Stephers writes about so comprehensively–is crucial. But I guess I hope that other forces of nature, within myself and within anyone, are available to overcome these obstacles… if I don’t block myself from those forces by staying stuck in my head. Keeping us stuck in our heads seems to be a major objective and a winning strategy for the PTB.


        1. Scott, thank you for the kind response. I’d like to share this comment from Jasun Horsley which phrases the same,

          […] keeping the heart open and the nervous system relaxed no matter what kinds of adversity are being faced. This is the only approach that is guaranteed to work when entering into the Chinese soul trap of Satan’s AI harvest.

          the comment is at the bottom of this page

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  2. I won’t be vaccinated. My children neither. I’ve been waiting for push back but haven’t received any yet. I work in multiple hospitals. I have to check in with a covid screener before hand. Last night she asked, “if I got the shot yet” and I just said replied “no” and that was the end of that. I’m sickened by the public relations effort, the celebs and athletes who are being coached to push us in a certain direction. But at the same time the controllers are showing their hand. They have no control. They need Dolly Parton and David Ortiz to sell this to us. I just wish more people weren’t so scared and gullible.


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