Aggressive stupidity

“There is nothing worse than aggressive stupidity.” (Johann Wolfgang von Goethe)

Aggressive stupidity: “Stupidity that flaunts ignorance and seeks out opportunities to go toe-to-toe with real knowledge is another story altogether, being at once dismaying and frightening.” (Donald Weick, American Thinker)

This post, I hope when it is done, will qualify as a rant. In my life I have traveled in most circles, from conservative Republican (birth family) to liberal Democrat (the bounce – once I realized that conservative Republicans had it wrong, I assumed liberal Democrats had it right – you might say I was stupid), to Naderite Green and back to “conservative” without the R. On that journey the worst and most thoroughly annoying people I have met are liberal Democrats. Their brains have been shrink-wrapped and function without adequate oxygen. Let me give an example:

From Zero Hedge (ht Stephers):

Biden allied groups, including the Democratic National Committee, are also planning to engage fact-checkers more aggressively and work with SMS carriers to dispel misinformation about vaccines that is sent over social media and text messages.

The aggressive stupidity behind this attitude is that there exists such a thing as “facts” which are exclusive and cannot be contradicted or debated. It’s been going on now for decades, with AIDS and Climate Change, and now with Covid and the vaccine. It’s an aggressive form of thought control, and a manner of propaganda that is used when apparatchiks and their leaders want only one side of an issue to be allowed to air. The basic “facts” in question behind AIDS, Climate, Covid and the Vaccine are egregious lies, very big lies, which is why such aggressive censorship has to go on.

That’s just how propaganda works. The aggressive stupidity involved here is again, liberal Democrats who have no regard for civil liberties, free and open debate, and are so deeply brainwashed that they imagine they know what is true and therefore have the right to step on all our toes and assert their nonsense.

The truth about the vaccine is trickling out now, and I don’t know where where it will take us. Right now we are stuck on graphene, and from there we go to the combination of 5G and 6G and graphene, and this all needs to be discussed in an open environment where no voices are silenced. The attitude of the Biden Administration is pure totalitarianism, to be expected as they are very corrupt. That of the followers who will be doing the censorious work of the Bidenites is stupidity of the very worst kind, aggressive stupidity, the Greta Thunberg kind of stupid.

Every matter and manner of thought has nuances and sides, not just two, but many sides in need or open air. The attitude of liberal Democrats is offputting and insulting to intelligent people.

Somehow this does not come off as adequate rant in the face of such imbecilic morons as liberal Democrats.

10 thoughts on “Aggressive stupidity

  1. I was raised by liberal Democrats and have, for most of my life, glided by on the smug, unquestioned assumption that liberals were mostly right about everything. What made us especially virtuous was how tolerant we were of all the poor lost souls bumbling around in the world being various degrees of wrong. Patience and tolerance and deep respect for the right of non-liberals to vomit their ignorance all over the place was central to the whole liberal archetype, I thought.

    Of course, I now laugh at and mock this attitude. But it horrifies me to see how today’s propaganda is chipping away at the notion that liberals should be tolerant of opposing views. I see now that “cancel” culture and all the aggressive political correctness is part of the campaign to turn mainstream liberals into elaborately self-deluded monsters. COVID provides the ultimate excuse for liberal totalitarianism: If you don’t agree with me, people will DIE!!!!

    Is that rant-y enough?


  2. This article got me. I tried to find the original quote, it must be this one- “Es ist nichts schrecklicher als eine tätige Unwissenheit.”
    From : Maximen und Reflexionen, Aus Kunst und Altertum
    Comment: Tätig – active, doing. Think liberal activists. The world used for stupidity is “Unwissenheit”. It’s more precise than stupidity, it states the reason. Not knowing. There is no aggression in the original quote, it’s just the lack of information working. It’s control, targeting good intentions. Especially manipulating young people.


    1. Original German probably more useful, a better language for expression of ideas I suppose. I think of aggressive stupidity as a combination of enough knowledge to have an air of intelligence and enough ignorance not to know what is not known. Goethe, obviously a better thinker of thoughts than I, was expressing another idea entirely I suppose, but still, aggressive stupidity describes most opinionated people I know, no matter who came up with the concept.


  3. The term “liberal Democrats” may be extinct. I do not know what that means.
    Voting for a $1 trillion defense budget is not liberal.

    Giving Covid 19 handouts (“assistance”) to sawmill owners, loggers and log haulers is not liberal. Fascism is the marriage of government and big business. Is there such a thing as a “liberal fascist?” For this forest/environmental activist, this is a bridge too far.

    What pandemic? Same pig, new lipstick.


  4. It’s very sad when a person is convinced he is in possession of the Truth, and he denigrates everyone else (they, of course, conform to the Received Narrative) while believing himself to be a bold investigator of his own beliefs—but all along, he is the one who is deluded. Buddy, you ain’t half as smart as you think you are, and you are 100% wronger than you dream you could be. I’d say “do better,” but you won’t, because you can’t. You’re locked in a prison of self-regard and absolute ignorance, taken by you, of course, for enlightenment. “Sad!” as someone likes to say.

    (I am not a Democrat; I’m just not dangerously deluded. The irony of the Twain epigraph on your blog—hoo boy.)


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