It was sometime in 1988 or 1989 that I sat on my couch reading. In those days I was intent on solving the Kennedy assassinations. I needed to break away from it, as it was obsessive behavior, and yet … I knew if I pushed and pushed that something might give way, and I might attain some new and unforeseen insight. What I got was not the insight I was looking for. It took me by surprise. 

I remember the moment well … reading a book written by ex-FBI agent William Turner and some guy named Warren Hinckle (both most likely controlled opposition), called The Fish is Red. (Those words were secret code and used to start the Bay of Pigs affair.) I paused, looked up at the ceiling in a nearby hallway and realized that there was nothing to fear in the USSR, and that the Cold War was not real. At that moment I experienced for the first time in my life since early childhood …  freedom. I felt a weight lifted off me. I could breathe freely. I had lived in a state of fear for most of my life, deliberately put there by our leaders. I was either 38 or 39 years of age. They took a good chunk of my life from me. 

Of course, after this realization, on 11/9/1989 the Berlin Wall came down. Such was my power!  (Europeans list dates as day/month rather than our convention, so that they would list that day as 9/11.)

I did not understand that evening, but would later see that fear is the primary governing tool. The job of the ruling class is to keep us in a state of fear, never letting up. To be unafraid is to be free, and freedom is not  allowed. After all, there are billions of us, and only tens of thousands of them. So they invent what Mencken called hobgoblins – things that do not exist which they use to instill fear. For a grown man to be afraid of “communism” was absurd. But I was. That irrational fear is the thing that was lifted off my shoulders that day, leaving me light on my feet and dancing. 

An acquaintance of ours belongs to a kayaking group, and told us this story: The group is divided now. Some refuse to ride to places with anyone unvaccinated, and others recommend masks and distancing for the unwashed (unvaccinated). One group member (soon to be former) has the brains to tell the others that she does not care, that she will not vax and that she will boat or ride with anyone, anytime. Another, a retired journalist, cites passages from CDC as if it were gospel, genuflecting, as all journalists do before authority figures. She imagines herself better informed than the others, and carefully explains the nature of this supposed pandemic to her fellow boaters. She is a propaganda conduit. None but the one have figured out that this is all just another fear campaign. Communists morphed into viruses.

People live in state of fear their entire lives! When I was a kid it was The Bomb; later we were given a 1960s version of our current “Delta Variant”, Gooks (not my word choice for human beings), aka Vietnamese “communists” who somehow threatened us. How? We could only imagine. Then came Manson and OPEC and then Saddam Hussein and wars against Iraq that to this day I do not understand (to destroy their will to resist?). 911 brought in Muslims and led to a mass psychotic breakdown, people terrified and irrational due to images on their TV screens. 

And now the virus, and the associated deep psychosis. People are paranoid, perhaps even clinically insane, deliberately driven to irrational behavior by fear. Will they recover? Will there even be time before another fear campaign is launched? Soon will come rigid separation, the vaccinated feeling themselves morally superior and threatened by us lepers, who will have to live separately. It may be by force of law. Oh my, will it come to this? 

Fear is the object, the only thing. Fear drives people to irrational behavior, clouds their perceptions, shuts down their thought processes. They rarely recover. This kayaking group has been reduced to chucklehead status, silly and irrational people who cannot think properly and who don’t know how to reason their way out of a Neoprene water bottle. 

I ask and have not received a satisfactory answer: Why do viruses only attack humans? Why not other mammals? Why not the Yellowstone bison herds or bears or wolves or cattle? Why not horses and mustangs? Why not dogs and cats? Goats? Why not sheep … the real ones, and not our current Kayaker Variant? Surely the means by which they supposedly take us down would work on other species. 

And then I think about it … how are we even here? We are threatened by something that cannot be seen, touched or smelled, and which can kill us! We should not have survived this long. There were no vaccines before recent times for God’s sake! They should have eons ago wiped us out.* Why am I sitting here under flimsy shelter during a rainstorm? It is not that I should be dead, but rather that I never should have been. An enemy like that, invisible, crafty, and undetectable, is more than a match for our species.

Of course, we know the answer. The virus is a hobgoblin. It doesn’t exist. But if people are afraid and don’t know how to think and reason, it might as well be real. It works as well as anything before, bombs and Gooks and Muslims in passenger jets and commies … 

I have come to appreciate just how insane this place is. I have come to appreciate the power of constant unrelenting fear. I have come to accept that people are born to be slaves, and must choose of their own will and intellect to be free. Schooling does all it can to prevent that. Education is Slavery 101.

I have also come to appreciate my own breakthrough, and how unlikely it was, and how sad it was that I would be maybe one in a thousand on whom fear does not work. It’s a lonely existence. I wish sometimes that I had stayed submerged. At least I would belong, and be in company of other insane people. We could be friends, and share mutual deep delusional psychosis, which would bind us together like small bundles of sticks held in a fist. 

*We are told now that the Black Plague was caused by bacteria spread by rats, who must have managed to swim to Iceland, since the plague arrived there ahead of boats with contagious humans. We are told that the 1918 plague was caused by the H1N1 virus, merely coinciding with a tragic war. The science behind such speculations is weak and dishonest. It is contemptible misinformation. 

43 thoughts on “Fascia

  1. I don’t know who originally linked this YT video by a creative team that calls itself After Skool, but I happened to watch it right before I happened to read this post. It’s a brilliant, engaging, concise yet specific explanation of the mechanisms by which totalitarians create mass psychosis and the tools at our disposal to combat it.

    I’m extremely video weary, so the fact that I watched the whole thing straight through surprised me. If you’re as weary/leery as I am, at least check out the 17:21 mark, where they explore the question of whether the effects of totalitarianism-created psychosis can be reversed. One thing they talk about is what Carl Jung called “the Redeemer Personality,” which sounds grandiose but really isn’t. It’s just living one’s life in such a way that people who are under the fear-based spell of mass psychosis might be inspired to see through their illusory fears, too. Anyway, it’s great stuff.

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    1. (By the way, I also love the way this video destroys the Covid narrative without ever talking about it. You see hints of it in the wonderful illustrations, but they are mixed in with all the other ways our totalitarian rulers generate fear and insanity.)

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      1. I showed it to a couple of people who interpreted it as nothing more than an anti-Trump video. In their minds, Trump is the beginning and the end of any possible totalitarianism in the United States. He has been, and continues to be, a remarkably effective distraction and fake target.


    2. Thank you, Scott. This is a great lesson and it makes excellent use of the video format to illustrate the topic and illuminate the audience.


  2. Just posted a “song” tail and of Stephers post.

    It’s about the selling the Nuke scare and the selling of “fallout shelters”.

    I know it is not your genre, I do. I however posted it for its lyrics…and energy 🙂

    In other words, it is highly relevant to today.

    Have a nice quiet evening.


  3. Great little essay, Mark. Fear really is the name of the game that is played on us. The succession of scarecrows applies to Germany and Italy in a similar manner.

    The Bomb has never hyped that much here. I remember a lesson of Bomb indoctrination at school (1980ies), and it was quite brief, and had to rely on a short British indoctrination film from the 1950ies or 60ies, which was very unconvincing due to its age. We watched “The Day After” at home because my parents, well-intentioned fools, were caught up in the IPPNW, and that one did manage to scare me quite a bit.

    In the 1970ies, domestic left-wing terrorism was a big thing in Germany and Italy. Much or most of it was fake but I never got into the details. Some useful idiots, some secret agencies, some very real political murders of pro detente, development & prosperity figures – shaken, not stirred. The media and political paranoia apparently did manage to drive quite a number of people into hystery.

    But nothing has worked like this virus scare.

    I had that moment of relief you describe in your essay when I finally learnt that the Bomb is not real at the end of 2015. I had been afraid before that Uncle Sam might try some nuclear blackmailing on Russia with missile bases moving closer and closer towards Russia and that one day this might escalate if Russia could not mount a convincing deterrence. I was anxiously following the progress of Russia’s nuclear modernization on RIA Novosti hoping they could get their act together and pose a convincing extermination threat to Uncle Sam so the whole thing would stay balanced. It took me a long time to start wondering how the entire nuclear strike force was actually supposed to work, why missiles of so-called intermediate range were a problem when long range was none, why during the Cold War we had large tank armies and anti-tank installations on both sides when nukes made them redundant, why some aircraft were nuke capable and others weren’t when it’s all just payload at the end of the day.

    Why is the article titled “Fascia”? Anatomy, stress? Roman history, fascism?


    1. What we are living under could be called fascism, and I remember that the origin of the word was a bundle of twigs made strong by being held in a fist. So people are weak and need to be held together by a strong leader … it doesn’t work very well as a title, I guess. When I looked it up all political connotations were missing except one in the comments of the link I provided.


      1. Fascia is a word also used to describe the tough sheet of connective tissue surrounding a bundle of muscle fibers and other bodystuff. People sometimes injure themselves or become dehydrated and develop what the massage therapists used to call adhesions where the fascia get sticky or the scar tissue impedes the slippery surfaces from moving freely. It is a leap into mixed metaphor-land.

        I know about the symbol in the senate and on buildings and coins, and the Roman connection, but I think the muscle one sounds more farfetched, organic and likely to irritate people even though it means the same thing. The muscle fibers are held together by the connective tissue (fascia) and cannot act independently. (I know the direct analogy is falling apart) Their empire is built of fascias within fascias all interdependent. None of them can act independently.

        Any one of us in the resistance qualifies as an adhesion. An adhesion is the Roundup resistant rose in their GMO potato patch, to mix in another irritating analogy. If they are building their metaphorical World Frankenstein, adhesions impede the smooth operation of the monster.


        1. The primary symbol of the ROMAN EMPIRE is now and has always been “The Eagle” as the Golden Eagle topped every Standard of the Roman Legions and anything (actually everything) that impedes (“hurts”) “The Eagle” is “ill eagle” i.e. ILLEGAL (LEGAL = EAGLE). You may also have noticed many celebrities (musicians, actors, athletes, politicians, etc.) making a hand sign for photographs whereby the middle and ring fingers are brought together to form “The Eagle Claw”.

          In Wisconsin, there is a family with the surname “Egle” (not sure if that spelling is right) that are POLICE types you see, protecting “The Eagle”. Now within the word CLAW we find LAW and once upon a time a COUNTY DEPUTY was trying to hand me sum PAPALWORK (PAPERWORK) and I said “I am not taking that paper from you, do you have a warrant?” to which he responded, “I’m the law!”

          Up until OBAMACARE, breathing was the last thing that was LEGAL (no LICENSE necessary), and once O BOMB A CAR was entered into the books “breathing became ILLEGAL”. Any living person not covered by medical insurance would now have to pay a fine, FOR BREATHING!

          Now back to PAPAL/PAPERWORK. A PAPAL BULL has no teeth (claws) unless someone is willing to enforce it. Enter the CHICAGO BULLS. If you have not been on the receiving end of an encounter with the ROMAN CATHOLIC POLICE BULLS you really haven’t lived. Yes, the nickname of a POLICE OFFICER by the elite is “BULL”. No? If you want to get pulled over in a hurry, drive a red sports car and look a COP in the eye as you drive by.

          Now you have just pissed off “The BULL” and he is coming after your assets now to make sure that you understand that you are a “doe” not a “buck” or “bull” and after he cuts your balls off (fines your assets, takes your money) he goes to eat donuts with your cash, thereby symbolically eating your “doe nuts”.

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          1. This is not the first instance of this kind of bizarre linguistic, or rather literal, misinterpretation that I’ve come across recently. Teaching of Latin and French should be mandatory in English speaking countries lest they misunderstand their own language.


        2. Waterproof, this is the best explanation of fascia pain I’ve come across. Thank you. As a runner, I know what it feels like and how it can keep you from running longer distances if not massaged out (pain that you need to feel to heal) one way or another. A massage therapist is probably the best way to do so, but a fascia roller does the trick, too. It helped me a lot and cured the problem 100%. I didn’t know it can be caused by dehydration, but now that you mention it I remember how at the end of longer runs in the summer heat my calves started losing elasticity and resisting too much.

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      2. Thanks, Mark. I missed your link, following which we see an image of a coin. On this 1936 Mercury Dime designed by Adolph Weinman, note the E PLURIBUS UNUM inscription takes on an additional meaning when placed next to the lictor’s fascia, including the ax blade.


    2. Facia (in construction) is a decorative piece used to cover somethin ugly. From the outside all you see is this pretty face, but in reality is its all ugly underneath.

      Never saw the facism link (corp over gov) but now facia / facism makes sence. Just the marketing effort to hide something very ugly.

      Informative post and comments, Ill share. Thx.

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      1. A fasces is a weapon, both literally and figuratively. There are depictions of the fasces in drawings and paintings from the old world in which armies are shown carrying this device, with strange plasma-like beams emanating from it. I don’t think it was just a bundle of wood with an ax protruding from the center (imagine how cumbersome and impractical that would be to use.) but rather a type of energy weapon, as most of the rods were made of copper (which is highly conductive). This is also where the word Fascism originates, and the Fasces is emblazoned all over the U.S. money, proudly displayed in Congress, etc. This thing is everywhere, as we have been under a kind of covert totalitarian rule for a long time. We given the illusion of freedom of choice. It’s like if I told my girlfriend that we could go to any restaurant her heart desired but she had to choose between Burger King and McDonald’s. I have become very interested in the subject of alternative history; questioning the official narrative. I am inclined to think that we live in a “reset” civilization. This has even been broadcast into the world consciousness, where we are told to “prepare for the great reset.”

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  4. The German word for fear, Angst, sounds like “Enge”, narrowness. When you’re in fear, you can’t breathe. It’s about the rib cage, the beast. The famous room number 237 encodes the ribs, it’s the number of the different kinds of ribs. There is the police incident with the guy who could not breath, the C thing is about getting sick, being unable to breath. It’s all about the cage, to keep us there. Socialism is a golden Cage. A grown man does not need to be afraid of communism, but it’s a hassle, because it comes with the necessity to jump through loops. Knowing about all the fakery helps to decide, with loop to jump through, and which not.


  5. “I have come to accept that people are born to be slaves”

    This sentence, Mark, brought on the following thoughts:

    Imagine if you will that everyone in the world was similiar to you are now: no longer suggestible, no longer able to accept what you are told at face value, in a word, no longer afraid. What would the world be like then? Could the safe and domesticated society we now have exist? How safe would you feel? For if everyone was similar to you are, would not TPTB come tumbling down within a fortnight, and would not others who see the power vacuum start vying for power to rule others who still need to be ruled…but since everyone is like you there would be no one left to rule, and possbily all hell would break loose. Or do you think that everyone would be EXACTLY like you and would choose to “live and let live?
    And even you, after tasting the freedom of suddenly having all your neighbors no longer living in fear , might change somehow, and not want to just “live and let live.
    So many scenarios are possible but my point is that you might consider that things are actually exactly the way they have to be: A TINY MINORITY RULING A VAST MAJORITY AND ANOTHER TINY MINORITY THAT REFUSES TO RULE OR BE RULED
    Has it EVER been any different?
    Of course we who refuse to rule or be ruled wish that the tiny minority ruling was of a better quality, but we also wish the vast majority was of a better quality also; in the end they all get what they deserve, and to hell with them all.
    Equality is just a silly idea that has no basis in reality.
    Hierarchy is everywhere and utterly undeniable.
    “The same law for the lion and ox is oppression”

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    1. Very similar to my coming to understand from reading the Bible that the government is needed for this wicked world. It’s a beast system, supernaturally created, and works as designed. I still have a non stop urge to go to war with it, but there is nothing to win. Not here anyway.


    2. allow me to bring home with crystal clarity one of the points i made in the above post; a society is peaceful and safe in direct proportion to how obedient the vast majority are.
      Well now, we all know that stereotype and that statistic that says that Japan is the safest country on earth: It is and it is because almost know one here questions the narrative that they are spoon-fed.
      No, that is not exactly accurate; quite a few know for example that the corona virus affair is a hoax, but in ACTION they go right along with it because they have accepted a much deeper and insidious form of indoctrination in the idea that the truth is less important than the group;
      I know men here who are absolutely certain there is no virus but they wear masks get vaccinated and pretend the virus is real in order not to give offense. The deepest shame a Japanese can feel is to go against what the majority is doing, and further , they are not ashamed to admit that; for them, it is too selfish, just too selfish to follow what you believe to be true when it can give offense to your neighbor.
      Therefore, i can say that the thing i love most about japan is the thing i hate most about japan; i enjoy a world where i need not lock my doors, where i can leave my keys in the car at night, where no one will show any form of aggression or negativity and yet, there is no hope of becoming friends with people like this for they have been so indoctrinated with the idea that peace and harmony is most important that it naturally carries over into their deepest heart, into their private lives; Japanese are known to take a 10 year friendship and discontinue it on a dime, just like that, no explanation no nothing. As if it never existed.
      Nothing is quite real for Japanese people if they have not seen it on T.V, meaning if the government has not informed them of it; You will say it is the same in the west, and maybe it is but not to the extent that it is here; One proof of all this is that killing and rape hoaxes do not happen here too often; as my wife said, that is because one every 4 or 5 years is enough to keep the people in line. Ans yet still, children age 6 and 7 walk to school alone and take buses also across town at that age to get to school.
      So you have to wonder if it is not just better for that tiny minority that refuses to be hoodwinked , that can no longer take anything at face value and just wants to live a peaceful life is not better in such a domesticated zombified environment. I and my family are not real to the folks around us; and no matter what they thing of us, they continue to be utterly polite; we are the only ones to not wear masks, as i have said in another post, but we feel no sense of anger or aggression or even discomfort from others; they treat us normal.
      you have to wonder what all the wrangling in western countries comes to in the end when , in the end, they still obey and do as they are told. Here the people are sheep in sheeps clothing, while in the west, too many people are sheep in wolves clothing: a sheep dressed as a wolf cuts a silly figure, to say the least, prancing about thinking they have there own ideas when in the end, one firm bark from their shepherds, and they toss the wolf costume and scuttle back into the herd.


      1. Now this is what gadflies are for. I’ve been thinking a lot about the issues you raise, and have been keenly aware of late that I’m basically a sheep in wolf’s clothing… but I didn’t have the precision and clarity of that analogy until you made it. Great comment, Godfly. Thanks.


        1. scott,i do not know how to take your comment , but i can tell you that i was not referring to you or necessarily anyone on this blog, though some could be included. i was only referring to the general hubbub that goes on in western countries.
          since you refer to yourself as a sheep in wolves clothing and you assuredly do not see yourself as such, i suspect you have misread my intentions.


      2. Gadfly, no, I was genuinely agreeing with you. No irony, no sarcasm, just agreement. Maybe I should have just written two words: “You’re right.” Sounds weird, coming from me, I know.


        1. Well, maybe not “right,” since it’s not necessarily a question of right or wrong. But you raise valid points that give me a lot to think about. That’s all I was saying.


  6. The “rods from God” idea was a bundle of telephone-pole sized (20 feet long, one foot in diameter) tungsten rods, dropped from orbit, reaching a speed of up to ten times the speed of sound.


    “Stockpile”…LOL…they sure love that word, don’t they?



  7. “I ask and have not received a satisfactory answer: Why do viruses only attack humans? Why not other mammals? Why not the Yellowstone bison herds or bears or wolves or cattle? Why not horses and mustangs? Why not dogs and cats? Goats? Why not sheep … the real ones, and not our current Kayaker Variant? Surely the means by which they supposedly take us down would work on other species.”

    Because viruses aren’t crust they seem…. Most likely they aren’t real. Aaron Dover, I believe, covered this topic a long time ago in his video on the medical industry hoax.



  8. Yet another in the long list of TV Shows that were written to prep the minds of the sheeple for vaxation, is NCIS New Orleans S1 E2 that aired on September 30, 2014. The title of the episode is called “Carrier”.

    Within the episode, there is a Doctor, (who is ex-military?) and now works for a PHARMA COMPANY that makes “vaccines”, who is responsible for spreading Bubonic Plague (yersinia pestis) though it is a militarized version of the bacteria that has been synthesized and manufactured in a lab and the “antidote” (vaccine) is ready to go so all they need is to get an outbreak started by poisoning some people, then fear will drive the Masses to seek the vax. That is the pre-script-ion.

    So for example, intentionally infect some people by spraying the toxin on commercial plane passengers or Walmart Shoppers or injecting some bioweapon into elderly folks in a Nursing Home, and all of a sudden there is n outbreak of physically sick people to base the bogus narrative on.

    Ever heard of NAMRU-6? NAVAL MEDICAL RESEARCH UNIT 6 at Lima Peru

    The funny thing here is that Lima Peru, like Washington D.C. and a few other Major Capital Cities is on or very near the 77th.
    12.0464° S, 77.0428° W

    Nassau Bahamas (25.0443° N, 77.3504° W)
    Kingston Jamaica (18.0179° N, 76.8099° W)

    On August 13, 2021, there is to be an International Conference on Medical Ethics at Kingston Jamaica. I guess the timing for that couldn’t be better!

    BTW, vaccinations began in 1722 and by the 1760’s “smallpox” was raging through the American Colonies and there is a story about how Thomas Jefferson rode his horse for many miles to get vaccinated. Then as now, the “smallpox” was not spread by blankets, but by injection or spraying.

    They have been using this same script for 299 years and of course one big thrust leading up to the 300-year anal-adversary (ani-versary).

    It is worth noting that once upon a time assassinations were very often carried out using poisonous snakes and then they harvested venom to be injected via some needle-type instrument, which eventually leads to the modern syringe.

    Modern medicine still uses the twin coiling-climbing snakes as the Logos! The modern needle is just a snake’s fang.

    Now it is my hope here that Mark does not delete or alter this next cryptography observation.

    (pestis = 88 = syringe = trump) Coincidence? Not a chance!

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  9. Not Barb, Jackie!

    I can’t keep you crazy @$$e$ straight! You are all crazy and I love you!! 🙂


    And Steve and Mark of course! :). Any woman who knows IM is a friend 🙂

    And Wang Dong,…excellent!!

    Gotta have a little humor when second Aunt “passes” due to “vaccine”… I swear to God.


  10. Hi there, we in Germany still have to wear masks and media are scaring people telling them they’ll have to pay for tests in Autumn if they want to buy groceries. Or they can take the free jab. We have a major election in September and this may be the turning point. Or may be not. The French are on the streets like every day protesting against the green pass which scares them to get the jab too. It’s still not law though. I still don’t know anybody with severe side effects from the jab. Just the usual. Like after any jab. There are also many news in the main stream now about “scandals” with vaccines containing only saltwater. Maybe this is all saltwater? Why risk side effects when everybody is aware of the danger? Other than that, nothing really happens.
    I read and heard many interesting things about the heartland theory and the common language the people spoke before the Vatican (daddy can) took over and implemented the religions and the states and such. This language was called theodisch:
    In this blog they miss the main point which is: theodisch means Deutsch (German). The pope (Papa) also means daddy in German. Everything started in Germany, can you believe it? Entire central Europe spoke kind of German.


    1. There has been a major “spike” in brain surgeries in the U.S. due to “brain bleeds” and “clots” as well as brain injuries such as “strokes” that are treated with medications and also heart attacks since the vaxation of the nation began. Many of the effects will take years to realize. Women will be unable to get pregnant (sterilized). People will simply forget skills that they have known for years or struggle to do what used to be automatic (see Eric Clapton’s interview). Most importantly, deep thinkers will be weeded out of the slave populations via these attacks on the brain. Never mind that THEY fully intend to reduce the world population to 500 million so that equates to what? 93% of the total population on the planet? BTW, over here (U.S.) (same there in Europa) people who get vaxed are likely never going to admit that the vax caused them any problems as most are true believers. My Grandfather got a Flush-ott one time and 2 weeks later was suffering from severe respiratory infection (Influenza and nearly died) and also Shingles all over his head, in his eyes and other places. He never thought that the shot was a factor as THEY say you get Shingles if you had Chicken Pox as a child (also caused by the vax). Childhood vaxation causes childhood diseases. My Grandfather thought that because the Flushot was 2 weeks prior to his illness (14 day incubation) that the 2 were unrelated. Many Medical Personnel are suffering effects as well. So now you have a brain bleed and your surgeon who is suffering brain trauma him/her-self from the vax, is doing your surgery. That’s a recipe!


      1. I have a few family members get the jab. One of my brothers couldn’t stop shaking for a week and had severe stomach pains. Apparently he now has Irritable Bowel Syndrome. I asked him what’s changed in his diet or routine, and he said “nothing changed”…. except getting the jab. When i proposed that it could be the cause, he responded “No, I definitely don’t think it’s that.” It’s really sad; just the level of absolute indoctrination and brainwashing. He is so delusional that he ACTUALLY believes there is no way it could have been the jab; and he’s come to this conclusion without doing ANY research of his own. He is literally afraid of thinking for himself and rather have others think for him. The Truth is so forbidden that people get angry with me if I dare speak it. It must creat some kind of cognitive dissonance whereby the individual goes into a kind of psychotic break. I showed him some herbal tinctures that help with various ailments and the first thing he said was, “what’s in that,” as if I’m trying to poison him!!! Programming must be strong.

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  11. There’s a developing narrative building out of some “alternative” sites… Rumblings about “ADE” from the vax after 6 months or so (I’ve forgotten what it stands for.. Some horrible compromise to the immune system/ “immune system”, apparently.)

    The groundwork was already laid some months ago with that high Pfizer scientist (IIRC, something like that) who was interviewed ( lifesitenews? ) warning about the dangers.

    Now this from NakedCapitalism – high establishment muckety-muck changes his tune:


    Lots of fascinating comments, if you can wade through the drek as well.

    Someone links to the “Archdruid,” John Michael Greer, who now writes on a site called “ecosophia” – he has a doom theory of his own about ADE, and again many fascinating comments.

    I’m not saying any of this is “real” per se mind you; just looking at it as potential groundwork for a narrative twist. As “Yves Smith” points out in her intro at NakedCap, she’s been proven correct in the past (well, correct in predicting official narrative twists and turns.) Maybe she either gets tipped off to things, or else has the background to read the tea leaves better than most? I speculate that NakedCap is part of a group of “alternative” sites used to seed ideas into the “avant garde” of news fantasy consumers… Trial balloons, and a way to (again) lay groundwork, as these people tell their non-reading, TV-watching friends….


    1. Edit: rumblings about, eg, ADE… and/or maybe other issues. It’s a bit of a mess to sort through what exactly they’re predicting and fearing – just that I’m getting a sense the vanguard of news junkies (“critically thinking true believers” if that’s possible) are shifting on their view of vax risk and harm.


  12. Very nice piece Mark, I much appreciate your writings.
    And I do not agree with what is said above, that the hell would break loose on earth if humanity were not “guided” by a bunch of psychopaths. I am convinced that man is naturally kind and that bad behavior is some kind of survival mechanism.
    The average person is too “gentile”, believes what he is told because why would the teacher, the doctor or the government lie to him? He does not expect others to be different from himself.

    Well, maybe I’m just simply expressing my own naivety….


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