THE MUSICAL INDUSTRIAL COMPLEX — Part #3 (British Invaders WHO Are They Now?)

By Cranky Yanky

BLOGGER’S NOTEI will no longer be including the occasional music criticism in my posts since I have realized that it only confuses the message. Besides, music is highly subjective, and opinions are like a**holes; everybody has one, and they all stink. So, moving forward, I intend to be like a restaurant critic who profiles the chef and kitchen staff but never mentions the food. If you still choose to $ample the menu after I have pointed out the unsanitary conditions, all I can say is Bon Appetit! 

Of course, “Who Are They Now?” is a play on the VH1 TV series “Where Are They Now?” But considering that most of the 60s British Invaders have either moved on to their next incarnation or are desperately clinging to their last shred of (ir)relevance, an exploration of their ancestral origins seems more logical. I did a lot of genealogical work for this post but fear not, dear reader, since most of these characters appear to have magically manifested into this realm out of thin air. When I do have family history information to share, I have attempted to make it as concise and painless as possible. So, let’s “meet the parents,” shall we?

The Animals

ERIC VICTOR BURDON was previously the vocalist of the rock band The Animals. Wikipedia informs us that his father’s name was “Matt.” Really? It took me about a minute to locate the full name (Matthew “Baird” Burdon), so why can’t the writers at Wikipedia? Are they concerned that someone like me might uncover that Eric Burdon is a direct descendant of an elite gentleman like “Sir Richard de Lancaster II” through his grandmother Georgina Baird?

Wikipedia fails to mention it, but according to this bio, “Matt” was a soldier in the ROYAL ARMY. Next, they list Eric’s mother as simply “Rene,” even though her name was Irene Taylor. Why is Wikipedia obfuscating verifiable, easy-to-find information? Do they have an agenda, or are they just uninterested and inept?  Then they feed us some cock and bull story about Eric Burdon’s middle name, “Victor.”

WIKIPEDIA:  Burdon later recalled that his middle name “Victor” had been chosen after encouragement from the Lord Mayor, who offered new mothers 25 pounds if their newborns were given a patriotic “war name.”  Could it simply be that Eric Burdon inherited the name Victor from his mysterious grandfather Jack “Victor” Taylor? I say mysterious because Burdon’s maternal ancestry does not extend beyond his grandparents.  FUN FACT:  After the Lord Mayor’s edict, Rape and Pillage became popular baby names, and one family reportedly collected a cool 75P by naming their triplets Sack, Rout, and Raid…JK.

ALAN PRICE was the original keyboardist for The Animals. His family history is even more mysterious than Burdon’s because it does not exist, not even a mother or father. After the Animals, Price succeeded with his own band, appeared on his own television show, and achieved success with film scores. Price has worked frequently with film director Lindsay Anderson whose father was Major General Alexander Vass AndersonBRYAN JAMES CHANDLER (Died 1996) was the original bassist in the Animals. Like Alan Price, he appears to have been created in a test tube.  Why are these Animals so difficult to track?  What are they hiding?  After the Animals, Chandler became a talent scout, artist manager, and record producer. Chandler was a key figure in Jimi Hendrix’s rise to critical and commercial success, and Hendrix’s sound engineer recalled that Chandler was very “hands-on,” adding that “he was his mentor (handler), and I think it was very necessary.” Necessary for what, to expedite his demise?

MICHAEL PETER HAYES (Died 2003), known as Mickie Most, was the record producer behind the first three Animals albums. All we know of his family history is that he was the son of a “Regimental Sergeant-Major.”   THOMAS BLANCHARD WILSON, JR. (Died 1978) produced the subsequent five Animals albums. Wilson was born in Waco, Texas, and nothing is known of his family roots beyond his mother and paternal grandparents. While attending Fisk University, Wilson was “invited” to HARVARD University. Were black men getting “invited” to attend Harvard in the early 1950s? Even if Wilson had only attended Fisk University, a perusal of that school’s notable alumni would confirm that he descended from a wealthy and prominent family.

The Hollies

The Hollies are one of the few UK groups of the early 1960s, along with The Rolling Stones, who have never disbanded and continue to record and perform.  All nine of their releases during the 60s were produced by RON RICHARDS, who was born Ronald Richard Pratley.  Wikipedia states that his father was an UNKNOWN (?) Irish jockey, and that he was ADOPTED at an early age.  If he was unknown, how could anything about him be known?  As a young man, Ron Richards was ‘Con-Scripted” to play piano and saxophone for the central band of THE ROYAL AIR FORCE.  Founding members ALLAN HAROLD CLARKE and GRAHAM WILLIAM NASH (of Crosby, Stills & Nash fame) continue to keep mum about their mums (and dads) even though their parents are long dead.  Why? Do dead people need privacy?  What do Clarke and Nash have to hide?

The Moody Blues

The following members of The Moody Blues have NO FAMILY HISTORY:  ANTHONY RALPH CLARKE (died 2010) record producer best known for producing The Moody Blues from 1966 to 1979.  JUSTIN DAVID HAYWARD, lead singer and guitarist.  JOHN CHARLES LODGE bassist and vocalist.  GRAEME CHARLES EDGE drummer.  DENNY LAINE was born Brian Frederick Hines and is known as a founder of two major rock bands: the Moody Blues and Wings (with Paul and Linda McCartney…Denny “Penny” Laine “Lane.”)

RAYMOND THOMAS (died 2018): Wikipedia knows where and under what circumstances this flutist and founding member was born, where his (unnamed) father’s family originated, and his (unnamed) grandfather’s various occupations.  They can name the places, but they can’t place the names.  MICHAEL THOMAS PINDER was the original keyboard player and is the only band member whose parents are known.  However, the compilers at Wikipedia couldn’t be bothered to spend five minutes locating the full names, Bertram Robert Pinder and Gladys Millicent Lay.  Michael Pinder has an extensive family tree, and his maternal grandmother was a “Riley” whose mother’s name was “Wells,” both prominent peerage names, but those genealogical Wells quickly ran dry.  Here are some interesting family photos, though.

PIC #1:  Michael’s father Bertram who served in the MILITARY for at least 12 years.

PIC #2:  Michael’s grandparents Bertram and Sarah Riley on their wedding day.

PIC #3:  Sarah Riley in later years with someone named “Stewart” “Barr”, both prominent peerage names.

The Moody Blues could be “(K)nights in White Satin,” but if asked, they would likely say, “I’m Just a Singer (In a Rock and Roll Band),” so bugger off you common tosser.

The Rolling Stones

SIR MICK JAGGER SLAMS ANTI-VAXXERS The Rolling Stones frontman admitted lyrics in ‘Eazy Sleazy’ – his surprise collaboration with Dave Grohl – are “a p***-take on conspiracy theories” and though he was astonished by the views of some of his “relatively sensible” friends and family members about the immunisation programme, he’s learned there is “no point” in trying to change their minds with reasonable discussion.

It seemed odd to me that “SIR” MICHAEL PHILIP JAGGER, a counter-culture bad boy, would be knighted by the Queen of England. That is until I discovered that Jagger’s paternal grandmother’s surname is FANSHAWE, which I could trace to royalty directly. There have also been several high-ranking British MILITARY officers named Fanshawe throughout the years.

  • Sir Arthur Fanshawe (1794-1864) British naval officer
  • Sir Arthur Dalrymple Fanshawe (1847-1936) British naval officer
  • Charles Fanshawe (1817-1901) British military officer
  • Sir Edward Fanshawe (1814-1906) British naval officer
  • Sir Edward Fanshawe (1859-1952) British army officer
  • Evelyn Fanshawe (1895-1979) in charge of N. relief operation in British Zone of Germany
  • Robert Fanshawe (1740-1823) British naval officer
  • Robert Fanshawe (1863-1946) British general
  • Edward Fanshawe (1859-1952) British general
  • Hew Dalrymple Fanshawe (1860-1957) British general

Mick Jagger’s great-grandfather Frederick Fanshawe was married to a woman named Harriet Hall.  Jagger’s alleged romantic partner from 1977-1999 was model Jerry Hall.  Even though Jerry was born and raised in Texas, she and Mick’s great-grandparents lived less than 50 miles apart in England.

Wikipedia informs us that Jerry Hall descended from Humphrey Best, an associate of Daniel Boone.  While that is true, it conveniently stops short of mentioning that Humphrey Best’s son Isaac (Jerry’s 5th great-grandfather) was married to the daughter of General John Wilkins, Jr. (Jerry’s 6th great-grandfather pictured above.)  And the Wilkins line descends from an extensive peerage family named Stradling/d’Esterling, traceable back to the 11th century.    Of course, Jerry Hall was not just some small-town Texas girl who happened to be “discovered” while sunbathing in the French Riviera.  I mean, she IS married to Rupert Murdoch after all.  RUPERT MURDOCH RECEIVES DOSE OF COVID VACCINE IN UK

KEITH RICHARDS’ father was a Military man who was “allegedly” wounded during the Normandy Invasion. His paternal grandparents were socialists and civic leaders who, according to Richards himself, “more or less created the Walthamstow Labour Party.” Richards and Brian Jones also somehow attended the finest schools despite being “middle class.”

The Rolling Stone’s first six albums were produced (handled) by a “self-proclaimed hustler” named ANDREW LOOG OLDHAM. Oldham claims his mother was Celia Oldham, wife of Andrew Loog, a United States Air Force veteran killed in action in June 1943. However, records confirm that Andrew Loog married a woman named Eleanora Taormina in September of 1942 (I could find no evidence that Celia Oldham ever existed.)  For Andrew Loog Oldham’s story to hold water, his “father” would have needed to divorce his brand-new wife Eleanora Taormina, get re-married to Celia Oldham, and impregnate her all within seven months (9/42 – 4/43). Yeah, I don’t think so. Why is Andrew Loog Oldham hustling us about his family history?  JIM MILLER was the handler of the band’s last two albums of the decade.  He is the son of Bill Miller who is best known for serving as the “entertainment director” for several large casino hotels in Las Vegas from the 1950s to the 1970s.  Bill Miller was born to Russian-Jewish parents, but he DID NOT KNOW HIS FAMILY’S ORIGINAL SURNAME.  What?  Why not?

The Spencer Davis Group

The Spencer Davis Group was founded by SPENCER DAVIS, born Spencer David Nelson Davies (died 2020), the son of a Military Paratrooper(NO FAMILY HISTORY.)

STEVE WINWOOD was born Stephen Lawrence Winwood, and he was a key member of several significant acts of the 1960s and 1970s, including The Spencer Davis Group, Traffic, and Blind Faith.  He has also enjoyed a successful solo career.  I could trace much of Winwood’s family history except for his maternal grandfather William George Saunders which is a prominent surname within the UK peerage. Still, I would have no reason to suspect Royal connections if it weren’t for the fact that Winwood’s eldest daughter is married to Benjamin William Elliot, nephew of Camilla, Duchess of Cornwall(Yes, that Camilla.)

Steve Winwood’s wife, Eugenia Crafton, is a Tennessee native whom he married in 1987.  Eugenia Crafton’s mother was a PARKER (Camilla PARKER Bowles?), and her 3rd-great-grandfather William Parker’s wife was a Saunders, like Steve Winwood’s mysterious grandfather mentioned above.  Eugenia also has a 2nd-great-grandmother named Jane MIDDLETON (Kate MIDDLETON, Duchess of Cambridge?) whose father, according to the 1840 census, owned 70(!) slaves.  All coincidence, no doubt.

CHRISTOPHER BLACKWELL-born Christopher Percy Gordon Blackwell was the producer (handler) of the group’s albums until Steve Winwood left to form Traffic. In his early 20s, Blackwell left his job as aide-de-camp to Jamaica’s Governor, Sir Hugh Foot, to pursue a career managing jukeboxes (?), which brought him into contact with the Jamaican music community.  He then became shipwrecked (?) and was rescued by Rasta fishermen (?) who tended his wounds and restored him to health (Come Gwope, Mon!)  Blackwell then formed Island Records with a start-up investment provided by his parents, Joseph Blackwell, a major in the Jamaica Regiment, and Blanche Lindo Blackwell, a Jamaican heiress, who as mistress to Ian Fleming is believed to have inspired some of his most memorable James Bond characters, like Pussy Galore and Honey Ryder.

I am compiling these profiles in alphabetical order and still have “The Who” and “The Zombies” left to complete, but I fear this post is getting long and tedious.  Not to worry, though, since it’s just more of the same.

ROGER DALTREY:  I’M GRATEFUL TO HAVE RECEIVED MY CORONAVIRUS JAB “I haven’t had blood clots and I haven’t got horns growing out of my head.  I’m really grateful.”

It seems eerily prescient, does it not, that Tavistock was naming their creations things like W.H.O. and ZOMBIES in the 1960s and that Hollywood has produced HUNDREDS of Zombie movies.

I know that I promised no music criticism, but I must state that “Time of the Season” may be my favorite song of all-time.  I have never grown tired of hearing it…and now I’m wondering why that is.  Could this be the song that triggers the Zombie Apocalypse?

51 thoughts on “THE MUSICAL INDUSTRIAL COMPLEX — Part #3 (British Invaders WHO Are They Now?)

  1. I had a search for Allan Clarke and found only a Harry A. C. Clarke born in Aldershot (army town), mother’s name Hitchcock. Harry Rodney Clark (no E, mother nee Wilman) was the closest match for the Manchester area.

    There was a Graham William Nash born in Blackpool in 1942, whose mother’s name was Gallagher (related to Liam and Noel of Oasis no doubt?) –
    Mary F. Gallagher wed a William Nash in Salford in 1939 –

    Sources –

    (Strangely enough, I’ve been at my sister’s house near Blackpool for the week, by the side of a northern sea, and have an Alan Clark in my family tree. Strange world….)

    Strange world, people talk and tell only lies
    Strange world, people kill an eye for an eye
    Strange world, dream one day we’ll see the light
    Strange world, believe and everything will be alright

    And this is the place everything begins and ends again
    No secrets left to find, no seven deadly sins
    This world that we have wasted, has kept us very well
    When science now is sacred, who will save us from ourselves?


    1. Would have to include all of the British Invasion bands, like the DC5 or really all bands with a major record label deal. People can say well John Lennon or Jim Morrison, Kurt Cobain or any other dead rocker that had a raise their fist to the man persona, would speak out against the vaccines and Covid plandemic, if they were alive. But we know better, they would be all on board promoting it.

      Sex, drugs, and Rock N Roll were never our friends, just tasty pieces of cheese on a mousetrap.

      Liked by 3 people

    2. U R from UK??

      I knew u were a nice lady with a keen intellect.

      I wish I could see more of the world.

      Heathrow is now a prison camp …just awful.


    3. Thanks for the extra research attempts. Whenever I start to feel like I need a pick-ax and shovel to dig into somebody’s family history, I quit searching. Life’s too short, and it really shouldn’t be that difficult.


  2. Many of the celebs who are still on their perches have been recalled for corona duty, no doubt still ‘owing one’ to the system.
    UK DJ Mark Devlin calls out these quondam “rebels” who are now pushing the jab with relish. [and praises the few who have put their heads above the parapet]

    They disgust me.


    1. Eric Clapton’s account of his Covid experience was genuine, honest, and surprisingly naive coming from an A-list celeb. It was so refreshing to see a celebrity being a real human being for once. It just further shows up how sickeningly fake (most) of the rest of them are.


  3. “Next, they list Eric’s mother as simply “Rene,” even though her name was Irene Taylor.”

    I bet related to Elizabeth Taylor, most famous for playing Cleopatra with her cousin Richard Burton as Mark Anthony.

    “Why is Wikipedia obfuscating verifiable, easy-to-find information? Do they have an agenda, or are they just uninterested and inept? “

    I’d go with the first option. They don’t want to make it too obvious that the game is “rigged” in the favor of those who run it, so they have to obfuscate it to make it less apparent. We see this happen all the time with these celebrities.


      1. “The very first Pratley was originally William Spratley, who came to Leafield, Oxfordshire from a town near Banbury in around 1620. During his life in Leafield, the surname in the records fluctuates between Spratley and Pratley, but after his death in 1660, the family permanently took the surname Pratley. …. What we’ll probably never know is why William should have decided to come to Leafield …. But come he did, and within two hundred years the Pratleys made up almost a quarter of the village, by far the largest percentage of any surname.”

        Wikipedia may hold some answers to the question of why this family moved to Leafield. It ties into Langley (think CIA). It also hosted a British royal.

        Leafield is a village and civil parish about 4 miles (6.4 km) northwest of Witney in West Oxfordshire. The parish includes the hamlet of Langley, 1 mile (1.6 km) west of Leafield village. The 2011 Census recorded the parish’s population as 945.[1] …. King James I stayed at Langley in August 1605.[7]”


        1. Wikipedia said that Pratley’s father was “unknown” and “adopted,” so I guess it’s a moot point. Not even sure how they know his birth name was Pratley. Thanks for the interesting angle, though.


          1. Perhaps, but it’s obvious that he comes from the Families, explaining why Wiki doesn’t elaborate on who his father was. Whatever the case may be, you can bet his parents didn’t come from the gutter, and that is something I am very sure of.


          2. On the other hand, his mother was a Lipscombe, and there are many prominent people that go by that name, such as U.S. liberal politician H. P. Lipscomb, Jr., Nobel Prize recipient & American chemist William Nunn Lipscomb (perhaps also related to Michelle Nunn**, American politician), Oscar ***Hugh Lipscomb** (possibly related to aviation spook Howard Hughs), Roman Catholic bishop in the United States, and Canadian actor Jesse Lipscombe. So it looks like he could be related to the families by that name, too.

            Before I end this comment, one last note I like to make:

            The motto of the Lipscombe/Lipscomb family crest is the Latin phrase “Mors omnibus communis”, which in English means “Death is common to all men”. According to the House of Names website, it was “originally a war cry or slogan.” Very telling, indeed.


          3. On the other hand, his mother was a Lipscombe, and there are many prominent people that go by that name, such as U.S. liberal politician H. P. Lipscomb, Jr., Nobel Prize recipient & American chemist William Nunn Lipscomb (perhaps also related to Michelle Nunn, American politician), Oscar Hugh Lipscomb (possibly related to aviation spook Howard Hughs), Roman Catholic bishop in the United States, and Canadian actor Jesse Lipscombe. So it looks like he could be related to the families by that name, too.

            Before I end this comment, one last note I like to make:

            The motto of the Lipscombe/Lipscomb family crest is the Latin phrase “Mors omnibus communis”, which in English means “Death is common to all men”. According to the House of Names website, it was “originally a war cry or slogan.” Very telling, indeed.


              1. Ron Richards’s mother was a Lipscombe? Where did you get that information? And even if that’s true, you seem to be making many generalizations that I usually attempt to avoid. I generalized Jagger’s connections to the military Fanshawe’s only because there were SO many of them.


                1. Wikipedia says so itself. I guess you haven’t noticed that part (no pun intended):

                  “Richards was born Ronald Richard Pratley in London, England, to Mary Lipscombe and an unknown Irish jockey, and was adopted at an early age. He became a proficient pianist as a child and, after being conscripted, played the piano and saxophone for the Central Band of the Royal Air Force.[1][3]”


                  Unless, of course, I am looking at the wrong Ronald Pratley, I think I am not too off-track. But it does mention that his father is “unknown”, so it’s jackpot.


                  1. You are right. I think I overlooked the mother as soon as I saw that he was “adopted,” knowing it was a dead-end. Yep, when that is all the provided information, I think we can safely assume the peerage connections. Thanks for the clarification. BTW, plugging the Lipscombe name into his genealogy search did not help…shocker.


  4. Justin Hayward’s folks were Frederick Hayward and Gwendoline (Gwenda) M. Binks, Denny Lane mother’s surname was Bassett. (No relation to Jar Jar Binks and Bertie Bassett – it takes allsorts….strange world.)


    1. Thanks for the extra digging, Jackie. Those parental names opened up a can of worms, mostly on the maternal (Jar Jar Binks) side. No “smoking guns,” but tons of peerage connections all the way back to the 16th century.


      1. Greetings: Don’t know if this helps, but Justin Hayward hails from Swindon & John Lodge, from Birmingham, UK. Ray Thomas passed in 2018 due to complications from prostate cancer at his home on Wales. (All info from old fan club info, MSM & personal websites – so how true is it? You decide). Wasn’t there a US VP named John Cabot Lodge? Lodge & Thomas also come up in the peerage.


        1. Thank you. Another astute commenter was able to provide Justin Hayward’s parent’s names, and I have now confirmed his “family” connections. Locations are not usually helpful though, only a parent or two can get the ball rolling.


        1. Did you notice the Carnegie on her maternal side? I directly traced that back to Sir Alexander Carnegie of Pittarrow, Child of David Carnegie, 1st Earl of Southesk! Unfortunately, over at Ancestry, they give different parents for Irene. Not sure what to make of this.


          1. “Unfortunately, over at Ancestry, they give different parents for Irene. Not sure what to make of this.”

            I am sure it’s done to create confusion so people won’t go any further. They always love to do that.


        2. Burdon’s grandmother was a Baird, but that line appears to have been scrubbed. Her mother was a Ripley, another big peerage name, and it appears to lead to the de Lancasters, Barons of Kendal. This line of the de Lancaster family held, at various times, the manors of Deepdale, Glencoyne, Withirslak, and Knoksalcok.


  5. Excellent write-up Mark. You never cease to amaze w your intellect / knowledge.

    Is why I am here…

    Period. No BS, no pandering…


  6. At the 4:53 minute mark for the documentary ‘The Kinks – Live At The BBC’, Ray Davies of the Kinks says something like, “I think I’m a well respected man, singing…when I, when I get up in the morning. I’m probably totally different to the way you see me now. When I go in a room by myself and I write the song. I don’t know I am, I’m just doing it now. Everyone is acting.

    Source —

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    1. The last part was probably the most truthful thing he ever said. This harkens back to what Willie Shakespeare reportedly quipped:

      All the world’s a stage,

      And all the men and women merely players;

      They have their exits and their entrances,

      And one man in his time plays many parts,

      His acts being seven ages.”


  7. Alan Price –
    Surname Given Name Mother District
    Price Alan Gowens Durham N.

    Possible parents –
    John G. Price wed an Elizabeth Gowens in 1935, South Shields. There is a John G Price born in S. Shields in 1913, mother’s name Stephenson, that name is in Eric Burdon’s tree. Another possible John G W B in 1912, mother nee Burnett. This presupposes his father was born in the same area and/or married young. I found an Elizabeth Gowens born in 1912, S. Shields; mother nee Thompson.


  8. One man – perhaps he’s not as well known in the US – you could have mentioned is Sir Cliff Richard, who was Britain’s answer to Elvis in the late 50s/early 60s and had hits with The Shadows, and is also known for later becoming an active Christian pop singer in 1964.

    Recently I watched a film in which he starred called ‘Expresso Bongo’ (1959) and his manager says to him in a cockney Jewish accent worthy of Shylock something along the lines of ‘You need a gimmick…I know, you get religion.’ Life imitating art? Ha ha ha…..


  9. The topics covered by this post and replies are so broad it’s hard to know where to start. I’ll just say there are many celebrities endorsing the vaccines for covid. I’ve found they all seem staged, somehow — not that I’ve looked that closely. I try not to let others define the issues for me, or the categories, or the questions, or the debates.

    Debates about vaccines, social distancing, and facial masks all share one thing in common. They crowd out debate about the interest on the federal debt. This debt has increased substantially due to stimulus payments, which follow as a necessary consequence of lock down — perhaps the first quarantine of the uninfected ever.

    Someone will be collecting hundreds of billions of dollars per year without lifting a finger as a result of this covid pandemic. With that kind of cash on the table, do you think they can stage both sides of debates on all these topics? I would say probably yes.


    1. That’s been addressed many times already. All this is a distraction for the robbery of the Treasury and the many billions of dollars that States coffers are getting in funding. Everyone has gotten some sort of stimmy payoff no matter how small. The Fed will just kick the can down the road, while inflation reabsorbs those stimmy checks. But I do wonder why someone like Mick Jagger who is pushing 80 still doing it and that includes all of the so called “raise your fist to the man” sell out type Rockers that are older than 70. They must be tied to some sort of oath, as I do not think they are doing it for the money or for the fans or to fulfill record label contracts.


      1. I read once that Brian May of Queen does the lottery (and lest we forget he’s still touring). Fake news, fake viruses, fake millionaires……


      2. The good news is you don’t have to pay for the national deficit, as there are many legal avenues to avoid paying taxes, avenues which the ultra-wealthy use regularly to safeguard their riches.

        In the United States, for example, there are credits and deductions the IRS offers you to lower your tax bill and to save or claim more money.


      3. Under contract and omerta for life. Many of these so called elite families are part of ancient global cults. Rituals and iron control bind them. No escaping possible. Most or all so called stars are prisoners of this sick cult system. The brainwashing (dissociation) usually starts in their own family of origin.
        ….Free all souls…


      4. Don’t you think they made some kind of a deal with intel — MI6, in the case of Mick Jagger?

        Mick and the Stones have been affiliated with British intel at least since college. They all went to London School of Economics or some such.

        Somewhere Miles discusses the standard contract media personalities have with the CIA. He mentions the standard clause about promoting athiesm.

        I’ve seen many on facebook who appear to be operating under contract to take extremely ridiculous views on certain issues.

        Andrew Dice Clay does the same thing. “We all hafta stick together” in these covid times, meaning vaccine opponents should shut up.

        In the same interview on Colbert, he accuses Trump of stealing his act. This is how they tell you what the president rely is — an actor, a front man.


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