Montana passes law: Vaccination not a requirement for employment!

I wanna go home, I wanna go home
Oh, how I wanna go home. (Bobby Bare lyrics, Detroit City)

I spent the first 58 years of my life in Montana. It’s a very large state with very few people, and during my time there was run by rednecks. I didn’t understand until Covid the difference between Democrats and Republicans. It is as follows:

Democrats represent nice people who think of themselves as liberals. They believe in things like kindness and justice for all. Those elected to lead these people are liars and phonies, as liberalism, such as it is, is not allowed in real politics. Consequently, to be a Democratic leader, one must be a slut. Democratic leaders are forced to live lives of lies, pretending to be one thing to their followers, only being their real selves in private. Two of the worst human beings I ever met were the essential heads of the Montana Democratic Party, Max Baucus and Jon Tester. They both became senators and lied, lied, lied for decades. They make me wanna puke.

Republicans represent people who think of themselves as “conservative,” though the word is stripped of essential meaning by politics. (It means to exercise caution, to be careful, not to make radical changes, to preserve things that work. I’m a conservative in that sense.) But Republican leaders and followers are often on the same page, believing in the same ideas, falling for the same lies. Ergo, Republican leaders have the ability to lead without lying about their true beliefs. They tend to be nicer people than Democratic leaders, who are required to be sluts. Two of their leaders I knew were Ron Marlinee (1935-2020) and Conrad Burns (1935-2016). They lied. They were politicians, but I repeat myself. But they seemed like likeable men who could both give and take jokes.

I don’t vote, as I don’t think that when it really matters, votes are not counted. I doubt that Joe Biden won the election, but then, neither did Donald Trump. But sometimes I get the sense that votes are counted, at least in a small backwash like Montana. When Covid was first released on us, Montana was run by Democrats. They went crazy, loving their new fascist powers. The Governor, Steve Bullock, instituted a two week quarantine on anyone entering the state. Later, clerks were ordered not to sell to anyone not wearing a mask. We visited after the automatic quarantine was lifted. It was an oppressive atmosphere. I could hardly bear it. I stood in the doorway of the general store in Silvergate, demanding that the clerk come to me to take my money, as I refused to wear a mask to pay for whatever it was I bought.

The mask mandate brought out people who love having power over other people … you know … assholes. The funny part here is that she said “You can come to that window” where we stood two feet apart, me outside, she inside. Over the counter, plexiglass was in place, but me with no mask … that was a no go. Outside, through an open window, two feet apart … OK. I relent. Maybe she had a sense of humor. (Russians had great jokes during the reign of the USSR. They knew they were slaves, but also that leaders were fools. They had to comply, but also laughed at them. We are now in a similar situation. Our country, USA, with all its flaws and lies, was OK. That’s over now. All that is left is to laugh at the fools in charge.)

 Something interesting happened in November of 2020. In the election, Republicans won every major office, and took control of both houses of the legislature, and not by small margins. It was so bad that a Democratic blogger who blindly and always supported every Democrat, Don Pogreba, packed it up and move to Hawaii. His blog, like him, up and left! Good riddance! 

I truly didn’t think it would make any difference, as I have long said that public opinion is never taken seriously by those in power. But something happened recently to make me stop and take notice: A law passed in May, and now in effect, bans mandatory vaccination as a condition of employment in Montana.

Liberals, of course, have their panties in a twist. Earlier, Governor Gianforte had eliminated the mask mandate. We have visited there twice this year, avoiding major cities (hint: there are none), but masks were a rarity, only worn by those suffering a psychotic break. Wyoming to the south also had no mask mandate, so our trips were pleasurable. The asshole clerks who used to be able to push everyone around are … not gone … but muttering under their breath “My power has left me!”

Montana is a small state, and the people behind the Covid hoax are immensely powerful. We’ll see how long this lasts. But for now,

I wanna go home, I wanna go home
Oh, how I wanna go home.

PS: I now learn that Montana Department of Health and Human Services has made masks in public schools optional. The school in this link, Target Range, is opting out of that rule, mandating masks, since they are excellent scientists and know that masks are effective in stopping a virus never proven to exist. I would imagine that most schools will do likewise due to pressure from liberal parents.

38 thoughts on “Montana passes law: Vaccination not a requirement for employment!

  1. Good morning,

    Regarding: But Republican leaders and followers are often on the same page, believing in the same ideas, falling for the same lies.

    …I would kindly suggest rewording, in lieu of “believing same lies”, to state “creating same lies“.

    They know better, its not even debatable.

    Have a good day.


  2. Because I’m a scatterbrain…and am not very clear at times….meaning I need to think things through better at times.

    I’ll work on it, I promise.

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    1. Here is a post, maybe to your liking, regarding Montana and its most powerful citizen, Dennis Washington. It’s the only post I ever wrote that just up and disappeared from the blog. Fortunately, a guy named JC, who writes at Reptile Dysfunction, was able to retrieve it in the Wayback.

      The Magic Bulldozer

      Also, if you like reading, there’s a book, Montana High Wide and Handsome by Joseph Kinsey Howard that does a good dismantling job, including writing about the head of the railroad that Dennis Washington now runs, James Hill, the “Empire Builder”, handing out $100 bills on the floor of the State legislature to become a US Senator. (In those days, senators were appointed by legislatures, and not elected.) Also, in those days, all the major newspapers in the state were owned by Anaconda Copper. In theory they were purchased by Lee Enterprises, ending the “Copper Collar,” but see below about companies never changing hands, really.

      Steve Kelly calls Montana a “resource colony,” and it is hard to argue that point. Washington now runs Montana Rail Link (once Great Northern) and the Anaconda Copper Company mine, not the Berkeley Pit, which is a taxpayer asset now. I do not think these companies ever, really, change hands, but instead are appointed new managers.

      And, yes, it is no coincidence, Dennis Washington – his lineage is scrubbed, as if he were an orphan, but George W had brothers and nephews, and this is the lineage, still running the show.


  3. If every nation is a Corporation, my question is this: WHO “grants” each nation their “charter”?

    It seems to me the entire world is already “owned” and we are but “resources” tagged and inventoried.

    In mid 70s I believe is when the entire world corporations made the switch (pretty much simultaneously) from referring to people as “personnel” (as in Personnel Office) to “Human Resources”.

    Thanks for wayback article, yes, I enjoyed it.


  4. This part really got me laughing…”but masks were a rarity, only worn by those suffering a psychotic break.” So succinct, so true!

    A couple of big school districts down here in AZ went mandatory masks days before school started in early August; the district my daughter attends announced the rule at 3:00 PM the day before classes started! Not even 24-hr notice, due to an “emergency” meeting of the dim-Dem (but I repeat myself) board that said, “muzzle them kids”. I was amongst the parents (3 moms and a grandma) who spoke with the (high school) principal the day classes started. She walked up with a deputy, both masked; one woman thought they were going to boot us. However, the principal told us how she got acne below her mask (she’s early 50s) and how it was hard to speak and breathe. She told us kids would not be forced to mask. I asked the younger deputy, who he said he likes having a house and food, but does not like the rag either. (I have only seen on-campus LEOs wearing the things) Since these on-campus muzzle “mandates” (inside and outside, just to be extra-safe) are against a law signed just before the summer recess, the districts are betting on a technicality, ie. that the law only takes effect when the legislature returns late this month. However, we spoke with several other employees who confirmed the school could not take action, like suspension or expulsion, and would not try to do so. Happily, more and more students are not even playing the game, leaving the stupid things at home. Course, there is the young SJW crowd which sneeringly calls out to the unmasked, “Just put it on, or they are going to close down again”, to which the unmasked laugh. Some of the most-human employees wear the thing on the chin. One teacher (pscience, wouldntcha know?) said at the open house, “Hopefully they won’t shut us down again”, whilst seeming to hope for exactly that.

    In the three weeks of classes, there have been three “rona” alerts at the school, one each week, for “someone” has tested “positive”. You get a phone call and an email. The alerts remind me of the “tests of the emergency broadcast system”, which always sent a chill down my young spine when I thought it might be the Russians doing that missile thing. Naturally, no reports of symptoms of the “contacts”, much less reports of hospitalization, but the “county health” will follow-up. Creepy and stupid.

    Don’t get me started on the preschools and elementary. Plainly, this is child abuse. Psychotic and sadistic.

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  5. This video came from Stephers, and I’ve been listening to it all morning while working in the garage (workshop). Some very knowledgeable parents are giving the school board hell. I have not finished it, as my brain is full for today, but Stephers suggests going ahead to Time stamp 20:00 29:00.

    It’s an odd contrast as board members are all masked, while almost the entire audience is not. That tells me that nothing will change other than a few angry parents will pull their kids out of school. All I could think as I looked at those masked zombies sitting smugly behind their microphones is that they have no power, and are unable to change policy. That is coming from somewhere else.


    1. Wow, loving the commentary from 29:00…the first doctor has to walk a tightrope, but she truth-bombs the (insert preferred expletive here) out of those masked lackeys on the board, their visages duly-obscured. It is a perfect take-down. The message? Free choice. Hammered home time and again. This is an ideological war, wherein one faction relies on fear-paralyzed minions.

      This video testimony leaves me more hopeful, actually, as it is from east-coast PA, which has been a “hot-spot” ; beyond a few (more than a few imho) parents taking their kids off the treadmill, I foresee a snowball effect. Free-thinkers and fearless humans are worth several times a wetiko-infected drone, if only in terms of “capitalistic productivity” concerns.

      A long hike in the water-soaked hills of the borderlands has reinforced my faith in humanity today. The rare summer morning mist rose faster than I could ascend, but the shifting light, delicious hackberries, tiny hopping toads and fluttering butterfly swarms made it unforgettable. Yellow flowers, lilacs, deep-red prickly-pear fruit, purple blooms on vines wrapped around ocotillos, weeds obscuring the deeply-eroded trails, I encountered a descending trail runner, who thanked me as I yielded, adding, “It’s gorgeous up there” as she passed. About 20 minutes later found a trio coming down from the now-full “tanque”. We chatted for some 15 minutes, about the view, about being blessed, about the beauty of creation.

      The last encounter was after I skirted the aforementioned tanque, which was as fetid as any a swamp as one could conjure, and started up again, as the clouds were clearing. I found a nice gently-sloping rock face above the trail to view the valley and watch the changing light. A guy comes around the bend, headed toward the tanque, so I feel obliged to “Howdy” him, lest he think a bushwhacker is lurking above. He looks about until he sees me, exclaiming, “That’s such a great spot!” I respond to his question that the tanque is full, but the trail works, if you are willing to chop through 5-foot tall weeds. He trucks on, as I head back, stopping a few times along the way to enjoy the spectacle.

      He soon overtakes me on the descent, but pauses to admire the view. As we look upon the verdant wonders all around, we consider how the monsoon season was predicted (by experts) to be dry as late as June, yet it turned into the wettest-ever. We both concluded, “Thank goodness some things can’t be predicted”, and left it at that.


      1. Going “Before ‘THE BOARD’ ” is servile and NOTHING BUT!!!

        What’s wrote with this picture?!?!

        These ARE YOUR CHILDREN!!!


      2. Stephers tells me the board later voted to impose the mask requirement, as they are all moral cowards. But isn’t that a requirement for holding office? Have you met one elected official anywhere who has a functioning conscience and the ability to do the right thing?

        Your description of your monsoon hike as an Ed Abbeyesque quality about it. Very enjoyable to read.


  6. I hate to say it, but “coming before ‘the board'” is an act of subservience. No matter how Loud one may scream / protest.

    One has to vote with their feet.

    You dont like vaccines? Masks? LGBTQ and teaching 6 yr olds how to masterbate and the ins and outs of anal sex?

    You have to take your kids out of skool!!!

    And yes, this is exactly what is going on. What about your 5-6/yr olds rolling around the floor hugging a fat hairy “Drag Queen”?

    It’s all there for one’s viewing if one cares about their children.

    I’m not posting links…it’s for you to figure out…assuming you care.

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    1. The children shouldn’t be in public schools to begin with, so this is fine time for parents to take more responsibility for their children’s education. At least those parents who are reasonable and have the backbone to stand up for themselves should do so.


  7. Up until the 80s I believe any parent could simply waltz into skool and sit in the back of their child’s classroom …to observe what their child is being taught…and how.

    And yes, caring parents would actually do that on occasion.

    Now if one tries that they are hauled off to jail. While teaching kids about smut and filth, if one were to try sitting in a classroom today one would be accused of being a “perp”.

    Get it!?!?


  8. The problem is the State, which is based on the threat of violence, and is the only area in our lives where we tolerate such threats.

    The solution – the only solution – is to reject all forms of violent coercion, starting with the State. Anything short of that will solve nothing.

    Sadly, most people are now raised by the State, and like baby birds, they bond with their caretakers. Thus, an attack on the State is taken very personally by most, and they are terrified by and unable to conceive of the idea of the State being evil and unnecessary, not to mention the pain of coming to terms with the fact that their actual parents handed them over to an evil institution for the purposes of their indoctrination and enslavement.

    Statism is the problem. Freedom is the solution.

    Are you a Statist?

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  9. Australia has gone full-fascist and in Sydney, according to a Public Health Order, which I’m sure isn’t actually lawful, especially, of course, as the virus is complete BS, we’re only allowed to travel within a radius of 5km without “reasonable excuse” and are obliged to wear masks outside except when exercising. I do my bit to not comply.

    Four weeks ago, I was accosted by two police on a train when I was out of area without “reasonable excuse” and not wearing a mask. I told them it was a Psychological Operation and there was no virus – they didn’t blink at the term PsyOp, I’m sure they’re very familiar with it. They told me that I would receive two fines, one for being out of area and one for being maskless. I haven’t received them which tends to make me think the fines mustn’t be lawful.

    This woman in Auburn, Sydney, tells the police where to go.

    This is what a Holocaust survivor has to say on what’s happening:

    OffGuardian marks 9/11 20th anniversary – need a little help with the change of direction from “inside job” to “massive Full-Scale Exercise pushed out as real event”

    It’s a really hard slog to get truthers to realise that 9/11 wasn’t an “inside job” per se but a “massive Full-Scale Exercise pushed out as real event”.

    If you’re onboard with massive drill please post.


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    1. Of course it was just a psyop, a TV show. No one died, no planes. I think that is pretty well understood by blog readers.

      Australia, from what I hear, is full bloom fascist, as you say. Canada not much better. Both are still under the iron fist of the queen … that might have some bearing. Where I live there is no enforcement at this time, but places like California and Washington (in the northwest, not DC) are hell holes.

      Stiff upper lip, as they say. Moral courage, as you possess, is a pain in the ass, right? How much easier to just bend over and comply. There’s only a few of us, sadly. Most people are cowards. As Mark Twain commented, physical courage is common, moral courage rare.

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        1. And most of them don’t deserve too much sympathy, either. As someone once said, evil triumphs when “good” people do nothing. The only reason the present evil running things today is triumphant is because the masses don’t have the motivation or the backbone to stand up for themselves and say enough is enough on evil’s face.


              1. For instance, if any of them willingly consented to being vaccinated, despite having easy access to evidence proving vaccines are unsafe, and they end up suffering “adverse reactions”, they have nobody to blame but themselves for allowing Big Pharma to jinx them. Or if they vote for any candidate into office and they don’t like what “their guy/gal” is doing once in power, they have no right to blame anyone but themselves for allowing these political charlatans to scare them. People don’t seem to realize how much they take for granted until it’s too late or until things become harder for them personally.


      1. “Of course it was just a psyop, a TV show. No one died, no planes. I think that is pretty well understood by blog readers.”

        I wish that were true, Mark. OMG! No! On a few blogs but not on most of them, they’re still so attached to the idea of just straight “inside job.” One of the Admins on Off-Guardian is 100% convinced that some people at least must have died because there was too great a concentration of people in the WTC area and they couldn’t have kept them out/evacuated all the people. She bullies me on the subject and tells me “I keep changing my story” when all I do is sometimes slip up and say “No one died” when, of course, I can’t really prove that, all I can say is that there is no evidence of anyone dying.

        Glad where you are there’s no enforcement. Influence of the Queen where we are? Could be. Maybe Australians are just more compliant or something.

        Moral courage I find difficult in some areas but not so much in terms of not complying with the covid BS because of the way I was brought up and I don’t mind being different from everyone else – up to a point. And then what’s the alternative? Being a compliant sheep? To me, it doesn’t feel so much like courage as there’s simply no choice in the matter. As the Holocaust survivor says, “To comply is to aid and abet.”


          1. There is one woman,…Ziszplats (sp)who claims to have swallowed her “family diamonds” to keep them safe from “Knatzis”… But due to movements within her bowel, she had to repeat this process dozens and dozens of times. Sorting through the feces each and every time!!!

            You see, only a diseased and corroded soul could sit in front of a camera w a straight face and make such a statement!

            Diseased and Corroded and ROTTEN!!!!!

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    2. “They told me that I would receive two fines, one for being out of area and one for being maskless. I haven’t received them which tends to make me think the fines mustn’t be lawful.”

      It’s all bluff, just like the pandemic is full of bluff. For the average person, the mere threat of reprimanding by the authorities is enough to keep it in it’s place, and they know it.

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      1. I know! I just cannot believe the way the threat of a $200 fine makes people so abjectly compliant. Sure enough, most people didn’t necessarily perceive as I did from Day One that it’s a psyop and that there’s absolutely no substance to the narrative at all, just zero, but still. My sister also got accosted by the police walking along the street maskless and ended up crying even though she’s a very assertive-type person, not the crying type at all. I think it was just the foreignness to her of being treated like a criminal by the police because she’s normally so law-abiding.


  10. “The Governor, Steve Bullock, instituted a two week quarantine on anyone entering the state. Later, clerks were ordered not to sell to anyone not wearing a mask. …. It was an oppressive atmosphere. I could hardly bear it.”

    Perhaps related to Hollywood “actress” Sandra Bullocks? These mofos like to keep it in the family. That probably explains why they’re all fascists at heart (if they even have hearts).


    1. Could well be, and MM would quickly make that connection. All I know is that the man turned my stomach with his public posturing and fascist tendencies. Only “liberal Democrats” are that rotten down to their essence, low life Al Goreish slithering vermin.


      1. As people in prominent positions almost always are related to each other (look at the U.S. presidents as an example), there’s more than good reason to assume the same is true here. If we do a genealogy search on the governor, we may find important familial ties to the usual suspects (assuming his genealogy hasn’t been completely scrubbed).


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