Polar bears: Somebody went and counted them …

I like to suggest to anyone who thinks Climate Change is upon us and presents a real and present danger to do an experiment: As a passenger (not driver) in your car, the next time out, stick your head out the window. Feel the air, the temperature, notice the surroundings. Everything is OK.

That is tongue-in-cheek, of course. A more thorough method might be to look at data on sea levels (if you, like Barry Obama, live on a seashore) and land and ocean temperatures. Observe how little change is going on, and how easily we adapt. My own state of Colorado has experienced, over the past 100 years, an increase in daytime high temperatures of .47 degree Fahrenheit per decade. That is manageable, even welcome. There is a similar number for every state in the lower 48, for instance, Maine: .087, Nebraska: .323, Rhode Island: .334, Texas: .168. None of this is remotely alarming.

In fact, if we stick to our surroundings, we find that no place is threatened by climate change. No shoreline city and no island is going underwater, no place is burning up more than usual, that is, forest fires in number as seen below, are in decline. All of Climate Alarmism is based on false projections and predictions that never come true. All current catastrophes are in far away places that we can never visit.

The red line is number of fires,the blue line atmospheric CO2 level. If you see a correlation there, I’ve got a bridge to sell you. Further, and not to burden this post with graphics, the global acreage given up to forest fires is in decline even as temperatures are gradually rising. California is an anomaly, having tremendous undergrowth due to envirnmental regulations, along with arsonists running about and news coverage giving us the sense of apocalypse. It’s a wonderfully dry and warm climate there, and a place I would love to live if only it was not already full.

We are still in an ice age, called the Pleistocene, easily seen since both polar caps are covered with ice. As everything coming from the Climate Alarmist crowd is a lie, well, they lie about that too. They say that the Pleistocene ended 11,700 years ago, with the advent of our current interglacial period. In fact, our current period will expire some day and glaciation will return, and the Pleistocene will go on. For how long? Who can know. Climate is highly unpredictable, but there’s another story to tell.

Milutin Milankovitch, back in the 1920s, found that the positioning of very large planets, Jupiter and Saturn in particular, causes regular cycles of movements of the earth (I am using page 65 of Patrick Moore’s Fake Invisible Catastrophe and Threats of Doom as reference). Every 100,000 years or so the earth’s orbit around the sun changes from more elliptical to less, so the distance to the sun varies. The tilt of the earth in relation to the sun is on a 41,000 year cycle, offering more or less sunlight to the poles. There is a “precession” where the Earth’s tilt revolves around its axis in a 26,000 year cycle. With these factors in mind, the climate cycles within the Pleistocene can be better understood.

We have enjoyed warm periods in our current interglacial times, the last 11,700 years or so. See the graph below.

The latter warm periods are named. This is blurry as I try to import the graph, but the vertical green bars left to right are named the Minoan, Roman, Medieval and Modern Warm periods. (One of Michael Mann’s assigned tasks with his infamous hockey stick was to get rid of the Medieval Warm Period.) Note that each of the three preceding warm periods was warmer than the present (ignore the red appendage to the present, as it is Climate Alarmist fiction). Note that the general trend is cooler, indicating that we may indeed be enjoying the closing decades of the Modern Warm Period. Also note by the names of the warm periods that they denote those times when civilization advanced. That is no accident. Civilization and warm climate go hand-in-hand.

The Medieval Warm Period was the time when Vikings farmed in Greenland. Note the blue words between Medieval and Modern – the Little Ice Age. During this time period Greenland re-froze and Vikings had to skedaddle. Iceland lost a third of its inhabitants. London held winter fairs on the frozen Thames. Sometime around 1680 or so, the LIA bottomed, and warming began anew. It has been going on ever since, gradual and welcome relief for the Northern Hemisphere, allowing civilization to again advance.

(The above data is taken from “GISP-2,” or the second Greenland Ice Sheet Project, wherein ice cores many thousands feet deep are studied. Keep an eye out for changes to this graph, as Climate Alarmists, already busy changing National Oceanic and Atmospheric Agency (NOAA)*** data, might well interfere and change it. Their deceit and dishonesty have no ethical limits.)

Speaking of which, the reason I sat down to write this morning. (The real reason is that I have a pile of wood down below that I need to cart up the hill, split and stack. This is much more fun.) Part of the fiction put forth by the Chicken Little crowd is that polar bears are in danger, and that their numbers are shrinking. Quite the opposite is true. Since the 1973 Conservation Agreement on Polar Bears, their numbers are in recovery. It was hunting, not climate that drove them to the verge of extinction. Hunting is now allowed, but under control. In 1960 it was estimated that 6-12,000 bears existed. Today the official estimate is 22,000-31.,000. That’s a healthy recovery.

National Geographic ran the photo (or one similar) to the left with the caption “This is what climate change looks like.” That’s an egregious lie coming from a once reputable source, indicating that when it comes to Climate Change, we should trust no one.

Dr. Susan Crockford of Victoria, British Columbia, has studied polar bear populations, finding their numbers to be robust and growing. If you are an Inuit living in the polar region, this may not be good news. This earned her the label “climate denier” from the Climate Alarmist “Polar Bear Specialists Group”, assigned to spread the alarm that the bears are in trouble. Crockford was attacked by that group and by Michael Mann (officially a “Dr. but not really, in my view, not if you judge by output).

That’s just how propaganda works. There has to be “consensus” no matter that underlying material being false. More importantly, there has to be rigorous enforcement of the consensus. Dr. Crockford used to do speaking engagements  sponsored by the University of Victoria, but was excluded from that group of official speakers. Then came the axe. She had been, for 15 years, and adjunct professor at that institution. In 2019 she was terminated. Because-of that she could no longer apply for research grants. She described the move as “an academic hanging without a trial, conducted behind closed doors.” All too typical, I am afraid. These are monsters.

So much for academic freedom, but did we not know that already? It’s an illusion, as is any freedom in general. Dr. Crockford met the enforcement mechanism, effectively silencing not only her, but every other honest researcher currently employed. It’s a clear message, go along, or get out. You might call it a polar freeze on free expression. These people are ruthless, and their movement so coordinated that the truth barely leaks out anywhere.

They have the power to end ice ages, you see.


*** The 1930s, easily seen to be our warmest decade on record, is no longer so, as NOAA has leveled temperatures from that era, leaving the 1970s forward as the warmest times. Historical data in the hands of professional liars cannot be trusted.

17 thoughts on “Polar bears: Somebody went and counted them …

  1. “Fear always springs from ignorance.” – Ralph Waldo Emerson

    The aristocracy, or its most corrupt form, oligarchy, has mastered the art of racketeering – repeatedly using coercion, fraud and extortion – to induce social chaos and cultural collapse as necessary conditions to wipe out the old way before instituting the new, more controlling/authoritarian “norm.” Like cattle, ignorant and fearful primates (2.0) generally comply, consent, and avoid controversy that might indicate to the man-gods hiding behind the curtain some form of nonconformity. Ignorance and emotion is a disastrous combination.


  2. Reality is anything that happens to reside into the brain of the masses.
    If the majority believe that werewolves, evil spirits, viruses, climate change are real and polar bears are vanishing, then for all intents and purposes that IS the reality.


  3. I have to disagree with that to a degree, as I believe there is an objective reality, as opposed to subjective. It matters. No matter how they screw us over using Climate Alarmism as a justification for their eighth-grade schemes, the polar bear population will continue to thrive, nuclear energy will continue to be the best and cleanest, oil, gas and coal will still be with us in abundance. We are just passing through here, but down the road, objective reality will trump propaganda. Otherwise, the trend of the 21st century, that things were getting better for us every day, will not have continued. That would be a sad reality.


  4. I have seen and studied how Fish and Game counts elk in Montana, and will say without hesitation:
    “They don’t know what they’re talking about.”

    Actually, “0bjective reality” may only be an illusion. https://interestingengineering.com/new-physics-experiment-indicates-no-objective-reality

    Our mind can create anything we care to create/imagine, and there’s a built-in feedback loop that reinforces our presuppositions, in other words, what we imagine as concrete, or any form we perceive for that matter, may be little more than a dream. In the broader logic of quantum theory, where true and false can be true, or neither true or false can be true — added to the usual, “classic” choice of two (Descarte’s Cartisian dualism) expands reality to an almost unlimited potential, which we can imagine in our minds, or “dream up” if you will. In a constantly-changing universe, reality is a fleeting moment at best. Anyway, that’s my latest personal opinion on the subject of reality, subject to change at any moment.

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  5. Crockford is not a government agency. She does independent research using statistical methods … the range, 22,000-31,000 indicates a great range of uncertainty, maybe two standard deviations. Usually they can pinpoint a tighter range. I find that plausible given the great range that indicates a number of sightings, but not enough to assure her that she has anything more than a range of possibilities with a lower and upper possibility. I do not imagine that the ones who count elk and wolves are different, limited to statistical methods. Having studied statistics in college, but never actually doing any work in the field, I am limited. I can only guess there is something to their work.

    I kick a stone, my foot hurts. That’s objective reality, as far as I am concerned


  6. So funny how you like to be evidence based when it comes to climate change, covid etc etc. But then you go ahead and pull out that the earths tilt is on a 41,000 year cycle lol? And then every 100,000 years earths orbit changes and blah blah blah. Wow. You seriously think you can prove that scientifically????? Lolololololo, but it backs up YOUR belief so all good. Come on man.

    Earth is stationary and motionless, non a planet

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  7. Earth is stationary and motionless…right. And you were going to show us evidence of it, right? I know. It’s so obvious we’re at the center of the Universe with everything rotating around Earth. No, wait! We’re actually living in a simulation, with the Sun and other stars being nothing more than lights in the sky… That sounds about right. Very reasonable and objective. But only if you’re blind and with a fog installed atwix your hearing recepticles.

    Just buzz off with that schtick of yours. There’s plenty of blogs out there where you can debate your gormless theories with dorky zealots of the same kind. POM is no place for such. You’re wasting your time here looking for birdbrained pals and will receive tons of aggressive replies instead, telling you to just beat it until you’re finally gone. I even hope you’ll receive a ban for the excessive derogatory note radiating from your comments. You better learn some manners, dude!


    1. Flat earth creeps in here … cannot control the portals. Your banning was largely due to Fauxlex, and once done I simply forgot about you. It was unjust and unfair. And humiliating. I do not like having power over people like that, and regret that you were treated so poorly.


      1. I’d be interested in hearing how you so sure about earths “tilt” let alone it’s cycle, along with its 100k year orbit cycle. Sheesh, this does not have to be about the shape of the earth at all. This 8s the REAL PROBLEM TODAY, everywhere I go to search for TRUTH, is policed by people who PROCLAIM to know ALL the boundaries, and worse still is that you WILL be banished and censored for the thought crime of having your own mind.
        Truly sad to see echochambers full of rightious hypocrites, too blind with pride to see their own hypocrisy.


        1. We have topics here, if you read the post below, for good reason:

          Commenting Policy

          It is not that we want to censor you, but rather if we open those doors, we will be invaded by people of those persuasions and lose control of the blog. There are plenty of sites where you can espouse your views, just not here.


        2. I don’t know such things. How can I? At a certain point, it is necessary to place some stock in Milutin Milankovitch who in the 1920s used tilt, cycle and precession to explain our Ice Ages, Interglacial Warming Periods (as we are in now). I suggest you review his work.

          Tilt, cycle and precession are long-known factors, as we’ve been star gazing for a long, long time.


      2. At least he changed the tone of writing in his next comment, so I guess the word-slap.was sufficient 🙂

        I enjoyed my short-lived exchanges with Fauxy. He’s an intelligent guy, but blinded by hating Miles to a point where his reason abandons him. Which then led to his farewell in a very subjective and aggressive way. Such a waste, because he was/is a good researcher.

        I have to admit though – when I learned how to make Fauxy steam and scream, I did it on purpose. So my ban was partially earned, but you had no way of knowing that. So go easy on yourself, everything is just fine 🙂


        1. He is still out there somewhere, maybe still posting. Since he laid such a high level of intolerance towards me when he left, even as I was just waiting for him to come down and told him he was welcome back, he took his “best writer here” suitcase and started his own blog.


  8. Speaking of sea-level rise, the Maldives were supposed to be underwater by this time. But since they’re not, they’re making the most (money) of it. “Journalist” Mark Lynas, who wrote the book “Six Degrees, Our Future in a Hotter Climate”, was somehow officially chosen to be the Maldives climate prophet and advisor. Sharks swim well together. Lynas also upped Obama’s 97% consensus claim to 99.9%….all points dealt with nicely by Tony Heller in this four and a half minute video. https://newtube.app/TonyHeller/8kEQsyn


  9. I’m still waiting for a flat-earther to show me a model that can account for long hours of daylight in the southern hemisphere.
    They cant, because it isn’t possible. That in itself should wake anybody up to the psy-op that it is.
    Then when only 3% of Earth’s population live south of the Tropic of Capricorn, I suppose it becomes a case of ‘out of sight, out of mind’.

    A shame to see truth-seekers stuck in that cul-de-sac.


    1. Absolutely right.

      And also the unexplained constant daylight here in the tropics, impossible on a flat plane.

      I was watching the beautiful lunar eclipse last week and said to my palacemate: “how can people maintain the Earth is flat, if you can see the curved shadow with your own very eyes?”

      The modern mass psychosis that has taken over people’s thought and reason is still strong with too many (luckily constrained to the internet).


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