A little more care is needed …

[See below for a newer comparison]

The above image is taken from Elle Magazine, and is a composite of Emma Mackey and Margo Robbie, with the blend so thorough that you cannot tell where one face begins and the other ends. I know there is software out there that performs this magic. In fact, a former writer used to use it, claiming it was superior to my face splitting. Anyway, you can see by the sunglasses atop the head and the vertical line in the neck that it is a composite.

I have long claimed that such comparisons need a gold standard to be reliable, and that that standard is the distance between pupils. The software approximates by sizing the two faces so that they fit one another, but that is not conclusive. When I saw this composite, I immediately thought I could do better.

I agree that these two women look remarkably alike, in fact, could be twins. But twins do not look alike, rather, only bear strong resemblance that please our outer eyes without ferreting out details. The question is, if these two are identical, do their features align? We cannot tell that by mere examination with the naked eye. The details are too fine. SEE DOWN BELOW FOR A BETTER PHOTO COMPARISON.

Above is a face split of the two women. I have set the pupil distance on each at one inch, and then combined the faces and set the pupil distance again at one inch, this after making sure that the eyes align with one another. Because the two photos have the heads at different angles, we get a very wide face, but that does not matter. It is only alignment of features that does, and here we can see that the upper lip and nose do not align. That means two different people, even as they look so much alike.

I maintain my methodology is superior to the naked eye, and to software out there that uses computer programming to blend faces, forcing them together without rigor. Of course my technique is not perfect, and human error plays a role, but by and large the method conveys useful information, as it did here. I find it most useful in telling us that two people are not the same, but often enough it shows that two people are indeed identical. Not here, however.


On suggestions that the face angles were interfering with things, I went and got new photos, and got them straightened. Both are looking directly at the camera.

Pretty darn close, I have to say. Robbie has a slightly longer face and bigger lips, or maybe just more lipstick. The ears do not align, even as these appear to be straight-on photos. I have to withdraw my work from yesterday and go with this.

PS: Their eye colors are different, but in show business, that means nothing. In the Elle composite, they have made them the same color.

53 thoughts on “A little more care is needed …

  1. I hate to say it but this is your poorest work in my humble opinion; she is clearly “looking down her nose” in the pic on left and thus has her chin back and up slightly… similarly on the left she is facing the camera down just a tad, a neat trick of the hollywood/money’d/(spycraft to throw off mugshots in foreign territory) that definitely shifts her features ‘layout’ comparatively..
    Adjust for these and the pics line up perfectly.


    1. You could be right, of course, and there is always the lens distortion factor. I am prepared to be wrong. However, I have found that facial features are barely affected by slight tilts forward or backward, even as ears are very distorted by the same movements. When the eyes align, everything else should fall into place. If the eyes are shifted up or down, everything else moves with them.


          1. I have a free version I downloaded years ago. If I had to drop 40 bucks today to get it, I would.
            I look for similar photos and overlay one over the other, rotate if needed to align the pupils because I can change the opacity on the top pic so I can see both sets of eyes. I then zoom the top pic to make the heads the same size, but without changing the dimensions. That’s the key. The shape of the head remains accurate to the original photo. If both heads align this way, without distortion, then it’s legit imo. Takes a few minutes if you have similar close-up red carpet type pics to work with.


            1. Just to pile on, I think those two are cousins/batch baked bastards/IVF tampered/care-taken- Robbie’s bio is classic. Sugar baron father walks out on family when she’s 5. I assume he was the IVF donor, nothing more. The mother was in the medical industry, probably as a cover so her intense peerage breeding could be closely monitored. Like her other Aussie cousins, Blanchett, Kidman, Watts, et al, MR is skin and bones. In fact, just google Australian actresses and look at the mug shots. That is one shallow gene pool.


              1. I just came out of an intense sweat lodge with (especially) Gram Parsons, as there was so much going on in front of his face to make him appear to be the same person when he was two. I do not think in those days they felt the need to do too much with the photos, as the illusion of one person was enough that with hair and resemblance they felt the job done. I think today they could make it stick, that I would never be able to unmask twins as I have done. I think that Geffens is especially unmasked.,

                I do not trust this software you use, as so often my method, FWIW, is in disagreement. I wonder if you can take the Gram Parsons photos, where I claim two of them to be clinkers who later line up with Katz, and unmask them in the manner my work does. I do not claim I know what I am doing. I have always only felt something is up with my stuff. I repeat my assertion to the critic that opened this comment string, that if the eyes are in line, then head tilt will have little effect, as everything moves in sync. My technique shows two different people, even if ever so slightly. I cannot fudge my results to make that different. I am not talking about honesty in presentation, just the technique itself, which tends to yield honest results. It was a discovery, not something I intended or have hyped, and yes, of course, mistakes can happen. (That is passive voice. I make mistakes.)


                1. Sorry- posted the wrong pic. This is what I have so far. The closest, anyway. This Gram/Katz may work for me yet. Will keep at it. Also, some of Katz’ poses seem Gramesque, especially the head tilts.

                  American singer, songwriter and musician Gram Parsons (1946 – 1973), circa 1969. (Photo by Silver Screen Collection/Getty Images)


                    1. it makes perfect sense. The head doesn’t continue to grow or “change form” once you reach the age of an adult. isn’t it just the “Ears and Nose” that continue to grow ?


                    2. That is correct, as I understand things. The only head that I saw change in size and proportions was that of Stephen Hawking after his ALS set in. I wanted to compare him to his replacement, but could not.


                  1. Just for shits n’ grins, here’s Gram/Katz without the shag. Just skull and skin.

                    American singer, songwriter and musician Gram Parsons (1946 – 1973), circa 1969. (Photo by Silver Screen Collection/Getty Images)


  2. This is such interesting work and certainly in literature/history we see the leitmotif of the imposter/fraud and how the ruling classes would find this to be extremely relevant for maintaining power, both the power to create and to debunk. But I am really curious what has compelled you and so many others to pursue this craft to such a time-consuming extreme? It’s amazing the tech and the eye in tandem, no doubt! Is your craft/labor/tech leading to something very needed in the world that I’m not recognizing and need to be?!


  3. How to explain a mild obsession? I have a transparent ruler with one inch delineated in 32nd’s, and I move it back and forth and up and down in my work so that my screen is mucked up as to make the surface so scratched that I could not get a second hand store to accept it as a donation. I say “obsession” as it is tedious labor and I do not enjoy it. I have mild stenosis in my spine (4th and 5th vertebrate) since as an accountant I have spent too many hunched over hours. After just half an hour I have neck pain. But I think that the work is yielding useful information. I think it sometimes approaches truth. When I used my own photos, 30 years apart, and saw it work on me, I became a believer in my own magic. Why do I do it? My life is nothing more than a search for truth. This technique is an aid. It seems to work.


  4. I can see how horizontal turning might not make a difference to alignment of the main facial features, but vertical tilt is going to compress the distance between features – foreshortening in artist lingo.


    1. Over the years I’ve not see it, that is, alignment of eyes dictates everything else, so if the eyes move down, the comparison is still the eyes, and the distance between features is not altered. Of course, I make it a point where possible to find full frontal photos. The two used here, if I think of it today among my otehr chores, I’ll find better photos.


      1. Man, Mark; Every time you start doing these comparisons again, it draws everybody in. There must be more to it than meets the eye.


    1. ScottRc, was just talking about being “Mind-Fucked”. I think you have tapped into where all the “Mind-Fuckery” begins.


  5. And yet another enormously useful face chop of yet another clown, puppet or otherwise fake persona.

    For the greater good.

    I am baffled people keep behaving THIS stupidly, two years into the first World War.

    Total morons, busy with photochopping while the world around them is burning, fully deserve their Animal Farm.

    I am glad I chose to spend my time wiser. But I don’t keep my wisdoms for myself, quite the contrary.

    Shame on your level of sleepiness Mark. You are a sad example of the decadent degeneration going on in society.

    “Ah, the world is burning, lemme startup my Photosjop”…


    1. Hey GAIASPHERE, You’re back. where have you been, in “Another Hemisphere” ? we missed you and all your “WISDOMS”. Did you decide to go and share them with somebody else because they were “too deep” to be wasted on other shallow parts of the world ? if I recall; Once upon a time you were a writer here. What happened to that ? Did your thoughts get too deep for anyone to understand, including yourself…Or did you just go off the “DEEP END” ???


    2. Thing is Gaia, I think this face chopping wakes people up to fakery. To me it seems just another way in to get people who are asleep to confront reality. They get drawn in because it’s fascinating.


      1. TRIGGER MAN
        April 5, 2022 at 2:46 pm

        Hey GAIASPHERE, You’re back. where have you been, in “Another Hemisphere” ? we missed you and all your “WISDOMS”. Did you decide to go and share them with somebody else because they were “too deep” to be wasted on other shallow parts of the world ? if I recall; Once upon a time you were a writer here. What happened to that ? Did your thoughts get too deep for anyone to understand, including yourself…Or did you just go off the “DEEP END” ???

        In the last weeks I have dedicated my valuable time and efforts to epxanding networks and refining the philosophical basis below aSHIFT.
        So every fruitful, in every sense.

        I don’t have problems talking with people and “waking them up”, it is just understanding what their issues are with the Animal Farm, as everybody has, and showing truths in simple terms. I am only getting better at this, a joy.

        April 5, 2022 at 2:48 pm

        Thing is Gaia, I think this face chopping wakes people up to fakery. To me it seems just another way in to get people who are asleep to confront reality. They get drawn in because it’s fascinating.

        In all fairness, the amount of people “waking up” to a facechop I think is very small. But my point is that it is all completely irrelevant. You start already with some media figure, which identifies them as fake from the get-go (just re-read Maarten’s first-hand experience decades ago).

        Fakery is just a tiny part of the methods the Animal Farmers use for malipulation (one of the many Newspeaks also of the last weeks; manipulation, which we all do everyday, with a malicious intent), but the people at Fakeologist and too many here too think they have reached the summit, now they have figured out the media fakes things.

        No, but seriously?

        Why do you guys all keep being stuck in this nonsensical conspiracy theory. Life is all about prosperity theory. And practice.

        The only way to get to a better world, is making a better world.

        As a junkie drooling over the next meaningless facechop is exactly as dumb as the other New Normies suffering from netflixation.

        We are at war for 2 years, did you realize that in your face chopping fan moments?

        Mark Tokarski
        April 5, 2022 at 3:14 pm

        Gaia, at my age they would turn me down for bucket brigades. Some things are out of my control, the state of the world among those things.

        Mark, you are a senior and someone with an enormous amount of insights into the Animal Farm (and much more than just fakery, the psychological mass malipulation is what it is mainly about; it doesn’t matter if something is fake, as long as it is real in the minds of the people).

        You should be teaching the younger generations. Spread your knowledge, real knowledge, not this prep school level stuff.

        Yes, I know, it is never nice to hear you should stop being a couch potato and start becoming resistance.

        Resistance is a philosophy, it is how you live your life. There is no age limit to that, the only geriatric excuses I accept are because of physical or mental ailments. And also in that area you should lead as a fit senior, not hide behind age. Age demands from you that you teach, in a more coherent way than just blog posts. Training material for the younger generations, being mutated and malipulated from all sides.

        What is holding you back?

        I cannot people who didn’t wake up along me, in June 2019, that this “Fakeology”/conspie theory is a trap, and the wrong area to spend your energy on.
        But I can and do and keep blaming everyone who was awake to the Animal Farm before the Coronacaust and DIDN’T wake up, the New Normies, who just keep doing what they did before, i.e. most of the commenters here.

        I do have hope for humanity and that there are readers here who like to take more action than the consumerist degenerate lifestyle the Animal Farm has succeeded to indoctrinate in even the theoretically most awake minds….

        tired of being lazy and want to help get us detached from that Animal Farm,
        contact us at

        agenda 2020 protonmail . com

        have a great and above all fruitful day everybody.


        1. GAIA, The way it goes in this world today; They Say…I was around when Jesus Christ, Had his moment of doubt and Pain; Made damn sure that Pilate washed his hands and sealed his Fate. Just as every cop is a criminal; and all the sinners saints…As heads is Tails, Just call me Lucifer, ‘Cause I’m in need of some restraint. So if you meet me, Haves some Courtesy; Have some sympathy, and some Taste. Use all your well-learned Politeness; Or I’ll lay your fucking soul to waste.


          1. P.S. GAIA, I think Mark is Waaaaay, Way beyond the level of prep school stuff and being a couch Patatoe, So I’ll turn this over to him.


              1. I wasn’t defending you in a sense where I felt you needed to be defended. I’m aware you can “defend yourself,” I touched on it and turned it over to you; Thinking it was the right thing to do. Didn’t mean to offend you.


                1. I suggested that you not comment as much as you do, but you cannot help yourself, apparently. I know Gaia. He says what he thinks, often personal. Everyone has their own style. He can insult me in two languages, where I am stuck with one. He has the advantage.


                  1. Actually, I use my trilingual abilities to produce poetry, not one of my activities before, but I got good feedback on


                    good human beings
                    should royally share
                    purpose and meaning
                    to get us somewhere

                    all those good leanings
                    should not be perceived
                    as harsh or demeaning
                    when rightly received

                    we with ourselves
                    should just embrace
                    we have our selves
                    the bare truth to face

                    drop all the masks
                    and take on the tasks
                    of sharing and shining
                    through caring, aligning

                    good plans and vibes
                    we see that should lead
                    to better our tribes
                    as much as we need


                    1. Okay, GAIA, I guess this is where I’m suppose to apologize. And I sincerely do. I’m sorry if I offended you in any way. I’m Man enough to take constructive criticism and not too proud to admit when I’m wrong. Like Mark said, “You” speak your mind and,”often personal”. Like yourself, I as well speak my mind; I call it the way I see it; and tell it like it is. Well I think everything you write ; whether it be English, Bilingual or Trilingual, should be translated through your poetry. The poetry wasn’t half bad, in fact; it was pretty good. But what you wrote before you introduced us to “aLIGN” …if it had to add up to “Dollars”, it made “Zero Sense”..To me. But perhaps you might have been a bit angry when you wrote it. That’s just my opinion, You know what they say opinions are like ? Everyone has one ! You Have a nice day, GAIA. And I sincerely hope you accept my apology. And Mark..I am leaving it alone. I just wanted to personally apologize to GAIA.


                    2. Triggerman, I sometimes struggle to understand you, and it would surprise me if that is only me, but what I distill from your words is that you like to apologize for an offense I haven’t seen.

                      I am not offended by words. Words by themselves are meaningless, though words become swords if you give them meaning. And that meaning can only follow from what others can see, observe; acts.

                      I am only offended by acts, lack thereof, or words unaligned with acts.

                      That is because I have a strong sensor of logic, reason and thus objective truth. That is not a skill I consciously developed, but in hindsight perfectly fits into the Psychopathy thread of last year, and where I still should share my cents on that, from a young age both me and my sister were (unwillingly) trained in
                      an excellent memory
                      logical thinking and asking for evidences when in doubt
                      no fear (if you think I am raw and radical, you haven’t met my sister. Fearlessness for a man is a big plus, for a woman it is a superpower)

                      so the basics of truth seeking, and thus of a conscious philosophy of prosperity theory. Which becomes practice with just a couple of hands of others, I have built a solid philosophical and logistical framework for a different future, one where fairness and respact count.

                      I did not get what you meant with “dollars”. But money is gonna disappear. That does not mean the Mammon is gonna disappear, far from it, see NFT hypes and Blockchain scams all over the place.

                      I must say to my delight I found in my inbox a nice email from a reader here, I will not disclose any names, privacy is a great virtue, but it shows my message of waking up-joining brains-and making aCHANGE. happen is resonating.

                      And that is exactly what I not only feel, but provably see in my own real life environment.

                      If you want a different world
                      you have to do things differently

                      and for that you need humans who are different

                      are you?

                      bounce brains, I alone am just a speck of GAIA, the capitalized one. I am gaia, but here that difference doesn’t come out.

                      the question is: do you want to be proud of your own Future ?
                      or do you want to be known as a sheep, who uses their brightest braincells, to, no but seriously, analyze photos of the British “Royal” family??

                      Those families are only made royal
                      by the ones who do stay loyal

                      to deducing truths from proven liars
                      fooled by rhe malipulation of those truth deniers

                      stop it.

                      it is waste. Your life counts. And is not, should not, should never be again, about analyzing photos on the damn internet.

                      The internet is a tool to bring us together
                      now it is time to act upon all that combined
                      knowledge and wisdom we have gained
                      from doing this for years

                      there is harm in harmony
                      abrasion gives luster

                      hope to see more readers come on board via email and Discord, don’t let the brave one who so nicely wrote me today be the lone soul in an ocean of bright brains, with capacities to think outside any of the existing institutions, but learning from their methodologies to see which elements do work and can be used to fit into an already complementary and componentally built framework.

                      my grandfather was hiding in the “last” “””World””” War
                      I take the exact different path, fitting, because the character-wise the quiet, silent man and me couldn’t be more different ; immicry, the opposite of mimicry ; Molly and me, we always stand out.

                      Stand with us
                      It is never too late

                      good thoughts
                      good nights


                    3. gaia, Thank you for you lengthy response. I appreciate you taking the time. I can understand how you don’t understand me; and I don’t understand you. it’s called being eccentric. That’s what they say about people who get into the different Arts. Some of us just don’t follow the same beaten path; or march to the tune of one drum. I went through that at a very young age; dealing with joining bands. The Music running thru my ears. dealing with different personality types; attitude changes and chest bumping; I’d had it right up to the roof with petty jealousy; self centered nonsense and ego clashing. I caught a break at an early age to become a studio musician when I met a young Jewish fellow named Danny Klein who had connections into the industry. Like the wrecking crew out of L.A. They have the pickers out of Muscle Shoals AL. He introduced me to a man named Jimmy Hall. And as they say ,The rest was History. Do I still have attitude problems, and high strung judgemental issues on things with the ways of the world today, Yes even as I age into my 70s…Absolutely ! But, do I “LIKE” to..”APOLOGIZE” as you said.. I “Like to do” ? Most people don’t like to apologize for anything. Some people can’t even admit when they’re wrong, But when you’re wrong; You’re wrong ! And it’s the right thing to do. Good thoughts, Good days. good Thoughts, good Nights.


  6. Out here in Frisco, the vicarious suffering capitol of the world, I see furrowed brows of solidarity for Ukraine as they tuck into there gourmet vegan empanadas and soyless green tea. (See what I did there? 2022 is the year Soylent Green is set- Ha! Ooops, sorry, no funny allowed. ‘Course I have an odd idea of ‘funny’. Dang it! Ukraine!)

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  7. Interesting recent article on henrymakow.com… Speculating about celebrity/ elite breeding programs. It’s mostly just assertions, but posits some interesting possibilities. One good point they made was highlighting the (possible) esoteric meaning of the Harry Potter series – that it’s a veiled allegory of such breeding programs. That will make sense if you’re at all familiar with the plot, where Harry is an orphan raised by “muggles,” and later inducted into the elite school for wizards. (I think MM once decoded it along slightly different lines.)

    The article had this interesting photo, but unlabeled – wonder if anyone knows who all of these are, or what it’s alleging:

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  8. TIMR

    You’re joking, right?
    From left to right top row UK
    Prince William, Kate his wife, Prince Harry, Meghan his wife. Bottom row he has just switched their genders & R pic is just Meghan Harry gender switch. HM is having a laff. That’s all. Is that all??


    1. Ha… I recognize the princes, but not familiar with their wives and wasn’t sure which ones were real people, or just a gender-switching app or something. I watch movies/ shows, but don’t have regular TV channels so I’m out of the loop on a lot.. Other than Faceblorg memes I guess.


  9. TIMR

    Interesting recent article on henrymakow.com… Speculating about celebrity/ elite breeding programs.

    Do you have a link to thIs, had a look but couldn’t find it. Thank you


      1. This article goes part of the distance in explaining lookalike celebrities, but there is also Charlie Sheen, a Pierce Brosnan lookalike, who also resembles his father, Martin Sheen. But then Charlie and Martin could be from the same batch, and have the same parentage. Martin was a young stud actor. Many more secrets to understand. Do you know how to access the work of Susan Maureen Brandt, or is this article meant to capsulize it?


          1. Hey T.Bone, That was rather interesting, A new perspective on crazy. Just when you think you’ve seen it all—There’s always a little more.


  10. Tyrone

    From my reading of this article it appears SMB is ‘channeling’ information, which make me cautious about Henry Makow’s statements about UK royals parentage unless he has other sources.
    Have you had a chance to look at it yet?


      1. Just to wet everyone’s whistle, Pope claims Elizabeth I had at least four different personas and gave birth to 17 children- but none as Elizabeth. If you want the most comprehensive word on royal inbreeding, Pope is your go to guy.


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