Rocks, Rubble, and Roubles . . . and Boulé PsyActs?

“The military . . . establishes contact with a TA [target audience] using face-to-face communication (F2C) and psychological actions (PsyActs) . . . Both are audiovisual products consisting of agents of action who deliver messages to a TA . . . Both require that the people involved follow a set of guidelines while play acting to deliver the messages. Both are used to modify the behavior of the A [audience] . . . to help create audiovisual products, the military can enlist the services of theater actor guilds . . . The people who convey these messages are known as agents of action (also called actors) . . . Some agents of action can be key communicators . . . These individuals are usually seen as trustworthy to the TA . . . PsyActs are conveyed by these actors in the presence of the TA . . . The agents of action follow a general script to convey these messages. These scripts are basic guidelines which allow the actors to adjust their message as the conversation progresses so that it doesn’t sound fake . . . This is a type of live theater performance that can be carried out in a variety of settings . . .”

~ Mark M. Rich, New World War: Revolutionary Methods for Political Control

Several researchers in the truth community (see here, here, and here) have determined that the main reason for the seemingly choreographed stunt performed collaboratively by Will Smith and Chris Rock during the 94th Academy Awards ceremony was to surreptitiously promote the new Pfizer alopecia drug treatment (AKA a covert alopecia awareness campaign). Accordingly, Pfizer was a primary sponsor of the 2022 Oscars, and recently announced their new drug under development to treat alopecia.

I submit this March 30, 2022 article, “Ridiculous: Viral Oscars Theory Says Pfizer Staged Slap to Promote Alopecia Drug” and this March 31, 2022 article, “Evidence does not support the claim that Pfizer staged Oscars confrontation to promote new drug,” as evidence that the alopecia promotion narrative may have been an intentional bread crumb to lure conspiracy theorists down a scripted rabbit hole. 

I surmise that the reason why numerous truthers immediately recognized and described this stunt as being “transparent” fakery is because it may have been designed to be relatively obvious — and then subsequently (and almost instantly) mocked by the MSM. My suspicion is that the Pfizer sponsorship (and its future alopecia treatment) — as related to the Oscars and Jada Pinkett Smith — may have been inserted to induce this conspiracy theory. 

It seems nearly everyone in the fakery analysis community took the bait. 

Don’t you think this was too easy? Perhaps truthers may be feeling a false sense of pride — as if they won this time around. Contrary to the assertion put forth by Miles Mathis (MM) that this staged event represents a “big miscalculation,” I suggest this face-slapping incident may have been strategically gamed (as a PsyAct), along with the accompanying alopecia publicity stunt narrative. Is it any coincidence that a game developer seemed to magically transform into a conspiracy theorist — almost overnight? Prior to this event, this prolific game blogger appears to have written nearly exclusively about gaming (see here and here). 

Sorry to say, I think the conspiracy theorists were played. This phenomenon (falling for tasty, tantalizing morsels of conspiracy theories) seems to be occurring more frequently these days (see here). This is no time to proudly strut around donning tin foil hats. If anything, the elites may have added a few feathers to our peacock suits. And we may be between a Rock (named Chris) and a hard place — that is, a place of self-reflection and reckoning. We have serious work to do if we are truly going to unpack the tricks of the trade served up by the elites. 

So, is there more to reveal with respect to this story? My goal is to explore supplemental layers that may hallmark this potential Smith/Rock psyop — to move beyond the “schlepping for Pfizer” (c/o MM) explanation offered by other shrewd skeptics — as represented in the links I provided above.

In an attempt to inch us closer to seeds of truth — and away from hare loss anecdotes and crafted hare holes (hat tip to POM commenter OregonMatt) — I sense the You Tube channel, Subtle Infinity, is getting warmer with its March 30, 2022 analysis, “Will Smith and Chris Rock | The Real Slap in the Face.” In a nutshell, this analysis describes the event as a means to trigger the reactionary emotional body in the viewers — subliminally keeping the gullible masses in a lower vibration imprinted with victimhood and survival mode (thereby milking loosh) — enabling the elites to have increased authority and control. I would add that subliminally perpetuating black-on-black violence furthers an amygdala hijacking agenda. To this end, the Wetiko-possessed elites (the initiated) prefer their scripted reality to maintain the blacks as slaves portrayal (albeit subtle and covert). Thus, as a slapping incident (rather than a punching scene), it serves as a slap in the face to (uninitiated) black people. The underlying message of this touch point is that humans are emotional beings whose animalistic instincts are uncontrollable, propelling us to lash out at one another (including those of our own race).

Rather than consciously perceiving what is likely a fake slap on the main stage; tragically, it reflects, rather, a metaphorical slap in our faces. By transcending the superficial response to this event, we may determine that if this was a street theater-esque psyop, it most likely has more to tell us about ourselves, than it does about the actors involved. I would go so far as to assert that if this was a PsyAct, it may have been a weaponized tactic with the viewing audience being the target.

It is, therefore, sad to see how the alternative media may have been duped by accepting only the shallow layer of the reveal. The demands moving forward in this increasingly false reality will force those of us with eyes to see beneath flagrant fakery to embody greater analytical wisdom. We best practice and enhance our critical thinking chops, lest we be chopped or slapped silly by advanced artificiality to come.

In an effort to peel additional layers . . . This may be somewhat of a stretch as I am thinking aloud — I wonder if this Smith/Rock interplay was some sort of data mining social impact field experiment. Please hear me out. I will be succinct. (To be fair, I am not the only reality observer contemplating the public opinion data harvesting angle.)

Most social behavior field experiments involve monitoring the impact of both a sender and a receiver. In the instance with Smith and Rock, what if Smith was acting as an active (sender) agent, while Rock was serving as a passive (receiver) agent? Let us suppose for a moment that Smith was intentionally displaying an exaggerated action with unjustified motives (theoretically putting his positive reputation on the line), and Rock was scripted to exhibit an exaggerated non-action — reflecting a submissive reaction (theoretically — and perhaps even esoterically — putting his public image of manhood on the line). Consequently, the social impact — and potentially the influencing of social norms resulting from this action/non-action presentation — could be measured by the accumulation of data via social media analysis. Within this hypothetical context, the ultimate inquiry would be to determine how their respective public images were impacted by contrived behavior (one being the over-the-top angry bad boy, while the other being the unusually stoic, un-manly good boy). 

Paradoxically, by socially depicting a bad boy image in the short run, Smith’s social image may be elevated in the long run. While this may seem counter-intuitive — and improbable at the moment — I submit two potentially relevant studies (see here and here) that may offer support for my theory. Furthermore, it seems Will Smith swiftly attempted to make amends for his bad boy behavior. I imagine the social media response to his atoning actions will be harvested as well; and as I hypothesized, his celebrity reputation may ultimately be enhanced — just in time for his next big project (keep reading). At the very least, this televised interaction was an apparent boost to Rock’s new stand-up comedy tourironically titled “Ego Death.” Hmmmm. On further reflection . . . This coincidental occurrence seems so . . . allegorically esoteric . . . or, dare I say, masonic?

Is it possible that Will Smith and Chris Rock (knowingly or unknowingly) engaged in a secret initiation ritual at the 2022 Oscars ceremony that may have elevated them in the ranks, while simultaneously promulgating dissension, hatred, and racism among the profane masses?

Moving forward in my thinking aloud exercise . . . 

One foot further in the direction of deeper critical analysis (again, leaning away from tempting hare trails) lands us at the Boulé

The Boule, (an acronym for Sigma Pi Phi) and pronounced “boo-lay”), was formed to bring together a select group of educated Black men and women. Fashioned after Yale’s Skull and Bones, the Boule historically takes pride in having provided leadership and service to Black Americans during the Great Depression, World Wars I and II, and the Civil Rights Movement…The members of the Boule pose as Freedom Fighters or Civil Rights Activists on the surface. In truth, the elite members are operating for personal gain. The Boule works in concert with their masters in maintaining the grip of Illuminati supremacy on their people. The Boule is another arm of the nefarious secret societies that recruit, indoctrinate and cull for the dark forces. Therein are perks galore, power and notoriety all lying in wait for the easily compromised soul…In the Greek system, the Boule was the Lower House of Parliament. Charged with organizing the affairs of the city for the King. Let that sink in.

(Note: The 2018 article, from which I quoted above, displays an image depicting both Will Smith and Chris Rock — suggestive that they are Boulé members).

[Before proceeding with intimations of Boulé entanglement, I want to be extremely clear that I do not believe many of the accusations ascribed to Boulé members — particularly when it comes to pedophilia and murder. I implore readers to use their own discernment when reviewing the relevant links I am providing herein. I have employed such links to evidence pertinent inter-relationships and connections to the material at-hand.]

It has been posited that Boulé members sell out their (often disenfranchised) black brothers and sisters for power and money. The Boulé reportedly has intimate ties to the Prince Hall masons, and presumably means “advisers to the king.” Keep in mind, it was the Fresh Prince, Will Smith, who received his first Academy Award on that now-infamous night for his leading role as Richard Williams (AKA King Richard) in “King Richard.” Notably, it has been reported that Jada Pinkett Smith is a member of the Boulé.

When speaking of the Boulé — as with other secret societies — it is speculated that initiates are required to act out orchestrated humiliation rituals (which may explain why male celebrities are frequently scripted to dress up as “drag queens,” as seen here with Chris Rock on the “Fresh Prince of Bel Air”). Please consider that Boulé initiates do not necessarily need to be homosexual, nor authentically perform homosexual acts. Instead, what seems more likely is that initiates are required to role play ritualistic acts — both in fiction and in “real life.” Intriguingly, in films, Will Smith has had multiple gay encounters; and in “real life,” some lip smacking (with David Letterman) — and even prior face slapping drama in 2012 (in Russia) with a male television reporter (Ukrainian, no less), who purportedly tried to kiss him. To reiterate, these engagements do not signal that Smith is gay. My point being, he may be required to play gay to ingratiate himself into the exclusive club. The fact that this potentially symbolic stunt played out during the week of the Spring Equinox (of the sign of Aries the Ram) may carry additional occult significance.  

If we were to expand our analysis of this slapping spectacle outward in a potentially more valuable 360 degree perspective, we may also detect hints of subliminal Twilight language . . .  At a very quick glance, does Will appear to resemble WIII — unconsciously evoking WWIII? In the same vein, may we juxtapose this potential signaling with the seemingly sudden promotion of a Wii game analyst (and presumed Wii developer) as some savvy reality analyst . . . Do you notice the similarity of Wii to WII, or more specifically, WWII? Come to think of it, on the heels of this incident, came the report of Bruce Willis (who, by the way, is bald) being adversely affected by a brain disorder called aphasia. Could Willis signal WIIII (meaning WWIIII)? Yeah, that may be a reach . . .

Regardless, game theory (à la cognitive warfare) may be operating in the background of Hollywood-ish ploys. Supposedly trivial public displays may represent the deployment of militarized objectives, with the main stage agenda being demoralization and the suppression of the human spirit — a war on our hearts and minds.

Lastly, Will Smith is starring in an upcoming film titled “Emancipation.” Therein, he plays the lead character, Peter, which is reportedly based on the true story of “Whipped Peter” — a runaway slave who escaped from a Louisiana plantation. Incidentally, Peter means “rock” (h/t Super Torch Ritual) — oddly evoking Chris Rock. Were Will Smith’s antics at the Oscars intended to raise black people up, or unconsciously trigger slave undertones? 

On March 29, 2022, Goro at Super Torch Ritual (STR) wrote, 

“Chris” means “Christ-bearing” and “Rock” is the meaning of “Peter”. Chris Rock is essentially “Saint Peter.

Subsequently, on March 31, 2022, Goro at STR posted a short piece titled, “Rock impact continued,” highlighting the fact that Vladimir Putin will be requiring oil buyers to open rouble accounts in Russian banks as of April 1, 2022; and pointing out that Russia’s cultural capital is St. Petersburg — the birthplace of Putin — named after St. Peter (= rock).

Commenter naikvard at STR had this to say in response:

As far as I know, this is planned via the BRICS using WEF. The gold production control started plan in 2016.
Zelensky may be playing both parts here. The idea is to contain new order or create chaos.
the BRICS or bricks = rock.
Russia has fixed the gold rubble rate.
Rouble can be read as Rubble which also means Rock

Do you see that Boule is embedded in a scrambled anagram of rouble? Was the Smith/Rock incident a Boulé trigger event to signal the System’s imminent move with the Russian rouble? I think this type of cryptic messaging is a valid avenue of exploration, and at least could conceivably guide us past the more transparent signals (intentionally) left in our path.

Stay tuned for more “rock” (and possibly slapping; as in, sanctions) Twilight language — as the chaos magic continues to rage among the rubble in Ukraine, the roubles in Russia, and the Boulé in Hollywood . . . 

The SHOW must go on. 

74 thoughts on “Rocks, Rubble, and Roubles . . . and Boulé PsyActs?

  1. Yeah, the Pfizer/alopecia angle is low-hanging fruit, but your post prompted me to look at a few things a little more closely than I otherwise would have. It occurs to me that the most important target audience for these mind games are the younger generations… and that our globalist propagandists play with younger generations’ minds using “Twilight language” and imagery that are largely inaccessible to older people who have, perhaps, increased their critical thinking skills a bit.

    For example, I direct you to Will Smith’s Instagram account: If you read the post uploaded on the night of the Oscars, you’ll see some more low-hanging conspiracy fruit in the form of words (supposedly) written by Smith : “Me ‘n @jadapinkettsmith got all dressed up to choose chaos.” We older folks in the conspiracy community go straight to Operation Chaos, right? I did. I also glanced at the pic for that post, in which the Smiths pose with comically evil-villain facial expressions. As a card-carrying older member of the conspiracy community, I felt nice and full, and moved on.

    But after reading your post, Stephers, I looked at it again, and realized the pic is actually a thumbnail for a video. I played the video and turned on the sound. The soundtrack to the video is nothing but a male voice (not Smith’s) saying, “Good morning, everyone. God has let me live another day, and I’m about to make it everyone’s problem.” These spoken words are followed by some kind of bad-ass synth music that plays during the montage of the Smith’s making evil-villain faces.

    I did some research into those spoken words. I’d never heard it before. Apparently, the “God has let me live another day…” quote has been a popular meme on Tik Tok and, I guess, other social media. After a bit of digging, I found that the quote originated with a character from a popular Japanese multi-media franchise called Danganronpa. This franchise started as a video game series and has been adapted into all kinds of other media, including anime cartoons and mangas. The premise of the whole franchise is a bit baffling to me, since I don’t pay attention to video games or anime, but it involves the types of themes that you, Stephers, write about again and again. Here’s a very brief summary from Wikipedia, which doesn’t even begin to touch upon how fucked-up the storylines get:

    The series revolves around an elite high school, Hope’s Peak Academy… which, every year, scouts “Ultimate” students… talented high school students who are at the top of their field, along with one “Ultimate Lucky Student” who is chosen by lottery… [They are] trapped by a bear-like machine, Monokuma. Monokuma traps the cast into killing games. The cast is trapped for the rest of their lives… and the only way to return home is by killing another person and remain innocent during the class trials. The video games’s narratives are connected by related media, expanding the story between titles.

    Here’s a description of Byakuya Togami, the character who speaks the “God has allowed me to live another day…” line in Smith’s video:

    Byakuya is the heir to the worldwide financial conglomerate that is the Togami family. The Togami family has a “peculiar inheritance system”, in which the male head of the family does not take a wife, but instead couples with exceptional women from around the world, in order to bear as many children as possible. As such, Byakuya had fifteen half-siblings, all potential heirs to the Togami family and fortune.

    Oh, and Togami is also “a member of the Council of Global Controllers, a secret council which rules the world from the shadows.”

    Summary of Byakuya Togami’s character:

    I have other thoughts on all this, whatever they may be worth, but Stephers, I hope you’ll take the time to at least skim through the above link. It’s long, and I often got lost skimming through it myself, but I think you’ll find them fascinating.

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    1. To summarize, though, I–like you, Stephers–think it’s foolish to believe we can understand the “message” of this or other hoaxes at a simple intellectual level. What I’m proposing is that these stories are interconnected with other stories from other media, including video games and kids’ programming that most of us never watch and/or will never even hear of, and the “message”–if there ever even is one–is almost irrelevant. All that matters is full immersion in the Simulacrum, with a complete inability to tell the difference between reality and fiction.

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    2. Oh, and one final thought (haha, final for now): I don’t think it’s necessary for all the players in a hoax like this to be complicit, and it probably adds many valuable layers of mind-fuckery to the project if some of them aren’t. I would assume most of the highly-connected and upper-rank attendees at the Academy Awards didn’t know what was going on. Maybe Will Smith was in on it and Jada and Rock weren’t. Hell, maybe Jada was the ONLY one in on it and knew how to manipulate Will into showing his ass. As an actor myself who has done stage slaps, I’m inclined to think Smith and Rock were both in on it, because the whole thing was staged EXACTLY the way stage slaps usually are, with the slapper’s back to the audience and the receiver of the fake slap facing the audience to sell the violence as real. However, I can also see how a hoax like this one can allow the controllers to shock, confuse, divide and terrify the other court jesters in Hollywood, keeping them in line just as they keep the rest of the population in line. We’re ALL being mind-fucked.

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    3. BEFORE reading what seems to be an interesting essay by stephers and looking at the forty one comments i wish only to say what crossed my mind when i read this line at the beginning of the essay:
      “intentional bread crumbs to lure conspiracy theorists down a rabbit hole”
      I thought:
      It does not change a thing; it only means that the “conspiracy theorists” made a wrong move; it is like a game being played and one side made a mistake but the game is still real and the players are still real…a double bluff cannot negate; in fact it is just further confirmation.


      1. oh, but i just could not get half way through before growing bored..not to say it might be perceptive clever and true …just well, we play into their game by expending so much energy trying to be one up on “them” …as i have said once before, when you see a pile of dogshit, no need to pontificate and ponder its meaning…just move on….and remember, you have all lost the game already since you are playing on “their” toys and “their” rules…

        to think, most here still believe in “rights”
        ha…. never realizing that rights can only be granted to an inferior power from a superior power…you are still working within the slave mentality, the victim mentality


        1. Stephers skilfully puts “their toys” aside in this article to see why we get distracted with these toys. Misdirection and distraction is the name of their game.

          What is the point of criticizing a half read and therefore half understood article? Is that how you navigate a world of deception? What good would it do me to mindlessly step over a “pile of dog shit,” as you like to call it, only to be hit by a bus?

          And what makes you think that most people here believe in (man made) rights, apart from the basic right to live, to love and to be free? How does your prejudice helps you to see through deception? And how does that same prejudice make meaningful discussion possible? Is that how iron sharpens iron?


          1. xs speaks nonsense and shows his lack of understanding in a very strong and poetic voice. I like that. Asking questions. But why should we suppose that when we step over the dog shit we will only get hit by a bus? Is that called pessimism? Are there no other possibilities?

            Most important though is how you still believe that the right to live love and be free are NOT man made rights; they are. please think about what i am saying: all “rights” can only be granted by a superior power; when you grasp this idea, then you will be much freer. To ask or demand rights is what the subordinate does. There is emancipation, and then there is freedom. Take it.


            1. That’s a good one Mr. Fly, God only knows how the “Fly” is attracted to “Shit.” Have you “Stepped Over” any dog shit lately ? or are you too busy stepping in your own shit?


        2. Godfly, most of what you say is a legitimate response to the actual article–good gadfly gripes. But your assertion about what you say “most here believe” regarding “rights” has no basis in anything I read in Stephers’ article or in the comments. I have seen others, including Steve Kelly, make the exact same point you are making about the slave-mentality folly behind the idea of “rights.” It isn’t a difficult concept to grasp, and I’ve seen no one at this site disagree with it. Nor can I recall any blog post or comment on this site where anyone has said we should rise up and demand that the Elites grant us our “rights.” The very notion seems antithetical to the prevailing attitudes and assumptions of all the writers and regular commenters here.

          No biggie. Just don’t want to see good gadflying degenerate into pointless trolling. For someone who bristles whenever he perceives people are making baseless presumptions about him, you have a regular tendency to make baseless assumptions about others. Cheers.


        3. Actually, Godfly, it was overly diplomatic of me to say that anything about your comments was valid. When someone has the discipline to research and write a piece like this, and you dismiss it without even bothering to read the whole thing, your opinion has no validity at all. Swat! Bad gadfly!

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  2. @ Stephers, I’m working on a piece about how Freemasonry evolved and how it is organized to work together. These excerpts may be relevant in the context of your post:

    The machine that the international banking and trade elites have been creating and maintaining for generations to steer and transform this world may rest on a few basic principles but the lower you get in the echelons of this machinery, the more the mechanisms and interrelationships change like a kaleidoscope.

    Grand Orient or Grand Lodge Freemasonry usually has a Grand Lodge per country or district that determines whether other Masonic lodges can be recognized as authentic Freemasonry. Each individual Grand Lodge determines for itself what the criteria are for accepting lodges as authentic Freemasonry. Each Grand Lodge also determines for itself which other Grand Lodge may officially count itself under Grand Lodge Freemasonry. Representatives of The Grand Lodges that acknowledge each other meet once a year.

    This system suggests that Lodges are independent institutions but that is illusory. This world of lodges, just like the rest of this world is manipulated and controlled from behind the scenes by networks known to few and just like with religion most members are severely brainwashed

    In a letter dated January 22, 1870 Guiseppe Mazzini, director of the Illuminati in the mid 1800s, wrote to Albert Pike, the most prominent reformer of Freemasonry and author of Morals and Dogma which can be considered the Masonic Bible:

    “We must allow all of the federations to continue just as they are, with their systems, their central authorities and diverse modes of correspondence between high grades of the same rite, organized as they are at present, but we must create a super rite, which will remain unknown, to which we will call those Masons of high degree whom we shall select. With regard to our brothers in masonry, these man must be pledged to the strictest secrecy. Trough this supreme rite, we will govern all Freemasonry which will become the one International Center, the more powerful because it’s direction will be unknown.”

    There are hundreds of secret societies and fraternal organizations. This is a relatively short list to get anyone interested started:
    It’s a Dutch site but most of the text is in English.

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    1. XS, where will the piece you’re working on be published?

      Your description of Freemasonry reminded me, in some ways, of the way Alcoholics Anonymous is structured. Individual AA groups are “completely autonomous except in matters affecting other groups or AA as a whole.” There is an AA central office in New York that publishes and distributes literature and provides official information about what AA is or isn’t. Through this central office, autonomous groups have a point of connection. But there is no president or CEO or Board of Directors, no governing body, and AA groups are free to do whatever they want so long as the group’s activities are grounded in the organization’s fairly simple and straightforward 12-Step program. I consider AA remarkable because it may be the only organization of its type that, over the course of nearly a hundred years, has not been hijacked by capitalistic interests. It’s only purpose, even after all these years and all its reknown, is to provide help to a specific disadvantaged segment of society. As Steve Kelly and Mark have shown us with regard to well-known non-profits that started with noble goals with regard to protecting land and wild animals, it’s apparently quite easy to corrupt organizations that were created to serve noble goals. But one of AA’s co-founders was, himself, a corrupt capitalist who knew all the angles, and he structured the organization to be untouchable by greedy outside interests.

      From what you describe, it sounds like Freemasonry may be structured in a similar way… except for the secretive body–Mazzini’s “super rite–that operaties at the very top and selects certain people from the lower ranks to be elevated into their exclusive club.

      At a local level, I’ve encountered AA members with long-term sobriety who have “exclusive,” not-officially-recognized meetings of AA members at their homes. There is nothing nefarious about these meetings. Their purpose is to discuss issues specific to alcoholics with long-term sobriety–issues that newcomers or people early in their recovery cannot identify with. The AA organization does not officially recognize such groups because real AA meetings should be accessible to anyone seeking relief from alcoholism; there is to be no hierarchy within the Fellowship. Within the AA organization, members naturally confer a certain amount of (unofficial) status to people as they achieve longer lengths of sobriety, but that’s just human nature and has nothing to do with AA’s structure. If Mazzini’s description of “super rites” is accurate, though, I could imagine Freemasonry as being similar to a 12-step program, except that an individual’s success in climbing the “steps” can lead to an official, and secretive, elevated status within the organization.

      I’d be interested in your thoughts on that and, again, would like to know where you’re publishing your piece.

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  3. Not the first time for some of this ritual/sacrifice programming at an awards ceremony. The musical, Hamilton, had a tortured run, and was banned from Oscar consideration. As I recall there was a “black on black” incident at one of the award ceremonies when the wrong name was announced, and corrected moments later — live. I don’t watch much of this kind of entertainment so only recall thinking at the time that it was weird, and a metaphor for “jerking their (black actors in Hamilton as modern-day slaves) chain,” before ultimately giving them their award.

    Chaos seems to be the yellow-brick road for the emotion(s) being teased/triggered, kind of like a live, street-level focus group, or a stick in an anthill. Routine at this point. Some form of digital dialectic being run as a drill, before being perfected and taken live, perhaps. Just lab rats to the aristocracy, pretty much.

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    1. Yeah, Here comes Peter Cottontail, Hoppin’ down the Bunny trail; Hippity Hop, Easters on it’s way…Try to do the things you should; Maybe if you’re “Extra Good”…He’ll roll lots of Easter eggs your way.


  4. Excellent analysis… I’ll confess that I leaped at the pharma promotion/ alopoecia angle, mainly just as something easy to share with non-conspiracy types. I saw other potential layers, but very inchoate and cloudy (to me), so it would be useless to discuss with anyone closed-minded. I’m not really sure it was damaging though – that pharma angle seems like prototypical PR tactics, of the classic Edward Bernays variety, which is at least one layer of the onion everyone should be familiar with (and too many are so ignorant of, that to them, this academic field taught in universities, sounds like CT – even after 100+ years of the same tricks over and over.) Possibly the pharma angle was one layer (not the deepest) among many multi-pronged objectives? Or maybe I’m missing how it will blow up on CT proponents.

    One small data point I haven’t seen mentioned – so many non-CT types on Facebook were calling it out as fake or questioning it (not the majority, but more than usual for this type of thing), that they must have either gone too far/ too careless, or were intentionally trying to spread doubt to larger numbers.

    Can anyone believe Will Smith would really have an emotional meltdown like that, with the silly rant? A guy whose profession is fine-grained control of his emotions and affect? I guess if you believe it though, it must be quite disturbing – given his status, his sex, the venue, etc. One goal must have been to turn women into nervous wrecks for the next week and a half at least… “Gah! Society is melting down!” (as usual)


    1. I’ve come to the conclusion that our propagandists know full well that carelessness or “going too far” are not problems they need to be concerned with.

      In the early days of the Covid rollout, I talked to a number of people (not the majority, but more than usual) who conceded, even without my prompting, that the whole thing seemed fake. As the narrative continued to get pounded into their brains day after day, they became true believers, dutifully donning their masks and rolling up their sleeves to get jabbed. I’ve heard plenty of Christians talk about doubt being a crucial component of faith. Don’t see why the same shouldn’t be true of those who have faith in mainstream news. I kind of wish conspiracy bloggers like MM would just abandon this idea that the PTB are screwing up, making a huge miscalculation or are in some danger of letting the cat out of the bag when their stories get too ridiculous, implausible or obviously fake. I haven’t read Bernays yet, but I wonder if he knew that forcing the public to grapple with doubt could ultimately lead them to a stronger, more resolute faith in total bullshit?

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      1. Who was it said “Doubt is the beginning of education”? I know it is the enemy of propaganda. People are taught to trust “experts,” a word that is used countless times everyday in mainstream news. As I once wrote, I know but one true expert, Chainsaw Bob.

        [Doubt is the beginning, not the end, of wisdom.” (George Iles, 1852-1942]

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        1. Yes, Trust the Experts. “Speaking of Experts”, I was just watching the news and they were just talking about how these “New Electric Vehicles” are being investigated amid concerns that the “Batteries Can Explode” while driving. Now doesn’t that come as a fucking surprise ? Biden and all these Assholes pushing for their clean energy and the Big “New Green Deal.” Can you imagine when Biden finally wakes up and finds out that he’s actually the president of the united states ? He gonna run back to the U.S. Capitol as Sen. Joe Biden reporting for duty to vote on having himself impeached.


      2. MM might be framing it poorly, and I’m not saying “the masses waking up” is some hoped-for Shangri-la… But I think it’s noteworthy that immediate skepticism about these narratives has more currency than it used to.

        As “a Midwestern Doctor” says in his excellent rundown of the PR industry, we may be moving into a post-PR world (not overnight, but eventually, possibly.)

        I remember XS raised some excellent points here about the intentional seeding of the conspiracy community, and some kind of false awakening that would be used to transition to the new order, and reject the old. It’s not necessarily a rosy picture. I’m just wondering if ever-more-blatant or absurd pseudo-events like the Will Smith one, might be part of getting to that point.


  5. “Chris” means “Christ-bearing” and “Rock” is the meaning of “Peter”. Chris Rock is essentially “Saint Peter.”

    There is also the angle that “Peter” is associated with an “Antichrist” figure in Jerusalem. Not the Apostle Peter but another. I’ve mentioned it in my blog in the past.


    1. CAP,

      Are you referring to Peter the Great?

      Please feel free to provide us with a link to your blog post in this regard.

      I am perusing your blog (new to me), and I came upon this Kanye West piece that you wrote in 2019 – which seems relevant to my post: One of the sites to which I hyperlinked claims Kanye West is a Boulé member: “Kanye West is from Chicago and is a member of the Boule.” (source:


    2. So what are you saying ? That Chris Rock is “Saint Peter”, or that he may be associated with an “Antichrist figure” ? You must have seen the movie “Peter Pan”, Right ? Well if Chris Rock is essentially ‘Saint Peter”, Then Will Smith essentially must be “Tinker Bell”.


      1. This is more brass buttons than the thrust of the post, that part of the purpose of the event was to stage the incident and at the same time to seed a conspiracy theory. Probably so, and I am glad I did not take the bait and write about Pfizer. I suggest that the incident was obviously staged for one bit of evidence, that “live” TV shows are delayed a few seconds to allow for shutting down any incidents that they don’t want shown on TV, such as streakers or audience members acting up, so to speak. They let it air. It was meant to air.

        Liked by 1 person

        1. Interestingly, I had seen notable “deep faker” and VFX creator Jesse Richards ( discussing the “live” Oscars event in the context of Verizon 5G. It was implied in that clip that “live” does not necessarily mean “live” (described as “almost in real time”). Here is Jesse Richards (deep fake creator) with Will Smith a couple weeks prior to the Oscars: I just thought it was curious that the two had collaborated, and wondered if it may have been relevant to the psyop. I left it out of my post, as I am still stewing on its potential pertinence.

          *To clarify . . . I do not know when the Jesse Richards/Will Smith VFX trick was filmed – only that it was posted to Jesse Richards’ You Tube channel three weeks ago – with seemingly only 125 views thus far:


          1. As an adjunct to my comment above – and echoing ScottRC’s comment that we only got to see the back of Will Smith during this spectacle . . . If Verizon 5G had 360 degree cameras placed all about (as was claimed in the Jesse Richards clip above), then surely there would be photos/film coverage from other angles. Of course, we are not privy to that footage (if it exists).


          2. This year’s Oscars also–for the first time, apparently–pre-recorded a separate ceremony where Oscars in less popular categories (like short films) were given, and those Oscar winners’ prerecorded award speeches were blended with the live broadcast. I read somewhere that the word “Live” was not replaced with the word “Pre-recorded” at the bottom corner of the screen. So the producers lied to viewers in the moment, but were candid about what they were doing before and after they did it. They justified it by saying it would shorten the show’s running time, though it wound up being a longer than usual broadcast.

            Trust us. We’re deceiving you for a good reason. Oh, it didn’t work out the way we said it would. Don’t hold us accountable for that, because our intentions were good. Trust us even when you know we are lying to you. Trust us even when we fail to accomplish what we say we are trying to accomplish.

            Liked by 1 person

            1. ScottRC,

              Very interesting.

              From all the footage I could find online, not one had a full un-adulterated clip of Will Smith walking ALL the way up to approach (and presumably slap) Chris Rock, with him departing the stage, and walking ALL the way back to his seat (and yelling out his over-the-top comments to Rock.) It seemed edited – as if there were two (or even more) takes spliced together to appear as one seamless incident. The timing and footage seemed off, in my novice opinion.


              1. I didn’t notice it right away, but I agree and I think it’s pretty obvious. Not only does Smith go from laughing to walking onstage angrily within ~5 seconds, but there is a pretty clear splice just before that. The transition from Rock saying, “Uh-oh, Richard…” to his own laughter is very unnatural, as if he was already mid-laughter when they cut from his face to the wider shot of Smith walking onstage. After watching the original footage a few times I think anyone who denies this is either not watching closely, or full of it (~0:35

                Then this all naturally raises the question–if it was purported to be live, or “almost” live, why is the footage cut up at all?

                Liked by 1 person

                1. LSM,

                  I would add that (despite the slight variation in filming angle), it seems the background elements in the second close-up footage of Will Smith (the angry version around the 52 second timestamp) may be slightly different than the background elements in the first close-up footage of Will Smith (the laughing version around the 20 second timestamp).

                  The second segment (angry Will Smith) displays a blond smiling woman behind the guy in the dark green suede blazer. I did not see her present the first time around (laughing Will Smith). I just think (again, granted the filming angle is different than the first) we should have been able to see her in the first clip.

                  Since it could just be a camera angle issue, I could be off in my assessment. There may actually be a hint of her arm in the first close-up (?). [*This is NOT my forté.]

                  Even still, when I look behind the shoulder of the actress beside Will Smith (upper right corner of screen), it is possible there is also a slight variation in the background – I see a black tuxedo the first time around (in the laughing Smith segment), but I see what looks like a more relaxed dressed/positioned person the second time around (in the angry Smith segment).

                  I suppose this all could be chalked up to camera angle alone, thereby cutting off or displaying variations in the background elements of the shot. I would need to defer to someone else who has more experience in this regard.


      2. TM,

        I do not know if your comment was directed to me or to CAP (?) . . .

        For the record, I am not claiming that Chris Rock represents “Saint Peter” or an “Antichrist figure” per sé. However, what I am attempting to demonstrate is that freemasons speak through symbolism and allegory. In fact, we see this in the Christian Bible, as well (and most religions/sacred traditions).

        My main point being – it is through narrative and storytelling (typically simulated) that the ritualistic controllers create and maintain their stronghold on culture/society. I sense it is crucial that we cut through their BS stories.

        Significantly, though, the central planners/controllers/culture creators are redundant, and they are counterfeiters. They weave their web of stories based on previously-told tall tales. So, yes, I would not be surprised if even the story of “Peter Pan” were invoked in their games of illusion and manipulation.

        In a similar vein, did you see the emerald green dress that Jada wore at the Oscars? Was this symbolic and timely? Does that evoke any reference for you?

        Personally speaking, when I see the emerald green being sported by celebrities (especially in such an ostentatious way), I think of Monarch slaves à la Wizard of Oz programming (often considered foundational in mind control programs of celebrities ).

        Peter Pan programming (see p. 14 here has been implicated as well (just think of Michael Jackson and “Neverland.”)

        End-time programming has also been implicated (see p. 10 here

        Tavistock 101.


          1. And yes, I saw the green dress that Jada wore. I watched the whole thing and it was a complete Fairy- tale… Now “That” entire shit- show was a “Joke”.


    3. @ C A Patin: Do you refer to Simon Magus (Simon Peter being the full name of the apostle Peter)? The Magus that offerd mony for power of transmitting the Holy Spirit like the apostles did?

      Some church fathers described him as the founder of Gnosticism, others as a gnostic. Irene of Lyons named him as the one “from whom all heresies spring.”


  6. On potential fakery . . . This time, in Ukraine . . .

    For those who may be interested in examining “war” footage for authenticity’s sake (cough, cough, ScottRC?) – begin at the 16:30 timestamp here (watch for 3 1/2 minutes to the end of the video):

    Do you think this man in the ambulance is genuinely suffering from a gun shot to the stomach (as claimed in the clip at the 18:44 timestamp)? Yay or Nay – Feel free to answer with either response in the comments thread below.


    1. What do “YOU” think….” Nay..Nay..Nay” !! Lots of people “Crying”,But I don’t see “Any Tears.” Lots of blown out windows, Bombing and gunfire going off in the background, people walking through the streets very “nonchalant”, Not running or ducking for cover, The kicker is that “Everything appears to be blown apart”…But they didn’t blow up any “CELL TOWERS”. Everybody has a “CELL PHONE”. The guy in the ambulance, He’s just along for the ride. Final observation; it’s not the place to visit if you’re looking for love…That place is filled with a lot of ugly fuckers. when god decided to hit that place with the “UGLY STICK”…He hit “em with the “Whole Goddamn Forrest”


  7. All of the people in this video–including the mother–talk in a fake presentational way that might not be totally unconvincing by itself. We’ve all seen, and maybe been in, home-made videos documenting a life event where people suddenly become self-conscious and weird. But the mother, in particular, seems way too self-conscious and affected for someone who is supposed to believe her son is in mortal danger. And as for the son… uh… well, I’ve never been around someone who’s been shot in the stomach, so I don’t know how they act in real life. And I don’t know how this individual behaves when he’s not supposed to be shot in the stomach. I guess if we were told that, in addition to being shot in the stomach, the guy was also severely mentally retarded and tripping his balls off on LSD, the way he’s behaving would be totally convincing. As it is, though, I have my doubts.


  8. The mother doesn’t seem very concerned about her son. I would think she would be comforting and intensely focused on him, imploring the driver to hurry and get to the hospital.

    Miles has pointed out that Lancaster is a big peerage name as well, and this guy looks a bit overfed…


    1. So what’s the verdict Steph ? I know you have more thoughts on all of this. You have “more than proven your point that this has all been staged. The video alone speaks for itself to the point where it’s comical in it’s own content. I apologize if my above comment was a bit rough around the edges; But I’m still getting a little chuckle about the guy in the Ambulance peeking out from underneath the blanket tripping his balls off on LSD.


      1. That whole video was a “JOKE.” oohhhh…They sheeled our houses. They threw “incendiary mixtures” from an armored personnel carrier. That’s quite the observation from the “Average” Joe/Jane citizen in my opinion.


      2. TM,

        Well, I imagine it may go without saying . . . I perceived this scenario as catastrophe thespianism 101. As was pointed out, the “mom” sheds no tears, yet seems extremely distraught – acting as if crying. Further, while I have never been in the presence of a gun shot victim – nor trained in emergency medical care – I suggest that if this were a real victim of blunt trauma (whether from a gun shot, projectile, or shrapnel), one of the “caretakers” in the supposed ambulance would be applying direct pressure to the bleeding wound. There was no sign of blood. The blankets were never uncovered to reveal the supposed wound to the interviewer (Patrick Lancaster). It was nevertheless assumed – for the narrative, of course.

        Additionally, one of the hallmarks of these crafted crisis scenarios is a participant holding a single-use water bottle (almost always depicted, and very noticeable once you see the pattern in these events). As you can see at the beginning of this clip, there is a water bottle leaning over on the seat beside the woman on the left (not the mom). The woman proceeds to reach over with her left hand and take the water bottle and place it in front of her chest, which then falls over, and seems to be caught by some type of strapped pouch she is wearing.

        In any event, I have been observing Patrick Lancaster and his videos since this staged conflict kicked off in February. His on-the-ground footage is highly revealing, in my opinion, as to how these crisis scenarios are being depicted as “real.” If you have ever visited/toured living history museums, living history farms, or living history villages (think Williamsburg, VA), I liken Lancaster’s productions to these. It is as if there are specific vignettes that are designed with carefully chosen individuals who are costumed and given loose scripts. These small groups of people (who are essentially, method acting) are placed strategically in places that have been previously bombed out/shelled – hence, becoming a living movie set. The people and props are imported. Notice the environs in the on-the-ground footage are always displayed as an aftermath. There is no shelling in real time (that is only presented via “satellite” imagery). Of course, sounds of shelling in the distance will be portrayed, but the actors are never placed in any genuine danger.

        Contrary to your statement that I have proven my point that this has been staged, it seems that I still have not made a solid case for the dog-wagging chicanery that I am perceiving. While it may seem apparent to me that these incidents in Ukraine are being staged, I do not think most people concur with my take – even when shown these video clips. I appreciate that you perceive it as I do.

        I chose this particular clip because I think it was not well-acted. However, I do think that many of the participants in the earlier parts of the video (and Lancaster’s other videos) are much more capable and therefore, believable, in their roles. That is certainly debatable, but it makes it more challenging to see blatant trickery. In this regard, I think Patrick Lancaster is typically not very convincing in his investigative reporter role. He tends to over-act in nearly every scene.


        1. And I agree. They at least should have put a little less”RED” Make-Up on his face, And given him a more up to date “Helmet” to wear. Thanks for your Reply. As usual it’s always a pleasure.


          1. Great stuff, Stephers and TM. The dude likely just stepped off a barstool at the nearest tavern and grabbed his mike after the players have been given their cues, hence the redness. Any chance inebriated head-bobbing could be put off to ducking the “boom” sounds in the audio. It’s likely still pretty chilly over “there”, so some liquid courage would be bracing. Tripping balls…could be!


            1. Don’t give the “Tripping Balls off” credit to me. That credit goes to the man, Mr. ScottRC…. I’m still getting a little chuckle out of it myself.


      1. “if” – There was a “gun shot wound” You might think they’d at least peel the curtain back a little to show the people some blood to convince them it’s real. But maybe they thought it would appear to be too much over the top. So instead, They just had the “Tripper under the blanket” moaning with gunfire going off in the background for “Sound and Effect”.


  9. let’s agree on that the slap was staged, they both laughed before and after and that there will be a new “sickness” now if a woman start losing hair. It was hormones before that, but never mind. If Pfizer invents a medicine for losing hair, what can it do? Make the hair grow back again? Hardly. They will say, it’s to late for you, if you came earlier, it would work better. And people will believe that the medicine helps them even if they still lose hair. That’s how this religion works, right?
    OT: I went to our Aldi for groceries today and last week I was told it won’t be that cheap anymore from Monday on and we like can’t buy any oil, especially simple sunflower oil here for like two months or something. And guess what, oil was there but instead of 0.89 Eur like it used to be it was for 4.99 Eur. Other than that I didn’t see any significant changes in prices. Everything became more expensive in the last years but slowly and nobody noticed. I now pay twice as much as I paid 3 years ago for pretty much the same basket of groceries.
    Also we don’t have to wear masks in shops anymore. People need some time to get used to that. The most still have their masks on. Even some of the store workers. Those without masks smile and greet if you don#t wear a mask too. We still have to wear masks in public communication, and some other places though.
    That oil thing we have is funny though. I know that there is no such thing in the countries around Germany and Austria. How’s USA? Did they make something more expensive lately, except for fuel, that is everywhere the case. How’s sunflower oil per liter?


    1. How’s the prices in the USA ? Let’s put it this way Barb, What “hasn’t” become more expensive ? I live in Boston Massachusetts and they’d “Tax” my feet for walkin’ down the street if they could. I don’t know about the price of sunflower oil per liter, But I’m sure they’ll find a way to use that”SUNFLOWER OIL” to slip the “Money”out of our pockets.


      1. that means, it is not 5 times more expensive and it still can be bought everywhere, right? I mean sunflower oil, or whatever you use for fries in the USA. That’s the same joke they made with the TP last year. And people still get angry because they say it is because some hoarders buy everything out. Never mind, we may need 1 or 2 liter of oil per week, that’s 20-30 bucks a month or something. Not worth mentioning except for the stupidity of it. Also I think, they use it to equalize the wages in Germany and countries like Poland or Bulgary. Instead of increasing the wages in Poland they increase the prices in Germany. But there is a natural limit for it because the half of Germans earns very little or lives from welfare. On the other side, I haven’t seen higher prices on other articles except maybe for butter which now costs twice as much as last week.


      2. On inflation (including the price of cooking oils) . . .

        On a personal note . . . We have felt the squeeze intensely in the past month (not only with groceries), as horse boarding jumped up massively in price (due to local inflation on hay, horse feed, etc). The squeeze is real – the causes/rationale, not so much . . .


        1. That’s right, Barb. What Stephers just said is true. it’s not just “over there” We’re feeling the pinch all over the world; And it’s not just those hoarders who stock up on TP and everything else; thinking it’s the end of the world. Prices have gone through the Roof; and I feel bad for the people who can’t afford this price gouging…They’re going to need all the “toilet paper” they’ve got– because some people are shitting in their pants wondering if they can even afford to even get by

          Liked by 1 person

    2. Please Barb, look into “vegetable oil” toxic garbage. Because that’s what it is…all of it…garbage.

      Lard and tallow. I was a young kid in Germany when they fried pomme fritz in beef tallow.

      Natural oils will not kill you like heavily refined (think oil refinery) “vegetable oils”.

      God bless.

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  10. Big jump in price to swap winter tires to summer, includes remount and balance. $100 this year. $68 last October going the other way.

    I just transplanted 144 seedling vegetable plants into recycled “6-pack” containers and bought 6 day-old chicks. Need to refresh the old flock. They’ll start laying in 5 months. Grocery bill will be going down in 40 days as greens start to mature.

    Liked by 2 people

    1. Yes Sir, That’s the way you stay ahead; being self-sufficient and not having to depend on the grocery store as much. As for the “Tires,” all you can do is rotate them and get your moneys worth out of them.


    1. The rising “ALLURE” of outside money over inside money. “Crisis of Commodities”…These commodities are “Collateral;” And Collateral is “Money”. Now if that doesn’t paint a pretty picture.


    1. So basically in a sense, These commodities are being used against us as a “Tool”, A “Target” and a “Strategy” for the Re-Framers to hold an “upper-hand to dictate” who gets access to, “What”, “When”, and “Where”, of what we “Need”…At any “Cost”.


      1. I should have put a “question mark” at the end of that ,Steve. I wasn’t dictating my opinion. I was just seeing it the way I interpreted it. And I was asking your view.


      2. Yep. Just a commodity to place bets on, like sugar, gold, pork bellies, whatever OBJECT may be listed for futures and options trading on the CME.

        Living beings, minus a soul. Will anyone notice what’s missing?

        Oh, BTW, we humans are not objects or things, in reality. Neither is the rest of Nature. $ome $erious $ophisticated — Sophist: A teacher (Greek) who employed plausible but fallacious reasoning — unreality is involved. Will the masses fall for this one too?


        1. Yes, They probably will. They fall for everything else until they’re drowning in it; Then as usual, it’s too late. Those Global Benchmark Products you listed pretty much corners the market.


  11. What some in the “fakeologist” space refer to as “templates,” I call imprints (or subliminal programming, or Twilight language – even if an image, instead of words). Moving forward, I think I prefer the term, template. I had missed this one (see second image):

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  12. Dated today (April 12, 2022) . . . Goro at STR posted “Slap is the new kick – Part 2”:

    Given that the article is behind a paywall, it would be improper for me to cut and paste the content. So, I will attempt to paraphrase his significant finds (which he considers to be “really heavy signals”):

    There is a new series by Marvel called “Moon Knight.” It seems there have been only 2 episodes thus far. Accordingly, Goro pointed out parallels (what he calls multicontextual signals – AKA “templates” – see my comment above) between the show and the Will Smith Oscars slap spectacle:

    1) “Moon Knight” stars Oscar Isaac ( – It debuted on 3/30/22 – 3 days after the Oscars slap; I see the 3’s/33’s – not mentioned by Goro)

    2) The Oscars scenario: Will Smith’s wife, Jada, was under attack (and thus, he attacks in response) – In the “Moon Knight” scenario: the protagonist’s wife is under attack by a monster, and he (Oscar) attacks in response.

    3) As the protagonist in “Moon Knight” attacks the monster (like a boxer), he quotes Muhammad Ali (, “Float like a butterfly; Sting like a bee.” ( – Will Smith portrayed Muhammad Ali in 2001:

    To recap . . . We have Oscar winner Smith (who portrayed Ali; receiving an Oscar nomination for that role – attacking an attacker at the Oscars – followed up 3 days later by an Oscar (Oscar Isaac) acting in a new series, in which he attacks an attacker, while depicting an Ali archetype.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Stephers,

      I am not fluent in pop/Hollywood culture, but it seems to me there is a deliberate, ongoing effort underway that involves “mainstreaming” violence and chaos. I can’t explain it, but feel it like I feel propaganda and other engineered lies that seem, to me at least, to drive or steer a social engineering program that’s global in scope.

      I remember the same felling trying to assess the social/cultural impact of the Reagan-Thatcher era. Then, it seemed to be about institutionalizing greed — in an Orwellian sort of way. The bumper-sticker would read: “Greed is Good!” Indeed, we have been “spending our children’s inheritance” ever since.

      Are we working our way through the “7 deadly sins,” one at a time? We are stuck on “wrath” at the moment. What’s next, pray tell? I suppose we can thank 6th Century Pope Gregory I (the Great) for being first to create the list. Or, we could fast forward and credit St. Thomas Aquinas for his more detailed elaborations of “cardinal sins” in the 13th century. Are we not going retro, like most of Hollywood, revisiting Medieval creepyness today? Sure feels that way to me, as I’m pretty sure I’ve experienced this school play before.

      Count me out. I’m going with the Stoics of Hellenistic Greece who did not fall for the (totally make-believe) idea of “sin,” but rather accounted for man’s less desirable qualities as “foolishness.” Now, wouldn’t that be a refreshing change in culture?

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