Shallow Hal takes on Ben Franklin

I have never watched anything by Ken Burns, the famous documentary film maker. Now that he has tackled Benjamin Franklin, I am even less interested. In 2017 MM wrote a paper called Benjamin Franklin: Premier British Spook, which fit in nicely with my own thinking on the American Revolution. It is a British template, one that the Americans would later use on Cuba. The idea is to take a people infected with revolutionary fervor, and let them have their silly revolution,

In the end, however, it will still be British or American agents in charge, masquerading as patriots and heroes. Thus did we have our Founding Fathers, perhaps all of them compromised, or those not, those who were true believers, marginalized or cashiered.

If anyone is searching for a project, I will be glad to assist and publish with full credit given where due. Does anyone care to sit through a four-hour Ken Burns documentary, take notes, even write it up? You have a forum here if interested. I realize it is an arduous task. My biggest problem with Burns in the past has been that I think him very shallow. See if you agree.

26 thoughts on “Shallow Hal takes on Ben Franklin

    1. Whoever takes on the challenge I’d be interested in seeing how it plays out. it sounds like burning the candle at both ends and playing both ends against the middle…And coming out the other side as patriots and Heroes.


        1. O.K. Mark, Sorry, I didn’t mean to clog the blog. Sometimes I just get carried away with reading and interjecting my thoughts. I realize that being all over the place can make things a bit confusing on keeping people focused on one thing at a time.


      1. What about Ken Burns? Sounds like a stage name. Ken meaning ‘wisdom’. I’d love to see someone take on your challenge with his Ben Franklin episode. Tesla, imo, is the method, coming from ‘tesselar’ — forming in squares—which would described his frequency manipulation and proposed weather modification techniques.


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      1. Okay, thanks for checking! I did include a few links so maybe it was flagged as spam or something. Ah well, I should know better to save drafts before I post haha – sorry for cluttering up this thread, feel free to delete 🙂


        1. I just checked spam and trash, not there. This happens occasionally, human error somehow involved. Please try again, and by all means copy the comment before attempting to post.


          1. Alright, attempted to post and it says it’s in moderation again – probably because of the links? Hopefully you can see it this time. If not, I made sure to save a draft 😛


  2. I’m about 15 minutes in and about 15 historians have been featured, as if Ken Burns is seeking to bolster his narrative through sheer weight of numbers. It’s the same tired story of the self made rennisance man who pulled himself up by his bootstraps for the betterment of the common man. A gloss over of his slave owning and womanizing is touched on. About 35 minutes in we get the conveniently tragic story of his son Frankie Franklin (not kidding, he named him that I guess) who died of smallpox because Ben hesitated to inoculate him, despite his staunch belief in vaccinations, and he never forgave himself.


  3. You guys have still not figured out that Miles Mathis is a total and utter fraud. As I write this now, Mathis has not once mentioned Freemasonry. He tells us about mythic Phoenicians and crypto-Jews and that everything is a fake simulation perpetrated by the CIA and old European Nobility found within the highest ranks of the peerage. Ben Franklin was a 33rd Degree Scottish Rite Freemason–the highest achievement and rank in the Freemasonic Order. Mathis never mentions this. Why? He projects himself as a revolutionary genius, uncovering the vast secrets of world history. Yet, he knows nothing of the Freemasons? At this point, I’m now convinced that Mathis is a high-level misdirection agent. He offers sweet-tasting, low-hanging fruit to the uneducated. He tells you the world is fake and it’s all a fraudulent simulation imposed on our minds and souls by a nameless, faceless group of ancient nobility. Still he will not acknowledge the Freemasons who have run this world since time immemorial. Franklin, Jefferson, Washington, Adams, et al. are still the most highly regarded and honored Freemasons to have ever passed through the Order. Committee Mathis is hell-bent on not offering you these solutions. You must believe there is some ancient class of Phoenician nobility running the world. When the unequivocal truth is that the Freemasons founded this country, have run this country, and will continue to run everything and everything, from top to bottom, until the world ends. Just to be clear, there is not a CIA agent, DHS agent, US Attorney, Senator, Representative, Federal Judge, who is not a high-level Freemason. In fact, I could argue that every single person currently in Washington D.C. running our Federal Government is a high-level Freemason. If Miles Mathis is for real (and I highly doubt that) then he would have already crossed the Freemasonic threshold. Miles Mathis has either no understanding of quite obvious facts, or he is protecting them. Either way, I have now proved that Project Mathis is a total and utter complete fraud.


    1. We know more than you think we know. MM = 1313, or 1133. I take what he offers, bristle at the word “Phoenician” and leave all of his genealogy for others. I have not and will never delve into his science, as he is obviously channelling. There is just no point in attacking him, only to understand what is the point of his work if not to release (with permission) otherwise forbidden knowledge? Just one small example, the JFK and John Lennon assassinations being faked, was world-opening for me. Who else is on to that?


      1. The JFK hoax part is not really unique to Miles Mathis. As I mentioned before, John Todd was the first person to say that he faked his death, as far as we know. The only difference being is that the theory didn’t gain broader attention until Mathis and other theorists popularized them.


  4. Not to mention that we’re still paying taxes to the British crown, to the tune of billions of dollars (or British pounds, if you’re in the United Kingdom.) Great Britain is the third-largest owner of our foreign debt, after all – which now stands at about half a trillion dollars.

    Oh, and btw, they never lost their territorial rights or possessions either (read Article 5 of the Paris Peace Treaty from 1783, where the U.S. Congress was stipulated to “provide for the Restitution of all Estates, Rights, and Properties, which have been confiscated belonging to real British Subjects; …” Also, read Article 9 of the Jay Treaty from 1796, which gave even more concessions to the U.K.) In fact, they didn’t even leave the United States until 1796, thirteen years after the Treaty of 1783 was signed and made law (re: Jay Treaty, again.)

    The entire thing was a scam from start to finish. And I bet a million dollars there weren’t nearly as many deaths from the ‘War of Independence’ as is claimed by mainstream historians. All the controllers did was reshuffle the deck chairs on the S.S. United States and continued doing business as before – and much more.

    As someone once said, “the more things change, the more things stay the same.”


    1. Debts between countries that issue their own currencies, today, are an illusion. There was a gold standard at one time, and then perhaps Britain held sway over the US. But since Nixon closed the gold window, no more. Neither country can use its currency or “debt” to the other to force its way. Other things are in play. Most likely the barons of the US and Britain are the same people, rubbing each others’s thighs as they dine at the table, fast friends, even back then. Sorry for the gay reference. Too much MM. But I cannot help but think that the British immigrants suffering “religious persecution” and coming to the New World in the 1600s were the third and fourth and fifth children of barons, sent here for colonial seeding and profiting from land grants from the king, like Penn’s forest, aka Pennsylvania. How did the British King take ownership?


      1. Technically, yes, debts owed between nations that have their own monetary systems are illusory, but that still doesn’t invalidate the fact that we’re still, at least financially, under British rule. Or, rather, the rule of the moneyed aristocracy in the City of London.

        And concerning what happened to the U.S. dollar after 1971, they were just transferring from one illusory system to another. I say ‘illusory’ in regards to the silver standard because, like all things money, it only has any value because we actually gave it value. Same with gold. Humans invented the concept of value to measure the quality of something that is of immeasurable worth. It’s all a scam, either way. Of course, the biggest losers of the present scam are the middle and lower classes, for they couldn’t keep up with the rising inflation while the wealthy saw the numbers on their financial portfolios centuple. I don’t think it’s a coincidence why that’s the case.

        Of course, the robber barons and baronets of America and Britain are the same people. They’re from the same bloodlines, attend the same social circles, and overall don’t differ from each other in how they operate and think. It’s just that most of their subjects aren’t aware of this and are too busy doing jackshit to realize they have been scammed. Don’t feel sorry about the gay reference, as it’s quite appropriate in this case. Many of these people are closet queers so, of course, that applies. Look at JFK.

        The story of America’s early settlers coming to this land from the ‘Old World’ to avoid political and religious prosecution is, at best, a half-baked explanation for why they came here, as it doesn’t fully explain the primary reasons why they emigrated to the Americas – which was (of course!) for self-serving political and economic reasons, or at least that was true for those who were merchants. They saw an opportunity to (1) establish commercial ventures in this land and (2) introduce their customs to the ‘natives’ here, and they were tremendously successful in doing so.


      2. “But since Nixon closed the gold window, no more.”

        Actually, it wasn’t Nixon that abandoned it. It was FDR who did that. He removed America’s monetary system from the gold standard in 1933 (not to mention hoarding all the gold from the American people and stashing them at Fort Knox at the same time). See Executive Order 6102:

        (Also, Section 6 of the above ordinance mentions that the U.S. Treasury should foot the bill for the “reasonable costs of transportation of gold coin, gold bullion or gold certificates delivered to a member bank or Federal Reserve Bank”. In other words, American tax payers paid for the theft of their gold by the Feds. And this was when they reportedly faced extreme hardship caused by the “Great Depression”, which was due to the Feds’ reckless fiscal policies. Ain’t that sweet?)

        Nixon did, however, abandon the silver standard and went full fiat, which only exacerbated the nation’s declining fiscal health while fattening the coffers of his rich donors and cronies, as I’ve said above.


  5. Another irrefutable example that we’re still ruled by Britain is the existence of the U.K.-based multinational cartel SERCO. it’s one of those companies which has hands in every aspect of federal government that we know of, from the IRS to alphabet gangs such as the FBI, FEMA, NASA, DOD, HHS, Medicare & Medicaid, etc.

    You’ll love this title from the below article on SERCO. (Note the number thirty-three, which is one of their favorite Masonic symbols):

    “Serco Announces New $33 Million U.S. Space Force Surveillance Systems Contract

    It’s ran by the British crown across the pond, which is further proof that America’s “independence” from Britain has always been a cruel joke. Otherwise, why would the United States outsource much of its national government services & programs to a foreign multinational group which belongs to a country it supposedly broke free from two centuries ago?

    More about SERCO, including its promotion of space propaganda:


    1. This is just a continuation of the old Virginia Company of London, which transformed into the U.S.A. in 1776. As we can see, the British are still getting the cut of the ransom profits its multi-trillion-dollar federal crime bureaucracy can offer. Learn more about the details below:

      This video was first made when Bush II was in office before I reuploaded it on my “Henry Ford” channel, btw:


      1. The Queen is now dead, so her son Charles is overseeing the reservation in North America so as to continue tunnelling more resources and $$$$ tax $$$$ into their coffers as part of their globalist agenda. The scam continues, and their sheeple in the U.S. and the U.K. are still falling for it, just like have fallen for the “War on COVID-19” scam. No wonder why Prince Phillip and his ilk wanted to depopulate humanity with a virus, which is yet one more proof this whole thing was preplanned by the psychopaths.


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